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November 3, 2016
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September 4, 2013
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March 13, 1945
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fe4 81 API, tA r._ PIN IN Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 SECRET Office Memorandum ? uNirEr) STAif tr()VERNIVVrt TO PROM Direotor, 006, Xdatnistratl(es Dulteitms Aoting Chief, Field Photographic trench SUNRCTI Person/0 Viaculte Enclosure 1 is forwarded for your irformatIon, znol. 141..ting on Personal Disguise cc - Schools and Training Branch Atts Major Kenneth Miller ,..7,6414;''''''''Alth*IW!31,111414WILIttAWOMPOIROWOMMW14010 SECRET PI mompommookookosamarampiempoi?MIM.1IMI01?10.0101.1**3 ??? .411 rati ? . I 410 ? , imp ??2. 4/46?, ow. ? r I. ???? ) Ilakrilh AVI? ? a JO** I. mulss Lieut., WNW Py Directioa Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 ?-?? , ft Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 Those attending **roll Majov John S. Jeffries, PRO Lt. John 11. taglish, TWA Photogrophts Lt. to. 14 Alemendet. Lt. K. J. Aadersos. 1140 Spi/o Peotom Jones. ?livid Photocopnie The meeting wogs held in Major Jeffries, office oa 21 Marsh 045 Ne 41seuel, with the above representatives of nold PtototrAp410 tho present stostom of and action to be taken on persommi disguise. Spl/cJones had just returned from the Par Fast whore ho had eorke* *it* various RAD representatives os this subjeot. Prewious to Wet. ;omen nod spent several months in London durizg which time the booklet ortwtsomal Disguise" was prepared, and instruction was gives to ~ions groups is ETO on its use. Spl/c Jones briefly outlined his work in &TO and rm. $. felt At if personal disguite was to be fully utilised Is CO it oould require the sending there of some trained Instructors. In FETO the principal use for itwas of this kind would be LA Wor rola, of skin coloring which would be used for darkening the shin of ass *hen they accompany natives on missions so as to make them leis vonapiluomm and reduce the possibility of being an outstanding target for the emomy. This skin coloring program is umder the name of liar Paint*. It was stated that Colonel Peer LI has submitted a requirement for 3,000 of the lir Point kits. Major Jeffries brought up the subject of clarifying SiDos states position in this whole program of personal disguise. It was Wood that personal disguise will be a Field Photographic project sad they sill initiate whatever action seems to be appropriate. If instruction is to be required on the use of War Yaimt sat other porta of personal disguise the matter will be taken up with Schaal. and Trainimil. If Field Photographic requires any further assistance in the deeelopsemli of War Paint and kits or other equipment, they will proems% tne pirebileM to R&D and request such assistance as they feel is seeded. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 #4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 , Acting (hie, 110141 Phollogpefhio i) Lirsnah lzovutivo Orris* /our komorasaum of 6 Mart* 1945 is taw AroOlitsr. "Personal Disdoisei This is to inform rou that tho Director Ms sp? 'revue tho r000maudatioswo mad* kir 3pio loses as sot forth in the subjoin assarstsbas ,it wawa closures. 1. I. helissil. Jr. Lieut. (ig), US, et lzagetive Offiser oil: Gammas. Divisioal RAD Comdr.. Moron, Wye' SEW ? .66641- ? .-6r. ? ee-,--664,4, 4?-? ee ? tl..t.r*Mt Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 irfilopokerg orrptiv4 Ne? 44 ? Office Memorandum ? To PROM !AtIRJRCT: ? voiKi I rfts) r A rvA Grifvf:*NMIRIPCT Major lenoral ? n P. S. organt "Persons' Iiiigulla" Ompr, )41 lieferenco3 Memvravdum tei.014 ,hotn,craphil 'liked L,4s?rlh ;141 1. This swims to 1114 to be ? /Ayr/ Ainr?'%n Dr1;441/t mnd certainly Splc v I-,414(4, wit, perience for the Job. 2. 414ssierttly cnonnr In the recommendattoni ,Iontmlned in the paragraph. it would b 8 groat 1,1410'400, to try and develnp this matter nn a wholesale *Assts. $4441h fAlemitre presents differont problems, and by only illtrIbuttng set. erial through a 4ualif1ed Instructor gilres =oh bettor reo- sults and improves security. NMI - am! SECRET wasp.. ? lir 1114:),4..aft. des"LtAillir :4. 