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November 3, 2016
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December 18, 2013
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July 8, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 1 II MIME ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 t- I. 1..1.1111 MIN Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Nimmimmummiommaimomm 11111?11?11111?1111=111 1111111=11111MMIIIIIM111111 ri 4 Oriataii !art 4:=1,11aHmiest11aras iti*ISMOISTIgeteir WPM W!haliiirtiti:. ID. G. lyntrep.tz, WFA t=islfavr,4rictlar4.tervv**e","".-.41?*,-..e- i)1)04 &14) 4A,1 0./0 DEPARTIME'NT OF STATE WASHINGTON Tuly 8. 1942 Id( 1..* e z A's My dear Colonel Donovan: have read with interest your letter of July 31 1942 in regard to the Basque leader in New "Yorks and particularly in regard to the relations of your organization with him., I am sure that you will understand ihat while maintaining relations with the present Spanidh Govern went, this Department cannot associate itself with the enterprise suggested in your letter. I may add that the Basque movement, aiming as it does toward autonomy, is not one which is likely to be received sympathetically by anr Spanish faction outside of Buikadi, with the possible exception of the Catalan autonomists. Sincerely yours, Co1ot4 William $. Donovan) XrAptor, Mies of Strategio Services, Waohington, D. O. ? ""FarsrligOgigersa.414gataf.ar .4 re Ill , ? i ag. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 .?? ?????? ?tr.. t.7."?*-* " =J. ?'' - JV V. ?,Lni 1/44 - 1^ . A offICE 1.611?KXXVOCXXIM, TEG1C SERVICIS July 3, 1942 tortoratil# 44mes Dunn tit*DO Artifoirt, D. C. ?:- ?, .7,47,r 1 ,111...1. 1 tile1,1)14,A , 4', ''''s ,,. ? - S , .1.. --7....:' ' -'.4., ...::::. .'.' ' V2 ???,X1'' 5-:% ..7t ' 0 ?,r ii." ? !). .,,...? . ' " .?.? ....jt'...4'. ''' '''?, t-, -..:..C.:117 . -.. ' ? ere .,t; te - . r .,.. ? .7,zi" ,,,,,,. i'..:. ... ..,..?."'..-....5 ... _ , -71re ? , 0 .4 ,,.:..,,,,,.?..,:.:::?7,.-,,,,11:-:,.,,:,,.7:4 - :,- ,....,.. 1..2. ' 114 - di' 't .1,?'?.: I. ' 4`....4'...., -',.1,L'''''' " --4 4.-'-- ?"' Over the -Ifttacha 1.7,- ,?:,;;.- ? ,i.:,-;'-')- ,7r, . ' 4 . ' ' ', 4 :..7?4 ';',' . , , .. A.,. ,. i ,,, : _ ..A ..,.. :, .. 1. '4 lc , ? ''''' -'?-.. ' ig,''''?i i' ? ?. . -:;`,..i!. ...f -'?'.... .0 ! f ..J,"1. . ?..? ' I. ..., 05A. 3 kt, r and. "??? ?...! . ' cr .?, ? ...g , ,_, :1.''..{- -'lick . .. ' w?-?? ' ,-. -'; r?", - i-:-, . e, ".,. - CV -.7..... ' '7;717:74.7111 177 -.'"' '777 7'7 f.i.2?7:7'.71177". -- '..- ' 4 1.....5.4.?,:t.? l'.., i 11th V hint. : Cerelgie t rovia Ponovan or - ' ??orre` Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 scumINIMMENIII II Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 11111111.1111111111111111 fp, 6.4;i? gg 77r: 4 Mai 30 1942 e The Secretary of State WashAngtons Do Co ear, lir* Secretaryl idfIS1- ON kir cor Fik 016"afkl: oil Iliteinlialftlic. 31r orrice in New Toxic has been- in close touch with whip: colorist. -the designe.tion of the President of the Repu -leo As you licrior the Ba.sques have been confirmed seem, to bepi..to: a Mill opposed to Axis _ideas. ?and intr toakih We. feet that a consider- de ,.epdenciiii an to placed iu thia organisatiarie bit *i?oportilat al` ilthe sailors on 1360, 11,00! gives them considerable y, -9?) in the Preenees would make perrsoils l'irtrilmitsslicla of information -both to com .ed, and unoccupied France-JR lataY President of the Salve Republic has a well .art functioning gut 4d6 the Iberian Peninsula adE this organisation at our disov r attt.litousot mairtng use ol it for the ??? n of thliC.transmission of inform- ilbrousgb. parts of Latin kaerice i' ? hi.i?-?!;: ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnn9nnn0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 - would make it iessentipa that sioxe freeikm of vtentafttear. tiOnz 4e piratted and S0221411 travel provision inade for the atents of this organizatiott* Uhless this functioning mach? ft,- ? can be set up, I fear /re will be triable to profit by VDU-. ne 41Ohlattageous opportunity* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ? ? a - 7 7 77' . ?-? ? NUMMEMI=.1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 111111111111111 COPY COM talk I 1)ur Basque friends have, informod us that one of their reliable parti*Sne, JOSE L4RA1)O007.TIA MCHC,, Vag,* stosraway*b.oft:rd, the S*S. Aides-Oft -vilon this ship WOO 4-!ecent1Ir sttlOrod by a submarine intuelingirL &AV:antic* Vhe Naval Attaohe in Rio de Janeiro might find .it of Interest to interview LARADOGOITIA, with a view to establishing the facts which surround this incident* LARADOGOITIA can be reac1ie4 in Rio de Janeiro through COMM* GATEAU, Plamengo Rotel, Praia do Plamengo. Be may also be reached direct at the following address: Bar Casa Carioca Largo da Carioca Rio do Janeiro* Our Basque friengs who received this news in a letter' from ran& if 4a that LARADOGOITIA vas recom- **44k to :-'0414.14:a , ,,Embassy or one of the .Allied 4 tigb Iiily Our i8 :ienda believe that this may ,,-,, ;, Y.- e.? rk . tes Embassy, in, 'which, case ;- table that Li.'-.LAItA.-110100/111 may. already have 1 the titil stiterieln* of any knowled e he may have hid concerning the SUbilarine 1nel:dant* LAWOGOIZIA--Wits rmarly a resident of Salt Lake 'City* *PP he W. taken.:Into custody by the United tiro Lijg&tt? Auth?ritLes and sent to Ellie ,:611,.whence -I etkOSed* IARADOGOITIL has suSlceil our Basque op.ley.k a to us their influence in gimo to obt4in',-ai,i' ntaiortation visa for him to that caUltry* - ores,. Ug......)01[1s?-?-?-?.--a? :?7:. ? ?..,:rr".""71:7:4?7?7P;',77, 7,7:7-7-." 7 4 4- t>7. ? I I s?-?1 -LT 2 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 , 0-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Rr,..1, fir: ' ? ...A. - 't r 4....m....84dr.???