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November 3, 2016
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October 30, 2013
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October 15, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 S. ? ? ?;. .t7-t A ???..? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 .? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 1!1 toor ri tral tfwr oNzt,ohqr rty .for -I had no tjrQ to ijd ,wiLl itoyu r(!coiv,w, vt. to,p1).W7'11:* 't otlt rf,lotti I: ft tocolv,,y.,f1" hakti,. -11-04o. for i tort th toloi4t millitothtto Ak: 44 V ? or; v, to tht i0140 tt 6 it,y IraI s thr tcttvuwitoov ;t,1'; ta 'V V r:r,' ? .4,14 ii I Chort.,.ztkat ?cirri Tth A'hat Caa acc,om V417 c.:10e to a r t4, a:?L 04pp LW !- oricc-inct-A that tho ttLiC ilo#tentro t.oaquooto *Si his nontit cou14 it th, V. Q. ti? at* coritro1 to u*Litiva ek 4st I aUhot th? In th*110-- 2,7U tnd trust Y114,11-0 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 -s. 4 . * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ? 10.4/110 IIMPLAICE, *V mat torr i. D4V1111601101 CW CPSINUF CW NAVAL 0.111AATIONS NAVY POPPilharbilltirr biL I INTELLIGENCE REPORT 111106,LAIlkilat MN* AiWirtmoillow 441ilb, 44 4F..411. *AM) 4444.4.444441441444.441.4444.4444 Wkaairmiplik CAsiiilt No.. 1,111, oopmeoitak WOJIKStemis buirat, *Me 0.). W. I Wm& esbilib. Use" asipormails tierori, Sat email orairt ihimab.* , Ansa - a4 1111.61111. Doi* 34...11e4011111?? 11.411 ihalimape asuases,..t.imes_4111,6ustiaiablatalp-alti&ff bum414,3?0 Allatftvsaallvskti"lit 43166eviiiiiiiNLA:vottesd. **4001 41111W.. 4.?44.0 4,0 I tibia INIMb vow taloa girkia, ?I144. 4 AIIMEIMMMMW SIII00.4401Nai 11.1111t sommika egail**** 4I# 011011044 40110114144.10 0114~14114 4//1/141.046?70 116.111.4 I 14441610161 1?1?10011014 %sobs. 1111~114.11 ? diesito asoparois mown Obe ow" 14460 limPi Le firmegded berewith me Mmeaseere NO a espy eir_. heeler adivemeed te lie ilmeeimbile Osadell lalliste 4 MrLiedier I Semeimi 0. Swe aleimmeit alkie o AA'S*, dated I Oeteber, MI6 milek me . Per MD. isi at hie remora, 'starting Ws reepet visit te II ket edemas ohmage Li departure the revert eld met pima' Mr. atter ? with Oseermi Ohemesulit. Due to ? NAM, Le thee mid Is beteg teruareed by %hal eame mil whisk !I %rte. tile ?. lide Letter empLeLmis at !list base see Le meek ter detail k 41 *ilk t be meted Ls feet %het Oeneral Obenneekt asks ter as oven ere er as immeeete all l effeesive agoast Isom in Wawa. It the argemend uhileb 1 edvameed osk414p, $ et %be re wader rater- meatier air terse thee 1 adveleated? ahmeig, 10, figAters et ri04114111 111 411140114 )111 medien bomber. anis La %he last 4ohmsa acme aloatile from sew, ? 42 heavy bombers. MI furthermore states %het he *an 1%44 iii elle? 1140 estimated requiremeate are aopeedse in detail %la his the above fere. uttb en4r $6 braasperts et the 047 tile* new La Adebter? PI el; furthermore ma oeserimeed the% It is absolute eeeeatial for 110 esseuee bekkeve his be be praetleable and te bele %be offensive now in this theater, 1 ton ovine, te aisouse it ids pials L. 1 ma dein( te eel/ a *padaS skade Ls this report and mime IMiet1s. 1 eensider that mor pealtlos de an imiepondast observer tram a lifferaet branah of %be eervtee eetitiee ne te die 'bees to lobes demeral Obenaseltse obi.% may avowal land 1 beLieve ft deeided am)erity w1l1 agree tuat it 10 worth trying) imakk at esme *eke INIhr %Uwe dseen't Oaaaral ti111 lait it iste eloosetimelm It Ls ? takr amities. 4 wove not ovum understood 1611111110M Or 401411.1? ,41?? * 4 444641414,141441 441416144?4, 441144141 1444 44, - 4.11.00* I .10"4.00,1lowilommommellImommokotir..., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 tea as es the was Imo wtth the war front near SW sad -r along with the*. You however, Olf letter to C tain oft out heft IT it is SO dos *ever* Wit I itig be permitted to own ?f other *'.?xt whict is self-explanatorb apaak as blunt4 au I have done in this red a vtolation of servioe etiqustte? is at the Use !so woe for suoh fr tily so AU observer to report the tit reepootiva or whose toe* Ilt trod upon. to w war by. psayfooting. natty 1ong bow* in his clolas is but 1 per14n44 beilievu he emu t? sc1isvin All be claims? if h. rgasivvim Orted *Mort* X aft beingaaployad against h r or lAtor yet not a ono w 'thin of o WON the my ne d$44 tr 1O was an otittatiuld or he bad no a* Mis U. opportunity of so4An1 you Per reoiate very deop the out Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ntit. \, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 - 111M11110av TINE DIMINCIN COPPICE Of COMM CIF PIAVA1,01411111M10111111 Went 10111Marlinner 60"11E1 INMLIGIMICE REPORT IftlistalltsZCS74.'"Airo**10.010 lett asompos=1101Itillet bli7.76! WA- ti*ies; OW*: Illsaimpapik Waft Odds N. ow.* few. bp* adia lam 'moo at Dam .31.11116101/1111.. Sims 4.1110.44144?1 4.1.111111W 1.111111041.10, wow siosssof ist ims***1* sisossis? grins* siskiii I WWI kilreassi 111106.? 