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November 3, 2016
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September 10, 2013
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December 18, 1941
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'`111111111111111r- '111111111111111111' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ..211.1eig I, :,;:r 3 `'s???'": g lit BRAZIL- 1 9 le ? t. ? t ??? I???!.......?????????????11?110.0.......... ;2 ? EEE ??? - ? ;.? r ? ? .roterZr7.".... - Pr? ? k ? " .4 lL4 otti,444 ? . ? -. 4 ??? vatr ? '...44"-) ' I. ?7\ Declassified and Approved For Release 2613/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ),!...7 ? - , "?,? , ?a ^ - ; ? 11, 1.Z. ? ?-? - i".???? 4-.? ? ? ,-,nr? ? A. ? .. ' ?-? "'" . ? y ? ?. ? ;?., ?? ? .".?4311;r''' ? ?,* ' -4e -;"'")t? - - ? , ? ? ? ? .44;;',..,??,:, L.,./A ? 1.,,,,,.:,.Perster? 'i,.'??,', ,,,, :' ' , ... ? ,441,`",(???? viz:: 1, r? , ... ,..:. ? .r. 0 ',I'', 1-' 'c ., ..?;FD: , ,... 1,3,1;? :', 1 t V?, .-- 5 ' dr. . tW,42 "I %, ??,/,...t.ir,4111 '? laZ321113221t9.1,..- ? .r" ,", ? -r??,?? 444:;-111AC-,4 IrEr- b 10 -,PX .1., 441.7?,It.te0,0 ""'".ri?v.;1.,;P4,1g Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 - :e4 giving prtsrel *resinous of the presort Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 The Lati line continues to be a leak in the blockade with votolitioal as well as economic implications. Rare metals and strategic items are being flown to Brazil from ? -Chile, marked *silver" and are shipped from Brazil to Europe via Lati. The Brazilian authorities with wham the matter has been discussed take the position that they cannot in' terterewith transshipments from a friendly oountry or go behind the description of contents contained in the offim eial shipping documents. There was considerable comment in Brazilian official oircles shortly before I left? about the coolness with *Loh Aranhals promdenooratic speeches had been received in Chile. This comment was enlarged upon t7PantimAnerican elements to support their contention that Brazil should not identify itself with the United States. On October 19 there was t reunion of former 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ? " Iategralista leaders in the office of Or. S. Loureiro in Rio de,Janoiro. Dr. toureiro is the sonftin bar of Plinio Salgado, former Integralista chief, now in extle in Portum gal. Several City administrators attended. The in discussion concerned the reorganisation of Integralista 'combat units" in order to determine which members of the former Integralistas could be rellea upon for action once more in the future. A police "delegadon has said that the most reliable among the Integralista leaden in the interior of Brasil have been instructed cautiously to reorganize their units and verify their strength. At this meeting there was read a letter and manim fest* from Dr. Salgado. The gist of the letter and manifesto movie that the Integralistas should lend their support to the present regime in Brasil. While admitting that the gogernm meat had in the past fought triad oppressed the tategralista e .102.0 si. e.-1? est01,1r)- ;.! TieiS ' riFi'l r-1 nrnved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 [gem, 4p, 4 ????31..., ? assified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 movement, Dr. Salgado contended that the present policy of the Brazilian governnent was in hammy with Integralista ideals, and was in many respects pursuing the Integralista program. Dr. Salgado urged the members zot to be swerved fram this main issue by opposition elements of the Integralista party. This was presumably a reference to Dr. Belmire Valverde and hie followees? who hare refused to cooperate with Vargas because of the police repression of their acti- vities and withers.. The manifesto of Dr. Salgado called for the submersion of personal issues in the major task of strengthening the Estado Novo, which, be said, was most important at precisely this time when Europe is being reshaped into a "new order" because it is MOSt necessary that Brazil be in position to participate in the benefits of that order. The manifesto praised several parts of Brazil's new consti- tution which, it said, put Brazil in better case to defend Mil Ett,000i.,1,,,A,Mikellicifjal Paegisimi. ? ? -40,41 ?4. 2,17, t ' le, 146.-4 ? ' .0167,.."Mbt'A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 44, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 "???,.vrataltaffirrlfgfi*rPtrerv ?