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November 3, 2016
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October 18, 2013
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May 14, 1945
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De assified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100240005-3 - , W1(3-.4-4 Ty: ,Lat-fit*-761..41ft,-qt-f? nr,i../.144:40?A.f '11;93.N Zag,`j?P'"V's *".eagi.7 47N-N,AtI,,-.- 4, SWf.,?-??''V'*',.k ? i LI ??- ? - ' ? ? 4.k. ??? ? ?=. , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 , r V 11EISORANDIN FOR GENERAL DONOVAN Man Ri pl. ey s Memorandum "The Developmenii-:?1;:tkr.i.- of Leng.6Ran ......2.12..Ite4mriee in the 'iPitr Ue.t;f6:,;. rfol; 'Or- . wAsiiii4004 have read Mr. Ripley's memorandum with great iniie terest, I agree with a number of his observations ana with' some of his conolvslons I do ,not, however, agree with his major conclusion as to the types of inaiviauals who should, constitute the framework of our permanent representation in the Far East. ta4'. OSS as an intelligence agency should in its own!bew half, and for others, lay at rest the misconception regarding the "Old China (or Far Eastern) Hand." This term of obloquy came into being as a result of conditions peculiar in the Far East and is applicable to a particular group of Far Eastern residents. It is not applicable to the respectable group of officials, businessmen, bankers and philanthropic workers who are similar in mott respects to the same categories of people resident in great Britain, France, or Germany. Due to the ? larger financial stake in Europe it is probable that the businessmen and bankers in the Far Eatt are usually not from ?7. , 8ECRE Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Rimmimmout mum 14, the first string. 'Ogre are, how014 as outstanding re sentatives in these activities lUrefore, in the Fpir Eii in Europe there are numerous competent emAbrespectea represm tatives of American business, banking, and. officialbm,. They should be referred to as residents ana not as "Old Far Eastern Hands." In addition, there are in the Far East, however, numerous Europeansana Antricans of smaller competence and im- portance who support the above-mentioned, residents in lesser capacities. This group is necessary because the native peoples of the Far East, often primitive peoples, do not supply the employees to support foreign interests as is the case in Europe. This group of minor officials and employees with less fortunate background than their principals have a status often beyond that which they would enjoy at home. This group, with ideas inflated at times by its own importance, developed individuals with unbecoming characteristics and which often justified the uncomplimentary connotatione of the Old China Hand. With the above-mentioned exceptions, therefore, the fogn residents in the Far East--businessmen, bankers, and officials?are similar iu all respects to the foreign rosiaents in Luroce and nhould be so considered. If this be true, I see rc, listification for belaboring the point that foreign residents SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 in the Far East should be catalogued as peou4ar. a chobsin our principal representatives for secret intelligence wov4 see no reason for applying different methods in the Far East' from those employed in Europe. I do not agree with Mr. Ripley that occidental residents in the Far East are more narrow in their interests than, for example, foreign residents in Europe. It is true that they concentrate upon their own specialties whether it be business, banking, or philanthropic work, but many of them are in of broad vision and experience. If they do not travel widely throughout the interior, they are in intimate contact with those who do. They can be just as good "brain pickers" as the journeyman representatives and usually less superficial ones. These residents are certainly more knowledgeable of their particular areas than occasional and peripatetic visitors. It is the residents among whom our representatives should be chosen. They In turn should have contact with our represen- tatives enjoying official protection and communications facilities. It is true that many special jobs could be accom- piished by visiting experts of one kind and another. Such Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ? ;t Job 0 5)1001d h@ porfoymod howovop in tho framowork of tho ?owe. tiaming otit4b1iohmont butlt up among popmanut rogadonto. 'mm64046000 In agiTTailp, &s fl, DoputSr-. Dirootorp-085 Tntolltgonoo Borth() -1 1 zett. .0144% Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 , ? ? ,. 4.? '4-- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 I , ? I, ,;?;".. - ? . , ? ,-- ? : ?... . ?? ? -412 ? ? fp,"' i?741? Eit4 - vt. ?74-6,-cir-ta ? t -15r ,? , ? 8-900017Z00 0001 0000X8 8 1-/0 1-/C eseeiej -10d p3ncio_1ddv, 4.417_4-77-4L- 2 d y 04%4 tol'g ill, :,a1110011111133 it*X '4JJ W.11:4 POPO 1O1 *Ian z4170.1 qrAtti, - 4111 Ift? IN! 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UNITED STATES GOVERNME 111 ,DivectOri 041 PR" ID1,110n Alpley "Oa' Postwar tolligenco a OA"; 1$ APril, 1048 COPY NUMNIR mhym or 4. Suppletenting my memorandum of 2 March on the develops,* of long-rang, intelligenoe in the Mar Nast, I should like to elaborate on certain aspect' of the situation. The priorities for longmrangs kfttolligence collecting in Ilhe Far Zest are oonsidered to be as follows in the order of their loportanoet A. Politioalt the itevelopment rnd interplay of political faotions in the Far Eastern oountriosi their relation and sentiments in regard to the United St!qes. B. Woonomio1 the development of economic trendm and possibilities in the FAr Caste 0. Militarrt military ievelopments or potentialities in any of the counteles of the Par toot which may effect the United Btates; technioal developmsnils in regard to 'weapons, installations or methods of operation. The oonstant analysis of these faotors by intellAgenoe agents should be undertaken In order to observe well in ad/anoe the development of all trends and faotore either favorable or Lnimioal to the interests of the government. believe that the people ohossn for this work Mould be !trained observers first, and old Far &intern hands mond. The .emphasis in reoruiting personnel should be on finding people with suitable mentality and powers of objeotive observation and analysis rather them specific area knowledge. Ap I pointed out in my previous momorandumt the vast majority of Amerioan Fkr Eastern 'residents art not Qualified by aptitude or inclination for this work. rurthernorsa their normal business or profeseional pursuits usually reetriot their oontaots to a narrow oirole of othtr Auriga oanst European business oontaotsi or extremely boa] missionary groups. The very feat that this Is the normal behavior o1! these Amerioane makes any departure from their usual habit liabLe to blow their ()over. What I Should like to emphasise is that the ?Wm to be s'RE comIttol. