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November 3, 2016
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September 10, 2013
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December 20, 1941
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1111111111111111111111111rillill Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 ? fy; - ?tk ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 .54 WI,1 e tri et .0 PO". st, BISHOP Von GALEN DESCRIBES ;L? 7HE NAZI CRIMES AGAINST THE g LI A 4?,(4;:, zairoc.4, 04,4..1,44 , In, the third of his series of sermons, 4ached on Augusti ,4eiz4 3 in the church of St...Lambert, Munster, Bishop von GalenAlt4?1, ,F4141.4.111 7 &tik-Z //4064C* 4-44 J41.-.1? e My Brethren, in the Pasto( l al Lettwo 04,409100?40w, said: German Bishops on June 26 which was road in all churches of taernany on July 6, it was stated: "There are, no doubt, according to Christian doctrine, commandnents which are not binding when their observation demands too serious sacrifices, but there are sacred duties from which no one can re- lease us and which we mvet fulfil even at the cost of our lives. Never, and under no pzetext may a man, except in the case of war and legitimate defence kill an innocent pez-son." ? "",-, 7.17 .. I have alrea0 had occasion on July th4-fmalowing commentarilto the words of the Pastoral of t the 04.4 1 4%, 0.-.4414.4:4L i?s 3? tiits 6-414.44-401 r't fato. 11-4 lejNA, ic&re. eirtot AA-1 :;? km":4: 6 to add Letter. "For seve:47a1JOnths we have known that -Vac' for be tiix?l Seri ri 104 Their ? ime. `ITO r_who have been ill a 14f, ? .4e and who appear to- '4res on orders from ,,614 removed from homes 4t,r,Illeintal di sea 50 ,amillea, at ter an interval arly told that the lottiOtihais died, and that the body has tf4.11 (*emoted and that the ashes an:, brf 4alkitted.? WeerIPPAO 040 -41;g#,IROcto, and thi s sus- .' ict has be" lb* t4h4FiC'''-' dest#C-111* ouio 8 1: a certainty, 0, -0.0 caae'of :uritexpe-et- #11turail often aeltbArat017 vo.4 1 are than re or the opist#0, ?:1*.t. it is jus- to 01710,P0,01 qtra _which is un- ito) yib'.:4 iitte4i0 accordingly, tia juitiffRble to kill innocent !tett; tt 4a: thatight that their livast aro,40' Ungar useful for our or our country. , :6airorina-gt 'bleb claims * murder of innocent ItLT*8 legal sanction kAlling of valvalids to **Tkp of the maimed, ??? '41 4- .d144140 **1 4,V. - ? 1,f, ? - 'if- ;?.,t- 1,, 4. " e't1 fahrd..6..L446.1:2a112114t2M- 7,1 the ..s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 ( 2) the incurable and the enfeebled." 3r1"4.44.13ATOH 1?RONI tigglIENTIIAL! Accor4ir4 to what I have learnt on good authority, the practice in bow,* and clinics in Westphalia is to draw up lists of bwal patients who are to be transferred el3ewhere as "unproductive cititens", and after some time, put to death. During. this vary week, the first batch of these patients has been sent fmm the clinic of Marienthal p near Munster. German nen and women Article 2 of the Code of Penal Law is still valid, and according to this code any- one who deliberately kills a man by premeditated act will be executed as a murderer. It is in order to protect the killers of these un- happy' patients against Able legal penalty that the pat- leas 160 4)70, to be pit to death are removed from their place of r eoidence to so* distant institution. Some di- settee or other is thep, Eptien ai .the cause of death, but as the bodies are irmil WI, cremated neither their families nor the regular pcti Can afterlriarda find, out whether the, &seal,* is genuine. rea117,r the cause of death. , plot (kutbOrt#4,0- I ea aeirurtg that at the Ministry of the int11,244r4 and at the office of 1Dre Contiv.the"hiVad Goverratent catoro,r it is oloW4y., known that a 4,15:113,eat/hlisolpir f15.410401 cam's have 'Already bean deIVOielriiately girtJ4, to. (Oaths s la mror. w.tlritaulik:`:Eil the future. Ar be pal 2 , 1.9 pt tlyo Pat 5 ? Of Germany it is ,orte .1:0; ura-trrAt Tellable source of ???-, 4 tt Of 4 Mari and who does not inform r. Intodea victim of it In time, win 'WS PBOIMOVi 0 the propoaal to remove patients Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100010005-8 k 111111111U.____Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 .? - 40, from order Uarienthal LA to kill them informed the Tri- bunal of itunster and also the head of the runater Pollee in a regl.atered letter as follows: "On account of informatJ on whieb has reached Me 41.111144 this week, 1.e.p the week of July 51, a great nmmber of patients trap the provincial olnic of ilarienthal ire to be remayed ILO citizens allesed to be unproduetilie, to the clinic of Eischturs? in order to be put to death as, sccording to general opinion, has al- ready been done in the case or other pat- tents who have been stmilerly remove. "As sa6h an act:is mot only contrary to the moral law, both divine and natural, but shaald also be pumishablo by death a.ccording to Article 211 of the Penal Code, it is my duty in accordance with Article 139 of the some code to bring it to the natio(' of the authorities. "1: demand immediate protection for my fellow owantrimenwho are Was threaten- ed agLIAst those wbo intend to remove them: and gut'them to death, and I demand to be told,;,Of your decision,'" lio news lia0- We to me of am,y steps taken by the Tribunal or by theirOlice? ? On:u1/.61.a.I ha4 alroad; sent a strong' volf44- , ten protest to the, provincial administration of ttestphalia 00 are respermsitt*tor(tha inatItutions to which these ipatiezcta have been Ostted in order to be cared for and, cured., Xt Mike an to no iiarposee The first contingent of immocent people have left ilearienthal under sentence cr 640h arid trostheyolinlor-ot iFfotistain I tun told that Soo Oititiorir* W rtrx therefore, expoOt the news that these '97131; IltrOrteie. or later be killed, have' ceataitted any :rime deserving itat they have attacked one of their 'Far- a wsr,r that the 1ati5er in legitimate fOrced to save their own lives b:1 titiete asmailante. 1 ? .? , -..W; , ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 ? S. 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 (4) WE THEY DIE No, it le not for reasons of this kind that these urthappy pat-leaps are killed. It is simply because in the opinion of some doctor, in the view of some committee, they are "unwortly to liven: because in their eyes they are to be classified among unproductive citizens. It la thought tqlat they can no longer produce riches, and that they litre like old machines which can no longor work, like an old horse which has beeame in- curably lame or like a cow whiqh can no longer give any milk. Have you or have I only the rii#It to live so long as we are proactive: so long as others, therefore, regard 'rrgr WI as productive? It 0130 admi to the principle tha t unpro- ductive men may 1,0,sse killed, then woe to all of us_ when we 'become o/d and weakened 714 age, If one May kill such man., woe to aU invalids who, in order to produce 'wealth, have used, sacrificed and; worn ,out their stronith and their If ,? ne may by violence kill our improductive neighbours, then woe to our ,giillant dlierfL wilt, come back to their country. 4 wointe0 eralskimed and sick. NONE Slitid OF LIPE Ione of us then will be sure, of our life. Any %.ommittee can put a man on the list of unproductives, when t j gisthst he has become 1.11110r:th7 of life. Ho police *in proi#070,1343,4 no Court den Wepge his murder and in.? , - Mat thlt mUrderer the puniaterent hsf deserves. JP- 0111'' Oen bave Any in a doctor when he *1*1 olosityf: let patients as =productive and he cila Va. a, trjti to /Lill then.? ? ha>trIble doctrine is tolerated, id sad ,Vraotised, it is impossible 40E to *bat depths of dapravation 14641 ,what suspiniC11 M. di etrust citviiffr Oven in close futily circles. ram tort Woe to the German people if we cospulaVsbtenti. 61htiu shalt not kill," ? od 46n t OPt?,4 in l'Alunder and ,,iptg.raved on the, _ F Ve' - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001nnn_R - New 4tP imi4trovi*a, '',? ",..." .4" 3'6, '11.'?.''.'. :--^4^',"> " '`: .1:' . .. rt? k.ii...T:7.1":2.f.s7. , ' ? .- . ... si ......,t,,,,,,,..--,sr?,' -:-_-?-? '- '`.1. "?`..7 ? ..^?-?-=3" -f-4,.."^1.