*"4",r,?.,9 ? ,:privisow ? its sovereignty against threats stemming from abroad. (Contextual implioation -4- the USA) The general tone of the manifesto and letter was sympathetic to the Hitler concept of European and world reorganization. The peroration of Dr. Salgadols couommications appealed to the members of the Integraligta party to wake new efforts and sacrifices in the reorganization of their activities which the present moment rAds neces- airy, to accept loyally the leaders whom he was appointing, and to manifest a spirit of unity an cooperation in Integra:Lista ranks which was demanded at the present U.. when Europa was being reorganised. Th o police were aware of this meeting, though it is not oleaely established, whether they had advance notios armed, of it immaaistely altar it had taken place. Darin the month of November, Raimundo Padhila -0,S101r0".4.a..14:44-140.1.0??????Mtwitlit?usow?m*??????clotr.!--.?"---- ? a+, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 Declassified and A pp roved or Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 xel,-.AignEW,'..?1:44flat,455401? ? a. 41, spent considerable time in Sao Paulo and established contact there with f^rmer members of the tategralista party. Also astive in Sao Paulo during the month was an unnamed representative of the Rio police chief, Felinto Muller (an outspoken pro-Nazi), whose functioa seemed to be to establish social contacts (night clubs, parties, etc.) with as many military officers in the region as possible for the purpose of determining their political views. These renewed integralista activities coincide, at least in time, with the arrival in Brazil, specifically it Sao Paulo, of a German officer, recently on the Russian front, who has already visited Chile en& trgeatina. He is traveling on a diplomatic passport under the name of Albach. The arly commander at Natal, who is known to be pro- Nazi, in a recent address, cautioned his troops to be on _ 4r* 7 1.1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001non4A 11111.1....1 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ? El= `. ? 4..16 .V.0 *a.. ? ti the alert and to "look Fpon our flag our forces will never permit any other to wave higher than ours." At about the same time, the Winistry of War Leaned a circular to unit commanders warning against the infiltration of Communist and Liberal elements in their ranks. In & manifesto issued to the army on November 27, the anniversary of the 1935 uprising in Rio, the Minister of War, Eurico Dutra, also generally accepted as a Nazi sympathizer, used the phrase Daus, Petrie, Familia -- word for word the Inte- grant& slogan. In silo Paulo, No4.1 groups meet regularly at the German "flospital with the active partieipation of Herbert Sachs, Trans- ocean dirootor? It Is matarally difficult to obttin a clear cut un- asPitandlog of the political situation !in Brasil with respect to its or visio&-ivis the United States and Germay. , i ? V - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 11111Telc?!1?11.1M1 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X01111-9 ?trost.YAw:tott.rgro. Lt .A0 tWoMi Ort.,r4t44-'149'4-"'"^ . ?Th ? r". ? It 880X3 a well-established fact that there has been in the last year or eighteen months a considerable decline In overt German propaganda activity. The riblieation of the two-volume report of the police investigation of Nati activities in the southern states of Brazil, tilt; intensi- fication of nationalistic propaganda and activity on the part of the Brazilian government, the prohibition of foreign language schools and newspapers, the recent pro-Pan-American speeches of Brazilian officials, including some who had until reeently been identified with the Axis cause, all point toward recognition by the Brazilian government of the threat which Omen activity represents to Brazilian national integrity and account for the marked diminution in Gamma activities, liever- theless there are imity indications which suggest that it is much too sanguine to assume, as there Is a tetdency to do in is foreign circles In Brasil, that: (a) the Brazilian t ,?? ? OttowW.o.orattro:rmstoos????? 2, .7.. tr. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 government has the internal situation well in hand and that German activity is no longer a real threat; (b) the Brazilian government is now committed to sympathy with and ultimate assistance to the American cause. Despite the recent public pronouncements 1i ffavor of inter-Americsn cooperation Met de by element governmental officials in Brasil, the prevailing atmosphere. is one which prevents them from being taken at their face value in Brazilian circles. 