10104 **N4 Os.) 110111Na 41111.,/ poor& tWtid. vi;;;wask, fass.) as0 Miis Mr as ow Wit grim 60.1141116 "reg;04 44.:;#01.1060) kai It 111. limns SO 00searest bormIlib m Saalarare eihu a SS7Of a 1.4168. elleressaii le Us Ibmarablis amiaiit Mid* W._ Sasurail S&. alsams110. 44.110%, Mtge 0 Osteters MO, vilgakik ma il 0 ow tat. etslide as ma mires twill Oa most Tien le -1ialtar a easitramm idelb Orreral abysmal% vas te a lea alkasis 'Mass is ftpurtur? the mewl sit art remit Ili. MAW. Sa %Am am. la bolas toivaireo? kl, SW mar mai whisk 11 listags Ilia ?. Illie Uttar asplalas as Mat herd ma is mob ter dotal/ AIimiLl be sate& latest thot amoral abomosa oaks ter ea eves ores tar ia iimmatimie air artemive adalsot illipla is Ohisa? It ilas sigrmat valisli 1 eavresidi mew f et the miler rater?? mmailar Ur twee Mr I alimatado aftmelys Wag sliesers st nocara IL? lb boxy bembors. Re furthermore states $hot he ema mailky )0 maim hembore eat, is the Lest phase same swaths fres 1/1 oin, Mae eatSmio. regasromosto are appesies Ms Ire kis sa? skew taw 1?01 maiuS wiwokersa se Me Ott= a" &a lialftst? 1 - I terthesmore es esseimood the% it Ls shoe asseatlei fora. 00seme I belle's pLaa to be pv46116.610 and to lobo Nis attemalve ars Ls Was thaator, I NIK epilog to tissues 1111 OMB Ugliamm40. ma mOing to sal/ ? spade ? spa4s Ls tide Smelvidnalin? 1 smosLasse that ar position es as otoorvor hiss a altraramt bramsh at the serviss ollittlso as to do 0114 limo to VMS isadrial abeammottea Asa may apyaal (aid I 114AL al moo asks this 4lossagt asmsrul litilaaLL OA It 1st, balloon a assidiea gill agree thot it in worth trrin00 40m011444110," Is is ? ta sigendo 4 hams met eves mailorstosi imirn? irys.....041?04p.poolavon........4.W?pnen.? Set * soffississgt ? *so is-???sop-a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190nni 0.0.44 41,0 44444 44.41,* ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 it *el ow wise mob that %be litallotlsais orslisa sesirlatell w_ oaks Cie= eillreistie el* svesetlasis matt/ seek le** * lase SONS sea irompossik? Mom ittlasel, Imps tees Wilma is 0111,1pg limy tidal la Issas et seellatalas? Ilsasrel Weft eirlisi la MINIM emit Shimeblag Salk leladas Wastiblais lost teir astsmil please. tibUseetiW Ileasio& 7MA robs* away trim *kwi.LZ. * ail* losillaig tar s Ass, *ere be sod& pot tee ~Wag terlsesess miblab besa eindibt ~WM sa ulthest preteetlas et *Mar mousidas tli.lwo is tie 4116114plass ea the day ear epees. Is/ loss sa *it MI ever Wass* ilbssesalb am* mks t*Usissil ilsesselia illseretes SM nallisa vireo Alsailts *leer sell Saifiireetiass *pia sal eslatsia s tarry "mai swim SIAM Is Skis. *sir eels objeetivie sea theaselses essitortobly is a sodsmay alreissailltisa?b is i ala viii tessio stemegrophses sat beer ts istw_sparsilla aselobs liatio ism ea/ Mks lay at lbsagai el$11 thelr t resalatas l'astresses te % toms et web yolokiettir? arve leassalt atllsell wither sly msppNt air ifessasalassasse lasidisaW. iliorlaig Om Mettle et asas tbse essrLMLIsIMOist sailereteell se appreslat? el. QM Wale prlasligla at elsstrategy_ leas eiveeetool by Llialasslit WA erne east t lrist eitel Woes as ter tervisat pftkt.prolbsetsol17 tliebtars sali avaislag,aM ropertip 0114 NA teas Ma ear ts the mew tn. Mose bons. Topt $ osessiotsetliais We very Wag 'LAO loam viii las AsTo.e. pre4setlag assipose fewave ,eas toublag est ~Leg tbe /eye la :311100blaskl Ili. terry Ilea* Is Slam. laelliestlys was to U. sum esteitoss emilar the lasedliate oestirei smosesseit IOUs If soy emertsses la orilmaillstilasSM probleas ?Ws tolio steit/abl/Ity ml4to L Mid NM his Osirperieties 14100000111111 sok mIUW SMasq4411 easily bass bees used 40111000 lip tif_ plivopertimisso Ilis Army .101101.14141101111 1411111 40/14?A?13* sail ere NOW .1114$ Wm* Ube devise et obartsrlaig 2');'1"),', 1,417'44 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ?41. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 opeepsies ia Air Pores at Sew Delhi bevies Use* se solorloimis a UP giewait &otiose Osasima yeilleveil Mawr Ater *moral Salim eel apporisted MsOM air iphetit strieer. artmetior Oessral *see& to the 4011b. the Aildigiee. *Se has Was befolag that asseault veal& be gives Usii.Ulm eestrel at air operatives sae via le the seaaties Iii 4eveloped ma wave eislibe Ul martial 10160 as. 0~0 kleit is the teeth. esserai bissell het 4iiirivellisaim is MAL alas with Oeseral bet it vie woe wrist that he vas 4leeeral Areelaes aell Abet there maylt.i isUslest alms% inieessilut Uwe ft swam?Semerol iburehall is Geeeral mei Seurat Assoldi is Osamu& iliseell? aerrolaiuuexhibited a illeesse refileeees tun the that is latertere with is dastobe to Ma alir integre ? Omura M.0 sat SO sietilebeli is tires threegh the lallueties at the A.M. labia bat Me* 'bees sirepees? la Doessbee? teal% direst- ty with the Someraliesias eel Mire Shims as the subjeet est tome the issue as the enamel that the A.V.O. Met hive is servive mei Motels replaseauts is mom eel meierie& es a