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November 3, 2016
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September 13, 2013
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October 15, 1942
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Etiliii7AttY,LeAkgreA20,2,.- ItSW f.12 Z?etti?r1/4.9*1.1,... iffirii-MAPV 1W3'. ?? - ?Yitik11114,:e_1..,M4'--- to*V?Ifn j:5 M .4., %,t.; . 00 ' ol 0 1.7 ^ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 co a) 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 , - ? -tile- ? = ? - t , it- 44. '1 ? _ , , " ? - 33 ? 43r1` . ? ' 1'141.4: ? ? :4- . _ ?? , 3Z-? ' '- ....:33,:- . ' 33,Ii4._' . -:... - -e._ V'', ,tot;'?? - ?,., 4V... ?er.., k??.??:, ' ._'?,:;.' , -' , ..? - .-s. :1 ,33. t,.?.;' o?,..:..': '3 '?>.'? li '-'?'. ii, ?,"; -, "' ? - 7-3 It:Ai- , -.F z .01,1".11 4461-1. t",1141,0- ' " ? ? ? ? Aievi , a _ ' i 14,1 ? 0 1: ? ' ? - - 4,-.1.4.2* ? , !.3 ` 3 " - -?' oe? ?!. ,33 1/4, ?,1 33 ?. . . . ? ?.'? -44-t- ? ----.. -1- ?:???? '," -'-'? -. ? -4. - .... --'3,.--avx???- ,4-.:*.t.-4-',i,"??? .,_..T? -4'. i I ?.--,- ,Aii ":1..1.1'.: 1:'??_'-'-''..14.11:.--,--;.:,'.1---1.%::1V.-:4,1:1_4,..11, , ---,,, .. - ,.;?47. S?_. I _4' ? 4I; ??? t ? ? ? - ? '4"1"- ? ? " ??(' - r4r Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 - Zt isoiSS to Se that ois the grraora sharing there is no justification Cor Lauvoktch*rod funds. Why could not the S./. tad the S.O. La the various its set forth by Foreip ruktWalt litids make direct payment out of voacaoutd euxu-s to Foreign Nationalititm for thAt servicti. 3 - ;If Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 OPPICIF OP iteAtifig 104111100M. /*IMO TO, Colonel Donovan PROM: Lieutenant Colonial* C.* MUntingt Major David Bruce $UOJICTI In view of the fact Chat SI and SO do no operate in the Western Hemisphere, the assistance tlutt can be rendered those two branches by a close cooporittou with the Foreign Nationalities Branch Is toinsIderable. r the ease of SI, it is important to kiftp In touch tvith the activities of foreign nationals who reside in the United States, either temporarily or permairputtiy, cause of the close connection that many of them have with relatives and correspondents abroad, as w411 as for other purposes. In the case of SO, it is felt that the Foreign Nationalities Branch can be of very great assistance to its recruiting program. Since the Fore1gn NatioDalities Branch cannot? under its appropriation of vouch ored funds, perfora the services which are above envisaged, it is recammend d that sr and SO each contribute to the Foreign National ities Branch, beginning as of October 1* 1942* the so* of $2,000 monthly out of unvouchered funds for a period OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 - ??? ? ? .0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ??7 _ alb 2 .;?-? ,0 - of'sit'monthip at the end of which tii?he quotstift of further contributions 411I be re-examined in the itigyv -results achieved. It is further understood thet, at tIle ofnd FA, eadh 04e, months, the YorOgn Xalionslities Branch will submit to me Direttors of SI old SO & report in the u-sual tannor follAw44 for Uhvouchered Funds accounting) setting fo,*th tht latmoV of the expenditure of the funds so contributod, *4 10911 48 a report indicating briefly the services perVorsed.67 It during this period on behalf of Si and SIO. rfriM?44.1. ? t 44(!-* .4?444/14iimogri,'1. ? .441s..fire-itaw.r....0.030:01?Milliel alagoomeatim.00.111111.110.soklal? ? C.: 11AL OFFICE OF STRArEGic sEylvic,ss `??? 1?? -_ 1 , -,rn? ?-? ?k?l? ? ??' r -7? ' 4*N-re: f ? - . _ .1 ? '; ? ? ?' ? ? ? . 0*. ' ? ; , - ; - ? ...!;?, - - r*?.1k.rpl ?as$, -:?4 4, -,40 ? 7, r."1, -? ? ? ? - ' ;?Tr - r , " = ; _ . - , ? s - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 }I ? '' - "1 -- ; ? "t?-? - , I i - ? a?? . ? I - - ? . . ? , ? ???, ; ? - ' ; ! .1 ? r ; ? " ? - - ? ?-? .11.1) - ? ? ; ? ... '??? .1??? _ F . - ? ? ? ? . ?i?- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 r , WI MOOT In the paper you showed me thlt morning ths ti :n or the FM appears is ono of a sixAltem list of ftspeoiAl 'operations*" Asx road it, the DTanah ls ta be In aontaot with foreign nationality groups in the Mated St&tes 4a ald In the collection of information needod (essential) for tho, execution of psychological warfare operations* This phraseology by itself might, I shvuld amyl bo construed as broadly aa the heavonsi Vet ttaken Ln tts context and with referenoe to certain preceding speolrt tions, It raises In my mind two question which I feat I ought to submit to you at once. (1) If you have not already had ucoastoz do, to, might you fee/ obligated to outline to the 4Totnt C111 or Staff, or the appropriate authority thereunder, the extent and character of the work which the ne Is at present actually doing for the State Department, and which (I know you agree) it ought to continue to do? (2) How is the FMB going to make out with Ulf) Budget Bureau under the proposed directive? In the future justification of our budget recomm ndationz is shall have to refer, of course, to the inortant contrl bution which the Branch makes to the work of the State Dapartment, implying at least that if this work were not Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Iii-Ontributed /tat Mat wall mod to sat op. It* mot ehinory. U tho Pudget 1riati thon turns Uett up invt, Airiative la a narrowly loolltrtiti spirt. 4-sictstlots arr Ji* Rogers an4 talked this over before I had 0,04 ths papor I saw this morning* VI that, sigrt*d trig!: CU, position and functioning of the PM need not under the NNW Set-Up I still incline to tho arm view but enough doubt has come into my mind to Impo, me to- submit to you this query, Is it necessary to obtain from the J-oint Mawr Staff at the appropriate moment and cati OM to sot lomo sort of acknowledgment that, in order to cabsot Wormatlan f psychological warfare operatlonal tht e have its Foreign Nationailtits traftah operate in about its present scope' -- that Is Cone miat say) in the ways and to the extent whAah tte praottoal almortcneo of the past year has demonstrated to bot appropvlat3 ana Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ' IgVottIT f IL t ii 0400,s' NUOUTIVS OPPICt Or TAM P*11010*,1 maku or Tfft bliDatT 1 SISIONANDIThl IFOft C? sasu chaitsr, IMO* and Piaaoso Onto* el' Stratogis Serviees Subjesti Istablishmosit of a brroala IstWoolltl** Dransh OM** in loviscotee 114. Jerstr. Thq, Foreign latioscIAtiote Preach, req*sisted imuthatiti to establish an *Moo is frit-wet*** 10. Arise, fro,* Waft to disvet the voluoteer workers of the Ihrsioldso Coidevenoos with Ve? Poole and Proteaeor Writt provided au17%**40$ justification fbr the Bureau of the tudsot I* reowit ta the requested program? You are hereby autbrorieed to estokblIsh a* 4rrtim (or the Bereisa Nationalities Branch is foriasotoa Pod to espIoy ? Whim secretary there, cithin th, trod& ma total *umber of positions authorised by tho lest ellowlion a th, on. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 t tor 44:_we JJs *cm" olf44# Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ??, . rve. 6'4Y. , , ? - ? ?-?,?- 46P45. list* 1 raw istrarisillsks * ,14,1)sr, Pisitswisv Ito 041111 frost tit* Swift 4' Ems lOisiota they tamp assappro..4 IA* revoitiit *0-40. by a* tog' eft positisso tor tbs torsigst likttlesslitios Iiiemsst i#Nors is turtamortj*411 *It 00w. tor you too siiid ottegipt it ? tiptop*** 0-1$ and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 4104 &writs** 4t /Ai ritl**4 11s4 vet* Wt. and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ?..$ .? /P11' =.- 'V.'. ? r "A ? ????zt ?:?Pw;',/ ? ? .??? , - ,t?z? , I 'rat' " if: 13Y: ? -? ? t ? ? r e a ' 1;71 "? r t fi q-N:14.44.j. 4 '? .r?? ? r?d?2 ""??-? OSS SCCO; /IAA otrft tM 2'st eg...,7-?11Pz ???-?? 4??? t 1.,)(p4eing?.11? w.F.i IvttArt f 01 ????????? , -?-? tIF ? ? ? - :.. Az,57-??.?? - ?? . ,; i .1 le ' , . /- - ?-?fr al , ? 1 -1..4- ? :' ., - ' ? ?:"?`????-i.'". .? -1 l'.. -a c... ? . ? - . - ?'' 1 ; ?: . ?_?-,,--??*. , . ! . , ., . .2s, .. . .:... . p. ..,. ? -_- * ''? ' -. . ....grirj - : A ?r.;,:',11:t?i- :, 4.?? , :';?. ?,,,I.:', .1,- '. ? P5?iriliz,i ,-,c- :_, .,'. ? ' i,.... ,,,,-,?',,?....--,.. --ih._:0%,- .?,, ?:?,. -? , .--, ...? -,?????64.,tet 4-4- . ?..-. J ? ., - i.,e?-4,? 15.4! '.;r&X', ',I* 1 '.'"-, 1 sti? ,, . ? .?1,' r I- .2 , , ..';? ????,. v.. 4:,..i, . i?, .,,,? 5qi .j. ?.., t. g-1?11?,`.- . , ,... I- ''-":. e ;, ,..,-?_,:::!..6 , 1 z- "'-''''' -u 'i..!;?1 ?.? P. ; ' ?.../qh.1.4?.,.t' " I - _ . ,..'',!.."?4?_ ,.: "'t .,',?.,?;;:: 't?t? ,C' , it? .,' ,,,,,,, '? 11?..,??, ? ., ? 64 -i,.1.1.??' ?." kr -.,..? ? " r off! j1/4: ' 4 ? L! ' r, .jr."..1' SC, ? - . ? .;:t, ? 04k. ? , ? 41?..z?, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Deceittbtr 5, The memarAndnm attqd 001c attached fmm DeWitt Poole iv A mOTTI document than the November 25 memorbne. .attached. The latter nnpr ttot for five employeet earneAiy ror4-qt that an "impasoe exitv, if t4ey Al The more recent, more latituill in prove perforrAnco." The Budge hms cut substantially as the november _ r Aentra 71 to 40. I do not think 71 are neededit. be that 45 would be better than O. 1 have had a number DeWitt in the last ten dp,ys ilnd !. that there is a good depl of activity Roi1. n; For reports to O'S2. S Special report to the StPte. 3. Collaboration vita On Col laborati with Depart t Just ice' r? t 1 -7-3 riV Ytt ? ? 40 ? :stiv It - ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/137 IA-RD1X00001 P 3 R? 0010018u008-7 C Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ?th _Ibel two fu,thtr: .# will be a ohrtnge in the t'!,,ditelilicif bulletin's and thircl ttg A m$1111+ thily , unifedensAry partlep,nplthip so t bulletin. is conaernedi GEB FS th - ? f 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 eat e AT.A' SW** ritilisatiey *Ilk L. I* 11100Stal Mar tonsics ot itaptleet odd that X Ampensup With ye* the vorktag nolttalissisto NS t roar beisallt Salthic atirkie cad APProtrod. eat that Mill sae ready se to the arOast aid /a t. ;0'07140 -^ e be artalat, 7 imailled mid reasible? itrit Alta roapacise castlailly latteated that be had as yet soda say real prapose twirl nollai the *politieal adviser* *se he dlosired to sot to his atargio as and Ms Asstatiat Itrestar, Anse It mad =se la the aesashile to teal try* to as* our lat advico is particular oases* I sale Iheallt *Uwe be Val to talk vilth them. aataitallp thaw vesed rowervo to thsaaslis* their angroettats authority sad to solely reapaaelbla top decialcas toss la their appropriate flat* It thoky aoratted a spelltioal airtime later sat vs *NW glad seoperate lems13,3r srl,t1", Maw odd tholr Name sotto* la oloarfai bier** Pre*Sillag.*ttla tio ease ot rams Ahem* Samosa isatlimaai**--?16.amaikappreelated? ra Vas Oft* it tolled Vd .14010011111000, .colitsrost? moo Pellatal*9 blestmer, that .S4* IVefaiiiistleas PaaPsetillit *lib Us Atten107.141,,,ral4 Vnao might la tit$ Asian* bs smatessplatiag eterhe-:? "V ". -74 . - ? ,;?? ? !..e3 .;- ;17 - 41114?444444e,U4tRit 1/4,44, zrJ )-* 1!1411-44101Wfik.. 1.7 A 4e4.1 z ht? % sap, te._ ' ? ,- " .2??? ? - , , , tzx Declassified and Approved 5 Oir ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 _ .? Nino woad ter one semi amok et NC iremilorod iditkaat la ow seldni fair a NMI ad.ht owe to make it $ semeral velo lalherenw et us litOa early stain ot otos* or inwit *tot* litt? tatioated that this gesepoi prectise omok* top spited? it and *hist mdght *Ott thiwg UbePMI'a Atteniep itilee and ON mere, flea their sompeetive Mats, oessormed with the Naas laillidatesii itho oboe eamAit ammo be Whoa over eat soft ~teal selutlea woo twit Mu willmoombor timkt sometime /so *481110 with David Preeet All.. Dallas ea. met Ur* ilistiltt prods.* *het is asy sestirea by illatime st the toreise natormittlee in lbw York City, nessant soell4 be taboo or SI At thit Use Oustle? via ilsehliag Sate the Ceeehoolovek Zateraatiom 'Contort *leak seemed to to overetattoil.) Oa eerte*. essesieme ta the pest* IWO has areileeetid ni t.40b .40111a rolPseto rar Ma et posidiaw.jge seetiate lavelelot alatiii1114110 10001106 al sow asbol MO SOU it 14124 la* to VP ter kelp of We Unto seld that I bad Oast of all gealitt wy easeer by the toiloming obseriatioes PIZ opental cortabar eldest It PIM appeared to invade its Mid la amy leo* I vita dietendeed Inn to glee FM Net ennes tor sonmstato Xt wood* sew that Ibex* toad be a* ebjeetion to PM eowerimg auk aNguita ? 9- ,::- kl. - t .65.* i - ,...? ?.. ,..z. i - . .111 , 5 1 ,S .!; '3.P.:', - , , I ...;, 5, ? V 1' ..... t -- .. -. - ' IV, , .I 'W..: , '? .."