3. Worgen Chtort CD aranah -xemorsweteWnsis....? it A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 ????3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 haler 0141-vors1 Willis* Jo. C Ha S. Morgan, Comdr., IWO ftroonal Wool:4e interests's Malsoran4Um fro* 'lel4 rhetegraphie doted 6 ismit 140061 1. Thus sows to as ibe a vory why* 14,0140 10010?11 end sert*inly Upla JOAO. 1,9 well 4nelifiled us pee% ;Hortense for the job. 2.4,_heA0117 soneur In the roemoisendatlegae esoletemil to the rWpar4itgrajolo. it 'weld be a greet eieteilo 6. sr. and develop this setter en s Ohoioesle **061 presents different prelates sod by owl" ittelisibisillas. lobs anima through a qualified instrveter gilree emelt Ostia, row sults and l*proves eeeurtty. .41?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 r i :AJztGAN tilt. you examinP thia and give in your comments? W.J.Conovan 8 March 1945 "Personal Disguise" Lt. English - 1 larch WV; Os)] 'WM W14 Director 1.4 t toe+ N. OlOgin, .fr 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 1.? ? 6, ? ? M:44 lot Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 SECRET orricr or crFIArrow... scow( 0! r, r.. 111111111111 Dirgctor, nmn, Admintitristiln *4r,4ing 4orovh 041 ?ROMs Acting Chit, rieid Pbotncri;,h14 Nrinkih SUBJECT: "Personal Disgulaan Enclosures 1 and 2 are reports nn the Personal Olivia. Por,,,ort, mid we forwarded for your information. This pr$1,Jont is cLn In( If Field Photographic Branch and Camnufla4a niviatan, rt401. Copy No. 50 of instruction booklet "Personal Oistuisem vas your office 30 January 1945. Spic Newton Jones of Field Photographic Branch, now mm temporary lativ it Detachment 101, wrote the booklet, under the dirootian af Major Ailis Camouflage Division, RAD, during his tour of 4uty La STO La September and October 1944, and material contained therein Ls booed en 30.0 Jarmo' experience as make-up man with the motion picture industry in Celiforwle, together with all available Information from that Srittah Caimouflage 3t*- tion in London. By agreement with Field Photographic Branch, instruction in personal ,Ate- guise has been under the direction of the Camouria4ge Divisiome AID Srasebs Copies of the booklet have been forwarded to 2110 Cussuflage Division Mold representatives in all theaters and to operational braaehmeLa11WWWW4itan? including Schools and Training. Spic Jones, before his return from ETO, gave acourse at Lastrestion to the staff members of Schools sod Training whish had ambled them to wee all operational demands in STD. In November 1944, Splc Jones was transferred to temporary duly with the Camouflage Division at Detachment 101 where he has bees *t materiel as- sistance to the field personnel. A motion picture, Mar Paint", illustrating various seems of personal camouflage and disguise, will be mode. It will illustrate problems spw pliable to WO, TO, and CBI Theaters. Following Splo Jones return to Washington in Horeb 190, it As plasm* to prepare a Far lastern supplement to the beeklet noersemal Diagais0. Field Photographic Branch and Camouflage Division, 90, are la them. agreement with Split Jowl reoommendations that mehowsp kits ter personal disguise activities should he designed ter each theater and distributed by an instructor rather than issued indiserimianstIZ. Import persoas1 instruction is a fundamental in the proper wee et pereenal semosflage. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13Xonnni Rnnninrit-ww? ? ?;54., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 DIreittor. 0011141 allurelb POW tour approval le requested ter the esealassase et thie pejo* La seme.0, &MOO *it b the reseameadelLems et Splo Johee. Baal. Imeeport Ille? 1 Cie WO 2mMopert No0 2 dined 14 February 1943 es me 044 00 C. Nowise Oal? 1. 1.0 Mablaosa, Chief, 8011, ASO M. tareabov Mhjar J. I. Chief, MNI Major Matte N111, Ommourlase Oivtates, 101 oite4,44?44 , 1.0 111111111111111 Siasthie, eiresikus .?1J?11 ???? V.I., ? ?????? ?????? ???? ? SECRET "Ideaki."4911"1".1144151"WAINSVANWOMIONNRONOMISWera AMU" ? , L.S neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 0 IT ? sz, SECRET Tel Limit. Say tellegg tiler ime Les, Chief, Field Photo Ad 1,1 Ow, See. NS lisehlagtes, D. C. Mom, Lille 'rens Siete. J. Jemee, SpO/e (P) VONS Field Mete, Dot. 101 Amon, /sdia &ejects Sounery of Progress es Personal Cumetlego Ansigment Ls COI. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 0 ? The possibilities et &Mime Ls this Theatre gplahl: belled tem to verieus uses of eme expedient, ammay ? sitimmCelers, se we femme Isehingten. In direst footrest to Is sitestien Ls the Salizieli the students are all natives, and their work is serried eel Ls amid primitive native villages* Prestioally sem ef the seabeds meld in Linden apply here nee, thee. there is ? geed possibility the* lahere as the larger cities sea as ilemdalay, lawns end Simespere sem mme into the platers, and a differs's* type of *gent is med, we sem be of MOW. greater aid* The prattles hare wee to find out jest hot we meld halp meet with what we bad to offer. Mere is what bee beem deme mid at is still to be dome: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? le A, demonstration of the results obtainable by este( the lrommOsside powders to dhamge a white akin to that at various motive oasts was mods before Capt. Mike Georges, lead of Sehoela amd Training la 104 and hie Staff. Thor' liked it, and permissismi me Obtained bon Copt. Georges to train his native sawdust@ in the applieatim and usee of the SekimmOoler". 2* Bemis/en of fermelas to mere nearly sets& the avenge eeler at the various, tribes was serried sot in majwastian with 'trunks, am Anglowlermese Instreetere. 3. Traisieg hints their applieatiem se be sem slurry multh the imstreatien of the students me the next steps ebb. A41101M001106410464*AptWr7.- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 'VW ? ? - I. ?t1. N V- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 r SECRET les Lactruoted We groups et etudsmioImespliestions aging PON* as interpreter, wed bevies We mote moss is mime. A is As so aid io ssttiog demiese obese end slim Wass through the 4010 Uas., piver AM boos arse* $ome reused by 101# diognioe me se good emir eat * 11100 111001140 111 ? Nolsdng thomoolsoo, Onto ore mootag fed", Ltigomo shinned) to be lose eenegteuese is the OW410 ?it hewing to worm throve. territory inhohtted dmriur skimmed mslivue.0 $41 The Blashemiss at Nair ulth medierials mheeds sasgmstimas me motive elothss, Sakti% advankage et less/hesissiverimps, temitems, stoop the importasee at inving a white mem sulk sled sot liho entives the usual differemse is heisht et shit* amid motive sod hes to ditsgmins with posture, sloths's, spemitiag is motive fashion, woe all spoureis Final enemination whore *ash mem proved be seal* servo014, opplo tho +Dolor, both elm himself and sm amothor student, as to somploto seem wage, smoothness and desired osier. T. hirthor dowelopmemt et termalse to point where ma vial end/ serve for both be.. partisular motive agmmto dopomdims upon thiskness et applleation to deters's* darWpso at toms. Si Beeeired 0614 fres Operstlems, this mimed end forminhod sank with an ample supply in glass vial. They were imstrastod by C. Georges to hide it in a semwomiont seetion at bamboo umtil mosiod, upon arrival in their area. (Instrustion at two more groups begins vials a week.) ? ? ? S ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? * Calmat& ? 9. Upse Major Loses suggestlem, eentasted amid dononetruMed millets to Lt. Col. Cafes. le meats samples am somplote imstrustien Is their use, with the view at supplying the British ipso a borgallaimg bowLe? 10. Li? Cel? Cafes soot no to the British Calomel is ohms whom, to was shown at *an be does with the ogler. Swum& its Thmir %se is to make their white sillier' in shares at mmtive troops lose emmopio. uses, alms at an "autenatis bellessefe. eal hod rsgpassisd senething of this overt tree Lesion, but had hoard askhimge It was arrow* that thay Will be supplied throe. Lt. Col. Coffees U. This same ass is is be domemstratod ami seggested to SA. im NOitkyina as as added proteetios tom am. ar...4..woomerolape 41-61*. < 4',C.41F44441,,,t -saitioggi..N, gab - ? ? , -NsA.:` ? '; I. anri Anoroved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 s ? --?fabsirted and A proved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 SECRET ZIA U. 7hs ~rooted foresioes Mos immumpteio sad kerikonetWes etli se Loft oda it. of Meier Isoleo ems P%. AU.vwsloge? ? Ses este Wk. APO 421. so ? hoes of onsp04. ? ? II * ? IP ? ? ? I IP ? ? Neevits of Toot of Sosietto OrpoiLest it 0401 tiboi 0660410140,0 13. This wee tested is es alloider trip lot. tse peogLis of top Mills with a group of stodests so a "prwhisso". Poo ems were Ole =LI ese with, sad *me wither,'" the repeilssli, 1441 Mogular loses glivereedy ihreimAto SopoLlost* eels wee so e LiestfAMO agent is pleas of ester. tsee tenni too A ? Details its opals,. I? for tee er apqpil:Alteelarmeterlik? ..is elebsel Ile 411116. Ofttes asetlts will vary etti emedltlesei 0100. tate assess of the per, ter Lertesee, while Owl sod %mete is the Alegi*, do set oriel emmoses viestaboire ? Sven ie bed senditias? the osier Ls Mal mnift lose estissahle thee is $ Alto Abaft D ? Direetleme es the Sepolies4 WU* reed, limpet every 3?4 hears se seeeseery0 The ease yes appky te the ester. ? ? ? ? 