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010024nnn 1111111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 assumed by anyope ti4m in. this wOrk i)IOI bi titteta his own personality and rirsuite* ThUIC thir Outgo :IWO* , the Tar SAO 0411 not (a 'be reoruitablcOliterial dui' to-htir mental baoleoundi, or (b be able to )teepliiiefooter via 0 he be imitable material* flower, there Will undoubtedlIA many people who will bq oxoeptiOas to this:rule,' There rik a few, a very few, indivhduals with suitable cover for reetWee in the 7ar Sot* And this points up the tact that the aetlitl, number of people suitable for this work in any case will 'WWI. few* The whole propoot of ppstwar intelligence work in tb?tr- gait, Aould not be undertaken with any hope of recruiting a large'stoff? of operatives* To moors twentymfive good men who would be willing , and able to devote thomaelve* to a life Wier in this wOliCwoUld probably be the optimum number* Whit we know of the experience of $IS in peacetime would indieate that they have nevelt been able to seoure even this small number of trained observers for this area* In general conversation with a few members of 041, and one or two members each of ON: and the State Dopartment, it Ilse been the oonsensue of opinion that the real. job of lonrrange ' intelliseno* in the Tar Toot ean be done by a few,abservapt well 1! gi:InlireaP"ClioerirelniZteinegoulartiottrexelheetaltilprog huolptimit? of 'brains* The real peacetime 3ob will ?array 0ot2stein 00114314V what psople *re thiaingo Whioh in turn will be influenetnc their planningo It is an obvious but often unstressed f4e1 that one ean find out the intentions of a 041 by rifling his %mains quite as well as by rifling his desk or safe* Muth of the source material for seoret iniaaligenoe can be derived from sudn oompe6 paratively open eouros4 as newspaper account', government bulletinst bank and business reports* These, plus reported oonversationst oan often be tied together by trairld Woservers into report* of a highly claosified nature* 114-11AWAHILAL2MAZIWAR44 1* It is oonsidered highly desirable to begin a survey of those univereities whose graduate departments afford inotrucm tion in Oriental studies, Far igattern linguistioe and social soignee and the natural sciences, Soveral universities, notably Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania, Chicago and Indiana are undertaking woe*. in this direction* Some ?hook should be made of the graduate students coming through these departments in order to observe and gradually roorutt any outstantling material. Saoh students would have exoellei clover for applying for postgraduate fellowships for travel and study in the rar 'Wits They could be indoctrinated and trained after initial screening and dispatchea under good security condi tions* Close contact should be maintacl.ned with men in poostior Sc El COMM ?iiirlifiliiiiiii01011111111111.1111111.11M Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 1111111111111 Olt ? - 4* I II it Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 t,f ...:,/ - 1 ? ^. '4.; F- . le ?boom 44 Ws be pxjsss of iNdUi4c-OtAf0Mist-101 it -411s11otaent1, *tot tinin'i'str 'Stow, *okra% ifimaxit`-ifilaar Lewis at Yale astd, Motto)* *0 Atli, mlinTians tic a-bir,_ pot lasetul tor this woritit IO 4100 PtlItianc44-ditt 0411' 1' tmi possible for theiiAtellitenW0genigation toiMOwri: ationysoutly part Of the stu4entoole4owshipneiwili4 26 WA prineipei:busine00 fires i h -of personnel are as follow*: laploifingri Rational City Bank: Indiap-Burma, Malaya, StandardVil Company: 'India, 'Noma, East Indies, Oh Bpsot3 priming and bank note-firmet Thailand Chia- Philippinete Rug firms: Afghanistan* Turkestan, Indias Furs: Manohuria, eastern Siberia. Insurance: all countries* Newel:40re or newspaper alliances: all ountries. In general / woad advocate a technique of unconsiicus: informants with men in them? firms. The firms themselves woald*" tend to be chary of eonsolously employing government agents, , partieularly in a British 'whore of 1i:triune*. However, A sartey of possible personnel should be made to determine whether reoruLts could be sent out under over from their OWD firm. Some OU personnel already exist who might be used in this category. In addition, China and India are both fields for such independeAt businessmen as art collectors and dealers. At pre cent only a very rough and preliminary surrey has been made of the field. The writer hopes to undertake a mono detailed survey in the Tar Last shortly. At this time more open* ingo both for recruiting ad placing of personnel under oOVII:P say be revealed. However, the above and the preceding memorandun relvesen-6 the consensus of opinion of the writer, supplemented by Messrs. Brown, Penrose, Hioholad, Colonel Hutoheson and Colonel McHugh with whom various points have been discussed. SE 1,111. on p ? (I\ RLiT CONTROU neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13 X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" , 5 ; 4 / .14 t ?r4 a ? tb? ? - : ? ; 4 -',??;3 t?;- , 7::41'itct? P4e. a1M5.114,1tg,* itn,-r-'4Ar/trutrft _ kil*A no? e t ? 4 tc.,011 - ? -4C,IVII7,t3AeiatiRiVAI;44-V.044144144thitAirril "1.1?7`.. 17, ? 5 r tit.*7-it . ? t ,I t 4"144- , :No .y-rar,.4.440t1W przwiplr,..?17341.**-?4IZr.tjfifire**11=114/$11:411/0M111140 4 ^ 4 ? ? .1..74. , .? 1 .4 .44..441.4.414.11101..r4 ? t ri ,.; tt 11, 44 I ,Ircact?Kr.,-,??=stiterrAbfkrzo?P ' r, .4 . ..-44437..,2":14tst-trzvls.c. 4 44,44 .11414A1,44.114_,,1 s lit4titZ I. ?.'? ! th ?.".1'1',?,.. A, Ir..; ? ' . li!:,,, :... / ,,,-.?;;:i? itc, '' Al?cF.L.-''''';11. 1;1. - x - ,. :.?., ,.? .tratirr ; ,LozerAc==trctlint14110=w.r?-"7 ="4,1c,1,e4 -,5-t3/t =4lre.***Iemelm*vrerl5-a 1444, 44 ? .721,` 1 4J., ?? - *v.*: a*, ? I 4,46,6 ; t 4' rh r r ,r; fIet I ritzfel K"',444(04403;Mil 14: fati ''''';?)1?Rtr 9 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 S.1,4 *(14.2z0.--.*ftre? 444,,r1:144144110$441=211 IsMda l i1517 -'tr.,=1,11113bile.vt:ISP3IPM41/1 -v., CUM' au.lzaalmigra.logrftleivitil,V (,(0, altrivtgi164:14teC4va 4 1. 7 asimic.earnowancanit 1,11--,...-astimprne yeas, git. 4 .r4 5- 44-.4,- ? 5- [3- 4 ,.k,Y ? ,;41-, e ? c.11.44 Arvrc.Anx ? TM /coo -4-.4.4101&rtia.1.1LIA,IrriyuirtilLIfittIVAVKAII lkilillIMF1711.111%=.101' Efted:Wit1611CM/1401,0;;Mtla ?' I h jt4 ti2 00,1101ibgirad ctp,uit4tnimt,iii Vo , d ewe a r,ti- iikcs L 41 ; - ;4 t41.4121 Voi VA ell 411 ro 00444131h ??;Rtd NO41,1014 kc rkt-gurf,'Aultin4, bit foily tue '141-4.n7 um, ei?it ion to..kcm, 1;443944 to Atittiow1i0 tri Commet hti 0.444,11Aft 4 ' - s: _ C . *, '? rir.1 V P.1101 Zi; $ * ,tito I w aly s 141 kttgf,1$04:t4; fav 44?1.4 406 stputote 01-Witir ?t? d , ? r ; I:?.