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November 3, 2016
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September 12, 2013
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October 18, 1943
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ZT ?c'1::'t1.11,-F4'; _ ." ? ' ' ? r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 I I L'hX.???t' ir ?tame. r ? i1/4 `., r r ?-? - tt V., f ,.???? tr ? ?? ??f.? ??1z 4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 EMIDeclassified and ....Approved For 1.1.111e1s."113/091/11,111-5 _ . Declassified and Approved For Release,2013/09/12:. CIA-RDP13X00001.R00010023000475 .f; ?54Er: 10r.. Cs"Iiillge-tdifillit$ I //tP-- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 0,F,c, OF STRATEGIC SERVICES L1 la to, INTE110Elia ME MO m> Geaeral Donovan The Secrotariat 2084C7 E Plans for Penetration of Gormany* k " 2 November, 1943 k ki DA the course of a conversation with Major Sharp on ti, subloct of SO plans for the penetration of Ger- many. he stated that present efforts of 30 are directed along throo linos 1* Rocruiting the classical typo of SO operative in an effort to build up a pool of German SO wont** At the present tine Major Sharp has 38 potential candidates with 24 additional nen in proapect* 2* Invostigation and consideration of what Major Sharp describes as *spontanoous" plans suggestod to SO frau sources both inside and outsider the organisation* 3* Development of a plan to use nall combat tease in conjunction with D day operations* Sereening of Germans In concentration campn has boon undlortaken as a moans of obtaining antiftWosi Gorman speaking recruits for thin plan* IA a joint operation with the British. 30 is *bent to undortako a projoet in Swoden, one of the objec- tives of *blob will be to set up a line of communications imsto Germany* Somotine ago it was suggosted to London that an otiOri olsould be mod. to us* ?nosh labor drafted for Sorletoos to Germany to sorr7 out sabotage activities. illajer Sharp does otot know 'bother 30 London over followed throi. ea is saggsstissu - , A.W.S. SECRET nAciassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 10 lioslosi yetis otpulkso St. esites* Walk fw4. gerresessa orTislais Mostly to us bort Imo* Itallsoiso a ammisr or Moos towage Items Issfi lissmesssi out as OPailost lath lobar isokellas NOM OM Veillow 10.10110114 MODiumus- fi U4 11111Nrekthe 110 ilioams MIS tosissell alevresttre M 1lLst Malts soli to ail Iliarseirj sod Us* out dkassillai la lowelloss Swims isselsi lissess. ultlik Viissepos trot maw ossl sowiresersolsi teretibiTIMIt ~tit dem fit wimp sottomalittes Zr ilswom isms Woo Illsoglimas ad base of GU sostso bats.sessoilas girtiosige % essilast poltitisel sisi*Nos. mot as Throw amid tossessilliSs issolirsk ....,,,..... - . :...,44,1tHil.,,I;16 1..i...:.37 1 -flii45 -..:..t 4%. fV .`"?''i?'`;' "ii:.--141...;14-.._ c...aat.- -- A fit '.."1 4t.f.,..:,k.,,.....,...._. 1 A 71 ; - 4 .. s- - -, ?,7 i! - i?- ?'1.' iir; -_ - 4'? _ _ ; 4, 'Wes 0111114040142 owilitiwale et start Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 illsoess, wiles air eat obit Dodo* Jed* ratimposet otos Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 iAtached is t!