0 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Osier !Paleied Film es Pereemel Onmmeiladsoftr Seel Seigeesses 15. This tiLs has a very simple maltase ?mlhere041121010019 414 IOW The first three gsmetioso are beteg severed magma, hp seems staged derive Glottal etudes& imetreelles thepethisr me, tide* Worts amd semperises eleeesepeh are. imma maw email be amsuerod OF psis. tote our &petal 80/1 and alma( what me 01944 Per esample, I have.Ire St4 the *Jar ithipars sasses, grabbiag three Sleek IX his lituoisare psssiag three., emd 'mime oaptered Jap eqmipmsmk. Amihmkbas a ftpulloomayes em the white (see of a 411 sew *Oh Imahlims la jemdas trail, amd uhst quiskay howpems, les ths best we emuld figure out Is illustrate Ihe partisular pirate 14. Vasa ini doubt. &sashimi three empesures ef each seems. en jiff is this should he as moor true is pessibadoo 17. AppremimeteXy half the required seemss have bees shots ? 0 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?p). Declassified and A i___22?_-oved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-Pnr" Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/041 CIA-RDP13X00001R00010Uuvuuuo- 1 SECRET feste en otemd#* frees met tees tee. eamoefloge OsOmb MWegnibe Sepelleeto ? es reqesstee sy Skarn, Wale Stile IS. Is epder that this ppediet emeld be beetee elder IWO esimAp *eternal *isle ~tare semditieme, I berme it ever to Om.. hesicswi St $O 84 Npithriee, sil.w etbh the dramediteetieme emit Memo the offIser la the fres Whoa he ova order it. OW est omp, imterested, as ems Lt, del. defies. Maher bed moss It Wears. 191. Capt. Larsen eoul geol4 emirs oomplete report me ts illajer II ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? atres.???? 20. It is lbjer Weeks Idea, sled a geed eme, the. the ShAmmitler se demonstrated to the Writers of the hireSseeme sb torso IOU Ihe objest et isserperatimg ? small vial, With ia1 ta Met* gm. pared resells kite, whisk meet pLeme. Arias ever Nhe Amite sorry, (There is teffielent spode La the kit.. they ere mew peeked be bmitede this item.) 214. Ost of preeeet stook I would soppily be get stoned es the projeet, and have ordered mere material Oath will sorry it aim& 14 this be desired a. ? stamdand 11m. iA the Lite et as empenditis Airfare., however, the beet *elution 'veld be tie de it et the eceree, the faster, eliere they are peeked. ipso rearming to the stets, I mould empedite this greatli, fallout% three. es "Maims the right solar. mimed, inte the eerrest else amd type of eentaimere, see be the pasties of iestreetiems, sad &Atlas it book mere wield: be bhe seem root area. Metes The fightiss here haa entered a mew phases it is mem in the seam*, of the $hame amd swims sea& emems the lerneee proper. These Ins peopies, gibeleer dam I. Mandalgr and Reaves are sattisiemtly at the emme ester I. make it possible Is standerilme for tide wide arose Vitiations of the same abler ere Obtained by 4iffOremb this.... of applieetieme) ? II ? 41 S s?S va???. Sepplyiegi Combat Miser. &admit* Troops* 22. Also en the sehedule is ? trip to witititar, is Sam. te embmit this 'pretest/vs admiration" I. the Need et $0O them* 000, Imanomme is Oaleutta, saw what *as be demo with it eni *aid he wee sure thew weetd wamt it for their moik, -411,44amtiotiv4,4415401.111 paipnse 2013/09/04 1 CIA-RDP13X00 01R000100090008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 R. To got Nba reeetios 0 the ems Oho emboli eebesitA, emir 140 ? flptais nod a LAsolemmot at MP Snap, la chergo et group 0 emOholl troops there, said they wavAd lino be enww, ammo Moms selves, nod wield lihe te eee K ~deo. 4r TI Mor emir epoo6m4 Weeps in this thastee? Ifte ealioted mos Oho ego the domomwhowlims agreed with them, ? %bet they miwald mere Ube be move Pt? ? Imo* la ease 4,00 (A eemlaimor half ms Imil ammiler %mos ? eigmowbtel, eme weighing lee. them am mimeo world be ampie.) 24. Mhoold tibia be regoselied se ? etemdmrd &tom for the epode& IMO oembet Weeps, that e1em. with the Air Neeese Moo Oltenia be the moil order of bocimees, 1t would eaten ? feet fibers I. Pieter** Libmime? tory en the Comet La corder b? get the right moult* 44100 0111001 molars are mieremegreemd Ln qoastity, they de mot motel tibmos mortar amd pestle tree I. game teromla? Adleotoomt will be amemoomrY es the impel.) 