- "r A . 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ;?1 .73 37. y1 , a , '4 0 Tel Victor, 06$ Front !Cam ROW Subjoots The development of longmrange itisnigenue :in the Yar 4,711 f7' :3 tir " , ,&TJ '474 4;1' ? _ The war in the S'er Nast seem to have remohtiti'the stage at meant where some analysis toy bo made at the present ..'and of the peopIteinvolvedi The balance wheel is AO" i5t1 clearly tur*if in tha direction of the Allies after many static vonthi that :pro - or passive elemonts everynners are oonfirmed in their belief 1111041 and even the Japaneve and their puppets now krour that it military deal:Sion in Uhdr favor is no longer possible, llowevor, there is every poos4.Siiitt , that in some parte of the Far Hunt there is a hard core of pro4sparess pan?Azia feeling which will go undorground. Thiw is one of the elsoOnts' in the future of the ?at East, knowledge of whioh will bo of the utiaost importance to the United Statoe, Along with this thero IWO 0110h as to industrial ono commeroial reoonstruotion of tho Far Bast, tho political eolutione etill to bri worked out in many of tholes oountries, the future or the Colonial Powers, and the premiss relationships tho crest Pooerep RU00/4 and Uritain, to tho atIone at largo's The devoLopment or all these (pimento will azoreasingly sway the couree of Amorioals histor in the next twenty to thirty yam. A ahort antilyste of the probable eitnation in some of the rar East areas tyros Swam III of this neromndum* ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001 0074.nnnc_q SECREti CONTROL 4 roved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-R &WM ' r In rdor 0 orgaffito4 sytatelik or longwrangO'iSolAtino tho Fur Bast, oortlAin bdOikfaotpra in rogard Opor00Anoiivatir, aonoidorody Por Amorioano to oporato su000nafully in thegYar Vitt) oovor iv of primary Wartime, Cover, howovor, iv ono of tho ;fundamental diffioultioo tn. , thi nroa) thoro aro rimy normal oommations whioh offined Amorio* freedom of movonont, It is oonoidorod to bo implioi$ by tho stritf'ir that movomont in or tho worm in any intolligoni)o ayotom in tho Far Rut, No Amorioan buoinosoman or minaionary otationod for long poriodo or tine in ono pLoo oan oontlnuo to Pummon am An isstolageros ogont /or anr poriod of tiM04 Thu' vmeono ror Arfl Oviouok 'ivory Amhrionn, ivory ZlIrnpoan tor tfigt mntiori a markod mani hiL oontaoto nnd aupooigten bonomo Lnovitftbly known V0,10). bud nativoo &Mos Aoy notloolotiOnt3 or oontooto boyond vitft unua narrow iiiii!kta aro mattnra or not4 4hA orlon to nuopioion, Viothoriwrop ouch mon in otatio itnito ordinarily hnvo no valid @Mao ror oxpopt for anraml 16A1fo4 VoVing thlo typo of porg0n341, it Immo obvlou4 that ttlti t11tCOnnmitlpratlono Ovorn ohnino of iutoMigonoo Nontot `4troorlim InOVOMMit. 2) Short tom ormrntionn )) Ability to mix in nny iphoro or 1U084, Ihrl uf mn)notion whLoh ombriwn thaan odtAlgoriwo aro AO rollfmoi Paw, o otudoNtoo hoiden* or fOlowohipn Ana COMIC Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA111111.111111111-RDP1:1xn-n. _ ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/16/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 - ? ?. ? ^ IT hi' Research workers, Scientists 0# Professional travelers Oil geologists, survey engineers t* Distributors and salesmen in certain indvStries, 1.0e0 heavy machinery* Zs Aircraft or other specialist industrial ttichnioiane* There may be other categories of porsonnel suitable ror such IRITIrks but such categories must be primarily dependent upon, the personalities Involved* Thus, for example, a YMOA official oould be an exoellt;at intelligence agent with all the qualifications of cover neoessaryg. but obviouely YNCA officialo with the emotional and intelIeetual qualifications for such work are nnd far between'. The IMMO is true for missioneries ana rIligious orgmAitation workers in goneraL* The normal aategorios in blInineso are unsuitable for this work not only due to tho restricttone of movement, (Ito involved but also for personality racoons* Th n average Ameri)an business man in the East is restricted in his contacts both by incItnation and rrecedent* UA goes to the American Club, he travel, only botwoon big cition, mid he has a limited circle or oontalta, primarily other iguropeane assoolated his buainoss# Untsuul iltereat in politico' or oconomio affairs aside from ht'lormal oWlrel would tend to hluw such a man's cover immediately* 14rtharmore, theJ avorsso buoinesomun hau nn primnry interest in tho flatiron of Vic, country in arhion he ie operating, und intrirnut on his part along thes* man GO thq trInt of learnim the language, would ue unusual, not illo? and tend to loot) or covert SECRET CONTROL cr,r 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 RAlease Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Only the protcget4 ) to COVilf. A Ad* circle of Aoquitinitriateb thei2e.piotellionia, ? , . ? categories, by far the most adaptable Are the iilloNship studonate' And the soientista, lioted AR 4. and bo shoves. 'Of the two, the scientific worker, gtven'a suitaUe personality, con mdx in any (sphere of society frou the highest official, pofessional and Ituksihtfill clew, to thn moot primitive groups of hill tribm Unwind or outm of-themway ihterests ia politios and phasev of the economio life of tho Ar44 ore finally explained away se pot of a general interest in 000tomporory dooh0My OP sociology? principal objection to tho oebnuory al (exohAnge etudents and followehip holder) might. bti thief of ywith and inoxporlonct. The troining involved In prop4ring ouch mon to do A nupplemontftry ligonne job woad doom to tne writer to be wnotod in largo pt if too mon are not to continuo to perform Intelligent,. work? On the ?them Imo, unti of ouch mon on a trial boodle would than dptoroine whothfiv or hat thoy dhonid efWituntl into tho category of offisial lotoIllgenoo workers for the Oovoromont. A poeniblo maohaniom for holding ond pr000ncing ouoh intelm ligence workere will be atomised in Election 71 below. All in al, Oft, categm of rosoorch workers and mentisto /Attached to some official or nemi-offici0 UovArnment agenoy is thq etftt, oht oh woad fit in best, Crom the prootiool point of view, with intelligence worPA in the VdT Usti' The Drnfeasional travelor class in n poonibility which ohould not h 1okE1 fl tao oatogory could bo inoludod the *0010' 0 :00,prti- OW Vali salizxr CONTROL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13Xonnn1 Pnnni my-) A (-It-Inc n Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 1111V4.1111iVi -444e )p11111111.).1311,10 4.