- ' ., ,'",, ill i:t? . - - -ISI ,,,i,,i; , ;`-,..' ,7.. 0 - ,),'.':' f6: -.`A.-'1.,'`:* .? ?-' ? 'v".; ;1" ''. ' ' - , ' - ..i. ., ,,, ? --k . - ',O* ' y,.. , r .,..; ,:t-,..?...i.,r...: . +.' ..-. i; - 'CI ' '''.? ;I.:fro' -; '`:- .."'-f. ;,,ip .. , rr,t. .rf,' ' ., .,-14$ - ? i If ,? ' -?,,,. :r...."... ; "-":: ?", , - ., - s. ' 4-40tr AP = Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? Idi ?U Ii ik1060241 heorterc it ehouldi WW1 IOW I. Or* aid*O11 wZdI that MI les air 4.00.0 appelionsive tr moot of so* Saittsity, er Mood toy row* stif astitrity et me kiasi tho sort tit Mk Sr* ilisiNk 1111.1011 OW *Mae aa? 111r* asith wit glieriatitekr talft alarseroti that VON Ihst maisretamells aims ts theboeuisse les isevahl sem* wee the frisailso taistrisso has of aro ilbilties Wise la ease amp elttisetlip, AtL4 snot with nit so sheulli be glad to eganittausis40,v4P migla swum of the Ms* la question se tor as ow ressersee of pereases1 persitteill V Sr* Mei:ft rogroseliel us tom Usis to tlae ts weer spoesitise publie neetlasso us sitsuld oariteisky bete to =won tosIstasSANI that we sere uslib3a to is sem Da a good sember eases* houstorio I autielspotorl that we absoloi be able to law his Wise this servisso (In this aeassotiam pared* as to eau= the mem Utter of Dairid kyr at 0111 kmws espy seat to yea Ilisesober 27 wgft !hi* he assorted that withsat the help at PM la tislit otteerap kis Distsiera sisply *NW net set its week 4. Oft? Wen butipet allow a total of sada paves* ter oar rialt 1.10117 Divisted As Ws taill14141 IbeIlbtat at as attlatidia old W. *601114P*Plbers, yes owa see boy law we Woe Mar agrusia *irk is the nal. It is possible thet In view at Satatte iimplest sad &Ws statism* us would mho a ease to id* .1hutist ????.'.',.'4v '.1- ! ,-..i.? , , ' ,,, ... 1 q ..,,,- ,) ?: ? 1 , . ')' ; '' ' .11J If, '---4...r, -, * i , i? . - " l' ''', ,,,?-?'-`.- ,.. - :-.';:"*.r-' ??? 1., ,,7" :1:?,.-:' . . .,74, - l'? , I ';',.*::;:ctO.'"'I.' , ''.91,-..,,.."...: -, ''''''Ff '." 4:::::;'-'-, ,t ? -, "-: I-- ",,,kt.1.141.1114.40.00,1,,gt. - Fl T .F1-1:01it ot1 - t 0 - _ , ?, ? CA , , t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? 14'74 i personlial allow to t retaigti itstigtua - , lay z , 'aismelil_siOmparas at follows with estisaates subelttod and , P ' : 7C ' ; lr f, %aid erat 00d to hive beta approved b7 the worititg ?... = ' - ',., of the Budgot Atteott AllooPet.I 1,01, 22 This flbseses personnel praetically at pteseat flgorp44 $, Additional appointmenta are rot it be3 boon understood since the Zranchos first prowl/lanai budget was grantad last spring that tb Branch was staffed only OA 4 provisional basis; that if the continuance of the $ranch were _ approved at all, then the staff would be substanttallr In? , ? eveaseds The figures shown above indicate that such an attitude las-not been maintained, Apparently roductionz of the es? timates hy about one half have been arbitrarily ordered Tbe need for a considarabli staff in the liorittert, fttlom ,. ? alities Branch Is Declassified and and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 upon some 35 foreigni*politioei OitowtiOng IAA the United States. Of these at least 20 erst of ittioh :Imports/toe that, they cannot b. dealt with other thetbysustaIntod attention on the part or an expert. Bich situation involves at least on, foreIgn laaguage, one distinctive culture, and one disaltotive sitaetion Ln the United States. It is true that one export elm eoftwr lors, than one situation but certainly not more Oen typo Lap(' tatat situations plus a share of tha less important. Ton experts plainly becomes therefore an absolute working siniamm. act the.. higher positions not less then five assIxtatts mnd rive secretaries certainly 1 modest allowance Division (as shown above) it is necessary to sutr%ot sovriml who do indexing and filing. The Branch has Me best Latin:mod records in Washington on foreign-politIcal parsonaltttos organisations and publications in the United ?ttes. That After this subtraction only 15 are left cortor Ust a demonstrated working minimum of 20. These r ures aro* All downg.to-the-bone figures. They fix a level below will*h ful- filment of assigned responsibilities becomes simply Laptac ticable. The personnel which the Budget Bureau has allowed for the Field Study Division is obviously inadequate since Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 4:of sight insludos tht Ch1,t cfr the DivIslott ofid, hipIpiks wa1go astusl fist& wo*****4 Also arenas for *timid is insiogpsits at lAikst 34060 -AltssOssio in those ass** it is still possibl* *got slaw NO ono canal, iff-s-ladag? Tow consideration of this situation Qt- oft* alitht naeost $ay twig -- is earnestly requested* W44^ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 -WM1M44100U";54'.-- My dear Mr. Donovan: In the absence or Secretary RU11, t witch to acknowledged the receipt of your letter or Aprti sixth, which I shall bring to the attentIon or the Secretary at the first opportunity arter hts return. _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 The blue copy or the Colonel's letter to Secretary nal Is returned herewith lince - made some small correotions in the letter A& actually sant out. Please lot me have a If/p7 the final version because (undorstanding Chat Colonel approves) Xshon/4 like to ba.nd 4 copy Jimmy Dunn, and also tisk S. Bright Wilson to pat copy directly into the hands of 0. *dial and thu$ avoid any possibility at its slipping b7 him L the distribution of matorial at the Stet* ElgpartInont. _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 E .1, '1 ? ? -* ? ,t r. reit- 11# A942 :tat ;on *Lq, ip itigiffilf lagZeirtatt NS whit* hair Wvai JdL tttme orrty.trIpl tt-oti ?orialitiest Irani* ioatui luiut 4iftwitIetvaant, Lt-1 711 11 11441,1 to to 4,4:11,41 the lin Pcfti w1Ig,x um" Vat1. resAd ata tom, 5144,V,' inirairost thit actratlilr ofe pvtliCtektir riettigeet poilitiota porsonalitikuoiiwta tArlitit tfr.A131':.177 AoliAltupport "Mu& tueatito tz.vi tle4 filzta ttest arid a pwi4t4,Tt 014 013 ,4.:14mtay Crottly.altarickl trrs f t azaputi Moro, antstto 3,* subk.4,-Ita of fa r t Etat.* The Vim gm...pa; 4 ,z0,110. 2'14 ---- 41.:??;0?444-:?;:l 44= *-2.?.1?Z. ? ;:47.12.? ? - ?????? VP- ?0., ? .-a , 'Crt ? ?? ..,..44faintr"" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 '.4 .i."., ? ir# ,_,_ - 1) irr o. ..e.e,,,,.4- 1 ?a ..t.t. ? k '' .?tr- ? i `..-- : -J-.7.,?,, - 4?? ,I., - - ? .. 04- _ Ilf.t,0,,r .."---*- . I-, ? 1 -.....,4 ,i ' ? ' 7 1 '' -. _ 1.---4,,,- .A# ?;`''' ._ ? , ? S ?-? .7s - ? s .1i, ;ft 1 ) 4141111, *krij, ,.S?1 - L- p 1,1m. TS 414$1* 01401, *Oh Intowir retiwra ref, WU sot rittr ***UV at ? ? , setait taus titiVil Mg 44 beet torrstimbligt WV* 4$ satigArAttst ** wDorloorlibitt, (O- lt vita th Spocial lAtetass ttatt fat AitirzGuam-111s #114 Mt* span X a* Imobs szcollent cooritirxmatatt tat bout 4.131,Atipawa. t efteroito WNW Lit p>11,07friati *-tkalio cat imittlatitlail attroirrl tut Let4:t.r.73:4-4*-- imp gross publishiott in tail Elr"ttut 1,40ist diamiside atisslat 46r-oad .'41 Iamb& *?4j t*; 1,41 witt ecturv. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? 4 ?,.....,- :41,4r i-4 ?.4 i Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ?-0 4".4. ' - z-i:2.` 4:4, IA ??'4,4,:44 titf.# ; ?...4.."4",?1/4.4 4444 4,4?41r14.2,44 AtA?11 4;41'4, 4. 4 ????,'IVA '? '?;:?_/t? :1 4VV ? t - ? ^?-.1 , ? ^ ;:tr?--? .? ? :J. 44-1 ritil Ulm ^ VVVV - ? 13- 444.;-7 ? ? ? t rote,' f?.,:-"?4-4?04 ?4 tb-tt vat ftuck.it,140 ns,1244,1-$ ake tritAistattukt 'tavA eito stea of Iv* t Auttetot kukr. atatt ea' tilde nralext, aval..4 ritfwv-tuarttg NW le tit 4t1 ;ft wq*. 1???? -.4 ';?1;4.4-ei"t? txt tV A.;,?? ? tiPf?' 77. ? ?%. UtortItztAgo ore.= 1,1,1111:I7v1 ea, ; ? ?? V ? 7'44 _ , ? 4 i.`" VI - `?i?-:k?.....-.3--1. ?.4c'-? ' ..1?..J.. v't, ... l'? ',.,i - ?'-'-..-. -.....1-',`;1. ... ...?: .:: --4,14...,..7 :.1. .,-?., -:,. . ;?-? ,T. 4. ,.-. t- ti? '' ,. . - '-;:rf ' 4, ?? - , -- .,. s ? ' ''- t..-,-'.?.:-? -4 ' ? ?- il???,-? 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 7 41 ?f? , 4701: -44F4 , 4..77 ? ?Act*,'?,, = " engir AttSi ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 t-;44 tIsmint* _ ittmigth $-4 viwt **AU Otilltr$1PD4 at* Ilittiii-maitlittnt; oi tot at* cut larltivAt4ltxt aft 4U tmake U4 i *grow taft atopot it4, vlv kreAfrg. ? .... 1,?*-St - . ? ' ,'' -::: '."...1,-..& 41- ' ....-T4 '.....s..--1 ? i i "i,.4,'-'..,?..-1 ?-?: , ." " '41i,, q-k" -.?.'-''' lttillitaa 4:At. Dortavtat :,....#.?.-.?........c....i.? .. ...11.7.,_,..,1_.-_,fr-,;,:.':.'.i_-.,::;'_:,,ffa-?--:::L_LitT - . -,. ...,,,..... ....,,. i.._.... _....?...:,,,,?1,, ..? -, ,...., . 141,0luent...94,PICOlp.1:-.......,.-.1*-06.0srf?,igziogairolgt..iwrolots. - ' i - ---...,..--...?.., ...........,..,... ..... . - - ? ' " ' . , ,_.. ,.: ,,?,:. , _,,,?_.;., 1 '-i. ?'-.--fi ',.:7_,- :: , ' '- 1 . '-. ? ..,, -r ??;.., 4! '''-' ' ''' -:--,;'. .5 :!' ..:::?,...',;:'; -,:.1. ,?'!;,:.'" 1 44 . -. _ ...... ?st?...:-...,. I: . ..,,.........11747:,17,.....j.,4..... i' t , ,, ,4? " " ,..,:, ` ''' ''''''' cf:',. ?-!,:, i ? ',..,,,' -,- '''' ., ,,.. .7.2-? -s 1.,,i-.., is :?;`,,t" e :7; , -,:...7:-... : ,-? ? ? ? v?:, , ? ' I` r:?,', A - -`.. '?, t :? P t- '''t! ' ? :7 '":. .:- I ? 1 g.4 : ? : t?.? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 TAN szentuta or dun 'AIRINGTON Janury 2 Dear Co1one2 Donovan/ I have your letter of JonuAry 22 and also photo- 'natio sepy of your memorandum to the President, relating to proposed sit-Jup of a branch in your office which would study and report upon fortlin polltias it unfolds in the United States in COM00,40A wIth aur foreign nationality groups* / observe from yaur scpy that Mr. lelles on behalf of the State Department requested such action by you, and that the President has given his et to this proposal. I as satisfied, of course, that the merits of the proposal are all that is indicated, and 1 cheerfully concur in the action of the President and Mr. Welles. (signed) Cordell Hull Honorable William J. Donovan, Coordinator of Information, Washington, D. C. ot. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: .4' 4 1.1i '43: - - ' - ? 4 ' ' i , ..). 5.. .!. ' '4 Conversations took place some time ago between iir 1,011441 Mr. Berle and others at the\State Department and myself in the course of which I was asked to undertake for the Stet* e AMO t the study of foreign political activities and trends in Mt United States. The project was submitted to the President and received his written approval. I proceeded with the nocestmr7 organisation, and results of some importance have alroady boon to appear. Last week estimates to provide for the new Branch were 'presented to the Bureau of the Budget. It than transpired that according to the understanding of the Budget, the Department of State felt that .410s situation had changed. Similarly it was indicated during a conversation on Saturday between WI*. Berl* and Mr. Poole that the Department might no longer desire to have the Office of the Coordinator undertake to render the service in question. From Mr. Berlels remarks, it appears that misunderstandings may have arisen. In order to remove any aisunderstandtzigwhich Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Nay in fact exist I take gooskr, in UiIt71nt yoio sould bet be the purpose o the *snob shish 2 am lot dowse setting up Under the direction of Xr. Willey and #04 Peodo - :.:,interfore in questions ef Wier. Sueh er, of loultren the province exalusivily Of tho Dieportment of State would gather information suds A* Oaf Department desire *from time to Um* on foreign po1itlea1 ao trends in the United Otates end submit to The tate memera'nda and reports. / should be most greteful if you would lot mo know as solo* s '70r conveniently can 'bother the Stets! Department has IA farrt .ehanged its mind and no longer desires mo to undertake this 'on ea it. behalf. It sash is the ease, I shell of course make Mhe 400dod read:ustments. At the sane time I should point out that I cannot -fulfill the general directive given se by the Presidomt ? r: ;.f without entering to some extent into this flold of forolgn ims tonalities. Oi the other hand, if you still desire ao to assist tn this natter I shall be most happy to do so. In order that we say start, mill you kindly send affirmative wiwrd to the BUZIOAU of the BUdiet, or indicate your desires in a lett*r to a*? Sincerely, (signed) WILL/AK J. Datiovkm Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 r?,.aMI". -A I . -.4n-le??