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November 3, 2016
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September 27, 2013
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June 13, 1942
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1714 1-1 ; , ? , ' .1,., 6. rc"r4'%.7.1, .":"*..7 r ., 7,724 '"?,,,,,...;... , . ?ov...t?.,,,,,-. =,...... --e,, ' d.i.tt ar.:.,A ?. -.' "?< -" . ..-' L. a:" 4.. , -41 .2:' ?,?.e?-,? ? -/.......,,? -?,.. . ', ?.+7.- ' *7.'n?'-,-. 8 r ?..?4--,;? Tho, ... r.,.....,i,,,,.:_ .,.., ....,...-....??,..-.F. LL '. 4 g'-',-1.11.i , 'an 1. ? !-.! `. - e 1_ , vfl._. ,? 1 ? -0 'ic?-?`'''',, 1....".?1'gf4???.- 4.7.,,,,..74,-14,-,st*, ?-?.)--A- '1.2- , ... ? t . ..? ',..',` ," : .,, - 1." s: , a.) ,, j ..v.,??,.,,,..4?,? 1,,...,,j.i.:?.,,, $> 4.1 ? ?,..(?Rttr.hef ' , ' .., - ,.. - ' 2 , ..-,..li?V?Liv ' Li, -J.!' '4'. - '" ' '?' ? 0_ r????, ... ? ...4 4.4.1...i..r,' -. 7,-.;?,:=3,1%-?..?....-44...= ila. - %de ...,'". 11k:.;'W ' ' ? '..,,A ''''it, '''' - r.. . 0- -. , ? -: .,?,..., -,_ ,r; .c,-,3- 1, :, .' . . ..... -, .- -0 ::1-- '-c-,I l'`,..i'.;.1.? -- , C,-,- ..'s " , ? .,, CIS '.:tivit?, %.,_ - 1.1 ZIVN.a., ' ,-; ' !- - -0 , tp.i.frxi, ? ,.-. .,.-?e-,4:,:is.i,,;,:f.r-,,,,,,- ,I.. ' ---:04",.4,..- '1 ? ,-, . U) , 1/7 , ? -?? 0 ?P' ???or ?,??t7Vit?,, / "--71?7' pg. 0 0 0 C\I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 CO 0_ a N- C\I co 0 (\I a) a) U- D a) 2 a) . _ a) a " _ - 715Em Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Captain Chester W,Bissell New York Ordnance District Room 1900k 30 Broadway New York City Dear Captain Bissell: Replying to yours of June ? 10 making inquiry concerning_ Thomas PpErock, 411 Ennt 53rd Street, whom you ntate la sooking a position either an a commissioned officer or an a civil service employee '4th your district. MroKrock wan connected with one of the New Yirk Units of the Ooordinntor of Information for only a few weeks, He resigned because he found he did not possess the qualificationn required by the Unit to which he ?as attaohAd. Very truly yours Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 :.CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5_ :nr 3 :3 +inrcr5 ' 10)(' (,:!,,t) ?4`0.-' 'Like = INAUR DEPARTMENT B10044/ap NEW YORK ORDNANCE DISTRICT Rodtvi Itr, so artookowAy NEW YORK, N. Y. Colonel G. E. Buxton, Co-Ordinator for Information, 25th & E., N. W., Washington, D. G. Thin office is in receipt of a communication from Colonel Thomaa A. P. H. Krock, #43.1 Eaut 53rd Street, New York City, applying for a position either as a oominiosioned officer or au a civil nervice employee with thin dintrict. Before getting Colonel Krook in for AD intorv:Low the writer telephoned your Now York office and wan advised to get in touch with you an to this man's record with your division. Any information that you can give us concerning Colonel Krock will be very groot3or appreciated. \tory truly youreil CAI:C(4 f. Cheater W. Dismal, Captain, Ordnance Dept. ".* ca't Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and App,r,c,ved. 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R0001 00260001-5 F ?rs? %rk 1744 UNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION vo MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY I am sorry to any that it is universally unfavorable running from violent antipathy to objective distrust of the man's Judtment end. capacity, I have inquired from some c: the Unit as to specific reasons. Everyone agrees that he talks too loosely; thrtt he is liable to make grandiose statanents in anr gathering and nerhsps embarrass the Unit. Some think he is a psychopathic case with queer glands. Others think he is simply below averare in normal mqturity. His eccentricities may accentuaZe this feelinc. He has from the start called himself Colentl Kroe:-; in fact, so annoktacE?d himself to me. Inquiry rel-e-ao that the title was conferred upon him by Huey Lone. His firs day in the Unit he wore a monocle. Jr4dk :"IKeeffe exrlained to h:m th-1 he thought that would be r bad q7.-roach to q shrinking refugee (=cresting a t:rre of Prusfiqn officer). He affects certain akropean manners Nth i Ch make hira conspicuous, heel click-ing, w-it bowi, etc. I h-,ve rointed out that these latter ;am:tents are trivia nn; nerely superficial thinrs. ::evertheleos, I afrni::. the exporirent is act rolng t i% th-t L.A.11 office where everylo:ty already a isli'Kes wLere both Bill Vanderbilt and I Are I try t' think of sone activtt7 in the CO/ %th,r!re he will hnve 1.'ss to do with the nubile, le-r,xl he with us - he ;:cnows htt - he el.:presses'. fer th't he vas ovane, if he left us, at e4;ptinj sone e:1-obe of r inefficiencies the stupl,'Ity fi1e . to utilize his unus..-.al talents to the .,117..est extent. If we CauL.A-:-0. I to ,-Arry. u-ter bsicket. A an St:n1s. vho.tze nersonal history is in A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 tr1? .)c : ? I , _ .1 4 4 .`" ' 1 2 r1.12 . 0. ' ir 4, ? t 4. ? V.? ? ?, 4 -i 1,1 1,, 1,1 r r.- ? i.r 4.1, 1. 4, 4; v. 4 4 i 4 s,lt t 4. ?1: t 3.11 ? t. i! " 4 ,? ; ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 , /. 1 ? .04 I UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION /70 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 I lisierroadon lie$ W. Min' P. O'lootto . 'Irons Thew derat? Disk The above persesfeeenity returned trek amoral soars is al1/11V Drafsbnisgbals, IN;$1 boss personally Wes t? se ter aver 10 viisrs dependently watt* asd &sirs' as eppertnnitly to swore isse potriotis:-, am is willing ts ems all her tins as a welintary basis sad tsas ISO lodge of Italy sad losswage fits her far sons assipmont ii I ? ?- of the Miss of tile CO!. The report of PI istsrvisw with Gettr ime , oampl?tod and you mu see from it that she apparently kept imfor syes isaCents Is view of her desire and certain qualifisintiss, I rosposttiolly roosueei Skis oonsidoration be gives her sat tb,at her qualifisations be promoted to IMMO within ths organisation who night be able te utilise her Italian baelogres.d oxpsriesose trout personal knowlod?o of Yrs. Getty I san personally resounds* her as a pore's Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 -AR 401 ty gratitude. and my apologioa. Tom hnd loarnod him loon, op, more aecuratoly, that he nould learn any lesson. As tha father of n on who always has, you will approoiatu that, Now, I must eonolude that ho cannot. I do not huow tho ronson for this latot4 failure, but T ahould like Liorty much, and Tom will not toll it to ma fully. But ba? sleally, it to probably the name old thing. "t may bo that ho is monhilly Ill; ir no, T. must find out what I eau do havo hoon moro than kind, and r hall always 'our:3 raithrully, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Colonel William J. Donovan, 1647 Thirtieth St., koashington, D.C. I am deeply grateful to you for makinga place for Tommy Krock. I dp hope he will justify the confi- dence you have reposed in him. !Tis faults are superficial, mostly, and I hope thut Wiat ho has paid fbr them has really taught him a lesson. 1 have boon concerned about your own health, and some of the sniping at you that has been goinr; on around the Palace. You do not need a not like this to remind you that I stall(' ready to protect you from un- just criticism whenever yoli want me to. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 $r?Thosas 'Crock 411 East 53rd St New York City Dear Mr.Krock: I have your very manly letter and, wish sincerely that I could make some suggest!' to help you. Let me say that I believe you are holly sincere in your expressions of regret over recent events and I am sure that none of un in the organizfltion have any personal ill win towards you. You must recognize, homever, the fact that you onnnot refer to us for a re- commendation. You can only etate that you were employed for a short time in the Unit of Oral Information and that you resigned because you lacked the necesnary qualifio?tions for vork in that Unit. If we are prensed further by inverqigators as to the reasons that led up to your renignption it must be obvions that it can only serve as e!-barransment to us and to you. Therefole, I rnlvetnntly advirin it would oe vine not to atte:Tt to do work 1:rhich involves civil service invnsti?tion. 4 ri*1.:1y, I 11.m at a losf3 to make nrRgnrItions though I thin': under similar cir- cuthstances I would, if posnible, enlist in the Army or :..,r1,rinc) Corps and endeavor to vin a commission by merit. This would be a_profound satisfaction to you in after yearn. TO= father tnlln me your present age in 29 nnd at this age you have an excellent chn:nce of being recommended for Officers' School, if you once enlist. Perhaps you cnn find sometl4ng to do In connection I4th Civilian Deffnse or !ied Cross PM not really in a uosition to judge what oppottnnitien are available becrame I an no completely buried by the work I am in. Best ,dshes, Sincerely yours, FSd3r 1iffoii npriacsified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 iiiiiii.0111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 , 41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Mit 4t4 ? ? - ' .,._ ,,,,...... 're-'. - ". 1 . ? '',.: -- ..... 1 .. ..?i. ...' -?r. - ,t, :. --- ,... - cr.: ,,,,,,et,? , ,!. ,...: , , .,...p :, lt, ' ? .. ' . ? A 0, ? . ???? .S. ,o? .a.z.?1.1 li, ..4".N;11; ,P;..f..t.C.,'?;,:?-.,?,...r.t...1??-- ??,-- ?- ,"...`", ' .,?",?4?4 , ',r?tr.i 16' e't '' ',.'2' .'" ? " "- ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Vetl' Declassified and and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 MO. 00,Edward Buxton James P.Opeata Resignation of Thomas A.P.11,Krook June 41942 71' Mr.Thomas Krock submitted ,in writing, his resignation as a member of Oral information, Coordinator of Information, at the end of the day, June 5, 1942. I suggest that in addition to this statement hi n record berr the following notation: Resignation accepted because Mr.Krook did not possess the necessary qualifications for membership in Oral Information, Coordinator of InformPtion. ????????. WOrmr Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ; :41 t 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 - -" - - , - ? " - t Lt,,t V IF , ? ? 1 ,11.11.r V1.21vi?, '.4?0101111111"?41r It ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 T -1-- S. ' '4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 461 ? .11 ? "b":- ? ..t-,e;;;L: ....4???????.?4?44?????????????4400101wimmmum64?4101011181111INNIONOW01~111111210.1111 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION vo wolsom AVENUE NEW YORK CITY Casa-14,z er.cAki. %urIANNe, tod.aer4) t? mist CArws..4?AX*N 2?ZiTsc) fp_et46?? ceRet.asz's? fIN%A.A74A..ox?, 111 crkria;c_4- J R.,3 .124.040? 41t/44.N. ri??4 ? tru-yR tet?diA\ p4.2.j2. cT.v.,r?Loel -va?x- er.Lx ,-uzt pvys\ w? ,A)ZIWt ".? . .a,4Qm ),04?4 /rN."? AoLieugli 4 Wee.. --Iirairevott4egeligswo 1-54111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010026000 ( Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION VG MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY .???>44Laa xerti. Jo& trts.+0001kk4.414 toe 9 I CAA.. S 30?01=1* :\uhAftK 6"( .???11,0ftIN,?44% 17".4 13LibtU ).4 k-,iakehol 4,#) rnitAuk tAl4N eVis1%,? ON.444 4404\1?,440Xsk Niodt,"44% _0.4 niPaidir ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ."2.4''''Illrfr-tik,,,WstgATer' Ilf'P''';'!ieji,,, , Nt',..k.? .:, .-.?$.11 . ,?.,:447g:Trk,V, ''.' '4.-- , 7.?%ao.'.'.: '''...:5:-: '''. :. ? ? " '4, : ':'..1:,- ....:'-?.......', 1-?,f ? . _ ' 'S. SI --7-? ' ? .1 sompoold* %log IWO* ?tom iffrist PifilhoSto Pp WOOS 01001444 100 WOO 10' *It4100111 0411 WWI Atikaa4t ? ?,?;)Cx Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ; ? ? ? ? t- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION INTFSOFFICE MOW DATE liay 14, 1942 FROM: To: SUBJECT: Colonel Krock John P. O'Keeffe Mt Ed ar Bloch 130 E 39th Street Edgar Bloch is k.:. meMber of the important Bloch family with interests in France. Tie, with his several brothers, is one of the ranking officials of the famous French textile firm of Bloch Freres which speoializos in the manufacture of very high quality men and ladies' handkerchiefs which aro sold in all of the ranking stores throughout this coun-wy and most of Europe. Mt. Bloch, 16110 is personally known to me, is a Frenoh citizen. but has spent considerable periods of time in this country during the last 20 years. Be is very active in the affairs of General Charles de Gaulle in this country and it is my considered opinion that he might be able to furnish this office with considerable information of interest in reference to activities in France, both in the occu- pied and in the unoccupied areas and also give us information is to the progress of the de Gaulle movement in thit country and abroad. There is also a very distinct possibility that Mr. Bloch could in.