-'111111V"LillF(1;111111? 9. I, ' '4."`??? write= and vivottitiraphorii ftir,tikok 0.1i:41a .00_ 4\ ? poographic and the ittersrilian Cieocaphic,*0$4100a 000aaiOn4le , there are individuals who do ;Iettre,iiirieiit'Oth a professions). 1144 must travel tO AISORtitall fligteria? There MP OM amateurs in this work who do not depond for their primary imago on leoture or book fees. Frm time to time, men of 14hi; category could'be re- , oruited who might be eatables but the general standard ofsemotOnal stability, objectivity in reporting, and spp2,ication to the job'ea'n not be antioipated to be or high. Intelligence work mode a trained mind and an intvittvs same) wai0h ars more often found in rosearsh workers than in any other category. Oil geologinte and survey engineers would be partioularqy' nsofUl for intelligence work in certain max where the oovor in eppropritte. These areas would include parts of the Middle East '40 ? bordering on tho Par Hatt regionso Duda me In and certain rel1t1ieted4' parte of the Par East; ouch 4N Burma, Uorneos New Guinea and oomo parts of China* Ocntaots on the part of this oategory tend to Imi' llAitod, but combine in an unusual way oommeroial firin on the one' hand WO rtmoto And OWL:ASV territories en the other. In category ta. eertain industrieu AV4 cpeeifisd in oonnilotion nith salesmen Or distributors? Th* ream for the is that the normal salesman o: radio parts, catomobilees or other standard AmArioan- finished proamets has no over roams for conducting a penetrating analysis of the soonorio strulture of the eountries of the riir Loot. unwnver, a man concerhed with industrial development, emoh Rer CONTROL. EM Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Asemi.* I .; ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ? as a member of a firm snood in hem itdUati4 wotkld:'..t.tav 'every reason to submit the soonont of Chino, Jo,pan, and'Indicto searching scrutinya 1i:readopt of Ointment in this come,- 1710Welter ? limited to the industrial population centere. Equally limited in this sense are the specialist induotrial technicians mentioned in ontegory f" They must bo primarily con Lined in their movemente to the oenters of operation of their crafts' An aircraft technician in India, for example, would hove to confine himself primarily to Jangaloreo Wm, Calcutta and **lbw. Only leave or occasional ?Woe survey work of outlying airports would explain hie presenoe in any other part of India" War, It is eonsidered by the writer bhat the employment of native personnel is virtually impeeeible for long-range intelligenoe won):. In only a very few instances has experience so far indicated that native personnel would remain fully loya2 for any length of time as an employe? of ouch an organization. La the Var Last, loyalties aro built up around the individual rather than the Organization or nation. Unleac A particular individual contRot could be main- taiad between an Amorilan agent and lative sub-agents, it is Ma. Aidered that tho majority of natiYe nub-Ai:onto would eventually iblewis any intelligenoe natwork. Furthermero, ciover for a native agont in extremely difficult' A native is me well-known to his community thtt he has very little froldom of mamtent And no porsibilitty of lonoealing his finano:Lal et.%tun. Over an,y neTiod of time changes in his utatusj, partiouLarly 1111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13Xonnn1 Pnnni nr,-) A tv-Inc n SECRET COriTROL ? ??,? ? . ?;; r ? ? :1 :..?,s.'';'''';,:..: ,.41 - ?"! ;4; ?.; 1- ',,, ,.. . '? ' fincoloia ehante0-# . boom tt ._?. .. -;-, fami1y4 andassociates* . ersiorepAt'itralirt find a. local inhabitant of 'brie Fat_.100,V101' ill IvAlwriltit* ? ,..6,,, *,, -'.4!,*- 1-onceions IA the American sense* There is almays:theirresittipWSW, temptation to toast abrAt one's act.Lvities or deSonstrate ituatiiiir.. 4 e, la i way the sense of superiority to ones* friends and surroundings's:" - To sum up; it is the Gpir.ion of Is writer that tki shaiaCbe ?-._;. a normal rule ix the organisation of tel work in this -area that no native personnel should be defiritely employod? The best technique for taiping iontelligenoe from native sources io by a system of informantis? Snob informants' should preferkbly be l'unoonsoious", i.s. unpaid and iimorant of the real purpose of the interrogator? Tha writer believes that suoh il, system would wort by developing the porchonal loyalties of the nativis involved? fnr examples OS3 at the present tire has a email maw of intollieent, viell-oduciated Burnam 1Norking Da interpreters. oondunting Ifficeras or assistant instruetora at Detaormanti 103. and 404? At tho clone of hontilitiest thews men will nrobably resume thoir previous activities. goon of these mon iNers in Civil Servio. or tho ernsiletry Dopartmento all of Om having a highly-dolelopad comae of loyalty towar0 oarLain indivt.dualn tn OBS and a general sena? of cratituds toward Americana aa a Wholo? lihere shculd be no difficulty in uning any one a theno man AO an unconsoioun informan at 6 later stns.& Through some of them un endless number of contaeto with other Humans could be established, aryl a moneral Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ? 4". ""?;?,"?,.: , en, .,?? ? ,re SECRET CONTROL orillillISIMMIMIS11110111111111P111111 Declassified and Approved For Release OI 18: JA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? tt, ?.1 ? s ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 /monument or ()canonic and poltical conditions on the lower lovilV could roadily be rAde. Only in tho varest oases should nttUtves be givon any direct renunerAtion. An examlo of this would be to hire cuoh men tomporarily for purposes oe a geographionl survey) u holentifio expoditions or as paid workeru in A me/Irak investigation in hagiology or anthro- pology undertAkon by u tollnaship vtudent. To he npoolfio Again, thowo rn eaveral Burman? ourrontly omployed by 101 and 404 who have volunteered to Join American metliberh or 033 in pt-mar expoditionn or tripg through thn interior of Durmu. In thn cane of nativen not under Colonial or Empire dOntlinitm ag in (Minn or Thailand, the problem or loyaltieh in a parldou- lnrly e'omnliented ono. In Thailand it would eeem likely thnt 0011A dovroo of direct lon with Tnai intelligence nidorground workors ootal bo maintainoci. Howovnr, a eynt6m ot unoonsoloun informAnto la arain on:Isidore(' proferable hnrn. Jo mAny or thn mnmbord or the 1.ron Thal Hovnmont ;Aro now so well-known to Amorionu inteiligenen workorn thit P coutiou91.5on flf nontacto on A pornonal Wein could prohatily