-e. d02e you wanted on t!le Penetration of Ciermany. I hope it fills the Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 This outline of Moe plane for the penotrntiou at aerman3r conforms as nearly as paselkle to Sullassere instructions whioh were* *Usk to the **Wel penetration of Chmtaw itself. be *rise, rlon't go into detail regarding 11.0. funettene and Who 1.04* set up in general. and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 - 6 g?rtal '4141 ....el Alf. ,?? ZO;;?, ,, ? itt.1151,1,41"-qP4"nit r'? ,:,14,14.04k4;1, ekIn 0 C./ 4.0.4"In ? ? . 4:147.0S441..x1h,, .ctrii,fll awa 11.7na 4 4;11 ty.=.7-zzferling, ? 04,:a% r te, i4tIr ielvAiVoa,t Ilitt,,i'114?4110;1144;:toe:TPa';1:;"::::or7lip "0' 1-,11:1;:ltSAI: t444?k..t.'4'4 '111'4,KAS;t44''., 4'4 4 vf-e, bt; 441, IL104WiArtrii? \ to ? ? ?f,.-'? - ?-? ? e-? kr"Wit 4c .03e 4 7 m- X" 04 ? .,1;:r. t ? C) CN 0 0 0 0 0 Ct I 0 0 0 0 co Rel a) 0 4:1 ;?. 115114a.C..% s 711, iLV,IV.Iird% .^^ ?.7 - '' *.! ? ??? 4.0Atierpliiitta,k; -? 'St a ossomm-T-Af., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON. D. C. Ootober 18, 1943 ?at Lt. Petrie& Delon FMB* Casidag ashijoet.LO. Pemetratioa of aerasay 1600 areash operations against Conmemy ow be classified es 041swer (1) _ratios. Wire ? a b) Za the vassal states (I) Mises em ead atter V a CIO im the vamsal states b.mitooresidlas is eepeorsed with (1). Operatimas miler (2) will presumably 411141411*b 411Porstleoes im *kWh K.C. partieipated in the Mediterranean mei *otos %he Swift AMMO iumi sompaigue. For suok oporations *Moir WNW .0 'otters Vamps and the Miklos, for maple LO, will be s* t1ated mpma to molly propor4 qualified pereemael for PN omebat teems working snow tepees* 160. is mow uageged reormitiag this personnel* The gosecol objeetives of 160. under (1) are by means of rumor* bioebpriatiago f*tged deeimesSo. bribtri cod vorrminlos. tho WOO sgem4sib ele.# (00.44 to (a) stimulate sad @organise moisten?e to the lemermoestta Sommeows (4) rester polities' dismal.* in Oermeny, (o) diesesdit the, VW leodership# (4) Isempalise the. eivillan populatioa of' aismanmps (e) 4emerealse Oessomqr?s ammod home*. 101, arrive at those objeetives, it will be nesessary sooner or it** itsoad OIMOIMMF rather them larter) le epee limes et seamemliation and Ulm lkillaws over midst ripe, intelligshee and thole materiel and tellimemilWm01116 Alm is hostAL44 proposes to do Mass Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 two Declassified and Approved For Release Lt. ratriek Bolan 2: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 -im OctObor 18. 1943 (1) M60. will work in oollaborationwitt +le BritishiaOA attommpt to prostrate Germany via underground moromonts in ?rano*. Belgium, iblionie mei tor stiUstac the labor draft which Gormamy has imposed oa those rantrios. At the argewt merest of Sae Smith, ars Load** roprosentative, MD is here empasilng im a rooruitiag prImmuz mistimed to supply the 11010PKB-BOB ossioinotith11011.1.1116priporly vea1iflo4 gusts to be introduced into OsemmapimalternA* beld territory for oporktioms before D Day? (t) 1604 Is goading a missies of S . 10 men to Stookholn. Tne dittos of kW* all-important missies. hay non for which hallo boon selected mai 'raised. will bo to establish oemmunleatioas with Oormamy, to devise means imOredmoing *veto and eupplies into Oormanyt and to set up black radio resilitiso either as Gomm, Germs* esoupied or neutral territory. ($) 1140? is 4000411(4 & mission of t mea to Lisbon. Portugal. This Maoism sill engage is rumor mongsring, will ostablish a mail drop for in. 