- .... -._ ... s? .1 ti):illF.14,. ,?.... -..... . -_,. IifieI and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 htan conscience from the beginning of time. Woe to the German people if we tolerate this crime and allow it to be committed with impunity. FATE :OF A SOLDIER'S FATHER I want to give you an example of what is actual- ly happening now. At Marienthal there was a man of about 55 years old, a peasant from a rural commune neer Munster - I could give you his nama - who for some years had been suf- fering from some mental disease and had been in the provin- cial clinic of Marienthal. He was not completely soft, he could receive visitors and liked his family to come and see him. About a fortnight ago he had a visit from his wife and his son, a soldier** the front, who was home on Th, aon was very deikted to his father and was very ? upset wboxx.he left him for !who could know if he would see him againlo for he might fa# on the field of battle fight- ing for his countrymen' This son?s?ttlite; soldier, will never see his father aggifi in this world, because be has been Put on the list of the un- productives. of the members of his family who vent to tee the father at Marienthal was refused admission and vas told,thot by oxer of the Cpuncil of Ministers of Nat- , , itonti'Diitenee the pati exit had_been removed elsevitere, but ma Olt lomm whi0e* An official notice will be Sent to b12. d ? .q41tAk arts WitO. - t will this notice pontiant IttitAt' be like other emilar notices that the mmpi 4is4, Ott the body has been cremated and that the **hes oVeron the receipt of money to cover Aid so the siOt fto is now at the front, risking .. - I._?7 ,i-.... -.),74:Ti., ., 7:s ,. , -. ,- , ''' ';?.? ''.'7.41.17111?0, : ?=---1-4,..., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP 13X00001 R0001 nnm 001c_p 1111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 (6) ?:4.1 his lire for his German countrymen, will never see his father again, because his German countrymen have put him to death. I can give you the name of the patient, his wire, and his soldier son, as well as their addresses. *OWE IS OBEDIENCE 10 THE COMMANDMENTS?" "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thy children as the bird doth her brood, and thou wouldest notl" Is history repeating itself again here in Germany, in our land of Westphalia, in our city of Munster? Where in Ger- many and where, here, is obedience to the commandments of God?" The eighth commandment la? down "THOU SHALT NOT BEfill FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THEY NEIGHBOUR." How often do we see this commandment violated publicly and with im- punityt The seventh comMandment says: "THOU SHALT NOT STEAL," but can we say that property an possessions are, being respected Whewour brothers and our sis- ters, monks and nuns, are forcibly and brutally robbed of their convents, and who proteotn property now if it is illeg- 404114 and.,not restored? The sixth 00-**Adment: "Mau SHALT NOT CORM ortnairct think of the instruc- tions an4 praft,iees given on the question of tree live- and maternity ouf. side mar- riage in .ttue":notoyious open :Letter pub- liiehed in the jotirnals of 'Rudolf Hess, who has s;,n6e;:r4Eitappeared. Artot,in zatif4ers of Atis kind what indecency and volsomIty do not see everywhere -even at Munster? To - what liAtustive1Im not lEmpropriety okdrcme One amongst our irodge, r*Viet that is wmtdesti, the guardian of ie 'W0'1; destroyed, and the way prepared for un- it title futpre# Iwo too, haw the fifth eonmandmont is '103**046' ?Ora SIMI NOT Znito" We see it violated dti 1111 41410* at the '44itiborities whose duty it is 411.ra414.1 .1`4si 71:14S.IN?ctrfihtir,4# att4is .?su) Et 4' .:??? A, I rt .