to mantainotio lo j'ar no work In ehinA in nononrnmd, t,ho writer moin.m. tair,o ft.at nn dOln of Chlngnn no nonocioun Avonts obouLl bo mAdo? 0?; ; I oxporinnen ?!urin- wartimo wnulei onom 1.0 confirm tho uirr4ou1ty of mmintalninr :Any '10vrnn or aoourlf:,t& mord to tho dovolopmont of ir?olli,:nnoo China. Thn avorarn Ohinnln aultablo for intliii- ;own wurk la 24r too nunenptilln to control by Anternnl Chinneo 1111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 111111111.1111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 111111111.111.1110..... I 9 is) a IV' Not Of /1 REt ONTR talli0000@ 44@noions Howovor, A ohortwtorm oingoymont'Of Ohlnomo Agontin on 4 ramorstivo bold@ is A Nagbility. Within Unita of covor it shotad b) possiblo to omploy OhAnoso fOr an lidiflouAl job tnvolving tho nornol loosl toohniquos of briboryi thort or politionl von. 1wthootivity &thtuti bo on A 10w lova not involving th4nk.folit WI Anything but A physiool tool. Tn mtmmdrizo) tho writor oan only qonfirm hi@ oonviotion th5t ham ot notAvo phrounilol in toLollipmhom work in Um ror Sot anonlo bt, An mail A4 9otio!b4y by A Aystom of lummoolom informnto. :Vai.a.-ftC1.":nZati2L41-91714PALM A ?ow nuoxootiono on orE4hting 3nng-torm intglijonom ih tho Far MA,V bo /Irdor horo. Tho wr1tor 0000pto tho ppoolmo thot 4 Vi1igsq-Ari10 itotlitiu04 orktuit4.41.10n bo unntrnligod in wnohlugbon 111 rOVW ur omAlllhttdoovor optIolmotion ofriolnlly or oomi-offtoinlly n 19r4noh or Om tovornmoni. los o0nOit.iong th tho Egt4t, OUtl4n00 AhaVd, ft410 MOdM t" 1110t04140 WIPt 1141-4LIWI1y fOW 4v.otit4 of ouoh 4I !WOW- ItAtion uou,lo oporgto by i,r311,. oontinuounly ln tho prtv KAPt. Tho 4.1441 ,i0141" 1,4 rov InL4Illeonoo Apontto to 0 out. t4 t4 Fr %Ant NV Loneor lhortdr rtirtipo igf Woo in oonnoutto4 with tholv novor works An rAttappill eiulalv:Ition 4641A hd ,r 4 molottLirio olpodiLlon by tbo? $. NAtiotiAl 1,7h1ciiim or Lilo OtruolAo lop Auologi041 old lh !fiAlnyA And ThAilond, (11t An tiAp4IltiOn would 1-res000d LE. -AletipOrn atlawmblq noonanAry filotpmAnt And rattivel prwow:val, firtew t,i1 vftriorl or privap4Lion (WO "kieleVaLion) in :iinuoporo t tics rtg tp@ti%titort tvoli I Movti nor th Utfin l'An 1 non la ? 11`no quAti tit o QOIIHini SECRET CONTUuL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 vil-7434 '17-4;71 r `91:!11.111, natione with, iftallingfontt _Oi414 bo *Clved tihWr bleitaAhg the -di - - pouch of the' Oonnulate:teneral in Singapore, failing this 4 rebooting b# the dispatching of one member of he ekpedition, homers ' . a* 4 courier, vlth aspeoiany important scientifit speoimensi moping) geographic, and other survey work could be undertaken at pointa tik-be aeatonted (acne the Vonineulag and from !there the expedition could_prOito in 4 leisurely manner to pangkok, ntoppinm to mtUdy And photograph along thc 04y, At ruinekok a second atop uvula be mach, where the Malay personnel are paid off, That personnel hired for the romander of the trip) mil cenw teats obtfibliohod with Thai scientifio Asocciates, and other Thai Ciiends in the aovernmont. A repetition of the courier pr000dure could be arranged hnrn Gr the diplomatic pooh could be used. On the other hand, a third system of aommunication could be established by means of an indiviflual lottorbox? who might be a travelin# businessman or industrial tochrioteiti Cr un objectives of strategic importanc'e in 4 military, political nr nooncmit Finnan could then be studied by the foredition an part of its selentitic work. In thie connection, it is worthwhile noting that mach ammo no ThailanJ ri'nvid0 almost inexhamitible it di fur soiontifio work in all parts of tho country, thus rivinp tho ressarch worker completely unrestricted frennom of movement. Thin d only on example or the type of operations whioh eou3d be dopilnated Anywhoro in the Fat East. However, it is tho conviction of the wr tnr thnt intelligence opnrutiona of thin sorb must be desired nroUnd the perawillisileo of the eporatere. No hard and fast rulem shou1d ba at up CONTROL nne-Imccifipri and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 T-441 seam CONTROL - ? ? i mr-vi Annrnved For Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Lr,. `,1:-,,,, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 L. -_. ,.. .. .1 1" -;?1 4 ? Wtt41/11#hing a07 e*1-14- io t,? ,,? oiontAtia orpoditiow vfinid g400mp14gh til)g AM. 4 on* 4430A viitit oy {A pn 'mite ocettemist *Light aiesiure-,thE immodi6ti- ifttallonog 4fid in' Another* -i'or Orrogig ano odtiogt1141 youNfor Rid in into t? work it might_bo gdils414 to it up 4 amoy ralcilvahip Amid in nonnglotion with tgovgrnrent ftkikno;y 11140 tho OmAthaolimn knotitution. Jumso Wg0iBmith Mfpori41 bo4r4 *f SooioXoguall 0'40160 could oxigt go geubdiamksion at tho anitnoonlAn, for oxgmplob and have no Ito prinoipal funo4ion Taw grAtItttig pf Valownhipo to qudlifiod @tudontoi OV *minion ono (If tho pr1Intip41 quAlitiodtiono would ho proving roonitmt AN1 trg1111414 by lov-rAnitei Intoiligunoo oporativese An'sltorn4t. 4@t4od wataii 190 to hAVA A Arm or oompAny mgt up m oyotdm of trovg1 !olloton o tor promiplog otu1olt4 or tho tondo field who wishod to otudy prootatlon mothodR or oporAti4107 pruomlurea abrogide in pootottimi it ie pr000md that tho priority on time tRo 0440 or otoh intoilaiganoo oporation im groatly roduood. It 10 AMMO -LW moist 04ffatIWAnht4440 Will hot by writton 'import oe fioed or moilth, tow mould bo dodlt with by monno of oouriorm or 1.ttwibwilo Thi ritquoti on at omphaftio on timo AA An @lament in int4.4 ligonoo roporting, ond tho importanoo or pordrol roporting from mowirol indivith4A1 gourosti in ?rum, to 14ui1,d upobviont, and umprowigivo plotoro? or ft* 1 tOr4 tivtalt0 Mad AAAM to fOmphAilimm to ofrioionoy or thio oyount4 A nonmtont flow or indivIdualo ow5tilw from tPlo tinitoa ittatoo AO A h4odqudrtor## dnd trdvOing J. _ . 44:- ? Teo - 10, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ? , 4 throughout tho gotta at4 geogrophio,stMata of the:$*141* could probably dovelop offic;iont ovvall intelUgence c'e4igage _ for this part of thio world. 