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November 3, 2016
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September 19, 2013
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July 11, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 1 Declassified and Approved For Release i pc. ''',--'-. ,?,.....01--,.4F.,,,,,, ???,,,,,. ;:..--'::-..J.,t,-;:.1';-',--t-,-.4?,7.;.--?'-' , -..i i ? "...'.. .? V, '--;?li-I''''''' - - , 17,- -#_L.,.,!, 341.. ..?, ,'4'1$17- .. - . .. , ...., ., ..,- . ..- 04 f.. 4 - ? ? " . , ,.4.1:-'4,:mtf,,,,., . _ N ? 1 1! 4 -'? -I :--%-- '?=T;'Yi.?f-"- :Ine?,,:t ? '4. '. 47eN ' '.. ,76 . ilr' `'? 4' '' ' - ." ,,,A,4--..*i-', ( ? 17-, , - t. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 ,:.; 'i-"; ? '44, r, 4-4 ift!, 1 1%4 ..r,,,,,.....A:m^1, , , ,,ti, , ....;...1., ,,7;-,,, .?...,...:7,- ' ' . ? .r.,=.3 --':: '.. k-i,',. 1:.:;- . ,,-;? , i i 6010100 0 ..0-,..Ar,, . .,. ? , 1' r f .4. a, c. ? .4:. "'" ,, h, on'O'gra? Tilde* Guide :10. flag .0- (TO /effitypoott,r with illrqlECT ei..-en bziosv Otia ct. N. L tridc,f, (Ntiril,, 10,1044.0P4Oliereptort Ur each twit titio.) Y.- -- ? -- ? '-'---' . _I--- ..---- 4 . kiktivgorrasiPovaew.n,lirtrums- related report, ete., if applied-able) iTT TI ; ,..itiatMilalt Evaluation - .1*.Atiiizig4i0ss, ionvittitatiortgb?ictAtity 44?4944_4441,0*?? 4.1.4 ???? pato .L__ (As 'Iti-. ty (nl, cinvarti "ltrrialirkticabile,, etc.) MaCk140: igtsablansal. _2r.o.-Attlerp A ietakted on) Mein title as per index v Ido) (Sun titles) (Make separate ?sport for Vat ..1 all1111111Mtilfte 40.114,aitV(.2.01., ,tiparpay gime, containing substance succinctly stated; Include important, tact*, ninies, tiste4, Oat- C WRY/ ? Arrists ielrenrh Horomfto (lasablanoa, leiekma-9 o 7140101 Of4,4411 and civilians for Pm-American 40100mmh Beret ServiAe agent reported that on June 28thre and seventywt3701 people were arrested in casablance, 11111ftsie bel.ng a?Aused of having formed a semret organisaa. Whifth memaned the *semurity Of the Pronmh State". MOOrly all ^lleseo of people we're afremted by the arrest !bare 111014 off2"ere of the aviation semtion, of the Navy and mOIX et-thit manager mr. ? large stationary store siturted boom karma as "PortlimMeallotw. This last nomad is amftusod the instigater of the plot. %.0 ThimObjliet of this otganisation was to dire^t propaganda th* Amarioan %suss in Prenmh Aorommo and at the same time to losibOtile the Prow* national &delae program in the event of an rAmoriman intervesition in the Protemtorate. It appears that arrarge- meats were made to peas *long important information to key Ameriftan linte or rop2iememtatives wwho would remain in the imerior and have ^mess to mune of Aommaninating information to theiv (overnment. It sfpears that treambery on the part of an employe* of the firm of Portimrliodllot, a Jewish woman, brought this plot to the attention of the polio?elp Tao woman was on intimtte terms with a memintr If the German ArsistiPte Commission and disalosed to him the acistenme of this organisation and the Osman Commission subsequent- weett to admit to Tut in an offiAal momplaint ad demanded au in- mtisatimm. 9.1LI rhs Prowl Polime plidlorbked the store and made a rhid est the building from mellarto roof. They found tramts9 tertriagee snd weapons ftommsaled in the basement of the- itits.in they Isit4e4 the homes of some of the Itaspe-ted ma4 **MA weapons ivonoealed on the promises. Some f.onfase- Opre Otelned tir third degree metUds, resulting in uI so telly that be required medimal treatment. Thie 4?R????????????????!??????n???