+4 , to 4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100010005-8 I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005 O. (7) to enforce respect for law and life, when they allow the deliberate killing of innocent human beings as well as the sick, solely because they are unproductive, because they can no longer contribute to the wealth of the world. inACK ON THE FAMILY And how is it one observes the fourth command- ment, which orders respect and obedience to parents send superiors. The authority of parents has already greatly diminished, and is more and more shaken by the demands made upon the young against the wiehes oe their parents* has' lo ter. lbw do you think one can preserve a genuine respect and conocientious ob- edience towards State authority If one continue* to violate the commandments of the suprome Ophority, the command- ments of God; it41, is fighting-against and trying to deftroy faith in the only rue ,God, the #up4sme Being, thejord of }leaven and:0321th, The observance ?V: the first thamei commandments - since lapsed in German public life, and hers also r rh ? ' Many dessorfate, and secularise. Sunday and Pewit diva and, 07 to romov0 them from the service of'God. The Vas* of Oad is constantly' ridicules, dishonoured and blas- ittimsd, !Aid as an soma corn* N,a04t for '4 'Itret comeanlisent,,IITHOU SHALT NOT fl%". ? rtlaw,? irk ,hit gam, of the 4 oney true, ?,,ON ? " ..0-?? ? ' or.10* iccOrdit4; to their own good Fatigfl,,,,EthiPs` stab!, the rasa** soopu ? t ,?j ? 417 ! th. r God it their belly, according to %MO tom camfort, to which every- *nd conscience for the r the-,tra-Pet for *lath and ambition. A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100010005-8 L 111111111111111Mified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 01, (8) Is it surprising then that they try also tilD claim divine perrogatives, and to make themselves the masters 3f the life and death of their neighbours? APPEAL Td THE PEOPLE *Dearly Beloved Brethren, I hope that it is not boo late, but It la certainly time to realize now on this very day what alone can, bring us peace, what alone can sate :us and preserve us from divine punishment, and to admit openly and unreservedly the divine revealed truthspand to show by our attitude that we wish to direct our lives by the com- mandments of God and that we accept in all gravity the motto: Rather die than sin. t. ????.? f- ?00.0? ????? And that we wish by sincere prayer and penance to draw down divine grace snd forgiveness on us, on our city, our land, and our des* German peopleo 4. ? J ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 1?. 4f'S?g!'rv1' ell :,, #1 ,1?'' ?,.", ? ?? ; : ..5 " ?A I' .,gf.... :rill a ??? ?.; , !. a, `4, . ./... ,,... ?, `,4 :?.T: ,(4,' ? ? r ,: ;1., , , ( i ? . . ? ' , , . i? ? ' f ? ! .' " 2 ; 4,.: , la ? ?? ..4 - .. A .,?.? . I:: a : . 4.4 ' 1;?; ' 4 ',., .4.4. 'p -- l'a. r.- 1' 4 ; 4 A 4.5 4i cr. 44,, 4,,1 44 ,! I t. - - ,A ''; ? r:r7-? ? ? ? ? 1 t :t.,..?44 ? 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 111,1"r1 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R0001000100 tie I, ? /COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION 004 ei/l \ 411 e 9 cp4 flA/2 WASHINGTON', D. C. HEMORABLUM to Joseph Barnes 270 Wedison Avenee Edd Johnson New York, SUBJECT: BRITISH PRESS SERVICE 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, K. Y. V se le September 19, 1941. Circle 8-5100 I invited Mk. Wheeler-Bennett to come in to see Colonel Buxton and me. Unfortunately Colonel Buzton did not come back today, and I 'neve therefore arranged to take him to see Wheeler-Beenett next week. So far as questions relating to short-rave broadcasting are concerned, Wheelere3ennett confirmed the distinction between BBC and Ministry of Information, an stated in my memorandum concerning tho latter. I asked Wheeler-Bennett whether he would find out if h;.s Minister would make available to us all directives iasued to the BBC when and as they are issued 51.1 order that we mitht be informed of any discrepancies that may exist between their directives and ours. I said that we could not hope to avoid dincrepancies, but that I thought it was desirable for us to keep eaoh other informed as much as possible. He agreed to this and wi:1 do the necessary. As regards any information desired by us from any sources relating to the British Mmpire, he and Aubrey Morgan will be glad te act as our post office. Fe said he thought this would be more effective than using the Inter-Allied Information Center. I brought up the question raised by Conyers Read (see my memorandum of &eptember 