1 1' In. EMAIL 4 a WIZ -4$ A brief summary of probable sentiment OWK1 feelina in the isiiedis e post t&7 itusticm may be of value here. itatunsatyksi Although not within the present sphere of 083 operations by JO dlreotive4 India partioularky will be of paramount importance in the post-war Far Lnnt. Ad a result of the war these coAniries have fnllen hair to Inflations shortageo of goods and food with aonattquont large-soala black markot operations, ?rent balances in Nopland, 4nd uonelidombla politionl diolocation. There are potentialitieo for great soonomio wpanoion after the wars Ibis expnnaion, howovars will be oarofully canalised by the Britich Government duo to dangero inhoront in dieruption of an overall crodit v0014011 wid lack of Witinh-produond heavy induotry naohlnoryp utool And mimIlmr Indian daal,dorata, If is balance oan be struck hotwoon domand and ampply, howetvorp tho expanoion of Indian Anduotry nri,vr the) war ahould be one of tha prinoipal at/blitzing factors LA tho intArnal politioal mituation. Othorwlao, nho unranolved pollLioal oonfliota Hill ome atranely into the ?Non* Present indications are that tho British official pooition is u oonbinuod firm hold on India with is gradual and etill undated program of politleal froedoms probably to bto planno4 awl Adv4hintore4b, Noma eort or Domtnion Council. 16 is doubtrui tr t will make too many oonomions SECRET CONTROL ...10 ? s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 14- , to:Indian:pride' thw, r t b1io British *o? - , of continued control* There are good possibilities of the cievilopment2b between the 4p?sponsored Indian National Army and some of t1e'- '1 extremist congress elements for undercover and terrorist a0t&Ii4tiesoi', Primarily a concern or the local CID :41 Ihdias it is neverthel4is the concern of American intelligmnce to follow these things clqsely as part of any overall Japanese program. This brief resuaindicates some of the tensions inherem in the situation in India* Much the same situation exists in'3eylon on a smaller *cals. Inflations high cost of living, food shortages, popdlation pressures; all exist there in a sort of microcosm* The Colonial Office has recently reaffirmed its intention to keep Orylon under control by sending out a Commiesion of Inquiry (which in currently sitting in Colombo) under Lord Soulbury, a minor Parlimentariaft. Sc far, the Committee has manifestly supported the tea and rubber interests and the pro?British power politicians of the AB embl,y ? Dam aa many authorities believe, a considerable seglent of the Isurman townspeople is assumed to be satisfied by the qrspanese administrations this country may become one of the principal foci for undorcovor Japanese activities after Burma is reoccupied., There are strong elements among the educated Burmans as well as smang the extremists in the Thakin party who may remain sympathetic to Japanese propaganda* Certain areas of the country, particularly SECRET CONTROL 111111111111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001 Room nn9annnc_-: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010024uutip-0 the ocuthero cities, may require military occupation Lor a con factorable period of an** In regard. to PritJah intentiona in the country, A Dominion etatu# announcement would netnn to be pending. However. certain =wad made by different organizatione in reoccupied Iturma touch Oa the lAlrinan Oover 'went o iv i a f fain), Poyoholopioal Warfare and S:411; indicate that, the central government. in London ill rollowine uh000rdinated policy which may 141101 vlowdown ott Remit/ groundis of an aotual date for Lit& aneumntiou or Dominion atatua. Uumt4 thitti balm minty internal eeourity and political problema whiett Ii I hi u r vital Litora5t to Amorionn interligencao !imInetiti wortotain autt outtuntirolal problem wi 11 not have a comparable intareat to thode craqtad tly 01211041 uhroot ahd posaib3e 00- veratve 4o1ivitlea? Thin, thol only Autonumotiv oountry in !louthtmet, Aain, or Ht?s r lonr-rango Oratorio tutoroat to the United Stat4a. etIV UttiI it WO 41,111e r! 011 t underground legidore arm ,Airtsady viurking ii I ii Amerioano, Morel le every inoicatien that Amirim4.01 tone-rangv 14uAlicenoo wtoo?i be Rile to work in Thailand with 0 ?;onriLlotatot, allgroo troodom One Lo the f4vort1le posiltlon curt) 1.4, 1)0 onloyod hy Mita Ameriannb in that oountry, It my ho p(tIliblci to wAlitoin ,,Lond 000taot with promont Thai underoonnd Inailecn 1),o tholirtUt II I. ti ilotworit.4 in t;itin.t, Japan and 1:10o- ,Itin flay contilzuo to ).0 ilovolopod urtOr L8tei Olotie or hootilitio041 la,A1 tittitntieds howovor, msky ho contioont on tho dOgroo or politiOal 3ECREI CONTROL r",,, RotAnSe 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 pDeclassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 nupport reoeivoi tram the American Gevernment?,-,?.?e. Monoatiaally Thailand is tied to *sat 13ritaiN 1144.4 z and Ghines There in small chewa or devel,opment ofMerican interents except in *ports of finished goo0s, in the eXpanaion- And development of minin and perhaps in the furnishing of captt4 for in stria) onterprioeat From a politica point of vim, Thailand is or vital importanoe to tha United dtates. As an undeveloped under-populated oountry)% it is ono of the spots i. the Orient meat favorable to the development of a ncapitalist- dsmoorace, Ad opposed 04o possible oommunist sentiments in worm. populated sectione. Politically, Thailand looks to the United atect for suppert? Continuation of an Autonomous Thailand in lorgm measure depends vpon the degree of political support re- ceived from Amorina, nnd in order that that support may be furaAhed It is necetionry for America to (evelnp All possible souroon of lonp-range political intellipenoo in the area. Nadxfi VAaya, like Durma, in a Oritish Oolonial problem. However, econemic413y And politically America in vitAny intermatnd thn MAlay Penlnotan and nhould in consequence develop long? rnvo into1)1:nnom thcvms Itoonomloolly, Malay4 Am imporbant for Pim- natural produeta, tin 4110 ruhhor. Htr mime pOeition ovIfirelne in it or groat nignIficanne to America, b ding 01050V tlod to firmAt Pritetn. Polltieolly, however, Mt1sy 4 o of cohniderable importanoe, LAlf, ?IirmAp thirs are mnuy olmitint0 tfl Malvn, and the needs of rtJturn ditiannsiOn0 havm been plantec by Jurpulla pan.skaia prepngendap Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 , ? -; , 0,010* No 1 parlAciakrIV Wint oliesident Vala06 A close watoh obould bo, kept on 0.4 situation by Amsrloan lonerangs intelligent's indepOndent of hvitish control? Tho moot important biotin@ in Malaya to ovoroGAo Ottineaol, Tao group divided into sub-group@ reprnbing tho NumAntimg 4n0 Dina mIrrors all the political miresoem in Ohlna itselfs Olose @tidy of it will Andiwitg not only treido in Ohinm ktt olioo in rogArd to Ohirmic nao-Imporimlibm, townolon of 0#0r1o*4 Oninolo domilation of ti o woonomy of Thmatindo 1h4o4hihil) MAlAys thi Philippihou An4 14@th@rletnd@ ilvwhoro la (441014@ 1140410Porig4Wil bsttor represontod then in Maya. 1t of tho M006 lmportAnt rgiltoro lh tho clovclopmont of tho oo0nomy Ana tht4 t4ollOoo of tho r;axt twcinty row@ tp At #ilid 44 4tioli t4 ur pAVAMOUllt Oultu4Vil tn hei Nitond atAtoos 404 prinotpq tiovouirtidellitaptf Oltnst rflYi pow@ in ail 1401.0 01101410 1)0 hlOnc the2 fiD#M Pr politingl