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 A Dear Mills The matter of the suggeste4 eontsot office to 5. set up %oder your Arisdietion has been under 44scasin _here top moo time* As I ha y Ld yca, T foe ,that the establishment of 'nab a bureau with c .1014 defined functions and res ibilities and im fon co- operation pith this Diputart would to 11.1 ful* I am info:sods however, that Archie Mictotift has been oemmissioned by the President to -work along the same lines* In order to avoid eonfusion, Ioandor, therefore, before I do anything further in the matter if yea would not let no know just how the mottel at and abother you and Arable have worked the problos am as that there will not be overlapping or tionfusIoa* . As I said to you, I an only too glad to i coopitrat* n: every possible ray and if you will send se wort Marl can be of help in this particular natter, I /hal/ be most happy to do what / can* The Memorable ? William .7* Donovan, Coordinator of Information, Washington, D. C* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 FOR COLONEL DONOVAN: Attachea is s rioritted rou of our proposaa "charter*, *hie ostat tains your suggestions ? and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? : - ? Artilor OfttUltation 'nth and in actillrdt 04 with tao rg k441 d4i4;04,eg - or Out DiPantie:It ct State, the DUI*104 of renfittgo ttIqng11414gi has boon ootablisiud for 'me- purpo.tt (1) ot maintaining contao with ntimerv4* ',Department or Stat./ including pormonalltke6 m abroad trom,t1m* t time With tgut Idea of Innikonaltle L- (I) of assembling and coordinating infolomatian and propn.4# and accurately lac(1 foreigp-*nationalit and the identities radio; and mericat OovernmAsilt. m;..) bff ou,,Tu- unInted Oth UNA imAtIment anisi 4otItitLitz y groups and factions in th* and character of their Ictdorff, pritsa (3) of coming by these means Into *till closer towal wIth political 00n44tione abroad and so Into a positton Co up*rato Ther e actively to the be advantage. tioel sit t* eviltr,44- *Chu'. . Secondly, the United Stet** it : if(41,44.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 popular our nts and orOssaurtignts whlah etritto from orla07404 gioUpsi. T4r4lyo it Is ths moat pa-lawful sloglt polItioaL 4Alt in the World, and tbe American Gavernmett ond Amerlo*fk luipqan ars certain to play A decisive Folio In many forvizn 1ttim:14n4. Tbs Unitedlitates kuts, theriftrer bficOMet, &nd wili nocifle41;t4 in- ?Teasingly to boo a busy theatre of foreign p01141e41 Akato.itx and intriguer , In 1,014-19 the United States was ftt * **nous 41RodvAngsg4 ; .44sT. , - ? . becaUile adeqUato informatioo was not available resp#ctLetK r7ronogn paiti*al activity of the kind in question or rog&rdIng thq pur- poses of a husiber of important foreign ptrdottaIttloo relo wtpt?o then, r!sident in the United States. Xorsoltert Inrt4vmatil *r :r74 kind in question is indispensable In the intsrsstt 0r natIonAl unity. The work proposed for the new Division will constitute 41 viiluable 'auxiliary to the policy branches of the aotitrtoloat La their, formulation of policy and a desirably precaut.toninitAtIot- pation of a termination ot hostilities. For the successful fulfIllnent or the tucks atillgrIcA tas nf ; . ' ": ? ,butside or the United States. Diplomatkc experience is ladl?e ricers of the new Division must possote a cl,zde With POilticOl.develppmentso tram wee_toweek, In Far t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ;T.41 , ?,":5 ;',2:-:,., , , : luthelinited Out.. lb $1 dtfforsnt to40#g44 4gt4 47 104044104Nikit. 1111100)6P.14 Sr* OW 0;tiitototi, ' 90 tao,1 ,v7, , , flitfli114y4100$4. Whil. SO*0 :0-0 r.M.14 ittAfti010-IllittgRI l' 1, 1----L , , 4- Unitedf:'044-toi are briudosoting ill fdralp idoatoottigoc, pipli;i4-ei 0, , 7 1, , ?ludo; for example, Arabic* Thete d0litat14 1,1144/00PP 1111.01 broadcasts, it ahOuld be noted, aro not b*ingt 40a14414*4 tlie pripsen:t by ally* departaent of Um 4ovainsi*ftt A rti.**4 ?..0 ..r. itive br?do&ting.fXom abroad pour* atio,e tha UrItkod 51474tr'.4$,4, 5''t t : :. It '.propagandi dlittottiro# (If *Ifiloh th4 rtniOng164 toy !'41 '*)eit'A#47 th the toreisoftlanguage prootp And %n mo *avt-waggt.4 .';of opiiian among forolgro.lustionality group4. Tbk.7,. ;4-44,gg,14 of foreign origin axe being slonitorod by ttlo r7.% le, ,,- , supply the new Division with tranaortptiong 111 #tut/ 4144 Ilv,, , In-addition to. MI study of precis rn4 r44t) rti-4;. iM t misoellineous mat.r11J field , tho-o0apdaition and oharaater ar tiaon *: tho f::_iriPt.zn-r- _ - , grOupa In the Unite States th.IF 4 pirjp.00. and potentialities, It la OtteAttol. P" menti of opinion on foraign poiltIola quootLmu Ln 4P s 'fil mio_tiolt,ot *ur P9PAlation, 4n4 optriam-pollo trzy 4?.. , ":'.ort lames of toreigp politica., TherAt14-01- , i -, tho.ilnita4,4tattli apprpaohas Z. aillioa In addi.n. !..;. .n.',.;.1.1 :1- '''...t.. ';,. it0i114-ap44tbra l/ot ignb*rn- and famil 016144 atst fi,r4t.t4:,pril :., ? ? , , , , _ ,,_, , _,.,. , -Hilon AmOioana4 That staked a gmnd total of 46 mtIlta_o, _ , ,, z,,,...,... , :tkoird'oethe whole popu1c4tion of Cup 17.ticed 4144,t44. pii.i.: _ '*Tke :74,1 r , :'-- ,',I Ottiti,tibloApotentially totale forcign pelittill nfl..;$103 avd ..14,4. : '),., , A.- .%t?-?-."-? - ?: 11% ' ? - t,-- - '....4.....a.: ?, it,;.4.- ?*4- ' ..1?....i? g Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000105180008-7 go, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ?;,:r7,- ' ? " ? ???., - : .,h; .4,ov it4t4eilintliti- t4r lithati4 tdt 00fing UD 7?ti.r 01000Y,07 40**tftmonv, At kiedipom, 4144 144 P.10-01' th4ii trtl liVeLr Vl 41 :Par*At of ittOt0.. It *14 zwrIod wilt In 111;11rIva 'epeirtieenit tOk 4parlawy4 or fillusitAl 41A0PA, ntage - tat.- ;041 osaitairt*.ctOoarlart44.1iou ss_44. - th, geogrephi444 414441ofta 44,4-itv 14., - 42- t?-z' , it he mognit th ude oe e watoX In rirm 4#44$ but also Its delicacy* Ceritt dlotrwttan atd r04444'.- I If ; be essential at overly turn* thorstore, th4 ptrsiggisot :.!.. t44 , Divisipop suet be **looted tath tho erootsst sar'lmaptotm ' ,4. only persons or unusual wk.:titles snlIct*4 1.7`? 4.A" ? n'e..t ^ '? , ? ? ? 1:. .t 1L : , ? . z s,?,? 7?e?-???? ? ?'-j _ t It -'i?;:???; , Q?,'?"'% ? ;WM: P-714"ft0.4 ? ? ' , tr44:44.0a$151.1411k5=04" ? , '???? ;.? ? ? t' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Re: Memo rorn MrsPoole to r, oonrylri 8125/ copy of letter 6f21t14, Doering fxpm' Kr, .t Memo I/12/41 PQOJ to t341ttm 11110111611.111EINIEWIWIllift111610.11?14410.1.1*?64446.111424x04:4464?44444.410.0.?44t4.46:6340104.1?1!../, .41616b14,60 linaraaWo..laW4 ? tiir:34-4;a41CF I think Elmo silout clm,P (1-,701n to ua about this Potish and T have writton him A nit, suggentinF that ho corrt dIvn Tuesday,. Apnt net. G,Edwprd Buxton G. Kdward SUX ton Ass is tAnt Entitle tor 0#74 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 . 1.0ri"VII! ?1", ? , %C. ? mt,'Caft? .?? 4zr, ( : ; or Dear IUDs or lust If it air it vottld ise don se us ng the 0 Witt tia 41,Itter. 4 UM kindest 1 e gird* I ea* Stacey)/ y yowl, 1 , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 1C. .. ?' ;.,.? -lc Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? - " .? .11-t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 OFFICE OF STRATEGfC amit WASHIN4 TON,D C 10040FIANDtai GEUERAL DONOVAN among of the Polish EMbessyr has told a newspaper Prlohd of mimp tA44 .the Polish Embassy does not intend to prosg the w,ter At thfm State Department, but that it Is advising Pollgh AmorIcans stimulate a protest and inquiry by what RestaTtan rrgulitly "our ten Congressmen." It Is proposed that whoa Cotigrogs rtoonvtnel the case should be aired on the floor of Ove ;01410 and peot voiced against the implication contained in the pail trlat tA* Polish Americans stand apart from the rest or the amFirlaan pop lation. At the smile time Besterman himself referred conotaw.Ly to "American Polonia" as well as to "our ton Congrensmfain 4nd mado tt clear once more that in the thinking of the Polish 2mbag;7 thei Polish Americans constitute their own political conatitueAcy wtiah they are at liberty to use for their own purposes in the United States. In this connection, I invite your attention again to my memorandum of August 21 reporting the disquietude felt at the Dt- reason of partment of Justice by/the accumulation of evidence or an exceastft activity in the United States of the Polish Secret Service under Colonel Ultkevich. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 1,7WMPWaNitlitVW:4VPiETPT,W"n':V- IF? r ? The two members of the House of R6pttigentativogs hom the allh_ Poles regard as particularly their own are :MIA, of Lesina Von the Democratic side and B. 3. Monkielvici Contectictir aa t Republican side. They &Imo count on Charl6a 8. Dewey ofL nols who back in the l920', as you will r all, VIA4 ftnanatal Adviser to the Polish Government' havIng provionsly 6#34.4n Ags Secretary of the Treasury. I suggest for your consideration that it wilt probably 64 possible by careful action in advance' to forestall tho oixtb71rs in Congress for which the Polish Embassy is apparently plAnnIng. I should think it would be best to talk firvt of alt witiI (Mar* s Dewey and make clear to him the spirit in which. th* Inquiry rft4 undertakenl.emphasising that inquiry among th* Pollsh Americalla was not motivated by anything else than a high rmgatx.d for tholr intelligence and political sensitivity and a wish to know how deeply they really are concerned by PolishvalssItudes la &trope, In this connection I remind you of the concINding paraT,rapts or the letter I wrote to Gine Doering on August 21 and I also attAch herewith a copy of a memorandum which was eddressed to me under date of January 12, 1943, by Moses W. Beckelrlan. It was on tete basis of this memorandum that the public opinion prOJ.Fset WAS undoN. taken. The spirit in which the proposal was made is set forth in the first two paragraphs of the memorandum. I dare say that you know Charles Dewey. I knew him somewhat twenty years ago but have not been Lu touch with him for a long time. It would seem to be desirable - . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 AOLK ? , *UN "Pal *WO ,that- somoone other than you. or X should rootah ti?wsytr 'theAnitiatiVe then it appear* that OSS, vis the solg protegonUt _ in this matter, whereas It was, al you know Only one te loweral ' exeCOtiVe dOartmenti which was interested. . Since Elmo Roper occupies An independent protesAlonal and. was himself actively connected, with the undertaktrigt It octow# to me that he might be the one to talk .with Chart** Oewey,k hi4 pose being simply to acquaint Uro Dewey with the facts #Lnee Row, has a certain professional interest in having matte-ra of ?"41a klad rightly underotood. should think it would be possible for Roper to pteveAt th* matter to Dewey -*particularly if it were done soonybefore Ovww7Ps mind had become fixed -46 in such a way that Dowty would In tTuct fmeL impelled to talk to "our ton Congressmen" and make It clkar to A1-, that they wo1114 in fact be doing the cause of tbe anited Stato3 a.nd of Poland itlittle service by setting up a furor. tr they tad h4ard fromenough4 of their constituents to make it seem to thevn impwratIvq that they should say something, then they might have boon brouht into a frame of mind which would lead them to welcome, the fact mtt 7alo Government of the United States was sufficiently concerned about the fate of Poland and about the thoughts and sentiments ot that group o its. own citizens, who are most directly in touch with Po3.i1matters to have stimulated a private institution to ascertain,, if possiblet hove. strongteeling was in the Polish American communit and in what directions it was running. 1 .., 4. , r?i, ' r ,. $ 4 N ' '41! tc Pt" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 t 14iik pis le O. ohms th4. somobla woo %moat br6o IOW moot mord riftwitirdew lb* ivisike imistpr &utast imialr* Woli4 liort Amiss lirliiimatilibse sommaisiMida *ea *we mismotbro vottb %simr& A Mot siteltr al WA, Idiot 411.1606 eSi 404 boat mar *go OM* 144iiiib med ealimeiree VI me es **Ambla rl'Amt *ow ad imp elNio eiriamo that Ile otaddimaimat4I.fkip lotto ILA *lad Ni0411h& IbirONNve it wadi 8add004_ to "my ort & SOW anest *UM, bawd atiltr sola sou the Pelialk, bit mri tb* sloe* Loom% II. 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The fact is exactly the contrary. Th411, LtLi.t portance is being recognised and an hognegt qndelvoot mad, tel nglortm what they would like to have their Governmant 4o for them, tr ,/04,4tb As you recall, I reootisonded at ?