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March 30, 1944
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11111111 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? ? - Th E JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF WASHINGTON 25.D. C. SKCEET 30 'larch 1944. mEmoRANDuu Faa THE DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC SEIVICES: Sublect: Participation in eventual peace talks with Bulgarians. For your information, with reference to your memorandum of 13 Uarch 1944, the Join Chiefs of Staff have informed the Department of State that it is their opinion that the Greek and Yugoslav Governments should not be invited to participate in the contemplated con- 4ersations and that, if the surtender of Bulgaria should be negotiated outstde of the European Advisory Commis- sion, the Greek and Yugoslav Governments should not be invited to participate until such time as the govern- ments of the United States and the United 'Kingdom have sUbstantially agreed, after consultation with the Soviet Government, on the terms of surrender to be imposed. Cfir[ ga0"?5:510iA;40 ri? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 MEM Declassifiecll Appmed For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 13 March 1944 MINEANDUM FOB ADMIRAL VILLIAM D. LEAHY v r`r Trrriewmper. )1, -4 re : b?bt L s.r. 1 1 el A i 7 0 i i C k_ i L I) hasten to tell you that I have just been advised that due to the suggestion of certain officials in the State Department, a letter is being sent from tilattiDospartiont,to..the Joint Chiefs of Staff asking that representatives of YugOslavia and Greece be in vite4 to participate in tho: meeting concerning Bul*, ho14 et Csii you ica14. iAtrodSict I call tlits to ypur attention because I think ? the. th 4tiou of such 4 suggestion &taw ottatt tiiet act . . Algotiatiens essentially mil* it Jo' 1 theirs. NW purpose of those neg,. to 9oUttci1 discussions vilijAh ? 'ep..", ? '' ?-? -; eli?fie,e1.1.i:r:: `' - - 4.*Ig.? ''t ' t. '''' ' ;61.:, -t ,,,,?,e,,, -..-..',. ... i : s - - ?-?' . k 'i."' , ' -4:*-1. tr : ??? .1"27.? :'?., 7'''' ' ? William J. Donovan Director 1'15 4rt- *4:4 ..3;-.17.444,r 4 ?:49 ? ;;;;;4_, " - .3 ! ? 4 .1. .1'.A ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001 nnnR_7 111111 and Approved lir.RelA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 .41 OSS Form JIM OS SECRETARIAT - ROUTE SLIP To ???/......? same ????????????on..?......? initials = .C. Dperimg, Jr. C. ii..411a------ ' J. az....konovan ???????????1111101. D. C._ Me 41M000. ?* 7-21.fat __________- 411 .., F. .mliese . 01?1???????????????????????.?11MENMINIM, N. J Putzell Jr. . ; abt.11AY.... i , ? . R. Th t, . 0' , ? 0 IN?111?????????? 0. t 1 On..01?404?1?1 im.cp...................................... Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 11.11111111111Declassified and oprovecl ,IR&ease2011A-RDP13X00001 R000100010006-7 TO: Flhaft SAJOAMT 10. r01,4 41 y /...S/4fr1 re ex _ . _1. . ji,C_;747;Ti-fre'e A 11-1LIL, ill ELI OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES OFFICE MEMORANDUM General TC. J. DOUOVall Ur, Whitney H. Shepardson From the heading, has been for some days C.C.S. ffitshington. DATE: 15 judge that this document pant in hands ot J.C.S., or t 41. 8.' caaregatcNikaUiww.4**1,44eatigriiiimaimimaktmetwaMESLIre AI/ f / LI -- " rch W44 e. :VECRBT " Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? 00 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 'b.. / t. (-1 iso OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES U. S. Army Forces in the Middle East 7 March 1944 Mr. Whitney Shepardson, Office of Strategic Services Washington, D. C. Dealt. Mr, Shepardson: The Inclosed cable, from General Wilson to Mideast, has recontly come to our attention and may bo of interest to you. Macfarland is extremely skeptical as to whether any progress oar, be aide at the pre?` time in the Bulgarian situation but, if terms are ever discussed, I think the in- closed may be helpful. Sincerely yours, isit J. L.Toulmilk J. L. TOULMIN Lt. Col., A.G. Director,, OSS-HZ incl: Csb1 #58355 AF!QJto MIDEAST 00 r *??4-- ? ven ?4a?????14.01,4,*-414,10.10.14..... ".? 43PC**,-....L.ii. Iliewrub narlaCCifiRd 2nd Aooroved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassj CIPEER MESSAGE IN From:- AFH Q signed WILSON To:. Air Ministry for British Cs of $ info BRITMAN WASHINGTON for USA Join Ca MIDEAST No: 58366 FHGCT IMMEDIATE and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Folio Nos 59264 69263 59362 09262 59256 59270 29 Feb 44 of S TOO. 291800/A TOR. 011330/B This is MEDCOS No. 49. In my para 3 MEDCOS No. 36, I requested you forward any further instructions you may have for my guidance should a requeet for conversations between accredited representa- tives BULGARIA and the Allied Nations be received. To date no instructions have been despatched to me. IM2 I as informed H.M. Govt and USA Govt have proposed to the Soviet govt that Bulgarian Govt should be directed to send qualified Mission to meet our reps at a place to be indicated later probably CYPRUS or CAIRO. I am further advised that a Rumanian emissary isarriving 27 Feb in MIDEAST. In view of this I feel it is necessary that I be furnished immediately guidance as requested in MEDCOS No. 35. I recommend military terms for BULGARIA generally as follows and should be grateful if you would indicate any of tundormentioned?) you desire. baut The conditions of an armistice are presented by "blank", 0-1a-C of Allied Forces in Mediterranean, acting authority of the Govte of USA and GREAT BRITAIN, and in the interests of United Rations and ars accepted by 'blank', head of Bulgarian Govt: (A) The Bulgarian Govt will cease all hostile activities by Its armed force* against any forces of United Nations and any z 44.-fgaiiA Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-R DP1 3xoonnl PrInninrirmrInnes_ Id and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 FREEDOM 58356 FHOCT dated 29 Feb 44 Declassi %ft forces co-ordinating with them. (B) The Bulgarian Govt will arrange for immediate withdrawal of Bulgarian armed forces from all participation in current war from whatever areas in which they may now be engaged or employed to such areas as may be designated by the Allied C-in-C. (0) BULGARIA will deny to the Germans and satellite powers all facilities and all resources that might be used against the United Nations and hold them at disposal of the Allied C-in-C. All external mommunications and commercial exchanges including goods in transit by air, sea, land and the Danube will be stopped except as authorized by the Allied C-in-C. (D) The Bulgarian Govt will take steps to secure against seizure or attacks by th3 enemy and prevent removal or destruction of any part thereof without authority of the Allied C-in-C, all radiolocation apparatus, radio navigational aids, radio, cable and other telecommunication stations and systems under Bulgarian control, whether (owned?) by BULGARIA or its Nationals, or any - other nations or its nationals not of United Nations. These stations and systems will be surrendered to the Allied C-in-C if required, in good repair together with all operating plans, diagrams, instructions and pertinent records and, if deemed advis- able by Allied Authorities, qualified personnel to operate such equipment. No radio or telecommunications installations or other forms of intercommunication ashore or afloat, whether belonging to =WM or Ani other nation other than the United Nations will trammmit till directions for control of these installaions have SECRET "","04xxlitntsxlitlisiVatili6WPRhooto.ow,K--., '44;i1 roved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13Xnnnni rr ????4 ? - Declassified and Amoved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ?4.6 FREEDOM 56355 ?HOOT dated 29 Feb 44 -3- been laid down by Allied C-in-C. (E) The Bulgarian Authorities will intern ,Il Germans and satellite personnel and agents within their territory. Any attempt by Germans or satellite powers to enter Bulgarian ter- ritory will be resisted by power. (IP) All prisoners or internees of United Nations will be turned over immediately in accordance with instruotions to be Issued by the Allied C-in-C Mediterranean, and none of them may now or at any time be evacuated BELGRADE GERMANY or satellite country or surrendered to the enemy armed forces. (4) All Bulgarian Naval and mercantile vessels, including all seagoing and river craft, and Bulgarian aircraft, both civil and military, will be moved on orders of Allied C-in-C Mediter- ranean to such points as may be designated, details disarmament being by him. All ships and aircraft which cannot be prevented from falling into enemy hands will be destroyed. (N) Equipment of German and satellite powers will be retained intact and (handed over?) as directed by the Allied C-in-C Mediterranean, unlit** in danger of falling into enemy hands, in which case it will be destroyed. (I) The Bulgarian Govt will give an immediate guarantee of the acceptance of forces of United Nations being stationed in ISULGARIA, with full facilities for prosecution of the war against V and her satellite powers, and all/rights OUM! of a military occupant, 4' 16;100794?Lir Declassified and A SIORET ? ? 4 ....if 74; I ; - ' ? ? .? '" ';?-? ;$ :A ? I 7?1?11,Z. . st:79 r* '??er:14".". ? roved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13xnnnni Pnrminr,r, es.-. 4 '1J-1 Declassified111111 and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 FREEDOM 58355 FHGCT dated 29 Feb 44 -4- (X) BULGARIA will employ every effort to give access to all Bulgarian ports and facilitating entry, operations and maintenance of any United Nations forces. (L) The Bulgarian Govt will guaranteeto employ all its available military and civil forces and authorities to ensure prompt and exact compliance with provisions of this armistice. (X) The Allied 0-in--C Mediterranean reserves co himself the right to take any measures which in his opinion may be necea- sary for the protection of the interests of United Nations for prosecution of the war and the Bulgarian Govt binds itself to tat', such administrative or other action as Allieci C-in-C Mediter- ranean may require. (N) The Bulgarian Govt will immediately comply with such orders as Allied C-in-C Mediterranean may issue in respect of disarmament, demobilization and demilitarization. (0) The Bulgarian Govt will furnish such information as may be required and within period specified by Allied C-in-C Mediterranean and in addition particularly ensure the security of all records of enemy's military and civil authorities and organizations in BULGARIA. (P) Yurther conditions of a political, economic and financial Ware with which BULGARIA will be bound to comply will be transmitted at a later date. The terms of the present armistice will be kept secr41 till permission their publication ie granted by Allied ng: Mediterranean. The LICA& version will be con- sidered the offloial test. 043" i!,40 ? !,. v C F1/4 F, T z? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 FREEDOX 583515 /SOOT dated 29 Feb 44 (41) The Bulgarian Govt understand that in event their not 'keeping to the terms of this Armistice, the Allied C-in.0 litedliterranean reserves the right to take such aotion as he con- The above for your information and No action will be taken by you pending eiders fit. Viva To XIDEAST only. terms are purely tentative. further instructions. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and A ? 11171IROTIICI MOO TO s Insign Putzell, Secretariat IRGINI z Colonel Jahn I. F, Easital 0311Zors Attached. Reports pproved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 r? r 470. ,'1:2:4 WeL9 Marsh 1944 ? 4 d 1. Attached are copies of two papers which I believe now should be pleaed in the Director's own files: (1) General Donovan's letter of Ianuary 4, 1944, in Msoow to General Deans requesting information fro* Re: Saguia. (11) Plan of ;emery 4, 1944, pre- pared by Haskell at General Donovanis direction, directing Os-Cairo and OSS-Istanbul to carry out corttin morelsopera- tions in Salgeria? 3f 77_ 1111111MMININIMMINIE Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 MI= I. 7.0 Haskell Colonel, In entry SECR E 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 341fitori.:4. OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON, D. C. 110: Colonel John Haskell FROM: Frederick Oechsner SUBJECT: Attached Report CONFIbEttilIAL February 15, 1944 I return herewith the proposal for MO Operations in Bulgaria, which.Mr. Scribner turned over to aute /or attention. The plan strikes me as excellently con? ceived and drawn up, and I am glad that our offices in Cairo and Istanbul hall:received their copies, for it is only in the field that the proposal can be evaluated in terms ox local possibilities. I am sure that ds soon aa thoto oifices are prepared to move into the of/actuation stage they will inform us of what is required fram cc: JUScribner FO 4:) . e?z,, '-- %Ow* 4,16111 CONAUENTIAL - neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 - , ,4. ? 