=4.Amersoneam """"ePOON.254I-410::e L c i e 6 Rear Imisirel T. S. Wilkinson areetor. Office of Naval Intelligence Wavy Department WashingtoniD. e. Diaz Matra fililkinsons 410004L10 ego Mr* Hugh Wilson ealled on elation to explain the Coltonel Thomason at z $: Ills* of the Basque X r&tton altrifiCill anti ..1*- *St that a moseallii to sent to Buenos Aires* .1111.111,rIm1t of w14-.1fx,:t4 IU1 Attaaus there would juta ~tan 3$40vow1xrespest of the ealeged fa-r 1$11iL of 034 to Geri** submarines by the at' `. Apascoala CoMsziel:Themason 'was zood enough tO 41,h a 21411111160-112:thlia settees )4..si:a in re-644V of a farther easmutiouktion of EV;1IiDOUI StisraSeriv I append herewith the per. ": portion thstolk0f0 YOU may feel that it to s011ablik to inatrtioti4'-be Itava1 Attache in Rio to torittim Mr. Laraleipitiaii SincerelLy* William 34 DOZIO Van (1) ronatettaiimmata0Ammufgrin:..,....cia*,.../../1.440.,fter-V..404akt .11anakkiZtar A , ? 1 Zz4 ? , -.1 I ? ? :73. ?? :=*". v ? ttZ - r.? . r 1171R.677.4-. ? - ? ? It I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001"R01.00-7 onn9nnna_q 4i-1.11:141:124,4, f,P. 14- ...ammimm11111111 ? pieunommiileireclassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 =SEEM ? sr- ? afralaTe- July 2 Oa. Basque griends have intormood us that one of their re-liable partisans, MS LAUDOCIVITECI, MENCILACkt was a stimaSay aboard the S?S? Aldeeoa when this ship Aktai ,r0osutly stopped by a submarine for-, refueling in tild-Atlentio? Tit* Naval Attaohe in Rio do Janeiro laight find it or interest to interview usamoorriA with a vies to.e,stabliehing the tats whioh surround this incident* LAMM:fink, can be resiohed in ltio de Janeiro throw, MN* OMUTA, Vlamengo Rotolo Praia do Plamengo? ue may also be reached direct at the following address s Bar CILLIL Carioca Largo da Carioca Rio de Janeiro'', Oar Basque .,friendst _rho reeeived thLs news in a letter _frowe-C illi4L11.0 say that LA,RAIDOGOIT.IA was rieteoig- sioia*t to 'OAT ' 141-1404klbassy or one a the Allied Nations OUr Biqe frten3 believe that this may have been ,L4p0 ,Embassys in whit& ease it. iS Osisible't,ha . 010ITIA, limy tarsi-ay have - ., . 't any kiadviliS4SP he 31147- }alive Iii tine incident. Apoommtu'lwapxormettgly a. resident of Salt 'Lake lwre,.- *ISaa. taken 1iuV* custody by the United tates 1mm1ration A1,4- aft ties -an& sent to Ellis 1(4., dtio Ifleg -.044/ LAVAIJOGOXTIA has 4* -, .. our:, 3aIqe,,.- II their influence in ...,, 14.414io tri obtain''-' rt6 on visa for him to that ctontstryii "---v-, ? 4.r ; s' ' ;1 ? ' - ? ? ?-,; 1-17 ? , 4 ? : ? , - - , ? it^ r? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnn9nnna_,z Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 onentglettragM--.'.- IMS-vvikirwavtsl TO: FROM: SUBJECT: 2-Pfcr VAN .... **A L., r r A 'e" 4, r e )J1'...?-to," ? OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVIC450) ; Aricto ? ? ? .1.1.....61 r . .._)/ A. .... / ..' 011) 4..:4417) ' . IN1EROFFiCE MEMO Colonel Donovan David Bruce DATE: November 24, 1942 SECRET OFFICE OF STRATEGIC somas To bring you up to date on the matter of , assistance requested by President Aguirre, I am attaching copies of memoranda 'Whida aTe self-explanatory. In view of the fact that his requests are receiving active consideration, perhaps it will not be necessary to make any further statement to him at this time, in connection. with Gregoiy Thomas' 1-..K of November 14th, Which is returned herewith. 44. D. B. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 MEMpRANDUM To: FROM: SUBJECT: OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Washington, D. C. November 23, 3.942 Major David Bruce Frank T. Ryan Jose Antonio Aguirre and Assistance to be given the Basque Intelligence Service. At3 SECRET OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES With reference to my attached memo to you of November 11 and your request to have me advise you in writing as to how these matters have been attended to, I wish to advise as follows: ""1010mwm Point 1. - This has alreadrbeen attended to, and tht cipher in question was dis- patched to Madrid in the pouch that left on Nov. 20th. Point 2. - Two radio sets were dispatched to Madrid in the pouch which left on Nov. 20th. These will be turned over to the Basque Organization Or instruc- tions to be later issued by Aguirre. Preliminary contact between one of our representatives and the Basque Intelli- gence Service is scheduled to take place this week or next in Bilbao. Point 3. - This point is one that requires consider- able negotiation but is being actively worked on by Capt. De Vries in conjunction with Mr. Bowden. I refer you to Co]-. Huntingtonts attached memo of Nov. 20th - to me - which I be- lieve is self explanatory. point 4. F. T. R. VISSANNAMMUM14.1.0Lcebyr, 41641.01110.4.1AX,Wir.s. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 4. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ..waffleastouragrantaatimsagmmseolve4r# G OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Washington, D. C. Mentoran&aa to Mr. Ryan From: Ellen y C. HuntLlgton, Jr. OFTICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES , Subject: Iberian Peninsula, Independent Basque Government - Jose Antonio Aguirre 1. In connection with your memorandum of November 11th I think the answer to Senor Aguirre should be about as November 204 1942 SECRET a Yallbave certain connections which may be follows: able to assist him in regard to items mentioned under para- graph 4 of your memorandum. b This assistance would probably come from North Africa where proper contact would have to be made in due course. c You will within the next Zew weeks give Senor Aguirre the name and address of a person who may be contacted in North Africa and with whom discussions concerning possible arrangements may be had. 2. It would appear to me to be very dangerous for this organization to openly use groups of this sort as possible political repercussions are serious. From an SO standpoint I mmlvad wish to designate one individUal who wvald contact and ?negotiate with the group in question. This individual would, of,eourse, be a part of the SO Mission in North Africa, but ??-??-?*, Cg.ero s ? - ??-41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 _ Declassified and.111111.1111M1.111:411Movec MIIMMI For Release 20113/'12/'IRDID'ITKCHROOOTITCM1111111111 graostungfittONINSIMmvuuo, 0 &miry 0.1t.1.5"-i-C.11:1?-r..1.:4111:r9VICtrit 01. November 200 1942 Mr,Ryan should not be known as such. Under this type of arrangement it would be possible to receive and train groups, work out programs of operation and supply, etc., without disclosing our own identity. This is the basis on which SO is working with other groups of thid character and is the procedure Iwould like to follow. 