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November 3, 2016
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September 20, 2013
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January 22, 1944
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ) jf .41 FIELD OPERATiONS SWIM ? ? `Ezit 7t.;;? " ?REPROOLCION Of RUBBIER4TAMP IMPRESSIONS C00100301% IMAAA, JANUARY 21. 1944. SECRET ; ? 111. .-1. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 4 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 SECRET F!ELD OPERATIONS WARN NUNN* SEAMAN'S PERMIT TO LAND, MARSEILLE COOIWOM IDAMMA4 JANUARY 250, )944e, SECRET 411P;k r2.7 1 ? .7 ,Zt:4;3"1:C A ? _t- , 1,t-A , ? ? ???? ;?-?' '?? Vs* ,?1 '-1?T?;?-. ; I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20.: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 11111?111 A111111?101111111Elk FIELD OPEMTIONS StAISTIN mom it ? if r,',3-..5 II , ' l' ht- ?t ' ? c.:14. k ^....Al. ' VI Cmilelt.74-% .:4'" .t?;:- .7, c.., .1:, .7, ? ..4'. .,,i t!., ? ,. r..,),,.? . -;,.."-1. ..... ?. , . ..,:- ' t :. ?: .. . ?_. fl ' ?';'.`,,-1 l' ..".. 1 ' 1 (1..,?,--,, .. ? .,... . I ..7 . ,M. ? - 4.1. 't. -.....:.4....s .., _ , Ii,1 V15- ...,i ' ' ' ? ? 1-*i P : Pe ?-?- ? . r'... ? . t4,T-74 VIA 4 ,.???? and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 F It " 5s; 47: %5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 , f(41' ? SEMI FLED OPERATIONS SULLITIIN NUMMI PROVISIONAL NIGHT peomirr. ? f." 40011WOMNI OKOP FIMIUMW 1944 SECRET ? 5.0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 41P s" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 (1/4?ta v T- A,6.4,0444ilr?, 4,* ? p. me Lt, Commander H. Rorgan txecutive Off oe 41 Dmoom,' There is returned herewith memorandum pvevared by you to the Chief* D Branch rolatIns topttotUd-, tion priorities fOr dottuments and aUrvenar* Ibis Will confirm 4r. Putzell*s conversation *ith you in which he stated that the Operatiaus Committee at its meeting on September 20# 1943, tslablIarteld General Magruder and Ur. Scribner at a dommIttear to determine priorities for the productitoft of detru mentor* FAIyour further informatt*no the Conmittow at that m Ing also appointed Gen*oill 11140u4or, Mr. Scribner and yourself as a committee to mine for R & D from which Government an4 AIlltd Agencies R & D will be able to accept p coilucttaa orders. I also attach copy of 1.tt.r to Colowt1 Bonnier which contains a slight varistEon on paragraph 6* We are also sending a copy of the revised letter to Dr. Lovell, as indicated on yoar copy. Also attached is memorandum dated December 11, 1943, on the subject *Relations of Research and Development and Censorship Document Branch,* We are sending a signed copy of this to D. Lovell Thruntairchard " i Oeseimr-moo. eam.momm"....." Robert Thruz t41-. e - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ?17) 1 4401 ? Colonel %dwara J. V. 2677th MON. CV. rxperimental (ProV.) Algiers, Algeria 14114 ihenJetitt toUld r* 'U filer thief Dear Co1o1 t peratitud itommoiltIgh 1. Referring to Oimierta to rt'.*letter or Nitott-too regarding the newly created Document 41/440111011441 Div-14141U Iishod in Washington, 1,14 advised you 'thst St Welt int#434104 ttt SOSAt ydu an, individual to Assiut in questions abottionda documents and their related intellivenee. 1.141:10 ppro oet Es now undcr-way. .2. The letter indicated that it did, ftat 41.4m to provide you, with facilities foir, reprottuoIng Adetinetticti ruixt Mission. Further :Mutt' has developed such * pm/Alb-lit 3. There in being planned a nasal mit to be *tont to you with personnel and equipment necentail to prodiacet a stIblatantial portion of your requirements in this respoit. 1-11114 ut34.1 frill be a branch factory or R&D and will resetve tech:gala *Arica, assi arum and supply from that Branchg 4. There mad he mutual interchange of teobablimi tarort4.- mation at all. times between the Washington Rita) and it twanclitea. 5. I enclose a oolpy of a tacertorttndum outliating the respoststris functions of the Document Intelligence Walvis:Lazo, CD Branclz, siadk R&D. This &quo division ot functions would apply to titair reaspootamo, representatives in 7our gission. 6. Please cable promptly whether or not you reqtreirial suat a production unit :recruited and equipped for, your ritistion. Sincerely, G ? Edward MI Acting DirCttoi ? .4 "It ..,., .:,?.. a ? - ' 9 S?i:1?124:6X Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 04,42. 4 -oft* I t*43 CoAonel DAVid 1 'Jae cio Commending onnral European Theater #1 APO #007 Doer David: i) jolt E., t Lit lot IP NET' tho Frito ri 4C)ten1.1tWnitiliF 1. of rri rigra to rioneral aonovon*s Le tkor it regarding the newly omitted Dont Intolltonoto established in Washington, he advised iou that IA was send you an individual to %natst Ln 411entlora Ii especially documents luld ft.;hoir ritaatod tntrallnae, is now under-way. A ? - slorn trittsra tito etirVW r o ,x401,140mt 2. The letter indleateld that I dinmt sworn, p: '4 bm provide you with facilities for raprodintiOdIAIMIC41.4 131 tattr` Mission. Further study ham developed nut_ a ponsihtltty 3. There in being planned a small unit tko be nellt tot with personnel and equipment neoesagcry to prodhoo A sUblwtAn portion of your requirements In this respoot. Thin qnIt xl a branch factory of nut) and will recolve teohANical *nee and supply from that nrenah. 4. There would be mutual interehano or to nical mation at all times between the 7,nahtnaton TAIND Lj ttn bru 5. I enclose a copy of a morwrandum out1inin4 the rva ey 17* functions of the Document Intelligence Division* C4,) 7rancho and R&D. This same division of functions would a;ply to thetr renfectivit representatives in your mission. 6. I recognize that your present location may place a 11 on the uso which you can make of such roproduction faollitles. However, we think it would be best to supply :mu with such fact/MS.64 in anticipation of an opportunity for their full utilliatIOA., ahem such an opportunity does occur it may not allow to the LaeritablO delay of recruiting and shipping. Please cable promptix whether or not you require such a production unit reorulted and equipped for your Mission. 6-- G. Edward Buxton Acting Director SECRET 11. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 - 1 04 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 20 M1'":10PAttirIttlt; r*cimrlr SUAJPTT ! neo-Amrsn * In imil.T4mnoo qit ? 