- troduce us or give us information upon various persons or various French citizens with whom a personal contact might elicit informa- tion of interest to this office. . s .?vorpor., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 roved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 tvoi: 413' COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION INTEROFFICE MEMO FROM: Colonel Krock Dont May 14, 1942 John P. O'Keeffe SUBJECT: Alfr_....end_amoi._zli_lirande. It is my opinion that the Miranda brothers who are President and Vioe-Preeident respectively of the Amerioen Armament Corporation at 6 East 45th Street, New York City and formerly associates of mined could through their resident agentd in all foreign countries and through the various foreign visitors who come to their offices from time to times bevaluable sources of information to thin office if they would cooperate. Tip to December 7, 1E441 it is known that the Miranda. had agontsj many of whom were prominent men, in all European, American and Oriental countries. It is my opinion that consideration should be given to making a formal request for information to the Mir- andas. They are not in possession of the bnst standiag with our goverment and consequently, they might be willing to supply in- formation in the hope that they might gain some recognition from the government for their services. I am not certain just how they can be of service, ab I have not talked with them but it has occurred to me that their agents in occupied countries and their agents in friendly and neutral count- ries night be able to exchange views at the request of the Mirandas and then place the information in their employers hands for transmittal to this office. Also, it seems possible that they could inform this office of the arrival of persons with whom they are going to have dealings or are having dealings, giving us the addresses of said persons in order that we can contact them for personal interviews. The Mirandas have spent six months in the Federal Penitentiar7 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for violation of the EMbargo Act in connection with the Chaco Mar and are also mixed up with the management of the Brewster Aircraft Corporation recently taken over by the government. ? ? ? roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDPiqynnrm4,?- 11,milmr""1" *qv or me 1111111111111111111 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 T,Vr .1 ....G., 'V. ? , ,,- , ,?:, - ? ,,-, L . ,.!:,..4..:islalliftaf .. st-40 .1 , - ? 1 'Vt ? . . ? ? ,- , mere thoseI i'An ,. ... ' 11_ , ' SO Manchuria, aid alio-Up, "Jili - 1 , volved gained by travel through:4t,,-isy **ha' 1,1USiaiii Ire' . : [ , ..:" ,..., ? ' ''' ' 1 ''t. '... . ',. 1 ? ' : . ' ? 'r ' , I (1) oc...2Estx; ibtootuaiziowudisot thirteorobiO3 - As. ?, considered, newever, 'theca 4410116 to Weems distances in Parigre4h PAL (2) Iseseat, .4. Article *haws a very thorough knowledge of the , situstion. (3) Neo!sasrY Obnsiderations of StrstsY The writer shows he hesaske,s:e4:, ,4,104,,, knowledge or the considerations of atritegy that moult% be isliolve444106011 This article shows a real grasp and acquantsic:Ots in the possibli theatre or operational. both frow--the side. Also their posisible vulnerability to attack. campaign in this area. (4) amaLlt9m1 railroads, rivers, Vag* etc., Russian and Japanese (5) Portirioations I. This article sheers the writer to real teats of value concerning the Russian rectified saws NA .11tO 1I - ? depth and general location. (0 Armies . Com oson - i ent 411.01P This article shows a good gesseel knowledge a the Russian armies, their Composition sod tiolir ejOiriset1 (7) iica.........alt2122221allie4tussia .- This artiole present* soda riots of * interest on the rriendship of oertain peoples for the Russian** 1 ms sot personally acquainted with this problem. The writer is obdoway very Pro"' hussian in his conceptions and approeshos. ? -'""100110me",?.4*-"ViimpWrovel0100 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ?!!11111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 .1- ? VAL7,A174, )1-lent ?t'!" I. 4 , . ? , - , < I ; ; - t?1-1.;,1 . by officers Ift t ,. o:i.: , . 2..1 . ' If- 2 , ( .,,Tr. ? !.itj;':{ li .1 0,,,upion this pOsiiblo thatOro oCsli4? ,fst . -.?,-,..:,, il . .., ,?, menet 1440 *0-00,11Tms.WArmouti**140-01, $ .,,,-.--,., tary area and ths Moly mtary oporationa,,4040*. . pot -7,,,,,,, hostilitios break out batweso Russia and Japan4 ,, , ? , Thor? is a distinot possibility that any ono or tho renaming militory mient IA intoroktod fln purohkoing knd publleMing thik artioloi (1 Tho U.O. Ookkt Artillory Journal (2 Tho 14011 Yield Artillery humid (8 Tho Ulp. Oavalry (4) Th. ua?d Infantry Journal t ?hs tiils of "Will Japan Attaak diberiaw aooma t not well dkamon and should bo changed to a MOP. appropplato ono. . 4 Z , 4, 3011410,36V4.T..1.0,44.1titi+40 POO ? ? .41441qm Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 lid.5011111111111111111111111111 .,;?????' ? ??. ? _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 +.'9r;-714 .10401fitCAL: tfia of the' 00 bond tb' the six tiotthei-it coUhtieb at 6,464.04411 .A titbit the ti'eo Sttte iedtibh fog out or their riatutel spheee, the reigit af OVA) 1 , .L4 which coupled with the centuries tatilwirith makes Ireland an excellent spot for AXIS propsondi atd firitt-BetWitititi4fiiit4 The Ifish Government headed by Premier Emingn de Valera, is desperately trying tEi pursue a course of strict neutrality in this war, while it thm, hafite ti it to arm and mobilize fnr the eventuality of inVnisiefle The outlawed Irish Republican Army (IRA) which has long bpen the scour 61' land, is definitely tied up with the Axis poWers according to lateat iniidt ih*L , formation, and has been committirg acts of sabotage and terrorism thraughaut thOH United Kingdom, since the outbreak of the war. The membership of, egs organitat is considerable, oven, having membership it the USA ailA it 0006 problem to the itx Governmentsof Grit Bfitain Wad Iti044 both Great Britain and the USA have been tryillg to get PreiSsit de **jet* to them naval bases but have been unsuccositull although Axil tAltiOltet It* optrkt4; Ins in and about Irish waters. According to my latest ittormatiest; tbetil it tid doubt thnt the Axis, using certain Irish territorial waters, is reueling# stoto but tint with the am-oval of the de Valera qavernwint. The Irish are aft-00i that if invasion comes, British "protection* ariAet coming b to Ireland's aid will not leave after the +anger is over ut will tq, cettiftue Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 - ? 1 0 ? ? , eeleseiiin? .. ?-,, -,, ' ,., dfnee dans, OnsidOeblept44ilk . . , , : foris: ,. liii*ey aidAeOreland; heciu*04 4 . ...,:,,,- i2 , ,, :: . ,? '-'net the only foreign troops,. used YtOOomba . ? , , has no territorial olaiis or desires.upOn,/i!Alandl, ? . Militarily, Ireland is very weak' in ;k11arr 's4,..d le Op of weakness isin mix air power. Many thouinndi(Ofliten, whom Ir. Sim 1 2 . ' VI-ER ? , . 1 . .1 I. n ? . , , . ? . " ? . , , , , , could oount upon for her military forces, have,Siippidibross tolliig10 the British forces, disliking Ireland's neutrality, even more than the Britiil Government. ?i ? Ireland's greatent diffiou3ty is her lack of modern equipment to caOat, any in.. vasion attlbmpt. In addition, there is ? very large "5th Columnist" orgenintien- throughout her territories which consistently hampers and will hamper her efforts in resisting Axis military moves itistx against her territory. Ireland, because of her normal diplomatic relations with all countries, haai German, mini 0,0 Japan.. ese Ministers resident in Dublin and Councilor officers resident throughout her principal oities, where they can Get good first hand knowledge oir all things' minter, going on in England. This set up is very bad as these official represent* atives send their information through the medium of short wave-radio and cannot be stopped. Premier de Valera and General Aiken, the Nanister or Defense, realise all of this only too well, but they are not willing to -"nip it in thoolnse-A4 drastic action. Therefor*, Ireland reproients "a knife in the beck' to:41hglend. Due to the war, Ireland is completely dependent econom3cally cr rtat Britain and hmerica. Both of these countries could and should force the Erish GoTernment to "bend to their will" ityx but hesitate to do so, expeciaily* the U.S. because, the Administration hesRatus to arouse the large porilatSion of Trish blood in this countryiwho always setri to look upon Ireland as the mother countxy and as their first love, rather than 'the USA. ? and geblatitva Sinoe the outbreak of ho4tilities then) )tave been several bombings lingli.111.11111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 1"1""'lliiiiiiiiiini1112.111111111111111111? , - ' ? . c ?.,` ,?A'l :...? - ..- ' :*- ,=-* ? - ...".., ?f . ' :?' = ? , 7 : r? `?. , 'PqaXt:drIt A) - This stUdor on theGentsjj A the Third Retch -1*upc1n-`44A-F; , - 'acquaintanceship of Gerakanyq*d her leasing ? nonage' since 1926. ? ;'11 ?Ir'. ? ? , ? The facts- given in this report; ii.rclittie-&** -* from a Personal -Diary of considerable "Off recOre'cOniersitiopfetr by the writer with a maber of ranlcing German Polittoal ? between 1933 and 1940, amongst which were the following:t Reichs Marshal Goering, Marshal von Reichonau, Marshal von Whrshal von Leeb, Marshal von Runstedt, 7.kairshal List, Uarebal_ von Brauchitsch, Marshal van Iteitel, Marshal von Falkenhaus*,. Marshal von BloMberg, Marshal NTM.Mktkwnson, Colonel 00neri. von Fritsch, Colonel General Beck, Colonel IReneral veMLBraldar -,. Colonel General Milch, Colonel General Ouderian, Colonel General Udet, Colonel General von Richtofen, Colonel General von Ter- stein, General von Schleicher, General von Breda's., General *on Falkehhorst, General von Blasekowitz, General von Kluge, General von Kuchler, General Todt, General von Seeckt,. General von Boeeticher, Admiral Witthoft-anden? Admiral Raeder, Dr. Goebbels,. Dr. Himmler, Dr. Schact, Baron von Neurath, Franz von Paten, Joachim von Ribbentrop, and others e lesser importance. ? ; Tha following Foreign correspondents of the "New York Tinese*meirs , - q- also helpful in many ways, from time to timet Frederick T. Birchen, Otto Tolischus and Cuido Enderis. In addition, this report is based upon my awn personal opinions, ??????=11???????????????????????????11...????????????????????*.a./.0 . res01,-1 by :-cnsiderstIlle stuI, th the information passed on to _ - me by the abr,ve-entioned pers:ns rho were in authoritative positions. 1,1?r AV. Thomas A.P.E. Krock Yr1/4.41 1 ? ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 1 ? 1 ? ; ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 % ? ? e ? _ "widely*** but shish shoo* thedkrietieWth* !lersing'oi January $1, MS, litler-ippihret$ of the Merlin regiment te'addresethe seldiers Upon learniag this, General von gammerstein, ibok,aort1044.0! too weeks before had invited the group and divisional, 00011?8144;k- house that night, thought it advisable to present 'the new'Chamoo11er.4i6i: select military circle, littler duly appeared, and,tt a speeoh otover sc far dispelled the misgiving* of those present that om leaving, Gementlhoifoi00 von Fritsch, replied to sane ironic *enemata on the "Oorporal?; *that ak 4' rate no ChanoollX has ever expressed himself so stray is firer of Although the Reiohswehr had so i tees oossulted about Mitlerss ap,peinimost in feat a last minute attempt of General von lammersteies to pretest against it' had beeatrushed oxide by Field Marshal Paul von lialturg umd lemereissi4ortf4 the President of Oermamy ? it WAN undoubtedly the main tooter in the 0*400* of heterogeneous elements which combined Lotto notorious **attend rising* et January 30th. The real inauguration of that rather remarkable ommhimatimmlily" with all justice be said to have take* place only the following evoilag et,tho dinner-meeting at amoral von liammersteints house. lhat induoed the Reiohnosihr to give its motion to the now easistuativa was the hope of finding in it politioal cover to ommoutlage both the reasommos,0 whioh it had definitely decided to put through by any awant, and the militsry dictatorship. The Reichswehr looked to the dictatorship tea mate that matiesa1 unity, the absence of atAch they had so long deplored under the 'Weimar' lerob3iO4 Their experienoes during World War I and under the Repeb1ie had oenvinwed the Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA.1.1111111MRDpi3x00001R0001001111111111111111111111260001-5 -,.. 1 ? '; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 2- t , ? -- elP1 t.; 4,4,.-1 - - -- l't.---'.?0?Ii :: of the '',, 44%404 . ?,1, 0 'of*ii defiet- _ sad ,, ,. . , : , t 7 .' ,r," ;!;S:kf . ': ''i?, t4i. 444 144.4.*44-?-*010041Piiiiii thlko. , -,. 0*. - P : ., . A ) 3 ? 4. '4:,"'il tt,tk '-,ei . , * , fatiOb.,1111. s eittlin that it betimes for Aken-41st ,satianal it. mhioh. it *sic; msoknt. 'ie. s'ategnart 1,*?: ., i ... 40011000 The It* emplas4 misread ***tier .041eenr that oil all political's:Id militory 'Lotions liorc,iiminly theY$41,,pi` ,, . ,-? .,,t: teohnique; they thus owe to believe that Easktiesw,16 c.? - dispeaseble ?old be *Ai:00W created sad saintaine#,ViAl'ii propaganda technique. For that task t he lationol Seoialtist Noisy s approrpiate instrument, Patromised by the Rciohineshr it had show i ` ' 1 ` -1,4 4 * 4, ? / . of the art of dealing with maps emotions, partiouler/y by the use of iiiiesial?' slogans in which the Reichswehr was particularly interested, and it possessed a e popoler following such as no other national roup had suocooded in obteinings In this misreading of the Nazis as a turbulent. but useful .teel'isor. the' Armes use the lea4er4f the Reiohowehr 7140104611440/040,0441( we esatimPi by the mowed group in the ooalitioa, the conservative croup, whtch with iihe , Natiemal Sooialiste formed the new Government. This group was compelled Owe. t uoin a phrase, who were politioally sterile, but bid their leek of primeipiec he hind a ()Taipei. "realism"; they thought the moment had come whet the 0011spee efi Weimar Republic would enable this to do's.wils with not oiely,the eeeisiVeateguarie instituted under the Republic, but the whole system of repreemdativeseverisocnt as well. An elite*** with the National Scoieliste seemed to provide a safeguard against the dangers of a revolutiva from the left, sad els* te weer the more ts bulent elements from revolutionstry tendencies and via them over to the sitatiimm0 side. If their turbulenoo tweeted disturbances, so much the bettor it would ? help to discredit these doubtful elements in the eyes of the ewes**. 