3. Please state to Senor Aguirre that you cannot speak for your friends and let him know that the arrangements respecting the amount and kind of supplies available will have to be worked out in North AfrIca. Ellery C. Huntington, Jr. Lt. Colonel, OS tI Copy to: Colonel Donovan Lt. Potter PI Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 =1=1=111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ".4tt?-? rt.? - asonactunstig1Mingamalestmatoomen. Co OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Washington, D.C. DATE: November 11, 1942 MEMORANDUM TO: Major Daiid Bruce OFFICEOFSTRATEGIC SERVICES FROM: Frank T. Ryan SUBJECT:Jose Antonio Aguirre - President of the Independent Basque Government The subject, accompanied by his colleague and ,secretary, Senor de la Soto saw Colonel Donovan yesterday on an appointment arranged by Gregory Thomas. The purpose of Senor Aguirre's visit was to unfold to the Colonel certain plans, the fulfillment of thich would require the assistance of this organization. As you know, Senor Aguirre in addition to being the President of the Independent Basque Government, actively directs the Basque Intelligence Service, which I jinderstand is quite well organized in Latin Americat as well as in the Basque Country of Spain. Specifically, the assistance Aguirre is inter- ested in receiving is outlined as follows: SECRET I!. 1. To send through our communications to Spain a cipher, whidh he wishes de- livered to a designated 1.7,rty in the Basque Country. I was i7r,:ormed that this cipher covers apv.,)cimately three typewritten pages. 2. To deliver two, or possibly three, radio sending sets to their organization in Spain. 3. To arrange a-visitorts visa to this cvantry for a Spanish officer of the farmer Loyalist Army, at present living in Venezuela, for the purpose of training him in radio sending and receiving. The idea behind this being that the officer whom senor Aguirre wishes to select would be chosen from five former Loyalist officers alfignal*010eiramm..esuroPw.---- ? '7711 ,j- 551.1f`" '7'^r: ? ??? r. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 MEMO II= Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 - . imommimaimill1111 arataizOM 4 0 (Iona OF sTRA/FGfe SFRWIS Major Bruce November 11, 1942 residing in Venezuela. The officer selected for radio training in this country would return to Venezuela and transmit as much of the radio training knowledge that he received to the other officers. This group would then embark for Spain. Aguirre's organization can arrange their transportation. MagVael,q00.. -2- SECRET 4. To supply arms, ammunition, explosives and other equipment to this group when they have established themselves in the Basque Country. In this connection, Aguirre pointed out that they would have the facilities of small fishing craft and other smaller vessels that could meet at specified rendezvous and unload these supplies from our larger boats for transference to selected spots on the Spanish coast. Senor Aguilere is in principle interested in learning whether or not pur organization is prepared to lend him assis- tance on any cy.,e or .all of the above mentioned points. The question of our (Washington Headquarters 0.S.S.) making contacts With subversive elements that are directly opposed to the present Spanish Government is one of high poliay. The events of the immediate future will, no doubt, indicate whether or not Spain will in some way or another enter the present conflict in North Africa. If she is de- termined to resist all German pressure, including that which may be exerted upon her for the use of air-bases in Southern pain, then it would be my personal belief that it would be a mistake to jeopardize our relations with Spain by attempting to enter Joint operations with revolutionary or independent groups such as represented by Aguirre and his Independent Basque following. informed Aguirre that tion his petition. Will you just haw far we are prepared Aguirre has asked for . we would take under considera- please, therefore, let me know to go on the assistance which *1,1714"4"" '4f 2' Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/12/18 : CIA-RnPilyn - ? ,1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDIltiM10111110C10121011M,11111111M F31 -CP .....e....?????? ow- to 4,, ? r" TOCMY Vrtalr/IPCV:ZW,S*05' "T. .'?IntY9... %et I OF.aNICE OF STRATEGIC SIERW-CES OFFICIAL DISPATCH eleVikz. Dp3E.A* t. i.,- tic _US GOI ERNI____1_44ENT Nciirea [A,J,IttiL____q] ROW PM ?.:41 ?1$1. ! /C4] OSS F I Fullj JLNINAIL NEW YORK NY tittilotOif 01 OhjEljDVAN OSS WASH INCM DC oirtoivolAii!,* NM, wt." .1 t':..i41TiN171110....iw?? ...metal or TEXT 111NOT - .P1103) SAE TO 1:14FORM you etiVAIIIED TO ISE AILL :STEPS WAN THE 1; ITUAT ON :V/ TOW 09.111**: 1:1AtLAIARY INTERESIL. HE witalitATE P03w-iOi;vi*v000lt9 PROCc:DE SPAIN& OXBOW ? Alf SU( TOW 44 YOU MAY CONSIDER T WilK BY 41* TO CLAM FY 141 S POSITION teRs 10111:11 HE DI SOWED WITH YOU ON MO AM TJ //fig MOON :TA-. 47:-Zi;e'ZMittlf:a.` 7 4 : UMW ` Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ! - ' - -.17,4141:-.1-1^13`,4" ? ' . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 - FRO* yon 4 41 .D1111. : Frederla R. Dolbeare Colonel Wjj Dcinovan Thanks for your utez4o about Aguirre* have notted th asion Congdon haso nu 4 4i114? ?.? , (8 04. x a-1\yr zr,r41,44 JT C )1021,riu Octobcr 26, 1942 rte.11 41111, nte what yo - 44. RwseetiMilblitiektimi.Mov %%WA lat4y414,640watithRabta litsk410,21M " ? ;-? ?,? , ? ???.4' ??;" - ? - ,. , Will am jor DoritIrvan - I : 9 . otr,-r--r 1111110.11111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 IIIIIIIrnclassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ?r, ???????? ????????11VM.V. 0.1??????? :??4,,t'it."4?a ? C , OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES ? WASHINGTON. 