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 GREW Jaareary 4, 1944* PLAN FOR MORALE OPERATIOPS 1W BULOARIA to ZigUK* 04410 Cairo and 0.8*3* Turkey will tamediately initiate morale operations for thw purpose or bringing about Bulgaria's ear/4 vithdraval frau the Axis* Sattattimmtglike 10 Bulgaria was forood into tbo war *war the batter padosent ef bar let.tivro and against the will or the majority Of her people* Partieularly eines the Passist attook against Russ's/ the traditional ally of Bulgaria., antimGerroan *mitt* went beg been growing* The Inability fag the Oormans to pro* teat Bulgarian +venters from Allied bombing end the sustaluwd aortal atteeke ea Merlin are aoosigirod by the Balm% as - Moor of zsweakbees **I jiortoots lt tt inovitablo detest* While Bulgerie eaumet *ow* the relialts lat Ur pest settees tut the Aniog *Ad how liot~ilb Ohs boo WWI* to tope ogi cak pOeat pti how vroisikoit altimeot 14114 *h. 413ties IV* tiette. *At prowl4 ootiotk,ost hot part oots brook witt the owls tho *AWL lor *blab nlie toproiro tor Muir* woisilkt tit 14%0 *HO* hitt girtor 'heft tit* Ai? tern* 14e0e? a.look. 410 ItiloOtit *ow tar a tb0 1**1* or lwor mupport 1 the ev?mitioki settum. mot* 14 llaimetspaNI r&iSulgari* abowatit 110 ..:.iikihOthe the ,41molgwii almilpirio of Vern pr000tt pi 0410.7* Cb)1400rm-NOU.to rig tho honolsoll et aer? a* troops eat Vie rtiaP1 fViliteneln '11,40 to tbAilliP ism 110,04100* f000lPoisof _that the All too to not Up* *$ * e* tees set 111.1Elsk 000rooloilismiti MI gppioot;ao&V for Olitlootiont os the 40iispostor 104 broil's"' or C. j ,N00 I ? Sion smil sapisitaap .411 tart armr4 alia the Um Os ow eft Moldostod, is the follow', I ? 4-1',4 :7,4teri,r '4,74 .4; - ? ? ?i ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 MEIDeclassified andlIlloilFor Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Alt t (s) Appendix 1 .. trAnslatiom of artielo in !mil of Dosembar 117 ontitlod "Bulgaria's Crisiswip CO Appendix 2 0. summary of a dismission with averse Aadroashon, il000cw, January 3, 1944. (I) Appendix 3 .. draft memorandum of-Direotor 044. to U. 3. Joint Chief* of Staffs January 3, 1944. 44 From the above end your own studios, matorial far moral* operations will be devolopode Opeolflo **sureness with roopoot to the United Notices politiost troatment of Bulgaria Mid territorial quostione will be aveidied until you are ad. 101004 of the *maim of that "jolted Staten Britiehs and Russian acwornmants with mew* to proposals whiGh aro being edbuittod to this through the Joint Chiefs of Staff. nI011110ftle 10 The moral* operational lino dssaribed above will be disoominatod with particular attention to the Bulgarian armed toms beth within the ',entry and in Bulgar ocouplod areas, awl to ths *twine* populatioo in industrial centers and ogrorian arose." Radio broadosato, distributtou,af printed ontoriat (oopooially leaflet., nosispoporo, scrtiolsO) thromah the undkorgrownsi sad by dropping from plum, sod rumor will to *sot to meth Um Dolor *Ind* Base, will be ostablishod Is ?who" *at other Natal* Inoalitios ealsotod by the 044. ?Moors Wadi* Neat, for +editing, traneletion into Bulgarian, Prilittief 111414 dispatoh of prilitadmatortal. Pasilities for anatatnots radio broadcast will Movie* be obtained nese ?sire not if possiblo is Turkey. The acsietanos of Air Forgoes based Is Italy amdiths Middle lost should be voquostod for leaflet dr1914441? I. Al the isitial stop, a summary in Bulgarian of the oiblbashotortiois by Dolotrov in Dootrobor 27 will ho printed to esitablo loaflot forirnirdistribution by land and IOW ant ef Turbot/ amd by Air Pores fro* Noditorremoan Theatre 116008# 3* Advsiias sppafesnta for gathoming motorial, editing, printiag, sad lotriWat mg a freew Beloarian newspaper will be laitisto40 atteint! on will be givos to *softness the to taka * .twessr sod more indigo* g Its nova out dtt?rtsl policies A sans.** SECRET 111.11.111111111111111111.11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 11111111111111 100 4. lb. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ..1115111111Innalim l? Coordimetton of editorial approath and context of reitito sm4, printed material ematating from Turkey* Cairo* USIDOUVia wad Thar will be *erected by 0.5.3. Cairo. it? 005.3. Cairo will coordinate its operational activis, tios with the licOal British military* 3o0olio and P ovioEo tbro the, commandIng Gsneral* Mediterranean Mastro Operationso IA a000rftnowvith prsytous arrtngsmacts* leadarship of Allied salmrstift *orals and pbysioal operations in Bulgaria will bo extriIiiked byOos?S. 3. 0.2.S. Washington* through it2 rapresettativea in Mar* *sit Meeows, will c.lordinate thews gam of morale ?mow *time invhith the Soviet Government is interested. V? aderjeli.bresso el. 006440 Cairo willmeke an immsdinto amrvoey of squipments sum:4100# tad personnel required to initia%o this program et tho own** pOestble date* in any (omit not later than 104b* ruiary 1* 11144# Vvorr Wert should be mado to obtain moors tam' taellitleo sneh as radio time on suitable stations, printitag presses, noworinti etoo at Was point nsarost its proposed use* 04405. Oniro till cable weihington VOW aueb equipsiosto supplise end personnel which cannot be bbtained leaelly? ?-; . e F., 1 0,o040A tart Few Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 MEIN Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? pe"?11:041t 41. ????? :411A4K90 41r.* atm.,.? Fa.,.014001...? ? de. ga SECRET OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES ?????????????11????INPim???????^???????? INTEROFFICE MEMO Colonel John Haskell FROM Lt. Col. Richard J. Riddell soBJEcrn Trensmission of Document DATE: 6 April 1914 The attached document (2 copies) is forwarded as par your request. EORET ?..ovs fal=1?Paati???fs.aar.????? "'"" ? ) I y ,,. r arsill~flj..?? VeJa???????00.00^.? ? ? a 1 1:4 L. L / .7.1 A. 1.iy.mja usrl issa Vaasa., zike?bal Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Oft:3; '` ..t?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ' 1. ? ? :::;r1GP .1' ? ealippoor-i..60.4.?1 it 1- t GaliERM. A. J. DC110110,1 41$ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 A arisa4ture in bklarlit se* 1%400.'1 DIONIIATION CN Bulgaria - an agrarian country with mall-plot peasant economy and a very low technical level. Before the war, 430% of the working population of the nation was occupied with agriculture, and agricultural produce made up more than 90% of the export. However, this BO% of the able-bodied population receked a shaEl of only 53.5% of the national income, whichAexplaineliphe low productivity of labor and the insignificant amount of marketable produce from most of the peasant farms. The low productivity of the small-scale peasant economy is a result of backward agriculture, inadequate pulling or traction power, and primitive implements of production. The chief implements of production in agriculture are the wooden plow, and drawn by ?owe. About one-half of all the cows in Bulgaria are used as draught animals. bout 80% of the total swan area is devoted to grain. As a result of the lack of intensive farming, BUlgaria exported only a very small part of its grain crops, and when the harvest was tad, export of grain stopped altogether. In Bulgaria, a large proportion of tobacco farming and grape growing is for the market; and consequently the largest it of Bulgarian export are tobacco and grapes, which represent over half of the total of all exports of that country. The export of Bulgarian agricultural produce was directed even before the war largely to Germany. In Bulgariala trade balance in 1941, Germany accounted for 68.9% of total exports and 71% of total imports. During the years of the war, Bulgaria has definitely become an economic appendage of Fascist Germany. Her national economy is directed exclusively to the interest of the Germans. The Germans 844 the prices on the agri- cultural products or Bulgaria, and plan their production in accordance with their own needs. In the Spring of 1941, the Bulgarian Government worked out with the aasi?tance of German specialists a five year planed developing agriculture in keeping with the needs of Fascist Germany. Uperiencing a serious shortage In vege- table fats land in textiles, the Germans demanded of Bulgaria an exteation of cotton production, soy and other oil-bearing culture*. Particular attention was devoted to building up a system of regulatir* agriculture which would guarantee the most strict control over the use of agricultural products, in order to sand a maximum quantity of them to Germany. The Bulgarian Auto apparatus became a machine for gathering up ? ? 9trf. - r- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13Xoonni PrInni nrirm rInnes_ name iTimu, and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 for Germany at prices fixed ahead or tijae-, the output of Bulgarian agriculture. A state monopoly was announced ever practically all agricultural products. The scale of production and the qaantities of produce which must be delivered to the government warehouses is all determined in advance. Special offices have been established for buying up and export of agricultural products. They fix the prices at which they but'', which prices remain unchanged for the whole nommen. Therefore, the peasant a are forced to sell their produce only to the government, and at fixed prices, often less than the cost of production. The of- fice for the purchase and export of grain set prices, for instance, on the products of the 1941 harvest, which prices were not only lower than world prices, but lower than cost of production. Avrthermore, with the help of special police details, and in Frakie and Macedonia even with the aid of military units, esurpluol grain and other agricultural products are requisitioned and taken alley fraa the peasants. As a moult of all this, in Bulgaria, there is a oontinued fall- ing off in the production of agriaatural crops. The financial situation of Bulgaria is particularly strained. The Germ= debt to the Bulgarian People's Bank at the clearing for the beginning of 1944 approached 25 billion (25,000,000,000) Levs, and shows a trend towmrd fUrther increase. The State debt of Bulgaria at the be- ginning of 1944 grow to 55 billion (55,000,000,000) Levi. The budget is growing yearly an account of increased military expenditures, and also because of the devaluation of the Lev. Accordingly, in 1941, the income side of the budget amounted to 13,262 million Levs, while the expendir twee was 10,870 million Lev*. The 1943 income was planned to be 35 billion (35,000, 000;000) L44111, and the expenditure about 30 billion (30,000? 000,000) Levi. At the use time the budgets of the Or Ministry and the Nimimtry of Internal Affairs (MVD) poi film 1939 to 1943 six times over. Actually a wide-spread devaluation of the Lava was taking place; and by the be. gimping of 1944 the amount of paper money in circulation had grown to 12 times over 1940. 4, the beginning of 1944 taxon had increased (compared with 1939) or 600 - 1100%, and the hears* is continuing for nom taxable items. The rise in price on food products and on it. of prime necessity is out of proportion to the increase in vows and the situation of the working population is ex. tramway difficult. The basic products of Bulgarian agriculture which formerly were everted (tobacco, grapes) are at the present time headed over to the Germans under terms extremely unip. favorable for ',miseries Mor instance, in August 1941 aoltgreement0 was reached ? according to *deb Bulgaria it ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 4 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 . assumed the obligation to deliver 45 /million kilograms of asps, to the Germans (in 1940 the entire export of grapes had been 35 minion k;ilograms), 50 million kilograms of wine, 10 million kilograms of grape juice, and 6 tainion kilograms of marmalade, all to the sum of 1,800 sill ion lave. 