&rIce %then VI,* mows briko 70.4-t4;10 day, that we should pursue a policy of 'soft defonfileit and helve, ftxt the episode would prove to be only a flash In Jul *an. r. qn *him contrary, interest in the mottor continues to agitativ tts Konor. public and to fill the newspapers, thon tbolterere tTint attion- v. will be given to some fair presentation e the rqcta as gltmtethmd 4!savyit. Such a presentation should not, in my view, take thm rormin itrtm statement. 1,4 have plenty of friends who muld bo r040,47 case for us. Sorry you NA to be so beset yesterday. Yourn as ,remr. Dewitt C. Pools, k 4t a,v4. 4,- - 424-Lnq-4.- - ? kee4,1.71,i.?.4.4 anri Annrnved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 aissrliommo ill* our olarowtootliot si4o 4160dr1mPOUU** ea Oa mg *Cm *in * **at* otplataa kaftutre bo **di tato tiomilag p4tiliool **Utz** Isths Ositw tuts, t4w vt/1 reoall that tt sa, yvur totemtlft to 41*oussIds vItb 4r Sm4aoy Comtvil Or* 11/** 'kw fad thadi yea vsstto4 to Nkva tbaomo sEttoos imPatiallao $0 give thma it year vimoloixisuy dISOC4/4416 tadiotodit %Imo pieposea bed awmt$ 10juoAli* eer* **WM 4rossi?ir*tiat. 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'Mill, headquarters "My* et Ws fm004,Pvia *PMPI-r4 sod similar organisation& sod vabliecilos sho rtmit4e E0AgIoNpost pees* Mi *L if the intervideve along the 11*** a' Cho "Via* sorld oesmomis Oharseterietio st ths fend* arias ,:**,,kozoittft tg% VA0 V81Y seder emeeimetien le ales to be UM* tato socumate Oecortui fitucr; ibie petit Is also svallisbie ix Om heels lila (or She VO ibroltim,k, .104- vmm readily be obtained tram YRS esuperaters la OThs w vorteme aSiott61. el*y having boon seLecksd on4 the omaiik, to be tret*Tviowod wow,. titled, it mould then seem deatmiblo to preluse Inilorsteueres getb7;44 44; ilth s seri** tqu?stitit& designed to estettash the exteAt st the Later4. viesoele haossiodge et and eneteet rith fond oLtU* Lgt clas 4alted Ate,a, lees he imolai to eiRy tereige Issegaoss orsat4atiaas1 Whieb owls? flow erten dose)* attend meting,/ Ras be own" bold offtee La %b* arlualAmtlont It as, shot sod how rooestArl Mot foreign Amagswqr Aw*re ewe he rv.411 IWO' freguentir On47 *martian" in this part ne Th* sabre-0, ataL.14 411.im 4011eimatiWing the intorrisweric fastmal %noviedge of tho voltam; tiav=lt milmit is MA fferiPts *ow Ossebe and Silonake for tumwast 0.4b lumfo" time us wibe is Necisa? lot are his present astIviticol Vut fa tho Pittobwrgib agrooneatl" ed?rt be used* Miabo?s of Lb* Man:miry i..avis141; the MO wad pillars a cot et rush question* tor soch or Wit- twvot4n lenimage grumps involved sad ales furnish s Ilst of the; **jot oroomisAttaas cosi nevrepeperio tar sash, amilerly# on tke questions &Wood to isdlette eatiltuded of ihe totorriesse to the polities1 issmos eurrost4 being dobeteld in hio lartr. -3 ? F.1 im,,,Inecifiari nri Annroved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R00016011-86008-7 - ' ? ??? ;;;,7iFt4rPi - ? - - ? - . . ? 741. .f-? - 3 ? ? .1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013109113: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Spaelfte traalott of W*), =440'0114/as Ohimia$ 106 ea. Isk osmisaulliami with tho porous Oto 1/4, ftiFiFtidt14 01POttriVit.0 ingoirly le order to avul4 idL.i4 or tanddataou* 4100,t100410 044 te 7rwlot4e N * *Waal 'hooks se Inn be previa* *halaot kwoeletest or aorow peseivo oamere. Aideignemy et sompatoa shemad *lea tom emorlarommd bw the perms is 'harm tts teguts7 and as MS acevolvww, th %he 414Ukal 110,01 1601111007 is to be sonttooteds 26hor pestoimme oft 4k14% the sid444,0 Sir WOW i41k lanuiry primpeoaree abosi.4 be itowtora *rev **Ikea 11144100011 individuals to to Iskervidswei, plboo of fteersoo Otommt aftlo*, or Shot plume of emp/sinento resleurouts, earns, ~maim* tiommt*vap intervidoses alveoli* (i.e, meow far adette4 that* luo.gsA)1 ta *Ws inguisy should be eandmeted etc, SAO alk Inquiry sue as has ohm bows CU141444$ A41. Oo mmcf,ki Lo movomatiog to part the ext.% to *Leh the politlisft -AroS44mis shlah orlae*rn the leadership et Sergio Imadate, groups In the Wiltod ttowtsit owe rmneat*vA is their rook and tU1 tt Should be romombeted th4t 4 lAsk qr owervw evae00 16110 roolart etU aet 16000011towrIAY wen that the ofekbaa i* Manortamtp AblitiOlatepG1itiIt eitivily is et megoostV We seborrs a the 5101t* II SV ememple* it should be seeertalned that the majority of Aram-4, teas* *Asko me less eoneerned about future NapiMhp4mrtoA the Natalia Oommittop of Amoriosms of Palish Ditioem% or wow the leaderehip et the Ameriesn P.1is dJhp It womld not alarm Uwat tbo speetioa therehr rendered et /mew Wartime. (than if We evvesite ?;'k i lt f"..! ease 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 - ? . - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? PAO Wilma O. tb* YoUvont Amolloon iltv411,owt *qat,44A. ra *volts b000vvi oftivo ta 404.14 tb* onope 00404Q0M7 110A4 toa*oa%s md %mad le togiatoo or thi trr*p Ilittutioto *md *Rtent *i Wus ym***or4 *LA AM00104 gmonvimmont *oasis& it", *4 tft,* tt4s kho 141v31100* sigHts4 lie to soboaupd if t*pus* jattld. liM014,4 if iuMOSsime &milt toOlow* Shwt 6* avut4la impliteproesdhav la ain hit tUe *WV or *a4h oNmglue44* IMP* oitkto'd obooe# onmal4ovallam Moil* be ;11*.* i* *tedi *44mwoftuv* MINIMUM' .0 imq*Lry immdmited %kr,m4h vabLt* mot 1$401 ***ate Ut #11*0* OM Imo hogi law*. poipalaillome. 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Wiley ailtd kre Pools ipeat yestordal afterquot,tt tke sub. of the Coordinator of laformatioA ifor York, Coordinatien et the work of the sew Forged Natiaraellt141, Drop* with that of the arida* of Oral IntellAgsnae otos at leagth with Wesel itatout? Merit vas *neat fut ell Wits ad it was Wined that bot.! the *resold seipo tilts 0044 ha smtuelly kelpfuti Contast was established with Major Mae* ef Goa tai? New 'fork Corps Area, &jar WWI offered to eas tretal40 motion ova Ina* from his tiles la, romped of the lark of the aew trectek. Wend Paten **lot la Wpm Ktal nikeff? Tha lattor is of Russian alga* los a lumber Xap.isI Dipiatio SiOrtile ISS stta4sb04 to th. C 1164114 US ? le sabsevant17 aarrled s*Jur sin wawa mai has lame u bli01.10411 (Sabi. natiwallsot iona, At the present masa he is 4.othi1 him tto ran 4isalt arreliSat dessribes hblielf as Choinsuz e tkik Slavonio Coassittee fior Dow New York City. H. olitios to t.Slav oronluttimns the.Usited States. Me also elaime tcbjt they amber 1 370 with fro* 100 to, 1150 it them having membership 10,000 or sere. 140 *hist 41toprest at the gamest is that of t lag the prssd sesame of 21s,44msriesso shish ma to 1-4.11 holt in Pittstwigh. fears that Jotri utak knish. 'the presildent of the mgr..* is vader GM= ialcoi ease. Mr* 1Colpasohnikoff is sverbg to organise Imo sort of a regional eosins* to primede the Ioiim1a of alky gioneral congress. W. Kalpasehaikoff sae, on the whole a tavorablt tm 'missies end es effort will be gad* to elm* on MI re1l4b11 itr Imes effort to aeteraine What, if any, use could be made of him, f:-177 :-.::::',-.-;,..:1: : ,..,_ ...1... ','.. -..?."-A ' .4r?Iti'.4. ? ? . j. "'?:70,..7, : -- .11'1.4.?;::::::::t. l" .-".' ''',,, ? - -.., t V. -, ., . . - t? .... - .,....1 - ? ' it r , .11...- i.1-,-. .. 1 .. ...,. , - s.., ...,...,:-. , t_, : 47it . ? - . - ;..? - ...!,..,k,;-:-.1Y:flt AVOW .....vluakry?artid.....7.???? ? ??? ? ? `..114.t. ? 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L-80008 1-0001 1-0000X? dCI 1-V10 /6O/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 'Wench Politics in Chr thlitod attiteol Departmont of State 0, W. X. P. B. X., Department of Justice War Policies! Unit, Department or Justice M. I. S. 0. N. I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ;1c =7. - -F- RESTRICTED copy ,72 #moidtto 0"7-0 orielct ItUrratC i? 4w-0 144 it4 not,lb*r tg, .042 Atlantis 04t1onal.fferald Greek-Aelerican rribient Hellas Greek Star Saloniks Greek Press Mow York (1/41171 elotis*tstativet t itititered IlitoulgtiOnf i6/307. irenuonest very sonsidershie New York daily; liheralt reKiiiNtred olroulatIOnt la,340; tortueneo,, **ty considerable, New York weekly; CommuniAt; eirduiellon about 6t000; influence, coeistdis-ratilc, In labor clroloa. Chicago Phyx lampana Chicago weekiy; royaliAt. pro-lietaxao Influence, limitod. Chicago, weekly; ma/wally lit*rali circulation, about N,0004 nfttgeneo. I imited. Chicago hi-weekly; cautiously Liberai; influence. limited. New York monthly; libriral; satirical: influence, limited. The'llacerionian Ristne London dispttchos reporting a rebeilion of "Macedonian patriots" against &xis troops have again aroused in tho Greek -language press the font of BulgariaA propaganda. The ropobliean National Iferglid editorially (Septomb.7r 14; insists that the expressions "Mace4onia" and "Macedonian patriots," which must.be interpreted as referring to the existence of an indepond- ent Macedonian nationality) ere terms employed by the internat Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) which seeks "autonomy" for Macedonia with the aim of placing the region under the Bulgarian yoke. Ti Yer414 rt-- dignantly reminds its readers that tne main burden or resistance to Cho C41411*Airp-iti4i1W, and Bulgarians In the Balkans is borne, not by "Macedonian-patriots," but by Greeks in Greek Macedonia and by Serbs in Serbian Macedonian. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 -,tbt ? pi.? , " ........w.. -1.6......,, The royalist Atlantis also is soornftil of th* odneoldtert & MacedOnla As a dlotinct natiq 6keptombor 17/fi *Ad I*60#* td 44 fitivolittft of tiori* which has boon Coffered by ehergefte propoOptridet til aevfor 60. ortaWthe imprestion that tho. Orooks of Northtrn ahlf#00 wAnO sell.. governMent under tho atglA or ftvigatIg. Tho AtiaAt#T rtwoI0 rtio, -004tim ,..,... 4 ?1 .t. erroot; or till* propaganda In Kngland entt In Ameeto*, 4.1 1110 Solomshi_Greek Pr esg hits refttkod thAtti *inop? 4/1 nets9, aciiritmmtp64 from London is censored, tht ifitt6donlacft.uprliollig dfl-tk:pt*torl mtteitt Nvv, ?Ina. tht approval or the hritish Oevoreimentt 110# thif 4044414r, tb06 ,Prory t4Rio* tor granttd pro./Julgar t4ndentits 4n th. Piet of 4A*Orttioh4 TA0 clarify the situation. Gunsiders it tht duty or tht Gretit novolthesont f4 tofttott 4414 14 AM* lo* 041 Dimitratos Attain Ma publication or thw annual report or tflu nationtl rederttion ot lAbor Un$onto ronowod controv*rsY centering around Arlstides G4mitratas. foreor Gr%ek Wifttstar or Labor. Met itemoranda PA) and 02.)Th Nat4044k #4W4 iscfpt9mbaP 22) reprintod a London dispatch from the Mu roirk Porftg to 4hp Arrsien that the dismissal or oulttrAtog from tilt. novornment Nut 0-04004 rho* *31 for the reestablishment or a free labor policy. iltmitrittne tvplitod th* next da/ in a letter to the Times. asserting that he NW slway$T workod to advance Greek labor, and that he had re$igned from the eotinot in protest against the Tsouderos Government. In a signed editoriai in the Meral4 isoptqmbor 21). Vlavianos attacked Gimitratos and the whole Tsou0oro6 Government en labor question. Gimitratost he wrote, not only did not repro:sent thuth Greek laborers; on the contrary, he, together with Ali the other Fourth Of August Proicists of the Metaxas dictatorship. was the curse or arv.ik labor. The International Labor Federation's report. Vlavianos continued. was incorrect in stating that with the removal or Dtmitratos the last _meMber of the Metaxas regime has disappeared. The highest administrativ* posts in the Government, Mr. Vlavianos insisted, were still occupied by extravagantly paid supporters of tEe dictatorship. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 1 skaissok.slarosumsamiodwitoorgatseait Of' hn,!rqf The Tiouderos News epees of *vary politinel **toe *ro uniting( id Government ?pan ?rills:Ito* of the Tsauderos Government, 4,0(okt AugUettiesue brings up Gt..