sesesaary erseaisaties while it it were &elute& We %hell. 416 hew Mr Peree, he mule see that it me veil senile& the Oseerallesiee asquieseei Moustemily. but with the previa, that Obsseault shoal* have aspire& at operation is Shies. Ohneaelt wasprstsI to Mrieeeler Suers& eel br ? wises eeleeideese 1) his ems west three* just ese usher beim is that at Seeeral Usee&14 is me Mehl due to the alphabetieal erresipmeek at the list at semiseest !he LeilanUmi was sat ter Sully 4tb - aperiod *dab MI is preview yews bees the height at the bumbles seases vith the morele at She Chimes* alree4y shame ever the km at INsue6 the sweat majority at tho *OGG. telt is dispel emi with this *owes* I perseeally interested with lismorak atilveli is eespese the Gate aid *peal to the A444441/ te rum their seeireets instil the tall. a. finally esteeiei it at the lest meeset to July litthe but the Meese umairee4y dew see meet at the A01?041 &varlet Ioni i a me mesomiseesi weep et else Army pilots to take ever. OONtemate47 the laps kept sway eel %evert the see et the semilhaessout, he* eamesell to semi sit several mere owlialadAsw Slats Was& he esehised with the temA40:6 refteisiesto stalatiroseesta treat lies air effusive* eealso$ a., eel Oasts. taring Aagast. Is tha aioaatime the e is seemand at pm Delhi bed 011eerrei sei iheemult Tema kilt titularly %a esemeei et the ?Was Air lash Peru*, but admisistretively mime Oliaaral lissoll is Nee Delhi logi with *putt is orders to HIltssy Olson dealings with the Masse, but tutu& to 41101 limesfiLlhe Meta at sessed ? easely to Siosell ever _111.1414._beali *MUM lad thee le the Oeseralissiae, Oft., iltilswl& thee is YtassU, leek is litaasli es4 thee .is Weever men us be tease. Se bee*IS si ,leeal teetisal eemaaeli. Is has over his sepplies sr replasemeste sad eest wasp 0400400004 pleas is eel& as edelaistretive gustier& at e0000844 lhas to see vest as premised/ 4001Slesereed itiostly Ma his *ea I MNShimil is ileteher $k that .1110.1106 *t 116 Is 0040 the Islis sense& ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 _ % Wore. us. Issidostly. %ha% the 4i s Is paujbetAtINS its US% righter Oreup la eiroo.th (4 plass.), the% they plies to , Who" grow %ham wilt afettiva bomber Ai piss the eta liallese M tine's 1047,16 hobo. Ms has sloe just isarast that the Ulla fittes. equadroas at fighters at is this ilAwirestly for the Wears) of Iadla preatilmatleal 'Nimes' suttee* as opposed two %4hismaeult morasses for atteslauf ths ;ape , age saidas our. they sever get its India! Ths Is that %hay are dolma' to protest the Ladle-Was InhOtes This is must as far as It mos. but It should tot la ay Wales wits Oholoodultto progres LA pissed umdsr his full sostrol. *ad datialtely loreed from the protonic* et ladle prepare That Is 100.00i1 eaveliss J.I. It brings up thee queetios at Zsiieral plams? Seearei *Waal' mats to reoapture Burma mmi the above eamosealeastaselt %ha lath Air terse is related alai to this. Is is ea simierstastable ma wardemble militias/ MO 4et Oslo& 0.% et there is * very rude *ad uneeremeious rashioa. After ell biome Ls laid sad amuses rode the fast remains West his 4171sruiloted %he laps Is Arm his slow over to his 1404 Slant Whoa he admittedly did *et knew of UNA, reel& ? opprosoll to his lot% flesh sod thereby nut only was .000 astually out eft from his oats lise of with- 4romato efts argue asd ilsel*La it anti' doomsday. but to go% sut Amm,the rear leas ftlwiskys been fts4 Always will bS SI bits vioLatiss of the baste rules of military -itegyil The subsequent retreat of lelmself tad star with par% of the Ohlosse fore,* into Assfog wet a 40 it a withdrawal or *Imo a retrost. A Ostia la lay ireviaus report. that 1 4o not smolder the 0104401mm% of imarieas troupe prustioebls la a ompalo to redooture Mumma* I haphea to know tlist Oonaral Utliwoll AIM COMM for taros tivisisms sad ttat he eassiders this reasuasige slows it sesstitutee oily a small fraction of tile torso se are sew traialagi bet as 1 eammanted previously, tho,shipp1a4 required te deliver mad to cmlatelo 'Ares 4111411.011 would coastituts a, vim& larger fruetios of our totil, diluotisally it would be very dittisulti mut most of ii4i. smd docks% I did sot matt,a previously5 is the 40004 -, rho *Isiah de sot W4114 ulther us er the l'e5t1a4 Is the reeeptvire et Muria* They are umuid sot do, it bask usd %mere is us deny-lag &ssIasi booth the all 444 :leo st Maui' ..? Is 00, trelals4 Obl000a trool4 is Iatio w ,hub. i$M sor4..,44011 at 'tail Stli Vivifies wItilek nodally Oft I. The simileo Is plausIbIC UNPY t 4* -, ' ' .- ., - qw7,, - , '; , . u 0414406; thee ideasewliesd artillery sad ?Is 1114" Asa Woods e oaaaert be 4, Se %hay oan **mot am4 Weis to Is L, Oloa toalle oar* La the rem ..,,,, -St. .c., =.?.7,P? 1* U000 isouod. La test. by , ..? 4---.'4'.::4-0.17.-I'ft .....?. 1 :', 1 ,1i -- . UNO Itioli ail iia4o00 .,..,., , , .,,.