44.4.1M4. s ?......ourry,"'r ? ? "Iteirrirri/r11/0111" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ''41..1.1A:i7g.7S "??? - ? ? it' I releite :4C 4 s `1110.T.:1/ 't lf Olt flenbeysh .?? --ri,4?' ? . .-?_.,.,spia az.4iitet. .,Wilithia`the? Gm *UI ? .- of **kilt peril ,hisd Wes diro040.4H tik , ? .-. , ne.atal autheriiri libtoiek vied allww,thun to..enrilif - 'under the guise of their legal positton`. Th.:4!)44i i:**. , : , to their partners both 4 tetvisine,,tion aa.d rwir'illuit' genuity; they were confident, that. ono, adnitt.4 ti 1 ., . 0... ..., they would be able to outwit their temperory4/itts cod eehrot 0.114100. .. , then show themselves to be the real prover in the litote 'mastoid cif Ili : and turn the tables upon their partner-em1las4 The elaborate .fetters, by witioh their partsers had meant to biud, the 11#ts. ,., were, thanks to the couplets incepacitl of the Nationalists, rapidly breams alai I 4? after the other. The burning of the Reichstag sad the myth ef a iNeemmaist rietng stampeded the frightened MIS of the middle clasp into the Istiassolikutaliet tarty Camp. The solemn oeremosy, by which the now Reichstag ma opened in the presence bf President Hindenburg in the Garrison Churoh at Polodem. altheoiii row seated by the Party as & demonstration of its "depeadesee. low eia.e1vitiel1:0404.01 by Dr. Goebbels as the legitimisation of the new movuumot by the ea PrOf** tradition embodied in the old ?told -Marshal. Alt sees Its the Betohe*- 'bi triolced into oonferring upos the SOW goverment extrehordineir 'power's *fir- : years, the transfernation of the 'National ristae into the beganstostensibly dire:Aid against the reprioettativee or the Visluar 141110114tOit is* reality it was directed just as muoh against the Hatieeulist Olouents or *II Coalition. 'WOW '"Ilt0111,01)11"e4140111.4" 1111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 7 J.?- alit:- 07- Of iii44 81 *Js I4Mi1* ib? mitalmitrito OW lit 01 by *lei* ROO ti f4ii?.4 'kw Vie fietpliattailmi ti14 bH 4mpf#0 doitiertfivo Wiewit milted 44 Wefifl few NEWWi 8, ow/ meaut Etif dig offifi IJt4I 'Wm 144 meentiettM witftfieliti? floddirmt 86, Iffakity NOW 68111.4 Jim iionmil *on ei4: tri#1.8444 atohyl thit 414411#16* sI 14i AMU* 100041401 ottikitmialty thitt, ts9d eisfiwif heir 8811.08944 Wit m iiiiiditzt Rom falt4fRttsti; 4 the Mom ifif & MN b4 41$ q$F,44,4i fnitO4f4410 4d0F0.0 o FOIR ef Offefil W001 &GRostatiomt tio+ ookipitm otmtiff 08644 Wpm ttN RIR dffiktg, eit UiWiMP tiio+ 004114 Ao 44* 4Powtimoe Ito 088B *# 4 ee 10Niff t1i14.4 If* kitga4# 1+1 6F 4; iii9#4A+i 41A6R*OF * 4110.4 itfem **Vic RON, if WI okty fingiimfy FPfpF 44 A*44;F tAW 3140 #4,FleF Fliti# fammtdim crif# Ofsoutlf*+, oo tilwo 040440 Pi iOf04,40#0 141i4it tir 64 RA4 4 0441 "o. 1f RFiF#8ft #7404f#i ofi4 NtElAfii weRitt Wirly miff to fil; 401-stcatifs tfto* 40 mkt 41 ea* f4? hcrt4 *or *OF f* iFV* kaiff &NNW 41166004190i tif'R8F41 # wri41* # tAdir WNW- 04 &tied itot ettl4iRk *** itipe4k-00 8* fOrlii-5F ti .404 Ott km/ 601044 04 44 WC; th44A 0644 W6 *X*** 44f, 5P64414 46* 0140i Maffif 410010 " 44 0/04 Alt 404.4rf o;A:i 44,4* 4,440 #.:A,f.4.0144.444 foffittio : 11144 "14 14* ....1f4L4.04,*04 dit 01040.43.A.,4 illi+Of 61. .1..45. # 4444i 4 44 44,44 fq4 4441 trf#4,ff 8f 4161# 0,?4 1;t1PP e OP, t.11.4 * 444 *44 4-44; 4i0+4I P4, #411 fillt r.4,0Jytt-44 e44 fk4 th, ffif4 44.404# ANWIF, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001Ronninn9Annn1 g jqcpszv: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 s!, iii** 11::,1101111141,141gi ..1100-41. :410 pepilietflo goad: :11 Vie MAW they ifity_ott . Otitt If it 4tiktfid "VW fiiitehfir* Akt fiefi f1g4 0,4f, 'kWft * tonifeivOIN ef bite thoQ1iePF*08F11% RNA, Chi Ai ft kgf FOP 817 * fWEIN Roit PR 4ii4 Palif8Fhitt811 Wit: BO 01 IMF, fstiNt tikt PfehtimPfl p*Ftteulollir the 49Poiffsmil 88q01 ti ' 4111 me* 4 *Ruts rfkiF 8plia#4-410: #41.11 Naikft#11Fliir tit9 FilififiiM ti44 ii4f1FRIE With fifivr FifFtto 4pIrbit th* Oplit4 H441sfpf 084.11#44 PififINN Pffit 4.42kiliftt 141# 014ogtiif 44r#44 440 44kiL 441 kg* ftipm, FpF hympy: Huffy Rffs,F f8Fam tk* higighow04 fAl? 040 *t 44; %vomit 0,94.0* Ft4RF 4194F444 fr8 1.8.440/Ogit fifif pri.4044. 8FtO#Or PF;04-#00 YPF #444444**10 4,90RFO FOinF404.# 11440N 4101044144INVONF. 44-0 #44 Nt 40-41 owNs PI 014 eitif * WOOF ef 4604 bohtt: A, *St who tiF t4e 4f01444 PF01,01#ii16741,48* NO PRIMO #114 49 $tF #4,14404Ff hi4 '114o Oftli 4464 44 OM VititALs AO* 68014.14011 00046 .; tRolg o-o 14* Imo o4 P44 4,0,*1 fokPRFt4415* ef tht itww." I irodt istRigd 04,441#44 440 1.44.4 Ay 4.-4s) ospkfirsilier it-F4 Ptor FOOPtIVA-F111/ ffe#144-1 Ftet ft , oit# P4stko P4*; 4#4 40,4* 461844-4 PAIN 444 4#1141141*104-01114 gni , ei1404#4.wg 4 $4% P40 gir044,0461 444 ORPFPfti: 40410e 44 44 40 140 *N-N *Ng giz *WO PR ON 444-4F14-40,1 14444if 44 44 r4 401 Wilt itf stiff 1, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00011111111111.111101R00010026000141111111.1_5 Declassified and Approved For Release 724/,09./27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 tO, '141ik aid . . 4,, ? , 114,1 Iasi psrtr, *Loh mai begiast4 e:' E.-.., tA-f. , jteiveiutioilw; Thos. oosiditilli wore made(p14iletutji041, : ,, 1 , birtwien thi'llinioter of WareGeneral Wirier vow Illeigbirti#: i s. Iii-- i- Cositaid ei General Werner yen Frits& en the ono die and iitler end iiiii)i, - Ridolt.,Ress on the other, during a ?ruts* on the Robert Ley during tuie ?re- of June 1934. Weeks of (haute pelitioal tension rellewed during ihioh theiiiiiisk,, wore being prepared and the lists of son to No "purged" drawn up mmt between the various groups in secret. Litho middle of June speech full of sinister warning which nobody nt the tine'taidersteed the ,signitia canoe of. Then suddenly came Frans von Papen/o famous speech at VIrburg, vaieisig the suppressed isdigsation of "despairing patriot's** but it was sorely a pretest net the sigaal for immediate end decisive aotionp it only served to emeeurato:ter _ the moment the mass of the upper middle class had to add a seer. 'Sr SOW 460, *IC ' A )2A, in its underhand struggle with the Masi regtmoo The salon at the pore, boa viotins at 'June 30, 1934. Thou the storm breke in ru1 farry. The 110th of June was the last sigeo.1 OU00,14111 tb Reiskreekr this day not been clearly ascertained, is the OXIMISItIONS esatinvoitsr IPMi *tier the critical dam outwardly it seemed to have diumenstrated the ertisiemer,ots "diotatorship within a dictatorship. The purge had been to all appearameee an internal affair of civilian dhatatership of the bast party. The tumor dietaterihip hAd net been forced to intervene at all, although the tree,* bnd steed la realities* throughout the ocuntry and officers hod Per daye lea* *tont semi, Zs Maar iiitt .00W -.?ectigsre?41' ? Ai e"Irtiterrigil4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 *air :?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 -i,vcfrrilk4www,rfr ;?.? , - Of ? . pfieti441 ;- ? el ? T; passed from t,bo 110404 1.10 heterfileg9 frioties, to 011.1'? ? smalleOtki fasatioal body, *Joh wig made the we e dasioretst with the Pollee sad the Gestapo, Ser did the loater,ertiOv sufficiently with the psy1hel4eal offeoi of their asitiotrupOi t?-.? Realm had bees his oily intimate Maki his plass tb? to a7, Ritlerls ova, and Hitler had tried is vats to oesvisee *Ochs at this ? at that mements. The pressure to ereauto him was bound to arouse kis &levee, resentment against the men who had at that memos* the mar to terse hint te-sdis The 4th of February 1938 was Adolf littler's revamp for the Nth of 4110.19$44., Ameag the many dreadful or uainteatiemal lexteasiems" of the ? programme whioh were umforseen by the Relohswehr was the mhestimg of Omeeral IhM vea Sohleloheri former Chancellor of Germany, and his wife at their hem is Berlin and of Oeseral yes Stet", use of his Satiate eellaboratersp at 0400,44 General von Sohleioher had left the uountry for sese time arbor, hie tall friss rower but had later returned sad be to laks up his bottler sovalotiose various pelitival quartermit He undoubtedly had some pleas tor a ehasseOblitlesi , far he had actually ceme to as asreement with *mho is at protest, Pull of' oenfidemce he disregard** the varaiaga east his woke looter,- he like former Chaaaellor Notarial" Srualag wad other procinett poroomislitioo. added to the *Purge" list, beomaae they sight have term** the ieoloro of a ookiiitil revelutiomary sumo The maser is obis* the leishorieelw tolooly amooptod the tool that iNte tamer leader owls* be mairdiered "oder it very so**diii mot ashosooSS ? ."10104,110e.qt _ ...????ilimmoommoimmenraii11111111111011001111111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? sir 'pee 1,f , . VOA in Wirt bitter tr1, It dreadful affair that all of veserervea2 A?'-4:- ., ..1.,.., , bravery sad ioyeltr to him. Tel the Ileialicehr'S.:41 .: ,..-:.;-.?, towards its adaptatisi to the steal staiderde-Aiihe With the apparent fulfillmeat of the leiekSieheeI epos for Eitlirls suooession to the Predidomey. ? ail misgivings. All kiads of pleas and rumors weat the roved, of the most interesting being the suggestien to make deaerel Wormer via the Ministoeof Vairfp the suooessoi to Field illarshal-Prosidemt von Insodiabnargioil;,,:; kind of pint trustee for both the Reichswehr and the Masi Per*. Normeeer*1134,--';? r of these projeots, it they were eler seriously considered* were qulikly , aside by Hitler and his associates atter MInteafares death in the sir August 1934. The Reichswebr had failed miserably to use their last ?pp* for legal opposition to the prodmaiaanc* of the Masi regime. VI? the aoi;ep*Oiii:J, of Nitler's successioa end the swearing in of the Uetemee SOTV1400 to IM1904i- ally and ao longer to the ooestitutioa, they had added smother at thea of all psyohologioal fetters that bound this mere and owe firmly to the-r whioh ia the begiening they had ceasidered morel* as a temporary maboshiff coavenieet oamouflage for their MIR pleas. The mesons for this attitude ea the part of the leiehesehr leadere21*,,,?, both internal and external in character. Internally neither the 24144041k, its politioal associates had okay real programme prepared for earrjrisw est 'the National Revolution la ease the *Ali regime was evecihreems lixtiermally* the II rernerkibif impassivity with whioh the other mere had autehed the peeparatie4 ;, - for German rommemsent, without prooeeding to more thee *pi paper preteett* At4ir Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 r 1,101114t eiiikpit?fr ?-? 4% ? lAk1410416 sr* Vie llookotit let* ilikinkts ROtelkarlielikr, aeooptiai'llit341'''''' data ta deteilaisie the politioal tate ot the 'Geri* oath* vith vague premises eta Mare reetoretio* at the it* VOA ripe ter its it hoid at least sueeeettot la its pletely UAW. tree pert. latimenees , ? .41 Pre a ,the begiaalat the Reishaweihr bad boom is street ea tat within the Third Reiahz the decrees et the mst regime applied to its sesioh!seir,, wrreaccosat. The racial Ism were entoraeti within its realm* bet leateatly. &ad with ea many evasion* and loopholes tbat thay were praottealli* Itithmt barorteaae. Oaaalik,ciaally "Itaxi-mtry&n," co:titter* were traaatorre4 to the Skir Pc.rtte* where under the pewertNxi shield at Hernias ()aortae, (ow WAX Feld Verechal) protectie** their were &stual* eatertrea the l'artea *Alaska Um is lib ether serviette. Warthal Neel, IrAimeri acid Comossior et Ws tottest is or Jewish diesecat. Above all the dreaded fleets.* had to halt at the licereteip St the tightlies servistet visors the Oeetape thieeght thee* yen rook et, si Skil* agalaat *cc et its wcabert. it boa P awbait its asAliriel, totbariStlilikir . . authorities* as that ther could have ea tavestigatie* or sets, asosreks. theI QOM idered aeeeeee.r). The pretectiea tbis apc44al irAllessretriell ea highly approci&ted that awr rejetsed ilkelibeesier toe ast othie* reason & 'lemma tare ot eiiigratioa" it Iasi to be caleil at Veit time* &setae the Struggle with Roehies. the Reieharwohr had dorialtet its peeitisa as 'ea 1001- wow , ? eir..".111.1.0010.*""111011.11" 4t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 0.1 IP Wm I re 1a1.- , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 , f; 7- 'the nation"' , _ *, . p ? pronto, to leave 3 ? . e t4110 iii heA floured iwe ....?., , , .-,, from pelt** lie its own teak, rearmineati3O It wee 'againet this 'rani memopilyiiii, tiie !irmot t .rprilrfa:407. % that the Nati regime, slew maiihs otter the arra* its first blew in order to tostuatoording to its habil4W sides eillinsness to resist aggression $' the eni 5rauGhits0h, in ?emend at Koemilgsbors, Oast Prussiais'ad among the anti-Nasi loaders of the Reidhswehr, atoppid a anal arms (Field guas, Treneh mortars, otos) destined for the 14461 Spiapi asked the Ministry of War for further instruotiene. OR reeetvias the release it to the addressee, he repeated his inquiry, but ea noel** the liii answer, had to obey. This abandonment by the Reiohemehr of itosiata to be the "only armed forms in the country" was not materially of treat inpertesse but i showed the fundamental disinolination of the Reiohewehr leaders to oenbeit eVO inch of the ground to the last, and in that sone* it was interpreted at that t by the most expert observers on the spot as tho most detiaits siga of the filo capitulation of the Defence oroes. Not that the plans for an armed "oeup d'e were Wholly abandoned. Throughout the following year such plans continued to disoussed in the Reiehswehr and in political circles oonneoted with its sad almost exactly a year later, in November 1955, a looal clash in last Pruseia broke out. General von Brauohitiooh was on the point of disarming the 8.11. eh Hitler personally .rrived upon the scene by plane, to suve the situatilem *tot had very nearly brought about a general explosion. But in prepertiea as the Nazi Regime was allowed to consolidate itself throughout the nation, the reeii anoe of the Relohswehr grew weaker and weaker . its mflitary strength inereai The Waal Party had only too quickly realised the parades that rearimumm the goal of the Releheelahros wishes, served admirably t* bind its band* is Us petpetual underground struggle whi,oh they were systematioal4 tensing up** it, The gigantic task kept the hands and minds of the Reichareehr fully oeoupied. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 "1411111111111111111 A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ---wc -..,""4?Jz ? II .?,/,??; , ... . ? ,-'. ' 1,titTfr,fz.-,,-:-?,,,v4-E::!:_,,?'4t,-:,,Ir- -----,---:ro.;-t,..t.--c=a4,------4"------I- -......... ., ..--........- ----..- r"..er.,....ri.trriitrl&-.0,rtystm,s10., ,,.. ; : t , cos ?14,001,1 ftrttoOkrlt t* ti .44. thsfr,0 mo4trtir. tf %Kt t ktitittt4, ptri4mg4 b,r the pettt144 0t4tt4fts r4ogs 4 t.4ttr 4A00.401 4044; V44. tpOittOtIA 41 Ivo**, gg 1.14 ag th44 40404 Us* 114440 tto0 giOtt14 %44 004k0 POWIP 11,90 the 1,1%040. Nt4401 tht t1/0 044gpskflo 000,41itof ftss 4'4 *4;40 ttroogtk CMAP 10 .00009 '44 tke* 1fact4000 PON 141144 4p the tt.sopkot s.R4 co, 74, the eld Reiohmeshf* orfit0 #40 014, *r MU 4PMff 4P4 1, 401t14,04" 41moismo4ty 4 1".44h 1:t4 impor1441y ever *44D oulmer404 !Ii 'I 9444y Xais. While rearmaniemt isocupiied the Reiohawahrio atteM14114 014 ifttkesed-ite internal oeheeian, the other aspeot at the original pion; tko igiong th,_ economic embilisatioa of the nations inyolTe4 it in the ramil4tiOn.afr *0.4gegteg et the Waste. Par total mobilisation turned the normal relationship het's,' national life sad Wows upside down; it .introduced am ideology in ehioh all civilian activity was sensidered merely from the point of view of its 44.400444 to war; the result was to destroy the social structure which had delrelePte4 naturally and to substitue a regimented MASS which could be tubjeoted to a pureli mechaaical centralised control, That was certainly not the iateatioa of the respousible men ia the Reichswehr when they originally adopted the idea, 1.4t its Liner logic made it easy for the Nazis to seise upaa it, develop it to the utmost and make full use of its revolutioaary tad aihilistio implimatiome, The greatest error ix the Reichswehris policy wale act that it u4dorestima :the Masi partyle political ability aid iageauity, but that it Arveloped Gernert' .11 t?Ar von Ludeadortfls fatal mistake during World War I to its logioal comelusion 1p4 believed in a "national marale" brought abeut by fierce sad pr4opacan4a. The "national unity" achieved by the Nazis with the help or terror asd the erp1006T tie* of mass hysteria, turstod out to be the very reverse of wtat the Reiehsweihr had originally hoped for; ia the name of this superficial aid insincere contend*, It destroyed the apcataaeous foodwill snd Latelligewit of the individual sad the very fouadations upon whieh 4a the reformers h&j so clearly mealisisd 1$41 years nnr-Inccifipri and Aooroved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001-5 --volivrr"""vr Aarnrm PAITZWEalerha 4.6-4.17:7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 , A .?? 44-4 - tir - 41 WWI Mt ? rest-set ?:,-- ? , - 4 4 tie ? et the 144 ??? ".;,0 e 'x ,44011,441 Thomas, iie'lleemesie. Ocioral staft40m4s4 4 ? , regard for the'likdimarrAmmasda et ,the asesip ? ef retsialag es far is peasitie muftis but 'hes is 1030 the dimwit'ss at the seri: doveloped-LIACIII Plee teems tee amok fer the Sessamie Osserel 004 'the erisinally sheen ae isterestisit, quickly meeseisei its rot fieveiir. peesibilities sad triastemed it late is. of the MOM peverAil isetnimate: its rule. - , It is sigkoificaet that this perversiee of their yea *pigtail iiojeetisiir was the first thieg whioh really alarmed the military authorities sad shoo* Soli cenfidenoe in the Masi regime," The "eoonomio mobilisatise established complete control of the loonemio life of the nation against the day of lirar, but at the ieme time strangled and exhausted that ramie lite before the' Oply had arrivedl prepagaada sead terror Greeted a ever:Wel emesumity it maticeal elegise amd hysterical mmetionaliem whisk made it peesible to direst the setiet alms ikar path desired, but whioh deatreyed in the process the fiusdaticse *taw reel oseviotiee or reliabilityi the music, pelitieal demamde opus elhoolbqrsiscil studeets, the stultifying atmosphere of the Third No1414 resulted ta teoseksit intellectual level to a point seriously silimagortag the requisoomests at MSc fighting services; the revolutionary (mercy of the goverment to teeltag with itie foreign petwers, at first received with as musk Xi( esthueiasa, bosom to 1svello the chiwle work or recsustructiou in wild adveetures% Whims limy all mow thief this, military authorities could se lector comical thopir apprehescies. Out attics* 0140111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 -Irvr7"0014 f Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 -.? ?t Si ? ? ? -L.' ? ?..;?:' t - ^ ?^ ? e 1 We - " .` 71111,$?., lt t?Pi. 616 i? ' 6 .6 6.` At 6. 16- the air44:2a*Alli , o t aka cshottlY"afttiriar4116 ..),4001 t c"- , Utast., la order :to safeguard thi4iii entailments ot the Partys that thityre siers"and everything else to the :Lattorts dienendso" The ansy vaa tam reread * the Sur* au to 1%44 oeoupatioa et the ithisselautio siich wee a tnrsiag Watt 'illt 'the exteraal history of the Mint Reich. The army' Was severely handleappoii Itig the' faot that the oeubiaed offeet of reansument sad of the pressure et the lest Treelike iapaired the laxity, of its baekbeue, the officer** Cerro. oceeraicte- Geaeral Tea Fritsch. A strong, but steadily duriadliag ninerity. partioularly" asmagst the Cider officers, still steed tinily by the useitrchists essoercattee sad Christie* basis of the Genoa officers. but arinist "-JUR App?arvit Ilia like, Von Blzoberg and roe Reich, sad others et the old ,juaker eat nehle Amine** saw their *hams ia aa epee champicaship et the recta's great mess at ?ahem soldiers* steed Utmost those tie eattrosaaopsiiUi bow dittereets *ad were only too &laid. to ask. their lamediato ibsties ea enema floor aet sorutiaislag toe alma: the. lees athrtative aspects et the 4414 srstea. acre dittieult problem was the rein ()MOW* whip viers sirit tame *WC by several tlicusead a year by the *Jittery eelleires. The ',art aajerttir seas ae huger Crest 'octal igroups with a traditima tit leadership 1* Wee but fres the lever Riddle class the peassatry 111114 yeseamory. hitherto easludied item the officer's makes these ae* wore groetly attracted by matiseal eeetaliss to /Fidel they owed their career tad thsr tented a very diffisulit proklee far the .M11.11?6 .ftemtliAportw41- ......mmigrammiormemompaimill111111111^111.1.0111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ro, -...14041111101001"10101. .1 ?Al V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 F-1:? rjt lilaV 1 ' obs.stailoitist tkiso,m0_ ireditiens it the Odriiii;effiCer. ,,...), -,A*11*.attemits,st Oes=militir eutheiiiiiees-: i the si.risys!cmit,,,,,, lows ?.it the anti trod, . -the kite, lith the exception of Marsha/ atering, 6be..14 el& junker family and an effieeref-theimperial-Army, at-th*Opi gutter.' Although the idea et *mattes en the pert of Viiiiii,14 more and more remote, its very (Diastase*, as left as it retnine0 of outlook sad traditien, romaimed a potestial threat to'the mimic, rallyisg point for am offeotive opposition. Despite Sitleroo asiiik, 1 respect the isternal independence of the army lopes his ecocide* to like Chancellorship, the Masi Party iscessaatly, by the legit) of it* situation, 404 driven to attempt to extend its oostrel over the army sad destroy its ladepemiw *Roe of outlook by permeathsg it with its ova ideas. The chief factor behind-. this attaok asd behisd the attempts of Rosenberg, the Masi Director of idealogy* to introduce his ideologies Late the barraoks? was the $.11.4, the elite organtsem ties of the Party. The 8.6, had built up sad empire of its oinvithia political direotion of the Third Reioh, had brought the vital rattiest smoieo, * centres, one after the other, under its coastrel. First, the Ministry of 1114001 them the Ministry of Home Affairs. against Ocerine's opposition, them the Propaganda Ministry had bees permeated by its agents natant the will sof brie , 4 Geebbels. After that it WWI the tura of the Wimistry of Agriesltars sgsterbilif2 severe resistesce in 1936, the Foreign Officio, *bore Boren Censtantialrnilismil the Secretary of State for Foredo Affairs, is forced to put ma the iiime!t uniform or the B.S., flit, Guard. The last of the great peektiomi in the *II sector to fall was the Ministry or films** under Dr. Rom** Grooly $ehMetoldhe using his purely personal allegiance to Ultler, had for is Ion braved the wed hand attacks of the S.$.. uatil he round one day that his Viaistrymm tedifir obeyed his orders; his then refused to eater it and Hitler had am eleamalmitiW give him his release. Thus by the sad of 1931 the army nes the oar sappooma ,....4,..,_,A..?......,....,?.?,,,,,,.... tr, .01?111.. s .,PrSir 4 dib?Veresr"Artirl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001 ft. evt'r, ::,1001,ce*Iktnika itiro and was ,still almost ?tempi's*** commi4t frOki JImary lOSS the Army leaden! tried ,to ?41,r1Y to thew by Field MIrshal von Bleiberes marriagot Ti (i( plows their grievames as iaternal and external matterilifeic, attempt was met by a mounter offensive of Beinrido XiMaltmr, ,?.. t(and Gestape. The comfliot ended, as might have been mooted* IL cof the Party; General rem Fritseh and the -group of 614 jomkor.Genera tired aloag with Field Marshal via Blomberg, sad himmelf took over: supreme command, with General ven Xeitel as his Chief of-Stsiff madame Brauchitsoh as von Fritsch"s stumpier to the post it Mead ofIthe Oa the other had, the 11,1. failed to achieve its main cobjeetive,'to break down the army's immunity from its jurisdiotion; after a severe confliet in the Autuma of 1930, the Army's indepeadence was coafirmed moo more by Chameller Hitler as Supreme Commander of the Fighting Services. In all ether respeets, the destruction of the Army's traditional foundations and its assimilation to the gemeral outlook of the Third Reich have aim* that time made rapid pregress, as the regime gained in prestige as the result ef every mow vitt/Pry., In ()caliber, after Munioh, General Ludwig Books the first Chief of the new Oemeral Staff, anci one at the *set oapable 'Moms ia the Army, as well. as one sof the most determiaed oppments of the Regime within tho Aniy swiped, be. cause of the qpo of Oseoherlevakia, and becoause he sould not have ,the rol forbidding officers on active service to join the Nazi party effeetively oafs some officers having *pinkly taken sides against the High Osmond in the September crisis. During the winter of 193e mad the spring sad early mow of IOW promoting the outbreak of World War II. a Whole 'kale's of incidents ebeirei rapid developments of the new situation. The soldier's oath me deprived it its religious chEtractero en January VI, 1939, the exAtaiser's oiaktiortk birthday, all expressless it sympathy were strictly forbidden by Gemercl-mem Xeitel? The nest decisive events wort two moves ebioh fellewo4 each ether to rapid emeolo towards the wad of January 1939. By the first of three, Ole Aservirt Ok monio Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001-5 - ? .7.1rx41,F.s.,tr .' 4, r. ? !?Y ' 4?. ? 4,,,j? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260061-5 ?? _.? T 7 It 11k''1114 toik t SflY4Phillii VOW .** 01110141it li1 101111 itt,iiiitikettil* *Not- tilt ? spooto1.,Vd.14 NOWINARAllittfei %hio*opoo pristioitivgWiemosaleol ow Vtio '$014 o ., Wks** kivt look ot %Mit 11t tMwopir% toisHmolt.,L *WM' *Otto it4litbot*Ik 4Nowort 11, 101. to the (*PAW u,tioiktlikt444Aii - St %FM iittitiaeo itat theolk hitat t Ai Noma Itetahiv43 #elviittlit4 itktivii tit 11140 te0 011111014, thinkeakity mkt sikirtiat illkWA119%ti ti4k41 With thhough VOA *M04 tivaittilkily it thb POthei - talmtikally. oat vomit Itiltat Iiths iwatitstvisiiiit tiks Osaka VoLiagh thys iteitmtift 441 atitm *twit to tine st hi *Mons twiwit tholsviAlAt thitif %Await OfiltOMUR Ach ta jot* Ii fott hith*rto toomptt*t ot ppliett*t itit4 WsditPti* tht 4tfiolimi ottloof wit rotuvoi tem %t goeittl ittpot * t4ilt NRWitelki 4atitte1th he it t.:o f4 timtl tim tlerW*1% toAV ititittootoliesf hit ittomist t* wok tim th* ts** humAiiit i'?.t 4 rwAttita tt th* Natatatitram %Mist it omphttit** hr thy, Piktt th*t tht Atli* iirtmAtv koavit pima* thlb oltattt ticttiliR= titw with tho CAti *kWh ito 1004.tr ?14,40q4k1 r01104e44 eraPt* th* Mk ciktUp 0**Ak*AltV, tttptitotwoiwi,i. tolpoldogkttly tt Th?t k Pail tstitviRlt Thw Rti.thtwthP Aid all ktt otwop tt prtt,t) tht hilthvitelakktiktPte aRite ike MI* 0101%* ww4 **ft ftkiwt tom* pititettli *** th* oullw**if oft %At II4Opoo4 ttorythiwit tt bit put With th* outbiltok of tht WWP appotittoR tht KikieWtwthp to IA* Illtlefi btootot Aortiloott wad with tht emitilkasag itietofitt iR Nitatta brat, th* Low OotottiAots Fratiwt, d.v**oik timt tht **Fir 'oft et L&Ow**, It to% 44101 impottibit tte flov oppotttito to 41 ttliwitittd, Roarretiti vitio tt tht Pwitt th*t tht OtiletAtikt4 tpotttO th* imotiga trisw Oft th* asfitortbit vtplaitt tho utott tit *totht of mitaPavt tR Nooks hot WpoiiNtt?; dttoriolot4 oppotitiom th* k.**4*1- ity 010 rifiktttt j***Pilati lt hitt to Pot Wm ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 that the junior *Moors - Lieutenants to Majors and the middle Senior off10167.0 Lioutenant Colonels and Colonels, are for the nest part- permeate4 with the Socialist Creed as are the rank and file of the army nukes it rather isrpoinable- etit 3' a "Revolt of the Generals" to have any chances of real success. nar.inifipri and Aooroved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION )6722t7. ??. AlriA%' ovw, m OFFICit MIIMOVIAVIDUM L A.44.1.11 Ntuve?