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November 3, 2016
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September 9, 2013
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August 21, 1944
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 MY PAAVICM Pftgal Otti Otlentr4r AOfte Wadhineti511 2*1 IL Co' MEMORANDUM FOR: Wiljnr Johfi Us Dmiortald SUPX13T: Ulg or HAgolin Wnnhin* r r tem AT 1.1 a $4311 44' 1# Th 9 MOthrid Or Untri- P,1'41 ilL(elltrt depAdotapit machtn aa qinorlbod in tho inalonqr-qn,iiollth :Ajittjw of 150 Atli) nno4hor10 from ona ailtttewt toelnd a tlot 2on L-rnuln Ailow9dtn tho Ine,ncttonn, dooaiderrld sncur) tor 51cr/t trarric, with thq t"n4rAt4t10M0 (rho -)n-wvution5 411,?)It1,1r a hit1,7 toohniqMA iwaturq Ind will h9 mad') Worq 4Ity qrrtlVt mado to uno the) mach rit) Cor illrlt t rttrrtc 4 Th(4 tt 60Wig. 1-4144r on rtil In trio ?...1sia75) 1,:qntor 'And mny hn ilonatiltod tr 'e'or zlcqrt, r9alons LonvIdorld inadvL:a'4,) tr hnv.) tr..-71y mn6tortt dir9ctly. otiplr Ilace).) ttiq mDthM or .)n C114 tn 41r tut:, f - . - ,74-1/ .r.';?, 41,44 , , 4,-. ? .. ? ..r.k . ;iv 47.43 ? .! of70.1 tzriza c:oc7s, RE i tot Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 tin.Martincitittl to 0(itirt) tt 44t On I4n(14y, ti4ipt6Rio, . 1 eatimitiOft fila. ettObiftreit- vritih (r -T,' col:until who is E3cootitiva OffiWiti. tor 0 0145 fil .:1; 0 614 fiffl il? tti fie 0-Xritti Lo him 1,110 fl i t, Ito Lion a ho mad 0141 tio ral, ;41' Yiel 6-otaci ,It,161 thq el-0E1A nothing furihrov Lhat hi ?trial 00ifid do' fiq.. bhoy katel axpelvmd Mote opinion* , , r, It, a n o no t. 0 ft c.1 t ha ta nom tho e igh t c) C M.; to owl MTh iingp.ailh' //Inch I no for nqo Nit t, rq f I I 0 In ?Thar on till(' rl.ocirlo ['rotor MO' dazt.".ki ' ri)con.nondaGton$ (for whativqv friroe Limy may hetvm) 4 rtilatC000hip Wadi no L ilp w.1_ th th .:',1 .`,11 I 0 1Ij 1 ... on I if I a o r . Set ha, v.,3 rol toff kiwi t tha fmcktintiiit with whitA, wq w4--Nro 511,,111,! 1r,,,) not ,..1frIolt4nt wor1.11n..f, aAolitalmf Th4 'Jour olimal urtioeir traioti.',h the Ch If, 3 toil' atui r I, fly 44.intlyt, wh,to* in tho or :ttn 17411;1 ,f, 'to i:i t, 1.1 r Loci t o heirv-11(9 tele-14F" v-1 ts!,- itin ri te):04- ktuf h :' 000d Wait if ?mid an Indic,Lnd 141,1 am2hino 1,1 ItIOUril fof, TAan beeariCi.! 4f. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 'I'I " ' - . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 PROM! , SUWECTI Dieeuseiend ctinC.oVrilit_ts Us -- 6t ricit During October 4nd No-vomt4r 1942 aartgla aorM01 exchanged between MI tbe Jeint fVoholegleul. ' '04: eoneerning the nature or the oryptegraphttrnQJ t' organization. Among the rocommendationo mada OA: 044 . Chief Signal Officer furnish 05S with cryptomot: ito Secret traffic. Such be:tng tho ense- chI1 m1 to tine the Ilagelin machine, which it was thor un gtok It was also rc)c on) ti nd od thnt Ulu h int :,Atrrtiva. Otatftir IkAptisrn cooperate with the 0S5 ,In the :propwation r Ltci;t1tOtlW oirktt available to WS current t6chnical advicoi And un6lidtmumE In viow of tho relatively poor msultd obtiano& ?ti SIU1q; machine actually furnished ua by the Army' and.' thii obta tning Inv. , pro pnr ourront intqrkanoo mot14 = was not exrected when we proposed to ud suoh mttith ? nat *PItr Ing that OSS should roturn to the Hagolin Triaohlmir curvfmtL:QiLU. A or cora ident ial trPlric, because or LL ritarr ? tbU.t,tr 404 04 PA of uno aa well an of the 1=1:isor =Into nAno% problem entralod* ingly, undor &Ito of At 12, 1944 im rentuoated the ;:416r 414nAl, " OlTicor to rule on th9 soourit:, of thli machlao f4r tqCv;4, tirat'W. takin, ? Into cons idmra t tho rc t hods of ft7? tual tt:11 si?Mt3QraRkt br OM* Ny datld 21 Augus t 19.6, thq por t Lao at port...451eit wh I ch hay o1-)n,ln ibn trztr t frd si r ho r?,-J t tacheld .;011M6,1 Cor,ltralt4117:,s? Chief, Zi nal Security Agency, hold that the machine- as uilld Ma ocur for secret traffic" but with cortain milrvationa J4 t- ritturo which can bo or aro now being met* , - itf tor (.1 is cus ion with Lajor Lao tThjf(XtS Soltrit4ri4i. appo in trent wan r np?od for mo with eelonel of Staff. On Saturday, September 16, I howt himair"? the ruling s igned by Colonel Cordt)rman and eNplalnold t being able to uae the better typoo or Army oryptographloH6494iIr . they refused to supply to us, I felt that in order- to our traffic efficiently it would be Vri30 tft) 1134 the. il?iri to have the right to do so clear. The substanciaot Co1on,01:4-,Er answer after some examination of the papers 4nd discui* -- ever Colonel Oordorroan decided to do wa3with Mx. ?,. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 _As.,A.semerni,LeW2rufr',...,e4.,-4.;..010,112?4,rre ovk= - . ro. ? _ t ihrh4-Vgot-,71,1r Nrt rzti -r4.4,41; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/09 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100110003-9 144,1, - .114f-11; SZ"" 44,1Vvzi -411' ? aselltr( ttiA0iktP 04(141tk,1 it io dolait4 1 ? 11d4.0414 availabid tC _arrangament.5 ohrfuld 30 Tho torminalb X-2 Off lcoc ttU.00re 20754 ciletnpoi-111,' :aqiiltUritt Room 3601, Into rila f3n WLjrZ, 610 Vitat', Atekto...64: acji 11. iVr3 hlivoi roe! th 0-$5 000,3Iiiirt.t ati'fik.MV Major John 'a. Del 1, Lo1 rif.i c Lr Lth 1)(TkaprAt.qtti, thorl thriw