- ,,_ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 : CIA-RDP13X00001R0001nnignnni2z 4,XCa Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ? mme aoktoriai4 sushi ms tie amid %emotes trill *IU 1040 held Lk isberseee matil further orders peadlas iremeter te Islits et more Waimea Weep*, (web% oorioesly tr the Olt/eh would really emperate Sat $tleirodsietemalihritibeak essioeldit te resapture Surma, ee the other beats ere eatbseieetie about it *lose te reopen the suipply route te Ohist? tsasekte stay le lismna lit they em toe reesess gave:tove ms4 toe esStral te4r baohdoer route all the way ts the sea. 1%01, $ass Wmt #40416404140 41440001 et "ilbsie toe the Moieties* esAy they see themeless ee the leaCers instead or Woo lapaimmoso Ihe aritlek have lefts kaows sag reared this sad Or stalled the esspieties of their part et the Mersa 140611 es &ow es they *quad to ilseeereds it. They likewise *tolled the aerobes et Mersa proper aaA 40016144d the lintel otter et ?Mess* treepe for %be ems resent. They sever adati0/064144 thet the Japes's, would overrua it se taste 1 smolder %aerators that the proses% plass ter the resapitute it Surma ead the comookomaylag iiselpettlea if Amariomn 41, Otreagth there to be eseeatially fallasious as spiseeed te its effeetive eftioloysest is the ummer shish amoral glbeassult imutliaes. Let I% be remembered that the thwaimees tate as% tram 10,000 .to 141000 toss daily if high grails *Aral alms from the Miaow mines earth et Unpile"' us4 %Moat these ships use be emit by sir overatiess tem fielme still is the oosseeeioa of the Okimeee. They also ship 400,000 ;..oais of rise per soeseas mortis. Let it also be reoleaberea tiamt 4441) mrber of Moadicesog is taemind with sh1ppialg. (A reeest reeesuelesesee by Jilosueul% proved thisa) The destrueties of ikpeaess shipping will do mare to brie4 this wee ve a *Loft thme may ate's, ose tmetor? 4 well Ciesuset ipos?ing attash as the power pLOCIAO of the Kellam itimee a% ftsgehas, North of Tioatsia, would at ths mishod Ot it cities thromdk !Wagtail tor at least a year 4144 4e4eive the 4ftpamee Of over fifty person% (some say sevestrative) at %bets, ustal euppiy at eokiag soon& I have ooreaswily obtelasod Alad ?;ives to Wheanault a somplets set of 'Al tee WIWI 4p4,040110641 114) se yet hoe se pLames with Wheat rags tar the job ? yet the 10th it terse has six MosoWs *as a:tom MmIrs *LW*. down there 40146 oemiperatively little' 1 nraLy helieft ? 4/4 X report this withuut the AlemoseL ramose or feeliade that the wee is this %moister waLlt be materially aided by the removal of both 4emerels me4 Siseell sot thole huge staffs. Thee. 161atte close ere ea oijaet of emmsaoaa% la Use asouat of poker men they sages, I* every dory with so little reel Wild$0111temoldtwo They magi Ipuelr owe work sad I firmly belieOe %may umulA be jest is buoy it they were suddenly treaMosortoi US Xmases Oity se they sow are here mad with as 0000004,1* *moods is the heal situation& Obsanault 000144 the 0.Vs4.41 tUr4u011 its satire career with ormetiselly "eft at hill lb. Ohiseee would be of two lamas oa the I believe Se the ems haat tee, wvuld tsar $ LOOS of 41400001, but 4 Ulna thts mould be eats" more moiled to Queae&ault with tau4ble semulse "evert ter hia tooth*, with the Noll*, , . _ P,5.4 ;Y. 4.1 ??, - ?Nr, ?4.. #0,* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ? IL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 ? ? sir orsottie .1.14 coo offieoro ogrou of licoot la his ow - it*t.4 Awka U. iwithois of ths too Oossirols s000pil the ousfillosoo of tits Ohisfsso? Oholissullta as I hosooillo hooter,. 41Nre .tkosvo omit it vs moo what ve sOlitisokokli holm lersolood this I hollorro we *Weld Saks tilss000lstiog176 Use* the& Woo I roieoat sodas lirektovo too malt hosts to tts tasigibls dosage to tie ivipos000 sod soveroly oassirealso their prawn% offorts. I. M. 1?Lostasant Velosolo V. S. Morino Corpse asval Attoshe sad Novel Alma. for Alio. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 1106111 Ve of the Presidast 1111 Ma ssiossim es Susissis. la Name of ft* Ansi Payees. Um have stated to as that yes are the direst repro seat a- Wee /a a saLlltsiry se 10141 Se a pelltieal seses, of Ike Doom emilier La east of Um VaLitsi Mateo, Are, the ereeldeat of tholigtediftetes? Tell have ordered me to make a report darestly te yeses allitary eperatleas La Was agaiast Seems? Ileemeella emmar. 1. tapas sem be detested La Ohba. 1 It sea Me detested by aa Air terse es small that Is Meer theaters IS would be sallied ridleulees. 10 1 am ematIdeat that, gives real authority La seemmad if sue' as Air Parse, I sae souse the sellapse et fefeew I belLeve I eau de it La sash a meaner that the lives if bemired if theesamde if Merles' soldiers and sailors OdAL be smell, amd that the seat to our eouatry will be ve4atIveLY 0011. 44 I weak with seatidemee, but, I believe, aet with 4004144m0 the ~sea ter at seatidemee is booed as the tact the* elan WO) I heve be/lowed firmly Ls the pessibiiity of fiessaaskilsg war es the Molted States; I have devoted the beet /sere of at ailltarylit.te the stmey et this su:1:::1 I her.tor. Me roars boss umptfLoiel adviser to the 0 Alp Otreel is this eop,oltre molds war WWII% ;Oa' for ewer tive "um; tor she Lees year Ihave esposaaded first thed41140., them She Ohlima Air Tama fano; 41 a. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 U...rsoemt etas tor tb* Wows at this t ,1,1rno is Mil at tho summiddri orthodox. rigid ailitary= sineoLete laek at oseseptlea at the tree else it ski ~or 0100 1011110 military etratoey. Iwould Weed 144e air line La the some ley thetas/We Arts Weeded Mae mheallseelbsil wee at Its very otos. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 yI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 soirrir.? ? t t * ? :Y] emompor amt. to 46.011111,1talk lais$I boo t& *Wfisiesesaitf oblii *sat 'Oh 1111, 001.440 low stelimmoials the lik?Vsils ? Moss MA fisa attosho %bps SOW ter soiliA listro boss 0?0068,111 IMPOOMPO 014 le sew% ea). to Vb. Osisevala am 00 la Mao SUS 01110411114 0110114 1016011I eipla iregest 14/4 Emisark? the Masao ossrets smosesersalip, am* meet eeetired0 04,1000 sist will issifilmay Ish the Poolfiss Moreover, It trieeil ter veers otter the war. Metereise to etteeheil air 0111 440,0141 01,41041 oiliesemees it rite& /spews teem ear olp home. otteehe4 le aa Wa les 0#0,466100 eel imelettioso , ? ? "" I ".?;," - ' " ? ! ; U. Ath ONOWNOLV analdiler howoorsl. ok ? issoomatas? 3 V", 1-4,0 ?.??! ? ? s. z4,01' .,?,4??;,-,:iri II ????? e ,? ? 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MO has ales just learned that the wew lamIs Sadie tines& squadrons of fighters at lmsemit ft thle appereatly tor the defease of ladle Very preblematieal Jaesases attire& as opposed to iM 1014eili Ornewaroult advaaess for alltaakimg the ;4Pa MS IsMims weitiag. awe they sever get to Iadisl The 0,00100 le Slot they are doled se pretest She Ladlaaahine lowep Piefte Is Is sowed as tar as it dose, but it should is. osamilaketec is epistles with Gheemault's program la alma pissed wider hie full eeatrel aad definitely 4Amerrireit tree the protection of ladle proper. That is tiewerol asvelre Joh. It beteg* up the quootios or Jeasral Stilerell's plans. Seeeral Stilwell waste to reeapture Sums and the *hove esseesteeties et the LOU Air Forego is releted alips to Udell A Wake Is as eimieretomageble God peroopeable ambition' lie got alsest est et there La a very rude ftnd uneeremonious fashion. AS *XL blase is laid and outclass node the fast reclaims the% be eemitted the Jape to drew his Gloat over to his ria4h4 flask ehes he adelttodly did net tnew of their rapid oresek se Isla loft flask sad thereby not only was out- '? f .4, '??? I flawed, ious eetaaLly out ett tram his aaia line at with- 4r4. Owe *as ato. as& eaplain it until doomsdey. but to get eat, Off tree the rear has always bean ant always sill be as eloareeaoule vielaties of the bailie rules of military stratea. The sabeequest retreat of himself and starf toOther with par% of the Chine** formes Into 4.ssam was ? flitAt 10. sot a withdrawal or even s retreat. I stated is ay orevious report, that I do not ouneidor the geol./pees% at Aseriesa trwps preatleable is a eaapalgn to reeepture gums. 1 hsprea to tame that General Utilwell MS sealed Cr tares divielome wad that be *considers this reseeestrie skew St semstitutedi ealy a &gall frftotien of Um riles* vs are mow traialag. but as I amounted previous/Y, the ehippiag required se deliver mak to uhlatala three 41iiistese mould eesetitute a torah larger fraetioa of osr teasa. UmtLssL1.y itwould be vorw diffieult. Out most of silk, see is idols% I 416 set meat Los previously, is the ? The **Mei' de ales want wither ue sr the eatiag is the rimapture of Burma. They are ISWSM -%wouM sot de% it beak 4.ad tutor* Is se denying the WASH* mei both the oil aaki rig,* or Sures* oi .441,1144 SiB 40W trolatik; Wass** U0104,4, La ladle U Ib SVIelea mod earl, of the ,th Vivisles which finally /00"/A400 there tram Sorms? tar 44.4%00 Is0.0011/1110; Utoy 1140 Ohlas; the 40fteemp1eed drtillery Gad LS *Oita 0414 liiewls e swiss% be 'II SO they eaa mhos% Nod train to *sat Shea tahe ear% ta the to. , of just Woe issummi, la test, by N.14- 404,1004 0 140 gloat 4/04$ Wmt 'al Wan 4 emAkot Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 11, 'Gzf, 7-1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 essioViail savirikals seek as tia ea& %masts* teem Was *SU 110, hati la aberawee until further osiers poodiag the lirseatmr to Sails et mere Chios.