'Mimi sum representim only 25% of the retail price of these products in Berlin. The Bulgarian tobacco growers are subjected to the same sort of robbery. The Bulgarian peasant is forced to sell his tobacco not only without profit, but even at a loss. Only an itaignificant amount of tobacco is left in 13/11- garia, essential for domestic consumption. The tobacco crop in 1942 las estimated at, 62 thousand tons, of Mach 50 thou/mold tons had to be exported. It is the same story in regard to other products of Bulgarian agriculture? eggs, chickens. TheSulgarlan management of foreign trade is con- nected with many German firms. In the tobacco trade, the decisive influence is held by the likeemstaa? joint stook oomparg. The cport trade in fruits, vegetables and awned goods is almost entirely Jr the hands of German firms. The.sowing and use of soy is controlled by "Soy Joint-Stock Onmpane. !early, Germany gets from Bulgaria approximately 150 thousand tons of grain, ,about 40 thousand tons .of fruit, about 10 thaaaand tons of fats and oils, 20 4 t. ons of vegetables, about 25 thousand tons of * eggs, Ida*, tobacco and 'overall other com- modities, specifically, prodacts of the mining industry. lbe foreign trade of Balgaria with Germany, actually amounts to the robbery of Nigeria, accomplished on the basis of clearing aossunts. In comipeneation for Bulgarian import, Germev-w sends to Bulgaria either commodities destined for the oemstruction of German military fortifi- cations sad strategic bases, or different kinds of Nereatsw Of seoessismy Inportanoo at three times its price. There ii no somplate asimpessetion for the export, from Bulgaria, and the clearing &PA is growing. In 1942 it tow 15 billies Lowe, and in 1943 it grew to 20 billion Love. Ai a resat cot the systematic robbing of Bulgaria, her semmatie situation las bonne catastrophic. Food preheats wialah fannerly wart in abundance have disappeared from the markeb?ehesse, savOs cheese, butter, eggs, fato-imak. Feet ders were instituted. awl, because of a ladi of idieet,? is being pet out mixed with corn. The partieulaarly sbarp deterieratios in the food situation beam le 1942, ioaltere aLready undermined by war dad ravaged by the German marmaders, felt the influence at maraverable mateerelegieel oonditions (an early and *were winter in 1941, as a result of which a considerable part of the *later steps were killed by frost). The 1942 bare.* was itiseted to be 30 - 45% of the normal amount. Mad eardarlapre lamed in the tame, and the December, 1942, daily moitlisas sere deareased frau 400 to 300 grease and the fee eidirc r rAtomfght rf?mi 0/WeV25-5FPCITI? Z Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 a *national standard breadN since November, 1942 has been % baked from 45% rye, 3 corn, and 2% barley flour. Vflloat, bread vas removed. from sale. Fresh fruits completely dis- appeared. A limited number of fruits and vegetables were daliz*to the factories, whose productions was usea for the of the German Army. The severity of thi food situation by 1942-43 can be judged by such an unprecedented fact as the import of grain from Germany in the summer of 1943, with the help of which the Bulgarian Government was able to forestall a further cutting down of the bread ration. Germary. carried out even this deal to her own advantage, since instead of 35,000 tons of rye and 6,000 tons of barley, she received from the now crop in the fall of 1943, 35,000 tens of wheat and 6,000 tons of corn. The 1943 harvest in Bulgaria turned out to be such larger than the year before. This permitted an increase in the bread rations. In September, 1943, the usual civilian ration was rais-sd from 300 to 500 crams, at ration of 800 grams was set for laborers, and 1,000 grans a day for minors. The grain of the 1943 harvest is extracted in a new vow. The peasant's compulsory deliveries; to the State of grain and fodder, are reckoned from the land area which the peasant is recyAired to sow, by order of tho local authorities based upon an act of the council of ministers. The local author- ities have been empowered to increiuse the aleounts of these compulsoly deliveries, depending upon the condition of the crops. After they have met their Impulsory obligations in grain and fodder deliveries, tho peasants are then free to dispose of wbat is left. . At the some time the numbers of proclacts subject to reqaisition has increased. In February, 1943, by government decision, the sale of cotton and cotton yarn is forbidden. The requisitions; commission leas given the task of taking awry from the prodacers by 1 April, 1943, all of the cotton remaining from the 1942 crop. In the fall of 1943, all remaining rice of the last year's crop, and the entire 1943 crop, was announced as being a State 4\and, and subject to requisitions. lrho government ordered also a complete account- ing of the whole amount of the 1943 wine and vodka production, and of the other supplies. If a satistactoiy harvest of rrain permitted a significant ieproveseeet in the brea4 supply of the nation, nevertheless the condition of animal husbandry remains totally unsatisfactory. Livestock sufforred particularly during the last two years. The siember of bead of cattle decreased and the neat procbact per head boom lose. According to semi-official data, in ellsigart* (within the limits of aid borders) in 1943 there sem 2.3 taillicia head of settle, 22.6 million sheep, 2 aillion gelets, 1.11, entice hogs, and 18.2 chickens. .1 . , ? ? ? ? ? . oftstatva.???,'? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? 1?? As a result of the slump in animal husbandr7, Bulgaria is experiencing a severe deficienq in asst. In licnreaber, 1943, in the large Nigerian cities (Sofia, Plov- div, aims, Varna end Nee) a ration was established of 400 grins of met per person per week. In the fall of 1943 the rural mayors were ordered to list all livestock and to adhere strictly to slaughter pieceduro.. It is not ailowedt to take meat froa one hamlet to another. As a rule, the population does not get even the mount of met products they are entitled to on their ration cards. In accordance with the rural nature of the country, in Nigeria the greatest development has been made by the food and textile indistriee. Th. extent of the entire flour milling industry (8,60d plus in 1941) issa about 10 aillion tons of grain allied a year. In 1942, over 75% of the aiLls were closed down an government lorder, in the fight against iLlegal (without government permission) flour milling. The larger AIM *Ms are concentrated at Burgas. In Bulgaria, there are 5 large sugar plants, 'hose output in 1940-1941 amounted to 38,000 tone of raw sugar. The tobacco indistry is limited to the fermentation of tobacco, most of which is exported. The annual output of the* edible oils industry is 25,000 tons of oil with a productive capacity of 75,000 tons. The textile ilidutry hada an important place in Da- pzie economy. In 1937 the output a cotton textile indastry was 26 million asters of cloth. 44 of the predictive capacity of the factories is used. In 1937, Balfieria had 27 spinning mills with 100,000 spindles and 70 textile mills with 3,i40 looms. 13efore the war the Bulgarian cotton textile industry operated with 40% I'll- prim cotton. In addition to this, Nigeria ham over 20 roil spinning, emol weaving and textile sills. In the textile industry before the iser there wen over 25,(IX) workers. This irides- try oases seeond only after the taboos* industry, in whose enterprises there are up to 30,000 sorters. The aetal-working and machine-building Wintry in Bulgaria is extremely undeveloped. The achine its turn out amly the simplest types of construction and are occupied abistly with the repair of egaipsient. Before the war the Balgariam astal-easking indastry mot ably 25% of the nation's med. for metal 400ds, the remindsr was imported. There is LS ImIgarla ea astalurgical industry of am, significance. Oki peer development of the astal-vorking isdastry determines the very low level of Illagarlais devilapsent of Isar indestry, vhisli, even in peacetime, *so wage to mapply the Nigerian Ajf with MONO UM and annitiann, and did not even attempt to aort the.. aside. the4reseit time the Bulgarian Aney's supply of secommont dose& ssitirnly ;span 0ernavy. Daring the period 1160490, BisAgnwria repeatedly reseived arammect from the Cisounisi kowever, eve* sp to the promo* time a part of the Be171 Arar--like 22, 24, 25' and 27 Istractry Divisions are sot esipletely semi, SECR Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RT. DP13xnnnni Pnnn Declassified ::)proved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100010006-7 ? 'a ? A deficiency is also noted in the artillery ammunition, and in a number of units (the artillery regiment of the 1 DiNrision) they lack the complete .apply per gun requirement ? (1943 data). et There is not much heavy artillery, and most of the guns an 76 millimeter caliber. 4.? The gun and rifle arms and ammunition plants and shops of Bulgaria assemble and repair armament, but manufacture only shells and bullets. The gunpowder faeteries of Bulgaria turn out powders and implosives. (See appendix NO. L for list of 'war plants.) By far the largest war plant in Bulgaria is the military arsenal at Kassislik. Its productive capacity is as follows: eeeembly of sun, of all calibers, up to 120 guns per month, assembly of rifles up to 3,000 per month, and assembly of machine guns and mortart?not large quantities. The arsenal at Kasanlik also turns oat bullets (500,000 rounds per month), detonators (30,1000 per nonth), and prodaces up to 200 tons of powder a year. 2,700 - 3,000 workers are engaged at this arsenal. ? ??064.'"'" At the present time A. arsenal at Xamanlik in working for the German Am. In September, 1939, a new military plant started ?per- sting at the to at Sopoti which plant turns out shells (15,000 per month), mines, hand grenades and aerial bombs. Meetly this plant has been assembling sub-machine guns. All this other war plants in Balgaris are of a smaller smile. They are located in the cities of Karlovo, Lam, Shuman, Sofia and Pasardehik and are busy with the assembly of guns, mortars, tAd machine guns, and rifles, from parts which come tram Ger- a:SW heal C1110004,0Thiall) ? Munitions are turned out by thofeetories located at Kerlovo, Vidin, Shuman, Ruse, lionstenste-Banya? Ismbol, Varms, and Tatar-Basinchuk. Amide from the arsenal at Xananlik, the war plants at Shaman and at Pamardshik are working for the Garman Am. There is me aviation industry as sued in Bulgaria, swept fora small airplane.building factory of the Vapronis firms, at Kasamlik, built in 1937. This factory is calculated to Vern out 25 - 30 airplane* a year (getting motors and *quip- smolt fres abroad). Al preset the airplane-building factory at Kasaalik is turning eut 15 planes a year, that is it predmees may the faselagee sod wings; it gets the sc:tors and esmipmemt fres Oeremmy. Is additime? this factory also repairs airplanes (20 - 25 a year). Soo avietiem ahops in Bosharischo, Lovetob Umbel, frilordivo meld Sofia repair airplanes. La 1942 the moieties shops In Levets were considerably empamded, and Lbw started the assembly of planes with parts received him aommemis 4,7 ? co;.. 6 77, 41 wt.^ ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 pproved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified 11111 in all then, Bulgaria's productive capacity in sir- plane assembly is very small and is inadequate to cope with the Bulgarian Army's need for airplanam. Bulgaria receives a part of her planes already assembled from Gersany. The moods of the Bulgarian Arny for ammunition, powder and sup plosives are covered by local production. Th. Bulgarian Army's needs for tanks and automobiles are met through inport. But that is under condition*, when Bulgaria is not carrying on large-scale unitary operations. At present, there are up to 2,500 civilian automobiles in worts, 60% of which are re-equipped to operate on generator gas. In Bulgaria there are two unitary auto-repair shops, carrying out the repair of automobiles and tanks (at the towns of Fordinend and Sopot). Radio apparatus and various engineering aquipsent for the Bulgarian Army is turned out by a factory located in Sofia. The ship-construction wharves, situated on the shore ,of Lake Drirno (near Varna) and at the port of Burgas are used by the Oarwans for the manufacture and repair of torpedo launches and small craft. It is reported that hare the as. sesbly of Genoa submsrinas is taking place. In Bulgaria, a sever* shortage of lumber is noted, though in the sawaills at Badopi and Balicsni large cpaantities of timber lap areved and are 4111q1oited wastefully. The Germans use all the limber for military constrantion, not only in Bul- saris, but in other **wariest sad even import it to Oermeny. 