1. The neod or P OnrniMMqt Ine411,1444pal.m for AOMP titts hoen rnatly rett:f It ttho413 urewl4ta 4g the tochnlrial advice ond holp AttlJf-h ;4 co- t)Aily 2. The record to iftto indtam,g rzh.ortel qffice het atteinpted aneleco&ded 11 ..1!qt- ;44A-r 4,,c-tketa to solve the prnblerl latmlved thpr P,Ac Dpon T-,rtrIt"n of co-ordinated orrevt. Rt. 41, ,1 3. OSSI rTnrt.5411 urgpntly 414 iCt,Wqvit ittikt)4101 the Document Intelligenc,o Petion, f thtztl mt;Itton. Mot.'.h.tor of this Section wo,t1d serves nt a aont4v!t AM% g?;4 IPe611/13,t. He should have irnaginatton and drtviit 151,4t TIftlort not 11* a tgtOt- nician. ffowever, It Arolid certainly h4 prersombLo tf After thP Chief or the So+ction had ott.Alltvted vith, the various Allied SPrvices, he thoul4 15 prolvtioc! 11VN. 4 ,g11 but highly export st7Aft4 (.7,r tech,tqaat. n1 i' ht..; at the outside, would be four. 4. Those men should be able to .:Torl: Itth #4.hftdr haritht. nd between them, should hnv43 an fvxport rr110,10,t,y chemistry, worldwor%ing and metalwork:Jag. 5. The dovuments necessary for entry tat> t*orgotin countries and the restrictions imposed by foretgn couztrtos change so rapidly that it is absolutely f%ssontial c capable of finding out about these re:strictlns. mac! 'Ttet;c1r. documents as near the scone or action as posib- 0. 6. From the short-term point of vie4, V this 111V7rn, is faced with the same problms that were prc.sented trtrtiy that is, combat intelligence, it is imperatitkr that thL,, 44" :unit be at least able to provide the agents Atith propPrly was.thed documents and with a minimum of concealment gadgets. To. date-,, we have been entirely dependent upon our Allis fHr this servt which is an unsatisfactory position. it , ? .4. - .L t.r ,.,... N .441 . : 11 it. ,-if '-or'..;: ? -, , '' '.- ' , ... ,k? .'? -;.: t",,,-"?..,..i. o .,,.r.'/ ?--- .... : ,. ...t--z . ? -'',..,-, 4, g.--...,_ -,.... -,, .--?' 0.47416i -1- United States Equals British MOSS 5i - EC RET " P.,,..e,....*?44.40,M4111414?44.4~401.1044..."' "44: "411k ?-- ? ? ???'," I .1. ? ? ? . kr, .04 s ., .. ? A A - '?1 0.to .-J s':' . . ; ...- ? ]).-4 L - 1,: ;7;:k. 14 '-'-'?1:11` L\ , 'bg......- A. 1 ...\ . . 4?rt, ,-e ? 1-?, npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 7, rnr the- 1,Pne ry4;;, tb, ractuep a varl^ty 4,14 on restrietirns, in a r 16 1,, t ? 1P1, ".:- bost 1)0 dm:, In ArAghingtrm, tIts 1,r1m ! LhP war-tImP oxp-rropeo cpIn0.4 In ",hor be of vast bonortt to thP Itct.;h1nr?c)n rf4"-0:1 4 8. This probipm 141 Itrgon'', / around tho r cmno to oPch mission ftnd dovoLop hI5 erron orgnain:z"tn. 71 !,70'.r-or mission f1o4 of tochni(!al trlf4lrintloln: wtli .4'1"CT7W,e. PHiT; WF will bo Ablo to st,nnli on -qr '#n foalt Itst adjunct to our rnAndod-out sorvir,o. e: ? ??? '2,1""" , ? 10. , ? f f 4. .3 neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Friiths tintutti it, el 1 rt 4 t 1'0 Co I ril)o bi tt '41 4 ia.?.....?????.???...4.4,..thl le*/ ???041 r ori!,! rt ,,krF 471 P.:?1r ; Ii t. 1(! f,e,) ? ;;11 ft ?-') ? ?? I-11'i 01 t r f)r ;net 1,-, r !-! r? S?I')' r1 I Ikr, t4I7ir I4.?,?1 " 1' if-1 t,,() t.tc , 'Jr p trot:111cl r r L!, Corryn n r: t '?A., et 14!igruopr luz6 \4r1 rrrnr 4; committnp to dotnrlInotrriP ror thr, prodilr.-4,1,--41rf It Faso i p po Lrt c,d 1.; F, r ; r Mr. ,:',(Irthnnr nnfl yom-s;Plr. mittmo d rz:1 r k:0 r which GovrIrnmPnt nnM All! H P D set 11 hi, nrrf".7)t, r ),? tion onlors. Thus/it will blo unno,70n!:11ry tfr-i I - prove thfNrittMc trrnoreviti irt3 leSS it is desired to nitt,r thlo, existinr, t..Irrahl.;;priPht. )16 ? ?; r ? a I Office of tho Secr4Itttrielt: (9139) SECRET: nr???????? t ? ? ; irw*:ith". ? ? C ? , L to .f.44. ,-.......A_ aer i... .. _64 1 ; ''' ,?? Iii , i...,-,Iril4??:11 iiim- it ? ,p, If itt ; ?I, S. 2 111111RN,,,, ? - -?-, ,,, .?{'S 4-, Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 I ? ro.' ? .4 0, ?? .. w Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/20 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 i.i4if f 1.11-110,,II3111,1f. -sr - 4440-4' Cmlonel 0* &hoard Itautten 11 The Soorettielat The attaehed papers wore submitted te ate Nrortstitrtal Merges with the statement that Wiry baill bmmtikoorommitikr 0~04 Itegruder. They represent suggeeted forme of lettere fee rimer otgnelpsrep *00- dreseed to Colonels Olavtn end Orono and Lto 4004, Nepipmer# Oforbitit to mash Theater a small snit, ',opened et It eamseeescr poroomisMi and equipment, for the ropreduniem at demieeste. Is* Letter vieteis further that theirs is enelesed a espy of a someromom* outiintmg thie respestive funetiene of the Demonist latelligenie Division, at) Amok and MO. The menerandus referred to has boon signed by iota Li-. Comdr. !WOW* and Mr. Lovell. It eoestitstes * reasolsehXy ulster aliatommat of Wits line of demarcation between the CD AnWit and MD, prienipilly aimme the lime* et providing that CD Brew* will oillsegt inksIligOnse rem- girlies doeumentation and openness of personal oicemmelatm* *erns. MD will actually prairie* augh document*, lath rospeat to 11414 Misname, the momerandem propeeeo Wet the same Ile* of donernstieft be renamed, i.e., CD repreeentatives will be ecacornod nth Intelliw genes and the *souring of information, together with WO setsal control of all natters oweraing documentation, paper*, *lathes and ^mmouflage, and MD sin nittiblieh units for the actual ptseas ? deemminte required. dines the nemeramdma has bees approved * the hes* of the 100, Iramottee oeneermed, and bas bees onerarred in by facsmrs1 and time a lose net seem to soarliot lifillf Sit Um lases at Vic Dimas, ease forrilas the temettose If116?40 inadialik. it wield mos to be la order ter year apiperral. It woe14 ales sees to be is ev that this asessr odoil be tranomitted t the Ille* iiiorilar to forsetall s oes.fteloa IOWA say result fres the "IMMO/ Sat St - plane to despateb both CD ailed DID vette to the larlose Theaters* There is aloe oabodttad *Li. Candir. Moms for row **prima a fora of sissoretees to the Chief If MD SR the %emotion of setabliih? int pitoritlee in De ter the prodeetios et doompsesiie tor the CO Ihtomelt? , ? 10, v 0.; 41` ?'? tv,i.; 4 4 , F. ancl Annroved For Release 2013/09/20 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 :1;40 -7 twi. - tt.-447MitgUilgfct -4?4 4447,1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 the moseramdisi itstes A40 aye hmeoloseste ts oset iJirnt the mess Um to soot pitsdoet1 the matter gill to matemped to Nite Or ths estibliehoftt st prisoltiesi thst this hoe the sipproostl se Wro and wield Otessiere smote to be Is spies Owl - ? - 7. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 OlifiCt Of 59A rtate vIctl 114-711/401rtit MMO TO, Colonel 0. %Award Ouxton FlOkit The Sec re ta via t mALICt 0Alt I) geoNm. - 1 ?4* The attached papers per, samitted to the Sectritue ?A. aridr Morgan with the mtAtement that they h*d beer si by Cenw *1 Magruder. They represent suggested forms of letters for pm: sign-allure, ad... dressed to Colonels Glavin And Bruce And tt. Col, oNippner, offeriag to each Theater a small anit, compose4 of the neoffilsery personnel and equipment, for the reproduction ot document34. lath letter ot^tes, further that there is enclosed a copy or a memorandum outlIninK the respective functions of th* Dot teiien C arandt and R&D. The memorandum referred to has been signed by both Lt. Comdr VOrgan and Mk. Lovell. it constItntes 4 reaeonasly clear stattmwat of the, line of demarcation between ee CD Breach and ROI priticipalV along the lines of provldiag that CD Branch 771.11 allect Intelligence reo- garding documentation and specimens of personal doeumentet whereas R&D will actually produce such documents. With respect to Yield Piseions, the memoranehm proposes that the same iin* or domarcAtiaa be followed, tie., CD repr000ntatives will be canoernod with intent genes and the securing of information, to:ether-4th Whet Actual control of all matters concerning documentation, papers, clothes and camouflage, and R&D will establish units for the Actual production of doauments required. Since the memorandum, has boon approved by the heads of the two Brandies concerned, and has been concurred in by General Magruder, and since it does not seem to conflict with any of the idea* of the Director concerning the .funotions of these Branches, it would **ea to sbc in order for your approval. It would also *est to be in order that this memorandum should be transmitted to the Field in order to forestall any confusion lohidh may result from the working out of plare to despatch both CD and R&D units to the various Theaters, There is also submitted by Lt. Comdr. Vorgan for your approval a form of memorandum to the Chief of R&D oa the question of establtst.. ing priorities in R&D for the production of documents for the CD BranCh. ! .i ).. Le........o...............*ORIV.V.....+.? . 1 .. ? . ....,6 ' 2 - !.. ''i 14. i ' a ; ';'' : .. 1 ... . k .F1, ,f 1Tb A 4 _ r- ? -4.C.4, -4> r. * !At:: ? 4-??? I* .2; V SECRET naf-laccifiind and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 , , i ? ?r") - I , e' ' '44.3ir.ore!! Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 1h4 mot* 8 t hOl Pik* II vih ricolur h)? otolikio t ors. kol la koot FWD *to inAdectut? tao meet kho requiesmoois' of Mk* 00 Or4rolt or 4,6 the same Clime to meet prodhsotlan 4dhedtame In RoOD for of1rlo4eloy, Woo the mattOV will be rererrod to the Diroolor or Alliolott DiemeAor Cor the estobliihMent or prwitiego Lh. Comdr# M*1400 A04q0014 q14 that thie halo the okpp-roltia or Wt. Lov411 4nd 04 lion#011 114044-tor And would therefore seem to be In otdor for yolw seign4t4r,w Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 v X-^.7"-^'W 4F.? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ? ea, ,^^:m Lt, Colonel Riuhard P. flooppmEr American Marlin Mew Delhi, /Mill flubjoots 71014 f Os for tie r of pe1/k *1 admillown.t Dear Dicks .44tAir , vtjtv, I 4' Or;sJJ Doimiettbor 110 VI'l , Vt 1. Referring to ?amoral kftmirti * lottel Ottotivr21 regarding the newly areated Docrument Into:Mende DIVIisiAIS eloticblai lished in Washington, ht adwited yft that it woe "At 44 to) *era you an iadividnal to assist in imeitiOts donbevnin- *sip-4- ?11.'11y documents and thoir related illt*Wrienfoo ovoS*ot ts now under-way. 2. The letter indicated that It did not seem praltlaal to provide you with faeilitisa tor reproductm dimmionts tft yOUr Mission. Further study has developed such a posaibility 3. There is being planned a small mit to be 'rent to you with personnel and equipment necossar7 to produto asubstan tial portion of your requirements in this respeot, Th:s unit wilI be a branch factor. of B 111 D and will rettetwo toahnical advt**, assistance and supply from that Branth. gr: '4'44 4. There would, be mutual intordislago of tetthnlool inforva- tion at all times between the Washington R & D and ite brandhow, 5. I enclose a copy of a nemorazdua outlinin the res-pme- tive functions of the Document Intelligence Bronchi and R & D. This same division of functions would apply o their respective representatives in your Mission' 6. At this distance we are unable to foresee t,zz what type of equipmeht will be required to fill your needs so tm the first instance we would send a minimum of equipment ould be supplemented as experience indicated. Nor ire*, writing about this matter to Lt. Col. Coughlin in Chun king until our affairs in China are clarified, " 7. Please cable promptly whether or not you require avi&b.? a unit or units recruited and equipped for your Mission, 4,4,4 -0""e0 1??????4044. J1. ; Sincerely, G. Idward Buxton Acting Director .; ' 74' -? `" ? 1. ^", : ? 1 ^4 . : , 2s3w.:0-4.51, ? _ ! ! ..,"--.! i _ , ":Fi.?.'' I. .7..; j4* ' 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 4 Declassified and A ? proved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ? r. 4 ? inacntorat gobjoets Relations of Ammeareh and Doormen% Bromeilu otc,- Alp 44. J ;11 r.i'r ;as ? r, kV ;we x. 1Pash1ngtasti, AL.Doeuetentation 1. The CO Drench 'will collect triteillimense rogorrot ' dissusentstion, mad specimen* at petreasa doozwertga, ? proclaim feesialle cleurtspeeinte C'10 Brenteh? St Shell be the riwevaihollk CD Bronett to *mid* iibirther the risprodzoilkins factory o:r esti Asti* sotisfest the, tiotick &Atonable and whother Mkt b)it 4tusitatzotts#4;* B. Camouflage itis., Bronokl .colleat sUpoliksiAlts waygipositIegu for and ideos regardine fotrou: of canounaza rtAV any natoriala and Intatruot .1:01) rs-srillna 11.11 mixt:44v- manta. Wary= maIntairt a ?tub m milablot or 2Prcoducintt soon quentitl**, Irortarat litatus? itte= aro required LUqueztitliks larger thau 1441 li1031 produce, they shall be proirivoti tIv."0* tbe coirtsms",k. 1053 procurement abiumelz. Close oporat1nt3; will balate CD in ordor to carry out the foregoing.. II. Field nissionv. A. 7x1oumentution. botsecia 1. CD mill twain, and dispektch poreonnel to the 722, *ions to sot aa cover 004)4114$ to col:laborect. tildth tha staff 'Of the ,Utsitions ,t. at cover *tortes and 'at* Imiatialistg. of all.trAtters conoerningd t.tiUft. pepolres, clothes aM camouflsok. A Azrther It7 of reel 73.iw.mttrIneti be- to send. 'bask to Washington iota-thane tt - able to obtain under the 'above hoe DR 4. . , . ' 1 --.- .......??????????????SNOPIRO,f......40............101,...a............ ...r, ..........".(0,006.0,6004.46,,,,,,...???....e v.....-.......61..4.1,6t, 401.....011....,0 ,...M.11.? ............44.440,40,6 ki -k.`44:"i416,414agiNOVir."..."''' j - -.V.:: .. 1 ' r:`' ' 'I 1 - . ? ,'''.' ., _..,..,, 1 1 i I i I 1 ' ? 