* mere the subject of the oitravagant 4alartea paid to the,offloials or he Greek Governmentin4Juloi inetwIlftg Maniadakes, former chief or the Heoret Police who Is now to Argentina. The reactionery Greek Star, piqued by the Government's negloot of Kot4;a4, mayor or Athens under Metaxaso emphasizes the tact that the minieteraor the "non-eximtent" departments or education itaut joatti,s0 4-401ceris 4nd Dimitrakakis, are relatives of Primo Minister toudepoe. ? -The most vigorous attack, howevero ?emote from this Chicago twonthly? Nellasi.supported by the Greek-American Tribufte. rho #4144; (August) prints,in full .two letters written last Docomber or tratakitry to Goorgs ROuSSOif prominent tlreek leader In Egypt; ono is from an anonymous writoe in Greece who declares that the Greeks still there *Ill not peemit 010 King to return; the other Is from Tsoudorog, es4ing thmt dtAcueston post-war government for Greece be curtailed for unity'4 sago. The Tribune (September II) analyzes Teoudoros' lottor, omphasitanx htA advocacy of a "strong government" after thf3 war in ordor to rorestail endlews;Otscussions and unsettled conditions whit,h would ret in dictatorship. His letter calls attention. accordtr% to the T004s*. to the fact that "England has always lost intnrost in us (the ftreeks' whenever our form or government did not please it or whowsvor our 4tet- cord has disgusted it, even though our country hot been governed by mon of dlcided pro-British leanings." Ret Las's nine-page comment on the letc?rs ?mcwaos rsotaloros or aiming to-set up a dictatorship even more drastic than that or lietaxas. Greece) it says, has a deadly hatred for the tyrant, King 60orge dna the Greek people will never tolerate his return. ranelloPoutoi' Stretch The republican Nativnat !Jerald W43 the only pap' to give any space to the speech delivered in Alexandria during the summer by Vice Prem*er Kanoltopoulos ? $ of the Greek Government-in-Exile. The Herald's evaluatton or the narlaccifiAd Rnd Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 - ji ? I. ?;...F ,ottic II felf:" s Importance or thi *pooch Jo indicitt*d by trot r that tt eso t td4 in full in five inotailmonts Oteptemher T-11). The Vs Paramise address Sods no reference of sny kind to he King, to shy or ht4 it leagues An the GovIlnitent, or to onything connected *ttb the *stand* regime, and ended with a dselarstion that *the Greek is the enemy of dictsters1ip4 the friend of liberty, the *nosy ni he444*1 end r repeat the enemy of dictatorahip.? ArchbishoP Athentrorms The Grtek Mier (September it) oholeKs* tho. Greek clergy in Amorto* *04 partioutatir Archbishop Athenagoras with tenure to rise to the critical *Itoodton of Greece and the Greek church. The Stair resent* the fact that* *MS the blessing of tho Archbishop, Greeks in this country spon4 eiat *um* on dances and picnics and give moot sparingly t* the retie. of geese relief. The Arthbishop is criticised fro* *nether icnits in th, American Tribune (September 28), which declares thet while ths RnKltab prelates have expressed their full support of the Aucalina tn the present right, and the Patriarch of Alexandria ham Oven them ht.* blessing, Archbishop Athenagores keeps silent on the Mucoien (location. Upon the effectiveness of the Russian tesistance, the rriO4no **raw. will depend this liberation or Greece, and the silence of thu Arch- bishop raises unflattering reelections In the minds of the Gre*ks. Greek Wur Relte/ Criticism or the Creek War Roltiof A*Aoc4ation has tiered up again in the Greek proms. (:400 Memorandum #24.) The Chicago Prim in A lea:ling article (eptember 4). disagrees with the Association's rund-raleing procedure. and attacks those who use their position with the Association 4.% 4 MO4rim Or 04- tending their prestige. The Nationat Nera/cl (September to) tioio not agree that the visit of Xing George to the Vrated States contributed largely to the work of saving the Greek peoplet It also critictzom the Atlantis for its editorial or August 29, giving credit to President Spyros Skouras,er the Greek War Relief Assoctstion for *h4tovor ha,* 1)**0 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES FOREIGN 44r104Atirtc, 3444c4 ? npriacsified and ADDroved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 accomplished* The Neraildis editorial concludas with a riflotatwolort of two suggestions which have been mad* by this Osp,r beror*: that Atta-, tinguishid Americans be placed in important poettions to th* Attmoot*Olor to work in cooperation with Nomer forloor preoldwAt th* Amorttion College in Athena who' is now tha active hetid of the orgattitation: and that the Greek Government should establish * rood WiAlatry bo (1.4? ternid entirely with the problem or softding rood to 4$0**ce. SAilh * ministry, the Straid poihts out, could take the 'Awl of th* *Intsbry of Iducation: FOREIGN NATIONALIrtE3 3R4NC4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180 008-7 Jr ? n- , -, -, I. .ks. a , . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ?''. sn : rd A - ,..s,- ,a, : k,...4 Iv '4'7, :i'4 ,f,ti ) ? I .! 1 04F i0 5 41 f;lo )rr? 4P 1,W' MEMORANDUM: Sufgaro adonians in imeica Annual Convention The twenty tirAt &Ante eV vle (woe - ? of the M. P. 0. Mavedonian Poittleat Organiorterion f 00 UnItod !States and Cane4,4, mot in $tt Louie. on September and 7* 194U* 110t4t1AP nr dIrrtflAttttPR e4umed by one. vitrw, only two hundred mer1.1 y The rurposo of too ronvel,t, .0. a* e(otos'sed in tho 1100toovo#4 Tr'tbuna, the organ or tho g.r 0 , =nd In the statomentA )r !die, teomhelt: or the M,Psn#, W4A erkmariiy threer, ?:?;_fki 1) To give the members AO oorortunity to Ahow thf,Ir to the United States in, eubtie meetings, by f.14 war bonds, etc. 2) To lend moral suovort to ttlo CAWAP or kitictItion14P which has not been achloved 3) To peovide a ocial reunieo for Ms mtomb.,r,q business or the organization. In the report of the Central Committee of the nt,ntiAhwt occasion of the convention, the alms of tho orgent4atnn are A,zt as follows: follows: "We are working for a united, inderendent, aro ern* ti40.4, doniac We ask for the application of the princtpt.?. mr .3f.darrniors. tion for the Macedonian peorle, The fight for rrotidom 3r,d tndof,endence of Macedonia will not be over until that country obtains its stitervd political rights and geographic unity.... sow is the sacred ttme of trw. American Macedonians to organize and be in a positfon to present 1 gram to to helr their people in Europe,* Although the aim of the M.P.O. is elsewhere stated to Co "to work in a lawful way for the independence of Macedonia," the symvattq snL,w0 for the practices of the home-front Internal Macedonian Revotuttonary Organization, the IMR01 as evidenced by the speeches dettvered durtng the last ten years at the annual conventions, shows that tn prtywInte. II IlL j4 i1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Nuffinor 80 nt least, terrortOm iA actl,P0tPrt ngt 44od /t- sos 4h/$ t 4 taining Macedonian indevendenre, Th a r o R seialon rt girl 11.4 ro not refrain rrom violence, should cause is not dispelled by the ftreeno,e tA 604 Peter Atsoff, maid to be & close rerend or tv4n- Rthaktov, the, 100. s, inrormation on Pettr Attort ts ift-omtrit?=1 and oontevite-ttsey. wheh michignp committee ot th, American *ttav Congretam g_.ent 4 tnlf.1grnut , to Attorney neneral Francis Diddle, taitng him to, take dras-tto aCtiohligainst.the P.O., *whose loaders, are WacsrAnnt4m Ott-i4rites.." it pointed out that. PAter Atsefr was auttvo to the Fasfltstt bAna Ny it:Van Mihallov wh1ch /mined organize the assas%ination- or King- Alo icoOor of Vugeslavia and the P.ren'h Foreign' Wtnister Rarthml 1034.- A participant at the Convention or the W.P.o tn howev6r-, states that Atseff waa, sent to this country in vnia Asen AVramov nA Secretary of the M.P.0 Hio 410.544 Atltorr 42 4 Aypical_ Balkan idealist, rather than, an organizer. gtgowaariq. Atsrr described as n "dangerous type ---- +wit tratnd in the Art or terroe 4zation and sabotage*. He is also alleged to be active in training Other members in this country in the methods of doxtructien Plants and important points. Atsefr resigned rvora his office In the V.P.O. at thc., $t tx14 13 0 (stt , Vention "for reasons of a personal nature." Speculations 4A to the reasons for his resignation include the theory that it *R,N f!a4seq z)y personal attacks on him 111 the pro-Soviet Narodma VoL4 or o*?,troit, or- , gan of the Macedonian-American People's League, and espociatly beeaus.0 of the above-quoted recommendation on the pArt or the Amor-lean Slav Congress. -A3smsuggested is the possibility that ho wants to work under cover without the nublicity involved An being a member of the Centlrai Committee of the M.P.O. The cam is made that the M.P.O. functions chiefly as orgaisatlonf.and that it is unlikely that any groat number ot are a ed in rolitical activit'4 Oath. other FOIttaN hArle*AtirtE4 tRA*C1 .34. *W.JMN40., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ,o Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA7RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 CONI. H. no rEal- 1 1, Wit 4 tit() I Pr! t. Iwo fir* no 10**,1'4 iirkv 1 4i4i row 1?441Itttle 1'll fg Inf40 tflilrit IF I f )tt h($010 r t ta won knhoh thor mitnpronmwI by the 110g/wino OvvPrnmoint in Priet, and Milellov, fins been /11 nvII0: rortnntly ho m Xh" ikeh 1 t: flfit 4j110.0 ret?I, tt pornerAd Pu 144V1 Inman 1014t hoodqnsrLerfi IP /ftgrob, nhd fn hnyn hnon *,-,rktn4 in otoio operntIon with An to Pavolleh, puerto'. 'PArloe f?r renntin. A10,hentol k?tm MHO hho nevor ho?o offloinIfy rstormr1 tm frIsenr In AstfAnefq. tbdPo i; som ronnon to Ihnt If 14 nrtunIly functIontnil, 101404e rho Ji ruqt,loo or }Wig 11rls, rind thnt Malloy mnIoun rennstont term, rn 4n 141,1 to noofer with Ito Butgarino (Invornmont. 811rhset ro r $0, ci ? poodont t (.(440 bativ treirtqc writs 4110nt 404$0 monthq, tn iAttlAnet411 vouopotration vamp, rfoorto LORA for iA hits promtaort to mnko Home Whist/1r vI flulgPrla, but Pince MlhalloV, Ii k t'sv#1101, thott tho osiPmitnn 'Win non oAeaodIlni th14. Is closer to th* thim tio tso Oermans; neverthelett, Petero reports, Nihaltov onntaonlq 'Mewl find the ernVInitel geVernors. tho B044et4n It Is worthy of note thht In tPt report or th* Contra,' commtttoo or tho M.P.O., moat of whiph la devntol to pottravsg*nt protoittnttnnst f01 nfttriotism, .Nivan tA the ,Inly anftmy namm4 avwvtrientty. rt-1,4 onetr t10 roncrt which deals with Bulgaria Is 4 man 'rt of ImIllguAty Cho tondoney nr tho paredontanA to rilwanetate thomnetvoq from Butvirta th* present ttofit* IA maid to be eartly duo tn tho fAct thnt thgy leo not', 1 'lug given n surflutvnt ahara In Bulgarian, arraIrot or 14 alas A140 ho A MOAOM Of (11VoIrtIlig AUSO11:10O. A monreh through. tho 400moh4ft (Wtv crod at the finnonl onovi,00loo, .1r the W.P.O. roves! r*, an svntImont. Christ tht) mout octivo or the governing bot1y or oft of Its Huron? or Inrormation, addressing the rrco Pot tf, itso r4iI4 011144taaorr. vitlo tv ,r V.V.U. ahd 4tA0 ..ftrotlr (,nnvonttnn In 4one.0mhog., 1040, doserthed the stat.' of Bulgaria or*atod b.) tho Treaty or 4nn Stefano In 187H AM "hnsod osientinlly on historIc an4 othnto conswor. &Lions," Treaty or San Stefano,* ho continue41. "was tho lotliorqit MilASUmc ever pr000ned for tho naelftratIon or 00 HaIkxn Pwntrolutt.4 and "not only limvd to Itherate the Bulgarian Peovlo but A1mo to ant aa iminvalielaummaumm, ammailmsoiWommalom A. OFFiOg OF STRATEGIC SERVICES (4 /AO; itsrt001AtitI 4444C4 ftowommworaftwm ''''.7,'"'"m5flareotrri'll''',*"`' ? - ,4t.4% 4?-? , ,4" , Pease 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? CONFIDENTIAL 1 .4d...it), .4, /f. thorn." The Treaty eqi Man fitefewt, it I'M be notort. tmorwrim or MonPdonis Within Hi Iwtrian border,. The Wedon0a rribmna. the ortiotst npgRoi Fthy, qwmort04, the Outgartsn'Onvornment beforo pp*rt nirboe. Itg '4i I, Whon Won. this country In MI, He end *Effort *to eohPiam'qd to 6n tho hitlet 114 brains or the 11.P.O. The 141'.0. _and TheoPeticsIty, tho thitkoeian ovehmdc,* riitionkt the Church has hir'n TEM*? tho nontrnt nr trio Rtagdr1411- ribttqrilmohki owthg briwovpr Eft SWOP ouryo=1,o,m1 preponderance and MNOOP stmorior orportiftetion, tho * P.O. rim* /twist or ,thuichmrch property In this country. Thus whor itiothnr 4nar otrit2 qatlft OVO? frow Bulgaria to take charm- or Eh o putgmri4n arthodo/ tjhttronott -int throughthem tosbring the BnIgerian imottrants und*$r thm ivavratovico or the Bela Government, the U.P.O. WAS Oi'tio to thmifpnkto hiv oinotent qsnri to Prevent the biehop from condmeting cierviotbe. rt t 014(M that thts mason for this action on the part or Ott M.P.o Wk8 tho ati-t5t)rflow41 place given to the Macedonians in tho Merl* novofnmone, eqtnor thin any Ideological differoncem. binbishop Andrei returned to Muigaria itheontty 110 tort 40; ntA substitute Belk? roper, an American ',Matson who** tnyait$ 14 nta quoq, timed. According to one informant, under Popoff i4 4notNor ortoot. Cyril Si Nicholoff, who acts as 14 sort or choplatn tn the W P.0 . who ,is more Bulgaria-minded. A Father George, Nicotorf ig rororro4 to in the, Narodem Chas or September 4, which publishos lottor4 twOng Father Nicoloff to open his church to members of th. novostng rictton1 and,accusing the Macedonians or trying to overate,. a monocoty thw Bulgarian Orthodox churches. ' Another priest of importance is Father David makorr, of S'tootton. Pa. He is said to have been ejected from his parish by a Vnited States Court writ; at the request of the Holy Synod In Bulgaria, for 4 '1' 4 ? elie r?,144., ^An* nat-inccifia,r1 and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 04.fi1oyilt.w.pc; , _ ? ? - ,ufigittAhlr. 