\ II 13 q:NA.Z(7. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ?!? kolisCIPP 40..011111,"1 woogligraPi 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ?1-'1*?%.??' F '1? Ttt have road Mr. )(rock's 'study entitled "The Norman Army.Its Political Poeition and Influence in the Third Reich" and because of some quite obvious indiootions compared it with Herbert Noeinokiis book,"The Gomm Army". I found thatoacept for 'surprisingly owe word changes,* few additions of titled before men's, names end 4 few brief additions this "etudy4 in 4 word for word copy of the sixth chapter of Roeinekt'a book.Thio chapter begins on page 21b and ends on page 230 oompered the eiret sentence and the Jest sentence of pooh paragraph in Mrarook's study with the first and last *enteric* of each poragraph of Chapter VT in Ur hoeinski's book. Exoopt for the slight deviation* noted above they were, identical. The first paratraph of the Krock study apparently does not appear in the hoeinski book his dont not the lent two paragraph.-starting with the word.. 'The Roeichaworhr did all in lets power ,on !loges 18 and 17 of tho !Crook study. r It is also interesting to note them% factat 1.In the second line of tha second peregreph on pogo 7 of the Krock ntudy the word program is spelled "programme.-just as it is In the Rominski book. 2.sear the top or pate 13 of the it rook study a few generale' mimeo havoi been added and a sentence concerning Hitler and Goering has been added.Then the sentence readingo"lionoeforth the army,as Generals von Fritsch and Ludwig Book porsonfilly explained to me shortly aftervards,gwes so hard ipla to t oven to pronerve......" is taken word for word from the hosinski book. The inner quotes aro )(rock's and do not appear in the book the.the punctuation itself) Am explained above the compertmon revenla a row short additions and a few simple word ohantem but on the whole words usedipunotuation.paragraphing4 and spoiling makes it appear that ono must necealarily be a diroot copy of the othes Poeioski'a book was first published by the hogarth Press in London in 1930.A later edition was publiahed by lieroourt Brece in New York. ????al. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 14":2410" 74CIfr ' lp? var ' t t 3c1;1. 1 t , t ,r Af21,144141 ar/ akkoti k_ 12 /1/2 11- ) -kr 41' 4-A i ? (-1 a ( ?.? " ??? 7 - pj * ? ? .4" .) 4C--/ t' , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? .?? NITZEITAtI IMICIUDUNA 170 MADIICH AVVUE L mai vow ?rnr ..? JIM* 301 1,942 Mgt Memorandum tot Oolonel Buxton Yromt John Pt 011Cee1fe The explanation of the eimilarity between the PM etory nni M. Xrooklo report *1 given by him is no follow The material WAN given to him vim:W.44 And he wne told Oat it had been given eleswhere. When tho olose similarity in wording between parte of hi* vs- port nnt1 pnrto of tho PM *tory watt poin40 out, he poated that tho information wt' e given to hi* verbaly$ He pointod out, however, tilt-a thoro were two tame, in hio report thot dia not. ttpponr in the PM otory, taso ODMO othor informAtion. oir Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 - ??? !?? ? ti.?wriviite"or Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: 4,01. -? ,h ? ? 4 ' , Jeusi, 1$41 SIM lismosemedem tea Osplastil avows s root J. Pe Olisegts - Tles esplanstiss et thoe sinilnettr %Mesa tire lit stow sad Itr. Amite. report as ihlka, idat is as follows& !Ow aniestal vas Om I. hia vnifitaire sot be vas tad that It kind Urea Aran sissidesisk Us aloes siallsolty is wording lietwess psis if his re- port sad pails It the Int $low tile pointed set p sow ponied that the infonesties was gives to bia polasi sato bowswer, that them tiers Inn arse In Ms report that did net appose. la Os PR star", slaw nos ether laferantioa, ????????? r,kA r ? ?????k!' 71"' ? -4-1J4 ..? -41 jr??????0161. ?s, mer?????gr ? ....-..41111111119111011/1r1010.114.1111100 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? ' g, 4- Sc gritor-te -11034414 - i ,-.- ; ,F. ,i,' ? -. , ... ' '11 10.?Fielonemgrange, 10.011-arie,....0.......ria,0411P.ii - ',..":"",-......".",==',1,2,i,_.?, it!":-..,741ittik-F, ' ,- -1.----.- ' - t?-? F ',:' --`3.- '-',..F,11.1FIF.F.:,--..,,,z,---,..t-,...,,,,i,rcOrit4,,,,,-,........,..,,,,,,,,,?,e.-,14-t?F.r,-, .. .. t!,,,..... 1.,.... mettm.. 190 talla VW" *oh sh 01/0411 1100.004. WOO VIA WO* VP A IONEIA *WO tittewfk ttio vikVost Vt, WO* VIA OW Niotik 41011% leek 'Root 100110010 111 litittou *Or Wee voe, % i1 ol V* WO* OrAVONfr %Woo I* Ivo% IwIt 4101% tiOokik ,OF Tot .1 ??? ? .' ? ?17VII!!,','"T.1.Virri Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ??? - 1, ? , , . ? .VtlnklininligidaMagellielift -,,Ii!), IIMPARIMMI111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP16x00001R000100260001-5 jr$1.94-ow4,,EITtoripwaltwietewo,wi .7terwmc75Mr.ft . - TIM.41,-A N - ??-t: Pili... Willi Weft% %mu 140.116 mom Imam %wow %NIVU NWININI 1110001111.*' 111111". Oft It* Airalmallia: Ors ix MO Oselosor? WOO owls 0 *ism ? 00.04,0,7 b4404 001004 Nor, Sosersi 100 ? ta., irsrd, bowie st Pimoisis? Sol*. IirtSjesti is veer os101?4404 as4 WOWS kssrelody? WriloOr ilois ham slijosti, IOS tip. psi's, Ai mit reliable miss usslobt. epos rare eeessies, he ear w000 t00 *It room% his maw sot los 10104 40 bdiat01411 pew ta Arseettak ter valuable womb* ressis0, estivities LM14S Us, s Woo lostlito mod eselos roli0OP_ASO 441 a reprosoststivo it industrial tiros is lismOSAissviw 410104 jest is quite positive se to toots ossiswillog Avis 0di0stimbi000 as he ocasidors his, 'moo roltablet ksoccor, he AU alit 000 kissolt? So lett roc vir 10, limo sutron? lora 1000 is Saline Oormaays formarly. lAsisismasli Oasts& it the Imperial Oormes 0~4 Start ts Sharld ler I0 Solstoi to eevers1 it the old Gorses royal hams. Subjeet is very sotto Sad 4*4 slave his boom tree porsosel bowledii it tatervissva. latorvieser has lama subjost asd kis testily ter SO ploreis $060 jest hso eossidersble holdings is lied sad ooeuraties ilisiters Hosiophoroe Subjest is quite positive so to testa oesessmilbg submarine Uses, as he eossiders his sour,* reliable, hassvaa blo did not ass this *Await. duhjeot has 'aware proves kieselt ego trompoly depeadeble and rellable has interviewer kmow his Wee, the war. Oubjeot lett V,S, tor home sisy Pk0.41,1I0 AOTIVITIM AND SMITIMMIT or .TUU 00YONMINT Of TITILL.NialkraMIHASSIONP9 Tho U.11, in partieular, and the A131e4 nation* is senaral, have bees to vim military tarns? both "outflanked* and seavelepee by the Axle MatiONS 4.4 *sew tina during the last few months, sine. the atjourmaest of the reeent 011111001,101010 of western Hemisphere flatfoot at Rio do Janeiro. Tho ?th.4 agatiale ere $04S1 to have to do something about it very 40014 mud in s most vigersousammer. if tho Axis headway is to he shocked, aeoordiat to lay soirees Who gewersmeat it Argestis4 is aotually ptrforaing the duties it a *144ilssisa ter litter. Walt. and Mussolini in the Amerisas, tied is a very dotisito throat to the oosithassest flank at the Western Memisphere &toss* *retest, My course said that daily. Arseatimate madetiosmvser preftesis policy, is grata' sore deagorsus to the U.S. sod the Allied aatieses when the gevermment at Argentina refused to Mice (laith Chile) sloes with Wks solid satietAxis treat at the retest ocatoresse et lie 4* Mei" the 001,11,Mi President, *armed S. Oaetille, still was Wert* tie stetreeldlis the IOW WOW* the Axis powers *ad the somoslloi deemaerstie 'swam Sesever, is pest OS deo sy sours, states thst there is Wish* oVidssee that the **trod tome" attitude has keen relplaeed by a definite waniciriossrtse petuy it support, which may ems out into the open at *my ties, is 40,4 et *a leant knowing the profiremos 0 the great majerity of the begostise raver at the United Nations, The official attitiods ea the' pert it mont or "argentine represents e roil donor te the U. IA, imemme it Ingo (1) Arsautina, with its normal lmatie reepreesatiattem ia Me 4001 Axis sountriall, aeartitutei a serious liak it vital stilton istormoities 10i IS* Anil MOM Mddit40M, it 114tr'04 AS 4 virtue% Ugliest% post tor Italia*, 4speseee and Opanich talangist agent* mod reprommatatfivom. by means of exchaude anal credit, Kitler, Uirski4ail Ilmovel4st mad troop* or their ammts and ropreteatativem in the tottiAm (g) Argoatiaa nem* as a 100 ror way sietwiels 4 esmpplie0 power', only 1as *mei Arainti** unotiated * *redo WWI 10.0014 11, . _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 AWIREIVERCREIZEI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ift 4 - , -T 4. '''P? f,?= Arigeatisa aly I$. MI ??? it oasis 1600114 seat aid Oliallt toed *WM to Spina WAAL seesidiss assn. is %Ma ttosswohipped te dermsy miler soraimm? 11661 %id 'L by a Opesish ettieial is eke Arileittia% Awe eio mmovb? 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This larersatios was soured 'by sri Imre, tram a iaapbsit PsdiilsSf the Argentiae Navy. (4) VI sears* also said that a insiber of Genoa skillissy mad asvat of sealer rook Ikea reesstly arrivoi is Argostiasb dertai tha look issepteasairs hLs departurs for the worth, whisk was April 111# 1101S. Sihat ioet at sitif et this at the Use et his departure oat did set Mow twarofillortir alma* kik he leo11erse4 most of the arsqr au were 014 somrepies it his is itike baporial losass Army or ill awl 1518. It is tor these Misesa that ea est sad ent promAsis igevorissab is Ilosses ANA repreessto a real amain to the 1411,1. this sitootisa 1100 INA isms* sit Sarni U we eeuld heseetly believe that by 'Lilies slaw villa Preso* illafte isO etill *weld gala by .pposasssat Wier ihie III* %lie" ? 1406411.11 1011$ tkilniela biomes Awe nimbly sad utterly ispeosiblo for thi .L sow Oestille has jellied the Axis side* Asoerdiag to ay sews% as. or this hest yardistioke fry shish to taMileulfli 0.11111113. eat his patsy out as to what he is realiy yip to. Ikea be tees& is hie obbilisio tamest the Argestiae this WI, Iwo loom tissemlot Tab* 0417 la the Artiao Osaigress as a Masi roseistmemaiskaissi orassivatioa "Os Cestreptsiesal Oumaittse lemeetisatisi lost tehosielsoissivested it1as s tiP? gastiaa has preeisteit 4emskoataa7 proof as *widow of the abate tillifte 10.4 worst larsolyb Presitisat Castillo's rigid oestril or the prom on0011141, tattoo take his *state or slop" p000rea the Illatiesaliste soolossat lio tag deitialto soseatoa 'while liberals *ad rtaileals ben** by stew Or thu satins Prettiest fres WON; *poi sootisigs? The liett MIIS? Oft. tit Via *Ilatieaolisti. slimmest is a Dr? Iteatiel PriN00414a otorirood, YeabOO?Sirttliiii :MOW vete was toregirly Oaverser of the :It tad tools,* mooted* et hoses dreg., reesosay keeptag in the buekgrewas Prestlest Castillo hos bees* sere oil We* Mi 1111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001111111 1-5 ll1111111.1111 EZEMMffigitraMOMMEA ?jakiti Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 VT, 4?: ?rilroppc , ? Argestase lbw 34 MB sees la hie speseerehip et Dr, home silt hie aetivitleete 10004040 *aid Preeidest Osetille dissealholi ',hat the luau radio etati401 seatisig time to Dr. hoses* is spite at Vie teak that libe Ise bees deammeet is the Aripeshise Clemagree. as a last ileeedet ? Preatasst Saatille tlavated pahlie 01101111141a *es 'hoe resemelltv *3110104 tie 0010111:, she V. hie same is advertise ?Illatiesallets per* seettams? Sir, *ease ham three mist *SW. s (1) 110 WOK leeLI.011C.11414011 everithiagg /series* owl Dritide ossed. Cl) tve)admelbse tila sabers is sad eestissally shone, Abet *Or we Net Argestise late the ear ea the aide at the Mlle* salliesi? 010 esoperter it the torsi.' 'eller it Preeieset Osetille be "les ties eat at the looters Ilsaisphere Vatted Presto mad booms* he is sake a triesd it Adolph Ilitlert" Or? Prom.* sieve his iseetisse with all *h 1P41111100 tinterf,..r.,21 Utley sad ia a rut speoeh he made it algae iitypioal liner lim 1 a& 1411111011,--- - polished to soot the Areastia. iseporamest% 20 teary. said tt this epees& delivered la sitimAiril 'was la leis "dal, IMO- seat territrissly slew tide; to Uhler weer seek is South amerisa esi4,1*1101101. this es the tut 'Mud he has sees sear semealled teasist rallies Wawa aid Ilkas also observed Adel* Mier tree time to teas at oleos reieser. *OW *pooh Ders Freese *gall, telt hie t31u.ssthat it 'OW Oar a utter it tber sit Wee* Prseitost *metal* eat the izseatise geverinast three eft its prow* 4.`i Oise sot woe out flatly tor ol000r Um" ilsramucarle bk wieriumass, imagio tools that the ftsoriessiii siteaties is Anseavliss dess401 be sipped by, um, v.*. Were a *reit asesepli. IL. proesstet WUllk MOM 41. at the Mtia poser., sweets *tress military er oeseeeie eating %salsa* the preeest mine is Jirsestisa? 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Os OW et Ike MINA 111100.001ft Is ales *mad that vs dwelt eyed sere reakies pelitioale headasee eel im13411.0y Merea as war geodeserill aelhaseeder.? is pretenses te libistriisalL peep)** lesasiees the See* kusri.sse sere soy ispreemod by peeplie ee4 arm eseeppiag inpartast politiesa is the evilimilea pelILtiesi Nit sillier' life at as limperitAt asallabo Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Aosolti Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 n x . ? ......100000111111110111.10.10101MISMOrnimumwom m.........0.400000000101MMOMMOMMINOOmmmom UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION 1170 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY jun. 10, 1942 Memorandum tot Oolonel Buxton 'from John P. O'Keefe Attache& are two copies of todmyls "PM", which cc ltain the firet installments of the series montioned in the memo of yesterday. .04*( Attach. ,....0.0.......mmommiNWPIMINMEMMINEMINIgill11111111 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 4.64 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 1141L ,r0e.41.4r4Irr0?,-,e.", 1 e 'e L .? , V 00111111111011110.0eammememeimpossmw UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION vo MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY Memorandum tot Oolonel Buxton From: John P. O'Keefe ' vocal x g:. Cii,w44 4 Mar 25, 1942 The attached memorandum was held up be- cause shortly after it was written it was reported that some- what similar material had appeared in the newspaper PK on toi /7) Monday, May 18th, Page 9 of PM II a so attached, and the similarity betwoen tho rDp.)rt and PM's story is obvious. Attnah. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP1 ar 4.16401,? 4---turporreOPPI 3X00001R000100260001-5 ? .11 ? c+ a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 , WIVE' Mali. *Ma Vo\ierei. Ai:L.8es 14.itoir. ? .12 2 2.112 ii.40V124401: ;I 112/025121011vm p * a 2414 :*0 e. e III AL ? ?A 241.'lia II ICH" ?7A 1111.001MMAII?01?1?011 31.% in en It ; We% .ricas . .8 manine lia 13'i %A Vervklailse,:liee VA 11.8" ' -ct VeyeAl lyals in% 1% -,1 :.ittrveAtva c fa i Vil% I alb) IetA. A ii ri-'541i-WA Alicri) '6.r A fl il l[t1Wel) YesitaVe A's e tEefic, 51W a ye xo usela. ao ELITC1,, a NAPA 8 8410. a own su ; awn ?T. It .11 et?) ? & ;6v ers 0 son 11808 8 r be %VA ease !lee4) 8V a. le yr sone. reason napCEIV 0 an:, co ie ereqatt. reason arke Da t A and o sV. Art2nalA 'LW Witl o -tow CO 01."1.1 11E: o a t cern le.;); (614Wec', tit: '; epujnsia'grli ect Yfe 1.Valirt i61.?y ' ? As ? ? we * ri;$ 8. us ne I e ra),ssr an eo raiser emus: " Is. B su*re A etAmi ?eulwne ?am es not see em ? tet*CT: 1==T= POC.11 iS60 1.41 36"1-11.ti's t'biltier* it tibi63Ant AW444 the4 ?J tOr ii orLc tai. VaItttila - ? s ' W461 or th'; ea Wbl'isbies. ?1/211.Nee... is verr trokklditilFyg bAs VitlIV4-argik ewe h 'vn.ottri tiiNect AnA hit; Mira* for hnn i-oi&'ng in.. a1c eoilikka t,WiWis-teit n'tnigplisre. ;v0h1ve SS ti) reoth oillfrnetr5ne 1.),0s, ns he conelaei-s 1WJ bilrce rei&b1?r,Ti? MI not co thivr, himself* ttibinet .111kfl Pl*Frys rrnven PrrInlle nr.4 r n1 0 viftgr Interviewer Irreir Tith thn war. So.:1pr! 'nil r.. f 194^. I LE_ AC,1111.1T11.5 AIM iT1 tF 1:111; aargillitthe.q.- -GT 1110 r?S. 5n pnri:letliat, stla the' .611 ierl. nn.tIons th Lenny-n.14, 1/2.Ati It' r't1i "OutrinrikOr Sni "ftnveloper tte 1,1t-itIr the lnst fewtrorths, ,93noe na:lourr cics VA)?Ar. rwrisrliere OnS 111' Janetto? tv b!rtre to 10 sorler!Linr, n't,(Alt goviEgn4 in 1),0 c- "IP l'?(' 'art 5(1 ncl tut, r .1,11.jAs of 4.1;Ai 110 PlAsniInt ill IMP AT"PriCP0, iq n vOry r1F10, re 41, vt,,miq11-1,rn lprers. mvqtRm. 1-7 the kx,1 r" c'!' c'!'the rOtIrn't;%%%iat The Alliea nr04-aitg-Si kcio q iritaroil4 soul-ce: The pirtitili#0oT id(11man ror n5t1i157pg.2:04-o kts threat to tli,--15jVittt174`aa t11,41 A-E?vtinr,'s Iluaor-cover 7(s1icy, riotn Inneintrnr ,n iie-.r. nstlor?, r, tliP rovor-tment or s yi-oa rre.ft3'plo, no AO?: rortrq pro lu UVlte ource states rkt.W" httillat? iVA? sulvort: 1000ii rn ('or tnn* 1-n04lle the rtAff. fft4a* or ttlo rbItAl vpilt (0- !1.?, kt-,:nrttnn, vit t/16 trnitt.?, tt Itrmtft. nl!i! 11.411kr.: irtjrront0 cr1-1 11 Mehti$ or o.ohkre orr Oloott- Aroht6 *to 1r, relAtli ?`...? is rc'win Arvin 1-irs t sruser3 to follfrr Chile) alpoi. et tate rnp7T, conference s,t Tap :le , nsttlir, ern wnF try rt o r'streldie the rktbe* ? 'In-C111"! '0TocrPtie pcliTTy, rtivrver, F14 t)sslt that the,- Is ciefinii, eviie-r.ce tlist t'hn "sttsadlo tI 1.4 #06 toOett,#a by dn4t* draei'?c0i4ir petlai e itto thorenat az' 'Ice* in '4Ate or 'the rent4 or 1410 vent vAjorit of I V,14itki eooTh Jt .r1".1 etg/uab or th.f, pOr4 or tpT06: 1.17,r.et 4-r, the. 1,pere,:sit th'e rc,114; tr.q glb en 4"., 4." tle, Fhp..tr,s; 1.411-ne ezA., "?1.,' ^T. S.12,53 rIlIt?rv InfotAilittiot t ? ett?1 orroro -4 SPry," t: VI Aftv*.t.44 tlq tel :?/-rect V.stw-int, q;etts refrettNr/Alqi(eir biCt ,tte; 1,,nlz "or 61-..--r1iPb to W. kleti it,totIRt01 tt..844 r4,:at -.At+ SOIIA Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100260001-5 tre., ? ? If, 1' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ArKenbina My 10, 10411 eSie it sends wet, moat end other rood stuff* to apsin, wU? Auoordlng to my semroo is then trens.shippod to Uormany under acreesiontsi This **A told hi* by x 4enlah Oriole] in the Argentine, by nsme0 Jose de MM. fle (A) target:tins is the "book dtiorw or the 110401. Its lonE ookstline offers tempting webers for Axis ountnartnesibo Anohor And refuel th And then ettotok Allied nations sh1ppin4 in the somtb AblAntlo And south Psnirio Aro**, My souroo sAys Wok. rut' tho pest 00 doys Axis suboArinee home boon sooretly Wooed be nolo oertein ()otos, Islands. And weber *rooks for rooting And repAirso by tooit owl gnovot 40vOrMOnt eKrooment. Chile is oupposon to h*** also allowed tho nos or some inionds hut sonroe doos not know who thor t:1$0 Ohl 10100 stovernotent mAiip en op:roomonti. or w1 (k.. tho Is to just; noinE: Chilean torritory. A000rde Intg to my 000roo 140 onrp000$1 1 it I I on or t.hroin Ax I ? pubmte I tiebooes in ArKenbina sand (ihiloon territory ore mm follows: Desolation !eland, dant* tneo lolond, Woltootnn Iniond,, Honnvor Imlend end 1VollinKton Tolland (C)iile). Al so oortioin ohoro orono In Lho Onlr or :1 1.. onoritee ( Of or 11411 MOtike And the gulf or Ponos (ArKentIne). Aloo oortoln torrttory in Torre del Nog? (Argon* tins). Thin inrOMAttiOl WAO moonco0 hy my notir(50 'INVit Oftptein ittilUs Or App;ontino Novy. (4) Ik1;,. SC' ('ca A100 noId Lhot A woohor or uo or nonlor vonh hod r000nbly orrIvod In ArEont.Ano hIp 0apArtnro ('or Lho north. vehloh won April 1(1 thom ot tho Clint:. or Ma ttoportoro Pont 41 td not ho hoIlovo0 moot or 1hp nroky mon wero old oomr Army or Ms ond It In rov LhoPp roppohp L'104,4 All ot4t. tool W. Vlieiroolonto it rool moilooq to thn U.O$A. In AP WO oonI0 hottootty holtovo thot by vlAyl it 01111 oonld :,.o in IV oprnadomantqufl.Ior MP 4111101011 h000moo ol?nol+Itoly ol0 nttsrly cantIllo hmo jo1,$0.1 Ihn hxIn niloip rmAlt militery end navel exports ? dnrint Ws week previous to 1.94. Ito hod not 004 Any of oow oo$ or their nomer but ssid odes of his in the Imperiel 0011-th4ft Iro-Aole eovernment in Noti00 Alpo* sitqletion *As bed onou4h so loni 6 alcv14 vilth rvont(tffint Ookott1100* 6utoo or ti o "Ooo41 W.Ighhor.* Th$Z- mpoonlbla ror tho UIS, no* Uhmt A000r?lIqr. to my rimwon. oho or thr4hont yorilottoko hy wWtAh tt m0004ro coott110 on0 hIn au.% an t, what hn to root4 pto, ono bp Powna to hie PttSAM4* townr1 Iho "NotIohn1100vort$ (Thtm portly hoo ban.% 4emottnO*4 rope4tt. odly in Lim Are.00tIlin Cotwrono AA A N Wrolooiot.aomthekto4 orvikntoatton And 0* 0014. ronni 0aal Cimwnt tHvan t tea t Nat'l ri?ciot nt....itutzt,$*tott not tvt ti** Eviottno ham 0.000,110a .toonmontory ffitlr AA coftle,a014 or ths st,ove riots loopt tioorot lar!oly by rroptiloot ,opIIIIo'h vIFI4 oolOrol or ill* :1*?*4 ount wa'. 0AttOugl uhlnr hi p "ot.t. or oinro" 1,0*Orill. L110 "14Attonx11*0 m.411-mftioint to tether- 1%,0: ar,rtqi t nituticint um! $10%1 le 1 lliorn t and v.11101'10 aro bArrcishy or44sr or th* opcm moistingil4 Th. oht.r PottfuftpalA ot**ca *r tho "Nnti.mpIIpt" moNv,110oP to is tr. Latmol rreAksom A eonfireed l'Ankee.orittah heter ona coitt-:ImAtIn? rd, non rormorly Aovnellor a the riot% And ttoporto4t or,oirtwit. or titintIon At rovmv11? tnnOo. Iho hoolkir sits st, -1-oollat?t)01**41110 'kft0) t5**Oaft4 titgkrAt A54 1,p6re ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001:5, Argentina May 19, 1942 -3. open in his sponsorship Dr. Fre)ndehis activities. Reoently4 my souroe said President Castillo demanded that thelleadirg radio station give free broad- ?eating time to Dr. Fresog In spite of We fact (t the "Nationalist" party has been denounced in tEi-Argentine Congress as a Nazi fascist orgsukizatiem, President Castillo flaunted public opinioi'slwhen he recently allowed Dr. Fresco to use his nameap advertiseyNationalisiw party meetings. [21.... Fresco has three ohief themes: (1) He 13.11es the U.S. and Great Britain and everything American and Britiih. awned. (2) Ills fulminates bitterly against Jew.. iih film makers in Hollywood and continually charges that they are trying to get Argentina into the vai3on the side of the Allied nations. (3) He is a firm supporter ()tithe foreign policyof President Castillqeoause "he has kept Argon* tide out orfEe Western Hemisphere United Front, and eoause he is trying to make a friend of Adolph Ritlemen Dr.Eesoo stages his meetings with all the7pomp, ceremony andjiZtfare of Adolph Hitlim/and in a recent speech he made it erong typioal Hitler lines, edited and polished to meet the Argentine temperament. My source said that this speech delivered in mid-April was in his opinioWte most terrifyingly oleos thing to Hitler ever seen in South Ameriiii2mad he ages this on the fact that he has seen many so-called fanoist rallies in South America and has also observed Adolph Hitler from time to tome at (aloe, range. In this speech Dr. Fresco boldly told his followers that it was only a matter or time before President Castillo and the Argentine government threw off its present guise end Came out flatly for closer ties with Germany. In conclusion my source feels that the dangerous situation in Argentina shuvld be nipped by the U.S. before a "fait acoompli" is presented to the world in favor of the Axis powers. Ho ouggoots strong military or economic action or both, against the present regime in Argentina. Of the majority of the people, 84% are pro-Allied, 10% are willing to support which side seems best for Argentine and 5% are pro-Axis. in reference to the activities, in reference to propaganda and oounter-propaganda by the U.S. in Argentina And South America in gemercI, he feels that we should adopt a more vigorous policy and replace our present one which is, as he feels, more on the hit and run basis under the guise of the "Good Neighbor** He also said that we should send more ranking political, business and military figures as our good-will ambassadors, in preference to theatrioal people, because the South Americans were more impressed by people and names ocoupyimg important positions in the economic, politics' And military life of an important nation* Colonel Thomas APJ. Erock TIC:11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 9- 1-0009Z00 1-0001 1-0000X? d 3 L/60/?LO eseelel ? .f usaqmsra- 1:11041 Voila 100 010, 414 Pow, *am immosiks# rioNdio eig rill CI viift#4 telpi el ups. 44 Pe% I **41,141 CoatrA% *". 441 V Wig 4,1% iko* frit to Nittoodo howirmit lacktAi I l41ii . lidistAolt ;NA los ipoit4 pitv but oil 1144(10 miik 464 'PUP tilkiri CINI WWI NI 40004 1WIdigr) 11144i1ttilP )100Attlit 091 tPN d4 0t410.111/ti 11104,011101 V ill 44( anounm Jo 4tUd gpmpunitpi ft) ??? ? a ? cowl iv"( opaiihittkt ptilopx? p ppm go.% Firm or 110(1#0a spols 14/1143 U s Wu* otN Pow VI" *VI War *1141 61MW114: *WI, MAUI tqa 4NIRIMOlAriferallva 'RV all so* on vol, impede glitm ?*11)0 WP witt opudodiudes ijiv ti# Ity Ix% *ANIIriii.t._11 MINA .imetititli sqi. o4 111111114OVIPMW Vim ion titp oximitisql tju pise ell NiNt#4401 iki 4' 1qMV trAolooll #pieUa. oi tooksi 4luirtilt#1, s'w4 PIW WPW91 *tilt 'M. 41t.td 'mud *fp poityluomi pin Nw IWA* 4013 iiip4 (u 4t1r4 da mi Du IIIMPi isiommyU1 !!IAU0t isq wit) WAIN? pip ,Oatop 11101 %MS 11011uthiqIM4 * INA ow votiv colt Foil eMPla 'as imam iiiittinm saw atuwa 4P,*1281 01 Alkootti tlirthi; ; .1?,1rti r ....IAvli Notitzlik 111114 1141::431 et slittirtitaittkItvt% 9 .4 951"11 '111."11"; 1'41!1 091 At1 1" /11"1 1Z1,141111. 11n11011141 irti I,t%otql ?41.31t-ttilig,11 4'414 1 1.0IN 4,141 re?Z *Ili Mtl '11/ 9t 1%,,? kill 14 +4,4 31Vs? 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WO 04 *114g U131110011 1110 00 I 0A1101L1 1414 I1 IMO impiety 040 al aqui uwimippttis MI SWAMI putsitaltty 41001 1110(1V SUILDIWOI 0I) 01 aka" ptho otpueul mai ovt asp Nslimp witiitiallly ty sn W1lti1tnip00 nom tog Iffy 0041 wow pOUf aojAyvdtuAs Sumitomo ideplooa omds 4uptuattow islostusom N. Suwon( gomo 9mv.9 izieN Suilem OIMS133 tiVIUD 11 tat, ) g'ei V LV At *LYON 0 /I Ili ? e , gt. , L. 9-1-0009Z001-00611-0606X?1,c1C11-V10 L/60/ asealej -10d panaidav pue Pe!PsseloaCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 E NATIO Argentina's Castillo Playing Nazi Game Gives Blessing to Pro-Fascist Movement' Despite People's Growing Sympathylor United Nations The Axis has been outflanking the U. fil. A. in Argentina during the lost few months and were going to ve to do something about it soon. Bight w Argentina is serving as the middleman Hake in the Americas and is an active tluest on our Southern Bank to the security of our own country. PM is unable to disclose the identity of Its sources, but* can reveal that this story of how Argentina's pro.Axis policy is daily growing more dangerous to us comes from a trained ?Nerver who recently returned to the U. S. A. When Argentina refused to go along with South American- front at the Rio de Conference, Acting Preeldent Ramon Castillo still was trying to straddle the between the Axis and the demean. Since then, PM's informant states, is may eyfdenen %act:2410o is Mori?' 1100**,,,,, AO aci that t le Argent no poop 0 woulsolves MOVIllg MOM and more toward the . S. A. and the United Nations. Tito Dangor To Us For its this now lu;0',AsIs (1"0101ununI In rgentina Walls rem clangor: I Ar (+mina, with its normal rotations in U. 8. A. and Axis countries, constitutes loos leak of vital militery information ho Axis. It serves as a perfect listening for Comm and jii muesli) agents. B ? mu of oxoliange and credits through 'realm'. Hitler can pay off U. S. agents. 