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November 3, 2016
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September 27, 2013
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July 28, 1942
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vi. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 *1 ?P Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 JOT T ZJOI ZT1)1B ..?,..,,...-? 3 Abd-al-Karim21 WItlah & U?fli 501diora0 oonfllota betwelan 24 7; 26.4041 2 .1, of Comp1OP 0. amualty Lint, PubltaatIon la 61 10,-40 isln Pilo 10 0 t, 114-10P,m10 6.$.?ti. Photographlo Unt1 ,,o EUVOWAYI ThOtAtoV Commandor, Diroativa re) Pay. Virof_ro 2004; 40-10 Eddy, Lb* Oa.. 0onforanala wIth 2$4. VrOlah Vorogia 141. avian, Ouarantoo or Ponolono 21.02. 24-10. Toroneh North Arriaa. Conditiono 3J). soPronah North lavioa0 pirootiva for 0W1 Oporationo 10-; 0 , Froneh l'orth Afrtoa, Roonomln Man Fronah North Afrtoo, tliApplIfin for .../Fpongh Northwaat Arriaa and Ibarian Pone. On ill, Vomoh Woot Afriaa. Trado Agroomont ror 20-0; 22-4; 24-20 il-f). Hltiarla fl)(1110h a 'wt. 500 'Palmation or 2a-li Intornational Broadoanta, Ortttoal Matoriolo for japtillOPOI T1104tM0y1t of POPOWW Intornod by 24-0 japan & japanoto Qoonpl,ad TOrr., Pltql for filtHl. 17-71-d. japan, PrOpagfald4 P1an17-:5-a. joabnrgha 24,41. Lobito pay ProjnOt 20.5. rf,Rt.,f5 IVrj . .....1). , 001110.01 Roporta of nhip flinittnu,g. floguliktion or PO, OrooUm ona Yugoalavom. Tranapovt of illApplifm to 20-6 20; 'North evioa. Tilxport 0, vNorth Afrioa, flo C.O.X. 0.2.5.. Acqtylt,tom lil Mittod Kin0ow 21.1-2 0.floiA.. &groemont WI ti; Ovitioh 5.-0,V. n-100 0.:41. enivotol fop dolloWon of Alletwpor 04-C), 0.fl.t-1., DtPoctivo W) Pbol.orruplad Mutoplal 0?Vi.5,0 lounotitonm ori .4 0.5.fl.t lonnobIonn or flohotam ttml (10'41,1113 Ultitn .!0.- lotold Hopponoahtivon, rnotruot. pti coord Our-l.fA., 11111Lny1v.oLlon or 0.'94.5., MIlltary Poptionnol ror 0.:)05,0 KworgOooy Allotmaa 0.20f1.41 Mtlitiwy :Mmtum of COsnoll., Opovationm 01'3r(4.1. 0.1,,, Orrftniv.01;ton ? oin.,, rvopomod 1J1oLtmtatim for P.V. 0.5.t3.p lOmptIromoan fop MAmiLjoiltio PrIOUPOwint AnalovtLy foil 4oniol Itc.m 0.:10,1A ilograrecillOati for MonILIonn, lAt42 Ctattlor.:ati .1.(d.... PReatio flon:LI-twool, TboAtop, Itovlood PIttn fop Py. W. .!:-)..1,, Pondinr, Ppojo0t41I.v.:'). Portnif,ttio Org!tni.410,Jon of Pny. V P1,'n1't In (.1..4.0 PnyoholoAloal Wurftwo, iThAtO ii:Ltmnto rMV0h010A100 \UPTON%) MIVIntiAnn OT PayoholoHool Wavfltpo, ooltcwitl P1an 1V-2; t0-1. moo. uqw,prnont to Opnp6t:t0nn in Itunotan moRouroo In Rvoni of V,otonttflo :100Lar,o rltate,LniI, OtTicinioi ligpt1.0tItii)ntl or rtpe),i0l,0:-, Ouhrto Prt)ttuction (i1 !IttOt toIL ITodwaloh of 9-mm fAnbmunlitno Onno, :;11illoy 0V 2yrio, Aid tA) fIyrin I 1 n rot' it NaLlovia10 Mooton or :tor Fttp Ew4t Thootor colombudopos coovdlnatlon 1,150 4nclilAptvAin Tqly, C,1014(11nation of Mir Ini*makiton P.Ituvy comiltitivocl u.,4?1.04, re,111.1r :?. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? .?- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 , ?4 - 7.. 44i /. OFFICB OF nttabOIC 131WICE6 ? 001101i400100KANFORMAINCINK INTEROFFICE MEMO I to DATE July 28) 1942 FOM WIMond L. Taylor rp Colonel Willium J. Donovan SUlaJeCTI r 1 soo an opportunAty to hil3 several it birds with ono stone when Bowes-Lyon 4kppears before the Sub- Committee. I think wo should invite Bob Sherwood, and probably 6olbert tool to bo present at the same time and treat the whoae affair at; another case in which the Committee acts as arbitrator between other Psychological INarfore Agencies. Since t;herwood norotiated the oririna3 joint hvyvomont with thu British lh,, Is boun6 to t.q ho) U it. 011ie? he accepted Solb(,rtts later draft 1t eh Loot no uocouL or the Jolot. lan, ho cannot tako a very clear- cut poultIon in roord Lu th,, So3burt nun wieh Blakenoe is coDimitted to uphold without haviLir, raturod it. VOn thu otiwr hand, ;:)olbert who fbtitred the Plan 1.: now workihg for OLAvi:; and w111 bo in conflict lAlth hi: own colloaguos if ho suppurtv hi Plan as u6ainst te Joint Plan. k,- If woub. thcr(fore seem ii that the di:ieuli:31oll 4011?111, rally Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 fP.zi 311. .41.1? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 n44.1.11,-, s.Y woula grow momowhilt coAftacia. WhOn ClOatiolon haa rou a propQr pitch, I surzgoot wo kmizo tho initl4tivo und attompt Lo unkiAnglo thu wholo mudalo on MI6 following boolo: Aa It 1.4 only tho ptopaganda phavo which la ulletor Rioutior.lout Lim jPINC doom not havo to conooru 1 oaf with Lhiv Nam or WWII-lima quaLlity or tho Propoonda' Plan upon whtoh OWI pPopo4on to work. Out job its moroly Lo Ookprmlno whoWlea v ) )10n itA.2=putio, intow.7j4pd with, mialtury btL'WYiJ b ofiev".41, Itilikt0teSx.skszokr,eivrAdo?* ofireamOtiturvoems 41 00,p1ono. ThoroVortl, wu ohmic' oxtooltlo tho Joint A eutk aolto from Liao poloL or vlow und oithor covUty It uo bol$ oomptAtii,14,, w1Lh our titrAL00(1 uimo, OL 001.1 fop 0001:tor )...vi:JolIff. nonYJcblifiatI1t 1-31411 bovh. Lo OWL Lo imudio .1 tiy motwor IL thlnkb ilotit but ;'` ?4f404#'9".410144,....,,,,fit44,444, 4 WW1 otromc vocommsquiuLlon Lo uvrivo tiomvhOw ut tot '4446000.1~..1.*-44. agroomtnt WiLlt Lho hrliloh nito to) loCorm or ttily rt4h- !moult' I ituitii.C1 ottI mu hi Ow j'uini ctA P-11dtthoy muy woko, i Wt WI II iiii1114401c4ly WW IL Lhu OW1 tt' in Ioov ovf.rult voyvholor ottA wurrwro Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 gm.01 1114 C n T =EX lp rjflUTIV OF J.PI,A44piA ( or lot to hOth Mgfte, incl.) ? =legmarelt. -?!???? ^.?(0-0t mauaT REETItio Avn Trx . 1 11111,M"..1'.11111WA661,1r1L1,1r1,11,11116 ,e.p..!???? 111"4" "11.00"1"1,11,01.201:131r142", "tie " ???11,10"... ? 111,01, .0. 01er ?? ?????,05" ???00" .011[0!" "1111.0.51110010 1000.-1WWWItet06113,10.00....10.1 erinipirrem.vr?mr+ tam rawler..4-?vrc...1??????????r,...??00.001.rat rat6t660t109.- Qlettlt1.4 Abdoa1w.Kfullm Ameplottn rallop Motionrom to Countornet Efroot IPPPM LOMPon 0103 to Invatitoi, oporgttonp AX-14) WIAP Orifiantao, Pvopoo60 Conitintton fop RxtradItton of 1.4.14Z11$ Plan for '02/2; :51/4. . 1/1:'!4; 9/2; nA!: 34/1; ,'Lf15i2; , a//141. DrWoh, f AM00044 TPo opm, Pric ln ao tv/ettr(116 `A/2; And Pa/t BrIt101 Intplanon V.040111.n1 18/t/o. OPItiimh P0-14tIoul WilvflA1'6 Vixo(milvof OpopittIonm 16/1; 16/Vb, Woulaty t.p , publio4t1on or anmplote 011111R; poyphologlaml Wurrarm hotivtLihh In Oonnor, VO VS, n611br or ,Dravon Projeo EllrOp0411 TheftLov Combnotiv and F14700 notol, ProomILIoll .d 1'OV0101 POVtoh, Wimp AP1'IV41m th 14,41-1(10, Oommuntotatonti whit V0411013, flpaotal OptiratIohn lh Fr011oh Noptat Afrlo 011w1-ivt$ to re 0003q0,1ohri lh Vronob Hwoth ArptoR, Frovioh IJcIttt Afptch, ppoptiLinno In Preinoh NoPth Artitoh, Mhdj oh PEA;olinht. PeWlionm rm. Pprotch Amy prenoh Womt, Ato1on, Tvh0o AITtImitint fop t ii h1 r(I I (10-Narm Hopovto, pnlOtoialoh papflrn 01,0two Ith(1 1 ( il ti :`21/t; (61/10 4/1; I tir Tnfomotion ittNntint.00 by 0?Wil. rPoot laarnutIonta twoollohntinc., cpItto/t1 Iltztni.14110 JoInt. Amovtohn.iwition l'Ittn or oholoojoiti WtivVapti fop Noin WittnitLei rop Po:1(1101o0ohl 1- not Vutv Ettfit, 431-t1anomo noot1plo0 Yov1.1tovy, 1.1tin VOP ObLatnin intoilife,dovo 11aphil P1 t-tn jtiptAn, Phut "Ptin$ itilt, ur Lohpit ,11.11)WItitio Po:;0611oLlOhl 1)VtioLeiti tit OtiMiurr14.1 Joiht PoyOholorjohl Whvriwt, etwaRItttl, PVt11t1nti0.1 Id , 141 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 ? CIA -R 000 0 ? 0 ? ? ? 1 , ? 1_,' i? * , 1 't$1 .? ?) .? moo' se. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 `,') C; 11 IJ **01,00.19?610111******MIEVINFANINItssme.14*.*** 114 yttu..?stmusis?ws.so.s...svsess.pori s?ssrt ts. *Os.. /***********1 11*e...0 M'.*** .W*7,4 1.*110 ? r**00.*** . OxesPlt******?11010.01.?***1***1.00110R,* talow.0***1.001***?????=t.-g.**********,********???????,?10.01??^????1???????1.1100 MJECT rr 4 MEMO AIM 110 ******Obladttr***S*1********Partelan=1**********.%**********************,?????????????******IrowerdwerlAna***- 14/5; North A,Vrica, Export of raootrteal Xquip. 44441ji174".',7" h.; I? *r120,t1/00 Agr450MOn1 nrItihh 2.0?E? APT00Monta with .:$.3.1 Approach to Planning Catuloguo Q Matoriol and0 13/1; 20/2; nA; 29/4? i 0 3Vf); Oolloction or Photogvaphe Vor Pictorial Rocordo 2randt 0.5.,, Conoruction Projoct at Woot Po Int, Va. 4V2S 003.:3*, DiVontiVO to, vo Photwriphle Motortol 34/4; 34, U Pn uct1ono of Crwinlzod W:!otago 4 /1: Wit Ouorilla :.iarfavel 17 l; (-)//1; ossip Punetlozlo 0V 1; 7/4; 0/1; 47/2. O?f3 51 Mljltary Povtsoanol for 34/14 :711/2o 4f)/20 30/1; Wi*; 40/2; 4111; 1,4111L4riydAt1QH or 0:3*, rontilly Bopurt Polley no Procurement /Weriey lor Matoptni for Otlior Govtt. AryltietoN Proe6duvo on 1(equil;:ttt tatrloi (4.f;.f:140 Propono0 Vintlmnt for P.Y. 00-171,10?110, ?Orierif, floquiromant mmiltl(mN ITuc;u1.(;.;(1 Authortt'y fop :;poOttl Jtows HelquipfmoilLii rot-, Pny. dfirritro (Vort.lo)iy: Ap-vn k t o oc plar.h nil,,i Povtugol, Prupar,aHda tc) Portugal, rvip.h()101,10a1 ,:apfaro, ()1i1;),14,0.101 PncboloOca pVapt:, 'Thvic ENt!Lro.a uf PuyQ,holorilis PoyeholoL1c6 Pmychololeiw, PoyehoJor:leh Pnyollolw,leN 1p1111.11,101. (11.,1 1;i:L1111/11.0'1310,10h (;olltivhl PINH Plhwt 11,4 d I ft '1 !*(11/TIltir1NIll :V(11, t. 20ttintIric fl,Lon ;1.111:' 11"011.,Ir 1.1 2yrtn0 1 I 5J r(ir That 1;;ALIsnotio, 111.usmiuh Thtintol' c(winittftitA.:1, h.)hcip1?:' 10/10,hoin ()V, 1.4 Poye .nvihrt1 THdlov, hfl11,1 ,0 I? I ??? ()1 / t? , 91/1C,00 4c/:'5; 4114 41)Aor Ionnor c('56, cones V144-4 Lor or RP 14: 14V.I.Varr A ow-ea-144cm, owne.-1,iyon* C) l(F4 1 ? e UuHr c:;:r o rale k sr.) 8 I3 oh.rtiPe ts. 11r, 4 # n - ? ? e litilsa . O.; dr 0 47,1, 1)1'0 , * I 4A, " k43' ; ()IA I ? s ?,.; 1, c'T ? "!) ro J44;6 "- 'A.& ? 