10,t, lneubOrd1hationt It Is further rellortpd that ho qttll r.nrefol,o eql Ht4 parish illegally, and that hp writers eftholgtto Artlotoq to Ittlp re,mmun441,. Narodma Yolya. rhe Macedomion,Am4rioaa At th0 opoomIto pstromot entItte4Fly, Pe ohlt 1* League the M.O. 1,4 tho Wareuton4a6-Amertoqo PftoPlfee tPotto4q# tdpottfled go * Communtqt- dominated orsionizutIon. Liko the W. ,&.. kP favors' no Itutelnrwmon0 demi*, but it would have It one er a series ar todevondont 1;oViEst F' 43 publics. It takes its policy from goseow, and: at the prpsot ttmo community or Interests makes It nubnoribe anthuntaatteatty to NIP 40100, loan war Orrort. OrIgIns11y it was !Art or the $CPJ)., tvqt Ittmg, the pro.gevlet elemcots broko orr and feun&.1 t Wdop.tatit4n-Amort,14-a People's League. its nrealdnnt Is Smeate Voyd4herM nnd ttlq :101,-atney is George PlrInsky. The W.11.04 la violently oproaed to Commuotig,m whue orrf,..440 admit that tho M.A.P.L. Is also righting ror an autonomous mao4dootl, and with * United Nations victory ham a bettor ehltneo pr Aten.totnm tP.* and, they Assert that there would he no DIndo for thorn In A rOMMIVIt*t 4 Macedonia, and that they will under no clreumatroe04 VO0p0rt0 Wtth OFFICE OF STRATEGiC SERVICES FORtIGN MATIOMALirliS tift44,C4 neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified_and Approved_ For Release 2013/09/13: CIA7RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ? - - ?;;;;;Z;oe.....eopotegtdiggignagottofnottiff,i 4 ,-, - g46114141?4041 CONFIDFKriAt cwo!e# FOrniG4 44r ,044k 40*4e4 MEMORANDUM: French Politic* in the United Stet*, The reaetion in French eircles to two recent rtosvoinpmpoltA _ t release Ots joint mtatement migned by Netouard Rerrtot 4(14 141044 Jesopeney am Perlimmentary prestdeotm ti pent...At mintrpvt inviwn dissolution of the vestige!, or the Freonh Parlimment. nnd tho wototim,. given by Oeneral Charles de Aaulleos Fighting French to thaeles velito. Jo . former vice-president or the rOACtiOntAry frailt de telt -. throws tIght .? not only on the political cherector or the Fighting FfPnch MPAV4MOnt IrMt .!it!fto on the differet.ces which divide the Freneh po1itieei emlArAtion. Horriotts potential :nfluence wtthtn France mmy mtiti be eon, elderabli -is indicated by the feet or his being plete4 onder arrest after his ahd Joanneney's protest to Vichy recetved wlieepreaft pobittyo In the United4Itates and In ()fleet Itriteio. WOrto thia. Perrlot was belittled ,in an article published in the London odttion of La Morselliatse (August 30), de 0aotlist organ pubttehd also to retro end' New,York. (See Memorandum 0-8.) The article to queetion was wrt.tten by Francois Quilici, editor of to Norsetliatst, and eugessted that Reertilt and Jeanneney had never boon of any collet/goon/4p, and that they,. ttko thft regime they had represented, were not Ilkety to be tArpOrtant 311 tho future. Even after the Herriot-Jeanneney protest wax publicized. ' , Marseillaise (September 13) maintained Its derogatory attttu owrr4 de Herriot. In general, however, antl-Vichy French ctrcles bevy t, !igen different view. In a radio address made on September 11. Andre Phittp. former Socialist deputy who is now Commiesionar of the Interior for ths Fighting French, praised the statement of Herrlot and Jeannenay as a reawakening of the French conscience. Pour La Victowrit, the Frerwh journal ptiblisheid in New York by Madame Tabouls, carried (September a letter signed by five ex-deputies, ranging from, Left to Right to their political views, who joined .n backing Herriot's stand. From the list oi?depittles Pierre Cot, Ed uard Jonas, Henri de Herve de Lyrot.and Morro Mendes.Franc the name of former premier Cami/te Chautemps was conspicuously m aging. (4855) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Chnutemna, In n letter ?.q t- It let r.,00 fiiv4,t.we I h thin omission, lin prorenaed hIn nonpott hoerl%t trld It III othi, on essential mnttern vouid elreoe ratta, rwwne'1iA.4.4 lr rier,loo 1iineo,,r4 %0 or how they mny have otond on tho loW4vrInt. or ti,o himself, It will he recalled, votnit filmed membership In the rree Froneh for tho .101r141 Ch4oW.tmtV4 ArMintIoA h.t,s the militant supporterl or 60tierni de nikolla inpolfoiri RerrInt and In particuldr nblort to boa deren4o or tho Pe.nvo I'let14moro, The d;ntinetion In attitude toward Uorefot takon by 4o Ga" t !la.. t ,o.v tv ftg and thnt taken by Mono who look wtth nuspfoIon upon tdio 41,itAMOttt4 which ropronont.n fho me-Invh union movement, and the other In the npeoch, poreferP4 WItton wolA broaden/It by Andro Philip on thP Ur'n4i i I ri in.Yr4nod (September 24) hails tho ntand taken by nerrint 4,14 fonnnoo0,,1 peoor that the Third Republle In attll the legiLtmata r.shomr In rr4nr.%. argue thnt the Vichy regIme, hnytn4 receivod itA 44thortty resvm Vrtr't14 by Love). "tr the people or iirtince Enko wor4n eoer:o4 %nit 4eanneney at their rot vnine," the article derlarea. 4thOro Ou longer a regime crisis In Fr/wee. there in need only roe reroein ,r constitution. . .by legal means." IL Is evident thnt the article I* intended to prove vtai, goy attempt or the Fighting French LO *Ot up a 40vornm0nt %vitt ho ftm /1/*4!ft; as the Vichy regime now is. "firavely and ratthruily." it ,ons lodon, Heriot and Jeannoney have rought for ono ond. 'to eatablian the cal continuity of the nation." On the other hand, Andre Philip, representing the orriotst 40 GaullJat view, hns boon careful to Insist that the potiticat .ontIno,Cy of Franco has boon brnhen. Tho Vichy regime has boon Ill000l rem !tie start, Philip declared on September 11; the authority of the' bopubIl' OFFICE OF 5TRATEGIC SEltvICIS FOR(144 4.014414 rIi 444* (iin55) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: 13X00001R000100180008-7 $...S '?? ',F"F ? _ COWMEN EKE ML WOW'ii' was ended by a coup. Though Philip ?*t*g thAt **it this 400v4rfin* of the Petain GOvernment, from the day of Re ontabli*hmenft, h*vo tploton ivold,c",he implied that ultimately * he regime twat be 43Stotottotriort 5y revolutionary means. The door la thus kept 0)4A, for the *Fourth Republic" which General de Gaulle haa demanded In toPhy or htg lmfitomon. '414tanWhile the French, preaA in thfq thlitod 4.(iAft 4sA bgon ne&totna the oftielir Charles Vallin, Who recently psiortp.14 reem Petno wt0h tho Pferre Brosselette to join the Ftghttng French. tenatt*R 4ruf Amerfein'joilinals, as'well 014 many indletdusta inhasi perftot 0t0,4104s fktrr31.1.1, CfOlcixed the Fighting French rot accelting the au-a-port or omn like,WITAn, who had been prominent in polttlaai tesgook a* rite tn, thm Rftht"ii-the Croix de Feu and who had been otos, to Wershat Potion, rotv criticism has been expressed tn Prance' Sfea*f *Mob dinterolt (Sicotwmnor thict!9inin Is an enemy or democracy who sill as a member nr tho mE4inst4tt- deAlti$0,P0Iitiquem during the Rio* trial. ln the Amertosn, odIttoo cf de qamlAteli La larseollakse (October 2), editor Francots 4uiltol retort' Alm0"14An,was one of the minority of three who voted agetnat t)e, don- demw,,tilo,ofthase acetified at Mom, and assert that he actopt d thw post wi.ththe,hope,of rectifying the commissionts judgment. In"Poir la Fttoore (October 2) Henri de XertAfls. former rtghttsc deputy who Voted against the Munich agreement, dertimids *hia ertend* and denies that his welcome tn London means that the de Giuile.Movement is turning Fascist. The pre-ear leagues to promo', Kerlilli argues, though undoubtedly used by the Oermaos and ttattsot. were the expression, not only of fear of Communism, but ne A ,Aarch Cor somtei,peace, of spirit in the midst of a dissolving *octal order. Thus ImplyHof the beet elements Joined the Croix de Feu In the hive or rtnding there camaraderie, solidarity, a sense of honor and the cult of Is (lairs. Yellin, according to Kerlin*, was always Among the best, lt is not Fascism which he now brings to the de Gaulle movement Out the spirit of revolt against the forces and the men which made France fall it'victim to Fascism. Nerillis insists that Vallin has become the reel chief of the Croix de Feu, which now Joins with all other patriotle elements -. Communists, repentant Cagoulards, and socialists -- to ? vim ? .z - 2 ? AMINIMOIEW _0111440 ITYVAGIC.3ERVIM FONLMK *ArtallaLtrtts $1,44cps (4855) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 begln_the u/timate struggle for victory, Moro algnifloant thee thla dernoto or the relltf do F04, qr,it,lany emigres will undoubtedly challongo. Is tiso Argtment doveloped hy Pioore Ilrosselette to pi/111.11?y him assof5tatioo with th4 orktibme issue of tho Now York edition or tm ittiri?titatte, Brossetntte arituow Unit all aspects or FrenJA poittloal Itro murt hn Included etthlo tho Fighting French movoment. lhe oL4 partles trvP 1011Y by Wiote representation among the de flaultistst m8o Philip has oomo to asomre u$ or the representation or the popular mitAsORt Vallio of the repraaaw4 tation of the small industrialisth and artisan*: and eventakity sit 'families, or France will be round vithln the naotittst ottrotoo repre- sented by their most dynamic elements, devoted to the rnconstruetton atk well as to the liberation or thotr country." In urging that tho Fighting French shottle represeitt cLi the potttl- cal sigmonts of French tiro, Drossoletto develops the thesUs Ohat thts, representation IA poAstbte boom4wo tho polttlent dtioisf-non or Franoo have been transformed since the capitolation. Nothing pr td htm mere -on Arriving in tondon, ho asserts than the common as.somptton that tho old quarrels between the 'deft and the ftIght continue, ehoroaA atitqatty the class issue has boon transcended by the 012444, Or rk$,t4t$MIN, (vr, collaboration. Thus Philip *has not aol-toa hrik mociatIsmt Out h_ts socialism ? and that or Rlum *too ?. hAm twen peormin4ty attored by t.ho experiences of the pest years; and If Vail in has remained withto th4 .frame of his party, it Is with his idoas and hisdIsposItton entirely Now all the elements of resistance agree, aellording to tirosslolehte. on the necessity or a stable and strong evecutivel the rationatization ie the national economy, and on many other fundamental. tostios. F, -i4e;04' 1 "-.i..i 1..... ,.f...*=.-. ;.! Tr!" 11i ?77p. ...-.:1.f ::::;::::: '1'--.,.-..73----,IS. ,,2-44'.,-,.-,:t...... FORt1(14 MArtON4LIrti3 14444C4 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ii Declassified and Approved_ For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001 R0001001800087 , 111.240,-*, run ....1.7-.31P.+44-? btrip DeWitt Cif Pool* Williams Le Langer I Urn read with greet laterest you, tut to Shepard Morgan detal November 211* end this ti sareiy a note to moms qsemplet* scinempipvtoo, As you already km*, I believe it to ts. osom untie' in the furtheranee of the ;work of Via ?Moo Of Strategic Stride.* that the Research end Ana is Smash and Vie Yereigu Natioaalities itatac'ek $ S. saintain the eiseost *outset emit shealiA sollahcre uhasever and whorever possible* Is in el 546 Sri Alith oonsidor ourselves atromeir fortunate to hAt a MB at Mr. liorgants miner as or Chief Repreiventative La London* We are ham to knee that roc thlak h* air also be of some asilistance to you. Size. lir. lirgan is Tory eager to contribute to WI summits at this organisation in every laysI believe se aro all three In qr..uwnt and I oink you iwouid conoldlw yourself fro' to ashes Um far any aksoistine, roam* 414,?,1 f.Lqa, 'Vet *11=01 Dolmen Wihlizzi L. Lifter Direetor* Branch Research & Analysis te-"t ANIMEao'N't 4011:34130-7Maste- se. ' pc '1i ? , ? 7j:22- I 2.2F.F - I .17 71' _ s ..-.?*2.,-.2.kt-,212,P.f..- * I = ? tfl? .20212 anfl Annroved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ,a4it - '44 4- 4 .3 -VIAttot:g Vr,c:ti f. Dr. Langer and Mr. Shepard Moron have *hoot 4 friendly ani cooperative attitude in suggestitig tbat Shepard will be glad, as an incident to his work La London for Research and Analysis, to bear the Latowrosts of the Foreign Nationalities Braneh is mind. Following A au*CessfUl conforinet on thil subjoet between Langer, Morgan, Moritt and eyselt? aa simdlAg to Morgan a letter outlining our 121ton-eats. A copy is attached and I hope will have your approval. , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 November Shepard Morgan, Esq. Care of Dr. William Langer Office of Strategic Services Washington, D. C. Dear Shepards The Foreign lationallties 'ranch was ? tc by Colonel Donovan about year ago, at the request of the State Department, to study *foreign politics in the United States.