17th). He said that the way for us to Fet information from lanada or A/stralia was definitely not through his office but direct from the Legations - in effect he said that any inquiries from our Government through the British Government to Canada or Australia 'monad be resented. The Dominions are not effectively represented en the Interekllied Information Center. It therefore ueems clear that Dr. Read should make his own contacts with the Dominion Legations through Jimmy Roosevelt, and too far as Wheeler-Bennett is concerned tbors is no objection to Dr. Reads going direct to the British Library of Information. This is what Dr. Read was particularly anxious to de. Tif thee is anything further you wish Mb tO do about this, pieeite 'let as know. (0 to Colonel Donovan. J. P. Warburg ;f141- 4 Ind Annrnved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 A 4 nate illr?!,1 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13III 1(00113(1011100(11111.11 ????. _ 4410 ? .1111143i. 11Lailinte Mk VW/ WV 1.0 100 ant long durttion 10 ;We earns* :I? obi* Itit *Ash ono tido sr tto otb*V aktisopit* ithoolt* at pesos in order to Wit 10i411 Wary, eiliyAte of the pee** 4EttiOnialf irjr biliiii0iionts is esplisloil, *M. a matbsii oir oblisitivsmo. ;salami ofig. (1) I!* immlagit wariomooseinotas at bola., (1) go oapili,a0** on ,14k0 limo :Rotor got wilLS10141,0141111 in Oa logoskits (3) attsa=ttot 3 0011101001414000 tios ailimar* 41100101,04 bar to* 000 itiot4k los*. is.1001. usou to toisporsrs .1_,._144, tolt nosiimoliat,* 111411isst. ? ;nor 1010,ffl . l'? top,:kjikszontussmatit- , 1011111100 , r of a noutes1 ts4ge tbisiis dtl1 11101,Witqanit tho Ji U$lTh akir 004 r-)11110'I 41 111 sisolookti tooplulio84 .e 11111V441014110.01, 4 4 - ? it, t orr Adak- ? I.li skifilpfipor *rip. ,? #01** r414 1:,111 IX" * 0. illo 0041P? A basal. r. ? '4 god. so i0001000400.44 -s "11f:it ? .;-; 1..p. ? ,;?,` N1.1Z,1 t - 4 - ? -?-ste- - ". ',,,'"?,'.. i',.. ' ? S' . ".1. . :r..?? '/1* . -;? '?Y , rc- ??1, ...;,..?,1;.::, - ''..7.:?9,:,,ii.y-t;44.1"ii,.3.::.:-???, ,,,,?? -1 - "-?- '.. ;.2- iii--1*.i' ' IIMMEIMINIMMIN ? Inv dolma ,kor 40,01f,.#0. ? ? i") 4 4.-i,j'ittil*4100104414,1kigtiWellilfi*Allosert* -?? = = ? "14 7.5' tricr ? ,C*2-1 .r; - ? j .4it , _ .?_ ? ? 1 4 3. _4- I ii . t,? - (7) tho (impson 11140rnea1 Staff *woe the oar factor with Whoa a pose* nould be as4Lei. Jot the Clem= riirWersate ibiUfillift *MOW nm soverio, the "MOO, he* VI a irearistisit., It was new matt that sooner or liko split istwoen the OinArsal Staff =4 the Jowly wouldi 4000, ts sk *MkcM tt than it be possible elm the allinkinottlion of the i? eortatti of his ontniess to woo to a Ilmenosomible poste with the owl n Imo omod step* tfietsittivy that it was as **ch 1 tho interest of Lel the Mite& States as it was to that 44f teessiiigi to provont a Risluisian sonquent Of Strom eaWelr it was not the perposo of the =las to wubs, Oittrato ai ikalshorrik ?40.116iiiion of Ramo for a last 1),1"-,..11111-1t111 - tho 114441044 lirliSkttiotkAvid am** w*,alering say ,. r halie es. Of tie 110 1010191g 101001, ,toikatat sa 44 _ 0114m4 `.4 It is ooneolVaila that Wm= Hitler and his disigruntled gasorals IlitiLoaliiiint* hope of telitat SD* Clersittor* Aad tAirf?? U. war IA ill* IPS to Of lie.nating IL till* ft ,r' ? 1110110411tak* ??????? ; ? ?:. t-7A ? .14'; 10,3 k" 461;17101.4.1,44e40- ?10,-0.0X4,4,-....040.014104$11004010410,4:-. , - ? 11 ? . neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 1111 13?111 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 R0001 00010005-8 ,???, t ? "." 11, r '1 A 41;0'1.44? I 4L t.4." 911:10?,#11#00,314,4612.. t't&A.0?0.- pet?lcot , 4 ? ? ,4?5"*.j.. ????????...... t ? ". ? :?? ..4.4w,404vo3kipaftM ? ? 4Tz. 4 ALA6.4"Aj)C $ - - , _ ? 4.1:4 s#.#?.???,, ? , I VII Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010005-8 8-9000 1-0001-00011-0000X?1-dCll-V10 O/6O/O eSeeiei .10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 0.4041,6r. r , 4 . ? ? 14 %.????4 4 4 ? Cr"%r"rirnger4!". '''Ctr'llir'' : r? . f --rir"0-4-:?infircr'r0 ? 1?-riyir 4kP ? x. .. , I (5--4-vcr-srvr`rwV 7rr(p?- `Itl ..br-rlr-Q.A.-- Afir-ertrvIrcr`rw-c)s: "r