41:10 :1 CA ? wg 44 1.2. .s;0 WEI k c.4 L- :4 CI$11 I ? ';4t 4 241, eOnt , r 14, 4'r ." -1Vrrst WRI V 4" Al ? .42 ife7 t)r6. ? ? Declassified and Aooroved For R 13/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? ?t??? - ? t 131 ity Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 !V; ri Frr V LT: be submitted to the iritiik before approval by the /oiat Chiefs of Staff. MR. BOUS-LIOS indicated the danger Of having the Mission extend its aetivities into the politieal sphere. iiitiltiLlailalkelatAdittalo MR. BOWW-LTOW offered to ma** British in- telligence material available to the I.P.W.O. or its supporting &sentries. (MR. BOWNS-LYON and MR ADAMS loft tho moot- ing at this point.) 2. JAPA( PLAIN. Ref. 414,P.W.O. 13; Drafts of Q.S.S. and M.1.0.) COLONEL DONOVAN stated that 0.8.8. would prepare an historical summary of this project to bring the Committee up to date, LT. COL. BLAKWAY suggostod that members of the Advirory Committee might be interested in discussing this plan, since they had had a part in prepering the LL.B. plan. COLONIAL DONOVAN agreed.but believed it desirable to got tne concurrence of and MR. BOWLS-LYON in advance. 3, cumu_jamoNs viTua Rum. (Ref. - IT.P.CS.0+ 13th Meeting, Item #1; Memo.) CAPTAIN GROSSKOPT reported that the Navy Depart- ment considers this project to be in the British sphere of operations, and therefore believes that the Ire. /trench should requsst the six P.T. boats from the Admiralty. THE SUBCOMMITTIE:- Took note that COLONEL DONOVAN would discuss this projeet with representatives of the British Admiralty. Lt. Col. A. H. Onthank, Secretary. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? OPOIRIZZERAL OPT N iaLNT PSCHQLQPIAL WAR ;Me iffsgligiMILOSINSO., Minut e s ot 15th Me et ial.1143.121a at 2101, Combin dCh1.ql_a#LiTte.E.E.13.43$119sop 001* V. H. Connor PRESENT: Hon. W. X. Donavan Capt. H. L. Grosettopf, USN Lt, Col. C. C. Blakeney Lt. Cdr. 0. Moran Mr. Edmund Taylor PRESENT FOR _ITEM #1 ONLY: Mr. W. A. Roseborough, 0.S.8. 1. COMMUNICATIONS WITH FRANCE. COLONEL DONOVAN introduced MR. W. A. ROSEBOROUGH, who stated the details of a proposal to furnish the Free Ftench with certain materials in return for their coop- eration in setting up and developing mumunieations with FRANCE, both occupied and unoccupied. He recommended two projects: a. Establishment of a radio network of one station in BELGIUM and three stations in FRANCE, to remain latent until uombat operations begin. b. Establishment of an operational base at GIBRALTAR for the purpose of maintainiag underground communications with SOUTHWESTERN FRANCE and NORTH AFRICA; this would also serve as a base for subver- sive activities. As a quid pro quo the Free French services want (1) about 50 radio sets, most of which O.S.S. can furnish; (2) five or six vedettes or PT boats capable of operating in the English Channel under adverse weather conditions or of covering the considerable distances in- volved in the GIBRALTAR plan; (3) some small planes. The last request is not regarded as feasible. Yollowing MR. ROSEBOROUGH'S departure, CAPTAIN GROSSKOPF raised doubt as to the availabiliLy of any U. S. PT boats for this project and suggested that the British might better be able to spare six boats of this type. THE SUBCOMMITTEE:- a. Agreed that the plan had merit and should be further investigated as to feasibility of providing the material desired by the Free irench; Requested CAPTx,IN GR0_2.3Y%;-2Y to ascertain if the Navy could mke six PT boats avail- able for this project. Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 .ir P 141' ,T OO1ONNI4 DONOVAN XpOZ't1 it the Bonior 00410 Aittoo at 14o mootind on Auguot 10 I4 tweed that 4 dir oetivo onould bo drawls up for 0,W?Ie operntions in this oiroa. TIM OUNOMMITTUto Took noto that tho O?Lis3, WLtL Omit 4 d ft diroOtivo for 00,6-1v ?Dorm/ono in OVitA, mag" "" QUWW4111114 3. OOLUNKL DONOVAN oullod ottontlost to tho mono- ranaum from ?AMAIN GAOULKOPV oub.gootinm additioanl pro., duotion, Oo oallod thot no rowsootod InformAtion ro- ording oinmunitI,on onplAy rrom tho Remington Armo Oompnay, afta hod aloo qolo0 th U.iJ, if ofty ImprovImonto aro to bo mado In tho ann. UAOTAI:N 4stoutliKOPDI polatod out the pood in prodnotion uvi Lito oxorot onvingo in ooppor 4uo to Lilo gun'ti 9 mmts oolibor ohonlo bo invaoLlaotod. :n1110uMmITTIM- Took notot OOLOW10. UuNOVoN will hovo inoludod in tno Romington roport n00000nry informotion on Lho 'wood In pr01u3tOon oV gun o tho amount or onvini;o in ooppor in tho ammu- nitiOn. ET, OoL, OLA141, will 00oporat0 with tho uuhoommittoo or Lho joint :itofr Plonnoro to itiot Inrormo4lon fvum London and tho munitiono 40ole:nmont 1104rn oo to numboro neodoct.VV OnhVorolVo notivitioo. 44 !Itvi wt.))U L( 1f41Ut Tho drott proporoti by Lho anripOrtinK 00mmttLoo wnm rolamW00 in part NM variouo ohkingoo mo4o. 5.!'?0.4,1:MULA`1.40.2,11? a. ',Irnao haroomont rwr Flo.NOtt .01i1(34; ror Wodnoodoy, Auttuot Oporotiono or hritloh 'olitiool Worroro EXooutiAto; 0N0V.,1 hopoo to hov* ituN. nt.tOtol mOcaine. 011 Asg, 12 0v Aug. 14. Hoot() oiLictti irPoyohol00,0!11 riftrrnro; OontinuoLloo of roviow IL. %:01. N, outhnnk ;00roLt%ry. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ,8Ecurt...1:1 6010.111L aka Number StrAIII8,?0.111_ ?14'.? j.P.W.O. 15; Japan - Propagan- O.S.S. Draft da Plan ... OW MO Roonomic Plan for Frenoh North Afrioa J.P.W.C. 21/D J.P.W.C. 21/2 ;tout COPT NO Waiting report from Ool. Oonnor re P.W. Aotivities . in Pao.. W.. NO NO To have further reports from 0.8.8. Functions of 0.3.5. - Guerilla Units Re4..atanil S.W.1 ive Mtg. I em fu1i 28 ;11 S. S. Oik Olt ra *0 MD 3.P.W.S.O. 12th g:, it #3, Aug. 4. T.P.W.0 Approved and sent to joint Staff Planners. Being revised there by Suboom. 3.0.5. 74 J.P.W.C. 21/1 0.5.5. Request for Allotment of 416 E. M. OSO sm. S. S. S. Compi et. Request approved. 0.5.5. Draft or Basic Estimate for PsyChological Warfare Plan for Syria 410 I.P.W.C. Zlet Mtg.. Item #1; Aug. 3. ....... X.C.S. 27th Meeting, Aug. 4. For discussion Aug. 11. Plan to be sub- mitted by Col. Hoskins and Mr. Wadsworth. J.P.W.C. 24 J.P.W.C. 25 J.P.W.C. 26 T.P.W.C. 27 Trade Agreement for French West Africa. X.P.W.S.C. 12th Meeting, Item #1; Aug. 4. Plan to be sub- mitteA by State Dept. and B.E.W. X.P.W.S.C. 11th Meeting, Item #1. July 31. Guarantee of Pensions to French Forces In Afrioa. ADD-AL-KARIM V. X.P.Vi.C. request- ed O.S.S. to sub- mit detailed plan. ,T.P4W.C. 21st Meeting, Item #2; Aug. 3. request- ed 0.11.S. to sub- mit detailed plan. 21st Meeting, Item #3; Aug. 3. Food for Greece and Sugoslavie. Completed. J.C.S. approved. Informal approval. Agreements between 0.S.S. and 0. E. Memo from M.A.B. Approved by ,TOtsC 3.'.W.S. . 14th and sent to JPWC. Meetinet Item 1; ,,ug. 7. i/roduction of Sten Submachine Gun. ?IMS ookr Capt. lrosokopf has submitted recommondations. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 J.7%W.S.C. eeting, I 2. hug. 7. S. Of? 14th ant S. 11* S. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 IMRE'? OOPY NO1 SUTICOIYOMM ,120Saaair MAL Wi...1132.,M1 COMM= MinutfigL 14th mgottivt_.t.Law2hirjo.1,10f1. Bp91121.44._The Combinfd Chiefs oLatiat. Hone W. X. Donovan Colontil V. H. Connor Lt. Col. C. C. Blakeney Capt. N. L. Grosskopf, USN Lt. Cdr. C. Moran 1. AGRIMEENT BETWEEN BKITISH S.O.E. AND UNITED STATES O.S.S. A draft of the summary report on this agreement was considered, with reference to the minutes of the meet- ings between 0.5.8. and S.O.E. representatives in London in June, 1942. After various changes were made, THE SUBCOMMITTEE:- Approved the report and direoted the Seeretary to submit it, as amended, to the J.P.W.C. with the Subcommittee's recommendation for approval. 2, FOOD FOR GREECE AND XUGOSLAVIA. COLONEL DONOVAN reported that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had approved a reeommendation of the J.P.W.C. that 416 cases of foodstuffs now in CAIRO, and originally con- signed to GREECE and trUGOLAVIA, be sent to those destin- ations and not to MALTA, as RT. HUN. RICHARD G. CASEY nad proposed. 3. OPERATIONS IN FRENCH NORTH AFRICA. A report from LT. COL. W. EDDY, U.S.W.C.R., Assistant Military Attache in TANGIER, dated Tane 9, 1942, was read out by COLONEL DONOVAN. Information was given of the changed conditions after the advent of LAVAL, includ- ing the purge of persons friendly to the United Nations. He also rlloommended that small arms be procured for later delivery to about 15,000 jeunesse who have been organized in groups. 4. PRODUCTION OF STEN SUBMACHINE GUNS. (Ref. - Draft of J.P.W.,C. 27; J.r.w..c. 13th 1iieeting, Item ii2) CAPTAIN GROSSKOPF suggested tAe use of this gun for U. S. local defense foces, and recommended that production of the gun continue for several months until a reserve of 1,500,000 guns and 1,000 rounds of anuaunition per ?.:,un is act- cumulated. He suggested thut the use of this gun to supply native populace of the PRILIPPINE6 and be also con- sidered by the O.S.S. THE t;UI3COMMIVI'MX: Took note that C,:ivt*JJ.:, (3.1i0,3:zi3O.,'i? would submit his - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 .t 121.9. UM! 'LH ',11?? r.44! proposalo in writtng for conmiderntion next Monday. IcgmlokailgohjeAL Non -mg NALWIL AFH,OA0 OOLONBL DONOVAN reported thut tho flat.W. had rerneed to permit the Woutern Electric Export (op. to export 070,00 worth of aparo partu for 11. W.E. sound muowineo whloli aro in MO40000 and =MIA. 6 THE UUMOOMMITTEN: Agreed that OOLOITEL DONOVAN nhoald confer with Pik. ?WIELD to learn the reauon for the 11.E.W. action, pTIKATN OF TH8 : JTHATION 'VON PVC:H A oLocITGI, WAPPARM. ???.1. COLONEL DONOVAN ata bed that be will lny before the Uubcommittoo i basic (intimate Ln ttme for discnooion next Tuoaduy. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP1 3X00001R000100250005-2 15t S - ? ?: 4. ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 LLPJLL 14.W.C31 28 AravALL?4.412,ka 7 .(, 1.4 al?3 6 MUTT 4 A X0INT2219191420,11,1wisi. __glen ma AGRX11:14....SA ELLSEMBEN 0.S.4). AND BRIT VE.94.9...1....C. 1. In Xane, 1942 representatives or the ?Mee of Strategic; Serviees and of the British Seeret Operations Exeoutive reached certain agreements as to the division of their responsibilities in the conduct of psychological war- fare. These doeuments are now transmitted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for approval. 2. A brief summary of the agreements is stated below. The baekground of eaeh is eontained in minutes of the meetings or in other documents which are appended. Liaison at LoaqsaiLlpylgmatpn. To be effected by British liaison seetion with in Washington and a U. S. liaison seetion with 8.0.11. in London. Duties - (1) to represent views on policy matters; (2) to discuss disputed referred by field agencies; (3) to exehange information; (4) to coordinate production, demand and supply of equipment; (5) to ex- ehan6e operational and teehnical intelligenoe and infor- mation on methods of training. (Annex A, par. 2) b7 Gooperationtin the Field. ..k. 1-0-444-r" " LA,N,N).-; 1 114 A r 4nitiai 'assignment of b. and British areas of operations would be made, but the U. S. could assign its own Mission, with headquarters, stations and agents to British territory, tp operate under direetion and control of the British "controller"; and vice versa. Different:sus of opinion would be referred to ashInton and London, respectively. (c,nnex As per. 3) ? 1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 S. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 a .? ft 011 ai it tt. g;? "zi? ;"?7 f,'Sg I 2' 9,. MASAI Anxious 0, 0, D) (1) To BritiO ) Vast &trio) Opt Atrioel Gibralttri Balkans and Middlo tort ; Wootorn Buropel Po14ndi OlsshOSIoYAkiaa (2) To 11# 0# .., ?Wm; Australia and D. PooLriol North Africa; rinlazd; Ablointio 'Iolanda' ()) :oint - tiqrrati 0 Oinin - :Endo (ibinii . Malaya - Uumatrft) Gormuy) Italy; Owo4an; uwItzorinAde -o.Aotelt-\ ? (4) No ogrooM00040d 00 - 61inin; )( Portugal; Rumula. Nobom-* Tompornrily Dritimh. Will turn arm. 0.)4111. orgnniyentton to 0.W.3. if it, or any part, b000mnott prodominantly U. a. theator or oporntionn. # To havo a U. L. Ulonion. (Auriou 6) 1 .1 1, D y To bo oxoontod in U. : ror 0.ti.?*,. by Ildinnti... no Advtoory 0oulloLl; liritilab to bn Kopt lnrormod. A. Lyaga911911. (Anatlx K.) ,a , 1 d.? A lb.1 v-" I kl',,vo. \k- O.?", d' ao Lot Production 0 trinniug tiro bo. ovol vad . 1.4, LAMM. Onnox &ma nide to rinnuou own pro0,1oLton itnLi no poymonto Or fInmnOinl okAlgatiloaa to bo tnourro4 botw*on tho two orgunttgAttono or Uovornmonba roe tIA0 of tho othor'0 kt, Iti .k I; e . I * 4- r4 ? . ? 110001114400M4k.d1 k '4 r'l 1\. 4 ,I, t %41.,,t I " \Y eirl iK% z ati4 ovolnA ( ) Apruntompnuo malio ror trottrtor, 54 U4 0$ Otr100r0 In vorioun 0011001bv I p. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? ?tr.' ot ??? ii ??? ? ? ? ? I ; ?C. ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 LL 4 01,324astramsa GAI Pli1tLUJ1 IVI 1. 49,22.3,14,2111.4batajjag. Lt. 001, Os 0. alakenoy VW' mama W, T. DOROYA4 gr, Mdmund Taylor Wouu IA, Cols R, P. Goodrellowp 0.6.0, .744-1 ()apt, JL L Gr000kopfo USN 1dt, Oct. Cs Moran atiat.aitiLivijvtlutil N. 44.1V, UN rrl!;1) 004,014141, imilwV4N proaented ooploo of ti agreement whiOta had been macto hotween the iiritioh tAnd the Unitigi Utatoo pertainim to allooation or torritorioe for opor- ationo and uthor uLiUbOttJQs Uii utateo that fie had diacuosed thio uaroemont wit4 OgNIMAL mAliWiALL who had aorood in principle and had aeked to 000 tho dotaila, OOLOWQ, UONOVAN uulpooted that it oppeared to be an appropriate time Le oond ti o agree.* ment to tho Soiqt Ohiete a Qtafr in ordoz Lo loam thoir atti- tude towardw TaN -ILI4OUMMITT,Ng glooueeed tho roamono Por avveral allooationb or torrttory, um well no what Voria Lho propowal ahonld tak* whoa it lu aubmittod to the Joint (-Liao or Itci1T. 00140NgL 1.11matia euottootod tho 1raoraxtto at oortulft soot- lonn of tho minutea a tit 2,0,Us mootinge whteh per- tain to lialtion arrangomenta* GAVTAIN GROOillc noted the de- ;Arability or proparing t hort goneral paper with variety* agroemento ae nppendloon. TUN LiUDOOMMXTTXX:- Hoqueoted tho -;eoretury to propRro a eto orol In- troduotiou to tho agrooment with uppon4 000 cover- ing the detaila or (Ail major puhjootos (And to nib' nit thia draft rur ounelderattoa ut tho :ALboommittee's next mooting* 2. lawautatupr vtiketi tNE A latter W40 reft0 rrom tho Munktloh.a Jtoolgnmont Doard roqueottn6 Information on whothor tho iop1 un Ing 41y ootivitioo whiWt would involvo roquirtmonto for 3ttn Submnehine Ouno o,nd 0,44annittcm thorotort oo a ro:4ult atcoxoe- tione raluoa on Wild mAhjoot by 04Alit., communaar or the tiritien Army afr in tho U. . C-4 4 74, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 .J1 7 St- - ? T Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 11,1.,v COLONEL DONOVAN analyzed thei problem as requiring a decision on whether the Sten gun is so valuable to our op.? ations that we request reallocation of our whole ammunition Jimply or whether some other decision can not be reached, MR. TAYLOR pointed out that even if additional ammunition can not be obtained for the Sten gun there will still be need for additional production for Patriots in the occupied countries who will be able to obtain 9 mm ammunition for the gun from Axis stocks. Further discueslon indicated the general thought that it would b desirable for the British to prGduce an additional number of 6?,en guns beyond the two million that will be ready by April 1943 in order to build up a.stoak-pile for distribution to occupied. country Patriot groups. .; ? - ??? 1 . . :?;;;- ? ? - ? Ir'?.c. =14 ? :e - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 M ? ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 r- In 11 .1 PlY 0- 0 Maga U0A. W. 3. DonoYan Oolonol V. HJ Connor Lt. Ool. 0, O. Blakonsy Oupt. 11. X. Roafield9 U31 Lt. 04r. C Moran Mr. Eamund Taylor Mr. T. 0. Musson, Mute Dept. #Mr. ' A. Mowrer, +Mr. john Fisher, B.C.W. #001? D. Ii. tocnclast Nr. Oass Ountield, LI,LW. * Present for Itom el. *Mr. L. DO Uhararof 006Oj4 # Vresest for item v2. TII1YN 4U r 1 1uatI .11ttly matin e7 . r M. WIAPIUU cited reasons for the Xoint C ie Of Otarr takin4 an Interest in the proposed trade agreement fOr MOH WIWT AFRIOAs now in process of formulation by the btate Dopartment. U. trade with this area ?eased arbor the tall or rItioq0ii: beaause of the armistice eonditions, ftnd any voLume of trade would have a payaholugloal ofraOt Whi0h 1.401414 bo oU of proportion to tho U. 3. effort expend- Oin00 tho 001ot-ties nro now in airo economic straits. Ootensibly tho plan would provide for a simple trade agree- ment but in reality the propOoal would have three objectives a 0 .LIVII..9.1112?t Iv 2. The i t Tho purpose is to influence the small number oC ite people WhO are control towards the U. 3.1 since thoro is no difficUlty ()oncoming the natives as In NouTn hratoik, Tho immodiuto necessity In to cAert such psychological Worts QD will brinA tLo white peo- ple In couw,rol to tho side or the United !Autos in the event that; the Oormans make a quick move in auRri ;-a!iicA and thereby threaten WIaiT 4VH404. It in outiontlui Lhnt thio poyoholoatoul? pulittont objective be undortaicen oxoluaivoly by the Un1.to4 tntno, with no British or Free French assist- ance, because the French in vteat Arrion urn oonvi,000 that It tho DrItIph ovor uuoupy tiny oortlon oV th Vronnh oolonial rAtinoonlonti tho ocin only bo drivon uut by force. Anothor importmltt fuoLor wotad be anouvance of ?alio oonLinutAtion or pethr110110 ti tho rranch eiviliRn ufflaittlo r 1449.2J6,445.11M_mlaZ.L":'t The French hnvfl 1,0vilvoly rootriotokt trAvel in this area nnet ip almoz!t Li,odotio tor non.Franob Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100250005-9 ? .4s ; .1Ljj 1v1 to got aroun.011 rifeA member* Of the 114 0. Oonsuiat* at DAKAR havo few opportunities to tralrel IA the hinterland'Therefore the usefUlneiS of Ilha sso nomio agreemont inauiliss provision MI' CoAktrol agento Who will be authorized to follow *nr 4hi moat from delivery point to consumptiot poiAtt of groat imprtaneo, e, a9.2.1i9. Although the X?Clith hitve no authority in the coonomie field, it is important for them to realize that theme objective:3 exist Mt follows; (1) To um) exelusive buying to atop the flow of oommoditieu to the enemy; (2) To moire Supplioo noodo0 by tho Uldi 04 ( 3 ) To make MUNCH WIMT lees dopondont on motropolitan 1'} O1 anil Ilona? on (1,011MANY. M. INAUUON etatod that the State Department had already initiated informal negotiations with the Franc* in 1)1ULN011 WVT AFRIOA and hove obtained n list at articles desired by them, The 7reneh there are definitely friendly to the U. B. and look to us as their only hope to tree them from tho Germane. The number or oontrol offieera munt depend upon the extent or the aid, and it iu believed that two or three oontrol offiverm at DAKAR, who could trnvol to consumption pointe, would be n11 that would bo initinlly pormitted Jpeaking tor tho MR. Milin stated that to boliovod it important to bavo baoking for this plan, whioh tho gonormlly n000pto. In strong,- 1116 the importenee of wconomie facture, ho urgod that in additton to the eetntrol neente it would be deetrnble for purchaeing agonto to go into the back oountry to buy oup- pliee of eobalt, wool, *kiwi and hidoo and dhut thom art from the Germano; them) mon would have a potontial two 1utor for uutivurolvo operetione on the eleotrio plants whioh turnieh power for all tho railroada, MU. minn euggeuted that tho ilefato Dopartmont and tho 1.1,g,?v4 eon- tinue the work or rormulating dotailu or tho piano and 'Want whoa oomplotod it. bo submitteit to thu ;T?Cit3. for upproval, Roquootod MU. wiVJOON and tai. 21.:MUR to oontInuo their contaet with the auboommittoe no the pion im beln6 devolopod, and to oubmit tho plan for approval of the X.0.3. folar. Lahau 0 siv.w.Dec. ? 