* We conceive this phrase to political activities in the United States which relate to problems abroad and which are carrlvd on 07 rorelto political refugees who are hors and by American citizens who retain an active interest In the politic41 fortunes of the countries from which they or their paronts 0441* The subject matter of our study 14 foreign, the locus domestic, and it is plain that in order to undo stand what is going on, we must look beyond thfik domestic arena, keeping abrewatof developments abroad, especially those of a kind to have, direct repercussions in the United States. You 1,111 see that we have a very real interest, therefore, in a good many things that happen in London, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Whi.b is the residenoe of eight or bine govertuserkte exile, and we shell be sinoetely grateful If, ineldette to your fUnotioning in London on behalf of OA; Xeseareh And Analysis Branch, you would also keep our interear, mind and let us know, by cable or otherwise, of ooeurronoo, and developments which are likely to have a dirmot efedt upon "foreign politics in the United States* and sa rail within the scope of our responsibility, At U. saiA. ttie in accordance with the permission kindly givon by Dr, Lange s we may take the liberty on ?cession of cabling you speollte questions. We shall certainly attempt to keep the numbmr of such requests within bounds. If at any tiam 'At sees to place an undue burden on you, I ask you to Let ar Dr. Langer know at once. Our interest in respect of particular nationalities is determined by (1) the intensity of political activity at any particular time, and (2) the extent and political .dynamism of the national group within the United States to whic# this activity relates. Concretely., we have* a very special interest at present in the following national situations: ummalin. AS you know, Yugoslavian politics ar, agitated by the contending interests and aspirations of Serb and Croat elements also, in a lesser degree the Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 OP ???? ? Slovenian. The reflection of this activity in the anited States is thrown somewhat into reverse by the teat that whereas in YOgoslavia there aro many more Sorbs thaa Croats, in the United States there are many mare of Croat extraction then Serbian. As in the cese of all Whe national groups, reactions LA the United StAttes take oft a great, at times even a decisive, importance, because (1) of the transcendent political power of thist country in the world which is now shaping up, and (2) the relatively large amounts of cash which national elements in the United States dispose of (through beneficial and other societies rich individuals and so on) and are often reedy to spend for foreign political ends. In addition to the Yugoslav Xmbassy In Washington, there are three or more Yugoslav Minister* of Sta.* In New York City. All three Ministers are active politically and pursue independent courses of their own. They are out of touch with the Yugoslav Imbasay in Washington; in at least three cases they 1'641 a bitter political antipathy I to the Ambassador. Correspondingly \ in London the Yugoslav Government-4n- exile is spgmented by an officers' group around the King? a group of ',Greater Serbia* enthusiasts among the Sinister3 and an opposed group of Ministers who are more democru.tic ? * -.,..P.moNnsalarasq04wm Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 In thought and devoted to tho condept ot ar ted YUgoslavia. These divisions art fUrther sueserbottd,d or out across by racial and rollgious linsa. ft Is easy to understand then that the Oove. nment dwel permanently in crisis. It is hardly necessary to add that govartments- inftexlle are in any ease fragile, being In large part fiotitious. Immune to the normal reatijuatmentg of parliamentary procedure and extrcising their 4overetg only in part and then under severe restriotlon? they become constantly more unreal and ineffectual Ln ship with with the passage of time, They degenerate tnto personal bickering* and strivings which are still cippt politically formidable nevertheless by the conttnuing fiction of sovereignty. If we are to keep the Director of the ?Mee or Strategic Services, the State Department and othor Executive Departments informed of Yugoslav polities 4s they unfold in the United States, it is obviously im- portant for us to know what, in the in, are the trend3 and potentialities within the Yugoslav Government-in exile in London; also what is going on among any mall official YUgoslav political organizations of importune* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 which mar exist in London at4 whose activities may- reach into the American arena or affect political thought over horci The United States is reiclIy the birthplace of Czechoslovakia. ?homes 0. Masaryk the Father of Czechoslovakia, was as much at home he as in his native land. Be enjoyed not slots the fullest freedom in laying the foundations here for what sub- sequently became Czechoslovakia, but had ACC4S4 tl the White House and the halls of COASPOS3 and was not etthout in:1114mo* upon tho shaping of purely Amerlaan policy. Against this background, the numerous and dpoonomicalLy substantial Czech and Slovak elements in our populatton may again affect the emerging future of Csochwatr orlikla a very real way. Indeed, so far as there is ay free political life at present for Czechs and Slovaks, this is to be found in the United States and in London. In addition to the Czechoslovak Legation in Washington, there is a Czechoslovak Information Center it New York had by Dr. Papanek, who enjoys the rank of Vinistor Plenipotentiary. A close relationship exists between Dr. Papanek and his staff and many of the American citizens who are prominent in the political life of the Czech and Slovak communities here, Within the past year ? , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 the situation has been distorted by the sonv441 in the United States of Or. Wen Mods*, forst*? Pilmis6 Mritylstwi of Csechoslovakia, advocate of ofseXtmgoveinment# fov Slovakia, and political opponent of Boone,. Partly under Module stimulus an importent group of Amoricen SlovitOt societies has broken away, within the past fortniot, from the older structure of Csechoslovak orgenizatim La the United States. The whole Czechoslovak position ma, be weakened. The Peace Conference, when it comes, Ilay be confronted by a Slovak as well as a Czechoslovak del, gation. Meanwhile in London, within the past fortnight, Dr. Lichner, close political associate of Hodza, has been given a ministerial portfolio in the Czechoslovak Government-in-exile. Does this wean that Bones is makiag a gesture of conciliation toward Sodza, or that LIchner is turning away from Hods& toward Bones? That Is the kind of question we might put to you in London, or thixt you might answer for us without waiting for a query. It is hardly necessary to go on retailing the meets, facts with regard to each situation. The political essen- tials are much the same: -- a somewhat fictitious govern- ment-in-exile in London, diplomatic and other emissaries in tho United States, and a national element within the ? tr. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010018000877 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 ?,, , ???"". American population whieh is politiselly sensitive to influences, from *brood and, vine verse eterelses it, own influence over there. With the Yrenah situation you an tamtliar. The Polish situation and the Greek fall int* the WNW geneval category as the Csechoslovaktan and the Yugolt14,14 Then there are the enemy countries. As you, know? the German and Italian elements in the United Slates are the most numerous after the old-line Anglo-Sexan. BUnger7 is represented here by two-thirds of a alillon in. our population, Rumania by a quarter million and riniand tt, same. The rather slight numerical representation ot , Bulgaria in the United States includes however, the high-power Macedonian revolutionists. As for the German and Italian situations, we stovId be glad to know from you how the anti-Mali 0410:12411.4* the anti-Fascist Italians are organized in London and what they are up to; likewise the Rumanian30 Hungarians, and so forth, so far as they may at times an to have importance. Then there are nations which have had golnernmonts but are now of indeterminate status, such as the Austrians, Albanians and the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), 1 4. t".. ' '''..1,or14'''?. " , ,!, _:. , , ' , -,. , %P . ?r" -..' '''. 4-4.,;.' .s ?=c; t ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2.013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R0001001-80008-7 ? A 1...* ? k? 4 .; a k 4'6 ? ? La. , '?e.4 t. ta - 3tr 44 1:,::4 ? le. . ., rol,?1,?J14 ? .!.:,,.. ? , ,,,,, ,4;,et liti 4. . ?,.,?_,.Th 4, ,,,L,..ti. ,,, ); "I ? r + 0 4 4C C 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180'008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 , - - r e.: - - _ N4444, - ? g As in Nom York, so also in London there are sow, Austrians of consequence, I think, and if they do anything of Lbw portance we should be glad to know about it. The Ukrainians (estimated at 700,000 In the United States) are the outstanding example of a nation ca. othn401 group of amorphous or disputed political position. Ukr3ing. Lan activities bear directly upon the politilal senzilnAlties of the numerous surrounding nations; and, as you know, Me loyalty of Ukrainians to the cause of the United Nations has .come very much into question because the Germans naturally sought to make use of Ukrainian nationalism for their own purposes. Recently the Germans appear to have ditched the Ukrainians, but the situation remains confUsed and dynamic. Along with the Ukrainians, we should bear the Carpatho-Russians in mind. Following the last World War, since it was impracticable to bold a plebiscite la the sub-Carpathian region itself, the half million or so Carpatho-Russians in the United States were polled; they voted that they wanted their erstwhile European homeland to be in Czechoslovakia and there it was put. Our three principal co-belligerents present each a particular case from the point of view of the Foreign Nationalities Branch. Great Britain ranks next after 7; .11 'Am 451i tt,14.3 4 4,4e ? ,t ? .;?`'-Aort, .14 ? - ' _Germany and Italy as a sours. of rotten% sagritiow to - the United States. Mere are in addition_ Me Xritoh comparable in domestic number* *it tho Ausatima tA4 Most of the immigration donomlnatod Ruestocer apolitical or falls politically under other headltrig such as the Ukrainian. But our relations with the Soviet Russian Government are endowed with * highly important domestic aspect through the activities In the United States of the Communist Party. Inctdents occur here of purely foreign political import such as the successful opposition of the Soviet Consulato General in Now York to tha participation in tho Ofew York Victory Parade last summer of delegations or ow Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian citiseni wider the ?flags of those countries, and a sinner attitude tdukon in Newark a little later OA by one or more Communist. dominated trade unions, , China is represented in the United States mainly by Cantonese, who tend to live in exclusive communities The situation is enigmatic but has potentialities, with which, however, being in London, you need hardly be , , ? 4 1 anri Annroved For Release 2013/09/13 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Pinally, there Is the. ZIohist.0/40 643 wh101, derives much of its motive power f*ola the United S. et*** - IntimateXy COAIWitiod therewith are our relation* gon with the Arabic-speaking polopIetty w?ho hm,* ftelI, but still considerable, colonies in the United Stmt.* area (like the Italians, Germans and Grook$) in tealn AM4VidA have a feeling that X have done Ilttl* mor* Man restate some facts which aro In the main Air*Ady ;tnolorft to you, but perhaps the restatement has served to della*atw the wide and varied topography in which wo work. As the most convenient way of conveying to you, 'low* the point of view or spirit in which we attack our e*.%partat bility, I enclose a copy of a awaorandum iot up sometime ago for circulation among the seventy or olghty scholar* in the United States (resident at some twenty unirtrottle, who, as patriotic volunteers, are helping us to read th0 foreign-language newspapers. You will see Ehat this memorandum is addressed to a working group s's' *II *IP it will not be oi interest, but you will find there? t thInk, in easy to a clear statement of tt zain ideas whIch guide us. Let me say again how gratefUl we are to you and Dr. Langer for your readiness to be of help ao us in , k. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 INWA; t ?. The interest of the POteign Nationalities Minch relate* to the,unfplding of, ti1 t 4 tett "Lally spec_ -64 ,4fically if thia_may bit observed in ,(1) The political activities 01 fareigh persOnalitles now in th. United Stateig 4* refugees; the related activities' of the resim, dent allens and: American] oltisata fcorreapondw ing nationality who *re associated with Mom PI those activities! also their various organ4soltima, (2) The broad resetions to the abovtieteritioned activities among resident aliens and citiaent or corresponding extraction, (3) Also tht roactions of these nationaiiv groups to -- (a) political Activities and events abroad; and -- (b) diplomatic at of the United.States Government. (h) Inter-relations, an they dovelep currently., among the various groups and their leaders. The general purpose Is to present, by ffletelet of tLir :report* and memoranda, a continuous, composite and politicAlty 'incisive view of the foreign political activity which Iortt Wtr hai called into being on the American scene. The rvports And memoranda go to the agencies of Government whdrw policy is mado. The Foreign Nationalities Branch does not itself mako docisions or ? policy. It is an 'Instrument in our democratic process for obtain? data of decisions and placing these in the atathoritatIlm quartOr 4 ? ? r- , I 1" 42i ? *". ? ,1? ?71-11 "13: - R ' - , 14PV `?-?- ? ..44' m - ? 4:74% ? ? , .0,4 ?fat 701. ? ^ A it ? " .!:. ?zr.? ?zit? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 41-la 17VV z-so-oTCoo 0000X? dCI 1-V10 /6O/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Ng WWV 71Z:44601 2tagl - %.:.,4;?.:04d0 _ 241-p.m.U4 puv ocapdvd 4vTppu puv moacioR 194,4 Io vuwntoo P0ttT; 4nti vrIzud ARvrOurr.quttlua imvpuvlv 4no ur p 0c al gnu tioiux 4f04 4CT4411Tte 1nq 4vnnEas 4,vs, 041 xo Bupfuis Dv tram in tp0U0tUoW oq ?pii3 itvw vTpur o4 uoTcerw addt43 044 ;0 04nTrv; lu0004 041 WOJ; PJ0dVdCmcv OTqwy puv qvpitop gin ur vuoTqoallo4 cuoTlvaurnI .0/T Jrnmmg 41. Stbdomizi uT Viuv414 A4v2unii uoom4oq paiNnozd UT AIDU cmqauto pq4 oouonbovuoo. u Novi Uvadoana rtJ4umn ap4lo put; tunuftnu puv vuvrJOurili Vuowv golvls pottun o44 1,17 vuolsvn:420dm4 ot41 1V-14 *1U0W1110400 U40 4noJoe4ov o orelp lovox(pir slumo lo Gouonb0000 uT guoTivIndod TvuoTivu Jto 2110wv 4.1"n0D0 01 XtrnITT Gay ao t.ol000 vuoTevnuodu osTt Nulmou),, jo Doutn.JodwT G41 11,02ToNdwo (c) 2uTpvoli ,i/uoutt 12UVTUNINI 041 4*01*ts P01Tun 044 u eTTAtiC aT 11P4X .tklutout ;ipANNO3 UG4 JOC41 woddrur uutiot4owy.uvut/21 JO RpriOVW pVO4q 041 :L4t4t,:t& UN* 01t4fPV 45111) 441 tiTT iiU4no 041 UT tOfttci r auvpvarli lutui zwzJoje pavmoq OP 'Ant IWn1T111, (e) Sumr00u 4.14.414 is42tAot, ptitv 40goinD Nil JO 44,0 041 uT pOw_firrTocrin oitspoli putt ittitlut4111-t 6,14'4 Jo 6.04 841 UT 121404/703 u04 4014T4 ol 09 144u coup iouwpubutin GIN; Jo comp G41 U/ iPvouvriGq puv TuTuoluy qop txuTuos Inggwq oy4 fOU40uoaPu* 'Lion J0 *Pm .9 prhuo uol,qutilw aXgpinu41050 unT*21 047 (1 t4Pu*)0;44 44 P'1,4104ITF, **94N4 14141140 41;44 4140111 4,64qTritUOgjed UVT9.10; JO X1TAT401, Ital)110d 644'4 ow- 141021 24.14,1 10411 JI '&14?11,10 1,42 oquaixnuT on in ptuurivw up6Ifq wisti gorto&QLr041, 14,nos W1IPP 0441 (050) r- -1* . .1, , 14. =II; 4 - ?-0-:?&.;TaFa674.? L-80008 I- 00 I- 0001 0000X? dCI 1-V10 /6O/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 rtH* tha Wading (3) (b inthe To-Antral a - the democrat:Lc proceita to take ao,,Ount (Iet tis 9r illuittrtition) or the effect pteduc4d upon Amewicran,--artmrtto ?43;41-mon,-.4, when the Department c,f State publIshckt the, Atitiotin C note of warning against conquests in trktigputedljjvrt torY which it had tranistitte4 somewhat earlier to 'ale (1,1wArtiricrtt 4'6 Helsinki. Simllark,' by way of 1.21 trittiotic tho Cour% political branches thould be aware or the rt.-4 1,4 tion6 reom time to time amona' the Central Europoan oteinpn,to th.q ..T410,0,3.?1 States) that Is, the Poles) Cionthat $iov`ak.,12, Ans ely.,.inv of :unkturif ikno* Run/an:anal Carpa tho-Rusti4InS rainians IF 7V. '; 3 t tato otytt rff one another at any moment are tiete,rmined Laionrtan )y factors and tErventu in Daropo am null 4,-by potitL'AL their ovm groups in tho tThL ted S ta test Scruti of the Forel Lan IWO Prcs'4.1. I n political tuck', and appralsla oe k I Jc gni t.L the foreign-language press pub1.4thvd in tlui 1.Pnl 440. E.3 obviously of great importance, It dove,ac t surmz hov, wv, to have these papers) or oven 3 cl4c twd trIv t from th in 4.1z1 4.3r clipped or translated* NeedQd Instead ari,.rocUy 4.c.7A1 interpretations in which the contents or tht), preas prol ;. ft) ttk: of commentary. Such interprttations are to had orti?y. from t.no,p1 who combine a wo-king command of tne langua4eu witt Lsreact -r-. ical and general cultural background and c sensL tae ietwa.1, in the current movements or politics:Li lift,. There:ort., ttnivy e-i (2050) 4; ? Als Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 and -other centers of culture, hatfe boen- looked, tr? 111,1 tiolo,t1 volUnteer helpers have betoi foUnd whoqe servIdr!r4 co? 14: af,t ioit44:44 be had, in most instances, on any othar than a VtAunta17 tm4i40 Periodical reports frets these voluntqqiii - to be of the gnatent value(' AL Already Indid4t4!Ap desired need to be much more than mere sumnty ttos14-tIqns or contents of papers and mttga%ines from Itic310. to Itt:4,44 n,11!,44.it t;ly should bo estimates and appreciAlions At. brior ot po,041 developments within each i!roup xlmeng rAlq gr6ltps lation to the foreign avid, baited mniniy peel von. 044.1.,1 extracts, but also upon some pvtenn,11 contict ?ftth 1,144.70 respyctive groups and the g4icrl1 &ty or /80411?04 MUM" Mae citizens who maku thbm up. AWntLen mn11 to foreign-language mdio bruadcasts in e;ASQ Any- nr Data are noyded first of n11 which t41.11 t7n, 1)1 t!'nx.. who mako up thy stlff in Washington to tpr't",!,4 yW:A respect to the sovoral ethnic or nntlonalit: Th r't outline will indicato moru prtocisoly thQ cltogori (1) (a) Personal &Ita on reccnt rt;fugv.,%1 who may be accounted polit,tcal 1ador3 (that a working Who,s Who), (b) Organizations nnd more inXormal groupings, among those ruco,nt mfUvos. (2) (10 The ustablished or backgrololii national-group or groups (alik,ns long dont here and citizens of the first and later gmerations); their number, distrIbutIon. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: 4b ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 viedif tfto le/ddrg them (again * workin Aigthogio gew me 1L it from the Wage* i** thtt (b) Organitation* Zn Adation te the*, bulls iitsef 1481# swItql OrttP,Ertit gar" 'which de/iiicato the po1:aid/1 taekground for 0140h Ittrmtp, amitoto wmff ijoimeentary are 'milted 0-n eurrrint tolltioa/ aottoltias tom wftatty* baing had *boil* to, foreign AS tifitifttiritiShOe trIMIA etomeNtto politics.- Public meotings which bOatir 111 rattlie poittle$4 wrq ' Much interest. In the case of mcotingt of importaroe0. tovanse ' information is dunirld Is to dAteo Woo lnd purpose, (01114nsib.UT and mai); and a subsciuent report or reporta nq the 4otunl .11Pontw Itio latter satould not ie jot a record 0! tupotetctml lepgetn bUia penetrating appraisal or the polit1041 sipAITteAndo af thc9 ' Omit and its prebablo'conaequentes? A* indicated a. bow', particular Attention ithottlidt be >lid P.41 repercussions wAtiiin-th#1 natiocality rrolip or groupm in thr JrLt Statos from polltiotl ovonta broad dtd polloydeclalena by 010 ' United States OevirtnmeInt. txamples havyl Alrendir born% qtw/n* Add tothetio such 4vonta.aa the rocont riftit to Preeadimt RoonotrO.t of Piimo Alnister Sikortiki of Poland And tic advent to pawvr lr Plirti Laval in Pr:Intes Malay, inter?group relations and the mo ro enmplux rvnettlms, '60eineeted thorowith have to be followed. What 1,rw the 4:urr,:nt relations between the Slovaks and Hungarians in thkl, thatod Stat?'It (lead;ri, different grasps znd tho broad massosh the Rungnrilno and the Rumanians; the Cseehs and the Po1os; tho Du:tort:Ina, alo7vm.41, Ad Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: gIA-Rgl;ngii0:1,0.15:0:0010,01,29,rt4;7.4,;t47...,4, Serbs and Croetal MO ad dr1:1irniiqr, Lt thff So4Aditiavit411 region, //hart ere the curren.6 reletiete between tht ViArill 4;14 Swedes, the Swedes And the,NdrwegiAA*1 And ad ottt ....m.1.1"1"1111,11E1,2221.2. The probleal of 4nter-group relati,tine ittia to,3 of the current political reletionahip of 4401,1, Nerr-Lisrt-rm tong11.1 tt.,7 group with the gene:rail body or tha idttigriukiet nttJ,and stl vrt. United Staten ()averment* Problems of xlt-io0aprwIttArli rtmi 10'144 6011 4191/0? In this shadowy 2ontit intorr..vt. caltip 14,1,vic14, the Foreign Nationalities Drench comes mot P,00 sharply to Irt This araneh is not directly concerned vLtp merltle 'et1414111g t?.rt is the-task of other agouciee yys? .ar43 not. not ,concerned with sedition, socret 31;1G titigt1 4.41:otitiv, and t)etrkY,11. That is tho province of r D. I? rfor arm oltorting onrWomaz obtain evidence of thono nefarioutt tictitetta Et. CrRut lonvtil bi kind comes perchance into our poosNatlion centrvtnn ; ?fv-T!7 to tho right quarter, as any o Ulla good oltAllon .tvf.u.-L-1 10. P'or.ign..Politica in tho United Stateo. The province of th.ts Branch.. let it be. c1,441rL1 ntiorl too(i), is foreign politics -- ferolp politica 4a thy Ark) !u1 Co tLn w.tthin the United Statea. As in the tiato of th,o Iast 7/.4.ro, but now in an oven mono advanced tiog-r I the MIL t ut:i Ma bocce a busy arena of fortlign political ac Uri ty. This tnt.4.r- eating historical phenomenon derives its being and its Lntazoity froin.two principal facts --- first, in no other largo itrua word today is anything like froe.politica,1itrpermittwt.t; 1 Atr 4 1 N ? 41, ?A y4,1 '10Akr P? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 seeandil, the United States hos long bsen the hoven 61 tila oppressed and its Bocti politic VerittAdo othitid fepTodUott04 of the other politically impoittint pattg of thor wmuld4 Thonfoele to study from day to dAy and fro* motaont tei fittavait twr, urfroldiri4 of foruign politica within tha Unit6ti ttatas ti gOth.grellimlitta function that ii tapordtiteo arid ititotly vsurde cAextr144 ordinary intcrost to tho scholar Ind obs/frva-r.,, From these Note aver/ velant4or helpor mal Jr4o 010 ussuranet thkt the contributicce which he may -,loct mnxv will give support directly uald at a true1!A1 point tO thc dramoGto Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 r , 46,41. 0;2 ^ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 t.; grte, tvo 411r# UttlahAIitida trutdh ibr VY17to rthttotirlsta reofairtoiootg Eitd giaiVi-t by oh mAy b d Into - .,e.r.trAg. t oontoeottitt, ralunteoz ,Propent, .montlay ,:rateit ,or: triKx t-11s-m-11, Aln)rt).c. .ittonth.ly grAnttt to .apectodist4t on rovfoi,iv ible. for Civ-4 atritlea Einp.10:ratoilt, ..,4 of axpanditurti upproximato17 (3) PiarchAse 'or initorma ti on t-_-', '' 1 i-: t'VA, 21. . ! -?....* 4` fip alists in foreign politics vitozo utilit;t '.-..Q , ''-?7- 4.",..?47- -34.4. r,. ,, -,--,, .5 .? .. = --- ? - ..---? Attontaities Branch is too Iiralted or spoc talized to: 113 ttr-,,.- ....:,- ontiniiing- monthly employmat. P?or t'l....4, third , t, .?, ommitmeints for this purpote averaged vanthly, A;v17-.-4ITatee,1- i,ly - ,,,4?:it.. ,-,- .! , , - '' , . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 Ad Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 'titidftiAto:0 P 144.*S. --meinoiktidum or SO'p r 441 ,m. 4 7trala 0 ' . ,- seourtng, on a ronr bi,a1 tat# A"- ,.. ? ,'. , ', ,',,,, ,-? , ? , Or 0" c)14p,?of uLliveraity protobno- "I rah lArg gunge' fieldt, wob road .:h ror .,',.NAtionalitics Dr .nch and submit ropclvtz on t:',", t)rrPL,::n.p.Q1ttl:',4.g.!? signitioarte6 or iticontontss. ?-f r.; orit 80p&osfort ett,SOrS OX14 10 or Ar 141v3t4.1 oqgv4a ?t1? th171.1, , b411111 workinV. tn rd -,=.241e.0,Jive to compen troalta 4.my kina?? ctnL ??' - Irithiatt if?t)rg . , laimrs.,ed . for. ttiot e, experiti turf; s .As indicted above., vrtoont monthly etxmittllt=.0! tq.?491.1.L1/111.21.E1I12.1=111122111-t"GlzAt th#1 wr n t - ' . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100180008-7 id i Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/13: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001001?0008-7 . : - pit Apt , ? '441;'';- r' .. 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