'Of Buliparlancivil inchastry, the Gamins use for their war &has the leathsr factories and shops for the production of start ovireesis, Asuntlets and leather combination smite. Itho foolcbosinning? fruit-vegetable, soap, tabula*, and otherianda of lig* industry &reworking largely fbr the germane. The power supply vpan wtsich Bulgarian industry is based ii 1111 aleetrie stations, with an over-all equipment capacity of U44000 lirp? (of shish, about 500 are hydroelectric stations). The larger elestrie station* of lholgaria are as fol3awas ? iN1.1111111111M0101111001114?1111111101111111111INIMINNOMMINN11111111011011 1.11Mi011.11.MMOINONuirsierwrsarre mmemomiressormiallildralINOMMIIIMMINO 1,01* (13 he.. mirth if Betts, oath* Isisir river) 2,0300 Ordroolootrls st?atiom (serves the Plovaim retion) siesmpswer Itriehis (en the ha* of the 'Who river, west of Fleetiiv) 1io0c0 iPernik (30he.. earithee4 if 154000 T-_-:1'1,4 r) 1111112111111111111111111k\ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 s???? ? I rgrAl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 es IIIIMUMMIIMMIMNIMINftessimmammuminimammumm MWWWMASIOAWMldgammmgmmmpmmogmmr 411MBILI1IIMINIONNOMMOImmilmAMMILmommummomMININUIMIN lilla (Wanes Ina and 10,000 kydroelootric station of the ?Oranitord? OD. Piastre) Pancherevo (19 kw. math- west of Sofia, on the la- kir river) ? 10,000 hydsvalectric station Itistritea (12 Inn. south of Sofia) 54,000 byelaw electric station In spit& of its oceplek geological stnactere, lertle resorres ? of strategic raw materiel have not yet been die- oevored tnaglgaria? ?be Gem= have organised Oerwan- Salaries firms ler slain alaeral. not materials; and thew are earrylag on largo settle geelogioel research ioxic to discover awn deposits sad to utast, the minim of ore in old deposits in Worts itself and alas in the regions of Twelervie and Grasso oosapled b lgasta. As a resat of the.. madartakings, in 1943 the Oormans isoreseed the smart bras Wiwi* to Ousany of aloe, ohm* mangsases, lead and sins? Oepper mimed in Bulgaria la Tee; mai giant/Use, goes largely :Lao domestic use. Ma Gomm are taking st to ingress* the adning of 'sipper ore is the old Masa (a 7rs.sb wilialuq) at Plakeladtse in the %rates asoatalme (nertinreet of Sofia). There are deposits of Nipper are soar 113,loolsk station at the base of Vasohaadd Mom. Them is rem Utile ? woirklag of these deposits of sewer era, The or* anteing 4.1II sipper, sad is eaneeetrated by the floatation prows. Ma slab. in the mimes at fitiaelka in L936 sarentedth ealig 49,0100 tons a year. In 1939 deposits of sipper ore were located in the Paasserleehe area. At the present time, esplored reserves of 'ewer deposits in Bulgaria are estimated to be 250,000 tone and possible reserves sleet 500,000. Una. Deposits stsimidasse ere (aeatalateg 25411? mengenose) are lasted T at embel, loll, ant the village of terarove (agar Sala). la 1140, 0147 tin goverwassit deposits let Peparove wore Wag weskeni. Deposits et manganese ore ere estioated assent to 100,000 teas, the avenge yeeriz onotpet 2,500 teas. id premed, preepostlag for amosaneso ors la Wag myriad on in the legless of Tadeslavie ooespied by Dear Sella sad Tons there are dapoolts of tin. The oversdpe ,yeerly slain of tie is eetiostedl to be 230-250 tau. lee wish% et lead and otos ore le doss is the flodsipek assisselaos 75 kw. hoe itirdallall. The a.. of these or aro as Mural 2$%?330 load. 4110 sloe, 0?400.21 and 1001400 gram it silver per tee of ore. 8 sr RET necIssified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 4E* nimminui Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Since 1939 the lacploitation o! the load and zinc ores has been in the hands of the German ;stocic compeuw. "Felten undIlam Karl.-Werke" and the *Otto Wolf" firm. Thu ore is delivered to the floats.&ion plant at Kirdshali, and the concentrates made here of .Lead, sinc and copper are sent to Germarq. The amounts of the annual outputs of lead and of zinc ores are not large. Reserves of lead and zinc in explored deposits in Bulgaria are estimated at 350,0(X) tons and possible reserves up to one million 'tons. At present, deposits of lead giants (PBS) near Plovdiv' (Staninotta station), containing up to 75% lead and a certain quantity of silver, are being prospected. Deposits of chrome ore were discovered near Krumorgrad and on the eastern part of Rodopsig mountains. The chrome ores are poor, they contain only 35-40% dintillifl oxide. In 1%2-43 at Kirdshali a new plant MIS built (in addition to the 3 old ones) for the ocacentration of chrome ore. The chrome ore is delivered to the concentration plants by suspension line five the mines at the town of *Aden (near the to of Derider). The mining of chrome Ors is in the hands of the Germans. Deposits of iron ore are located at the base of the motintains (Burp*, rambol, and Sofia regions). ? In 1939, deposits of iron ore were opened up in the region of Tombola (lastern Bulgaria). Ore strata in Bulgaria is eetimated to be 300,1000 tons in implored deposits, and approximately 1 million tons possible reserves. The iaverage yearly output of iron or before the first world leer was 6,500 tons. The mining of iron ore is done in small cpattities at Krenicovitas near ?Sof* and at KihgovestA, in the southern part of central Bulgaria. LaYera of giald ore In Bulgaria are estimated at 150,000 tons. The actning of gold (at Chirpanaic) and of silver (at. Trinsic) is not significauit. The average content of gold in the ore is 15 grams per ton of ore, Of all the misting the most, important for the Bulgarian economy ore the significantly large deposits of coal and bituminous well. The eigplored reserves of Iroal in Bulgaria are estimated at 7 million tons, and possible reserves at 140 million tons; /sad oorreeponding31, bituminous coal 700 sillion tons and 3,9C0 million tons. law /polity anthraeite is mined at the Svoi-Sofia basin; seel...in the Slivele-Trevne and Zlena basin. Bitanisious coal Is mimed shief3,77 in the basin of Pernik, Bobrov Dol and ?Iran. N.S.IlfrIstarfrrfad,. ? ? Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-Rnpi Animum...1111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 4?; ???.I. PM. This most important coal basin in Bulgaria, givics 85A or all coal mined. In 1938 there was mined in Bulgaria up to 100,000 tons of coal and 2.1 million tons of bituminous coal. At present the mining of coal in Bullaria has dropped considerably, and an insufficiency of fuel is felt in that country. Bulgaria does not have its own petrolewm. Prior to the second World War, natural gasses were discovered in the Preslevia region. Germamy has met the need for liquid fuel by importing from Rumania. In 1938 the amount of liquid fuel used by industry and the civilian population of Bulgurialvms 100,000 tons of Pstrolaba products. In 1943, Germany made available for Bulgaria only 19,000 tons of petroleum products? that is 19% of the liquid fuel used in 1938, and this is evi- dence of the extreme shortage of liquid fuel in Bulgaria. In view of this, private isdividuals are absolutely prohibited from using their own pansenger cars; the number of State automobiles is cut down (except for police and military cars), and truck transport is under strict govern - melt control. Motor transport, is in a similar situation. All together, except for owes the reserves of strategic raw materials in Bulgaria are not signAficant. The mining of ore is on a low level and is not an important lource for supplying Fascist Germany with strategic raw materials. The total length of the railroads of Bulgaria is a little over 3,000 kilometers. The guage.is 1,43S milli. meters. All roads are single-truck. In addition, there is About 440 kilometers of narrow guage line (760 and 600 am.). Tlio main railroad lines lead from the west to the eastern part of the country?the northern and the southern. The northern line?Vidin,liesdra, Pleven, Shumen, Varna. Five branch lime lead frma thio line to the ports along the Danube. The southern line..3ofia, Plovdiv, Stara-Zagora, Burgas. Branches go from this line to the Turkish border?Plovdiv, 3vilengre4. The branch line Sofia - Dupnitea Gorno - Dihumaya. Yetrish goes off to the Greek border. The week point in the BUlgarian railroad network is the inadeqmste commotion betioen Northern and Southern Bali:aria, over the Balkan mountain range. Up to the present, there have been Um trunk railroad limes Sofia - Pleven and St. Zagora, Orekhovitea. The longest trammel to Bulgaria, 1,000 meters long, is on this latter llne. ; .) -$ 4t????", e ? ; ? 3 roved For Release 2013/09/10: Declassified and A ppoved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? The contours of the railroad lines are difficult. Over all lines, there are about to tunnels and 462 bridges. The road bed and super structures Lathe main direo- tions are kept in satisfactory condition. Light type rails are used. The superstructures of the in. railroads of Worts permit a speed of not over 30 - 35 km. per hour. On the secomdprate lines the apeed of traffic is from 15 to 25 kme. per hour. oalculatsd traria ecpseity of the railroads, by separate lines was (assorting to 1939 dets) in Pain, of trains per aiyi Dragoman 3ofia - Plovdiv - Svileigrad Sofia gresteadil Wove Iskarekli - lionshilgred Sofia - Ilidasteeve Plovdiv - Pansrisehe Plovdiv - garlic* Moat - I. Zama Larsebad - Serpa I. fawn WAS-del Thadove Zelellitae Sena - Ueda% &NW* - - TWa Mentos - now - Siam - Varna ?levee - theneviA Lentsii - Sviashev aces G. Orekbovitas Mew illaso lasiplad Empiebscet : V 416 OP OP OP OP DO OD OM OP IMO I OP OP It *wad be km i.e Mai Cot it te difflealt ike attain this Waffle oapasiti, ease the otatriene are sot safficiently epwtowdate. The rO3li stock is kept is satistictori condition, bat there is adz enseet`ef it to aell4 ablest - Wig of ta deseetia seeds. In 194261%3 the senstreetian of several nes reilroads senplated ander German nopervisiens Omen Sarnobad Worth tocosetb)? and the lino aims Dakamays - Petrick was shagged over ben sorrow to vide gasses Ibth of these rellseade are eilitaty strategie read* lepertame to the Cientsao, and elm to the The tyrokondil latinavo (lagoalavia) line Ms been esdplookod? sat sloes the lift there is ii teasel 4 bee. loft. ?raffle is apes an the nee Um Varus liadal. The sassaim ire int.noted is this 15., use it iiipsyne froa. amiatiss Woos* Orme sad ilisters laropc hiviridiggto laferesties? cihick MOO to be abseked? cork eadow isicy to esamet tat, lotIla retirieh lie. with aeree Ones* Ismimirs istoreet Ia tkds lift is soltakeitideat. t ?hr ? ,t711,t7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001000100n6-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? anditIrmai In connection with the danger of the opening of the Ihe jklusie second front on the Balkan panineula, Oil direct order of the Garman command, military-engineering measures are being taken hastily to strengthen the Bulgarian borders, first of all the BulEaro Turkish border e.ad the eastern shore of the Black Sea. liost of the engineering efforts aro on the shore of the Black Sea. The only park, of. the shore suitable for landing an Jnvadion - Sarafovo village in the vicinity of Barges - L3 equipped with. coaatal? defense lbatteries. Fortifica- tions, noted on the &agar? - Rumanian border 15 kw. Skit of Ruse, are evidently for covering another crossing of the Danube with floating craft. Fortification of the Bulgaro - takish and the former Greek - Turkish borders, bearing in mind the naturally difficult terrain, preserts a formidable obstacle for an advance on Bulgaria from the south. guircwitArszta4f52.------ .e0P0-memmiso owl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? ? ,lblestrAiLarax According to available data, the Bulgarian Army, as of 25 February 19442 is made up 450 - 500,000 man. The land anar is composed as follows: taw administration Administrations of occupation corps Tamk division Car-miry division - 5 (1,2,3,4,5) (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, - 2 9,10,11112,13, 14,15 AO, 17121, 22,24,25,27) - 1 (1) - 1 (2) The grouping of the Bulgarian Army on 25 February 1944 was the iollowing: 1. In Billzaria: Infantry divisions - 10 (1,2,3,4,5,627,8, 9,10,12) Tank division e? - 1 (1) Cavalry division - I (2) Tuitoolages Infantry divisions 7 ateesilt,22, 3. ciptecc Infantry divisions - 5) (7,111,13,16,17) (910.31? 4tao 12thi sitjoidatahed. 