1::ritics and opponents of the Vargas regime interpret them as .part of a considered scheue to lull American suspim. clans and :relieve American pressure for more practical evi- dences of ooperation. Persons more friendly to the regime expiain Us inconsistency between these public statements and the, continuance 411 office of such men as Ettrico Dutra, Felinto italliar*, blind Reis and Goias lifontero by saying that these a.n a being kept on as, insurance just in ease Germany Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 1111 131f1MIIMII and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 WW1 f ...Strift1,110.11,t?frtflIffmaf,...i.-...-........1?4...... -aes. 4.rP.x,P,P9P, P.OPPPM.R....r.PCP,P P ,V1P IP Po ? en...p.:4 re. 17.. ,,ThAitt4 F-44 Liz ? f el! ? COORDINATOR OF' 1 N FOR MAT I ON 010?1110481.11.11.1?????11.011... To: DArn: 11/14/41 Colonel Donovan OFFICE MINIORANDUM FAOM: Captain Roosevelt SUBJECT: You might be interested in the last parcgraph of the attached. 11s MOW mgm MI '7) fa tidat,410e00,0 .0=0.4 4 e e3,PikiablksVgigliPPOPPPrePPPiPP ? P Z-4:j ;.4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 1111111 fied and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-IMMRIMMD13MMIMIIIIIIIIK00001R000100010004-9 A,* 41 J:t We hare received the following informstion and suggestion from Brazil: "Continual and repeated emphasis is necessary on the fact that certain key officials in Brazil are all well-known as pro-Nazis. "They are the bead of the Brazilian police, Felinto Muller; the head the D.I.P. (propaganda), Loriva1 Fontes; the minister of war, Gaspar D'Utra; Ind the head of the police in Sao Paulo, Acacio Nogueira (Fascist). "These people are evidently doing their best to keep the Italian air-line, LATI, operating in Brazil." In connection with that, there is an interesting note in the summary of "Monitoring of European Stations for the 24 hours up to 1 a.m. Nov. 10th" the 8th paragraph. "Brussels, broadcasting in Flemish for Belgium, said that Donovan's representatives in Buenos Aires have managed to establish a special department in the Argentine police to keep a watch on the movement of foreigners and to report to the United States secret service." Use of the material from Brazil, indicating German control of key police authorities in Brazil would be a slap back at the Germans who allege erican collaboration with the Argentine police. WVAMOMVANIVF64gert=4;tniantMaktigrailkopaintilliWAsayota.sr...4,16,..4..--0..bn N ?' .4 ' ltre,? tt4,,e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 D20. C. B. Spaeth, Asaistant Coordinator Office for Inter-Amerioan Affaire Commerce Build' Washiusion, Dear Dr. Spaeth: am sending y oanoerni ou herewith a rooent report ng pop, unrest in Brazil vfilich I thoudt You might llke to have. 1 William J. Donovan 1 Nittorkaki?tfttislitit vutita"," ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 MIMMIE?Dedasfiecl and Approved For Release111109/10 : CIAdRDII13) IM(00001R000100010004-9 ? Tie September 22,, :11.941 Bripaiacr General Sherman titles Igo Departasent lashington. D. C. dear General ales: I az senaing you b.erewith a recent report easearang popilitr unrest in Brazil 'Matt I that). rya a04. ).4111 tot) hale. At , 3 r jri ;1101:13,i5,1i D011,011E11, t est in Brasil* v 1- ' A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 UDeclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ? ??2???42r, ???" - September SP,,, 1941 Captain Ilan G. Kirk Mice of Naval Operations Any Devertsent 1kohingitt411. D. C. lb, dear Captain Eirkt I au sending you herewith a reoent report eoneerning popular: West in Brazil vihich I thought aro% might like to hire* ?`..?f."4' ; 9, 721012t,..1.4 ?`-`,r441,1irtrj7-3,7:1' w. Sincerely, William J. DonOiren, %wed in Brazil* ?????4--- ' ?` - ? ,' ' it::?;?A'-1?1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ? MII1.111.Mill Ems Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R1-9 I r-tzst: - vr September 15th, 1941. PUMA? UNREST IJN BRAZII; On August 30th there were popu:Leo C,emonstrations in A.:41 Blumenau, Florlanopolis and Joinvillev awfAg to a prohibition of the showing of certain Ufa films. The manifestations in the streets were such that the State COVE:3110r considered Viet it was no longer safe to rely on the police to deal with than, and certain troops were called out. A certain number of tile soltiters refused to obey orders and for a time the situation behused anxiety and the GOvernor ordered tkat telegraphic ofTice0 were to remain open all night in case assistance was requi:-ed from outside. Thesituation, however, did. not get out of hand and by September let everything was Ezain normal. The reftlsal of soldiers to obey orcers is not taken very serious/y, but ciabtain changes in the locc.tion of troops a.:7e bin g made. It is not considered that thli:s has any special political siguificance but was merely a spontaneous outburst iu a 'district that is almost entirely Gerillail and where any action contrary to German feelings i; resented. sr ? ? t, I ??!. MOM 111 4,d4151,..... - 4 4 -7,- ? ' ' i ' '4 ..f4 ? 