23, U.em the *sect. I will be Mlle to Oboe the ems et 90?410a mob Training some very intereetimg 00 1 sem aloe 'taw emd Oboe* MR inrepean aequeneee 0 the Tralm:::arlo em Disgmleee ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? AP ? 240 Note to Lieut. Kelleggi Ihen yeu reeeive a sahled Travel howeet Oar om, will thole& the verde *MON? OBATIV, WWII will seam the& or work bere is sompleted aid %bat those Ammo ere reedy te roll* Noping that thaw plows amd the vay the eempLebe msetems. at La being serried out meet with your approval, t em, ado Nee Fretfully Newton J. James Metes J. Jere, Spahr N .46110b.- 7-? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 0 1,404re4nty 14, 046 DoNenhoofit 01 PERSONAL DISGUISE REPORT W. a TOs Lt. X. R. Kellogg, Chletfo ?told Pholetreohie FRONs Specialist, 1/el., Sewico* J. Joao. This report has been writtes tad cheaged three time* la Nhe lest week in order to bring it up to date for you. Thove cove Nees many fast developments. 1- Trained eighty-five nombet treepe at Taro, harms. ta use of War Pairt. These men have since hem dropped LA. It Imo Cor them, and to establish a souroe of rupply mere 110.06.4 the iron-oxide colors quickly, due to the rollawiegi 2- Col. Peers, CO of 101, had heard of ths War Plant. Pre- viously, }sad made up fifty kite which were dropped in to ofur mem et and behind, Jai) lines. From Taro, wont to Witkylas *hem *homed the Colonel what can be done with the color. He is oompietely sold on IMr Paint, and else %spine the suggestion that it be made standard equipmmat for 101 it. guer- rilla leaders in the jungle. He vont further thaa Zhat, *eying so was confident the Army will want it also, and vents to tatrutmoo it to them, himself. I am to immediately return to the Itatee mad get the item into production. He said he will need 4000 kite as e first order, - to rushed back here in the shortest passible time, sad to prepare rer periodic re-orders. S- The above was to wait only upon my roweiviag the 10 lbs. of colors from you, to keep them pia g in the momatime. I was to make up 100 kits for the new mem. This / have done) it is alreosiy being air-dropped in to them. Have also made up ? reserve supply, ta4ht este of Major Luoy's men how to do it, and turned over all materials to him. they will fill orders in limited quantities until we ma* get the 3000 kite back here. 4- The next move, -- this week, is to stop at 604, (Caleutta) for ? couple of days, where the Lt. Col. Coffee -- 3ritish eagle mdll be covered. One man will be taught the uses and applioatioaIf'Ow Paint, and samples for praotioe be left with him. Tres there ge SECRET OmmilmsmoommOwNNWHOOWNWAIMM amitimmimissup , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13Xnnnni DrInni 411 41,4,444044i7 Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 fr -444'4 immediately bq t;tirylna, WhAre hho 14100 or,lodure 14 tr, *14 Mejor Lucy will kaop them Nr*r. *14^. V4LLA ? los $ -000$0.044, u1S, 0,1:1, le able to ascertain future reluirementa. A(#.0?r A1ott, Col. Peers Beim he wtil vo high tn pro-rent delay enrlute tin *Aso ;t00014t. In Wasningtnn, the plith I. (At plqr Major Hill or anyone eksos that i nolt04.0607, 1$1 3upply or elsewhere. nondossAr7 nr-otqinerm, first order in a hurry. loslp, 1r titi* ..1oure :r )1 Army Aro wiepLets, this ' :9TO-44:WPM 6- From there tn the Tactors Lahor.Nory an the :04ot, where formulae must be revised to get lorrent rv.ults n viantaty tro* taw, micro-grinding **chinos. With sie 0:k1c.114 have saws sort', )f an emergency credit,-voucher" to cover the exponse4 of (letting '01 1%00 3000 kits. After that we will have Um, to to late) clvermment re4 tape about bids and contracts and such, tmit not ,osoflre. I fully realise that there will be delays. -- that there are many ramifications in the way lr Ni:Ittin4 orler 114s Nhis quickly, but I also know that I have same lacey cfrlaers on my 'di* who will be able to cook up Some short,luts. That Is what Is 4e0oAmdt me in high on this project. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "WAR PAINT" It is complete. Am bringing it back with me. 41.10 Tralaiag Film. 3- Would have sent it back a few rolls at a time, but aim was returning so soon considered it best to be there for the fire rough cut. It is of such a nature that any transposition of proper **quests.. of shots must be avoided. This could be done while In Southington, before leaving for the Coast. 