0. C. ? / f October 26, 1942 Or4214"11 MENEANDUM.: TO: Colonel Wm. IT, Donovan FROM: Frederic R. Dolbeare Referring to the conversation between. you and 'Dulles, I am enclosing herewith the letter from Colonel Beard of October 17, with annex from the Military Attache at Montevideo. In connection with this matter it say_be of interest to you to see Mr. Wilson's letter of Obtober 51 dealing specifically with the transmission of unsealed 0*mm:1i-0ati0ns from the Basques in Latin America, to which sts jet no axtswer has been forthcoming. I understand that at a somewhat earlier date Wilson arranged orally with hleard for the transmission through the military attache pouch of letters written by Aguirre while en route. These were described as "lAguirrel s cormitunications.I1 I gather that somewhere the phrase n.Abguirrel s communicationsn was 'urderstood by the New 'fork office or by Aguirre to mean not only letters written by him en route but also letters addressed to him from his representatives in South America. Colonel Beard left Saturday afternoon. for Miami and should be back here by the fifth or seventh of November. :e.mclosure .M80110/101 owe nr,ator... 4 : ?1 4 ? t ? .4!..= ? , Pte F. R. D. [SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ? . opal, NA, SVC7 rA?)..,0114.4 %.) OctolDer 5, 19414 ) Dear Colonel Heard: With reference to the 2esque organization of which we 'have spoken several time ss marl. bring up another pbase of it? We are anxious to facilitate as far as possible cvmmunication dealing with European matters from Basques in South America to Aguirre in New York. To this end it ocburred to me that it might be possible for Basques in Latin America to submitcommunications unsealed to the military attaches in the various capitals, such communi- cations to be forwarded to you addressed to President Aguirre in care of Allen tralles ,or of Gregory Thomas of By ibis means you would have complete check of the his office. operations; Dulles could also have check and the communi- cations, if it is thought advisable, could reach Aguirre. Would you, let me know Whether such procedure would be acceptable? Sincerely yours, CIDlonel B. T. Eteard War Department 2-2436v Pellgaton Building r, laugh R. Wilson MPM - SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 - 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 arifteraINIMM ORMS=2= Kora evnemr4. 00,44qe4J14) 1?Vot.' SECRET Csrpf,./X.0,)0.4 rkoilyv:..,4.4ALAyvv41, WAR DEP 111T 1Clae..0:VIA. Military Intell.A.bance Service,?)(),, Washington tu..)w-axpiv0 October 17, 1942 Mr. Hugh. Wilson, Office of Strategic Services, Washington) D. C. Dear Ambassador: enclose herewith a report from our Military Attache in Montevideo regarding the visit of Mr. Aguirre I have bad reports from both the Military Attaches at ;Santiago and Buenos Aires which indicate that their views correspond with those of the Military Attache at Montevideo. Needless to say I am informing the Attaches that the use of OUT offices by his followers for sending codes and other secret communications has not been directed by the War Department. I have taken this matter up with.General Strong who says he will diseass the question with you at your next meeting. Faithfully yours, /s/ Townsend Heard TOWNSEND HEARD, Colonel, G.S.C.? Chief, American Intelligence Command. Report frOMliA. dated 9/22/42 Baas taZ t,..11.111...104.6criCle...li I .."1. ? "*"""".......' ECRES ' II re=751"71771771 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ::.. ., '''"reiliSSZISISIPME4W V ISCEN4 01*~~.....m...*-. - .- ..-....-- -- - .-..-,* e> . c SECRET 1C CArceJc-it.x.ineL towttivA 0 X Dma,MAAMAA-t-itrAisw P OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Sevsember 22, 1944 YX a AwaNyto,.. K Subject: Additional Coverage in Latin hmerica. To: Chief, M.I.6., War Department, Washington, D.Ct (For Col. Heard or his executive for Special intelligence) 1. In reply to your circular letter, subject Additional Coverage in Latin America (referring to AGUEhRE, President of the Bask Republic) dated August 15, 1942, the following report is submitted covering the subjects as out- lined In the above-mentioned letter. a. AGUERRE visited this office on September 11, 1942. He was accompan4ed by the regional director of the Baslr. moveBent, Dr. Ramo. Ma. ALDASORO of Buenos Aires and by the senores Ricardo de GigSASOLL and Aritor HORMAECHE, the chief and the secretary of the movement in Uruguay res- pectively. b. AGUERRE told us of his organization which consisted of representatives all over the world and especially in South America. He told us that his organization in Uruguay whiCh consisted of 10,000 Basks, would be at our disposition to perform any service which we might ask of it through either ,t , of the two Uruguayan representatives who were present. He said that there were maay Basks scattered throughout the Republic. who could be of immense help in gathering any in- formation which we might need -- or do any other job for which they were qualified. AGUERRE claims that Basks are anxious to do this because of their extreme pro-Allied sympathies and that they would sacrifice anythilig for the cause. He further stated that because of the fact that the Spanish were being used by the Axis for the distribution of propaganda and the carrying out of their under cover work, the Basks would be extremely helpful in not only the gathering of information, UUt also for purposes of counter propaganda and espionage. He stated that 98% of the officers on Spanish ships were Bask, loyal to our cause. AGUEBEE said that Washington had issued drdevs to all Military Att;aches to allow his representatives use a the diplomatic pouch and our codes to send messages 1 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SFRVICES a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 111111rDeclassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ---???=sionmingm dk.t..mtk.1141,etzli&v..r.tempreor4,4v..- corm...