41,,-- - . 441,4F:r . MvILIi4cfriAiki, ,i 0 4014104,,16. -.. i6e z r ????????w r iii& li II !Declassified and ForRel:213/0/10:CIA_RDP13X00001R0 0* 0' 100010004-9 1 1)eclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 -1.%?Vent.,..yr """? S. 4014- r ,* COUNCIL OF NATIONAL DEFENSE 47N---1C-dt--e ....-.) , BETWEEN THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS '''':-'40?01--ieeffisi COORDINATOR OF COMMERCIAL AND CULTURAL RELATIONS 12' August il, 19/4.1/ j , 3 Qle ' 5"-i? ik? 0,-.'"4- 4-- ,' '1 )6 r ILI(' ...L. ,.. COMMERCE DEPARTMENT litla.DING WASHINGTON. D. C. .5 Dear Colonel Donovan: 1 enclose herewith a special report which we have received from Brazil. 1 thought the references to the location of the Japanese groups would be of particular interest to you at the present time. Sincerely yours, CARL B. SP T,TR Assistant Coordinator Colonel William J., Donovan, Rocs* 158, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D. C. Enclomure ..--raao4100.0.0......M.A,01,11..WOOMW!g4431,20WW41606.M.WOONOMIMP.Nm?damia ??? 4??????-a?,,a,??????astaos 66PS SS a Wagas?Of 112=112,411,104 :SW* ? ? ? '17-11,r1A7r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 _111.1111111.01.1 classified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 - so. 19 ato de asseirs - afar 300 Mil Of peteatial ispertasee is the feAsit o1 Presidant Urges ti PSIS/Mar ielivia* to asaorseed purpose of the trip is to retails the official visit, solo reeeittly to Ettssil br Pazavoiyan rip- reoentatives, the Pres:West first hewing in ;clad to visit ably Para. pow* biter it was derided that as he was as near the Dolivian capital - hie itinerary taking his to the heath* at Mitt* Grosse with - he *WA well isoluds La Pas is Ids routs* Sons Interpret the irieilt as t slap to Argentin* fee its leksears attitude la the pro- pie of estvt3Aental dAtivase* This is a bit far-fetebedp hat it is nersortlialses the 'pixies of setae* It is also *W. that Arsentina is *1444 at the arresseesett wader the terms of shish Santos is a free Plot Ser Pareasersa produsta* The idols gaostinn reallr goes back to %Se first laternational AIWA* COMIIIIktiOnis 1.1* when the pTejeat er asollreed to sessect the River robroissr with Skint" Cron de la nem ess propesed* liewever, soothing was deco? In 1103 whoa the Tries* of Petropolis was SiJIM *Wog the isro Territory to Brasil ooliset as isdessAisatics, to Selivia of 1?1,000,0tX), it was stipulated theii this sea showaA he- devoted to the eessitirostios a railroad ein- seolifois Ossesast is the_..sesiliel'etate of illatte Grosso with Santa Cron in ihilikiria* As a sett* of feet the Petropolis toasty did set apiary as, pootieular reifke ad la "tee of the this pest isporterice of robber eat arced that the ospooalleil IA* lie coestrasted* haester, lsst. Ia 1,011 1isotkor troatar was seaslisied, this doggstadr ute imaiktviotim of liko Oemshitiollista:Ores line, 044 eirreiskthat It the ear sootiest Cess. thas 14,0001000, the addlitiasel disbeirsesest weal& be encelderei a lean by *Sall to be 1r$044; aissir or as 101.001,41406 Strasil Its Ei:Velt the Wilk& to 4130.6.141 hESAriak iltioUst oritt,40 los omit to notit the seeds of the two ,ssiiitithes and the aeritiliki,, it S401100`00oLlablo for expert* The nil- tfSlash Moot 100 h$ era are 'prdetioal4 flashed, will he WO' igiO*141140** is 1.11$011 was Weeded to be soneluded by OW end% et 19420 *ar asmditiseat the reevallUsg difficulty of onalii- laif 40144144 act delagir theeseptettiiit? A* a port of the itostrol. plost . sot outOor to oompookit the divoitotoo of liolblos points to Santos, thie-Ipstt was sad* & bee port ter that eissatryls prolaslis and this prililoio we also 4lettallid to Polibig*Or, ikon the rod is in operatic= it is seleelied th4 i" a p thirties eseitries AU. take aiirecatagei of the aer ax'- $Uatia. Iaseat redastima is the traffic that see fil00414t ft.* 'AU these Mai* vita be dissmosed by Prosidist *SW* 411.1101110/1 oresesto trip* There reallyiii therefore sonsiderehle. at Ades1 tboo, toreelAketto-vtaill? Intik 41 10i eljeseasiole wineincbsi lotetora Neeisphers do- AMOS plese,it'SiWit'llit be eigi4,44 Sib* je itowit at the distwilratiss of Ewe for the 61040 MI0414 is 1000 Altiiti.030, Tho ihipansao? tor Ime. Ostia' the *ate et AU Poole Viso* an. 111000 47101133.sroj 1.5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001RnnninnninnrA Declassified and A 4? oved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 1??????? 4 2 e..111???.",-.7rvf,? tr4r41 Elloe limos St1.0:44 ssatiese 201000; ,IPere :but OAKS, sose thus us bossis woo f.104 41000 is the Assam trolls0 am4 ? lastlys, MAO et thilicheiSsiottlswi tit the stets of ittreoett 10, Ss SO* thole now otth the .44 St s *op so see these 440 ? 