*?Fs?????? ... .... " ear avos*0011k. Ditiote4refe around unit or mite (Os-beim nu ? R.itostiorav,# or for retail** "Wile** by CtOiCk ^ eitgatOt igit'brnink bolts. tpe ElLat-ihution block hAsiniv) t-, v. t.., 0.04 partici 41-qt (vit.)t 1111 Cil tbls copy CO napictu di:I:1011r PM (.i t r.titlut jittilq r r; , 10/1440,*A4 , 141"1-h Archives 11;40 ir*-$* Pivirf-4St 644, So 64* 64,64 I C61. k44. I: t. Si M. C.1 Cest- - 1 Iran'I. r . r ft ;; '., .41; a 4 F Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 ? .4:6',41tH' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 , 4alrita. 4:".40444', ),_ ; i0L41.4M874 4-1 _, ? t 41V4APIAA1-414? 4 4 400**".. .?t 04400. 44.40 va. 4.40 e y wo * 11141410411411? 11.141bAndt 4110 ta' 4k: 7 Otos of national ovelttritl $110141X1S(1. rim offiee id t .. Isafpaso it was proweil atost Wadi ealaGrillastes e2S1 at 1111141011, Mit ke isms* ati ori el& to Ida ilisPeePw NI 00wisene is ktirprivtimt lastosti Of obt ow to *Um ala ansiwitioo of Amsrinan coma . CLISt 4 iF .S4 %11 tair Smatiailla alet.,..4414.2232r1,0 Tbi*140,440 Persia's. Frarmatee" a DerOt X MA CJ. CAA the "Ma*" haws :met asamAmet mn6 vitione, tzar le te ititortlua Jar& tho tlAal leaustrutOs* or apapatUem whi6h sta- tvtlik tii4 WM* ill Month MorOwto? ttU omit titaki to ant 135 los at ~ogle) point, 1 1.11th4event4 of *xi 1420:21/* istAra-0 I on Wa towiritary. At tko oleo tine while Ws stilinlisatiou tedirrolo IOW Proseh %via dos ooshattestos is getasetimi * narammo Ugligh 014 111111/101 *lawn in this andkaisSitiOsi Qin 11:',D4:aap 11014,10PlesSrm4 swift to pport the *mite of tbe "taft*" wegara- MUM* 131 Imam, both clit tbe ongialisettane 41J1 ationVi On sow boost or Waft stronsemmoll squats ava1laX.4 for Oa obstiar to the origtnal nest of the GiIreass early "Btu.= Trtipplu limits that were fbrao4 la Bavaria* iteraNt4 *mita of the litrompeava*4 squat or the Pl2wais" wont toteaotlen at the easabladas ratiroat statiou Ott the return of 4 Ploia41 by the mat 014 Moil esti foriler manager of the Moll 011 000am, 111ossatianse* This nen was arroNtod a year Wit_21111 booms* of prOftbritialt and Somalis* aqtieritine* he iss '#i j4 oat sonteviiel 9 a /mg tint of hard later. aidt maim *Me atie he was eallot to TrAmbro Hie father IvAirlyst Wes * 4 Oiewth ware ea* brought to Wove thie MOMa 081410104 sostoono? itiso* We returned to oaeablonoe three weeks sop as noel swat bsiaLiI to the "2*P*P** otgamisatlou WI bias. Ike stett1eirsa$00 rnI mrlols 'loath to thin treitorclid IS ie.1 0 with drama Tovolvorspottted 111. 0 tem the &wow fght sarrotualed 4.1 niFt W. A* 32MY8 USOSIONSOX 110101341, VOdU (Rot), and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9, - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 rJ' -a ... eurS ob ter the Pill, N*whom I would, rate A.2 is a French officer 1!*404 alktimfOreraftje0041es and has just re- atti?Inthe Bordeaux region of C4Oiet France and has submitted the following intorina en directly from his own notes of the terrain hm. t a tistance of 40 kilometers east of Rooheforto map 44,rked,4fil, gives a detailed location of the "Hispano-Suisa" tOtorics and also to the south the map indicates the ad- joining airfield, school of pilot formations and the German mkerft? faotories. The letter "D" on the map face represents Gdmessa powder factory which was formerly situated at Metz and was moved here at the time of the Armistice. The