-. ? SEOPOE:11 cu coma OF STRAIEGic SEMMES Plc September 22, 1942 back and forth, with the idea that we do all the encoding and decoding and examine all correspondence that is thus handled. This office has not as yet received any word of this, although it is the claim of AGUERRE that all the other Military Attaches in South America have already re- ceived these instructions. AGUERRE boasted that the "War Department and Col. Donovan" had been much impressed by the fact that he had a worldwide organization already completed which was being placed at their disposal -- and that they had snapped it up. c. All of the local papers carried articles of his arrival and lectures. The comments were all favor- able. Most of the papers carried photographs. Evidences of his great popularity were apparent in gatherings where his name was mentioned great bursts of applause were heard. d. The only contacts which were furnished us were the two local remsentatives who accompanied AGUERRE on the visit. These men were again contacted on the follow- ing Monday. They were not as sure of themselves as was AGUERRE and the Secretary, HORMAECHEJ who seemed to be the more practical of the two admitted that it would be a long and difficult job to organize the Basks into something that would be smooth runLing as was painted by AGUERRE, or that would have anywhere near the numbers suggested by him. They admitted there were many Basks who could not be trusted and many who have little education. The conservative estimate is about 7,000 Bascos in Uruguay and not all of these to be trusted. The officers of this station were both pleasantly and unpleasantly impressed with AGUERRE's person- ality. He has much personal charm and magnetism, is forceful, forward, and boastful, and does not hesitate to bluster, bluff, or lie to further his ends. What his motives are cold not tz determined but he is probably ultimately sincere, even if not in his methods of attaining his desired ends. believe his two local representatives realize that he talked too big" for a started and that they cannot produce to his pattern. The ultimate organization of Basks for, Intelligence mu, mut.p, however, await the visit of Jose Maria de LASARTE, the "chief of intelligence." According to AGUERRE that gentleman is the paragon of all intelligence ohlo?-?1.911e, .111 - 2 - SLUhij OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES ???. 4 ? --,???????????-????? .p.,??????,...,?-?-- , - , ? -;\ ??es;lr' 1'4'7; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13innnni Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 tnnict OF ST R r men tho very young, and should arrive hare within two months and, within a few thys thereafter 10,000 Basks will suddenly become lithe best intelligence organization at the disposal of you English and Americans." The spelling of the name of AGUERRE in the above report is that used by the press in Montevideo. It is noted that in Buenos Aires the press emblazons him as AGUIRRE and In your letter it is AGUIERRE. According to GUISASOLA the proper spelling is AGUIRRE, as used in Buenos Aires Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ? ..,?,..-SWA,CAtt t . we me asa???I?01,141, _ _ ? 4 t ? .11-ET rfr 's?? ?? November 20, 1942 7L9 bircitsiesaraematagglid GI woo) SP4r/if I ery. " 14? 'twat Aunt to 164. ,11$71 IFIVO4 :$14egy 0. Hunt:1000ns aTrip 14100.; PenipisuilLt Independent 134SCIAB GOlirenallglat fra$0 At041.0 Agatii0 ,qouteatica ig* your memorandux NAvember ?lp? ,114 ,-;0010r. -6-Alt*or Wirre should be about as 4.A ? - , oorinetticp?S whieb. may be rn 04 *00k gt 0 ic.,..t?eos ntentioned Ilrldex. pare- Yolik - lieta.0.404:444' - -.. -g! :, ,:; _ ?: -,--..4! ,,1:.; ? ? - ,, ; ? , .. ?:, = sc.', .:y. ari, -1. 1,' ' '...-,14 ';': - .- 7, ', ? '. '1( .. ? . iWte *mild probably come from North ,would tame to be made in, due coursei A ? r.44 ? ,.? iri,1410, the next few-weels,9 give Senor At-and - 401FAHre of a person wb.o may be contacted :4F,ivA ,.*14110at diSA:Wits-,tons conoerning possible ,, 4.;?,e. .*.741'--- 1. I ?- 1;41 pear to to7 be very dO,Dger4us for ., -4.: ' r - rf-t ,,,, ?? ofilort as possible ,.,14....Acte wet-Jowl!, from, an S( standpoint I ;,..,,,7..,,j,,,,,.!,-;?.. 7= - 40 tiiIdLS ti) tnaii,4 ipte indiiiidusl wia,o would contact and ItilirV:k ttie 101)14,P liin question" This individula would, --?'-',-, " --":' ,i,:. ,00011PAT liiit'? 'PO', lot 1401- So Misatou in north Africa, 'but ' r...04C-t"--.. ? 4.? . artilailite.440e4541a4k467..c.J 01.4,4 a a. T.?,...;.17 ".;.....,. --- '4..4. 'Or , ' ? ,-.. ? ?07. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 '. -MVIIPJ tto., siv-sman _ er 444t..?.."It1/416. tar* ayala Nolimber 200 1942 should not be 'Known es such* Under this type of arrangement it ffoad be possible to ?CCM/ye and train groups, work, out prograps ,of, oper6tion and supply etc. without, disolo3ing Onr (Fink4.,..400,titlf I, Vii 5 i S the basis on which 150 is working witiA ()VW, 4:rows la thia charaillter and is the procedure I woule -: Please state to Set,nor ligu,irre that :irou cannot 41As *o Vali:1w-* 00.,:idc for. roarfriergis madk:let him linow that the arrangements - 'f4 % -44ist*Ctialls. !die:- amount and..1.04 of supplieS availabls will ilkarir001 lip 'Worked out ,.,in 110Sla arum, , =sly C. EIAPItingtonl, Jr* 1,1' t ? Colonelt00 ? 1' ? Cgolonel tiotiolkr .3? -?? , ?'=" e, ?? ? ?:4! ?? ? , , ? 7, -".ti *- ???? ger ? ? -? ? - ????? Pe; t 5. ttt , , r ?..100M11111 ? ;f ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 .0./4 ' .. .71 44. E .1 ' ? ' THE BASQUE INTELLIGENCE CERIICE L.? T - 7147, ,7?1 . ? ? 0. ? r ?se; ? 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 j ? s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 .0./4 ' .. .71 44. E .1 ' ? ' THE BASQUE INTELLIGENCE CERIICE L.? T - 7147, ,7?1 . ? ? 0. ? r ?se; ? 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 j ? s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ? , 40Mtro-mirrA,4*.*4,0040.14trootoPMPAPIMPI'ltsWiMM- err' '4'. . , .? ? - -,,ft ????,.V ? The -Samos iutelltiome fierwioe beg= to oporste 4bg tais . rim*4t Stbe *WA it was isecossery to struggle vlith ioultiesp bkaulte owerythlug had to be improvised* Owe - 3.0401) 20/3400a6-0'.0erivice prior to the Spanish Civil -eploste-414-tterit 404 further* the Basque onpital was osay $.Wik 4itillsiiit3'ss fro* thS'*Wiefrolit? The latelligence, Service 16:'sgtoticiiii of tlis IStsff of tbe Army of Dazkadl Ms Basque o*s ot the tert:Ltory or the Basque Country and the $ub. 1000r thellet,th*rn Royoblican trout (Oastauder and Shad tile ***Iitelt or the Basque _Gottitussut and a part of ANIS. 41110,CatillOplii. At this tistosi the: Basque Sorwitoe it *WIWI* igtelsmi -4ep4,4404 direatItt: on Vait Orders of lin? Ate? that tile (Aoyst 1931) this -Thtellfigssos .101,o'bts, ellimintbd rip141.7. _ ? - - gra 4 '?1 ; ko,io ,,,?