40., f 0014,ife14.1 et tlie *to** list stmt.. soisialr 01404 4" sea* thstit to too meesliwbso *ether thc $104 101 1,1041101 Or* i* u. psettlesiew points& Ilow tomse.ii **lit Sas ussoWl.the sestets ski sesthers troelliere of Ansi,1 ?it * illhosseteleisi yislisse oresesset siga its .atteriest mist curiae exesied the aeoless st Ihrestiig. as* the 401111#10 is gibe Delia ere *131111110 .40411101 41010$00 OC *0Pale& Cosa* Us* ihst last, jog 111144his la the ostos et *sweatily salkintst ammo dist ttio IMAM 114011444111111 bet tits to with.* sir seittresttoks Is ewes et treble they *Deli eestataly erode titiliselttesb se4 only ter tisit tsw the 4101, settso* week is thalyttali toret gdID u4ifeakesestie? irsszjt tht4r sass ieseble to iestilise sot there on et 1,40010 ipstisatisl, Niters a, ilkey *mid stir 101t 41 :IWO tortessa4 slistesiessesse I* the isaillii woe* The flip*** s40100_00,- sheo. ere hes ett144 tot is bee the seaboro illeseetA simitAted blab 30t002 to fillielo ikeettoest 10.1.1tur *0t t; joisibso es* iletWella siOti!LIS 1160 Other ;^ eterted * liksle3Ak sameheree OsioHrip eso se4* tet 141tise tateedies. itt? 3.. leibtess4 sel Utile* 1101601ii t.0110111111iii :nt sit posimilety still to a be*, eopeetekly IS lie* Moses e Illressievat meede Noel* l.t.01,14.000 butane et Thr egatimUoit)iiitrpoins. rerviimatair 714k, 4-1/frire the esietrest est the octave 1,104 Ault Wool" WI the isstividesi WOO PiiirthilLIA/47 *010 sear lets bee OWN* relowde? itos4 Os sidatostliat 40E8 set ? lie the , Ors* In ksooltere N4 are set met iihetkr usher* site 4*, ,of..r0.1: tein hAh hATTT?Ti ith(0?44 git411400,10404.0144**Oritti".".." h?-"? 4 19. d. h ? .1,???44 ? c t T? ?th) ?t? ' - -1,mett'Ml 7.5_rAnst17.1'.'rr; - ,? ? ,.?.14 r' ? kts' - 9 :PI ,01; Jet ? F. t, A-e.4g Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 r 111111,eclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001RiciMMT1H9 ? um ? 100 144# areoltieore1 Pear* A* Giles Neateirsat Chief et liotett ot the Ihriaittil*A stets/4 to Ito de imastro flea lona* Aires *au bs bet t4 the ladepleAleamo Day enrolees of that seetaterte Oa hie reboot the *ewe ism. Ise tar as Mato* by ettener tat sheeted to testa eat flaielmt btu jemmy via Arnosio. St las rowed that this shoo 111110,11016$ la order tie salt or em isitegiaittis velum at the desks la tie te Oleitelseb, Tho Onatal bet be boob** Is MsseloviAbse est them no a, poseibilitqf ow* or Cori000s *Oa sealitost their diem plane* at his sappsolit Gerais Inaliss? Theade or Stott hes or *sem vopeatimily ittatotIii roses* imam 111114 he is set prewilksi Ile% easy perhaps Utak that this is serely lip *411111101144 VOW likely 014, atimetisiat he 11.4 1* the jeweler la use or Usable* lisas Ilitseillea nay ottiaero olellle that triable is loroalft eat *et litsist4w Odes le alasies premlant *Mears la key ppoldglissit libeir sit.I. 01104 liftman tio'Cartallmko aumeaudier et tie Sot* JMrt Capt.Illeeeyr to &Linos 91110110114ar ot the Tabor Pert eat Lt. Colo Aiies lastuos, sommusilar Os 41soesaimie Tort.? 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 4 ?;, rrrri 17"57".? ? 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Reports ,frook Rio de itaustro 113041 II ''.; ' 'lir . rei,,I.:,.? A ei _, .94... err- ... .....e t ..,..;00 ....,4,...?????,..071..? ????? ?-?,,Tr,,-- . ' : ' . .?.,,,,, -II ..- g 4-to't .? el.?:::' , 7?P?r:!,' ,?t? . _ i',13," ,, .r?-.1,!"1,:; : :.,1, , 4. .. e= . ' = .?1,-.' ..., .3,1- A:r... ?':11 l? , ;--. "7. ?,,,???? "1'23 e-..- : , < W44 X. ?ti.?4 *- -? 21- t?j .' ? 7. ' ..,,e4 ? ,. 'C.: y i 4'..- e , ,,,, - .--? , er ..,1 ) ?.. .,. , ? ?? ?? _ ,......?. r ,??",-..'",..., 1 ,,f, ,I.I.,,z..:t-....?,:_;.,. ir it,??=-1,4;;,,,yki, ,. 1,,,13:: '1 ?5 ,,,.. kph; , +' , -,C tr ? . ;:}" '414 t ? , .., . t, 4tr. a C,:*e* .7."'t 'r? >40 &,'It .., k, ? ' I 11,,,,eer..1:; ? Ot *124 ? 1 ? = ? , V. _4.1E73 4 .74 16-r . ???????-???? - t?et.e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 'Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 111111MIEMIII A 11.11111111111111111kaallitligLillailk im 00. 