4t Na also have at our disposal other data on the distribution of the 1t4garis2 Arw, ihich differs slightly with the information set forth above. For instance, accorling to this, sthere are not 22, but 10 infantry divisions plus 6 brigades of border guards. In Balviria itself, according to this data, there are not 10 but 9 intaistsy divisions and 4 brigades of border guards. In addition, aceorting to this data, in Bulgaria its alt thera are no cavalry units. In Twj,alsvis, according to this data, .there are not 7, but a lBulgarian infantry divisions and in addition 2 cavalry regiments and 2 brigades of border gaar'd. InOrase?s according to this data, , tim?Ilmis not 5 Ina 011111 3 infantry divisions and 1 cavalrybrigad441AiterpiiR of throe reglacesti. Therefore, the information on the break-down of the balgariost Arwr warrants furthwor study and clarification. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ' pp roved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 1111111111111111111111 Declassified and A cc'T; likagaria, s mi3ite7 aviation is composed of 8 aviation regimonts and one sqa1141rOn of *dr:planes. According to their functions, the aviation regiments are eub-diviaied into fighters, bombers, reconnaissance and nixed. The Military Air Force includss) Fighter air regiments - 3 (11o.110. 4, 5 and, 7) icaber air reginents - 2 2 and 3) leconnaissuce air regip ? sante - 1 (No. 6) Mixed air rod/mats - 1 (11o. 1) There are 3 - 4 squadron in a regiment. The 4th Air IlEgiment is an excoption; it has 6 sqoacirons, A squdron is composed of 9 planes lin action and 3 in rewire. AU tolletbAr an air regimas a. hu a/mimes, of miiimh 12 are held in reserve. M of 20 February 1944, the likilgarlan Military Air Force you made op of 31 erparhvIns with 372 Anus (not ?coati)* the training regiment). Acurding to these calculations, Vas over.all amber of the F.Alitary Air Am* poceonnel agRullti_ to 8,000 persons, of which over SOO persoms are of the *Ali crews. The sqleadrons and planes of the Bolgarlan Atilitary Air Force are divided op as ibllowes MMUS Flijitere liembere Mesonnalsaance itydroplanes mloMMIMINS1111111LMMOOMMMEMM 16 192 6 72 96 3a,.... SAW. 31 372 naialliSigi &Mini 1/1Palk . 12 airPleass 110141434 . 4$ g iiviip135 . 49 e iitilaii?ososomiaroulioNsmorp?mo?oniAL?raprolimig. Ibtal 1% alrPlians SlikaaallUmmagammt mom . 36 al/plume 04 ... 36 0 $47 . II ? 14 416 a aidoklip.X0 .. 4 s iiiittatilliaaak?,?A-2,,. 'Mal ? Usik airplanes iiiiiiiiabiltfilwwwatougsgefftwilwaroi Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000ionninnnR_7 ? Straw Declassified andFoilRelease 2013/09/10: lA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 SraClatatis kskki Do 77 55 24 - in all 12 planes Most of the airplanes of the Bulgarianiaroent are the out-of-date construction of foreign firma. Moreover, a large amber of the present models arriving :from Germany for tn. Bulgarian air units are out of order. This is because of the lack of operational experience and low level of technical training of the ground personnel; and also because Bulgaria lacks an adecpaste supply of spare parts for the new gams. Moreover, in spite of her offer to supply Bulgaria witn no less than 500 planes, Germany up until now has been unable to do so. Dkiraiiii,on ofittidailazAlsagEgi Walls 1 Bosburischis ? 2 Plovdiv . 3 Isabel Cornm-Grekhovitsn ::Arlovo 6 Vrashdebno Telish 8 Kazanlik The basis mass of the Bulgarian Military Air Force is located in Bulgaria. Part of the na02*lm/4*nm. planes (about 48> bays been handed over to the ccoupation troops and are located in 'Serbia (24 plane.), and also in the region of 3kopla (in Ma.edonia) 24 planes. (A memorandum on the network of Bulgarian airdromes is attached. 3.. appendix )Io. 3). f ? 1 ; I- 1- - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : ? as. I Jai tondke.fr. 11 pproved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001000100067 Declassified and A The naval strength of Bulgaria consists of her own sea-going naval fleet, the L)anube fleet, the shore defenses, and the mine-laying border units. It is known that die German staff command of the southern naval forces is located in Bulgaria (at Sofia), 'and this acts together with the Bulgarian Naval force along the prinCiple of direct contact with the staff of the Bulgarian fleet, and control in Bulgarian ports and bases, la se 0.1 itf.Mig. The number and description of the ships of the Bulgarian Navy are as follows: a. the list: of of all Unit Notes /504.4 ix1,11 ors up ? rilialawsialt up to 1.5 1.2E2ralltILH?11 Warritsibssion tistiltrudges 2tOrLitilat by 111212BURI$1itient 300 Varna not known. not known up to 300 not knomin &Doha, 3,030 not known Varna Of the 6 mine- layers, 2 it is believed were given to Bulgaria by Germany and are baoed at Burgas. yarns? Burgas 6 Varna Burgas Burgas Burgas Ruse Five of the launches are used as armed travlers - in anti- submarine defense. Four of them were given to Bulgaria by German in 1942, Are used as patrol uhips. jr--"1hol1lt 4444.6"161i':: outmoded ships constructed in 1907-1908. Aramseet imelade. tel, guns of 47 millimeter caliber and probably two eingle-tube torpedo tubes *f 450 millimeter caliber, crew 32 persons, Owing to the foot that the munioatiem on shIch, during Us treasportatime of MT materials nowt Ibleh voids this line of limss UMilseited in the table. Danube te a main line of cos- navirtion period, extensive is carried on, the BulgarLan communication may be greater RIPIW03"?'Ir!r",'M OMMINIII Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnn1nnng 7 ??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: Cl000111100010006/11111111111111 Vipelasen- two WI the six) are re-outfitted trans- ports and tuos it is eapposed, wore given to Bulgaria by CininsaY in 1941. There is no detailed data on their oonp dition oral:lament. . all these cutters are new, three of them wereUt b Gsxxin Bulgaria in 1942, and handed over to the latter. thesiliggiftetx - it is known that five of thirteen of on hulls. Si of the launches have crews of eight men. It should be assumed that all these launches are of small displacements rsoutfitted from port service. Shiapt_Aldpe rasettitted river eteamboats, and are used on the Danabe as petrol ships. Tbe amemment consists of one gun of 45 aillimeter gather. The number of ships inBulissials merchant fleet is not line. Aside from a small mbar of transports, Balgaria has several rotor schooners; however, these are seldom seen on the flack 3eaa since they ply the Aegean Sea. ?be total ()implement of Bulgaria's trade fleet is as follows: siwisampoi misimmemmumn armsmonmerussirmsoirme plummencimiermen of 2,001 Nellishamosta 1,615 This information requires obscicifg There is the following incomplete data regarding the make0sp of the river trading fleet: 1;;;;FMWOMMIPINOWMOMPOISONIMINININIMMONIONIMNIMITIMINIMMEN of 11111111810111111111ININNIPOPOOMPIIMIli MIN.IMIIPIMMINNIMMII1111011311111111111LIN PIROMPOOMFAINSININIAIMEMITIOONIMIMMIMMININIMM 642 40. met kmown sot bows wet Imam ;C: 'r ttr..Att , ? .77-, All ships; shown in this tables have their base at Port Muses ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 eclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 arson Ships Frau the very first days of the Fatherland 'Aro German and Italian ships began to be noted in the Bulgarian ports of Varna, Burgas, and Somopol, in action against the navy of the U.S.S.R. Accordingly, during 1943, in the Bulgarian Black Sea ports, the following German and Italian shipb were noted: Varna - german ships: 2 - 3 antsarinsamot Cover 6 torpedo cut tors; not over 20 landing barges; not over 5 landing maft wesombed,d4wwks. Burgas - Gomm shier 1 - 2 submirines; not over 4 landing barges. krAllas.024.1: 4 imALI submarines; not over 5 torpedo launches. Sosopol - gmanjun: 1 submarine; several patrol launches. Plerlan Th. chief Balgariipi pdrtii and oases are on tk e Etlack EMU Sea - Varna, Burgas, Sosopol, Balchik, and on the Danube - Ruse. - (GB -Ili) The main bass of the Bulgarian fleet and construction base for German light ships on the Black Sea. At Verna there aro: a small ship construction wharf, a floating dock with a lifting capacity of 2,200 tons, rail- road shops and storage of fuel, ammxmition and food. The harbor is located inside Varna Bay; it is 525 meters wide and 600 meters long, and has 900 motsrs of quay, of which ?DO molars is suitable for large ships and vessels to oome along- . ? side. The dampest pert of the harber is up to 7.5 meters deep. There is anchorage in the pert for seven trading vessels of from 300 to 6,000 tons. Aailroad lines have been laid along the quays. At the docks, there ars two cranes - one on a railroad pletfors4 104on capacity, operated manually, and the other a floating steam crane of 35-ton lifting capacity. Varna Bay is connected by canal with D. Lake, noir which this, have been built sin docks for the assembly of landing bargee. Along the shore of the closed area at the port, of Varna there have been set up four docks. It takes 20 - 25 days to asemsble ase barge. The area 40fe4.he port will accommodate up to four tiatillso el (L8 -,X). At tho outside roadstead there Gan be aetwommodattat temporari4 a soadamt composed of (Lxix -AM) (PU -an) amd (11* ). *swayer, in view of the limitod MIMMENIMM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified oproved For Release 20-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 repairing facilites, large Mips cannot lie at anchor here for long. Burcas - is a maneuver bass of theBuljar Lan fleet and a base for supplying strategic raw naterial to German/from Turkey ;coppers iron, chrome, wool, cotton, etc.) and frma Mediterranean porta. Burgas bay, in the southwestern part of which is located Burgas harbor, has dimensions 6 x 6 males. The roadstead and harbor of Burgas port accommodations for large units of the fleet, also right along the banks. Along the shore of the harbor there are uat er supply system, and electrif teat ion. present good at anchor, and railroad lines, The port has neither dooks nor mhip-construction wharves. There are some meal nar repair shops which can make minor repairs on small ships and vessels. The loading - unloading facilities at the port are inadequate. In all, there is one lifting crane of 10-ton capaoity. the southeastern part of the city there are petrasum storage tanks, consisting of 11 reservoirs with an over-all capacity of 17,670 tons, one of these tanks is for petroleum, and the others are fol. light oils'. hew reservoirs with up to 4,000 tons capacity were supposed to have been built. Among the inadequacies of this base must be included the lack of repair egaipmemt, the small reserves of munitions, fool and food, of which does not permit large vessels to remain for long in port. Together lith the stmeingthenimg of air defenses and anti- aircraft debases of the ports and bases in Bulgaria, the German command has taken seasures for the establishing of mine barriers at the approaches to these. It is known that IN ...arriore have been laid in the vleinity of Vargas, Was, sad Cope Melia**. The first mimes laid were acted in the latter part of 1941. In Jane, 1942, the mine barriers at the approaches to Burgas ren, for which Vulgarian and German ships too were used. 341ps eallimg at Vargas and Verna must not fail to take a pilot on beer& PIrthesemere? it is known thmt certain motions of the ealiarims 'west are equ*sped with concrete pillboxes. Among thee. areas is loaludeis the shoe* from Cape Galata to the mouth of the Immetia river smith* shore of the Varna bmy. imeeriamg te the lafermetica shish we have, there are no 04wism emits en Suldarian territory. There are scaly oertain emit* lbws* arty it is to ward supplies and stores, At. 19 ; f-f ET irimesir Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 111111111111Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 In addition to this, there are Gamut instructors in the Bulgarian units, mho, in reality, are agents of German intelligence and counter-emplonage. According to information deserving of attention, but shish requires a careful check-up, in February this year, GOMA units were noted on the Wier* Ifurkish border. High prices, the wholesale export of grain, meat and other farad products to Germany,and at the same time the more and lore frequent mass arrests of soldiers, created a etrained atmosphere among th? soldiers and *Moen. According to informmtion at hands a part of the Bulgarian soldiers and officers dose not went to fight, and takes an attitude toward the mar of extreme distaste. The advanced part of the soldiers and officers are supposed to be cow tinselly marrying on :Irate* and oral propaganda within the arm', directed against the mar. In April, 1942, lathe Army there were exposed a number of underground organisations as a result of Aida lead to sass arrests