1 / . ,,, ' ' i- ". a ?'. ' s ? 4: Ae , - t VIt At ..1? i 17 , ? I "tk ( . ' , L, & ? , - 11 $ I !;;I:,.:41T,F; ' . '.1&r".110,', , !! 11 ' ..4.s...!) .r, ? A 1. - " l'-'. i '.: . ,.! ;II' ?1,,,',1, !!! ? ,...',... ' r v '''' r?, i. . _ . , ! : . ....! 41,44 , :1 .:1:7..iYL :.i.? .. ,, 0. zr,:. , ? ' : ? ? , , ,i., ' 1 ' ,,, I L.. ? ; -4 1 . r.., 1 , ? . 111,:;0, 4A:id k.2.... ' `11r 3 ?", r ' ' ' ''' ? . ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001nnnnnnp_q No. 0.'N!! P44-k. Af's? . `10- Sttg?;44. 4 ?. ? 441. 4?44 Ati&c=4-; ? ? 440 staxionlitif a 06$ *A4 t140 141*okon** 4r 1? tho ir*quitliwiatts Jot 00* 4te tk* 4itapo41004 Thom. wilt* vIll .01*61%*4 kt 104 on* 14 tho 041114117 rimulowoonto or Cha Mlastea* oft da0u**114* mid '441 tw, 01* doiviptotto# doogm*Kt* prodittood, lo*Ofly- or tit410414,0 mat* cabi*14 toin4rado th* n******11. ,o- to produ** *13, do*oviotito moot: * th* woonow pormit* or dolo ar the do*uo*nt rovcirwo lbw m**4 comioUt* roproftoiloo holliti*** Zia* 41**1*n* 0111 hove V* 04144 *tom*? the toallitlos or th* (t444 piflcat alm$ tin* urgoottr *Mould, coll Zoo thm rovvrAugetima ta th* ti*14 or it Maahi 111. Comouflag* Itoma? l? Vat tb* primoiont no ottompiti will to* gad. **NA la mont to tha tlald tor th* produ*tlioniramamtlow* Xtra*, bltt Cho CD Drionokh rwrprooiotwilliows with tb* ala *ions will forward all * atiaus *44 rollosort* fl*ttton whor* thoy wi b* 4*ft1t wIth ** prveldis4 obeys* ?+1;?mem?or~ownwilr?PInw?IsimIlm.14NMPMUnft?mime? S. Morgan, Chie0CD laraneb OtonIty Pw ca Approvvit ominimoralormw: `rommon?41*404?14611M4 G. Edward Buxton, Aoting Direotor rt 44eammeasearrmiumadmia4?44444444.404444?444.?04444.4..-- _ 4r44?444*,???????-?".*???????.......444,4? 44.c...........".....44,44.4461,1,Bdriapht..44 41344C.? , . ;,?9 ? I s r " ? ??-? ;?:1; n,,f-Inecifiari and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 40=741 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Colonel tlavi ob Coward!, "Plat:poen This it.P.o* 007 Dear David: ;ma* X az enclos; IntoIlls-Anoe tiesticol *Wel La nenorecadun is laiVel ts which require Ar leant to act 7oux- ***ice and rot ;ff; rirtt, er.oPtir,sw-? ? ,:ti-.L.-.14K4:0" 101r Delotser 124 44110, 14, titaitiI040014i0 VIA AV. Stee ono. ir atiotti-Un *se, reearnindationd ome atturtmit X ea sottiv up this new Ilse-tton Ito oentrellze la ors place the .iinfornation end tseflit sue*, 14 Iterious places in WIZ 401 to provide riurtilwor iitl4milieUon those aetivILties so that *bat is evailalae owl be to the Missions as proapt17 as, poseibloo, activities of the 5eet1on outlined in 'the amorea to point out the followingo (a) cover initormatioa? The latter part of the enclosed neroloreattan 141; in the form of questions ithieh outline tho, tip. et trabluoktion *wish it is desired to collect and have ,ftrearded: The various Visa/One 02.44 riesivo tbrougi4 tbsIr lona :scturels a eonsiderab.le portion of this inforaaticu . but, the or it shaAild be encouraged as noel as IA* or Damara:lig mush information to Wash' , is that the ore a large number of other sources; "shish do pot to you but (1k) eons bort* and. it is pro such inrorastion and ploecos it in ah tom that returned to all the ViStOlans in the tom or a this ilia till, 'Missions will have all 13%foivisition sit the Whole of OW *hi& 3411 etrplenent *bat thei in 'their own band.. ; The questionnaire in the enclosed document lee 1044.10111,110a111114446...."1""' 411 .441444,4.4.1 444_ V!.o .7.. ? .; .6 t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 th? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 hops ! 111 *leo be inara ss * guilio rim, tAlivt ilireloo so s witli regard to the tip** of intimmat requi -d. i (b) Papers a, . The cell'ilsOion and truisostaisloa t* ir or paper* and personal iloitumikite la :tot as the Over inforwatiO0 referred tit,* *Wm- said that yoU celleet truth deseaments roma within vur area 'together with the re1oile4 regarding their use, It would, be Ideal it it 2,*eprodmee pOPOZIO Y*0091047 for an vont field on the spot, bat IVr the priseent, tLa is because or thi tochnleal problems inivaved especially the natt or P410.1" 141 Letended reproduo? hero specitior, c domasents A"siquesitio4 but ago to prs*r ut stoOk of documents the litiusions in blank together with ism necitessary stamps and instruetions rscarding how tbei abetatli bo out and complited so that thcra ber scaerthInt available 112 your bands ror immediate use, (0) clothing. rup activities or the new Section in connection with the sollection at clothing, 1114c*sso2!tess suitaases, briefcases and such lilts soluipmantLa livlted to the sources available in the United States. A COX331440-111bit stock has boon acalssulated arid *en be dial know your requirements. In addi send you on assortment so that yo Such, items will serve to suppleMent 1. locallyi far bettor elan we can., and illiair0016, *Oatiajle to 001100t Zattorial on. only sending back to Washington any itenl us to endeavor to reproduce. (a) Camourlege. ars producing and devaopt ideas asui examples ,cr oaaountagot alone the lines Int:Wats-4 124. attached,',monorendisa. Specimens, of thee*, will be roxim.-t.eided to you. Since wo wish to render you the, maxima sorvie. possible In this dirsotion, we wtild app, roc:late reetwilting from yola atv suggesti0ns you. have on the, subject or oatimilasi and oonceelzsent together with ancr orittotera ;rt* th. hied S9:42 ? Viiti ULU on hand. obtain =se , ?''`A tit 0 , -;?:, . , k - nprIaqsifiAri and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 : CIA -RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 113* otritolly attpitithilk2 (*) Pcrion,mp. it w143, that ogwigon eenteaplates so. that they have a this 144, and also thi p.j00- sand ono iluala paroon to 'Oa 11.111SiOn ,aubd the igeogra thair problems eons* to us that this toowaliorata lrevi may pretsr to 4utills* an lasting who ,hes: had tield ocApariertalt for thee* pp otips the shipmakr* ol? one &Mittrrn? Conigaeted *ream ot toonaportstion, wishes in this liAtt4040 sa if wit gir, rearuit hiM proaptI70 I aa iziost azudous that theAel tto4 section ba got the grealast possible aestal will await las an7 suggestions or ideas shit experienced paople the tield ase7 haviso S the are17. ? ? ???? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ?, ?