19 Jamsize 4ft. Aar 30,1 INA 'tt/p milomairom0144** .111???? it - 7j(' q/ potontial inportanso is the visit et Provided Vargas otosm? sag Soltria? Its aisisisseed parposo of the trip is to ths .offieial visit Mid* ressetlyt aramil br Piirsotares repro, oshAiiktiveni the Ihrosielort firstF *rise ULM to Idedt.L7 P111114147* latoti" itMai &Mod that aa he wss so mar that lislivion aspitsito-his itlessrary WOE * the frontier it Matte 4Ireessit Beliviarowsho leighli inelewlis La Pim la his mute* bee Ilitteryst thsvbtt ops a slapi Argisal4na ter its Iiihreamit &Attu* in the woven of sentimental 1.01101.00 1s is a bit tariototelento., VAL it is moverthslosa this opining of 1.111iiii tet said that ArgssitiLaa st,tilea1 arrampineat UMW ths tom of Shish Sot** is a hroe poirt heragmayse prods/eta* The -goes balk to Omettirot Irontarnatiessl Merton Ihnveittionii 1 Oho tho posi.jotkota rit3iMpi4 te eenaost the liver ? ?? PUN lit 'IOWA Sow 0la '11444100010 levaiAleodit herrers nsthia 1.0* 4111111104 bk,2403 114i0 atiffied giving the Is tirtikery t Sala apsiet01( "':,!:0161Semstion to tio000.43006 111 nms that Meier le* 0000114 dierotied to the olaistrtotins et a 1014100001,010110141411,,leseeti IA the :11111041ten ate& at Kati* Grosso SOW Oiliti#11,04,11144 A. '4Eit' Asia the rstrepais tresky ??. ifit304/1 s04414eion of the thss groat impel* *SO that tho ,1110a44a1Allit10411101141111iiirlb 10 11. tti.er ? ? :1* -2 r ? ?,4? ? ? " 4r. 1, ss..?1:!"' ? f . t.,., ,1--K -1'',? ? '1,4', : 1,1 I ? ?:1 , ? ,r ?.7P....--I41-14.44. ,f, ..,,.. 6 ? r?-?? itr10.31-rrikFtc.?,M. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 M.TI IIIIIIIIIII liclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ? IN ? riis Ible* It '11011 alstesi *hat if the otonstrustiom 11(tai sere thaa 140e/4000s thetiadditiosal disbursommat IrmL1641 occeidered a loan jr lirasil to be repaid * mord or *prude yetro3eus4 Ernsi/. was gives tht X401. to 40111Plerta1e 11441111*3% Ors% field., the WI V- bo 110414 to solgt Vier needle of the tee- ormstries *ad the surplus if +An to be verallablet for (import. the rai3xoadio *iv* about 100 kaometers ere p?reettieally fiaiJheda will be 600 kilometers is length !..ird the work was istenied to be of.as-i.mded br the ma a' ma. 0lir wad:Micas est the Tesultisir illiffiesIty ar obtataing *Aerie] way delay the owlet/ca. At a part of the semeiral 0404 sad is order to meow age the diversion of' liolivish wedlock. 11. Suatoei 'WU port was *ado it free port for that eekettryte pevdeetii sea Wm privilege was also **toadied to ?waver. lbw thik raw* Lsis operatics it i14isoreed that thol two countries will 1. tabs adwasitikso _of tu w rreassomitt whisk trill let&ti & great roduittoe 1,111 talk ta?dfi* tiet slew snows )080011 Aires. All Uwe* points will be diiimessoi tor l'hadiessis Yana* darimatbits preeemt,tri.p. Tkters redly is thiesgbira toM00410041.* 04* 1M the Prosiimatts latth AU the ttiossosioeomeeratvg mantel"' lisaisphere defame Pk* ft.siglia it be *also to tabs a look tt the distribatios of some or too rooks voiles in *Ma Aortrisaft m.itipenes4), for lasts**. at sho 40!- 4100041# ow* am Mow 44101iosiej la Netts Ckresso 040.,:i !AO" am" rirk logia imoto, sad there are blow 411204.1iiit the MOM" Val],aysEMlssiblyi 2%000 of thime AI, to cop*** Ot kW* Its it vs iptultr 14111.10 figures with r *sit Use* p. St solitiers trot the Laud of ligellk:01110407 qrat.gtM31y pIttioilmwso amok so that it is ???? ?4. *IWO er4130090#601101.4 %COQ orties?vd,..tiryor 414r. Strorra? fry,. A J ; ? ? T '411TM 4? ? lc- 'c ? ? .;1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 NOS rk?- 11111111111?11! and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X01.011111-9 0901111 te questd.on whet** they just happened to drop down in those pea- ticuistr points* illwf taxa a maid ring *road Um western end norther* borders of arasile-41 threatening pUw wreacent with its upporaost ;elute curled around the eastern tip of arta/roe-and the groups In the Sliartis are within striking distanee of the Panama MOIL Soar alai* that landing fields, in the vice of carefully cultivated arcamo tot the various sections tut this is without any confirmation* In case of *royals they could cortainily crest* difficulties, Dot only for Brasil hat for the adjoining nations snob as Bolivia, Peru, rcuador, Colombia mod Tenesneleu arms if they were 'amble to reobilive.tnd there arm at LIMA MOAN potential fighters.i-they could stir up a lot of internal diatilurbinies is the Tarim, abets* Ihe figures ment.4,onod above are from rti.isimouroosat bid in fAat the- Minbers are wish greater. Ceara* far 4001110414 is sweated with 20,000 japaaeses, but illmjer Ifttchells, the fames Attache at Rio 4 ;moire* thought that ths wam Intim* 44000 est 60.000? And this diffmnse SA illot br ZooseUtias as will, /wpm imatork4oa starts& la Mo. ?sato sosowharis about 2011,0pipaolisosIx% ipam44.444` 40 an agrassassit ass marls to trine ia 1101410 41,001,0 P.r accitak 1444.111t ilto germ biomass. 1tatar this lett $1011010004 11. 2' .5010of.04,1*?,1c1 soattauct onisisilly at that rats AMP ME POW vanalWii; 110404-140itoo a asaiber if the lift oxistitat -Caltaess 1011*15* the liell,Ht4.40#44 eta thimicration of all :OW** 640 prolo147.4134 0. a. *kyr 434.1 infiltration -$00140 *WU. 011011#44 * MOMvs1ley ,* **pp At osa tisk it aq 4 "t6.4?? fIrj4kOreitLIWaiatthrad4Fiterawseaars.:4,41.pftsVspas,4440644wilarsingsts:Thews. of. FSP, 44, 1?q-lt?'"'" ? ? ?.?' 