-{e 4 or 1-1-' ? o o 44ro o ? `,,00 4 k ? o 4 - o"=4,5 oze of se" ??. .." ?of 0-?? ?Coe iv ,_ - - .., '-f,-;:.??_. , i,),?7?;L?. , 1P/4. Iwgimaidit05911 il'Mallair0111111444110W4212501001fifik.V.4taier,,,g.toissa,r...44,44.v.A.,,,?,....,,,,,,..i.4... r. A 4.. , A 01.. ?-? , ' 4..,0.. le . ? s? 4,: ?A:F.,1-?e,' ' .-.1,./.., ? ' ?o 77:raTrIf.r--7 ?.?;7 oz,"?-.4 4h11-.-or- n 7 PC?it r32',.,,?,4?,- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 , III II Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 1111.111111111111111111111111 Icr2neran riaPil?41r:"CIVIP4MtVirPr. ? ' ? lb 3111b tro 4101111.014,1g ;mind I* Phial irotait4tkibm work of the Service *ass While itlhe'llikpines wore fighting for their natioval 114:c Inii01411, -iitAfflect$0. Waist OW eAhOstto ftLfl eoXl*bastiCn With the Itesubliess inti..Trance 1, The oonristion that the Opsnish Far eas nth-'g, sore battiO in a 11Or14 "sr which would !won become general., 10101drOment with theme 1basic- prizeipless the work to be dow wtt 001144411-$ 1.0 An isesdiato ,intalligence activity outcesserf for the von _haat of the Wait Old 15i01146111. satiOjkof * political network so as to iiit4i0gpsind and to cower% it into an -; 'IlprogiattaWora had As its acI,Ssiono 4 ProisPois it of Iisslue7 politica ley word of,sontb and in Po Oa* , ? 1 ? , ""rr t A ? ? -.2?-11.i, ? dietcrshipi against enSfili h the Axis, against =del antbivation of all theses ehich ), supporting Francois for szasplip litstuat the conservittivaso aid toP Wilts agaltat ralangisso and vie" 'CIESi, Oof - _ -;?( ' ? CA-I ? -"?,??? ? ? lianr flat rough 'Os fornaltion of toporitig paporsttim, for the restoration -410114,4it -00%**Ity), etc. ? , ???_ ? ' " ? 4 3 ' ? r? A '7; n 411'Y Elft,k411V.41-Vt, Seined following the loss of Os gond of tba Spanish War in 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100020009-3 1111131M1.11111101.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 Umnary 1939, constantly in a more satiefactory way. The importance of the Basques in religious, social, economic end political life of the Peninsula rendered it easy for them to receive daily detailed intelligence concerning the development of the 17randoist regime In all its aspects. As a curious indication, although it is certainly not Ii matter of supreme importance, it will suffice to note that the Basque Service elweys knew in its smallest details and sometimes even before aets-were committed every successful manifestation ef Fran'cots persecution against the Basque people: prisons, shootings, etc. This allowed the Basque government to conduct a diploaatic and press campaign which enabled it to avoid the deaths of many of its adherents. TaimilitAry intelligence, the Basque program enjoyed r.otable Imams* The fast that numerous Basque elements were on the 19th of July 1936 on the side led br Franco and that others who had been tam prisoners were later incorporated in his army peteitted the Besque goveresau1h..44 have an endless reservoir of eeeeteehopelvided important stt*tegic information concerning the ciesposition:and orders of :the Franco ire, including its pas, ite.offensives as they tiers being prepared and during their dartelOpmtnt. The Basque Service worked throughout this period to close relations with the sovices of the Republican General Staff the Minister of Steta, the Sinister of National Defense, and wItheut fear of contrailltetion it may be said that done of these valve sore efffeient. " ? This political network expended rapidly through all the - last'que prOwinees and rsaOlued into the most Important vital centers enposule. It *OW with positive results in the fields 4eaertbad, aboirs4 strengthening Basque and anti.- - and opposing one to the other the various rOilete tha* Trance *as endeavoring to implant in the civil 'fare Several times France's to ealta ?de 'olArations sgainet trends of *tutting from groups favors Die to the None- eneeist veareituardt These trends had their Ctiqtearning the preperatiun for war-lite action, progress WO ease isili-swithis the lIeits:ineoeed by the need for escrow Mitre 11111 -a tlio "Ilan anions preparations were made for ovoidal; of a now iror hoist n ltuakadi (the Basque covalry) MOM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001oon7nnng_ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 1Por4101 ISTASAirsto b.!" WO ,fros Vans*, mkt' Oa OM of eigt$000,bitvdertunatelarileiersetionel. oircuelotrivoes luta the Itokraiterehls deme4opaent of the $pettiebi Ur premoteil the riseariticirt of tplde igraijeat. IMO the defiAtto triesera of traugote arsyt the entire onerdissaati the izttilitivroot ,ond other slaner eervicea which were woritin for the TiOtiblio gollepeed. Only the laigluet Sergio* ratios" ilk operatioei en4loorit4.rro4 to develop in a direotion of teitstre activitro intense rk Egreater fewitfaissese., 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 lailireclassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ?1 +.. Wk.P2T.,:".:011.0 P*4 .*/'.:/Srlinq 'rjr,AMirlE?ftX/ !At'," Mrlelir..4 ,e? !b. Basque, govansiegst foresaw the World War. Olt ,030crea oossaisions* hut partiesslarly on Iteetabor 220 19:*: Print ,Ateirke in a broadcast, speech 110C1011110041 the twos& of war end 1141144d out the role which Toad be played by hioncoot 61Pa.#1, T)i. 1ssqu 41egstioiasfa Friaet and in Ingland rawer osi.eeed .0'1104 atteistiOn to tike danger and pointed out the notes- Otty.fAuri "snag preparations irith regard to Spalasi with fell ilt07,4011ke that this aosints* mould sooner or later adopt it 1.060,90 or 00110orattoil1w1h the ,Asciso which would be acre a' 1e? aStt4e. acitording to ithe nonent and the opportunities 'dodo., tsetse aria* of ales* were not heart aa they should ,.,?:',00411 the 'British and the Frafteh politioional Rooster in ii th...41eneral Staff was aware of this threat to the dsgree , ba stens and it volt fro* this that, there. grew the a?reletions bete!