DoC.A. bittery emplacements are marked on the map by oriss-cross in red crayon. This offider pointed out in the adjoining small town Of Cognac there are five very important subterranean hangars made or concrete. They have an opening of 60 to 70 meters in each case. They actually oontain the following equipment, Messerschmidts 109s and Focke Wulf's, Junkers 87 and Heinkles ,14. The Hispano-Suiza factory above referred to is operated by the Germane. They construct aeroplane motors and special motors for "Sturm-Boote" which are known as invasion boats. e 1.! The second map marked 1.3.1. points out the positions of submarine bases and navy yards lying along the east bank of the Gironde River. The submarine base is carved out of a rook strata which forms the bank of the Gironde River on its eastern side. The Navy yards are a few hundred meters south of the submarine base. These naval bases are also ex- ploited by the Germans and they are using them for repair work and assembling of submarines. 221=22.of"Wehrre iment" no. 2 of Bmalteaa.t. I was informed from an officer of the French Secret Service ,that at the German camp of GRIESEEIM which lies between Wiesbaden At ftsnkfort the "Nehrregiment No. 2" oomposed of trained pare- sta are being drafted into a depot regiment of East Prussia egisent No 1". The process is one of continual 40 soon as fresh units have oompleted their two 0 course in parachute work in the rregiment -shifted into the "Wehrregiment No 1" which is e. Many of the members of the Legion Co4dor which was Spanish Civil War are actually in the 4epotA4igide knoiwn as mgehrregiment No. 1". highly trained paraohutists have e in civilian attire to take up MOTO would 4. 1 +4,1 .J1! -;q44ti 2 Ff4 Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 ^ , ? ? `.? ; 31410-6'34 404,-*0 *heti. 11011*nd, ? -o er Stated 'tt.tat one o_ rOlg4tent depot brigade of Zitst ng- b:soutie for graduates, trained. and e o tsnot i,rits$ ern 'i)arii01Ote :attjoic Witt* se 0 out o do a i?sLon lob inItitt ever territory may OC)1110 :4* Nati program. ' 1- ? , r r ? ?, ? ? , e ; r!F r-, WM/ad 40* 1.4aa W. Stafrord Reid Vice Consul "41 ? ? - ' 1.7 "'? ? - ;, ; ?," ? i ;.' 1:rt La,p r ? ,?- 3-- = ? ..r"t ? i. ? , , ? ? p. ? := ftitr tt, '1. ? g? J pr.?4it. , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 '?*a 1'4 41;.J ' grigi'.'iratalEMirke Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 e 42 1 4. ? ot.140,ewith to lists which were copied, from ';i1 dooua?nta. Irioitise treat thele as strictly confidential P&1 tk.y aigt b?'traced back to ray al'tiuiee of ;supply. 0.J1,01-1,A,$ "Imo;i a list of- Begio4a1 Air Commands in France, North Africa and Ude-China, In the lists of the psi in this p.pi you will notice that certain "Itstionnements or Rdepat de ?attachment", In lil,rthe groups mentioned are merely theoretical le are no aetual planes to oorrespond? In the msolid paper are the orders for the Air bases in Morocco, 44. rim and.Tunisia in cane of alarm, danger or actual This also, was copied from actual orders and *Wild be -treirted dieereetly? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 ???7, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/19 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100120002-9 ? ? - ?-? ? .? 2,,sq _ , ? ? ? " . ? (4. .? ? ('N ? -? ??? 'NZ ? ." 9,- ? ? . ;91 ?.? ?:?? \c,t1r$1.41 ' . 3,41'11.1.?/i,1;71?1: tiz41?;:?...;444 ? -???? tr.4;,? 430 ??ri L?1?7*???,-- , . :-.1:????????? ??? 1 ., Af".., ? < ???