* troop*. L I 40464 Soriouals If the iritish mould really 04,144broMe jails% Slarkedinorisemmaritlish eftsvalgat. roeapture Mums, 1101 abloom. ea tho other hoods are ostbusisstie about It 404 net lasso to ~pea the supply route to Masa. lhey IMMOMI stey la MOW= if they *ea tor resew's gives above lstt to eintrol thiir beekdosr route all the wey to the sea. asp ales LIM* the Japanese &logos of 044sla for thw Asiaties* wag they ass themselves es Uwe leaders instead vr spessosp ihs aritlah have loag knous and tears& this eat they stalls& the sunpletlem of their part or the Duran Mos& es kitag ss they soul& to tissouruos It. They likewise atolls& the &steams at Mersa proper and &eel/nod the WSW atter of Ghia** troops for the same reason. They mover asstielpoted that the Japanese mull overrun it so fast. I esseider therefore that the proses% plans for the resepture of Norms sad the iseacmobayiad; dissipation of ohmeriess Air Slrength there to be essentLe141 falleelous es evokes's& to its effeetive oft;Loymont le the VIAADOr whisk OssersIphsassult outliaeso Lot it be reccsibered that the Joeemsee take out from 10,040 to 14,000 tons daily of high ii;rade uloso froa the &mow linos north of Uaiphoag elat4 that those ships (MA be omomi koly air oyeretions from fields still is the moossossico ur the Ohineee? They also ship 200.000 ;one or rim, 40or vaaaos north. Let it also be roAdimaaro4 ;at the) wit Liar of lioadicosg ir teauing with Alapoins? I.reeest reeommaissaae? by 44enmault proved this.) .The destrmotios or iupas000 shippla6 will do more to hristt this war to a. al000 theta any other one faster. A volt 4/rostod bombiag ettoek on the or plants of the itailea bases at Tosgshaa, Korth et Tiestsiao would put the ulnae cut er settse through flooding tot at lokat a year lad 40krivis Um Japanese at over flirty persont (same say sevesty*tivel of their total supply or looting opal. I have 40ersese404 obtetsed And 4iven to 4henneult ? somplete set or Amos for this operetiom? lie as yet has no lanes with outfletest raft" ror the job yet the 10th Air fors* has ids 1001441040 aid rirtaes *471s slut"; down there doing esoperatively little! I tinily believe ow apt 1 report this without the .11044104,01 eersosal maser or reelisge that the war IA this Uhoolor wouLd be materlaily aide* by the removal of both avowal* 441LwaLl mad iiiielaeLl wig Oats, huge s'atte. These olipatie "Use are as lasjoim of amaawftwat la the moomalp of oistr or 44/1/4 eediso Is systy day with so little real reoulli$014 They maks twat own work &ad I firmly tior mou/4 be just am busy it they mere suadealy to gausses Oity se they aew are More gad with ae AsOle seaase La the 4410044 eituatios? Obeaaault theIse satire eereer with orsitissW ? t soul* be of two lands on the yes ats the dosio 46.4 %bey wool/I fear s loos -i St O iii StsoolotetphOt S %biaM his imeL4 be wavers eified to440ftualat with Useable Lso"evert for 141i loothator with the relief Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 tb Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 - ...4s4o44, , ? , ? , - "",)?;:. .11"; 'etrat _4 It: io. vos *Moore oso4 or whoa As kW oft,i4V hoe 44 *Ng 4114,11004 them* Melther et the twit Oeserode *moms hit* tilo 000ttioNoo et the Ohlaoselo Oheseoults as I lio,o **iv torero. *boo home At aid It we ease whet we ofoottaiiiall *no" prosilood Um I- bellino we ohoult take mottle ooloorAtodAr* kayo Was thils, X t000st ossist, X tiesti toltimooloo ofoulA molt? 106414 t41 441 %Melia' likam, ettertote to Us ititArnolos mod oevorolly ossieroalos Moir pivotal ; , , r I. M. MeNUallo 41441oteseat Oolosele US 04 Marino Nor's, Ne,*1 Atuehe omit Novel Attesho rot Air. and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Illbe love *Wed Ile me %bat roe ere the direst rfpressete? UV* lassilUtibeer se sell esapelitiesi mese% et the lempo AMMOMP la Shier at the Dated elletos Asap. the especidam et litelitiftdi Stees46 1%iahove eriermil as to maheareper$ ais**44.. IIMk as ailibiary eserettleme /111 01111is eolaiS e010016 1 meeellith eeftip4r? a? Open sea be detested la Ohlaa. 16 It eas be detests* by as Air Peres as emell that Is ether theetsre is vettl4 be walled rialeoliew. NI es ~ides% that, sivoa reel authority la e_semee et ewe& ar 4,itoree, 4 sea mouse the eeilapse it 41.0116 I bollr, 4 sem de it La eush a esseer that the lives St hemilred etalmeellie itAftwieer soldiers aad sellers M be worst. asd that the moot to ear optometry will be reletivrell smatta* 44 I area with sestieessee but, 4 believe, apt with egetistu lhe reseals ter sir seatLeseree la booed as the test thee eLses ill* 4 hove believed firmly la the 0001141114 et Seams magas oar as the tIaltod fteSees / have devoted Cho best pears it ail4t41ry llte to the esuey et this eabgt1 khole Oar rive bees mettielel *Wiser to SMOM Atraleress LB tija eeo,sity. 1 arms war a/Wan iapee ter tow tiv? ~es ter the AseS peer I hove eembals4ed tint SM 414440 them the Oates Air lash,Peree; et as time la Salsa have 4 had as seer as ritlitCalUag Plums As !willosiles be sleet tale ruaA rums air torso or Japes, as weembeas. et the 444?10. and the VA Air fish Mere*, 4 have sewer Lest ae el, bottle molest the ilkoeseee. iftle SW 01400114, ANN* oseilsorsq Grasmigot hes destroyed ever ,111.4bmpb bowels is )eirepoti mmatipmei aed about three allibliPee ow* 4 sestreyed im A believe the total to be 41110010 clijeisdred w with the lees et twelve A.Y?04) pilots game 44ip twit /Wee itieto tows sow aititits. temp it $aw diiiisei 44s, *sot Peres Jos aessistoi sidamtaisdies elleeerels ofith theft 4 hevesmwte WS Nemo, lastallstleas, trees's. SM moss at either ? mom a, Plasm Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 a 44,&. , ? , ? aft saw Is Sam 'Me Warne Air illsoss was ,410400isaissis, asters Asterism esters* the wet I AllaosSIM I bellaved irma141 thsAda mit isista): la haftlag tis 21aLlass ssat moil se Skim. 