10th Moottng.) OOLON4L UONOVAN roquootott rqmultit to ro- port on the inetruetione which havo boon olvon by 0.1A.f. to 1toAlhroo roprouontativao for their opf.retionn in no mall um foroonrorkt o t tho o,iNnrt, of tho Britiah Thontor Comkinndor. ;WWRIsii oft;rooAl to os. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? ? Jai tom OA *Ad sUbisit it ta till* stins Tubsday 00:tiONIL )100X1116 supplemented hi0 provious re pOrt by pointiag,)Out, That the loss of the IMO IIAS will is valve the oil sUpply of DIAN and 111M0 Th O OYOU it the NW maT is Wilda a t ion *t be taken to sounteraet the imilosasing prom Axis tooling of the Mohammedans. OOLOOL DONOVAN requested 00WHOL TIOEMINfil to attend neAt Wesday's mooting, He has also arranged tor Oa. D. F? MUM to attend that Aoeting, 3 S R 3i 4L OiP USBAlls.ka's. r ous-M4m0s,J Parts 1 end III of the disoussion of psycho,* logical factors by arose were oonsidered by the Oubcon.. mittee? CAPTAIN REDVINLD stated that it wax necessary to make specific comments only on thoue arentk which were vital to the stratogioal problem and that other areas eould be 4overed undtir the heeding of "General Remark*" made. Tho items were considered seriatim and ohangos loo EVAM0 OI 3,V.O .JT IMLUaL OOLONW, DONOVAN proponed the foliming two item for ouhminaion to the X.P.W.O. at ite meeting next Monday: as A ntudy of thu desirability of guaran- teeing the oontinuunoe of thoir pinion paymonto to officers and enlioted men in tho Frenoh Army in NORTH AnIaA provided they join the United Nations foroee in the event of a oonfliot there. ?-? 1.4 ja. A study of the popeibilition of mining ADD-AL-KARIM rrom =UNION, in the event that oPAIN is ro3oe4 into the Aldo orbit, THE OUBOOMMITTEUt- Agreed to reoommond to the ; ,W,O, that atudien of the feasibility of then(' two projeeta be made by 0,3.2, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 4 ? ? ? 1116 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 "0- COPT O. gassomminsku Ic.ani-EDSManatkalaratalgatana IsrAtilkaiunLIMALAJZOLIAAJALAL11,92.4. asasalitikt.slawdsmatatALaistr Duilaim. 1. IWALEMIk (Rel'. 15; 0.3.9. and M.I.S.' Drafts) 4 , based on summary to be presented by COLOMIL DONOTAS. 2. RA PW. (Ref. Z.P.W.019.0. 12th Meeting, Item #1; 15th Meeting, item #2) Progress report by COLONEL DONOW. 3.mmayEsT MICA - _Trade Axreemlati (Ref. - T.P.W.S.O. 11th Meeting, Item il) Progress report by COLONEL DONOVAN. J. BA= ESTIMATE FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. 0.3.8, Memorandum) Continuation of review of basic) paper. Lt. Col. A. H. Outhank Secretary. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 MilrAUili-MTIO OLOGI(..W51 Al. liAR/ARA Room ;At The Combined Chiefe of Staff Building. Colonel V. E. Camaor PRZSENT: Hon. rh, Z. Donovan Capt. H X. Redfield, UM Lt. Col. C. C. Blakeney Lt. Cmdr. F. X. Courtney Mr. Edmund Taylor ALSO PRESENT FOR ITEM #1 Lt. Col. H. B. Boskins, 0.3.3. Ura George Wadsworth, State Department 4144, Mr. Wilson, 0.3.3. PLAIT 7OR SYRIA. COLONEL DONOVAN introduced MR. GEORGE WAD3WORTH of the State Department who gave a detailed statement of the background of the present situation. After occupation of LEBANON AHD aYRIA, the British and Free French set up a President for each country who appointed their awn Ministries for the administration of those areas. Difficulties have ariseu because the British assigned GEN-iLRaL Siaisia with a special mission and the belief has grown that he intends to push the Free French out of the picture. The Moslem Arabs, whose chief purpose is to gain independence and possibly to unite all Arab speaking countries, profoundly distrust the British because they believe that previous statements of policy indicating a willingness to grant independence to the Arabs have always been implemented in favor of the Jews. On the contrary, until recently the Arabs have had complete faith in the United States because of the un- selfish educational, medical and philanthropic work that has been done by Americans in the Near East as well as be- cause it appears that the United States has no political axe to grind and no territorial ambitions. In the last five years, however, a small amount of distrust of the United States has appeared because of a feeling that American policy is also dictated by Zionist crews; this belief has been strengthened by German propaganda. The State Department has agreed that MR. WADSWORTH is to go out to BEIRUT as a diplomatic representative of the United States in place of the Consul who has been stationed there. He will have a staff of a Military Attache, an Economic Attache and others, including three men from the to direct overt propaganda. T-Te proposes to open a suboffice in DAMASCUS for freer access to the Arabs. ?1? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? e'4!' vi* S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ov*Wid-f II 4 L4P ?? .t C, 4 , I. It im fmri opoped that 4 oomp of abo.b twe five officore and WNW no himitod by LT. 00100 n. O. HOUIND be entabli hod in ORIA'for two general purposes: Ao To sotablinh an intelligenee organization* To organise resistance group? of Oyrians an Arabs in the event at 4 00nittil Thebe grOupn would *leo exert oountor efforts against the Axis firth column that i* now under atood to be very strong in Uyriao Dino? this area im in the Britimh VIAM or operations the Minion may only be established with the approval of the Britimh and the Vreis frenoh. It le planned to have it work in aeooilanoo with an agreement whioh the oynya, has already made tentatively with this British aubvereive Operation* fteeative to the offoot that the Mission's 6.0* aotivitiep would be in 000p- oration with the Britioh military and 0.0,101 objeetiven und operation would only be with their approval. The State Department has already propound to the Presideut that he limo a etatement in the near future empha- aiming the applieetion of the principlo* of the Atluntio ?hurter to the Near &lett to tho end that the Arab opeaking world will bo given independent uovereignty. OOLONUL DONOVAN pointed out that on the aocump tion that the Middle Emit will be :Wet, it aissms noofomnry to take immediate utopo to organize groupe whioh will oontinue to believe in the U. D. und will continue to right find harden the Germans. Atter OULUNU Hula-Iwo MR. impowoRTH ANL) MR. ION left We mectina the diem:Julian rovolvod nround tho quo:Aln or whothor it iris dweiruble to halm a group or inoitoro nnd roolot- oro in tho Nona, ?gnat in onv% of Ito loin; to the Gun:moo and 0000ndly, whnt mhould ho tho bnoio on whioh tho U. O. opponi to :undo to Vito 16,1:1AbO 'ox' thot dhoronoo nad loyalty. UAlivr4aN kNIT161,0 stated thnt ouoh tt roup ohould cortainly bo ootablioh- 0 for intolligonoo pUTpOotia. it watt tam 8eneral Nulling or tho Lathounpuittoo thnt the organization or fi voupo ;Co' onhvorolvo opor- ntiono would do no horm and Alaht, wn11 be or positive military value. Tho quootion ot1l1 ropininod aa to whothiqa U. 41. military and olvilian roprnanntativoo could di000minnto pro- puganau Wood on R prOMi00 that the U. 0. would do it? utmost, to promoto an indopondont Arab ant'', Thr nttitudo or tho 0.u.I. on thin c000tiou uppoorod to bo moot importknt. OUSUOMMITTNIII - Agrood: De* Thnt UOLON111, DUNoTAN ohould tank MR. S111.0000 nnd other 0.W.X. roproanntativeo what propu Annan objnotivoo thoy propoon to tnite In Syr a. That tho proponnl ohoult1 bo dimou000d with Britioh nnd Froo Vronoh rnprnoontntivon be 'fort) dnoioion no to witnblinhmont of roolot. (moo groupo onn bo mndn. e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100250005-9 ??44- ? ? 1 , Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 C. prnLik ?.? 2. ""ATIELAY,MMAIMARMALKEINL OOLONLL DOMMAN reported that a, reoest had been received from Britioh officials in London 4 kuomf'LT. 001.4 EDDY go to London to give information ooncorniag'reeet deVslopments in VRENOU NORTH AFRX0A, and that he hau Already ieft for London. 3* iNS6,2,4 COLONNL DONOVAN stated that this proposal involve both intelligence and psychologioal warfare gaestlrons and that it is now in diepute between the State Department' and the Board of Eeonomie Warfare. He announce,/ that he wotild request rep- resentatives of both organizations to attend the rriday meet- ing of the Subcommittee in an effort to see if their positions could be reeoneiled. COLONEL DONOVAN stated that jib would be de- sirable to have MR. SHBRWOOD of 101.1g,i. attend the meeting of the Subcommittee to which 1R. BOWES-LYON had been invited, next Tuesday. bI. COLONEL CONNOR reported that a mosHage had been sent to MINERAL MacARTHUR requesting a report on what are his activities in the poychologieal warfare field. In this connect- ion COLONEL BLAKENEY discussed a conversation he had had with MR. VAN der PLA, represent- ative of the DUTCH EAST INDIES, ooncerning subversive operations which had been attempted there. MR. VAN der MAAS, believeL that on account of the friendly personality of the Indonesians it will be difficult to recruit a large number of them for agents, and there- fore that those agents who do get into the should lay low in order to supplement a later military movement. It was also re- ported that two agents from GWYLUN had been aent through Australia to XAVA and had not been heard Vrom since. - 3 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 - -0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 444, r. e, suateat, 0010ne1 V flOonAor iq ' , ft! A: it ? , BOA. W.Dowvan Oapt in H. ;41 Redfield, 10414 Lt. Ool. 0. 