13, , r e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 4, , - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 'the lassesat lieverimati nets **tract 'with a Japanese scipsay far a ilioneinflion at 1,000,000 heitares of laid (thank 2,5009000 *Wei) ter seliaisatica purposes* Partmately the Federal &cute in 1,36 ream& to approve the contraet and the scheme fell thrciugh so far as the laid grant west, Int the individual Japanese are still on the sone* The Zaps:mese are ad_ Wily good workers, partivalarly along agricultural Uses, bat there have been constant conflicts betas.* then and the authorities of Sao Paulo and Minas Gorses regarding the natter statili* The Amass* hare iris:toted on. naintaintag rash institutions in theft* Ism law age* sad eith!heeks and tesabori bras Japan end Um* the labsola have lases, elsomat Wei* pates Ike mark has been carried on 430ideiliftinel7, sometimes eiass4.1baseseakis (with secret trap doors* They Ire 1*s4dast treublemehoria asikAre sot at all poplar in Brasil* Dkit they sr* here old their Winheis are net dogrosaing* Cot *eV gy, Ovioral hare Ao oas Illontadre, Chief of Staff of 4 " thit arlitaiViaat htiktr, to Rio de Zeneire flea Deettos Lt here inait iiit4n404 the *.teitsises of that *country* Oa hie rsiara t. 414marel ammo as fair as Mates by steelier tut changed to a toils Oa finished his pone, via Sea reale, n vacs macred that titi Maio was seado4n order to EL & sold car even antagonistic Oeill.eit too &eke Ut Ile l Maeire, The Comma had Mien hooh?d ii Ihniisettc?e9 sit there isca.ak peasibility that as of the Carious night diiipliiewiee at litecilveptiiii temiags* The Chief Ii Eli! a et ~se Alas' taay started in renin "NU that he is not ? 3 triltSedlY-41=4.teemia - 1 _ . " ?". ?7--r- ., --.1.7 r? ic. .., .., - . , ,-?, ,-1 . , 4 : - ...--,L,..., ' '41.- " ? i't, -, , . . ... . , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X0onni Rnnni (Inn Illr=rerl and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ;stewikasi bat may perhap-t think that this is swely lip worries. Vary hos in aa opportunist and wouldi to toned on Vie popular side in OM.t troulolio, sow BreSiiifin army ft/tort *LAU 'Wit trouble ti brewing autd that Minister Dtitra is platting pro-Ittasi effieurs is Wry positions. The cite Lt e Col. Affoneo de Carvalho, connander of the Santa Crus Tort, Capt. *caw de oonnander of the Inhuhy Fort and Lt. Col. Alves Bastes, ocassander of the Copeeahana Ft?rk? insisting; that they .kr* secp-liaai and p :rhaps anti-Vargas bat there rosily is no proof that ,Ittlior of thes? two charges is co refit. The ink Iiident is iantionad seroly to show that there is a feeling that strong pro-Nasi iplassents hspossid in the Amy" Nrsonally weIsliavve that these reports r .4 inehresteorateit. Alan' WNW Aviation CO* reeently_patitioned tho goverzont for pormiesion to taIle aortal, photegrughs along eertain rutes in Sb o Paulo, int.ilitivgaeet velidadied* the grid that Ail* the company was a " dL* oil, lie far an legal menisation, was coneeroad, it did con- Oats sliat alentsatio tiose tine age Ms 1.4414.0 (tho Italia* airline) talist tbs goiwriumisti for fall plant of all the landing fields, but this arnarilist pantont., The ift,:tor.X0 libowtio requeated persiesilma .? 10 Ott aXaeig.:ito rotate sonewhere allowed* 1 A ip.irsoin hop Imo,. mos ISa2taraest the Portuguese and presiding fit imo sniesioSions alto will tails up r.:u-t*1 anilL econcele relations* Tho eon- 4i4 Lat.4111: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnn1 (Inn n L 111.c11/1 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 ? 1111$111040 *Ill toom* Will ilik.10 OW" fCrObUllat 111) 00114)01110100 a cortais faalttia* to iskProrra viairigotioa botiro* tits two couatrios (2) salcIAS a poatail, asooril sisllar to lilio caoseslt Pat iiiifAIL Postal ,Ottios, exit (,) tbk* otataioliAbsont of a, fro* -port at Liaboa for Brasibli.go aordiasdisoi Captaisi OW" Pairos bas boon PAII014 i 414411ria Istartostor for tgloot TiOrporvi ,Mro la *Aso of Vrio Ilsoiscasx mattes lithe Ilisignoki? Issorem to offisita floras the surrout Drasillaa COttat MVO 1169 ostlastat at WM/ toss it Si* Pails cliyaiA,*41 vitla 3900000 ; Jaialk 1%lit boss, oxpro*Pliik at the possi:bility or Brasil.