'Mistime of potona pea lottorse forged deouments and other sUbversivo written mniovial isle Soymmegro and will attempt to roorwit submagents among Osman maliminle to Portossi. (4) lb* poosibiliti of mils; a similar mission to Spain is am Win owiploesd by 1.0. (1) La Is ter the prosemt *40. mmet rely on the cooporation o146104r5prosemiliativeo already as the memo, sines it is not possible kt ado time to *mad agmm's into Imitserlamd? Assistanse has boon promisock in thomatIor of istrodooths s?r,tre 'TIMM sottir into Gormasy from the Swiss hum? $410jsmt to the "stomas .0 military operations now undor way la' 1,4110 it siboaidi be paoalhio it * later time to us* Switzerland as it boss 00, lie tafiltrstims *faggots imto Scommmy. (00) no *Orr* holds squally tree in the ease of northers !Who IOWAN Amok* it fell to us wooldi be said as a bass for lafiltratiag spats Mid iseptlist iato isstiors 130sounigr (Airstria)g ea us* it ilak *sow is other thootoro fir oporatisio againat Cheraw propar is sloe tessiblisi ihto is ispoopially to.. of the WAWA but bias, whim. MAIM isolinet sob be solo. wife ifirtsrp with Gomm residing or travill ins in 10000.11, P410.141. NA, oporotiono is the Wel*kit sad sorth Afrioain Illimitioto see estStIi ewootioso to be isordisktel with itiriktions in London ets WeftIs possWislie 10aiumer with rums (by SUM Of agent contacts aid Wadi svolik0 a toboverveive priate4 asterial? :06ftketh.laaPt. ? ?FCRET "4 ?? Z? ? ,15"'"4. F?e?`" F ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP13X00001 P 1,4 ? . . ?AAA ?????? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 2e Detobur 1943 biliacinex Ma THE P.fro.SIDDrft Stockholm* SE The relieving comes from one of our men in el000krdirag to evidence *kith 18 consick.red r(1,0L.Q. *Aare is am in tio ?recess of beinti oreanized in rtockho14 a ham Cierses Committee which is patterned after the Committv, Wit was srpaLsed LI Lwow, (Please refer to the Lett 1.ToeIsom La. i422 Avast 20th of this jc.49. Comunieth, Somiski Deseeerate end the igiodiug Relure Trude wimains ftes Gamey Sew km* boldind conferences d ur ing tine ,,,:z1?1. 1404444,4* Aa IsvitAtilem see IA/adored to the tkmial rttmo- nets to join the Committee th* Conmunista in t;toc4nolm mI undrertakimg to orimmises but Ulla invitzttion dcciinisd 4 the rspreolentatives at the botiti Democrats* "nbe eeji3. asseerktic Represt-rittivv!A lave IeNamid 4y the CeammftiOto thlAt a Committhu suQ4 iAg5 the arno smotAiMmed above Lk bittig orgsaiteci, ant!, ttt rtipreLlen- tivlikom hao beam obtaloei fros refugee GermanJ at the Uni- ,00007art 41s. AcCereilng to roportel there Qillk hti.a .001isais with orispethiee mod the German refugees *I L4so !tt LitagliWa**1?intad by the Cemmunistr that Moe &rem MOM ill Stockholm ilas ,rovicied mmpreomota$4006 72mse iersolat et* uhderitiood to uave con- portgAlio Ulm*, sod home sot been politictaly 114 baisp 440.4.0pktod Ufa? 44,iptalt the riaktio by Iftkoccai esticisit to perforn Ok in the I I_ i c /vz. 1 " ? T2?:?C -.; ? L 3,... .. . ? :-.....A".i rraTkAA. /14 ?.. .1. ?,,? 1 ? -,:%,:li At. ' lit'., A ..'1.! ..., . . 141, . - i? it' ' . -- '',II', ..-. :.? ,:_.......?..: _. ,_ 1 , - ? :i--- . -1:----t ??. ,c....:-.:,...f., ? = I. r?ev , y ? ? , ? C3'44 - .0.11Nwriim ? - .00? 7 ...011111bm, ',MT! Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 41' arAligq..? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 espg_lik Jr Um active part it, tho orianiw*tion of tho Comeittee is betas taken by the by/is/dish Cos:mist party. The perm free whoa the INpAtion obt /nod Wit informL. Wok to sr the belief that the Commutate umant, the Liermun t*tIMI.a have been 14 cammnicAiot with the CosAittte Woos sad that tbe Commists were ths fledium threesa which seah camenioution sea itstablishcd. Tlitiat: to me oeserete evidence to *wort this, howevQr* vilbse a esetihig tee pluo thLe wftk, put010, VOW 41 the Vaeial DemocrAs will delsgstk vome pares* to attend it 141 the oft9seity of an observer* 'It is indicated La a report of the mvptIngs ditah tesk ?lase betoreen the ratipw boots' Noomits and tac Weise Germs Cemsaidte that ths followlag aroment is ICA4 seed for the sofleciatioft of the Masco* Comittec vith tmha Giermige *WOO; typreollotativ*** 'The op/oet Wm association is to tndsuvor to pemettele the 011411011 vamps of the Germans* That is to owl That the Cemedmiste expect to expedito the collapse et Sasi Gomm. 11, 01000,4 wells from territory which hoe hook glotorot boo assiow? _ ".?;? *. ' viiltioa J. Donovan Diroctor tr- 14:17. . r ... 1 ...r. .. .4' , . ,.. ..,, . r, 4 t .,..."4-.3 . 1.7,-it% .i 14?1 '.?i- 2.? ? '4, ... Z.A.foit, 11111.11111110""Ir ? { ?INI? . ,,??,01., neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 1.7W;,=.-? 4?-4. ??? -3.2:it ? LS'Z' 7, ?44667'77-,V; s j4 ? t 4 . ^ .....'.? . 1 "1,7 .? ? ,,,,H),Ii..... ,,, .....'.' t-' ''''.:4-".7:. (.5:- . l'-:4-' (7.--iit.' - , .. :1- = :.-34,..,,,,... ' 7-..**-,,,,,,_..6F4*-r*,,,,, :. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 NENOMANUN FOP LANGLP: SECRET 12 ( ( k 1 .; ( ( ( (.11 ? I ? I. . . . * ? 51, .., IV, Il f ..-fc,,,, ,-. W 1 , A October 13, 1943 Shepard Morgan asked se to press you for Ai assesr to tho tio questions: 1* Tkat is your best estimtto of tno Gems fi4ntar Ai lAno strength in the ETO ss Moismber 1. 1 a? no * fosattot for Mirch 1, 1944. Ho said also that *weds a definite clari- Motto from Comers.1 drinir of our function With poop,ot to Citit tnLossloct. Be is anxious to got Chis A people he has askod for over there as walk 1000/11446 Wall lie that he ta monition too sad iib1s more men alreedy in the 00 for a.rvi* a that Aries with A&A* V Jct. SECRET . ,he L4.....tit ? . ? , - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 "P'241 ?gl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 Atiicia01.4. CelsAltEw. 4)u:A JVi.g. -!?=rrt ir I spt (Ai ? A V _t* A vt,4,4,.., 4 k " r \ Mrs* pOints on whLe3 your Dtimulation uty 0, moot Ni;,.11.14u,. Up to the 1r4r3eut, 4.11?;* Etousm, ht15 bc:.11 h ohr- F14.Iiriar 4110a for volumlnoim materini proviitel by thie (,:!1.!ol but. tea astm h very poor oustomor. he aro noe. eu,do ht tiAt) twt'.! at attics? Lameiii att.ly zeprole.ntingliawComtu 1r?ioncirta, a 0o?o9orati1Vii, and4rIaking. At his request, .o hilvu pr.p/tc- , Coll to aoalst In t4s pruliminary ototw. 041.1t 40 CA3 in NVettOe TkOwolity aloal do the te-t fur th., place U & hotki Utta iito4tre rot' thh future,. r 4031*4 B14.1 L844,1,4Vp trip14 Idat Tuoc?luy artern00.4; lialand Mill 44 a 10441:10 40bowutorit.lm for widon Allov :Ivo in tlerroont tirt441111 i t.ked ror vtaelouoj ogovasir at) to 4 willow *medal, to be nvallabte to um In Lonflon on Or' Ofitoog Octet*: titt, t() that follow/he quoatioxls; a) whati tinato or thu 1.iertunn elrplano mtrongth in tho NTO on Novombor riOltor t, 1Q43T 1110 InC041mmtIon tor Maroh 1, L944. Mutes dat4m are specimen dates only, but tin ullAwvt. *oull ba eatresol/ intorsativa nowtheloas*. 