0. Dlakeralt Lt. 0m4r. Y. st. 00gr1ney Mr4 314miun4 Tmylor t. OOLONUL DONOVAN reported on the eetione or the IT.o.w.O. in it mooting yoatorday eepeeinily mo to the report on the runotions of tho 0.0.0., the propoeed pluno for MIA int 0,41111A, the eeonomic plan tor YRUNOD AFRIOA, ond the LUUTO DAY 0104100T. Oise 00 pja, ar ou f j41-1410140g#) it1UOUDOOMMXTTNU p at the request or ()AMAIN ittLU took up tho poyohological eatom from the point or view of the GURMANO nit oovoroa all tho itemo in that aeotion. It WUU deoidod initially thot tho peyohologioR1 orroot to be achieved by OURMAN propaganda be related to the influsneinA of moobal otatee rather than to etteot immodinte actions. Aftar the individual item* 14144 boo 41mogmood 4111 oorrooLoad um tiho Abovo htpotheala, otriCOMMITTANt- Itequta at Old 0 OWN Ig.11 14LAVII4Y rld i?in ? 11 #1, LOH t via() tho other neotiono or thio mot' to rnk t1 m oonrorm to tho bowie evolvon today. LIA OOLONAL =MAN ot4t0d bhAt WI* DAVID DOWEO-LYUN to In WOMINOTUN and that since the gritish heti boon concerned ?vol., certain aeotionm or the originN1 $apan Picn it might b* advimable tor him to nit with the Ouboommitbee for conmideration or the pious he) oontad T HI ODOOMMITTUUlm Roquuot0d 001.0=4 DONOVAN to urrauge for wiuAing with MR. DOWnel?LYONI lioquooted 001d044 00Outfli to atm-atilt, Am; pmyohologionl Wortiaro netivitiee ars 1.141us, carried out in the PAOXV10 ,;(n111Mitul4 Thviervo LUALMaThia I 0014011100 000VAN requouted thAt tIV ilowinK 0 0 at toworrowle mooting% as Declassified and roonnmie Firroomint for oot for riti And Xletiteit.4 t\ Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 -e? joete , - V. A44 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 IL ; . . _ ? ??? r MAU , t .""..; 11. 4 4. Colonel T.Bot Connor S. : ,4 1-4 qj t t:0 Non, 0. ro DOAOWILA Captain. 1ii44 4r. Reectiela Lt? Oar* YO J? Gott/Inv Lt, Col. C Q. Dlakoney 1. Li ??? Pelr? lidmunti Taylor al* 111 -00 MOM DONOVAN reported OA the notices of the 47.Nos00 in its mooting yestordRy especially as tv the report on the Runtime or the o?sas., the proposed plame for ;Alktit. and -3.UDI AratA, the commie plan for ViltNa rt-,T AFRICA, and the LWOW BAY na1CT0 2* av_ALLII YN"T TAT. -? ? 1*5 * 414* 4i ar tea e4 igatrxis?)' ? THE WW,T4t4ITTSE, at the request of CIN Ht.:PI-17Lp took up the psyQfbologionl estimates from the point of view of ahRUM; and covered all the its in that section. It VOUS decided initially that the payohologicol effest to be aehieved by WiRMAU propattanda be reliAted to the influeneina of mental states rather than to effect immodiv.te notions* Adler to individura Ito= hud been dinaussed ..ad oorreotea UCW L-t; 4:13ovt: ; Hoquegted mad :q. "2,YJF., to rc.0 viae the other sectioaa oi tills "per to tv.40 them coaforn to the busis clrolvw1 today* 3t4lted that :4a. is in AA01.1t,GT,th mad that since the British. Lad been conorned over sonata sections or the original Icpan "lan IA. might be adviaab1e for hiA to it with the Subcommittee ror consider tion of the plata,* Tit% BCUZ:411Int:t- Requested COLONEL 1:111.VAI4 to arrartee for a .aseting with RequelbtedCOLONY.1. 1/4";',*. to useert,lin what psychological Varrare tootivitits aro 'Doing carried out in tLe "reTMr-R0 V.C4T 30L01 requeste;:. t21 .1t V-04 rollovIne subjeot to cousidermd cit toalorrowie meeting* L'oontr..1 .trratm:rtt or.Au. ?.j ? `reject for and k4. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 414 ? 14 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ElialgaiLIVASE c12112ZUZ Mi41411A.a.fthanalA14.11112:1144.1444, At 319904 Room 2434 The Combined Chiefs of AlLatflikildtng? Pitris47 Colon*); Y. H. Connor. Lt, Col, C. C. Blakeney Captain H. 3, Redfield Lt, Cmdr, Y. 3. Courtney Mt. Edmund Taylor LE1.0.213EILITAY4.1.3. Captain J. O. Weaver Mr. P. M. Al Linebarger 1, (Ref. - J.P,W.C. 21/D; 21/1) COLONEL DONOVAN presented a memorandum pertaining to the training which had been given to the eight saboteurs who are now on trial before the Military Commission, as a basis of comparison with the training given by the 0.S.S. tts agents. The individual items of J.P.W.C. 21/1) were dis- cussed seriatim, with COLONEL DONOVAN explaiiing the present practices and plans of the O.S.S. in each case. Particular attention was paid to the method of control by theater com- manders of the operations of saboteurs and guerrilla units in the three cases of: a. United States Theaters of Command. b. Foreign Theaters of Command. 2. In areas where no Theater of Command has been established. For this item COLONEL CONNOP offered a draft which was accepted. It seemed advisable to the Committee to accept COLONEL DONOVANS invitation to visit one of the schools in order to inspect the type of training given and this visit was arranged for July 25. THE SUBCOMMITTEES- 41, .$1 Directed the Secretary to draft the report called for in J.P.W.C. 21/1)1 to include the information and decisions made in this meeting, and after ob- taining aprovaI of the draft to submit the report to the J.P.W.C. for its meeting next Monday. t "gv*W.?0144. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 "t. ? PUUUd WUUUXE LZ/60/?1.0 aseelej .10d panaiddv pue PeWssel0e0 4.34it4ii4 011) '12P4,'10?1 011 *4diliAtlot4 LIA1040AtIti 10000a4 401 *ott ti0t 04 1411%040 4041411A 40 40114t OAV41103 .J0 ;ItA oql po::,0 44 otta mot 4at 414044 ottl polUtv citt tit d4104/4 ol ;la aotlIntlow, ttottr.) ;Julian) =4) jt) tiolloottti oql tic4104 itollou '4n ?m041 do14;pim oq 404q404M lttoP out 01 ;lotto 1r1 41111MVOVN 11/11.A1A., Aoptm Lt0qt4t(qt$100 01.1 (0010q0 041040/14104 0440004 luql polgtonItIU tilM14(1All tilVA.41,0 '00.4t1 oqi ol oluOV0 moo 1?c ttolluip4000 oti0 1001?00 40110(1 ?ouootti 4041p vtia ulatjaat lotp44 44 riVitia4 otA)41U t 4.r41414ortot somovutioaq Ottilo4440 004W Witt:041 ..qoo 0001,10dWr o"ii oltAt Hlti000 71111110t) stl 1011 O1itutt0 tmiitgolui Wow 441 441 quill voloWillItto AANANVIti TininW sittittpm)VM 11/111U20 01 ltotquo "1 ti4I4 l i$ Si piklotto 11 lwri puts vioJt1 twil tit ottup ultotmqciL13 IttvillOtt ottiUti votiooa0 oinotio owl dwIlttta oql It lqql 1.101'410 tI1AUM1 TAN0400 .41.$00410 0%830 114011 out, 1011m puij 111 oql "J dti 01,1"110 11010 tJ Vl 1"q1 Pc3c5,I'1 41r040UOV 004 it Ottio 4040 0011 Llt oalltAtiow d.10d.04m LooTWOMOW 01121110,2f "4 uolul WW1 linUmgrvi TIWIWAO 040'0 104m 01 oaDhI1I55 U4 1) v GlutimaAtIm a 40110 Autpto Ltc kerrt taw aatilfmtuoo apo 14ad la4m 01 aa tiollo0o0 0111 p#0,0 pt40 outt041A 4010 Xtt d010 0 Joj 000.10 0111 110 OPIrOPOd 1401:10jdOt) ttO 40t10 loql 1.'00414 HVAONNI TaN0q00 '4401T4404 PoTE049, wttou toot:mogulsti tqviwo4 44 foot glom 11t4 jowlf toOtior du uoijoa ol ouup 44 too oprifT p000Vu otia lf .4Td1uti woutt 4matoltlog 4404 ZHI4I144(11[j OUWOM P4 pt-tw *0/40TIOJJO T0111110A0 tar 404 014000 1.11111 441,p40,04t1 04q Jo itorlwatidoda tit 401,1U4WW00 441,4@ttl. 441 'rIttppfu 40J puRoXilltoott at14044 ist4 4ovav Ul; 040 o44 uld +tom ot144144ow pouo go44Tmiguo qrItow pqa loIxo ply A0114;i1101001 UR 'MIN polotTigL4t1 Qum poquels J jT10,01V0 '$' L* MOU tiompuoo S000610140 MI wobton svoAoaditil pt1 is Ioaluoim TwOoTrinote aox tolla faaotto4 p4wn4o&; 444 TTqua mita twill 1mm pohooftd mop oo13P1100 oql J044ottm VolWitoonh NVONna T010100 atRIPIfittO gs0fp #141 j,j 0011fM100 ion vouvor 44m0 Ofita4g oott@nITTOWT ct tin otri 30 14M04VIVANTI In0 ONV uHAVNM mftriarn Voulow vats moTil eVeM 4 I" IrVW447+7414 f, igulltum wou Nolr qt, loot' to slum an folvqoq pc0401, -IMMUTOIDOWIN 414 '0 po 11.% oql uo oodtectoo mmonvi m Ito 4o43jo u0 PIN OM 04 44144 V#0414401 NVAON00 TIN0100 414014 *46 p$14003 qqaodoo poi a4 041 jo outmcgoo ortoTavA townq 04 prpown ao gq31#41) 90W4T4400 MONO Tig0100 Pim etamen UTWAVO (loottliw guoTe tta r ' cJrz, 74: Z-90009Z001-00081-0000X? 1-dC12:1-V10 LZ/60/CLOZ aseele8 -10d panoiddv pue pewssepea ? 4. e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDF13X00001R000100250005-2 ?.A1,4441.0,*7.4wWslvittsaesp?,,,,???.. .p.-'71000471044110510.110. LLW l'544 to long term plena if immediate subversive activities aro undertaken, COLO= CONNOR pointed out that a propaganda plan can not be operated entirely by a Theater Commander withou help frourm the mainland beeauso the japans/10 ere occupying pat m of mayoral theaters of command and the propaganda must be coordinated among theme theaterA by the a.cos. CAPTAXN liADFINLD stated that the miosion ihou1d be immediate sabotage in all :apaneoe controled areas and the disruption of the economic advantagen they have gained, COLONM DONOVAN suggested that thin in spoeifienlly npro- blem of GENXRAL MACAHTHURS and the best we could do wax to mond him the agents who knew the proper methods to use and who could organize proper ansistanco, After further dixoussion, liui;L11/UCOM1IV,ET1ia.; Agreed to oonnidor thiu pubjeot further ut ita next meting. - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: ?Fro? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 4 AmeinattULA; 54.V.4 t??? Confide ation of Milmo r* 8.00 ? ;., 2* 4, SECRET Report by CAPTAIN REDFIELD. he J.P.W.C, 15; PWD Plan 6.3.42; 0.6.S. Plan and Memo). DiSOUXXiOM re amalgamating plane* loi atzaraze. i.- Outline e Plan Report by Capt. REDFIELD, Lt. Co].. A. 11, Onthank, Secretary. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 bq ? -2, ?,1 -; Melts Wti le Lt. Nat Vt Oconno IA 001 Os 04 Blalossy Toler *in Ciatio viowilliOr 0011. DONIYAN reported *ki, 10141 401114114 taltett dimeusaed at the **Wog tho IsP4Ws0s yesterdays ? ?10?W?01 10; VW0 Ing 10/42 010 ) IX. Ott OWN otatod that at the poolsont ttiui,, 1. seemed advisablo to sontine this plan to propagesila to be owe. of through 0,11,124 A general Aileussion took lase ot the plac* or props* goads in this plea. OOLOIML DONOVAN o *4.4 t1i th. ?reside*, had agreed to outer with the :pint ?Mete of diatt as Is the method ot sentrolling propaganda leepeially in theaters ot 01,01401041114 NO turther stated his belief thet the presont veto should ho tor thit J.W.O. to work *0 a Polvhologleal Wastave La*Ividints p sand*. and ?Utah approval tree tis inS Wore that W lor. as lialeon tor if.A04w,0?1 ehlA4fla4 take OW 'plan to 0?W*Is aM turther work out Wit lei end Molly. that ettok 04W4X4 has Mk* pletod its detailed plean.lho projeet should be sent %)aoic to 34141.1?04 row mists* Zs addition. %hors should be moo sonitorisg *gooey le moo that his plan ie serried out as approved* He isaleatod, that it would be advisable tor tho to Imp the Intl WI,* in Vide weep's% and send plane to the 0XL tor togeoutions The problia of lisiting the 10444401 Of Asia or whisk is p,sefttos I toMiltio nowlAplipOIN was 44%01044 as euggosted thAt 4410 a 146144o* apropoesi might be 00*4ttoi t* Maio to 101106 ORM* ot oontrol should be onereimods VI woe also suggested 00 the 0'olut OhiePe of Mott ha intoraoiof lb. situation through study indieating the mount ot aateriol that is now beim% publi$hed in US h6 newspipore* 4WOOKOITTMAim Agrefea to eoneider the . ? ooto Joi AVtioir (lisott sot n. 017000mAirrtslii" Direetcd the ese%'Y to send is ?a strto the $1.P.% Ca wtlat Cho risottotActiiiiitim ts it V telf? f Mom *$ its next m* I ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and A ILILILLLS proved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Ref. ? ;$ #0, 22 Memo TO 80001MITTENI Agreed to ?onside!' this subject e GMOVI0180 Re - J?P?it?Os 17 Memoe from itis and 0.8,80,) ti next, imeetiag amok 0.0.111111 RICLITILD stated that he is in diseggresseat wi certain statments in the ocesents submitted by the Psyshologisel Waters Branah as weIX as the ?rase of Strategia Elerviees? Xo ssi4 that he is remmitiss the outline to include cleme material fursisks4 by the 0.73.S. and hopes to bring this paper to the euteommaittoe tosiorrows 6. TILE Agreed to to sonsider Captain Redfield's revised draft of outline at its next meeting. Ref. - Outllne of Plan LT. COL. BUXOM' offered an alternative outline amd said that he would be glad to develop a paper along its lines. CAPTAXN MIDFIELD suggested that the C.B.S. might furnish most of the material for this General Plan and Colonel Donovan alluded to comments on one oestionwhich already has been submitted(by He offered to udd other materiel, TIM SUBCOMMITTEE: - Agreed to consider this material at its next meeting. 7. 2grAINAL-ala.M? After diseassion, TM SUBCOMMITTM- Agreed to meet regularly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays sad Tridays at 1100. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X000ni RnnninnognrInc Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Dor Hon. W. J4 Donovan Us Cole 174 9, Connor Capt. 11. J. indfield, U. Lt. 04r. F J. Courtney Mr. Zdmond Taylor Lt. 001. M. GoOdfellow Lt. 001. O. H. Williams Cdr. W. H. Vanderbilt COLON% DONOVAN compared the directive from the j.C.00 with letter of Aily 13, 1942 from tIXNEHAL tt0811ALL which ntated hin ideas on the same questions,. As a general mime of the reanonn for opornti the 0.0,8. nchools 00L0Nn DONOVAN said that it WO his 1101 of that the United Dtatan nhould take advantage of its many racial groupn for organization into guerrilla banda. Thoir functions would be eithore- A. To bo dropped behind Ow onomy linos jurt prior to au erforadvo for demolition and other work, or t. to be 11E10 in nn advance wave to penetrate quickly into rear zones and carry out. outivernive opor- atione. In both canon these Kuerrille groups would ba under control of the theAtor commondor, but it is believed that all training should bo done by ono agoncy. LT. COLONL 0001WKIAJ0W wno Introducod nnd gpoko on tha general objootivon or the Socrot Opormtlons Di:Onion of 0.n,S. promemt04 mommrnminm which nretworod (motional Naomi in OENFRAL UAHAIALL8 lot tor or July 14. LT. OOLUNKL WILLIAM6 dosorlhod tho treininr which in given to agents in the vnrioun gohoolg. Than* pre in order or nttondAnont- A, Preliminary school ln which olomontnry in- ntruotion in given in WWW010, subversive oporationg, 010s0 combAt% ito duratton ig two wookr,, 11* BROla school also twe, *pelts In which tho emrlior instruction in tnitoll to n moro advancod OtA0.0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 t. ? Sr ? Akt. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? juL"La ? 4 Parachute training school oX one week in which agents are taught to jump and bide their pare- chute and other material; rive jumps ars made. Advance school which has final training for subversive activities with such practical applicatory work. gi Radio school consisting of two weeks for agents and three months for radio operators, 1, Maritime school which trains agents in getting ashore from ships and establishing later contacts Tith vessels. Industrial sabotage school, with special in- structions for large industries. 11. Propaganda school, to instruct students in U30 of mass psychology and how to prepare local groups for any subversive operation to be done in the vicinity. It will also be necessary to have a Holding achool in which agents are kept in training while awaiting a foreign assignment. The instruction closely follows that given in British schools which take about three months for complete training. The Poles, who are regarded as most proficient in this work, take four months to train agents. A total of over two hundred instructors and students have already been trained in the 0.8.8. schools and there are about sixty students in the schools now. It is hoped to start a new class of not over twenty-five students every two weeks. Al]. of the instructors have been and will be trained in either Canadian or British schools. It is hoped to be able to train guerrilla units later. The organization of these units is based on a de- molition squad consisting of a Sargeant-leader, the demolition- ist, two scouts and two fighters. These will be organlzed in- to demolition platoons of three squads, and a Company will have three demolition platoons plus one weapons platoon containing one sixty millimeter mortar and a light machine gun section. A Battalion will consist of three or more Companies and will have all administrative and overhead functions. The demolition units will be trained to live off the country and will have a radio for communication purposes although they will not be used primarily on lessons of pure intelligence. These guerrilla groups will operate under control of theatev commanders, primarily from four major bases, they are Britain, Egypt, Australia and China. COMMANDER VANDERBILT explained the recruiting and security feLtures. Recruiting is done through offices in New York and Chicago and one to be opened on the west coast. There are now received about one hundred candidates a week. They are thoroughly interviewed and get a complete security check through the F,B.I. and 0.8.8. personnel. If these hurdles are passed they are interviewed a second time preferably In Washington. When accepted they are turned dyer to the schools with recommend ations as to tentative assignments. - 2 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 4,1 1 As to coordination with the British, was made with the British Subversive Oprfttion* Zs*cuUv, which was laid before and approved by ZNRAL NAURU& This agree- ment divided up the various countries into spheres of United States or British operations as follows: to United States, Australia, .china, West Africa, Portugal, Spain and France; in the case of France, United States will take over the present British operations if United States Armies operate there. Netherlands and North Africa will be joint spheres for the time being. COLONEL DONOVAN stated that he had been author - ized by J.C.S. to build up operation"; in French North Africa several months ago in accordance with that authority to which loads of supplies "arias 5 ammunition, explosives" have been delivered by the British for M.S. account at Gibraltar. On intelligence matters there is no joint operation with the British although there is an agreement to exchange intelligence. Agents are now active for O.S.S. in North Africa China, Middle East, France, Portugal, West Africa. On a discussion of the 0.8,5. request from the Adjutant General for 416 extra grades and rates of enlisted men LT. COLONEL CONNOR stated that it is not customary to question closely requests for personnel from other commanders and he felt that this request should be treated similarly. COLONEL DONOVAN felt it should be essential to obtain this personnel to get the school started and operating fully as an emergency operation. THE SUBCOMMITTEE:- - I a. Agreed to approve the 0.8.5. request for 416 extra grades and rates of enlisted men, b. Directed the Secretary to prepare a paper to the J.P.W.C. indicating the Subcommittee approval of the proposal. 2. 