_;1;??01,i,tril - , r 41,1- a ..s ,1. "r- , F,1 ? Oolonol Pdware 47d P4t OlAvIn 2877th atliqts* Co* Experimental (Provo) AM Algiers, Algeria Dear Ool*nel ert enclosing e, tvxmorirdiut 4conomMtAg t14 now Ift4va , Intelligence Ssotiov whteh Et being establIsht4 tn 04/0111ustor4 Thi* itinuararldUra la 1 arte 17 a rottez SaaruitUr7 trut Ul?:111411 tiattp? some points which roquire further axpianatIo44: and Ln ulattan we want to get your advice and mcicirsuouttowttrok an scot avow** I am setting up this new section to centralige ttt place tho tnformation and facilities alraeAly *Tellable ta various places in OSS and to provide twomMher atimulattors those activities, so that it Is avid:Uhl. aim be gotten cul, to the Miasions as promptly a* possible* Ragardlaa the varlautt activities of tho Section outlined In tha mosmranitt=1? : loot to point out the following* (a) Cover information* The latter part of the enclosed male:rand= Ls in the form of questions which outline tho trot or infevmattom which it is desired to collect and have tmrwarded to INAshlzertom*, The various Missions already receive through their Own sommt* a considerable portion of this Infortiationl? but the reeelpt of' it should be encouraged as mudh as poselMe* The ptuws?at forwarding such information to washingtou Is Chet there aro a large number of other sources which do not flow in direet17 to you but do come here, and it is propoeed to pool tisgetbir such information and vroceps it in such form that it mar We returned to 40.1 the ',Missions in the form of a bulletin* ra this way the Missions will have all inftwmattua available to the *bele of OSS Which will wupplementhat thay *area have in their own, hands. , The questionnaire in the enclosed etooumemt we: .,.t,.444.mto4tMMttt4w.t.....t.rmmtmtaomrms4tqtomtm t ,trr. rtersts .44 ? -4444040,434,4444.1,44.4t...e. brtur??,..44/1.414 -........44.4414;140.A67,41(11kiakiWitea41.4????,1".....0441KtiMaest4,4114,61,...00hasse.".~Si'itta,pg,/ ETh?Aig t ' - ? , , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ? ? =+' 0 Air44.144- '1"--074iP/"741,FP34"i?; 4101141 hope wt1,1 also ber woeful ors a 0oUrcem iltith regard to tk-4* typo* roquirod. (b) teme wow. thramaktUti- Paporp and tiotrureetts4 Thsoollootion and trussmLotiation Zouttailti of peplum* and personal documents Is juittt as tAnpartatfit as the, cover JLntormation reterritd t above, ttrld ii La rorpork that you collect cueh elogNments r ipciartoMe sourtias your IOW togoothor with the related intamation "card& use. t would be ideal if it *malt posst,144*,ttro? papers necess for on aient to iluti flo414 on !pot but tor resent this 1 ' L? Atit,a, tligitcum* tb.tecithnical prOb ems involved i th4rroeta.itscrttuct? inmost* the 'utter of pepar. It is intonded *t oj to rivroducie here specific documents request*d. too the -one but alsO to prepare a stook of dmassents and tben to ithei lassions in blank together with e W- . ' necessary rt ttaavut uttl instructions regarding haw, they shca,44 1 tQtflid mat and completed so that there sill t)410 *OM variable in your hands Or immediate W1140. - (a) Clothing. Tho activitiezo. els ncvaection run otazoidtlort with the collection of alothinz, acocasorits, zultcasiasj, briefcases al:w4.much /Ike, equipment is, gmitod to the siourcos, available in t*Rctitod States. A conclidamblo stock has boon accumulated iiM can be dispatched. *ben 1M lava your requirements. In addition, it you woo*, los win *end you, an alsortment so that you will have a sitoCk on harvi* Liza items: will serve to, oupplemient items 1.111,0h you can Obtaln loaally tar hetter'than we oan, and I axiom" that zrou,wtU continue to collect such material on the spot for your use* only sending back to Washington any iteautt attach you would Me us to endeavor to reproduce* (d) CamoufliaSse We are lproducing ,oxnd develop *ad of 'osmoUflaiss *long Ulm 1is 1dioatc in tba attsaled amsorandiss. Spielman* of these will be forwarded to rottik SU** we wish to render you the maxilla* service poitsibilk iA tusk direation, we would iippaseeiate receiving free you any sow- leagens, you have on the subject of emisoutlaget and - together with any criticism or improvements you may *um* , .., e. ..... .....". , , 1 . ' ' ---+ "'-....P.,114.60406111 Awl epr ipli0.41$ p.o.r.g tro...., woo... ?_?'_ ......... ., . ,..mar.. iblees.:1,13410.1.^ +.' --++,-......41. oral h.-tiro *A 1--oro --rinr.Coroo.00 lo, ?....N.. .o........A.,,,d,,,,,,,,,,?,,,,o.,,,,,,,,,k, ,,,,,Kry,,,..,......,,,,,,,,,,,? .., - t: IVY' '''i,. . ? ;!?41;1 .? 4 1 -1 .1 ? ,1 1 ' ? .-...,, ...,, , 11 ?'i' ? , r` 4., .?...* ', ? i ir? : ?,:- i ,,.P ?,,11...? :, '..i..-ii-N..,, 1;.,1,i,,,,, , 4 6 ; , ? ? , , ... , ... l 4, "*.i. ' ..A, i'' I. -' 9 4 I , 1 . . , iCH . - , : ' l' . I, ' ' 11 ' ' ? , , :'"4 . Sil- --' - - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 it in .the ertioles ao.,pstel*d to 760* (el Pereouttga* It w111 be setit trail OW eri te(thed Oiedti Wit thtt 01.11" plain eCintemSplititen trfilatinglx-14piis*14 Co that the/ he14 si twOitratentlizio 4 Uis 401 set this Iona and also the po11it. ddeltpuppookt send one suah person to *soh Itilsoloth satist, thoo the U1801011 eAt,l, the geopephioal Usk reprtsentittImIt an their probleit eomeerning quetticom o Dover* la - to us that this presentslimitiale jot tor stor tetot pergola Tau rist7 prefer to utilise sn twisting sesieber VFW. who .has had field experisme .tor *hoe* seta avoiding the shiposent of one additional y the= congolitd MAULS a trartapOrtatica. S WU*: IOW wi*fiis in this rmattor 4L,I It we ere to tend?ratzt recruit hi ta provtli* so =oat azzlous thet the now Doeuttient Tht*1ip - Section be of thio foreatast possible slictjteride and ittive rya will send las 0137 suggestions or idees ableh 7otx or pltilt experienoed people In the field zuw Immo. 4k npriaccified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 f Lt. Colonel JobnEp Toulaln 0/0 Amason LezetIon Cairo* Egypt Dear Colonel Toulmin: totior 270, agi 611010abla motaoratim diormyrnint the. trAta Intelligence 844ti4 which is beim establisted twsual This =mom:14u* is slarvillr selk-explanato- tt there' az* nom pointu whioh require fulIhet s La4tIttlart we want to get your advloc and ZOO ikttT4.o mkt othevw* at sottim up thin now zecAtIon to corrtralls. ow place tho infortisatlon end facilities Alreectr avollsivol various plecca iLn OSS and to provide tortbir at t?hcce activitieS SO that what is ,availeble ten he gottica ow% to the =scions as prowttly Ito possible* Regartitne the ' activities of the Section outlined it tho memorandum* I wan to point out the folIowinc. (a) Cover :nation. The latter part of the 9tc3.os.dMenorandtmaia in the forts of quegitions which maim the tjo ortrtforaaktlam which it is desired to collect and have foreardied to vuhingttnu The various =salons already reoeivo through their IN= SOIMMOO* eonsiderable portion or this information* Vial the reefelpt of it should be oncouraged as Touch as possible. The of forwarding gush