of offloers and soldiers lobo were charged with preparing to overtime' the pveromeat. In the ono year in the 1st Infantry liegismenta amoral offisers and about 120 soldioro were arrested; in the 6th Infantry liegistent about 200 personal in the lot logineer legion* 40 persons, and so forth. (AU them regiments were Imaged in Sofia.) Demober, 1942g 35 soldiers in ties 57th Infantry loginent we arrested, .barged with lateediag to join the Greek partiains. ? In Marsh, 1943, 5 ealdiere with the eonnander of the scit loested in the region of Winn we arrarted for rniMisg to go to Serbia. Ihe law ottesipline in the arm is absraeterised by sonorous :este of not cbering the orders la aaparicasso de- sertion end WW.ful Acmes. la 1942, 25 soldiers of the Iltio laantry iteginent reeeived eestimes of bra 2 to 6 years for not *boring ardere, deperiples, and sdlitolly vise hens. Iskoplt, 11111103, 3 *Views and ID soldier. of the is Arsored Salami mat. over to the partisans. Demehero ISO, 67 ibastrian soldiers tree * smarity salt met ewer to xi& et the pantimone. Asserding to present data, * aollutia battalion vas Sem* is Wide shish later ceopletely mai ever to the psalms *ids. Is 1943, the eeracsobr et the lt7tio lafsetry * part of which twit part in tie easpaign again*. !Mayday partials., is a molt lbe MN* aiaw of the eeranatisual estpe inl'eseelavia otailad IMI the seltliore el his division Suring a* eldedio by lhe sortisans tried to 20 FsF,CRET - 1I 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 MIMIIIIIII.r7=1 and Approved FeIease0 : CIA-RDp13X00001R000100010006-7 r44. ? rum awl, Iron the engsgoment? The division oommander explains this event by the ompopgaritr of the government among the eoldiere aad of f ioers , ? The masher of military personnel placed in the Sliven and Sofia military prisons in 1942, and 1943 VMS from 4,000 .to 6,000 men. The Bulgarian Government stays in power with the help of the Gestapo, the polio* force, pro:monist elements in the arm, "The Union of Reserve Officers", and is supported MA by iimertain financial circles which are grouped around the credit bank and the trade bank (both German), and by reactionary fascist organisations. These organissat:ons have a small lumbar of members and are not upheld by the people; they &rev "The People's Social Party/AlI' 5sv, fescist pro-German and anti- . Soviet organisations Kitli sand "Legionnaires", and al the youth origanisztiO si. e so n '114 aw, skinks MSS founded in 1940 on the pattern of the German fascist yrxith organization and which is under the leaderohip of German officers. Ivan MIEHAIDDV's poky "WARD" kInternal Macedonian Organisation), a terrorist fascist innsp? also belongs to these organizations. Of late, reports Fevre been received indicating that a consider. ab:le part of this organisation as a result of disagreement with the pro-German course of the drvernment, broke saw and joined. the side of the anti-fascist home front. Although in Bulgaria parties are actually prohibited, leaders of bourgeois, parties form around themselves groups of their adherents, and are ,s passive anti-government oppo- sition. Primarily, the remains of the following partes belong to these gmaupss 1. "The Desocrestic Party" leads WSHANDV, (former premier and Minister of Affairs of the Dal- Varian Government "The Peoplele Bloc" in 1931-34). 2. "The Democratic Unikon" 3.eaders, Petko STAINOV (femur Minister of Cammsniaations in 1920-31 and ambassador to ?Tarsi* in 1934-35.) and 4ktanas BUROV (forger iLinister of Foreign Affairs in 1926-31.) 3. "The Agrarian Society" - leader, GICHEV, Dimitri (tamer Minister of Agriculture in 1931-1934.) 4. "The Radical Party* - leaderSo3ran (former Ximister of Communications in 1 1-19 s.) 5. "The Socialist Party* - leader PASTUICIEW, Iiryst?iu (former itimister of Internal Affairs in 1919.)? The bourgeois opposition is not unified organisationally sad does mot wiry on a really active sal-government and satio.Geraws work, If we do not iltaltAde speeches in parliament, AIM are not Abliehed in the press but which are distributed and read illegally. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDID13Xonnnl - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 The Bulgarian Home Front leads all active work against the government and the Germans. The Bulgarian Home Front is ccaaposed of The Bulgarian Workers Party and a certain part of the adherents of other organiza- tions, in particular, the group "Iveno"(Link), Democrats",, and "The Socialist Party". According to latest reports, the former "Democratic Union" is also siding with the Home Front. ? According to reports received in February of this year, the Home Front received from the ambers of "Zvere" (concretely, fro: VELCHEV) assurances that the group "Zvenco would support the aggressive activ- ities of the Same Front against the Government. The Home Front calls for tho expulsion of the Germans from the country, for the overthrow of the pro-German government, for the establishment of peace with angledfind and the U.S.A., for close friendship and cooperation with the Soviet Union, and for the election of a truly people's democratic government. The following is the text of aL leaflet with the program of the Home front: *The holy duty of the Bulgarian people their, araw, and the patriotic intelligentsia at this historic moment is to unite in a nighty Ikne Front for tbs salvation of Bulgaria. The Hose Front holds the following problems to be urgent: 1. Do not let Bulgaria be drawn into this criminal, and, for the Bulgarian people, fatal Hitlerite war. 2,, The isawAlate recall of the Bulcarian troops sent ? to repress the brotherly Serbian people, who are carrying on the struggle against the German and Italian yoke. 3. Break the union of Bulgaria and Hitlerite Germany and the other Axis countries, clear the Bulgarian soil of the German fascist troops and the Gestapo bandits. 4. Stop the export of food and raw 1Laterials to Hitlerite Germsw and to the other Axis countries, oupply the people and areqr with food, supply the population with the most necessary products st accessible prices. 5, Guarantee, in accordance with the Atlantic Charter, the nattional interests of the Bulgarian people by a friendl; agreement with the other Balkan peoples; provide or coopera- tion. withm.countries the Soviet Union, lingland, America end other' joilifa;loving people.. lassediato liberation of all civil und military persons persecuted for their straggle against fascism and Plitlerite Gersmsw. 7. To restore atiaati2 freed= of the pros, satio.sonstitutional, anti-populace egragopn, people, particularly Red, to destroy all and fascist laws. h4?,140 4cLexxictz., *22 juikicka 1.411.Aisra.: cr:.7 I -? C Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnn1nnna 7 _ Declassified andiElliAlIFor Release 2013/09/10 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 S. To snatch the saw oat of the hands fascist clique and to take1i.decisive measures it may not be employed for anti-populace Mae the rights of officers non-commissioned nen as citiseas havianAsU rigbts. of the so that ? to secure and soldiers, 9. To int organisations of the type nranniLl, sly and "legionnaires' to render harmless fascist cut-thronts and criminals and to take measures that they do not escape deserved pan. ishmsnt. 10. lb guard the people's wealth and people" ? labor from alien reach and to create conditions for the correct economic developmet of a country, as a free and independent power. U. To guarantee work, income, and imam existence for city and country workers. 12. To extirpate fascist civilness, racial hatred and humiliation of a national M of our people.? anise realisation of these hopes of our people,"the leaflet continues, adamunds the quickest possible genuine creation of a national goversatent, osipable of carrying out the salutary policy of the httherland front find: and consistently. In connection lettls this, the Fatherland frorn puts as the closest aim of its battle the overthrow of the present perfidious, anti-populace? Minorite &ovens- meat, end the real creation of Vie Dalgarian Government, resting on the will sad support of the stole Dalgarian People. This government prayers also conditions for the convocation of the Great People's Assably, which sdll define the Altura foss of rule at Bulgaria and create the necessary constitutional and natrial gsaraniess lkor the preservation of the indscomdenoe of our motherland. lonything to the battle, doeisivoly and nanils117, for the qmiskest realisation of this salutary program for the ,people and eountr7.81 lad% in Apprehend= the satirisation of the people's moveneat, the iptrarnient is striving to destroy this noverastb increased repressive measures. Of late, data has been reestved InformIng that a poop of pro-fascist offisials of the Ministry of Imternal Affairs (under the issflmence of Oebroveicy) has reisod the iwasetlas of 14411110 lag sossessists and. her left-wing plenum. Amoral( to the sees data, the pollee Wm ordered Q. leaders of the group *ammo* to leave Sofia. ? Mith a view te imereselatg Awe/sire measures, a *postal govermmeat gendansery hoot Wee tomeit? The illaleter at lateasal Waive 0112411130 hoe hem gives spseiel planar, sitherlty. Mae erret tikes pilaw thlieugheet the emeatrit and eepse1e137 Is %was end WU. 6, 41-0:0, 4134.74ec 23 1,1-4 F,T Villirmtqr ' .? riMIIMMINN Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100010006-7 79.01111571..4.5, e 740 rremer, .k.yr1711.1 t If Ussified Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 However, in spite of the Gestapo and police force terror, numerous occurenoes of masa dissatisfaction have taken place. General ,dissatisfaction of the working people takes the form of active o;ppoeition to the government, 6 nd above all, in the guerrilla movement, which way started by the initiative of the Bulgarian Home iront. Since the beginning of 1944, the Government, with a view to gaining the support of the people, inaugurated an extensive propagandist campaign for the founding of a non- 'party organization, "The Social Force". This organization, according to its initiatore, was?to unite (around the Govern- ment and Parliament) all atrata of society interested in pre- serving the present governmental organization and also inter- ested in the territorial gains of Bulgaria in 1940-1941. Reports from Bulgaria point to the complete failure of this undertaking of the government from its very beginning, for the reason that the authors are unable to clearly state the aims of this organization, which has been able to draw into its membership only government and communal officials and certain representative! of the reiddle and petty bourgeoise. The numerous propagandist trips throughout the country undertaken since the beginnirg of 191,4 by ministers and deiputies of parliament for the explanation of the internal and foreign policies of the Bulgarian Government have not brought about the expected results. On the contrary, there is a growth in the wide-spread oppoeition to the policy of the regents ani the government as a whole. Numerous expeditions against guerrillas have proved un- successful. Communication of the Bulgarian guerillas with the Greek, Albanian, and Yugoslavian guerrilla units has been reported. The guerrillas operate primarily in the mountains ? of ,Central and South Bulgaria. The government expedition against the guerrillas during the whole of 1943 with the participation of more than 20,000 soldiers and officers equipped with the mpdt varied military technique failed to bring about the expectiod results. In spite of the strained internal politicel situation of the oo?antry? the fate of the Bulgarian political regime 'depends chiefly on the external circumstances, that is, on the international situation of the nearest future. The decisive mosworst will be the strengthening of the weakening of GOMA pressure on Bulgaria which in its turn still depend on the development of the war in the nearest future. Filov-bashilovis Government Joy be replaced by se sort of flulgerian oilthrer" as the result of a political upheaval arrenged by the Gamins, or it may be replaced by an anti- goverressont of o-deadmitemehealor s. ,e ets"114-d#4, orbeit, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 In any case, the political situation in Bulgaria remains unreliable and the country is facing a govornp mental crisis. 1. A list of the military factorills of Bulgaria. 