1,a_ETODIRECr./11:iatja0ERATIONS IN FRENCH NORTH AFRICA TE;Y: J.P.W.C. 18/2d Draft) COLONEL DONOVAN stated that this paper had been returned by the J.P.S. with request for assurance a. That all recommendations are within the scope of the authority of the J.C.S. and the 0.6.S.; la.lomxt that these plans are coordinated with the British. COLONtl. DONUVAA stated that both questions could be answered in the affirmative and that he had prepared a reply for submission to the J.P.W.C. 3, GENERAL P4AN F011.1.40pLOGICAILAABEAEL. CAPTAIN REDFIELD stated that the previous paper, J.P.W.C. 20, of this title did not repipsent a general plan for Psychological Warfare and that he felt that an actual broad plan should be produced against which undeveloped plans may later be measured. COLONEL DONOVAN agreed that it would be desirable to translate the definition which had been adopted to an estimate of thG situation especially if more understanding is needed in 11;op levels. - 3 - _ 1xnnt-r-wPC1 For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ,_ ilisi . .cli ?4' ..o(62 ,ir ":?P ? i - ;1 't i'ff..' 4: 1,. -.1 . .., ,-'-rv, .).".4..?:4,r,?,,,E.,, ,.. _ tue 4 "SkrVe.s.Nt_ , ? IT. COLONEL CONNOR also stated that he was ln agreement with the idea of producing a broad estimate of Um situation for Psychologital Warfare it. 44 theaters,. COLONEL DONOVAN related the results of a conferene* with the Director of War Information last Saturday in which Mr. ELMER DAVIS agreed with the definition which the Sub- committee had approved. He stated that he believed that this general plan should be first order of business for the Sub- committee and suggested that he and CAPTAIN REDFIELD produce outlines for the study. After agreement on this the dif- ferent sections could be parceled out for production of the actual paper. TH UurMEESTUITTE: Agreed- to examine CAPTAIN REDFIELD6 outline of a general plan and to indicate at the next meeting what parts would be produced by each member. Lt. Col. A. H. Onthank, secretary. te. e. 2222 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? " _ it '1 .4 ? ? ; A 4 11 Declassified and Approved For Release 201/09/27 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 1"Pur"r1IMMIMININMINIIMPIR SECRET LLLL TN) MEMORANDUM FOri J.P.W. SUB-COMXT1 " 1. Captain Redfield bxs submitted the attached outline for consideration in todays meetinz at 3:00 P.M. In room 213 C.C.S. building. A. H. Onnank S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 C ' 1. ? ; - kr1, ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? VWPIPIIPPIPS_W*rgrrvtkRrwmwwtwr.??.tr?t7?.--:,... , ? Ot Pi ? ?.? IWOir10411 so is (I) Sionomi et piII, PiON , I. 40.0 (4) Itootostiliok f iswoostiffil $.tL*M1 161,404 MS. (3) APPrelitailioI 014111604 astspriaa loweis 010 tile PON t i 14? (4) ltoomastasa et 1110014* Aosta% iihjestliv? la aria, le NSW ix 1110 asadatt et t3ke woo liotbtlity aftiiiptattitilw? (1) gamy tit Nem mai* (a) esseaval Notesii? 1, Politio010 2? lawsmalio? risysikeloolial (issast)0 k. istimaaatiaa 40 weal* tattanatioa "Mr 01010/01/014. TM. tlisatoira tow P?V? (b) Wattle leatois mt. 1420* orremba? WAWA se PA* 114114, )vosit tistory sit Pill? in 1480 Maidleatial dirmotivas 7?0?41, argotivoa iblatias sommiel 01.4144011.0 MAIM Pt00411101 I UP A10101001 0?1 gporattisi. 4- (si ???????? ? ??? ? Mt. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 - it , ? 'oil :.4??? ??? , ? . ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 T,P0*.t .ot *Vestige isit loolooptable osoorsios et oath*. A. Asslyeis of tObjestire? 11. army ot oi*Oso et iihOtiois. C. ApOlioatiasf toots toy sag aeosiptiobillir. D. List Maisel *mom et steams \ ? lielootioa. of but swot ,of' *stirs. A. Analysis sad osoposioaa it Imitators& eporoos et Amities. 3.1 Dotoreinatias et but Own* at satiosi. T. too dosisios 011 46. 0110Mitier Of Otter% rillitirete U. Itsoolutiosof requiromi Wert ix% operettas. A. Conest objootives? a. 711P0r41610 relative position.? Co Ilreedsla ot eatioat D. Xtrootivo sipsiortionmat at' atroestkt 1. Tostiag of corstiose tor naliebility? teasibility lot *so- rogstossos as to *oat? 1. Nimalatios tasks. Vrt? Itoommealloideos as to smoisarea 'Oat leasuld be sailortaboo, A. Propwalowy 3. Criposiestiamal C. Wow asosexes. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 I ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 OUV.INS FrAt BASIC Itr.STIUM 0? laCTIOWOICAL 1TAR7AIPZ. I. Statement of objeetive including group addressed and desircd reaction. II. Evaluation 0 cilleetive interns of *Ailment situstiem4 a. Military "E. &towel* /r. Phyebologicra 0antribut4Lon o objestive to war aims: nilitery E. Eponauio 0. Politioal 1. 2:tychologioal ry. Possible enemy counter sassuress a. Military N4 Hoonamic o. Political psydhological V. Evaluation of methods available Dor achieving objective. VI. Agencies and personnel required for operations. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R0001 00250005-9 tw, ? ?-? ??? 1.1C :14 .4, . ? ,- ? s? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 41,1, ? , lret.r;,71.4- 44.` -" - 4 (4744 ? :/17?i di' `,..? 14, . 413, sts ?11 . . ??t ;7.4-Y0AI-2r f'T.!."4'.....'l _ i , t '40,--,.. '..,. i.,,, tV,,,,,7: it, sii , F ,r---: -r?r.-. . ? kt.,..7.- :, 001411101 0,40?0110 411 06,30411401 IlUitery 1461k?Ustast 111100010040 r WW1 In. iloatofilik*Losof Ojeoliikos to vet *Sow 0001/4 4losswitos toUtioal ril,4644141Lool ow/Am woommros 6.1t;'41, t?Ft Viaborr 0 11; or tooth000 oveilable for WIAtering 4040,11041 Arincitss ant% p rogoLrod tar opormetiouse 14, ? "11700,' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 '411- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 IrmA4.b.(4) - tgAtattalit Tho poroholocioll objactires of Ooroov in tho , 'wimp ammo aro listed below* Mak 00 Vnitod Stagftp (1)2,..1PpiVootive, Nogotiatod peace* Propaganda lino woad aphasiacs futillAy of war, bolOhoriom$ ioolationisei Avows* peril, proservation of Mistral.* and Now Zoolond. (2) Altornatilre obpotives To koap U.S. out of EUropson theater. U. phials* on time deans., L.A. problems, sabotages intorno' con. fuoion, Joponsso peril. (b) Canada. (1) 2121229..211 Same as for U*S. Special oppwas directed at F11ench Canadians. (c) Mexico and Control Amoriouip (1) Priwy obasotiyot To plaao pressure on U.S. for negotiated peace, sumo*" on Yalu. to Mexico of economic relations with Nit Order. Appeals to Catholic hoirarohy bored on destruction of bolshovism. 4 - and AnnMVed For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? . r ,.. I l? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ',11.19?441, F. AroIrds.-.4. uonvanfritIntrw...., SECRET (2) Lftalgamerttetts lop sepsrets trait 11,01- TAareased ott ty of 0 rou 1'000 in creating intorno/ troOlos roquirtn4 114eo iotorw forenoos Spoziel sppoals to mativo faseist grow*, Mokeivii. (1) rvipar ob VOI tistiotia4od pesos. /solution of fltin from oat ioss Notnesg throut to manilla nritish tore ritoriese Offer of position i New Order *WI indopondent statue. Valiuu of 000nomio oollaborstionip Attack siouttar to thAt us*d with U444 (2) AlturnAtivs 01) *divot To kw UnglAtid out or mvm thiAtor4 TtiLbs tnUritioh territnrips And inosion thr4os? (0) A A4 (I) OS EALIEL211,4t To AspArAto Autibralto rv u 4411od RA no? Inolatpton WILt homo Won** *mOulsimod- JftplAnomo peril prnrd up* ARM Apl (a) Prasil* (1) altatti 1.9440 so tor usxiooi Oand *r lard. Oorman And Mai groups tA Urasil wuald, b0 ms 0 wily otrongthrnonThter promaum /Ind alithntoye by grApathotio AUrroupo? (b1) AT'ontiag.g....k ikr...11.21.1t* (1) Ilter.LeAttil=t TO mos Argonting 4410 011,0A5 A# pottruors a 9 a uu othor L* A. :marl.** ravoropulo twadv tre.ult.too votn Voatto taco kna upo at phip* for troploport t Nrkwilt to 4.4 atoo. catists in U*8 rolmtton** Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001009nnnc_o ?'? IF 1- ! ? ? g tI 4 ?P" ?. ? _ ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? 41! ?(!e" _ SECRET '????4???;?:' ? (1) (1) blealtitains To Avant* fro* other Voltod Notion*. Intorwa diOordore oid Aobotago simpotkotio Aldo tromp* ThrtAto of Vlookado. le24441www,ameamniLIA To oonyinoo voluomt ?na.oollAbe* rotlyonwttal, Now Ordors ART4 (41,) passwg? ()) Mitet4imn,11W To 'WAWA morale And will ta fight lon4 ligre Prooti000 to Woo front of Aohlovimont10 at Wow (War and inoroomod 00410WWW production* Thw Amour* pool-mon of Oo omphosisods OontinuAtion of wor And hArdchipA Mood on gnaw lon4 ond NO. (b) Woo. (1) To roduoo intorna frlotion n4 Ain *lotion) oollAbamtion with Clammy* flopolaounoso or ottuation tad Yalu** of oupport And prtlotpotion in Ow ordoln. (o) OwoOon. ootivo (1) F TO bring **don aatilmly iota tbo Um/ Ordste Throato mn4 proodsoo and war or %Alamo* rollawing tho usaal pottorn* (4) Dzko.a. (1) *WA. To bring TOkay aotivol4r into Nsit Ordar* Ltn. attaok almilar to that mood with Owodon4 ? ?????? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninnnrina ? '71 4. 'Fe ? ?4 1-4 4 I IV Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? II a AISO SECRET r4,1*0 a* Arabia sad Thilitt mrnimmia.p.im??-?0 (1) MeV promono imtomal revolt amd oritsblisbe *Int of sympathatic Axis government. imireasedaatilit of Ads agonte among Arab*, AREL $4? (A) North A.M.* (i) Primary objsotivos To *recto internal disordors and tui Lb, Trend' and Spanish groups against U.S. WA (a) Aspan!) (I)a??.a.tAt) 1424:).M1 To koop opposition between Japan and U.S. at *hitt heat. fthasis on American throat to Japanese empire and offor of economic oupport in Japanese sow effort. (2) SecondaruNectiva) To Imp Jspants attention focused on south and east and sway from India. AREA 04, (a) 1121114BIEJEAln. (1) Primary ob4o0tivot To promote ocenomio collaboration between theism areas and Germany through Japans ARZA 0.024 (a) Churticraft 4 Imp i? ? I I ri ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 - ? ' re; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 --A el") (1) Weet.?2.?.b To heap Chi** in setisn es a poosible threat to further Japanese empension. Some premises of indireet aid etd economic support* (t) Alternstivm etlestitsi Te mean Chins sway from United Mations* isolation of China snd emphasis ea Osrmany es a possible preteow tor of China against Japan* ECRET Amu (1) BUSSigo (1) IVEM.Altilt!!! To Obtorin active cooperation and economic aid from conquered Russian peasants. Situation similar to that of occupied countries. (2) ihkocendary oNectives To promote overthrow of present government. Promise of peace and recognition of new government and place in New Order. Proteotion from Japanese aggression a side issue. AIM AB00.3* (a) PIlliary objective: To separate from Eagland4 Promise of posi- tion in New Order and independent status. increased activity of Axis agents to promote internal disorders. Fear of Japeneme domination could be used to further collaboration with OgrmenT. (2) Soconderv ol?iectives To convince of values of economic colleborm- tion and shipment of raw materials to Germany. ? 