4- Have finished drawing up, In color, a cmsplete contimulty of key shots and suggested narration to facilitate cutting and completion. 5- Colonel Peers wants a print of this back for tnaiaisg per.. poses as soon as it is possible to got it back to his. Re said 44.. is going to write you ? letter to that effect, stressing it's Importance to the men in the field and requesting you give it a high priority as your schedule. 6- Believe you will agree, due to the nature of the subject that all prints shcm3d be in color. * * ? ? ? * ? ? ?-? 46.11.,03k, 4?:,.."?401.,,`,.40,4..4101,0,41:- ???? ...44,0006.0"0600MIN*WPWW4W/10 6:4110110014 Kr* - 447110/K1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13Xnnnni SECRET r 4 * 01R0001Uuuvu.,- TV- " Pn *IPRRIeraNAL n(mwrice litootiviA thrn 1py of 1P4redse1 ntoctiee" itIme 10140t rme owey saying PI, rt it 016440 'first*. tt J14401 inee 000W, live 1(0%4 *Irmo. 4ose .144 r1.14 rhole *lit nine livtor that It you through. There Is dna thing we nee *it he pr.144 Kellogg. This *Peroostel Diagulee is ? ityst. at least a flrot. Maim her pled**, ike4;4 atonal Library before Isseviag Nnshia4Swas Nowt Lirs or the White Amt.* -- hut erit low IR lost* *tee 'ter* en.4 6*. if as se femur* yore, thel,40 NW* romq,00,4 hoolis t 14, 'Th. omblm,144, WWI** ****** Now comes the moot difficult port of klos whole omeiseees tr. try to answer bajor Watts Ulli's letters of Jam. 4 ead U. 4 r NO90 1 can put It into the right words. - Quote, .41 ? It was decided that weshiegtoa ..;emouflage 1111'1.'14as ms0414 purchase materials in quantity sad forward same to RAD repreessototivee in the field. Request is therefore made that $4104m6A Jose* firmard t.Wedsalnittes his reoommendatioas of quantities to be prdoured sad shipped 'In 101. 404, Kunming, London, Peri*, NATO, Schools aad haisilag ?edifies Cesset, and emergency reserve to be held la Washiagtoa.4 First let as say thins The booklet Iti'EitiONAL oismuse ems written for, And about the STO. It is absolutely essiatial to tem, the isdarduariWariWi-576Wid before it Is possible to know *hie* materials to use, or how it is best to uee these rbe *raft materials for a particular area are worse than nothing, they ere dangerous es h. 11? Even more Important is thus "IMSOKAL DESCA3I32! wasp writtma with the idea that it would be used in oonjumotion with a %raised lastrwitere Trues there are many things in there which a man OM Z-TiTliam?MrINZt you will find that by far the greater majority of expodleata ehAeh require the usc of materials were meationed is connection witrir-s4 instructor. You would be surprised at the masses most stusimate male at first, even with supervisiam. It can be vory 4isvoursgia44 but Tea keep after thea an gradually get them doing it the right way, Warmth repetition and practice, and before long you are both getting gratityia4 results. ?? ? ,,.... ?A? 3 ws ziCRET ^ KAtoopt. ? - ` 0 nloaSe 2013/09/041 CIA-RDP13X00001 R0001 0090008-7 -:t: ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 In hating mad* ehe mantail * 4te*,,e et, War ieiofiafte. refittor Lhart 4 jev A ft r f**r oft As* (40 0*. ? st*4?044? Alft t tar OA it wa* wrif!.hone, : *a efeel4 Nh4x le os (41/.* mpiii4 it polloy *rir,haolog aatierleli in vioneley eo4 fiewering *oats RAD r't*??nP*'tv'a Li eho AL.1,44. eme *iil ioreee Nee amtio0.1* 4e Nee *thole prncrem. Tho iovr000lne will khieh ell Wo eeistione **ode blue book and his hose etako-ito sett *now, -.pCli iii, he MA do anyth seis N,aoro? ehtih ? pooil ee elL. r we follow this* pn1111, leo will irowl ,vito^ balls where it hes boon ell tkleme peer*. 444-0# imNft 19,0 One thing Must Do sole v4r7 olaar 1114r7-14,40 Imp only method by-WTI-oh Disguise M44 rieen iqe if Ito 'Imerk*haw? and the 2?..11. way it coati% stay iit,r it, 444 /salt; '04 Ift PAL4 ver. la thrnugh expert -- plpennol ;e iminnt eomot ly correspondSnoe sohrliralKode. r4it;* *tit ccre* .1,94 sop ek0A, Lieut. lellogg. The idea of is wrong. They trs,aed the men setic make-up kite. Pthortipreirs. r ? tat -14*r eir Nook i4C,40 Ube LLITT there by on irotruoter, eftier%o 'etas in their .4841, and had suffllient *4.00011 borsrAin emolhav wan to corr." on corrertly with nPw students. ted that *ay we *mow exactly t type of suply nenessery for that are's. Then, wed lila/ then, should the *Camouflage Division purnhame materlale La (oorreol) quantity 0 and an emergency reserve be held la Neeniagton.