2. The omaposition and location of the units of the Bulgarian Army. '04 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 46, c?f,g irwo .04.41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 1.201dix No. 1. LIST OFT'M MILITqtY PLOTS 2 3111fiAlli.11 MOMIIIIIM11114??????? ??? ampf ?lent Artillery end Firwerma location Militery &mewl Krzcnlik Munitions plant Killtery arsenal Military arsenal ? Gun plant Mnnitions plant Monitions plant Monitions plant illigkitiaaa Plant Minitions Plant Minitions Plant Idanitions Plant Okinitions Plant Sopot Karlovo Vidin Lam Shuman Sofia Ruse Instensta- BenYa Tembol Tarns Pazardshik We/ Basin- ' clank Plants az_l_a_khoo! Output and Productive CamplIz Gun esseMbly (up to 150 per month), rifle easembly (3,000 per month), assembly of stain* guns end sorters. Output of cartridges (500,000 per month), de.ceators (30,000 perianth). Output of gun powders and xplosives (up to 200 tone e yerr). Shells (15,000 per month), mines, hand grenades, and aerial Iambs. AsseMbly of 90-machine guns. Output of shells, assedbly of guns and rifles. Shells, cartridges, repair of guns awl firearms. Repair and assembly of guns. Assembly of field and nave guns. Production of ammunition. Mlflo repair. Flasks for gun car- rieses, military shells. Mmainition (atolls) kamunit1012 (atolls) /manunition (duals) Ammunition (shills) Assembly of rifle end machine guns. ? Le- ? Arnaud tics 2,0 tons annually (of which 20 toes of powder). Illovitsew powder plant Powder plant Iteder plent Powder plant Powder plant Tillage of Klovitse Irploolves Powder (200 toes per poor), cartridges, gas masks. Domini (villa Ittploaives near Sofia) Maw* fasextlik VlAdia stet- folottives (neer P?zno) #11:- 46 erN, ? ' Declassified andFor Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010nnR-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 C A-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? 6. A Type of Plant "Borberovow powder pl.Pnt Powder plent "Posits." powder plant Arsone.1 cut powder storage Powder pl.P.nt Powder plant CPproni firm's .rtiani plant Aviation shops . Aviation shops Aviation shops Aviation shops Aviation shops 'Automobile repelr shops Automobile repair *hops lirdlo equipment end egigimmter leg goodo factory 'Palma* motal-goode rectory nrertse" isetel-gorde rotatory Skip samoitemetios &teary/art* rom?trustioet intikierda. Legt/ipn Vern, Plovdiv NIW_rnd Powder end exploolvem Ixploeivq, ? Rosner+ vil- lexplosives, 200 tons 0 ya+Pr. lege (in Tir- novo region) Pevlikeni (in Tirnovo region Sopot firer Asparukbovo village (near Varna) Alratiapx.ma Kezenlik Bozbtarleobe village Lovech Trambol Plovdiv Sofia ..teilEhme ? Aetembly (15 planes P year), pair (20-25 plena. per year) Airplane repair ' Airplens Airplene Airplane Airplane iiikankatit2111*-12en Ferdinand &pot ropeir And assembly. repair roppir repair Automobile and tank repair Automobile, sand tenk repair glialitatait2Inta Sofia Tani* Deism* NOW00 Luke leer Term) *trips - Rad4o .quit tna ingineorine goods Veriour manufactured metal it.,. Yerious manufactured motel items Smell vessels and torpedo lmunches Small launches 4ap- -4k:f Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 1 ine L???7? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ARMS? N? 221Mai2l2LAMILLAVATIOLZASSET2211 ????????????????????????? ilme.???????????????.???????^????????????????????140-?111?110?11?011MOIMMIIMM???^?????????????????????????????????????????????????????115M1 ? li,e01. Paw :$rti Arkvie .)rti Aviv 4th Ark, 5th Amy ilocupiPtion (Kaye in ralr ()CC:WM.0n corps in Cirieee lei. pe. Itod. Int. I. Div. WI Ire. Div. "tit Ia. Div. (SU Dir. Div. 7tki let? Div. 6.tik Imes Div. 00 Ur. Div. 3101.11 lee. 14v. 1,11.14 lit. Div. nit lie. Div. 13114t let. Div. Wilat bet. Inv. tia Ie. Div. lat. Div. 3771iii lit. Div. Def. Div. Ime. 114111F bet. Div. Milt le* Div* $rpoi Jar. sity. ? cL.Isiorkti,ein 1% 7, 11 Inf. Dive. 2 8, 10 Inf, Dive. 3, 4, 1' Inf. Dive, 5. 6, 9 Inf. Dive. 14$ 15 Inf. Dive. P1, 2P, 241 25. end 27 Inf. Diva. 13. 16, 17 Inf. Dive 1$ C. 41 Inf. Reg..' Art, leg, g, 21, 27 Mat, 3 Ar!!?. See. 11, 24, 29 Tat, Mee., 6 Arty. Dee. 7, El 19 Te leg., 5 Arty, Meg, 5, Is, 3, Zn? 11,6?) 1 Arty, 3, 15, 35 Tat, Meg., 2 Art7, 304, 1), 22, 26 7 Arty, 12, 23, 30 Ise, Des., 6 ArgO, Meg. 4, 34, 36 tat. seis,p 9 saw 10$ 4, 47 Tat. RAI., 1C Arty, Deg. lf, 2,, 42 Tat* leg., 11 Arty, Meg, 31, 59, 4, int, 12 AMY. 11041? 40 lat. Is. )1, 52, 5, lat. 1010?, 14 A014611141? 54# 5,, S tar* Mws* 15 Art,* lbw 37, 55? ,51 1110111* s it Artgoa. ha, 49 Itat. ur. 0.? 66 210* tl, 64 W. 730 flit whf. ow 4,, fi lair, lee 14M Stolid= lt Colfeela Dive. Lograkn Sofia Plovedia Vern Pleven Skople Nish Ketainta Soft() Plovdiv liarges Shuman 110111,hovo Y'rmt.sa Illtere-itagore, ZlWibll Pleven Dedle-Aseeb Doliolob faccia. 111101 lesatit gelealiii tissetwor Nish &slew .Pookarevste Pvele1014 Toiskol of 2.M.V.L..ulladjaktr Generml Genera General General Genera General Mak?, Marko, Btolahev Stannov Boldev Nikolov Not established General Otolanov General Foboshilov Colonel Modem, Colonel Novaohev Colonel Berafimov General Boshov Oenerel logdanov Colonel Daikalov Colonel Yanobev Colonel Oregorlev Colonel Teonov Colonel lam Not established General Pepe, Colonel Ilitkrinov Colonel ?Weeny Colonel Diem Colonel Ultskov Mot established Colonel Orozdanov . Colonel Mstsolov Colonel Ih. &zero, Colonel Owe, Mot established ? Meow empieeememe?eiefterdiftemeeseemeltesiere10000111?10101~1.04101000v111111101104110401.1111000**0060 ilkilMigei~efeWeime ***sweweeneverecee. weer smeiromiesimembesmeeemson? ? 29 StACIEtt .^1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100010006-7 ??????????1001.0?1?110?I, / ? ? . ? -?. - 't 1 : ? u Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 r ..._.. ...7...- f.l. ????? ...? .. - Vr....L.,..t ' ?,. ? ' ',, cr''''.''.,,zAr, ' ;:?"", ?" ? , '..- , r t_ ? Anapirgrad (5tf_aet 4 'amt... ailabliaska Dania Kites /*SUVA) Datgovired Drama 41111 42 01 24 56 424 23 23 41 39 2334 42 37 25 04 42 54 42 45 22 55 1000 at 1500 _airdrome baeotod approdatar kilemotore amillateet et maastore esethweet Mies ? 4111 414 410 SOO ?Jo SOO z ???????,.. airdrome leastm bonen goinant- ant larleve. aerthaset et the eataitirte et Aftrionrat. ftattaierthweet et Alomoher? IN lo ire trim Sala; *WA 7 ame? fteboaarthwast et Ibratievipedifi 35 Mi. aerthreet it Ostia* r? ? more ere eterdiameo awl efterat handily mobool eladirems) there era ems teeithiSm ? madausay eirarome mmolaileir airdrese mandliter airibeas iormAtiiity agelpiss 4 4 't? , ? re? rEE,i7RS"::??? fb," -- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 , ? ? r:73: S. ? ?,,"r'reNr.r,....$ 4 5, ."fr;;:l'A '??? ?" ? . 44. ?- ? ' ? p ? ? ?::.5?;" , . ?? .w 7.1' 2 ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 location Description assumed to be weet-northiseet of auxiliary airdrome Shuman. assummod to be near the Strums river. auxiliary airircar Doli Kitt-walla 41 45 24 23 31 24 32 4141 05 42 58 25 28 landing field lencilat field there ex. severel. the fills( nail Is voll 18 W. ecutheeet of Time; en the eastern outikiste of Dressy?. ? ';:..Q.SQ.ZikYwwwWwier 5.0114- . _ - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 _ . '...11111.111111."'- -`111111111111w- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RD ? vyrz; -4111IMION ..1??????? Airdrome Dupnitsa Elkhovo Fakia Gabrovo Gabrovo General-Nikolaevo Gia. Nopare Coma Dmhumaya Gorna-40reknovitsa estntrz...tw-kieddittigii os. 4.0 Coordinates 42 16 23 07 42 10 26 35 42 10 27 06 42 PIC 4.1 28 te 42 52 25 18 42 17 24 58 42 16 24 32 42 01 23 07. 43 07 25 42 rrimerisions in Meters 800x 750 800 x800 1,000 x750 Location 50 kms. south of Sofia; oast of the Sofia - Dmhumaya railway. approximately 35 kas. south of Tambol; east of the Tundmha. south of the Kozalinsk Karlovo railroad. near the railroad siding Tirnovo- Dryanovo. near the Plovdiv - Panagiureshte railroad. ? out of the Stria* river. 3 kas. nortn of Gornap.Orekhovitss; 7 kma. northeast of Tiro. Description landing field storoLouse and several buildings landing field let..1:-ag field landing field landing (laid lauding field landing field hangars, shapst a mete** rologioal otatSon, a gas- oline storage tank, and other stractuxes, The C masa have turned it into a firstomalass airdroaa. - ,T4m1771Fr-17.777,77",7777, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 .. - ? ... , ?.*?,e ? - ? - ? - . . 14,412,.;-...; ? tt 41 ? . I, ? ? ? ? "A 16 ? ? ? ? . V I ' ..4. ? ? ? - - 7 ? 4 ? -' J.; - . ? , ? " ?? ? ? ? 4 .5, ' 4 r ? ? W -6141111111111W- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ' Dimensions in Meters Location Description Graf Ignatev 42 24 41 24 20 44 52 42 INII SOO x SOD Ikhtiman 1.2 17 vonif .1? GRA/ 23 50 Isperikh 44 43 WO X SOO 2650 Ivailovgrad 41 32 26 07 Kalofer 42 36 SOO x 800 24 57 Kalkovo 42 27 800x 750 23 34 Kalkovo 42 37 2000 x 1500 (Levestu) 23 34 15 kms. north of Plovdiv; on the southeastern outskirts of that point. 35 kma. south of Plovdiv. 50 Kos. south of Sofia. 32 kms. northeast of Ramrod. 44 km., mouth-southeast of Karmanlia, south of the Arda river. 15 km.. southeast of Karlovo; in the region of Kalofer; west of the Karlovo - Plovdiv high- way. 15 kas. north of Samnkev: on the southeastern outskirts of Kalkoro, 30 kms. southeast of Sofia. There are the following otructures: 4 hangars, an aviation needquartors an ammunition dump, and hos ?ow-brat; auxiliary airdrome auxiliary airdrome landing field landing field airdrome sell eammuflaged. hangare and living quarters camouflaged, (In 1941 it was used by GOMM aviation). auxiliary airdroee ;w.f. ? - -4.74'W1111111111111 777I77,17741".117;`' 2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 _ ,...?4....r.,.....,-4,,4,...2".:'Nfa...4?F?17.1.4-?1:17/..,-,-,-, ew , ... . ,t. . . . - -.... 14111111.PP' . 4...1 ..,.4.fia.L4 ..--.2.-.....4..-.4.. --4.,-,...--..,?...,- ,. .._.`"': ....1 4' ".rit".. . 1. "*.'- i. ,; 4".,,,f?.4, F-' -wW:.7.41.i, .."-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 - -? - r*-11 - - ' - ' -..-,-.......-- , , ., ? ? ..,_ ...f :?. ? ? .. . si.' . l ? ....- -? 44k , 4....4.1 . , . . . ., 3,,:ri(..?41. 4,, . . ? ,, . ? , e -3 ... ? 40 . . ? ??? ? 4, ....., ....?.....;416- : ) ,%?? '...r '4, "i? . . ? A - ' , ? , ? r. L.. .? , . roftrE4*.74:Orges ?WV.1%1k .... -A i . .. .1.,44 , . .. . , . . ? . 4 , A? -A . . A , eit?,?,,A,????.,,,?1, . ? , .. . z , p ? ,,, 2., ,,,, 4 4., , ..' . i , . ?^, ?? ? . -. _, ?. 4 ? ? I ? ., , :, L,-* 4 ? ? , , ??????? ? ? ? Al . r . . ? . ..1 ..-' . 'ir.. 4?????r-N. ? ? -,..?.?,, ''''. itl"r4-4-4P "'s - _ _ - ' . Y.. .. *44%1. t, ?i,,...4,,,.:.K.4.7..p.A.;44.1r*Vlip.1,..-14-414,?;41\*., ? . .1-s...1.-.if...t-, ,u..luTT'Ls. ?tv...,Akt41...-7.T.44aY41271,,P6,4. ': - ..'61111111111.11111P' Airdrome Coordinates Dimensions in Neter* Location Des cr ipt ion Kalagerovc Eara-Buncr (Srsdetc) lamps* Martina Larlovo (southwest) Karlovo tarnobat iaspichani Natunitee 42 19 24 10 42 21 27 10 42 17 'tat 010 ALIO SW 43 21 26 15 42 38 26 46 42 37 26 52 42 38 26 59 43 17 27 10 CIO 19 kns. northwest of Pasardshik. Sredsts is located 18.2 kas. north- northeast of MU., 3 k. south of Kaplya river. Karepsa is located U kas. north- northwest of lakhovo. Northeastern Bulgaria; 8 km. northeast of Popo'. 5 has. southwest of Larlovo. ? 4 kas. southeast of Karim; at at the southern sdge of Isrmobat; south of the Aitos - 33iven wekr ? Kaspichani is 5 km, north-northeast of ovi Paean 19 kas. east-northeast of Shaken. Istvan.* is south of the Plovdiv- lorinergrad vallroed, 10 kms. soutb. at efilLermair. Masa.16414.14.1.44-. landkng field4 is mnder construction, since 1941 1,anding field 4,1 - A.; ' timbre are hemgare end oth4r buildings there are Wore (4), Snoolino storage aisterms mad ippo. there is some $oipmemt auxiliary airdrome laadiag field Phiak 7i. 4 C641: J U i; 144, ? TA747- ? - . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R0001000innnR_7 ? ? ? , - a ? , , no ? ? ? 4: ? 4' ? ? t"'? ? r ? ? _ .4141; ? - .???? ? ??? . ? . _ _ . ? -3- ( Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X000011R00010001000 ?? r f" 7 ? ? ? ? ? ? - - ? . ??? ? t--t Alt?.7,,rt%; ? ..-Y?15:m'Y ? ? ?? ? ,., ? . ? ci.e.e.k "-t ? ? . ? ???? ? $.10 T. 4014. 40 ? ? ; ? ? "t - 0. . ' " ? ". . ? _ tr." ? ? - ? 6-7 .7111111iw- ? ?? ? tr ? L"- ? tazanlik 42 37 25 24 2000 x 1500 1-2 has. northwest of ImsanlIk, DIOS CriPtiOn at the airdrome there are 4 ha:tsars, *bops, gasoline storage cisterns, and an airplane simarrar-' -- turirg pleat; anti-aircrart lay is located armed the alto. &OM. ? Lasanlik (Corms) therms:11U 42 38 25 26 41 54 25 53 2 kas. northwest of Lasamlik. leading field ? 