4,1C?1??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? lo",f Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Or. LI /144144-04.) tkossios i*4 C Meet Deitired. TOr.o. ? tk Popholosio*1. The psychelegioal ob3tetiva0 or "pea in tike various area* are listed beim ATM A. (a) United States. (1) Primary objective* Negotiated peace. Propaganda line wouId em. phassise futility of 'aro imolationisa, Japanese strength in Pacific, internal contusion, America for American*, (2) Alternative ebjectives ? To keep U.S. out of Pacific theater. Propaw ganda line emphasizing spheres of influence, internal troubles, Japanese strength, Nazi throat in Atlantic. (1) Canada. (1) pbjuctiveas bame as for U.S. (c) Mexico and Central America. (1) Primary objective: Same as Germany, except greater emphasis upon benefits of trade -with GEA Co-prosperity Sphere. (d) England. (1) Negotiated. peace. Isolation of British territories in Pacific. German threats to British Isles. Econ.. onic values of collaboration with Japanese territories. (2) Alternative objective: To keep British forces out of Pacific theater. German threats to British Isles. -6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ?SWE 411.9. - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 (.)SECRET (L) Pvismiar obleetiver I To separate Austral* trim 'Dated Netions and to negotiate separato peace* Xsilation of Australia esOblaw simod and Tau* of collaborative. in Co-preeperity Sphere* (2) Secondary Objbotivat forces outside of Australia* Baphasis on isolation smd hems Japantse propaganda and stibversive activities in L. I. and U.S. Eatvphaeis on economic collaboration with GRA Covrosilerity Sphere* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010025-0005-2 ? 'ftie* : Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 v mrtmelorail (b),.Ateride? (1) titta.21111.11111V To turtbar oollaboration with darmamy? (o) 3vrodlin? (1) P3paar4,objaotitti To loop *Won Namtral? (d) .T.1422D (1) Primary oNoclitrit To koop Turicoy nautralo ARBA (a) Arabi* and flan. (1) .iry To ?mato opposition to United Nations? t34? (a) North Africa? UJrUU- (i) To oroate oppoaitton to U.Sm AR.BA Cy (a) Japan,? (1) To maintain will to t&glit and morale of the home population in the face of constant rear atr attacks AIWA C-1? (a) Phindtrat. (1) Llaeala To gain aotivo wport from native populations: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 t A' ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 4 4taitiMabiale! (L) To ovorthrow OM&g ok 4overnoon on4 to nsgotists pmi with proollopaness grows, 1:10 ittiAL,01 To obtoin activa aconcato mina one AnOw (4) Ialtt, rr....Lkiwai To aeparato from Undland? Peomias or position in am Oc..promperiti aphoro and military amistsmos in ovorthroww ing Pritain? Incroaaad activity of Japaneola agvnt* and agmArt or nataonaltst indopoWlont mov*monto, (2) !Ellataiat,12a4"1 To promoto onolomio collaboration hiptemon Tndta and Jargin. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 *-- United Uationa - Effect Degired. 4. Poyeholo ca1. The pcychologica1 objectives of 1),e, united Nations in the various area are liatad below: United Stateu. (1) Prirem2Nectivo: To maintain will to fi-ht and increase uar eff:ort and prevent hostility to allies. Gounter propaganda atvainst internal divisions on race, labor and relicious fronts and atlainst isolationism. (b) Canada. (1)Primary_objee:tive: Snmo an for U.S. Closer collaboration between an6 Canada and novelopment of offon3ive spirit. Counter pronamnoa to Pronch Canadians. (c) ftoxico and Central America. (1) Primal- objective: 4???????? To nrovent A:13 from using ilexico as a base ror flI3. sabotar'o. )np3h oi oo(7.1 nachbor policy, action or Amtotn avtaLors and others ia war effort., general propacAnaa followiar, linen of Wallacoln speech. (d) England* (1) Primar: oblocLivot To maintat., cooporativi we.r cffort. (0) Auotralia. 4444???????....44.4444.4.44441(.4 (1) Primary objective: To maintain reztonot o-ai !st an. :1:18iftallet! OV $Lates rar af-1.5 an. '-pc-rt3r1..-5 playot: up. -10- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 (oi Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? 14% MA. Ple.1/4EV til=""1 Tm tm -AP !-Intmc-04 10,1;40 ni*:10 11 proontinOtt$ to 40AVP pAr1.1 Volt)iltntii() 01A-1.11,4try sAP A.:11tourgir) gliff41.10)0, TO 00110110e tac4nbil.43, 1411143d Liolia I 11 violowy0 To oronte frtotion britwrPti J\ I: nm0 Lo oowmtt, tm nct1w1 pnrt1r1paLlon tm w4r? (J) Al 1sliA1avt, obiE,ottv,i .a.1.?&???411.1?041..YAKW? Tr, I tiOtt.quin r1t,4011poll rjl An0 prplvora. Lh're ? (I) isri 41t? P.4 Ttl mfttnLoill :1,1011t.h ArriePt1 pnriirt:A11011 1"! vigv. rvn arntiI nit. 14t, r1cv:4r41,143 ,-,h,m10 114F11.4r OgIrmoni Llivs,Pt Ln i1111.14 Aftlx4n ri ? ?4? 11 ttl? 1. jklocir. n 11:11'1.1 : 1 ? ,r , p, it t.? .11-1 .111:J ; n nit ?'V ?71cin4 -; 1 el, I ,,t1 ??1:in I ? - r?!!' ? rt ,A.nt t? ? r t 4 ??4?!: 11, 1 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 4, (b) 2221Tpd Cot ntrtovi111L j (1) Prim biooblvol To matnban nnorwOrUtion OormAn produatlonN PropagAnOA ollou1e cimphomi00 Amorloun partidoltions Conriattoti or Vatod ntional or AttiWom. awodon, (1) Primarv_o_WootIvol CT....WMT., .10WWW. 1.0V0171 1.4 e PE* i%14 CO tiOratJ f.1 I WM I 11,Y ? PV00011dh 001110 omohamIxo trigttmhnt, oVir,r :lonohligv1411 couhtT (d) TIArinip (1) VrimAtI_OjootIvol W.MMIMP01.031.MCOM. J VPV t, of$01)--y-tior rel,L11 WO, ilikll-itte.!1-0011 phould ho dirooLod holvtN1 colivinoinr or tinimuk, onitwi NALtbnal vioLoryi Nilphwito pinood Amortogh wmarmw. 0rm .114molitrm WW.C.?Wr 1P1Mtli OhJOOLIVO; IMIWWWWWW.M. 4ft. leillwatajtA. Tu winlidtrm Inktwfort4100 wIt.h rutt.00 Ntalottml viCiv h,01,1,0 LO 1'31 In 0o0potiLltiOns hatIvr poLutoLlomi 411d Lo III.! u11,' rrirotAilh ,otaz,,c-41 Arrc, Jew#, '''rottct4 mid Jp4oloh or lottIA? r),,,-Inecifiarl and Anoroved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 46-4 41' _ t 9 ..1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ,004.44 ?? .4,44'743- - -? g77?- 41044:* ( ) T21111221,neg And Pg (1) EZ1441 4)15 m To maintain belief in 41tlato japanese defeat and to encourage internal dieter:lora and nabotsgoo phasip should be placed on American treatment at Philippiww, War aims re1ating to Padfic arm!, should be fully emphasized Alen they have been olearly utated? (1-2.? rt".311.1CM***6143.1"304.1. (a) O1iupsy14114 (1) 1221!,a-iN! To prevont 0v6rthvow of* Oniang Vati-hok Ovaromout arta 44pa14tei poaco with Japan. Af"..XA TIN+0, (a) quatita. (I ) VrimaPN ohjeleLives tirohork4; 0.,;11111t, 3)olit4t0811 an orc.ariltuA,1,10:1 Eth ruituleti .(14Ativum tlavratin. htrotwt..11 otiatit rnAIL. ALVA Alin-s tr. (4) ndlas LOOpe:P4At ordr-r Mh ttl 0.11011terOft 140VVIL004 oulph4rAzo,k. (1) )1 111'11,11W; Oti 100 LI Vk I Onallt?af .r?-e? ? To 4outivri tatIvi?, 1,0 JAAA DrAftin* Vroptwamla 0.1!litn.,51:, (-Illy el liked by Viatip.ot,at(i,,o,..-)ovve.i to I j 3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ..itt ? 4.; f Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 .????? I ? k, v... t 7! 1121 "11 7:4 _ 1.1! ? It.... .4 WrilVetgAtitk".0614.44....4 .4110.-?04'.1;4"i4WV0,640,40.1404.1 C. MirAttVM11..r..iWikrtVSKPtlttrgjV4PRVSttMFV4. rSAWArlOgfagnegr~tOrtit$4.4 "Rai iNt;4WrItS ? . e ? 4 4 ? T ' ?V ? 110, 120100 OA hot AMA*i.. (*), AMU sal allot properipmsdietil in 411.1444104 Vass that the amasiiiii eampsiips was a tertsante *oak tor ilialleask la the first AMMO. Mei beg ~WO V* vows* tssbouStiag Oorsocr tiss'pOtat olt assisriag iittissto =et viotory. MAW. likatioots pertioipatiom is nor loss deterairod than that of VA. Tralitien hoatilo is V?111. sad inflames of Axiowiaspix.d grospe amd ,Aads p. prepasaada loavos open possible mostiraiiiatiem sis2 lateroal dissrder. Xf nuallia Malmo a tromp atemedwilimat$6 01111110111141 ia issieo (sad Ake Zatin Amerioaa eountries) WI oppose woe sad adit to isteraa osatasiaa? 5. ratisipatims is duo 1argo4 to isterlos goodemitikbar Warts mid derondenoy (tissmoial sad eas)osio) os U.S. Violent *Mob to reverse polio; 1411 bo mad*, ? kande Little *hangs in Irish position of senatralitro *1 AIWA& No &Kress* in the willuptomfisht but a heighteniag of the general feeling that home defames oemee first and that :spas is the first saw* 8. Sem as Australia. uslikaufaALAISLA? Tto willftto414111 is vell estahlisbmd. oily in Canada* The provost of a loneoontimued stalemate woad msoeurage appeasers* native faseirt groupsj, and revive isolatienisa? With a prole:aging of stalemates is IStu and possible loss et Areas 114, ABC?2# and Milt all throo nations 13.5?1, Ganada and Civet Britain liznad he ineressintli reeeptive to Wee* of negetiated Swith *IVA 00111041111111.03.111 frost staionsoque by the Axis. MilliLeass 9. Raga* :emu is not on the mitre or diclarbig ear on Qaz.This is 1A6.11 .1111.1411014 ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 ? ? " , 77. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250005-2 'AzAtZellrateftaS=4690reavuti.a.MisiVONciew.r.tow.i."..ere!9iP.SPNIII E 1. y 4.1., .4. woincTs1.4t41 -,ttviirt,ftitttiAtiwegoofts.elos4 110411011* Odif NOW 440111061141 thial prIPAISLI M& 41I 114161111111 tiffialliatt or jooloinor osol snoptsion or tho 110$4 the on* of fathom et poem* of =lot vottotory Moo, brood wadi voirlorolloo Drosilion motiou. omit josiloso oonbisioo aim. I O. ANNOWIM4141414, oontimont foots iialioa nations oven novo thon is Itionils bat Sofloonti4 Z..kre form the Ado. 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