'esaisys LbmaPolilis sastlasess at Us leassisiblaslus 100 ftiti liklesse lississo* 211 haw Moir seat Shims* 411, is blernalle .110 I lite* Is a wiaalas ~el* (b) I have 4110111,4141. tie taill 11011 have *Mr pristeldi Is IMO liftsI 111111,1011011 siedibill et parissawass. 4.1o. 1sis as. asstliaat 111111111 L aatisyltqr as /11.,411Msmisis allUteer esamamier la Indio that Isea last Sit Wise *best t stise laisa bet that lass maw assigns telsols with tha ialtell gnats.. I as asselli0alit, Aka% I leas WIWI* sash seed will that Shim mill be alma 1611 tirlasilig troths ~lot Mb iimaratises. To Ile asILllbsapy task is a simple sass It has bola ..ssolLisats. immielege lliegisal salutary eresailsatiAa ase gibs is sot milsretamli aerial rtar. la Maas. s? mossopllsk the deintall of Japes. I owl oaly %Ma vow mat Massises Air awes -k 103 tighter @aren't% et JO asitima bushars. sail la the last phase, sem auttlia tram arse 18 heavy baabers? The tone nest be seam otastlip aalatallial at all times. lie will have lasses. nein issess met Is witirlaasi. 1 sesslass? )0 par oast reqsiassaaats la Itliphases mg JO per *eat is bombers asttiolaat? 9* if resew tar staktlag slim% I eaa seesoolleh the weerthrew fit Isom is that I eft ~JANA thila torso I-- - thimp seteetilveasee et the itapaaese Air "WM ? prababiar Iis nasthiimawltkla sae year at tha aataills. I as ? Castallisittii- iraltriri?mo thla toles le based era staple. Japes eat this is ay pr?teseleaal baa salty ? thane& p,s4ls. at alrioratl? I ea* tesr.. Oa% 414.emetie Air Peres by aerial ailltary assaaverIs r4ht as is ? swiliktes it if ems sslootles, ilavlsi saes tla4 It la MI6 pseltisa 1 ass taatirey IV* attestiwassee. With Ws bests aetestivir Air Pores torittoorMI, eme, Navy *as eparate vitik traistboa, Qui Gimestal Iimatortiltir *as peak kis otteasiv? is Milo ilestli Seat easarts sh413,*MssLa, from Ike iheakisia Ohlasae Air ibbeotite mi.14 gveraatee to &Matey the 8444111,11941 lateatrial sanfostss of Japes. eaustry is as ealserahla attibeit. The sattiag St law raelbea I. bur 4014/ ellewittered emir* ls a staple AMIN 41see the *Wm Vas 44444,8%1,es are aeeaakilialiall the 4114110111110 iallisrary projaotlea it lavas is aerial& sat NW* MN oftteetimety aelateela %ha saaLl air twee asal obese. ea aortal impkii lthe at WA bunt yr betoisma SW* alai blss. it is a slapla statement sot teat 440. Shot tails serial ppl as will else be agouti $11, oilbjestirei Its be asessylishet? the tall aalisTfaVadiat Isswirlita with the evereess la establish 4041 alt: We earls& terry ma la shiltes it plate AorriaiiAir i?iso or Ws Aptiastio? oat :4464ilifie Air Atit 0011r Waft pal atarimill INA afteallaillet Oki 00.1401$ to be surrlook over this air /las is otter ails1 irsii,10 WEI _Onail. isft leo sofmapssylaii fili1 s000e iihboto bast* s$,? _ n , _ nprlaRsified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Il? less 010111114 lelm tee tie iteteme et this ttaa is Stet et the, atemictit ertheilissit that allitery St ahem ese.4?40 tea et 411101140411111, it US 'tree ems ist ear pew sr slow vie Mete ailltary eilraleim, IIkiswait etr &las is lib ass my that lletpie Atriesese astsmisli illsorlarg isse all he via asters flaw/ et est ths Oozes. * assimpailigr, to sell Ma .,_besit le te istemi INPUI.b? Is Ws tostesiit tem moo by strata(' atMr the Use Is the Illsetheeet eseitte, sad tam hit Iessees Air 16.1/0 seesselly vomit Mei ? isseises Ohies eel over Isigye? tills airfrat tessiterr ilt Seth aver the tow ? est ever %halo et the some issmaiwor Is Ms ever eiestlet She pirseent eithsil sesatterei et tehaiiiss *est erdispelli Mama asebelt the mil amts., liallef ftplitee awl seUrreee Maiseleatlese Willa. he, arena tam Lee's Amy Sertbeik Virigliste? Ores &see sookAlee 'ad Use et essamosim SUessere let, tee use 411~414 mit Mei vas sulaelk? Is dB the else Shim la alma essImet Japes vilk air sail. tieratrtrashsio est the Temste? 155.5 ere to tatpaa await. I is firm Air Pam Is nab Is the Welles et them sop lehise the Met air marslas sat et LW AIM la She ISA warWas set I home spent rive yews fa ? 11114 the use st Is Meth. es esatidlest Si4leay isseasse eiseratt at sie.sato et hatless ls ese? *Me the lemon Air levee retiree es IkIsIimrsias setS. Mkt, I 144,1 strike eat itt est1. bistere spina their as simply Use to the likostasegli AkeIrIe? Is a tee maths the saw will lees se akIreratt Shia She eerie& deteme WI taps be S. 1Mhie1 ma %hos strike at laps trim fatiosisev (Ohosissi eitit MeV lesilerio? orb terwo sea Mrs op lases $ lose Mk lailustels1 um. ? ma the lobs. Oeska. 