information to We whinxten is that a large number of other sources whigth do not flow in to you bnt do eos. here* and it is pamposed to suoh informatiog prooess it in 1,160b :Ora 'Mkt returned to all tho xiSsIoni in. this tem of a terai In this way the Ilasions will bay* all intimation alb.maillblit asE U* *hole of OSS wtdoh will supplement what ty lave* hal* in th.4? own hands* The quostionnaire in the eneleeed doeissiont woe Irr,r0 , ?43 , 61:4,4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 1%Milkeat4 - ....4.44,4 hope eta oleo be souzli1.44 with regsrli 1,Alitoi tioqutrodo (b) rapers AM dectosut 4cal4i 001:10.0..tion and tvisnattlita , .: ..._ , of papers and pergooel flocumwrits is julit a II ix oovor intortuationroterioithi to above* sad Lt ts :4 ' you oollect sue namoto blan Sli pestable sour*** I your area toestlier with the relatis4 infonsttlon met use. It wm341k1. be ideal it it OW possible t p p re hooeunary tor an tont proeiredi to the rts14 tijot, but tor tile IMP0411411"t 01,11 is i?1L1a b.oavale tho toobnical problem lavolleti inUi-Frocructlarli clapootally tho matter of paper. It is 4 ro-t oi reproduce here aspiwatfic cloovoonts rievsseil but also to prepare a *took or doomenit* the ttiesiona n bisabk toothier -with air and instruction* .Lt:n hov thsi Should be completed no that thor* w. 11 be silatadttilirtg $43001:tak hands Cor irtoodialto us.* (o) alothina. The aotivition t al* MI/ SOOttOci .141 00111110.0t401% with the collection ot clothing, aceessortasi. suitclaseo, briefcases and ;mob Ulco ograipesont is litaiW; to the sourest available in the rLt.t4Pd States. A cortiolders)4* *took bee boon accumulated and osn be dispatohid waloola.trtv raquiroutent** In addition, it iota scree# we, will send 2.1on an assortmalt no that icria will have a steak on band* stath items will serval to supplement items whish, you can obts41 locally far bettor than we can. mud X *sauna that you_ will continue to collect such materiel on the et .your use only eendirts bank to Wsobinirton stvr 33-4013 :onila %Med Lt US to 'endeavor to rep:Name* (d) Camouritge. W. are producing and dove:11 or camouflage ,oloteg the indicated randuate Spostisoni oit these will be owiuy4 to? we wish to render you. OA 1111414411 oervieopo*sr1, IA directions we would isppreciate reoaivil aestione you hay* on the subjeet of eismaxitlege and together with ear ertticiamt or isproveskentit you maysrnt ` ............4A4V-?&6110t1P4064if IMANIegatittiallar0115.04.," /6-4,4017440,,i 10111Am ,rbyi pigoosi Weiviairop$4-.04 '140 1::,%41-' A* ' L ' ''. '.-- ' 's `li ?y?,..: . . = i'-, - ' ?/1- ,..z . 4: . ? i' ' ' .- r) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 in the articloa 41,11cpatabo1 (40 Arnomoel It 1fflL tee iuMAN relart thAtt ginOiaditi StigtVIIlkirattat thrit 'Mar plan oontetotFlatee tmitang tiolltigas PrAstamPit tumilt so that the7 hay* a run tzderstanding tbo reztlItLaz at thin ond and also 1141 possibilitten efr dito:ktp9nont SAW to 'tend one sueh person to eaeb Ittsalon it* 41tAtAlat foul 24144 the Mission and tbe Epeopixpasal ditis$11, rtotprosawntattiiiis Tat Sal thoir problems ooneorang questioms o4rottetrur4 It *atm to us that this presen4 A fuliewtiz* 1ptOrAp7 00d poraom* You my profor to utilize Art ilptiortang onorbtor $ixf law attic:a who has had field overlent:Po tor 'mow PUZIPV-0/Wit ta4rgPfl avoiding the shipment of or adationd 1)40-000% thst congested moons or truntrportati4n4 nesa41,16t %.741N, rtwa* wi8ho irt tbls raatteiro gke Urre- are to mid a ammo, 'se! ',Vila recruit him prompt-04, I am most anxious that the map*:topottlairnt :atoll:gong* Section be or tho Greatest ponalble asalmtazati and 'iope 7ou 7111 nond uo tar/ ,aucgoctions or idttaa ittatieth you or rl= experienced pooplc in the field Iasi halm* Sineero170 a , ? P ? - ,, ? 1: f' . .11, npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Tat Colonel TlIchard P* neppna vierleen Itinaion New D1.ii, India neer Dick: trilkeloto,toer# titotor 20.7 ,p 1044 X art eneloning 0 Itictlatratlait c*iix tatt MAW 4 ?-4 intelligence Section *dell 1* being, eattabliahod t4sh,t17,41=44, This tacaorandvrt ls largely solf-exp1ansit'4117*, but, thelem or. _ sofa* points which rewire further explatuatler.*:* And la tuld1,4'. 'WO want to cot your advice ttnd reoeuraiondtation, on saw otl,,tert* X an sottinz law thin nowtJii ocontmlIzo in co* placc, tho Inrormation and tnallitins alltiauty avoiLlable various pl,accs in. 035 and to provide itttrittiww stimulation or those activities so tLat what In nvallablo *az vatton ciwa*, to the Tilissions as promptly an poactible* Itecitrdim Taw 'various) activities or tho Section outlintnit ,Ln the marsto,orsndut X want, to pelnt out the Ibllowl,lago (a) Cover irttornation? Tho lattor part or thee anclomod nv,;:lorianativa,Ia in the form of cluostimui which outlinie the troc inevotEatIon 'which it is desired to collect and haw lUirwarded, tto Tit The various ?fissions already receive titrouch th.elr CNA **crow ,a considerable portion, of' this inforaation. but the. receipt ot it should be encouraged is =eh, as, posaila.* Ste parposs forwardine suob. information to Dashingtom is that there aro a large =ober of other sources *doh db not flowt arc:0;17 to 'you but do come hero, and it is proposed to tialool. tocipther .suoh, infonsa,tion and :p.rooass it in such rtiiro that it ,may retUrned to ''113. the ItHissioLl in the for btale. this way the Missions will have ell infiernation ?Nal the whole' of OSS whiett will wupploseent *hilt they airoa in their own hands, ,;?-???.1' The questionnaire In the (matured docivaozt ,...,....,..ottostetftWittAillftearrat4 puma f 1"- _ ' .?t ; I ?, ,k 4,, 4, ' r ? S ? ' roc" -1,41,1rr% S. Sea r ? ? - = - - I. I- .44 , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ADK f?