** beiXig WO of tato totale oPat'oirf Irma Sliatli, ktliss it #1..4040ansso .i.ps ars wt.tuaralni, fr. tile sistlokt*Sartoa rug 1. toss Via* #0 i 0.04041* POI $.071141110- staPPiatig lloucont ,Ity.'0.11.16, 011eaVa larlisollityi') tliOirritt 1100 gi,:yea out s statosoat that ...., ipi* to ofty0.1. WM. terriove eolith erica I* toper. .? t41314,$.0 MOW 4 tOii! ,40001.6orsaio ,Aanttties of vood, iii*104011i bigeollt Sta a fait asount of orfoo. Of 1st*, Brasilia* swestfamistolig assosoOtis gottiag tato the Sae* erica* aarlitot issa tlaatlarolbSpotal litasitilg 114, 1.10*- vault* atillatil./* Oki 1403/ * UMW. -000 tostriortd, by llisistor of Ww o- F: ? Saarxlialiato 110111qta Vopagaaaa to O. Brasillari Ott tstiasrto *WO.- bc TIMM to the lileito at** d Pr io's Oo0AVIOts !r,,sriosts3.1110 tho Nor* , ? 'oral secrets:tie* lis a :00, ? CS tFarl I 311$: FO'lli.t.:40111(1.110"41 of r? Tr o T' . t Weise 0.0.41011, of tte C4040 Osaspaltipro ortitle laxatitat* SU iror 2,0*fialLto plata Vara filsouswal tbo 014 %OOP totortAxis a tad f *arta* *Wm botternout* - .....i a i Igreii` ?1`./".....$ ...... 's ? : ? .. - ., ,.. . .;, ?; ...!, ? ?,- .. ' ..?,-, ''''. 4-P i? 1 ;.. - 1 &i.,. ' ? .,: ,i,.;?, .; 1 ,... , -41' ' . -''''; :11. ?? , ? 7,1tr. -*, , . ,; . , )N? --1--,.. - t ? a - '1, - k ; +' ' :'' -, :; ' ..., `ta '''' ' s ' ". Z.'?-rbfi 44 -- . r,,, ? 4....? a ,?,1,:it;??,s',?- logoOtrx4M0*-igrA, z r , " at Lr, ;? 1: ? a iiimpulamm 't ? ,? , -r !-- :4"r V"TV"ie ' ;;X+': rrSi-747: f?I; 4- ? 1?111111. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 11111 !Mr and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP131111.-9 eelt 4 ri * f 744.1,1,? 7 ^ 7 that will essigo theAargamiss,t Lois to carry out its pork ca a. larger owls* IA was suggeSted that American teachers of English be obteinad from the States to haws aborp of the classes in &latch* There is m great descad cm the part of aranilians for 49ptatusaties to leant Itcglish, but ther want to learn from Americans tiaid not from tbe English* It Lit lilway IMO that classes will to started ill English for the study o Ihresiliaa Iturrikuro sad histor7* Mie is important, for Americans es, i rtlat fist' tili difficult to get information cm these two subjects* e e , F ?40 e V 1. ?? 3.* ti?' ? v.. -J. 0 L. zAt,c4 4 - ' ? A I .A7*,? ..e44 ?-!vwv-TilOkt 0.0r r.k????-k4., - ???_(:0;?;. ??? C .;;?? ?*'??17.,4' ? ? ???:T 1..! ? ? N4k11.4 ? , ? 47- 7.47. ? k- e . r -0) . ,4141000.4-MantigelleaseleZ4eireVe-Ualteituuecx.:0A ?A?e0e, r's-se.0 v? of. ????? k ?r. 7e? ,k?k? ?Ve tv. ? ,.? N.? n keee ; kke- .Fs?!_e:04`; 114,k4.:t4 t 4. ? 'i.et ???? ? - t-, , ..,-; ?c-, ,--..,.-744 ri 611,r .tt? ;. :'.?.-?.;;;' ? ,. eif '-'''' 70*--4 .."1 ? .1. ? l'i" ' ? . I , re, , .i., 4. Irk-?0. ?J; Declassified and Approved For Release 2913/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010004-9 JI ? .{. f COORDINATOR OF INFORMATICtlit 270 MADISON AVENUIL NEW YORK Confidenzial Memo from L. A:alrmar, For James Nrarb'arg etc. Re Augusto Reg* Monteiro Sept. 16. ?owe* rt44,;) 4.)."401-41 14.0a: otr.. Aolq, jLtjk40t1t-i044 '"" 4.010+6_ Y }VS eV:CO no ???11 This informatior comes from John 'lark of the Inter-American luffeirs Coor- dinator1/4 office by phone. lark knows Moiktkixax Rego Monteiro fairly well. National Rego Monteiro km has the title of irector of Labor in the office of the Departrent of Labor at Rio. As moch,he is a kind of official contact met.1 for the Dept. with such of the Brazilian Syndicates as survive under the Vargas regime. He rates about with a e.urth-AsAstant Secretary of Labor in this country if there p4. lie re any. He is an ambitious young political oRp*Anist from one of the Northeru sktes, Onammodocwhioh are politically blipotenta good im deal in' the way some of our caw wmtes are. He lacks family, money and Okitttial strong political connectims to push him forward, so is inclined to gamble on titans altkik*kkkorimkx intrigues ',Atm politicaly *Intl fOrcee4ke the pro-Nazis to give him a le# up. Te f** susvg strong unions, lithe "aritime Workers, play ball with him officially but dislike and distrust him. Clark suspects him of playing with his former chicf, Minister of L'abor riac** vitho wsta dropped from the tovernment last years also with Pelinto Mueller, r Oaef of the3ational (*stinky) police ,o who is a cArptio meddler in politidal Intrigues 4ti )10( 44'4!uoip?s ?-qfal 4et *NW /a** ";*- - ,.????? ? !!1:WW#A4I140/ ? ?? ? ? ,:- ? , ' tigye4 the 2td Internatimal liabor nference at Havana in Otiihr " reitifkesettative:lisaded the Social Insurance . mmittee, day or lAto Will furnish a dossier on his pu)-lic t* um X. UOq vlsitat:Lon to Brasil in 1940. - ? , " . w, 610 A*M0 On the theory that any dis- t *his 1cse?.. .Vbre later. 64/41044460M44644461(iPP ,44i0141%4.444414,40hill ISPLIMEP4144e od4 ? -4 ? 4, , ? ?1J ? itIrstuntr,77-riT: 4 ?e.".'" lr'r./r.,7:714"T '0,i,fi. g',-t - ? ? ...,?;.,;? - c :- ? ?? ,, 4 ,v.-6,c-,...is- -, ? ?'-:..".t"--,?.7?.-:- 4, - `1: .1.- ? -- ',?1* ' ? 4 moommimmor Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnninnriA ? ,