* - Used that way, *PERSONAL ZISGT;ISIE*, as it stands, will be ..inry valuable. Now here is my suggestion on haw we con lick the pr3b1em *f "Instructors" Upon oampletion of the job of getting the Aar Paint 1st* ;roductloa and itie Training Pita completes sad both rushed back bltre ober* they are needed, I mould like to try to get two or throe good ex-emalLea THAFFERRED TO ME TO TRAIN IN THIS WORK AS INSTRUCTORS. 76-7; are several in the Armed Forces to pick frma. - if we can get thou. Doe to their technical background, thee. man could be trained in the specialties of this work by me, and headed for the field in ton or three weeks time. That way we can cover all the territory and do this thing right. Think it over. We can discuss this when I return. Now to to more apecifim on the Major's letters. fo quote ?11;ailts-- SECRET ....""*144206101411"1""""""116.11111101111111111111111111.111111111111.1111" 9 , "c-- ? """ nr Release 2013/09/04 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 r, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 "Naa. infois,*,,, to rtio IA essp,',iiitsmo 440 mooto"p 6.1,00#1s to *41440 010,10N 444w0v1 itso* ("lent. emit.. Ington with to if 01,011t0,14414 -,,,n41110040 4.4.44 ,14 ?ivvelltrt4$.40 r4p inniust,In in * h*** n***-,so rne, (Nino Atirmo, .-or7;.4i* qn'th 411/..-tpe lent, of iv' iheresely ctqlithern xvir,Ipos *AA the ioi1ions..4 Yor the reee-Ins state4 shmfe, I sinoerely re(tnamovId ilopi *on linos na make-up khts h* sent anyekAre. Con,rornirg the theeNors weritimio to (0) China. Kays 11*c:wised this with 'leveret mom us ei1ssow* who shnold know. it is apparently "type-casting' there. A hi,4 %es. over of native amonts, informers, aril ,I,Nereoters tn whom we stowt stoney or opium talks Inudestt they niiht he In lur Ails/ twdey ead Oilk the Japs tmmorrow. Life is nartrequentty very mhello. bejor Ludy mired then at my request to see if I 'nIll be of may help Nader* end ow mitred no answer, which is just as well. r:e=losioi Piwers. Injor i'opsy and myself all feel that 4?r Paint and the Job it is loin* saving Whiles is Infinitely more Important,. --m-- (b) Burma, India and Ceylon. Sot nne 'tem La 'Pereomel squiee4 applies to the type of operator they aro using La harms, or to the 12 men used in India. I have gone into that thoroughly. *vs ?ile *dig help her* is War Point, 1611M and 21411? both formulae dievelaped her* be fit the needs, snd botn ot which am furnishing. 111.11 instruct awl leave samples in Ceylon on say home. Mill ohoek on posstbilities future all in Disguise as Vpol of agent and operetioes onande. (o) Northern Europe, including Gernany. This thststor yaw as well hs.ndled so it was possible in the time I was therm. Supplies were left with the man who took over. Additional sources of supplsy were establioned. Asked that he send as reports, bite ASV. hear **thing. Feel now that I should hare stayed ther, longer, as oomrse wee r*aill rolling. If it has slumped since, could De du* to the fact that instructor's time was prntty well filled with its regular eubjeotso Would like to send one of the proposed make-up mem Instreorbers there as a great deal can and should be done, mad for C;ermany, particularly. it must be done perfectly,. (d) Southern Europe, Italy and the Balkans. As the Major will recall, this is ft theater An wnich I wonted to stop on nr wow dim but it was "folding up", so I didn't. A lot probably oaa be dome there too, using variations of methods and materials set forth in "Persoaal Disguise." An expert Instructor is just as essential there. ie would ?4141',7 f.) SECR uncetipsteNem....-- --""*"-"T.41101011P - A nrwrwAd For Release 2013/09/04:.UlA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 toik. In .1 t 10. A ill r I 4i ? wl *VW i 41'y e riittp1104. oe,tio 104,04e, pi P'llo nil v dim i 44 06 ? ? jinn* *hi Ail '40 , *IA t imikho thalift I ?,r)k root I /0/ 1..ortn&T Anfrowirt 1. Jr,trifie -ItA It* I. Prie*4 ;1.4*, M.P. 44440.11.4~,j111o000.110.10101411014?444.14 SEC - - --"'"4"0"0"4014408Aumniessomimmirmipo Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 14041111111PREVWFW Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 PI inft, titit 1014011110. AfAit-wif r *Mkt 10,44,*41- . wa-a 5101?.: kr\ ..1%E,N ? c.:>?:.! Ve,:r ? r ' . .14,1 5.r.A .49, ,.? 4001! 41.4 t ewik Dokto e litearismsaaseimaistiumatititi i st,./00.,.- - i , ,i, p ?1111111ft'44.)