-? Declassifiedand Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ?3.41 r ,g1g, ?i. , IXTO wj1.allho 440714 uta 1;4140 tor Ingtir 40- : ?;rtf #ouroota with rogarti ki t,1144 ,rpiad w?11,4 Lti4riorsoat required, (b) rapors and ilootzriont41. Tho csolloe 4.11i WO and tralltitil!.111141.14.1 tO ::,441111 i ? of morn and personal delettoonto La !tat 11-111 itiVartalit 0.10, cover information roterre41 to aboveii 4..tok It is reittatts-tiott YOU collect ouch doom:loan tram act?. possoirblio stmrdes3, wit your area tocother wit li lito nit_latAd informiallm ragarlarse tlx010 use. it would: bo Ideal It It lucre P044 t1to o voiAsei. papers; nceoataary for an tisaint :)410811064.:41111: tUtv. on the opot, but for tho pronovitth tIscniveititloatac bocauctv toohnical pliable= Involved La their molirroduotlort., eapitatsd1 tho mattor or paper,. It to !ntended nat. ora7 to revrodtre. horo opocific dam:am-Ito rtiquezted y the )1Usalona 'but Ala* to proper* a *too k at damutorits and, gulpAir t1..v3 to the aicama in blank together vrith ancr neves:la:7 rutbor a-tarava =ad Instruct:Axe ru&rdin io thc7 ohould, b tined out and co4plotod so Mat thoro will be oomothing, available In your hazda tor tamovilatot (0) Clothinc? The activitilan of the new Section tr4, commotion with the collection or a:Lathing. accoseartoz*. suitcase:4 'briefcases; and such like oquipment is limited to Cu* VOuraos available in the United Statoo* A conoldorable atook bast boon accumulatod ,and can bo diormi..tched ifwei know :oar requirovionta. In addition* if you aureo, C utlI elle rtvw. an. assortmont no that you will have ntoolk on hazul*, aucti itottro will serve to oupplemon.t items which ;rola obtarn loter.14. far bcttor than we can sind I ABlittler that you will torltinvet to colloct such materill on the spot for your to, 041117 sending back to viaahington Limy it -*blob you ouid 1 * to endeavor to reproduce* (d) Camouflage" Ws) aro producina aod tiaveloptme idess. wnd examplea of csunourlago along the lines Indicated in the attached zaemorandvau p:minions ot these will be lt'orwarded to ryas since Tie wiah to render you the ntaxilma Ike:mice potaitils in this .direction? wo would appreciate readving, fret .7o,tz vazts auggesitions you. have on the subject o ovizoutlage sad conceal Meat together with any. criticism or iriprovisments you =Kr H. 4, 4' 4t g ? for??? 41,4. f 4174:,,t ; 4 , ; 0. '''':41;-? 414 E 1"51.5,?4 ' ' , .1 ? - ? ? ; ? : ? I, A ? ? ? ;I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 41u y70 '?? , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 muggeot in thy ertIoloo itdAir voiao, gt) Personnel It will be 44lion road *Awl oitegleit untionWfurs that our plea, oorittioxplatos tralang arattalide gunit9nrtel 40 that the7 hiOire rat uridopotan4i-liit or Lb& real:W:34s at ti di end arul alooL1 posn 11411 Wiwi ite 4troNgovpoot azil to, amid: on Instil person, to 0 /Oh Viloolan assIxt to114 cr: the Ithatton twit the goograttatiosidr:444:14turioaramtows their px'oitat 1yunatiorta 4Wterft.Ztgo-om* us that this prosonts a 1tfl.-tioe jab taw *Iv *no pergola*, _ You lest7 pretorto 1t.12 Lae an orzlatirm watatiter or mar starr who hits 1ta4 field itistperionoo for thcio, therste-, avoiding the shIpo4n at ono 4441tionol triton - ths oongented MUM or tranoplortattota, 14, 444 Mt :40AM Ma" wiehett In tblo mettor, we aro to gond a ma. wa =mat rooruit him prom?t*Izt am moat anxious that the now Oolamannt :=41 Sootion bo or tho greatamt pouttiblo mats tguadta araiip will oend UK) ittrtY j?utiona or teloaz whie, or 73-rxr, experionood pooplo in tho field agt :40 Don %motor oleir ?k-111.4 ? ? lit = , - ? L11 8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 tot' itiltkr&Ittgaqsa-.4. 1 ? a Pt(115,' r 14 ? ftTlIORA.TDI r10 r7,111r mc) 7)0iTtITrlti/fri Errt GENERAL ? 46? t '4143 t 6 r Thin momorandlim 11 prImr-,1 to prrwli, Missions of OSS wlth tnr1rmntton rrordtnr lichod Dooumont Intolltgnncl 50ot1oh. Tho mot:cu.:1nd= Infr%t9:; tho purposes and oporittnns or tho aoceplf)t Ind 11i9 ;:r..)7L1c.; information rogarding and Inrrmri,r, rfl,rrt tho Branches and ti Lone a,nd Also InrcHrmatton porvicoo which tho Sootion t4 dr;atg.m,d to rIn(Vir ".1!Icm4 pRGANIZATION Tho organizatton or tho 3.1rYf, will bo principally 1:ntcrc:d In 'hltohtngtor.. rr-ErnrIntL1)11 material collcctod nnid roquostn rev Ouit n drossod there in thc, first tnstanco. tJle H. has boon appointod Chivf or the &Atton,,. R. r 0 Brooker will act as advLser to tho Soctton ind thr organization and incoption of tho ntork, OPERATIONS The Document Intolllgono Soctlor. La dr)zt t o ? ? ganizo and coordinato tho fo11owin4 Activttta: 1! Cover Information To collect from OSS and out:licit' lnolqdlnt.; other Govermont Agenc1J, all informatL)n c.)r. tions in foroign countrtz a Lz thc operation of agents thorotn. Li ov:rz r.tray territory, enow-occuplA terrttory Authorizd noutral torritory. To pool and disseminato such Inrcr=tlen to OSS Ind outside agencies as may bo approprilto. This information will eover a larsto rtold, =141 Ii include specialized information neoenzary to the production of all forms of papora and documcntatloa and stamps. Thoro is attached a detailed m=orandam in the form of a questionnaire ;letting forth the typos of information which the Document InLqiizonce Section desires to receive from the Brflaches and Missions.. The Document Intollisonco Sc.:lotton also I OE ttT"' 11: V neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ..????%14 - c ? S. e?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 wistv.1 to gqth,r 4.11410 lr 1ontimint.,1 it pr-1,1.1?; In thi, ;4.1 lr7 of OS3 to-tiwr vith iinrA P.hvoi trtrtorqmAilm. 2. E2=-21.122,21alntll'In' n -aqbar To provido aufriotc.nt tIr t110 of pnpor$1, lnd itetmr ,-)r ILL ktnprO, in4 1L40 colloot svcir,.on 1.1hcq4. Clothino To colloct, olasgifj Inl rwift a typos of fort lgn clothing. -wld iinc,-?n4411t7 for an agent proceding tl 1,.ho CL,114# PGAn f'111, tt purposo, to mAintAin r nlmpr,,mnottr, IP:o(7:k IC oLc-o- ing, acconaorLos, outtons-a, displt1 st.f and thus to bo in 1 poaitton to mo )t ffimout any sudden domnndq from whator 341tWOG* 4. Camouflaise To collect all possiblo r't regarding forms of cAmouflag Iny mntt, ri.ALA; sent to the flold whieh require wtmoutiA,TL covors rndlo equIpmthnt, documonto, and nmmunitiont food, mcdtcni supplt,)s. ';t011r,.14to, dovices, socrot messngos, etc. Tht wiLi a wide -spread collection of informAtton oonarranw. foreign labels and containers of vlriouJ providing specimens of conta1nor.9 1.44 Tho Documcnt IntQlligence Section vol3h40;:: to ;1L possible sources of information on t:lo foroing tr.d to receive any ideas on the subjct r).17 concoramonr, and camouflage which may be dovolopod. RELATIONS WITH THE MISS In order that the results of thu oC thk; Document Intelligenco Section may be avati.Lblo in thv ttLd it is planned that specialized personnel will bo r,Icruttc,d qnd trained and sent out as cover exports, to nasist hoad4 of Missions in the preparation of cover storte$ for a8ents0. and handle all quostions concerning information, documuntltion, papers, clothos and cnmouflago* A further duty of such personnel will be to send back to Washington anything they are able to obtain under thc above t?ri. ""'"''.......:?40*401013611111 GOSIPAM? 0 '` ?.; ??-i- ? I ? r ,??????????.8. Ini116144 - ." 4.14 ? 1,5 ??ir- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 NiAg F ? !!!??-?? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 hondInga, so thlt th,) MAttilftrt h'qr.rtt tho Brnnohna nod Pillste)nA* It Is tnt-411-11 th,-0., fl,h,-; 7)c,;111-11101t1 rev, ir,,,,4143, will mice tho mnximum '4, ,-,r 11I .1xL,11'Jr14 ;.Nnnc;.1 f.!-' oolloction 9r InformItin olnA me.111. ?-j ,n10. -/;,,, now chonnoin and si t ',tip nwm 11, ttl 71, rA,,,,,1 tri 1,1, 1 alrcady oxiat. An motioned prwitnually the fi-ntr.11 r t:Av. Documont intollignnon Zoction w11I b tn. W-1,1t.rla:k dition to this, a small offIcc wil1 timatotltnill trn-w to work in contact with !III nauroot qvIIII1A-, in MO: and also to handle+ tho storlgo etod cil4trtA!tvn rf,* accossorios, 1ug,pta. iPurthrmorr), if It ;.'t'!)7n.,; bo dosirablo, A ropmscintlttvo will bn pla(t,ld -)c.; t40 for tho colloction of Ori-Jotll mat,r111 qnd infcIrmattln+ A domonstrlttoo room *t11 bo ostnbitshcd tn to oxhibit all vlrlous typos or m.Atk,rt'll avaI1,41b1,1 tn procooding to tho ficld lnd otho,r pnrzona conernc;c1+ LIAISON It in roquostod thAt tho Brotoah C111,:rz doztgn, In I ndividual within their Br loch with whom th,; Document tAtol ligonco Soction can maintain Its principal contAc': Ind who will insuro that its rol-ttions with tho UldtvIdu.:11 Br-,n011. aro adoquatoly coordinatocr. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 th0 rortn :)r .1 flit, :Is', I ,',11.0.q. T cr '.n , i ' t, . thn t yri ,ls or tnr 't MI- i t 1 , n :rith t - h tii:e. nr, r,oner Snotlon ..4,,M-:,.. 0,-1 ,..,b0.41)1.4 IL Olt bn 0,hlt quostion piny qA 801100, rinq hls no einn,rn wtr,h or polttical it-1;1).:0?noon All tho ,nr)vm-;ttn tr, 11,..--ttm T.; LL1 to onnblo an ngcnt to nroo0,0.1tr 141tr,-7, blo to stay Lh6rr, nnd to qndqA.1`mo wItrt-1 formation for whtali Tr.) r.-Tar IlnitArkt gtI--1;;1 ,)tv up-to-dat() tvws. 011112.1L2LIILLE.M 1. What tdriltl.ty c tdzar, In 2. Aro Civil Lan Identity cards (.:1011rill to ollcupatio:1 or by ;tons. 1117-,1. 3. In the CLL3f) or an oecupLel untz.0-y, r;Ti Identity cards bcon lantwd to t.t) popti- lation. Altornattvoly, ovorstampod Ly LIT crloupytn,: cort.,$ rogistration of p-:)rul'ttion. What arc tilt; pos3ibtlitt('3 pf obtltnit mai identity cards. Do you know of any rQgtstration c,e,ntrt)s AthIch havo been dostroT,d by bombin6, etc.. How ofton are idontit: cards tmspcti)d ava whon do such inspections most usually takt) plc. If identity cards arc asked for, Is tids done by , German or local police. ..,J. To whyt extent Is the local police., willing to assist allic,d sympathisors. and undor what circum- stances. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 WhA t pqpnrm I n -1,11 ' ?'.1 nr?firstry 111.1, tri ; ' 1 I 4 11. 4ihnt, tt,Ing nf rn0,1 qrvi 12; What ttrc? thP r21!IliJITPJ arttolms on khr PlIrk-ote 13; Do you know or Iny cls,.; of 11!-t being asststd. VIA,,,rA), Ind 14,11,1plr thtTr.l.tr;')1no 14; Do you know nrw.e)s or dr.orIpttonsi Vir t provoeaturs worktr.?. for 15. CRn you givr., the loc,'..it; ton or Go i tap o or Gczrnytn 14:onv t,&r. .44oda.1,14,4174 CONTROL OF NOVEMENT 1 What subdIvislons or for tho purposc,s of intk:rnai rlov.m.nt -114 '4401 * What formaliti(s must bo to within thc, country including "TtOr 7A2 necessary and whor they aro obt,I,Ln 1. 1 What possibilities are thr4.1 of travol pQrmits: -tr,) What posoibilitios aro thre of trv'lltrt; 74,Lthe-At movement permits, g1v1116 namws or qa: autelt11 guides or crossing place 6L How can such uides be contaetod. 7 To what extent and under what cIrcumst4Incoo do neutrals travol in the country. What are the possibilities of obtatntne lifts In enemy vehicles'. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ? t19 I r 01 t.:11. 1" b:i 1,',11(1 r t, p.; trirl ; r -t; Pt' - 10'; -, ? 12.. Vitt! Lrc- tti. IpPrt311* ti count .t.:7 or int- f' I c't ; 1.7 13. Are 'Any !lpoz1 1 tirmr0 or cv11 t Iv, 1. 14. Whqt ciA:LI 1 ctr. po!pul.'.tt,,rt Mattrrs of ctrnil.Ittn. CONTROL OF ACTION 1. What an, f.;uvfow hour.t. What pnvrs !wt. noc,,t1:;'try 1.rt populat Lott :Aro xonlp t Crt.):,z cv rr, 7.7 3.. Villa t ru(_;u:L't t Loriti Dt. 1 t t,,,:nr,t,r, 1.-Aroxi L ; . ;'it-,..1 limit; or prollibl, t 1 tJ t, :It rl?:, tz .y..L :. t I What pro(Ittots '.12..., t..,..) lon;,, iv 't; 1,-,-; ,:. chased, ( se,. , olt, nit c lls, it, Lra:.: I 6 ? t I i. nilill t p 0 t e ? What restrictins tr t1t. pruMt,l,!.;16. drinks or clistivotit,tJ or f,)odJ on What local ruins havt bo(,n tmpoJ t4- popul'Ition reL;aodInG s'tluLlng oe r;:y p scnoral bohavio etc. What rcgulatIona govurn fL311Ln6, hur:tt be What pormits aro nccussary and vtZwrc obtained. What regulations gov,.rn tqDloymont, chAn6. oe ploymont, utc. g. What classc:s havo bcon callLd fo'r Jmployrant Ln Gurmany; wh;tt classUs of omploymcnt ,sxmpt., 1.ssrann.-. Declassified and Approved For Release 2913/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ld. Whnt nontrfAn In -rt7,77?t r .r spec:tit-a o1othtn#0-.4. rr.t MATATI.-)%r! ,rir or of inne,unr,o-, CONTROL OP COVMMITGALIJ 1. Do you knr)w rtireth C'; r..11 t ri'` :14 ,'.!,;? rndto D-P''tng ntth,r hl tc, ne-,Tty ;LIGrql tionn, 't vin nrmr $ I in,q 114 trapil., ' Whqt oatogor *lis or rmil censorship. What forma1lti.1 .0v,rn ti.w 3 .v,Ittd; lr telephone mosJiidE.s. 5 Do you know of any (;--11a,In comsor.7. sonaliti(ls In them. CONTROL OF PUBLICATICIIS 1. What restrictions cov,,rn h cfsma monts tn thu nowspwrs or mneArdn,s. What restrictions cov(rn public r.,-k.tnr:slp chilrrth moetings, cinomas, ctc. What formal! ti. gov:rn * In nowspapers or maGazines. CONTROL OF FIrANCE 1. What restrictions or formalLtiQs tov:rn vIt't27:3k1 of funds from a bank account or tr-Inafr of and/or securities. Do you know any namos of pQoplc o Ctrna wtlltn4 to convort local currency into pound:1 stcritnt; or, dollqra; If so, how can this bost bc arran6Gd on what tr-m$,. Any recent chances In currc,ncy DETECTIVE MEASURES Any dotails from personal oxprionces or local police mothods for searchu, aurvetil intorrogations, or spocial policc mthod.A.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 IA:131.41i f% ? eel/ 4? 4440/. ? ? 6. t? ? ell 1 r: fir on I )k) o nrt " Dr; - --.00atagAgrANIIIV ,t4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Xr:,..444 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 ? -5;1 ? i- - ',,,i .":?,,t . ' rillgt=i=1000 .172=----.-------? --. i..,,,,,? %,,., , ,t. ' '310 ? , ;:,:.; .? . ..: ..?. , .. . t o 4 44 ? n ' I ) .4: I .- i ,-, Ai . ., . : '"%?',.4? . 1. I , 1 ' ? . ? ? 1. '' li??; : 4 jr,..if " 44..* 1 ? IV. 414 ir?'''..441 ....',',.., ;(1' .. .. t.t -i? ' ,141. -.t. ' "7'1 '?,..' ?,,, ? : .? ? - -..44 74 " ..??? Orr* 4%. , 1.! s?, ? 4,cj ? '.;i0 , o -?4? ? ag.-? ?'.?L --- t'? '? , ? - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/20: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100050006-3