And moonoolo net olumotruption. AL 14 rot likoly thot ohy hArd ?olio of Jopanatio matrytiroloti win tin ltati tlitatift Dv 1)04 patitittagi timmv mot 431iriilorm 400 MAloy441 000' ,n J4V4 16 tharo tAny nstionalint movemant th4 IhtolloototAl 0411.bo3ty Az414011 undOreovOr 0'614141400n. IhmillAri *410 itsiptol000 .01,0 OppAront.ty v'jiIit tjijr hAn4 in 4141,14 And ovem tho mom rurvont iffironopo 04t1onA110.1 404M (u bo dipinumtonod ahuut tho (;votiLoi !4c' t, Ah l4 prwp4041104 Ght*Oge TWO prinOVA1 tiintor0 donovvs 04porul 03444Voittoh hy 10110.r444 31001)tionone Thom brog 4) 04 'soot-m:110 J014,11100400 oonk1oWn0d WIth t4 roonstruotion vorloo, bkfilii ilia or tho viripv APHIrtuttit totoir4ii@tio in tiho Apoil isroltti pon404111,141,0 or boonomio dtovslopm4nt and Er CONTROL norinQQifiad and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ' _ r;,, , b) politica:Lintel owe- congernsCwi tiOak ireconstruc period* the handll#g dr- IndCnosian.and Ohins?1110b444 or which are *lamely 1:41?e4 lap with postAitsit:iStability? 4n1 ce0 in hia as e whole. The political inpact of the returt or the otricial renoh Government am the oonaequenlf adjuments between the native and the local Mrsnoh populations will be subjects or plot importAnce to AMMARA long-range intelligence. lespeoially umkent And dieturbanolto bo important if, under world security propeonle* the United Ststea Mould oonsider Asval or air based in the Aran. In this cane a survey or possible Japanese underaround activitiee, Annamite nationalist group (At present Communist inoolred) and Chinese intention@ will be of the highest pricrilye Should ouch eeourity 9ropooa1s not enter into the Indo-Ohina idtuation* it would etill be impurtant from the overall standpoint in Ada to ammo oututtuntay 1110 floVelOrmoitit nf politioal brands in thA 4r0a0 Hoonomically IndoXhina is largely undeveloped* and should dartAin ohAng011 in tht country's etatve come into afoot* thorv to avery likelihood or en enormoue expameionor American interest in the area+ MAUR American intireet in long-range intelligence in Ohina le self-evident, the poetiiiwar politioal and economic eituation will be fraught with oomplioations for American into:lists at every 'tag*. SECIRE3 CONTROL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2913/10/18 . CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 4'01' ? ;F: '10 - c - It} ao sows liOoly no Wm 3Le4 botwoon the Kvoitnti4. Conemi4to oontlmoo to bo wrolaolvoci Uwe in it good pol4bili thot OflinA wt3 epiltrAtit 4:11t0 00?111trieti Along tho lino of Tollow Rim* liAlations botwrien Wm Mill winbolvison North Ohi.nci Mongolic And Hussisnwdomlnato4 Arm; hotween. the Cohtrol Oovornment And tho powerfa ProvimtiAl Covernoro will nod to 11* watonod oontinaollys Furthermore, the 4101mition of 444 puppets And thoir tomes will offer Ample opportunity for intatrop? titth of outiverolvo Jopeneco elomentes ritionomioc11) tho r000nstruotion of Ohina will involve igrgo-410clo AMM40411 bnAincee interostes This dovolopment and its intor-relmtiono with Jhinose And roreign intoroote AV@ mottore) Aepeote or which gen only tio hcndlod tky Iong=rong* into114411046 have ilot iOuc1d Jew, MAnehltrIA OP RflAgAllAIis4,11 ttita Omit PUMM417A ao, liko thins, the import/moo of theft., creme etwtottil. Ibiwavevi oportitigitg mitiertAtcon 1P tongwrcueo Ithtenoe viol-imp in thio 4441A Will be of fl relat3voly fortuitimo tint$4-4, QollaWIL eloreqnone 411 b* noidoid to tok* advontAgo of *OW repportanity whit t moy 1,4 preAentod pf doveloping intlolligonos 001040tas Ws A maro loilturoly boots 000molonal survy work for Unpin rano SittottlhiOnno ahmild undertokon in the Poolflo Arco; valor, otroaaaa str* pr los0 irttovtAnosit VolitioAl owl oomoional 000nosio tfm?lortit tlo 04,ibt in VA onlor1141 tiominlon AVOAN# hOWOWW, atiti (rem LIMO 40 tiNi A ottgly ahould be med* or th* *volution oliti 4ovalopmant In 1haa4 areatil* SEZRiE I CONTROL Pnr Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100240005-3 Z-900017Z001.00081.0000XCI-dC1?:1-V10 81,/01./C1.0Z eseeled 1?4`444 - SWI040;N ,r1rtWO 011 .1A Tom fAndory TvuoTmyArn ,joy40 sot goydui) NINO I t4.4 on;Qa .4414,1 aoj siouswodwy Amstrad Jo ?q TVA PunTwNI Pu* oygy untsvan fuudur 'euT40 'oloyarouoo Igquouylmoo rodyouTad 64% naJ fiT 4impulta -.NUM 44% w0pUTOU00 IIR12 4144 owl ul p04444A0 cc' ol muovioad Ruypurovo otiq Jo ouzo; Jo owitylso uy ?cozogavvort Jo aucTanoo wo as% Ruyvn pug ploys 1014 om Wood Nuy,1101 Jo vagyaomop oav comma om4 ao ouo urouuogaod U0 uoyvos uy usAp igultuoad uo Ouysloy ousayll oT oonbyugoo4 oximood Jo lun0000 voqg V ,40Ao0 duyttoquyow 30 OuT$InoTjjr oto. oq u ovu um) 'IVIVWJOJUT unoymooun uo eq Imago oougyeroa 3vq4 Vt.04rc Tommod otimu ;o ow) otiq ux '40/%00 000T ol pus% kcoAylvInwrio TM& t4fmg AM 94% urP ssounsiunoaTo Jo 00J0; Aq ?mot oluopyooJ uo umo aottoa ganoagq BurroAv44 ort400d uo poond oel mows oputlytoa Tvd;ouval (euwoTaimuy Jo cm wqq, uT qsql %To; sy 111 *pm eq *4 TOUUMUld ?AMU pg, MIAOW Jo sodki, otm j usovollun cy uoyornocyp egos opoessom NT spoTawd awmpisod wt4 ptmt uoTlyd0000 swwwwl mto uT owl mg nit sit% u$ souortti4uvlowtiloadot 433 peOU ' t.? 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"- C) WAA141144114,14" 11.4 PlebruOry 1946 VSMORANDUM WM Tan DIRECTOR, MS SUIVEOTI Attached Letter and (nipping le As regards the implications in the clipping* lit* Young* Acting Head of CID* informs me that MA has just received R Pield Umrandum tram abroad "s in with this - very 'situation in Aachen* which report states categorically that information was available at the time to the American military Authorities on tho spot to Mow that the Germane involved were NW*, This Yield Memorandum will shortly be diotributod. 2s Thie matter hoe been thoroughly examined by Mr4 Angell who found that despite frequent conversations between X-2 and Biogrephical Records no effective system was Wing praetioed in ?hocking of Biographical R000rds roquoate by X4as Zs 3inoo then Mrs Angell ho gone thoroughly into this matter and reports as follows: aaI have *ode an extensive investigation to 800 whether there woe not in existsnoo an agreomitt between HI and X.10 relative to the former clearing its biographical roporto with the latter prior to their dioaominations Alm though there were numerous ditouesions between the Xes2 Brmoh awl Igt In the fall of 1043, involving proposals and counters popoehlso no definite working arrangement was agreed upon* While Appendix A to clencral Order No, 00 Supplement 5, offs featly() 3 June defile with the relationship of SI (now x.le) material to Blographioal Recordos it does not oover th, preoine point in queotion. b. Dr. Langer and Ool. Pfaff having decignated Lt. Young and Major Nuehin 64 their reepective representatives to consider the question1 a mooting between thooe gentlemen arid the writer woo hold 10 February. An understanding was there roaohods pubjeet to approval by the Branch Chiefs con.. eArned, along the following lineo. In the future UR will ruby/ mlt to X-#1, the nkmee of all persons included in MA bio- vaphical roporta project*, thus enabling X-2 to chook its r000rda and oonoult with VII prior to Any disseminations Whon requmots for spot information are received by UR, it will promptly 'Wade X*0 of the information furnished in rooponso Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 to ruoh requests so that Xmil will be in kpoei ion, th? its own liaison with the Irkequotting agenoy, to Oup017 further Information that it metdeas .appropriato.' 