** th? lliSeque intelligence Servine ant the .1041 Deregs ofiblist Star. Those relations befoa be- World Wert Okto into/141W at outbreak and ? , 1.41 titid** -11411ailli beaus ore orifisst as wiix d?1relo,ed, hS *11,0 theta edlitstsk between the two Ilard.411011 way the obtsinin. g Of 1,11ab1. seilites7 intellliganceso The diplossistio iserviam pro. iip,-kurosoce',rpgivS.r the fatless* import to -for thn . 'on of a political network for Liked j ti 1113010 onentIT') and prewiously outiust, torsignpolW3r suit be cos of rtch politica organisation siiiietion for direct 1401m.,/without 11 that Bitairs40 tititiads. weed be ageing* Frame insofar 10040 alseye pleresi the part of as collaborator with the ' Ise thatandina. taut the bisque Berrisses were? cenpletely ofbiredi guarantees that Tram* should waver appear Ififortingy. 1Preash diplenatie L1E4, aithough U Ane Maroon wee obliged 44041111Leilii7 fide uf the positive results ? 14441Can5er.Beririce- nd in view of the un- 'leer, it mil nsi, able fully to accept that the war seviAl lead to an open &claret*: "ram* and'tha1416 ocibispitooloompoo. in portant results fro* the Basque Ma hate passed mime this *collaboration the atehivaa in front of us viols/ of these- sposaitic results. ,P.ancerning which the :French Wit, and preferred attentions ,g? !I' *1?:t'",4 ? ? E.1.' ? 13461104SiNt Altf.04 ? ? ertlbe A - r,'...... 77- ? 49:p ? f:* ORIMRSIMIN1111.111.' -11=411111111 S. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 4,2,2,orgstrzmINY4teinZo r.?1,1 t): Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 =NM Ire,...r1AESTO .AT RI tetor..4 414tArr. " *MP, I? 1tUtry gairtimina in the Basque country* 20 14VALOsi Aeon Of 113V COrpl Map in particuLar, of dirti4413iifliI btigaticti obtokinsiVici the Central ofti300 or 14.0 army poilet organislitionk 3* littliWy Actireienite and *Matta* worts in4. V* 44146POiltilOuto Colotitota antietlittet7 novonents in Banns parts end the othor linportant ports of northern Opain? S. Anin-a0tiVittift 0010din special meats cm be indicated, elm*s epriag 011 Vite inartsgrstphia center 14,40,140[1 ,trocurepont of the Lost recent raLlitary Arti4010# 4,A -$1140 colUthAtion sM 1por4tion of the Bel pee whie:Oi wore %MA In the cilia ear; o erlien mibearints edL bases on the cipar4k:eta,) 9 6. Wszi i?othustatics 7. Secrst -orehives6. inventions from the War Ministry ,oa tliiij isfe,: *tie plans and MemOltatria ili00.01 fop .*?46threrser and s 1DSW SaChinal-ga) ? 41-# doutiox.esplogi444, . , PoliticavItiastion of the From* goverment . . 10* Politica 4tcalitict, of the high military command and , of. the 14001014- end Co.rlist groups, ? ? U? Rot piOn**1. 105itztt Miff Oa 4. 4 !!',P341440,ar4 $nopir isonnection with Axis rtho,Anorieein benispbonsc this subject 41 its aspects since the year 1937, and 6n14141 Qt vistiow roorto. -u- ivm OOtsincd boo specialised agents entrusted S.0.0? portiau,tar sitogrephis points, and ill Os Wore _hailed by the otter ambers of the of 1.0404:90bilo ,opinics? the work of these iiaa1 initiative within the trauma* gibmion Omsk by the chiefs thoVuOitiOccerio, pirepturod by the Dousibse Bureau* 014,- IMO Services ware norma14 6) la the Irench Basque of the Bosoe Service was located, and liaison offioe in charge of several itsfalquerters of the- Basque Elervios, ar to aCOUS11 Stif:t bi? of 75,000 fresco per south, to wilich -of4919 the subwnitions paid regularly by Sation for the volt condueted there. ^: i ? - , P'1 ? ; `'. f', I .1.-, 'r.,.;_::, 1, .2,,, ? i 2. 1,..0?.t4 .42W3.4......44-00." I rt.iv,a4,..tiopieirosZleav.3401142907,4411,16Uae4polaleti.P4V,ti two ? or .. .4 r 717 %,? ? r t.),4, 1- : ,, ?-;f..9?:..,.. .. - -. - 4,_f..t-Pr ' i:... -1c."?:. 4A .1 .?1:.:.:.;;:f , ,...?..,--, ? ,......c?? -, ...,71...",..7.0 F,. ,....i: , ag.1*. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninnn-,n1.,nn '2 .? ? --Q1;?!0- 3 UJIimin Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ? "'"?'""ri, e- Vtimer e. to riaat4011:21 the, irem .0 Sa eh...moa Servides was 110. dose and 1$11117 Mg .tvie10110we hold bottom spoolalAy Hianated conks for the Lisilion between bet% Servicee? tile &irate/sic infossation obtained by the Heave agante *Oa-. reached the headquaxters 0 their Sorwlogo through a asks rot 4400lianication Unto after baying been wubaitted to otoAy tad '004814mia* aore rapidly tranamittad to the Irmo* SWAMI with * ilteli* Laillorting the evaluation of reliability* follasing en -0811114 atlas atd indicating the beakgrocold of the agents is attortOnoo with a nomenclature which *leo had been irrhe aubjeet kt:AratteLli toderetanding? tut quantity of naterial and the aped otaainaitations pernitted us to provide the rounihme Smola wilib allitrall not each di** the 11.'rench reosivet thee* Intelligence POI.otirla *Mit sreat intereikt sad were quite font In staidag 104tt tliwy lora in soy oases boa original emr-0oe conmaing *ROIL wed *tows to which they had no tempos ion thpy hod found *so Imparts valuabla *M. *buys trathfaly as repirsoeutOkiszco i . Mai wannratioatione with ,agenfia who were operatitg la ngliatti? (that Swam oonatry) sad j lipain were ofttose. by Ural *be 1Pyroneee and ty nes. - -, is Isporilan't to, aoto toit the .,riihoSx vootembalif ilf.,-,..__ .41airao the PooV apeasoiblo ,,; ilio tasted* ;OS t* *iiiiiionr? Beth aide* of the OS *MA* ilartilid, ,kir 0100011 OS tat thillii* for, Ofoolva. ..., t 2 ,.:' rail.da theztaiginee ia/pponieb Oitisolathip vith theca batman france--ead*einik tb* Ittrentail become the .,-,. ., ....,.,;,,. 4,1i4: ?i' - 4 j: mikoh pitiainit? 4130,101_, : , s f04, UP, 1611qPilk Igra not ea Jdiffitioltylarto on ittrattiwo hicio tor oper- ,......, ,...,,,!-- . :z... tb* mon* of ttewspliOnt Mioliftilit altenturetat Vto sone - , ,4; . 2; 2 111P- tit Ufa. Contabr440) iita, or leo lay eft l'ilonte. Met Basques '-;. ?;'114.."' ,.Z . :0. , ,.. Iro#4,1"trodttiOnO tteet ThrOugh em ,..;0::, - a are Plia 151,Viiir path on Us- hi& eose? The ':'..?iev;,:t,,'i-'?? ? ..ii , ni. tion sysikee# viiich 144.10404 1 Kaelli 0b111104r *tea '4' Onot-uoing the to'opfigairtiiiiaitioal WNW" 1,118 iti) genre j., a.? ."'"- ., 'kb? lbws? 'non past was par a tAeiiii codinadoetion itotr, seorat tOwsb oontaintng infortation *on its ,. ,.,,,..? 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With this thonghto and in spite of tha lent of under.