1Coaskovo (P.alevo) Kirdsheli 41 51 25 34 43, 37, 2525 thsrumnlii is located it a point 15 lam east of thashovo, south- west of the Plovdiv - Aidiros flair' cad s the Karitea river meet of the thaskowl tirdt43.1 roilload in the vicinity of thaskovo. Chuicavets total 42 ft .11 441. owit? V416 42 53 26 27 IMO landing field ?4 r 7J) airdrome located at the southeast outskirts of iirdsheli; Kirdshali being the terminal station on the Sian* - Sowed Kirdshell rail- roe& somthpeostbseet of andlomirl in kats. northsest of =won; iu the total vieanit7. there aro podia* storage sistermet ahem hamprep sad hertseks ibr the pommel. lokattin field 4%46i4m t Lag amorm ??????????1111at ? , ?", ?Ire, ?7,:;????:'?'` ? r *44 - emin.cmir." Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000l000innns_7 --`6?1111?111.-- .1.111111W Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 4111w ANINSIMPINIr 9111911919191111191999 Kyustondil 42 16 22 42 800 x 750 Lca Lovooh Lukovit 43 22 25 08 43 49 23 3.4 43 09 24 42 43 09 24 09 MD IMP 1933 Masa- &tans of siv. drone unetastail is situated on the railroad leading from Sofia im a southwesterty direetion tho 1?.imiamiv borders bass M et of the $tamm river. 40 kms. east- southeast of Plows, bees the loltono-Leveki and the Ovialstov - Devoid zsilreade. northern border of Ils74ipirial earth of the river Danube. 2 las. north-northwest of Wrests. larding field ammtillary airdrome. a has several feeilitise. Undies ile1.4 airdrome wedor eraetrostimer Ms beagerer ratio festamo, sad ether buildiags. 800 at 450 liarinopolye Hamohilgred 41 25 23Z 41 32 25 23 45 las. southiert. of novei, agar the Pleven - Betevired higlwari am the southwestern outskirts at I vitogrit at of the Mom rivers 7 lose seat of l'etrish. 188 loss. south of thaskevoi smith of the 'Chariton, - Homehiligred railroad* souilierjr eirdrose lerAimg field easiliary airdrome ? ? - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001 nnns_7 -????.,?; ???.: ?L? r ? ? -0 ? ' ? ? ? 4 ? ? ? ? .t 144,7C. t' ? ? 7111111111111111P.-. tv 1-1.? t 711111111101111PP' 4. I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 . , ? ? ? ? ??????-?1-4- . ? ' ? ? , - ..0???76 ? 1,, -4-nrr? ??.7-t ,?7 - ? ^ - , . ? ' ? , ? ? ,t.:? ? .1.40:00"...,prTr".;:-5 ? ? ? "" ' - . .-.41?4,....,W;fis4.; A 1", W=.r *^''.;?!...4...4.;*;47% ? ti:24144.T.L.T?-0W . ?rr, .2344?W irt4 Vv. ?? ? ?41 : ? 1. -;-. ? - L . ? ' 0.0 . .11111111111111W" I - -11111111111111,P",,-, ? I ? Coordinates ki.rdrome Nevrokop Nova-Zagora . Novi Novoseltsi Orekhovo Pavel-Banya Pavlikeni Petrich Pleven. ? 40 1 ? 41 34 ql 47 42 29 26 00 42 35 23 39 42 39 23 38 43 44 23 57 42 35 25 12 43 15 25 16 41 24 23 13 -43 23 24 37 Dimensions in Meters 800 x'0 Location Description 800 x SCO Southwestern Bulgaria, southwest of the Mesta river; 105 sun. south- west of Plovdiv. at the northeast edge of the Nova - Zagora locality. 24 kms. east-northeast of Sofia; at the western outskirts of Novo- seltsi. 60 kms. northwest of Pleven; south- east of Orikhovo. 17 kms. south-southwest of LasanIik; south of the Kssanlik - Karlovy) high '*7. assumed to be west of Pavliksni; northr.northwest of the lositsa river. 70 kms. south of Dshumetia; on the southern outskirts of.Petrish. 2000 x 1500 north of Pleven. ? ' ' a +V ??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001nnni nnnA_7 ?;???&'?-? ? auxiliary airdrome landing field landing field *trams is nali omfaippet; hes ell airdrens erpiposelt; las the chief We fee aims heavy bombes km 11614 -?-:77,..17,=??????? t 00N ? sot ?????? ? 1414 ",`. )" "9'4 "0,?? ??, ' :17 ' 11:MGCM1,==. ?.? ueciassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 yog. '"111111111111w" - ? Coordinates Airdrome Dimensions in Meters Location Description Plovdiv ???? 42 24 8 46 3740 x 1500 Polikraishte 43 12 25 37 Pomoriye 42 33 27 39 Provodia 43 11 800 x 750 2, 27 Radoair 42 33 800 x 750 22 58 Rakovse.i 42 00 25 3A Rszgrad 43 31 26 31 Ruse (Rushuk) e'li (Krushevo) 43 50 25 57 4.206 26 09 I. 2 km., south of Plovdiv 6 kms. north of Tirnowi, mar the highway. on the shore of the Black Sea; 16 kma. northeast of Danes. north of the Varna - Snusion rail- road. 30 kms. southwest of Sofia, at the southern outskirts of Radosir. 13 kms. north of Khaskovo, at the southern outskirts of Kbaskovo. southwest of the Shuman - Ruse highway; on the southern outskirts of.Rasgrad. on the eastern shore of the Biali - los river; at the southern outskirts of Wee. Krushevo is a point west-southwest of Ibpolcvgrado 1110.11.1.?? buildings: 5 hangars, under- ground gasoline storage tanks, shops and other buildings. Air ,- dross suitable for all types of planes. Can acoommodate up to two regiments of ary types. landing field the landing field is in use, lending field landing field there are temporary hangar, and other buildings landing field lending field Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ? ...pl. ??41.? ? ' ?Ala.. ? ZA:Clak,????44.'t.r.r.."4'&t4.77;,'V?0 Nril? *111- ? ? Airdrome Bisons no in Meters Losatfon Description Selograd Shmmen Skrvono Silvan Slimitea Saidovo Sm1ien Sofia (Itszhurische) 42 18 23 37 42 30 25 26 43 17 26 55 42 56 2308 42 40 26 19 42 50 23 02 43 04 27 01 41 35 24 42 42 45 23 12 800 x 750 aX0 x 2500 2000 x 1500 800 x 750 MOO x 1500 3 kw south-southeast of Sawkov mouth of &men 12 /ass. north of Betsvgrad southern outskirts of =Ten. Slivnitsa is 29 Wes. northwest of Sofia. 27 kas. eoutb-southeaat of Shaman; on the western outskirts of Smedovo. 800 x 800 55 iota. south of Plovdiv; at the saorthern outskirts of Stollen. 800 x 1000 11 km.. northwest of Sofia (the chief airdrome). landing field airdrome oonstrusted in 1%1-1%2- the field of the eirdrose is well zoned C1C eCtiipped with meteorological statics* and tstephono landing field thee* are hamar, and other *buildings equipped with 4 reintorce4 con- erste hangars, shop* and a redo station, warehouoes sod other buildings. Can seavagodate lop to 2 regimonte of heavy bombers Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ; '144?11111PFP Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 - . ' ? : " ? ? - ? 74. - ? ? ? "." ? , _ , - rt-.? ' ? 4 I , ? " ? Airdrome ."-"Wagatoe Dianna ns in Meters Location Selograd 42 23 42 25 .1?110, 18 37 30 26 800 x 750 3 Ian south-southeast of 8emokov 43 17 2000 x 1500 south of Shumen 26 55 &ruin? 42 56 12 kms. north of Bstevarad 230e Sliven 42 40 X00 x 1500 southern outskirts of Sliven* 26 19 Slivnitsa 42 50 800 x 750 Slivnitsa is 29 km's. northwest 23 02 of Sofia. Smedovo 43 04 2000 x 150u 27 kms. eoath-southeast of Shuman; 27 01 on the western outskirts of Smedovo. Smolian 41 35 SOO x SOO 55 kms. south of Plovdiv; at the 24 42 northern outskirts of Snolian. Sofia 42 45 800 x 1000 11 kms. morthwort of Sofia (the (Boshurische) 23 12 ohief airdrome). Description landing field airdrome oonstrni*ed in 1941-1942- the timid of the airdrome is will rolled scpipped with nekeoroledical station and telephone landing field Uwe are hangar' and other egaipped With 4 reiidersed 06-06 orate imagers* Mops sista valtAm station, wirehearom awl Mbar buildings. Ossurammodato mp to 2 miasmata of beam lasiaeft. , - ?? ' ?? --,?''---, --', ', -?-?:', ?-? ,,c-? "?-? .-"---,;',:" i'?-?,- .. '':' ,, -,'" 'I' ,..8.iie ' 't L ,?`?'," ': t':.;f4,.., ''....' -'-7 24-;:'.1'''''. :: '-:''' ''':'. . , . , 7 7..; :-71T *"----/a), .---- - --_,,,,,,,,,,,, -"tv:f , ? :11*.::.. 2::1?? ,,, ?....i?-? 4,, 1 - , . .- .4xid-,.'t?5:;;EliDirrZinge,MI . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 14".' ? P.4.;11-0' r I ? I Ett/ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Pardmne Coordinates Dimensions in 4st era Location Description Sofia (Vrazndebno) Stars- agora S1 ive%rad Svishtov Tatar-Pazardthik Topolite Tsarevo. Tirgovishe 1.4.1 42 42 23 25 42 25 25 37 41 46 26 12 43 38 25 21 42 12 24 20 43 20 24 15 43 15 27 45 42 09 27 50 43 16 26 34 2000 x 1500 800x 750 800 x800 800 x 750 4 Is east of Sovia Nm 546 Me 10 kms. south of tne point Stara- Zagora. on the eastern bank of the Itaritsa river. Svisntov is the terminal railroad station on the Lovech - Svishtov railroad line; south of the Danube river. Pazardshik is situated west of Plovdiv. Telish is 30 km. southwest of Pleven; in thai vicinity of Talithe Tbpolite is north-northwest of Varna. Team? is southwest of Barges, on the shore of the tiladc Sea. 110 kms. west of Varna; west of Tirgovishe. - Has 3 hangars, radio and meteorological stations and other structures. Has hangars, *hops, Ma* and meteorological stationa. laniing field landing field landing field 111 there are berraoks? hangars, storehouses, and other?build- ings. there is 201110 equipment. ' landing field ha$ some equipment; is a transit airdrome for planes ayiag east. ...e..01011160?111111???????1011iiiii.m. ; . Declassified and Approved -For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 -"41011101111WP.-1, - -"11111111111PL" '4111111111111w- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 t ' on the shore of Lake Devnensk; has a hangar and other btaildtvs. there are buildings, hangare,shops, awisti.n.-,losical et4tIon; and other structures (there is a concrete runway) at the northern outskirts of the point, on the bank of the Danube river. north of the upper reaches of the liesta river, in the vicinity of Takuruda. 3 kms. northeast of Teabol. Ns 133 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001 nnns_7 17-4 to Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 ...9L2PAWALWArtiallataa 2LEWAIllati ocat""07?'11"o":""or"--113777"-li1 tge.7-` Coordinates Batteries WAS in Mill- OFNIONNOPHINIMIEMPP??????804101kiiiii Caps Italia** Cape St. Dmitrii, in vidinity of 1tviesinogradt north shore of Varna Bal 1.5 lass. 'nit of bicsinograd castla, on the shore of the sea Traksta village (2 kas. nest of Ivitsinegrad tootle) itTraiusta. batter/ 5.5 kies. northeast of Varna Varna, 3.7 lam. to the MI was, 3 kw. 111 North store of Varna Bay Cape Galata (mutts shore of van* say) Colko- Galaits (IX eaten III) WM* cillsolge (311 edge) GC.* WALDO Cone Megessoris Petworie (*Mille) gIrr'.170. 7-AMY 1 1 1 1 1 3. 1 3. 4 100 2 22 150 2 100 2 150 3 170 2 250 2 240 4 76 76 203 1 2 76 1 2 150 2 35 1 240 1 4 170 1 2 150 1 4 )7 1110 203 11 alpolaraff~Palaill.e1.0 movable according to May 1942 data 04 battery had not bean est up, only the aonerste 'mounts erected. howitsers located 350 asters from vateris edge. Cancalaged. 3et up by Gamma in 1%1. barre3.? lined in 1%' on toners? buTels lined in 1941 antiaircraft is part of 5th Artl. Meg, t . Data of 5/III/41 shows that Gomm est up a heavy 'trench double gun battery. Caliber unknown. howitzers antiaizerlift brought frost Magi- not line, amber of guns not determined A .11 ? . f 7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninnninnna 7 111111111117MMI and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 4ht J? Location or 111111.10MIMPIMMI ?????????????= No. of No. of in kill- NZ of Burgas Inehener Sarafov Village Cape Atia (south shore of Burgas Bay) a Cape St. Mikola (south shore of Burgas Bar) Cape 3komni (south shore of Burgas 907) Cape Simopol *nth triroro of Dania We Cape SI., Stephen iisarigee 1 1 3 lesiber 1 Chimp* Waage 1 ? 3 6, 4 01, 3 2 2 4 2 2 173 76 76 movable 170 Sept. 1941 in- formation gave 2, 152 ma. guns with reinforced ooncrete shelter. Large QM stores. 110 210 240 76 37 1?) 21? 75 data needs checking field, vident4 a material part of 22n4 Inf.legit, stationed at Burgas 100 intelligence data, 150 Deeadmir 1943 illaii2CiarL2WEISLYAMEA Visistity of Hippodrome 1 1 A the voters outskirts et the eity 1 1 la the northers pert of the city, sear the barracks $ad osp. sear the land airdrome and homers 1 1. Seer this railroad station 1 NOW the power store/ewes 1 City lira* t'41gStAM.-A4i 4 r 4.0t 3 4 76 2 22-37 4 76 2 22.37 22-37 4 76 2 22-37 5 37 2 76 2) 37 15 22 Kay 1942 data gives up to 20 lights along along the city line. Anulp- msnt & personnel Bulgarian. 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001 nnnR_7 .&? 111111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100010006-7 Location or Coordinates Southwest section of Burgas ANTIAIRCI wilAt.L.,11R:VSZ OIE BUIMAS In the vicinity of the canal am:letting Burgas Bay with Wis- e IEJoi Lake Near the Starog-Burgas railroad At the ser-walls and docks of Atansary village (north of Burgas) 44,7 No? of No, of in 10.1.1- Batteries Nile ters Roark. 1 4 150 Set up by the 2 37 Garcons. Has saarchlights and a range finder 10 37 :15 9 .13 ? 37 Data of 3/11/41 gives 4 search- lights and 1 76 rang* finder with batteries. The antiaircraft defense of Harps is compaed of 31 AA gans and 6 IA asarchlights. Fr'l 54,,t Aft4. z A ? ? ? "-.416Weet.lik1abS,S.A. , .? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/10: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010001nn-n11-7.? .1.s; 44":' ? ??? 1 a ,? I ?