1. ti4 404, *ay tim isT Vila-4pm opecielotaiy whett tuu Inform/ILI on tialt 41164a4 1144 640660 3 did not wAn% 1% put u the ouble. I aid bOW4441ite, adtk Mil to tot* Of word for it that, eiQQMptitoht nalmwor sg0404iLl to 04 041 Ostnbot 8110t, *0414 be tagarded in the hiplobt, 400404A Otort4104. wit aossistivo 'o1den*. or our vaiuo fit two 11**01410,4 Wog thg.t. 144 post faith tiAnt the job 001%16 Do dorio 141004:01 1.11Joritf, tOormaa intilibergere tW %ht mmotimol oar two members of tno eoup workiae vilta X,L4,6 *001010tiori 411 pertiniant information evailubtm to k A 11041 00. VP 40 telka prmAt 00304 oo Thuraday), / hnvo tind no 001101i 410 age Waco A14440114; whother or Acrt t.4,1 Job io dniusibin. 0* ors poma4ww441, sat is a prefLimianry way to d) im job in 40,!' vomotto of Atfairs of w'aion tact head 18 GoLbrat W64444411*** Aa you know, Holborn WI astdoilho4 a flint tit 000hilidAtint with Oioneral nilIartng and CAD, env) ttrAttif figt * As Iftothicgtant has arrivod in Lonauft ?Ind ** 6141 *tot otr, Tlia it or OAD m 1p4 OoLont,iiyji itaa wotwIlset te1m0 lima who 1* looking to uv to 00040404o c*oto Our positioa, rowtmer, reinntna uwilmrir! "JO 9040-ri4. iiiirtS.; Mb sot ye *naiad to Colonoi Wan 4 :11 ; - flV?." ? ? 6'.--.4("e"11***"1P41#1440$44410ftg'='" --4"4411"iiirftnAqirAw.?,2gc:".;;c..1,1 ;e7 ? t ,11011:417.41.t ;$7 'Yr ;-; a . .? .94 r'. e r - t 1; p4 %.7 , _ ?"1:1? .., 4-4? . ? !1- fogis,w Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100230004-5 r .- ? -2- he NW look la Ma fur beIp. General dilidrine gavc a letear of tstroductian to Coloncol Ryan which Arm.,trout- worivi4AggegmasiI Native the telegrum waAitH uk" j or it liktiligtt tkattre; I Hi littring to you, ea tabli *1144 lads work*, kikow* or ?ours*, that four or our me.1 iro gerklag with Plira: on tAir production or basic, hailit.00tr?, 3a c'tvil ottetrslend P. t*o-wity now of fifilh.71d cToluo. bet on Woohlzet":4 ta *0-Mitts pretty well, though wo got ocr plov, stortpiiM fliIkark is purtiy fecturds pri it t,Ael of Worm-at/on tor Mtn?* Civil Atfaira aonlini& r qt0rE 4 neVOrth:t A. e ti it tet rI*011$ tho toundetion for the OigLut.e w;tAcsh I 1 I is cAkattged with ounstruotiac* But 'the two thini?n fit ,A1-,J.w trio bowie handbook jot tapers on% I Should hopd t'; put thti moh the liwer storiels of the structure for wiitii nUi 1iIicrUatt, 1h r4sgarallble* WM we need is the definite ciariflootioa ty (ienerul t4t Mir ft41410.011 wiTh re*pect to it in Loiviucs - We We leateive4 word. from time GO ttlio from Vfathington thht, tts sixteen germs inoludint two or three oivilinrs, who ate Selosgalived ftis arrival her. between now eal tho end ot Decomt)or. Ilk?, *At 1114._ graraiitty UPottsitA a. a Liartlay tuking u1/41 van u-Act; *1-'04 Qum of tke tronsportutioa latki.jem, 1 otbled to inqulro v_hotr slat lisheiOisit for alletYal la SeptimOtir &nu Octobor kiro ready Iv Omit 1 WA we wore prepoxvil to bOX for firtt or sold tar vitrtaititil41* $11141 Erptie tad tia dot iikAth Thim ft it r. 'plc+, in Grit, r **,,ix#orottifigki wett nIked*4 In oonacItion %vita tnl expmrston of Vat Min SO*' '?ivil Affairs. end otheroiso, I woulI uppreolat(, t t174101 yo, SQ cot not niguvly tho *Wit, but the Li ix ti)en v er kgrit. *tit it utir ite Dessiblis4 In WI meantime, X atil re o ru iting IN* And tows *ors Melt elreetsr In this thee, rti for servio t Iv , ?,:%:7;,, ?"*. 7?,...46.-C4SVSikinte-ReeR,Of.We," .01; " Va ''.5t7kg ? A ? if'4C17 ; ilb4pa1-d Mornan. :402?441toe, -t6104.1tirch? Andycliv bronuht London4 - ? -f4?4)4WO,F.:.1.4t..1?0.46?0.,1,-.00,s,9?4?*-!..-:' - U,i, ..: ? . . . -f. ..; .,,,- ,.. .. , - , .,,,....2.444.... ,, -;,,e,,,..1,4 , :l: :F r.e.em ,r,T.,i? 1 ' .. .t*1, tt. ' ''. ? - --'' ,"1",..