011$1.0 11.14100. ? NM hoes *Lk& Ile usable flos sippas her lake lisir wild" asepoing tire la ablase kali* She IOWA INA Sielee. els *I* as Wise if wow* Ike ts SMS Vas tee IM:illhis;es meg Is eitIma. ter the haesiess Is tie resins sod ter iliseArtter Is etoilaes tras ku 11111.01.111 ? all WU esakorstivell met. - .Is Shoe seerattaae, I vi& esha- tu oemig114l1lStham tort the isetere tessiims et 01$1010 IsVolass. at itssalitio Ohaawl. Ilimassii. 4446 es Oat eerie& seitemseal le mei* by Me taholr .stsi r"ele late ammo is attest ? thia. *Was es laterier as awe Mak sat sada be withia Ike 1limPe ealiebtisissa_ Tvemso eall as Num eirtiolde aid the* asi Shim fie WI, Ws seat sailsell Am I. $li. It Me bees Ms yewS. IMs desoMplag air assroles Is Mke this airs I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 mummimmimmmem:4 loeperetell tile' the Ohlaa somas* and he meets deeees4 t An full eentrol. Me le very akeptlea/ reesIVIng egret the plasm mew earmarked for the 10th Air Arse to whisk I ~erred La ay report of ;uly 5th. 41000141LObeeese1t lawns nee ineleeatly, that the Atir Pores is new bring /as its Slot tighter Groop in IOUs up lie tun etreamthIi.. plume), that they plan to selestise a eeeend Miter group there and a medium bomber 41'441 imare plus the six 11141411s nod tine's Omar. they- - have. Vs has aloe just learned that the 110414Alhaew hove lii Leila tifteea *quadroon; Of fighters of seek - this appereatly for the defense of ladle Leat *very problematisal Japanese attask as opposed to the Ams valak 4aenmemit advents's for attaekiag the Jape sow Is Giles mod esktmg ewe they aever met to ladle! The 0010000 SA that %hist are duieg to protest the Ladle-China Perry mete. Ibis Is moue& es tar as it does, but it should be eserdinsted La my opiates with Obeanaultes program La Obteso pleeed under hie full sentrol wad definitely eivereed free the proteetios of ladle ;)roper. That is esseral eavellee Mo. It brings up the question of Jeneral Stilewill's plass. Seemeel Stilwell 'mats to reeapture Mumma and the above oessentretten of the 10th Air 'Ore. is related sago to this. liLS is as understaadeble sad ?ar4omable ambition/ lie got Atoned cut of there La a very rude and unseremonious fashion. ^net all blame Ls laid and *amuses M. the feat reaftins Last he rrermitted the Jape to drew him clear over to hie riiiiht flask whoa he admittedly did uot know of their mild Apo-Meek to Ills loft flank and thereby not only was out- Clammed, but aetaaLly out off frua his nein line of with- Arewftli One *ea &Nue aad eado.lain it until doomsday, but to tot eat off from the roar has always been hnd always will be an wailardioneble violatioe of the basis rules ot military stratedy. The subsequaat retreat of hinself and staff together with part of the Oldness forees into Assiut was a tLitAt ft mot a withdrawal or *van a retrest. I stated Is al orevivpas risimrt that 1 do not eunsider!: the empleymeat of Nmerboaa troops praotieable La a *amps to reeeptere 1haptoa Cc know that General Atilwe hoe asked for tares diviatoes %ad that he eoasiders this Iseeeeeele elnee it eonstituted oaly a swell fraotion of / terse me are new %relates. bat as 1 em4aente4 previa the shikplag required to deliver arm to ithintaia three 40401eue mould oometitute a twilit larger fraotioe of our WW1. 41immtioally it would be very diffieult. aut most , -40 044. eel * ololet 1 dld sot meatioe previous/ye is the ttteel* The Arltieh do sot wunt tither us or the A tifetlam La the reeeeture of Surma. They are upuid met diet it bask 4ad Wore is ue deaylag the0014000 want both the oil era rise of Mumma. 41800.0440,440014 to mow trete/IL Ohiseee trues La 1egila 1144440014001 oed e.art of the 5th Mivisioa wisisk fiaalLY 041,0 tree Aiermo. emus, is p/ausible; they thee hook be 044ael the ii.easeeidoed artillery ea* La OS twit Is AMU oat lisowio 0 eoeuot bo 04$e* by sari ee tylooy 0484 000% mid %rein to ti4 ?tas' Ia ishila tU0111 ?40 ?Art La the row 411000. Order. have /wit 1000A issued. La toot, by 411/11011.0 444.44uartioro Ls 44/4444t; Let ?4414 ail WOWS - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100190001-3 tr'r.3 '4, V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Amommo S I t ? at OSIONNIUIL war materials *wok as tLa sal tws614011 teak 11410.1401100 heal& Is *bombes matil firths, minis podia. turemster UAL& at wore OMass e troops. diONIS SOrlisON47 it the aritish wood* roaliy osoperato jet* Slimeglihmarissamoiritish omkpaida to romPtire Maros. 41140sose oath, ether head, mre estisolastie shoat it ekes ~pea the ssiosar roUte to akt.lhei is Moms it they sea for reeseas gives above IAA* toehdeor relitte ail the wo to tits Imo Woo lapaross *logos at *iisla for ths Asiatisso limbsp ass thsassivoo as the Isadore tsetse& et the opeisim4 lamolhatimib hove loft Wows mod roam& this ah& the soopietios at their part or the Surma Moog ea %hay seal& to Alseserads it. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/30: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100190001-3