- atond.irg,?.sWina by the /tenth but in due honor to the truths with th*EltnnWl*tio anf2 egreenent of the Deuxiiine pureiret the Basquift ?Oersted during thio tantixo period, lime folio, the reaults obtainimi in the in. to. propaganda, awl organisation* , . . 1,: m **necemmery to insist on the Caro control of :** POI 'Iilloaria at it140 disposal. of Transoms Spein? The ther r*din' ant All pn)#potionsin genera:Lip as theycone i to 0110 *Sate Vero 1 utively dedicated to the props. dItOtatoot- en *mew to this state fUady1iiiA showed ;too *tea wealtessere The bisque 814.11U.,., putting ilasque govern** whit* declared in favor of the Allteat under.- *** propaganda, conspeign over sirealas objeusto ?. Allied information about the _ K1.0- tbe der*ocrecliesi in fighting the the 0021111114 41rectives ant 'OIi* the e of aCammen triumrph for Inoespitibility of the Cams character , -man es* reanseti by the spoken word amid in " .01t1,jeki4ibieep pikaplitlett an& boolinisnewspapers, leations, latc)i. The rasps Service wee a 6*-Prsnrafpnlik' weir agelatt Gerammy and Spain. 'Opts& bytes Gerainno called on their imiliessit a persiestatinit of the Basques in en iir 01101411?ons? Zia thin sense, the right- ,'comnissioner tor j'swish questions I ?itessticin in tkie l'rench parlament Mice trigis against the lesques? It. was ;wig but the, itraneasts did not admit adVentegs a the Prarnah ifinister. Dar- poripsoutios to Irbil*, ins idil rater later. 4-t ? ; ? ? ? ?i. "i:':' .., t , .'" ? 4," c - .',. 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'lobs leaailquartera of tbia organisation wee loCetad In Worms ant operated slongeldo of the headquarters Of the Pampa Inte/lIgance Jiirvice. tt Was argatisag as a ihaer. al. Staff with 'artistes isectionet and bad In coanaul of each a *owe chief free awes those who bad conlanded In the war is tirSlendi (the Same aflutter). Theme headmortere were divided Into regional sections* a illtdot for each Bosom region, Navarro, imams Tinos? sad allArat end local sections with a chief cSii' each localityp Including each of the Spanish cities whim any sabstantial league colony was to be found* This body of tide organisation was aosposed as follow 16,41 Organization of primers ,a4,, gfeithasie i. imerriabal A. Ibtsizo4elarostwa _ litinliellaii.aiLl Bum - The triurisill of Tram* Imilg =Amidst of $its LI ,storatisr through the various trIscoms of ihrerpie, 0 o. Puerto de Banta Urfa, Astoria, III4 di wraps *to. 41i*f1Ltt MOW of panics/ Isadore, eM r. oldiers air us sii( - - cm, Intellectuals end priests :tom Woormiir. Aki Os start their number was In excess of .30,000./rhe SEIVIIIP $4104 10',4111101111414 a complete organisation for , , tusil and, switartillad*--to these prisceers sad to saintalz l*Iptations with tioi. i*Ifbabljr because they OM a selection _ cllf Illka beat lisacre patriots!, those primers haws been end are an 1 I( ftlitt,#041 .' intlo?totokllAstrian moray. ?hese primers , .: irnsr?oiianisnd in ea1i ;prig* moil A their posts in the ' litIiieki?. 416 they save POO*, - ' Ilberintedt* Iratrietle Woman This branch of the organise - et oh _ togOlhar yam pa ate had as its fonciion il:glato *cttvttiei" Ina 4111/ aolleation of noway for the 'victim; 001411?tattnip CANSIOSLOSIII ildtt4ifi the oituary, wt.* .sus the name gives to igroups of test aim of a 1144.40f !It4busit *SU the spirit of sacrifice Id sad with ftItl tiftnr dpline? 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Ulm spite of this, several acts wore carried out with *0 fiascoes. %see cut be40114deria4 at training. They ,1tere 1.1iik petal*, of *segos ;fists end aegis* in this streets; 'of 3ettoire sza-iitiratis from President ':;,Origaisi.Ottion of petriotlia .ge;Werings which had as fral, of rellgiouiroult or itiitiaire festivals; the ::-tatiito of glititions_ to foreign toimiosiOns visiting the saiwa*Iriiias they were hla sate mate of which had 4-- Of whith:ierirea to drew attention _ .tbe league conetsy. and most ortracidinary difficulties, *Isaac :of weapons, and ismitions. 1,012 t10; Ifienderiss. w'ho had escaped N0,10arin belliel! of the 11,4itidarosetets -int?respo whiih lived together 4Trerodi Bakst regions in the *ere organised 'along OPP Sot erAz"no, *I indicoLtion thereof. '''' wiouftt 3 011 be sees that - ' :Vet '" aUcas of these mite, battalictas 'ti1417 tbrodst tbs Tyrigtaell 4 , '4 414414 decides and they would o ip..., .,1Ii. and eriploy the organisation of . 4 /1 I ? f ID ;0* ..of underAendiaig on the part of tliW ilasull of the- lesko-Guiarosteas it . )3i1; itself :ipitg,quqh a ttiw as the ill: itili%n 07 the means which we , , .1 ??-c ??, 4' ? -?,...m.r.N) ?ict?-? ? t ? '414.!-Iarkit1.116* the BillWri orgonisation which, one end its intelligence *gents, coa- 'Service. ; , ? 'fAitt$40?' -`;???1- 4.00*****00.0000 iireinee learmed of and used the Basque sparks 016 /hi Balgtaot Sovito lad soles contacts # the spring of 390 Ina beginning to work 'Mere of *pal iiptallAsiMpip ?????.--.6"-1 -? ? w.t4 7F, ?? ?a?Lo -443,33:1,ne?A*Milt$ ulawrv*dhoaP.2a.-e.Aigitfiaty,?*,,*f,?,w,404,4? ? ? , ? rent. ? ? L, 11 ? ' ' ? ' 7."?4.1 ?.1 r 51' ? P111.11111111?111111116111A111 -z?L-"-.r,i 7 . ? - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 ??? ,Z,"f? ? 11111MMI111111111 mi Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020009-3 V.?'..,.rt.311411,tbtsiEdej.211:P.V.111011.,1,1P."--- SELSOLI12164EILP7 PR4Net ^ ,.).V.VA7N1 IllmittualtanuNtaLtalgalLtlitjagmea On Stay 3, 1940, th0 Basque lhorvice obtained information from a person O*110 to tba.Prango Goirorrlinztts This re;ort announertd that the Cremtiail .0wirepisent had indioated to ORURO NUR that he should take steps 14 ihhieilliasquas t Ytha* in order not only to persecute the persons 0;1010 tit) B**-- icivAmiont* but also to attack their honor aul ittottlittioni MONO MOIR forearded the neoessal7 inatraottoigt 1$00.-U3IERICA Awls, who failed to take the desired 040 ith inWa_rapntation of thOse individuate* slaCa tie boliqvid 70'0 of VW. gener4LJ esteis whiat nee esjoYed by tralft rtOf . tbeo /311001Iii 3#,E01.0., CERIUM SigiER insistod cod I 6;4 difie**1014 1010anifik ibi &moss in osiiri,, Amilpirico los !Gr. g.040-01, to.;:, Itgi;cmes,At? of inportnnt paittcal tea Ons:"arith ' ' ,.4 . .4* co Mar 5 to the ?molt fticirl'C.tO Ohcristy? 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