1,11, 3.s ay belief that the understanding will bcireduced- to 'writing an made effective within the next two Or three days. 4? Magruder, Brig. Oen, Deputy Director, OBS m Intelligenoe Service Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 KrawassmaimagommimislisaialglIEUMMEMIHIRIMUME Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 ote v!attiyAly. eon TO Darge04%, List tor 104 calapptitgi, - As migardo th tee tion*.iii tut .,, tA,,,) -,-441arkili mniza &ad a 0 A 'VON* V* Vatt ititA It ch PIAUI itimotkindusi rioat iklamd rik-34, ki ?r/6 ti 7. t IN tion la Aaottitria Ith3llt4 NOW. 6 OHL H. PA '. 3.raotongrattOTI WAS availittite` at tht Wm to titt -F.1:1Eury alAhoritlea on the *pot to 4how that the a* u 0.+0.,#d ntre Vesta, Mid ViOld ttimaraututa will a02: ..3ti 1; itode, Jo, ? el 0, ,t 1,-0 This matter has boon thoroughly amok . A 4,.4-11 who found that dospita rraqmont oonv0114 'At.sdr,r X.P and Dlographina n4Pord no Wootit! a -xonoticed la awaking ot i V Nee -mitv b7 X..2 ? 3. 444. 3, Since then Nro Angell tat& on. thorouaay M t A* :oattor and ropart.s lib tailcoat ,4 r.? Oe have mode on extensive, Invotst1044on to wit tner thoro %mei not talltellOo an Itgroodttrii.Vitwitten reitaiV to tha formor alourina itt bLogfOjihica4 131 tb t tor priar %C. thLi diseentLit aimsUi 01;Quati .104r* wars numnroua diaouanion4 biftWOO4 WWI 301 M441161 4i1 Fr tho f$111 of ;J430 Involang ProPostals "4'7:7 I L ,poeiditi, A to aelierkii. 4nitastra,20. 9, ithapplioraipt ibro .10#11,D, no tivrimtte woriritia arransforsent 'wood upon& ?11,0,4b oastio lath' th. r4 i,m61413 ;4.0 RAititkvial to !illographtoul Risoordao it toom not alvor to!nt fl4100stlans - 'nrt ? be DP. Lancittr and Oale Pratt hawine, illeelen#144 %0 0.6a kr:or thimbin 40 roapsatIvo ropromontativOO 141. Lho ,03statIon, a. paatia$ botwasn thost gontle,0 thc, tivrivr wun held la ftbettary* An under1t4L0044 "6 ?fltiC.,3,gle. a atilblatit to ro For ifial by t4e Msatutli 041,4Ers ?one a the rolltywinf Mgt tattoo wr.n ma,* nethoo pf all poroono inalmio4 its ititA Wog? rfoporto :wcijeotal thus etnablAnd X*9 to ahtak lts itnd'mii t with tin prior to eor disevo80,0406.- Whim f,11- er0,44 Lrfermation AVS roovIvod b Affo it on% +It ? r4 14) f t3rt, ififorOcit to4 tn ratoperne. ?ft: t...ter it0 anri Annroved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100246005-3 i4 ? Joi ' ?:"P-11.? T 1,-**Ifor* ???' , ???5.' Reclassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 * ; ? =EOM= ? t?!.. ; .11,40.5r? ,? ??: Lze- '..., r ; 4. .; ,` 11 :? 1:4 :41, 1 -f..-Ai',;.;:l. , ., ..: 0 ..-...., ,,, 1 'ye * eee, ?? I!' ' e. 4 e 1.1 14. ? ? , .. , * .,-"-te:- 1 -?:, .!'::, ' ,? ???/,-,, 'tr. 1 te";?-?1- ???? 5:-??? ? , ? ? IX; ? 1417: ;si, t 7 ? t*?????,.?T 44, ? r?-;- ? ? ? - I ..:??;'"s'':;:??? 5 ?,11110 , f:c?-?;1 `?). t. ? :"".? ;1:014 ,? ? '''.4. cr't C'...0.: - -Ark:., -..v.,, .il...yio.,.. :,-. .v., '-i, '.:Vt , 4. ;* p ? ?:- 'fri ; "4. 1' i: ?:, ' .. ,0 ? . k, '- ..f ?? .- ?L'it, b. ? i ,: 41' '7L'- -re-4, ., *4 *, , ,i, -, ,,?- l?pt, 1-? t; . ? : 1'1,1' .t, ? ' , ill ' *It?i-.51.? . r .: 5 !. l' 1-? 0 r _ r,.;?et- .. '0'',. ??? ...;*_fr s i'-'r -.. , 51 - " V , ) A t 6,` 1.1-A. ; J I I ,`?t A r? , e ?,4 ? 1, ? ? 4.?.;? ??;? ; 5??? 4 Ii a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 yo 00 3 4 43 PH N5 irCkZ4 ur ' tt al#d, ? reocvmmucis tIons E. :1 Puttell ?Trib Office oe the Executive Officer Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Declassified ancl RIelease 2013/10/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 Charles a* Choate" ilhow 40011. Oseikra lAusitori At*-aohed Clippisg J ' Wiardless of whether there is spy substanooln 'hiss I OA romiad?d of part of our *hater obliptions and a number of disoussioes I hove boos is as to the plass we should fill is tho imoupation pha**41 It seems tea* that has a very big roll to performs uadoubtodly, co has b As Rhin I spoke to Colonel Pfaff about this this morning, he said that I I AI works indopesdently of X.I. Mo montionod an tastes** *tea, by asoidopt4 he get hold of . ea R I A list and Mullett seriously in error. It doesn't sato any SO/440 to have X.: and is A de want* pieces of business in this ouneotion and, as I coo it, it is the Xxoeutive ?Mee of the Money which has oestrol of our objoetives and, in this 04400 should inquire into tho sees. in] y mooded unifioatios. The above is none of ay Weisel.. I oall it to your attention on the basis of general obli atios to the Agency' 1 Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/10/18 : CIA-Rn ------------ "Noe John 11. O'Gara Deputy Dirootor.Personneli Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3 of tMflLFWMI clidit , ilibilii*lAt'; :' et the ft ? ,,,,i, al - ittflitt-p;:-, 'A v,,CA,t ;Ciftit, 1,6)ik i..6f, .14196919iTiiryi iii4t1144101,, iS.-11i.1,0';.,''ititd:'',11991:01bediltlitti-lift._14,thit rtheY.--449944y...i *NI -,'...cli tiii ..,lytiiittifit ANCiilliti4.04 : It 11 - ityri:ii W A ig, , kitifigre ikililitOilalikO#Milini - .?iiiiiititigAnIOW4 be k-tolifturtit- 14:: tItilt04, 111969A9roo, - Iiimitisorktt6r1696- thitio tic ito Lt lvtIift 89016Thita 0611N' tt91,110:fitysatobitatlyeta0 g 8111911119)1914, Clifit4491914' 8'66191419 169 that ot .69111114elog 6614 .mogegi. 00,614 ri 401106P (11114 ? kW drttith4e $1 Pot k 34,0tribtriff thd prO1601001, 119 .0 6 trOot a 0?9111tt.i' 101A et- it,thnift ithehin, ettliittf 9F6101161110190 oliuttvgi'lbtlitye,imownittor ttOVer to Imo botttItatio uppottliti 0_0%400 -4Ktitteisi,, , itg1t 16099i,'..10099.6_11990 _le Wiii!otiottvit941,06119Wout :90fittlettli0,190itt iviii944614; !!,19-11094ed-49019111111 iottAkitgetitiCgskitotilot 6609 :good $49914.1914it'Islit'lltitt4116? 1)916ta 0119',Ittiatithettlifilifil 61,9 14 09 thtt 464 F. Wilig.t1191iik01966.?1 giviiiiirtrold, Ott lit6ifjiit9 thwd 1b,69ftlitiott;41-tiontROVOW Mr, 61116110 tootaivatgaa- - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/10/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100240005-3