!, ? --1..:1,,,,, ' ?'' f""?;.%) t'l -/.7.:' i -a !?' w? ? L. 74.1 4 VIP - '4_, ? :???? wialtiNg - ? ? and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 sCr. .10 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 ? Disguise.' isfewory 1,165 Direet?r, Office of Strotegte ;ervieee. Camounag0 DIvIstria. ePersnnal DiortImloy Attached herewith onpy masher ' of anotlArt folierftrynol SPC/2 Novice Jones Is attafahod to Statics 101 ea w000leitot in personal disguise and Is available to demumeirste the Lmeltrtsetlese and suggestions oomtained Ls the booklet. Seams /essee wr,to the b... let while om duty in Lomdom sad imeorporated the eneriestee 'Warmed La his in year* with the make-vip ftepartment of the slowtas pielur? tadustry and the experience of the British Camouflage Stettom Is tamados. The booklet is minted only os one side is order#,Lt shamies may be made from time to time baspd om fieId reports ,: actual lee. le would appreciate, therefore, any suggestlos or cfritteisom eo Nhat thoy nay be incorporated in later editiome. Additional eopies of the booklet may be proeur'd as request from Camouflage Division, Washingtos. By agreement with Lt. Kellogg, Chief of Tiold notograAls, personal disguise activities in the field aro to be under the eaatrol and direction of R&D Branch representatives is the fteLd. Watts N111 AOS Camouflage Officer R&D Broach Copies have been forwarded tos R&D: London, Paris, Caserta, 101, 404, Kunming, Chungking. S&T: Washington, Pacific. Chiefs: SI, SO, PO, 1-2. SEMI ? s W444421 seeeseaManteIN gis ? - 1K?r_ , FollRe_s_e_?_013/0/04 : CIA-RDP13X00001 Rpooi 00090008-7 t, Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/04 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R00010009000b-/ StOlti isemearY 044 Dtreetor, r.. mf ittesteste terileee. Camaufteg? BOOPCn *Pwroomei Discitees Attached herewith eirAy 1011011of Disguiso.0 als.1.111,1?4111. lf Nomhtei 'Porermat opc/2 Newton lose* to ettaehed ta Stelitda 101 so * etnweiellat Um perstaal disguise nod is eleslionie t 44embe4risto tite tolotruotiene sad sugapstleas 'motets*. Ls the tomollet, Wesson Jarboe ore*. the tteels? let while om duty la Loedoa mad talewroerat*d time oftwit4Wee taareed Us his nony years with the aftlie-Ils? lower teem% of SA. IWO% NI 411461PW adkiortry anal th? wapertesee of the //MAW% Camomile/4e *m t%.* ia The booklot to drtated natty an .1iche oldie La irtAer Paw% 'hooey* ma/ b. *was true tivoi to (too bs?-4 ftclit m;-orts ,f sotmel 'owe. se would appreelate, therefore, any suggestt)e r erttieime okw Me* Warr may be lneor,roretA4 la later edtttJae. Additional soplem of trio boolait so/ No Arr/limr-td rwuitato, from Camouflage Diviatoe, taokin too. Ry agreement with Gt. Kellogg,Ct.f f rt40.4 PlietegreJnin personal disguise aetivitie* Ls the field are te se toiler toe olatrmi sad direetioa of WiD Oresion repreeeatotiveo le line fteldl. Watts Kill 'Were Ali Camenflage Offieer M610 Orasen copimp have boon torwardod tee Alles LoMdoes tarts, Osierta, 101, 404, Eummiag, Okmaiklag. Washington Peoltio. Chiefot $I, SO, SO, 1 SEMI ; . s arsr pIR2Se 2013/09/04 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008:7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 4 ii 7.. Z, 4 ' PERSONAL DISGUISE 4 ??? ? a, 7,7?, 1 r r " ? , Ja.t, " Ia ? t'a' r ? a? - ? ? ?-?'-;;'?',, ' - _ ?;;; ".? ? ? r'? ' ?????? r 1944 ?. ? ' ?-; ? ' 4....: 'C.a.!. ? .7.,, :.'7, ,7 .?,' ? '. _ s ',' -..., `.;:t P.? T . ? k ,3 ? ,." .k. 1 ZAN ?-''' 4.. .?..t'i '?. ?:41,w1,' = ,;?_ ???': - ., -- ,?`;'-4.-;-"),?,.,1 '4,,E., cil , ,. ..: il-. - -.- ? '', ?? ' t 12; 1, .?'--,.. , ' '" L. .0 ,?41 / :.? ? ? N''? ' i 'II 41 ti"., `i'. ',... ' 1 f ; ?I' :"I.C----47';: .?-? ..-;?:C?., ? , r; ,-Y ,..? ,-; I., . ' ? `'3-i. ' "tisk , "r. 5, '? ??:" r ? c ? ? ? 7,:f" ? - r ; 7., ? ta 'Ye ? 4., 7 . , $.????? , ,..., ? ,,. I ; ..-Z., .1: .1 -, .2, 4 t:' 1: . : .2 '''3 ;;;,.".i.; ' i -.rt.:, ? ..% ..17, :,,,,, , ? , . , . %; ' 2 '' -1" ?,, . ::,::4;?'-... ? , i,?.- . n, ,--.? " ' , :: '7?,,-,4 Iv -'; - ' - g r- ? $ 7;7; , ?,$?.. 7: ? 1,;??,1 f ? '-',77" 7, ? ? ? (g? ? 1' . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 ?; ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7 ?,.,. .?,.? ?Jr% P. ? woo to tiettlriant toplattilitcio,stoAto. ?of U. 1tial3k4 .po Tu1pot 1-'710 At itnit roc)* " ? Ap - ? P ? t? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/04: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100090008-7