111 Argentina servos as a leak for war mate- Inis mei supplies. 014 last Mewl% it mem. toed A troth: put with Spain by which it oils wheat, meat and Win foodstuffs to pain, wilitli, in turn, is being nutted by Ile Netts. I Argentina is the haek door to tiro . S. A. Its long mast lino offers tempting 111 tool to Axis submtrinps from which to . on our supply lines in the South Dile. iii for these reagens that an outquubont ?Axis Covenunent in Buenos Aires con- totes A real danger for us. This situation cve m_ by playing ball w_. A .. Ils.. .0, w0 ."3 badlt 7""11?"11 "SitrOn"1"111141 1" ill vollid gain by appeasement. It becomes opossihle with Castillo playing the AX('S 4111W Gaining Strength The best meesuring stick of what t:astillo up to eau ho found In his attitude toward At gout hie 'Nationalist" party. This y has liven denomiced in tho Argentina reas an it Nazi organization. ? opt secret htrgtily by Castillo's t40$0 eon- iii the pieKs All .00111111t11110Ati0113 under ..4 "htato ol siege" powers, the netionalist III; erement is gathering momentum while orals and radieals are boned from hold. open meptings. Om figurehead of the movement is Dr. ? Manuel Fresco, auti.Semitie, Yankee-hating loader of the 'nationalist group and former Governor of the PrOVii103 of MOAN Aires, richest 'estate" in Argentine. Hitherto in the liackground,.Costillo In recent weeks has become more and more open in his eponsorship of Fresco. Recently It WAS reported in high quarters that Cal- tillo virtually demanded that loading radio stations :give free network time to From And despite the fact that the nationalist group has been denounced in Congress as a Mud organization, Castillo flaunted pub- lie opinion recently by allowing his name to be used by Fresco to edvertise his meetings. Fresco has three dile; themes 11 He hates the Yankees and everything British and American-owned. 1111. fulminates bitterly against law Mon makers" in Hollywood and charges that they are trying to got Argenthut, into the won,: a role infyikieh film producers were 16%1:T1540'1 ArtNitTilitteeltkIrtri ihtt ate. i lie unIlinsInsIlunik niiPlantIN lb" tin rip policy or CtIstiliti. N?1,0 tiontillitv1) kept Argentina Out of the Western Henn stiller? family of Oillitio% inid tried to MOW littler his ri tend. Nazi Fatifart, Fresco stages his int clings e Alt all the ,linProssIvo ham, of a Halm tie edifies his owl, datioo, whit+ I, I In doily iwaloeied in when to applaud told him long. And Ito. ot course, hugs every NI101% of histo (Vitt meetings V.85 title Svoitspnidti slyly) Hags. sennidights. special guards, etc. His meetings O pOliva ttOt thr Iltlitetl are not there to ??.1ittli 0% dui 0a. tlIVit Into 110104in is to pi'm out liberals front interniptMg. Fresco's speech was a typical speech adapted for the Argentina. Ile intro. \t Ittnivl Prt,stAl 114 $J tissiti 4 Acting President Castillo, who is putih;' lug the Argentine closer to Germany in the face of public opposition. , 'emorkinromemrawaromemorrirrimimom9 duced cakth phreees and charged us with !'Yankee imperialism.* He denounced Amer, loan. anti British-owned indwitries. Ho played on 1110131am by declaring that in the U. S. A. no one spoke Spanish, but that In the Argentine every other person spate English. PNits informant said the meeting was the most terrifyingly close thing to Hitler meet- ings ever seen in South America. During- the oak? meeting', not one word wits said against Germany, hut the point constantly was made that the U. S. A. was trying to destroy Argentin? sovereignty and that of other Latin American countries by setting up naval base,. Fresco's increasing boldness, and the foot that many regard him as a front man for Castilki, have aroused grave fears that Cas- tillo is about reedy to junk his pretense that Ask ismoditst ;Hitler end come out flatly ftw a el.,No tic, with tile` NtrAtti. Soott a movo. hilig Untwist, by the (Imo- , ratte elements to anti out of the, (Zovom? writtitlir lo %milt I tlio swooping poOCEN ario6ateil to himselt iin? dor (ho "state of siege. Ile could present Nirti friendship pact as a fair accottlidi and the censored press would bo instrticted to applaud this deal. Nazi newspapent it. Argentina are ad. oeating 4% Pitet? OK" ramtgi,,o to went lengths to i?tilit all 0 s spew( lies. playing up his etumections with (:null.,. Eliot Applauds A Wallace Speech Maj. George 140(14 Eliot, military ex- pert of the Now York Herald Tribune, Is the latest commentator to loin in praising President Wallace's declaration of the rights of the little man in this war. -Tito Vice Preskienea address WAS the first by any public man how or elsewhere which placed this star in its true historical provr?ctive the backgroteid of the tvototit, oiti strttggio for homml Els(); ?11wir has been need for a erred (4 the ..stuumen man, a fie') cross to which he eoutii iithl, i %t:OlitArti to %%Met) tho wt.* and t wining might trpair, ks mg the event hi the hands cit (od "Fortiniatch in the; 11,au of our wctdd's 4.t atest mists, this need has been fUled. Ur). tunately, the fact has passed ahnost un- noticed by the Nations, though not hr uit'ntatv.t of eiskght and %vivo, .it ii ltaviliond Clappor. INitotin Thomp. ,con Illgotslar l8&-.Jo L. 'Etna CIASSOIS 4Sier the week eat ily that we Alabama State soil, nor will wo par. :44110611?01 Awl.* 1. that they would stick until the stinks on our ousel." (Arno after William DIstrict $O, UMW, had de- , .."141414. tion as State CIO prowl. Sid belting into the hail 1 tellinte.e delegates that between I awls and Philip Mut. of the an, was instigated * and .promoted by the Pcsast OM. Mid. WAS 4mistalienly trying the gooier* Athrtimistratket Lewis." He died PV % disclosure that Lew* was attempting to rule the TillnitsonlYorkers Thaw In New York as An oxi4leof "propose:We' thataggreivated the dial**. - Other'psw speakers look On same lino with stusaskable,lonstoikalyt causing Mut. ratamppitS*04144sairywtthst.lasksil.s.31,to tostaaiithis assalgth In the UMW Aisbarna .to sea the rank and fibs would go ailing with I* if he ordered a complete I eed. from its CIO. the' ray, Clap 1)ra to repeated broadcast pueblo to and that * tilrnoot The *Moot Clapper gaa spesookt PaYlag ning, sad br Woe (1,6144 the pre and me pdsstor.so speech I aurae r Broadcasts of Wallace Clapper, who devoted Mit ask column.: lastv k Irreeidisot Wollacn's spcmcl, on his woekly wilt root spee& eon- .:oo b n egleete by tleurg addrimi, bo " -pea (PMpublished Me akieg) the* am Wallace's Aiteriesso had be- -sitt lirate post.war Oho. some statesnowts Thom L Dressy and opecomi that as *key kopeweisi. awe -ANN be &voted so doe aid thst Wollsoes Spica in Caribbean Raft irst riporiod looliseeit impolleot a U. & nasreissolt fl aiuslbrikhils ship w* of imils ailher 111 *Ss Oribbut - iesoeseiot *OIL Moos hilliPIAMIL kat with the 11114,4 torn Ike Of saw of the lepeoei woo molsoi, Its *kip. *OS* 14Iibi leek rtilk do* Mao- 4,4 ? 1111111111110111 neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 \?'t, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION vo MADISON A'VENUlt NEW YORK CITY Memorandum to Colonel :Buxton Front John P.OIXeeff? Jun* 2, 1942 The attached material was hands& in by Mr. Krodk of this office. Attach. ..govor? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 4 ' Ir ' o;ros011011111111011111a1MNIMIONookomoo...?.?_?_?_ ' ? ' ? .1 04, SUBJ:EPT: IMMO -7777775% ; half. Ogied 4A* TfAcT IFP,A 9441V4.14Y RTOT 41(#, :1: accuracy and possible value for tkte ;VW]; of the POTO.TAIWA 9,1,1 !PM! other governmental agency. Basing my ability to judo the value of this report and oArofoys render an opinion of it, upon my actual experience and studio, at this. Ifre45# and German General Staff and War colleges, where we worked on many military problems, among which were those involving war between Japan and Russia in Siberia, Mongolia and Manchuria, and also on my slight personal knowledge of the territory involved gained by travel through it, my conclusions are as follows: (1) Geography -- Excellent knowledPm of the geographic conditions, all things ccnsiderod. However, there seems to be some slight inaccuracies as to correct dist,,nces in Parat;raph #1.3. (2) losamia Artic:,e shows a very thorough knowledge of the topographical situation. (3) gikast_LuzeaLtana_g_atoilsi..,1 -- The writer shows he has an excellent knowledge of the considerations of strategy that would be in- volved in a military campaign in this area. (4) aommunications -- This article shows a real grasp and acquain- tance with the railroads, rivers, etc., in the possible theatre of operations, both from the Russian and Japanese side. Also their possible vulnerability to attack. (0) hrtifications -- This article shows the writer to bt in pos- session of real facts of value concerning the Russian fortified sorms and as to their depth and general location. ???????1111. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 _ or Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 is ? 4 proMitallMallaserBeraftwortmstAreaffsealttraftKaMilIMEEMssarnaestpuersoman rt ,,,4170v.O'IltlIir_AletcsroyermIt--cibro?r*P?MMLM ?10.7/turreaternotuves M9V641 ???? SAO .11???? VAISi.?4 adinss gpneral knowledge of the Salesian armies, thOr ccgirossin2a Vni.x; EgOr- General isnowleage or the missian armee, their WW; soLie Ione 14M01* MWAVi-i; V.421 VAM It MAVII .11)1c9,--*92a1 4W4 Pg11-9)04,11 401 4?4:414e ryyas 41.4;3. ftg44)41.,7 *MAWS 4,.14UATL)1.', 20?ACL.0 tf0A 71)1LA PisMt g'; MAtnn Ail1M ,, ,", (PI444E-A44-:4-41.14t441S?iggii. 4i.es gti.siee PgtEgittt t"Lots VAMM t4 WeertftW 4 TAIVAVW1At toDri. W4 %Malt: lac o - L';?.;.? ????? V 11"-T . A 4 ? Yi?Y. 3?? ? 1-? - ' .? ? ? iY1`' ???? ? r; '? i4 tly - ? ,4V V t ? ? ;e.1 -,e; ? - , .. ? 4 14. -.,1r1/".147. i? _ ? N.,?1 ' 1,-^elct ? ? ? ? ? 4!Icr4,4 taeneral IrenPrna. Tp ' 0 Z.) ?`. C r t. Y.**- r7_ - Ili ar-'4' 1 r*t -v .ie: r V 1,1510'-a ? CVICUr. 41W? outheMi 4444411.34 I4C4- '-'11v Lae 0 4 f's?lisgAR _ t.t s uu- 3 V 4 - r sie4 144 +1\ 44.1.34. tr4* 4 ...a ? ; A I, ? 4. iC ? ta., ? 0T+.*?& .0. t.4 ? L -A,?:-1 14'i")1,,`? .s? ?Ir?r. ? Vt-4- 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? OrgartialitraN10011.101~0010.00.41...........s ? ? lv t? The title of ?Will :alum Attsok Siberia" tem' to be not voll ohosen-an4 should be changed to s more approprints one. , ? ? adomortitirrear ? 4(pC",1114.011400011"11101141" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 fkk .,* 1.0 1 Magy=10?????~M4 ONOWIRIMMONOWwww4 2.. . ):,J" U4A AWitt bowl trxislit to 01 PTImitr 111,n91-the PIPalt!VeUglithtliatitA V110 State, in oonnection Great 3ritain in,partioular?and A;11.4. A tiCle kn, r g e V*1 ? ,t4ett.7,:,',#?rujr,4 v4i 1,n .nei4 t.);?,,! h:oct tr,-1,ittetttit!'ittat temRered wIth deep explosive ,possibilities, * .7* t ? Tnwt.vml ..tf the Ireland, divided into two parts, northern (Great )ritein) and ...:! t : the southern (Irish Yree State) presents a complex housep.old. The bak.of. ;.I,,.`' " f?'.. the country which.is,the?Free Stae sectiton and,Oich is domina4tly eat4o1,10, ,t,rma ? ' k r L Is P013. inual.ly agitating for avlie reuniting ,of the ,s4x,norther.n,covklies '? ,kr-r .4., which are dominantly Protestant, into one, solid country. I" al., ? , ? f,r1.-: The six northern counties of Ulster have voted agal.,ritt 111.1.9 =ion and the Irish within the Free State li3ct4on feel that bland. is *high pressuring" the 4orth out of their natural sphere, The result of this feel- ing is one of resentment, which, coupled with the centuries pld Irish,e4tair- onism for all things British, makes Ireland an excellent spot for Axis propaganda and anti-British activities. The Irish Government headed by Premier Ramon de Valera is desper- ately trying to pursue a course of strict neutrality in this wax:4 vhile at to same time striving to arm fp4 mobil4isesfiore,everMa4t!?4,4rWila. The outlawed Irish Republican Army (1A) which has long been the scourge of Ireland, is definitely tied up with the Axis powerempcpc1:49!g to latest inside information, and has been committing acts_ of sabotage _and terrorism throughout the United Kingdom, sinqe the outbreak of 910 very., The membership of this organisation is considerable, even having iseAer4h4.in the USA and it represents a severe problem to the Governments of Groat tritain and Ireland. tt? ______________ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001002600.01'-5- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 .twx " 00101101011,411 IMMO ~NM ts? r-i Counoillor offioers resident throughout her principal oities, where they Gan get good first hand knowledge of all things military going OA in Jingland. This set-up in very bad as these official representatives send their information through tho medium of ohort wave radio and oannot be stepped. Premier de Valera and General Aiken, the Minister of Wiwi., realise all of this only too well, bu:b they are not willing to "nip it in the bud" by drastic action. Therefore, Ireland reprssente Nil knife in the back" to Xnennd. Due to the war, Ireland io completely dependent economioally on Great Britain nnd Morita. Both of thous countries could and should faros' tho Irish Government to "bend to their will" but hesitate to do so, eepeolal- ly in the U.S., because the Administration hesitates to ArOUAO the large population of Trinh blood in this country who always seem to look upon Ire- land no tho mother muntry and as their first love, rather than the U. Since the outbreak of hostilities there have been seYersa Nab- ince and violation of Irish territory by Axis planes, but Premier de lhierm still forces his policy of "taking evorything from tho Allies and glYing nothing in return", in the desperate hope of being able to ?muddle through? and presorve a precarious neutrality in the no of Inch independence, "MOW S0.?",""verlieln" riccifir1rir1 AnDroved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? Both Great Britain and the USA, have lien trying to 1et IT Iii ae Valera to lease them naval baits tut have been lineU404;00tnl, al Axis submarines are operating in and about Irish waters. According:to sky latest information, there is no doubt that the Axis, using certain. Irish territorial watere, is refueling, *to., but not with the approval of the, de Valera Government. The Irish aro afraid that if invasion acmes, Aritiah *protection? armies coming to Ireland's aid w0.1 not leave atm:, the danger is o'er but will continue to occupy Ireland, thereby forcing Ireland to revert to her former status of a :British posseesion. The arrival of large cortingonts of U.S. troops in northern Ireland has &one considerable to ease thieve:- ticular teneion in reference to military aid for Ireland, become it is known that these troopn will be among, if not the only foreign troops, used to combat the Axis operations and that the U.S. has no territorial claims or desires upon Ireland.. Militarily, Ireland if* very weak in all arms and services; par- ticular omphanin of weaknees in in hor air power. Many thousands of mon whom Ireland thoue.ht she could count upon for her military forces, have (slipped *crops to tngland to join the British forces, disliking !vague* neutrality even more than the 'British Government. Irelandin greatest difficulty is her lack of modern equipment to combat any invasion attempt. In addition, there is * very large 05th ?)oluninist' organization throughout her territories WhiCh consistently bampers And will hamper her tifforts in resisting Axis military moves against her territory. Ireland, because of her normal diplomatic relations with all countries, hae German, Italian and J5pAllelle Hiftibtere residea in publis . "4010004""wrii. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001001111111111=260001-5 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 11.-kr` " .-7"" 9r1.171,RPI " -.) r r' 1111111E1MMEMIMMINOMMIIIMMIMMIMIPIONIOnompoworoare000111?10111101111?11101Memmemorroomell110110 L., LILL liTAPJ......IMILLAUSIAt At the looming if the Pismo' Steal. is 10440 PreeldisitiVeodrar ililses salts "In the Sletery if Mhshind a Rtra are emebetise* the lra of the Pastille Orman4? Vero prophetic words have mew bows uttered* The Japanese Imperialists immediately otos* their firet blame for the mastery of the Palatial, this by the iseseise of Siberia in 14111, after we had helped the'. is HOS. is the lrelity if Portsmouth. to get a stranglehold on the peeeetel Isms pesplos sad the most easiest empire in the Par last* All that time. Prosideat looeerelt was eves ready to go to war *pivot DO* lie help Japan in her amigos* Is was Omit /Atolls sphslail Arepws is the.. days. And strangely 'sough, in 11011, it was two UM S. Semstere who were adveseating nothing more ser less thea the ooeupaties by tke Japanese of the whole of Siberia up to the Ural levatains. Olt hearing this, I immediately worked out a memorandum to ?reddest Wilson showing the folly of such a fateful stop. Put it was in wain. The Samurai wore left to march into the Russian/lir last. 'as liberators ist the Siberian people from the yoke of lelshovion.? Atter for Isere of plunder and unspeakaUte atreelties, the greedy little barbarisms were Wooed out by the Russia* guerrillas* Oa the Salth of %tabor. the last Japanese soldiers lett Vlativesteik. Oc A nem fateful blusder hes boos made is lift When SiAlimes invited the Japanese to eesevy Minehmria ?as a oommterameight spins% Soviet Russia.? Surely it east set have bees mamma tellsomilec Street what Mr. lamahas gemeral amdalaister. erste is 1007s lit0 semeuer China. We mmet first eenormer Samehuria sad lessilium ..????? 11, a, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-111111111111111.s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? , , *4, s tinstromiehafte.?_, 111114441, ININNOZEMINNONWINIftt,sto 41,1" 7 Ranemormeavau0011101111ENWOOPION OS" 1104101 tirdwi,10 Offt?f. roftlf ftfftffIct sr tole IOW tit we amultro Met* tit soll Plowfitt Otif *woof* * !W. fief tt* $* Mgt itfor Sto MOW* ? to0 Frtiftir On* poor *0 0.1 fwt*tit4 444 *Pit* ;4* Fotfolf prilifOr90 Ifitt #4404104.1141 f11 fRIN1111114* ? fffirtitlf 'PO 40404, W44 ?Ws Woott tin .1040: Moo of iffifito #.401444 to wow, 04441 of Ow 00 to 'twig* pi! ,r.figfir ifor4Pg? wuja tr*Awit '40 m4 ii OS sow* fir Alfrot tot 0400 44 to 4-* ro#14., 144* 9, 0044 Op foo.941014MT f:IP.04011/00/ ? 4414 40 Aiwriow stoptroseu. loitOraft WI Om OP tiWit 101014411., rtiffit ro4411. 00 ikuok sis .900 tr. PROD 14M wm44 bOlt if ,.poOffmt to ti.opi 164, 04100 4)0.01.4007 dRai tit)P4440.04 rtirmwool 14' .011.01 pArpir*..Itt4k iAtIONtu 1444 4141mIrf fl41IP!! tiQuip Iwo C0nt4g ton41 irram siq woo tito 4110 10.41 4110 tresOprou/Ay itt41* 040 OW.* 474,toi*** li*ODNIP 4141 MO Of 03 ti o Pt t4;* throgt *JO *W10 1u,s04 Irikrit040 $O*" Of144441.ir 3-14tbrn of thi 401004#P0.1 449,44.4414! 0$114#1#0. PI 1 U. /host ti9ortm0 wit trt40491.No CM 404010 Of t44, poi 004*04 ot taw crowirst4414/01 (00111104/04.0 01.01.140V, boa Hot to Preatir 1SW MP 40 if* Woktysinefl 4,4 414111! 0por-0000 400 *0 00,0f 100.11 NW 440 001140 mot Itimmlfg IS Us o ftesins trim*Ors Pit so 047 imi," OW NI 0104 1014 na4puirt airmsai. bet$401":01 11414-4 0.001114410414it 011-OPIP 54444** Noe ii44$1.44, (444ts ittotwoo itmor Nr. Of1114. 114I...01.100 ? -vmrsv." ,Nr mumDeclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ' - Declassified and Approved For Release_2013/09/27 : plA-RDP13X90001R000100260001-5 '2"' "4: 4-41,t .4,ri ? ib????+. ? ''f; -.411AMIrSVOI Pv44. tiSiLt1 ? ajy.k., 4.. 'MUM 00115V6tinlimittMvs..1?04Xstii t Mtn: U It iti Wag vai WO mira WEI saf kingly:1 k it&ZUWWI IMO SR 4itginifigi ;Pa it Witt ail gi kfaskiiiiai Atli kw sti, 411 hSit OM gift Haiti a 148k:t1gging ki &sati iff at *mu -gag fggf ititsf: gig MN Aft 118114 kitg Rafightg itefig gailf 1601:18 tptiinti lout At g tt ttit Nagit gf hatFialfla It it Oda IR tank SR lithi,eratati atim: ig ga Ws of laggEgirg kg 1. 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Memel kiehhie houi studied in the MOW, military tohisho Is asariet ihweiao wad relight with the Seeolien mikes is lead lifer mmtil the imp Oetat hy Admiral Selehah im Mods is limovelikee. INV uhea he lett Cu the tar?Cast 'sad theme* to Ameriea amd Nome. Calomel *whim's last military tialetiem in Sweets wise se leemmader olf the Oessak Army Corps of the Tashkemt treat is &mien lemislal Asia. 1m Selgrode. Yugoslavia, the Wesel wee the advisor at She Ministry of Foreign Affairs im ill thiage Nossiamo with opiegal resort to military matters of the WW1 Umiak AA amok ho woo imPiellimpsd to olmoly tellow the literattore acid ersaatisetiA et like- lied Amy, The ?roux mot Celeael hiaithieoa elaberootoo 004 it the Sod kieig wilih loolaaideratle sigeptieima, ea it emoromeed the people. Ike IMO already at that time Lain** wilit twist Mesh itio Widest imiNOWIWNs wee that *the reality delea met always entirsompend with shot is Soft papoW Paris ropreashoi Colomel Nahhim *het he lod tom amok tersaired the Ned Aruy. instead if %Wog the Prow* people *Uri** it tioe 'twit iatellisonsio lorel at the Soviet Wiser,* ppm, St he peer 014, as1160111 npriacsified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 loomini.O.11111M11111.111111011INININIMMININOVIIIIIIIMmemtmors?ftwfrommowsweisompriowwwwwwiampagosawmo.o. et tho Soviet iadastry ih Ilemeralos wthe IsOk at this *4 ? Selkko as the geod tens of tbs Premehtseeists demanded et all.wrktare an Soviet affairs. IA ohm during the trytag 'ware. Ural* *hi* 104411046 *sea britain sad ?ranee were paelisig#I him board Wesel NOW' eaglet* that those matioas did not take to heart his well motet advise based oa a left staSy of the Rid AM.IA difformatiy IOW the history of ?ranee and the world is ;amoral read today it the Polish* ?mash and Sritith strategists had tahom the treuble to stalk Oelomel Makhin's work, instead of affronting Russia politieally mad bolding it militarily as a Niusatito negligee:ass* Se pretemod woe the ignoranee of these strategists in all matters Russian that aim three mouths before the attaok of Germany on Yugoslavia, the *titer of these lines heard it said in Solgrade by a prominent *mitts& diplomat, "Russia has no orEanised army.* In the opinion of Colonel Wahine the formiestern thoatre of operations in an eventual Ivor between 3owiet Russia sad Japan yield extend fres the Lake Saikal to the shores of the Paeiiis 000ft0 It would have an approximate length of 1000 silos or half the lend* et the Western Russian front. It would embrees the fellewiag Ituenlia territerieel the sone between the Lake Baikal sad the frontier et Manshuria, a length of ap,preaimat?ely 310 niloos mad the Maritime Provinee whioh extemds Suet of Manehario to the rosins Owlet er apprealmately 160 miles. *AMOK these two Russian torritiorieca the Preying* of Mamehukue *steeds some $OO miles in a sweeping bow to the nevi*, this bow being formed by the aiglityyramt millo4 math . -...irstriver.w1114011110ri Ini11111111111imm Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001n Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ;? glierNOMMOMMINOMMOOMPOPPWIMINIONIfflecistootieWOMPIIIMINPNIMPLINSWatimmoviitailismetievorts the eitr it Illakoseesbeilek Stthe jleetteek et the $eitilivettlith the Amer, sad Itheberevelit at the esenewales et the edielwiri NNW with the Amemr* This theatre et sporatieme would mahrele ales the mottoes part it Outer Seeptilai vim* ia virus it s tiriestt et eekteat sid esie*Wiell at Ulm Bator as Alreh 1008, the laasekkit sad Meiegeatalk %reels would set is emosea agaisst the Japameee figgreeeer* The Isms* fit thie frost would be approximately GOO allirre? The Russia* forecasters theatre et operatieas we441 thilireter0 be divided inte four sections* The Trnasbikileal scoters the Ahritime# the iiii1011011111111 awl the Ammer eeeter? The Transbaikal setter would serve no the bass foe the deyelopo mint of the Russian forces. Tho Maritime rooter, with the toms emit fortress of YlsAivootek, would be by reaeon of its geograpitleal position an independent territory, and Ito ovontual conquest try this Japanese would dispose of the real minas* to their rear. The ammeter of the Amour river lips outside of the great ebjelstivem or operaGisme and would serve to Japes only as an aroma for meadowy operettema whioh would have as their object to out off the Maritime sector free the Baikal sector and from the main body of the Nista!' territory* The Transbaikal stutter is closely liskied up with the Otter moagolia, and would from the very logianisg at hostilities twee for the development of the Russo...Mongolia* troops, with the eb,cot GO paralyse or ward off the Japans*, isvasiem fres the site at lismselia as well as from North uhina* Declassified and Approved ForRelease2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00.1111111111111.001R00010026000M111.1111_5 , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 q Pla,1437: ter the !Ind be *Ivied 4ats Illaseb12i4: if ? 11011101: :solikid OperatieseIt 11001111 Iliperbwre ark hi* par, , it the Or at *heti* sit OR the eheree it the torwarb pop Zammastka? Oa the ubele, the theatre it operation is tha itrii00110*. a eembiaatiss it tsar lassiew parallel tableolcukt eitteidthg' smelt be sertbseeset 1a1lesegelia sad leasiorta and dereadiss sestioareters dinettes to the eesetliae it the Amino Oeses? erten Treasbathel restos sad the serth?essilsrs part it the II Previa* are situated es toe it the's, pictures The tkird platens: It resoled by %be eestral part it the kiln" beets. The triages et these table-brie art severed is all their leRgeh by 'galas it Ilbeillft11111111. Thu the *reburies territeey 1hse toe usaasmia, shrifts the Ulnae Ibauktalas la the were esnriag tho sostrai basis at the Arrar. aad t rebut-Se- Most Aria, ulkiek some le the divide of the rid Osseuri rivers* Maur time Ala 11111111161111111 William externem aa beessee plata reeved vith lastUs sad ustered by the licusgari river asd its eestribibity Berito Simackuria proper is sepusted gem the Desehes terrilemy. ha the meet by the river Amer. isivtgebNs tar a tsegthit sseriky is the sr* by the mighty Amer. hawks. etas a, Weal* et Ikkaile a silos sad is the east by the thiseert, *lash is orstashile Apr ear- WOO silos. Menke te its stalk. the Mewispreeeelitsig a erten strategieal ehetaele. 1 , ?...-"1111141Pare"Illig mandommi EN 1111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 4 t'Lh ? ? s00P0010000111010100010010.,,,,,,,,,??..1., ? Im sgemsial in a treat part the sheir'ikibeli et ,a meel J JI ; ;. .11. ? it ? ? " 4 1 4- 1 i the sentseding, armies W? Ms te *spina* 1044.16,', miaow will be eilier4 te that Ilea IOW., greater mebility and a stapekarMill La the trews it the Red Army, OtIktiestoil in the isms or terming the Sposjal Army it the Per Soot. liii. Ni appreeialils aivantages. tits tiiiining t1101110 troops are soma as well as in winter ties 0. has made them, gain a in mountain warfare. is regard* the eastern part of Outer lisegelia. it is as s'isdelatimg plain merging int* that of Inaor Wengelia, *florins as eitioral ehebestee to tho iavading armies, au& as manatains er impassable Awn. The strueturs of the ecU permits the 'movements Of troops, MMs asolvissiard units, at all eilikilM11 of the year. Nevertheless, the ingssmes oyes 'pesos are "taking diffieult to bids the disple?emeat it trips 4041 are facilitating the observation if snow mewsmemto? partiodourly throw. aerial r000nnaissanos. In the Songolien sister, it will be ipeeeible to make use of *mobile troops musk as (ovals./ acid 'motorised mad me604, mechanised unite* The Red Amy having a supsrier member et week troupe in regard to the Japanese Aray. sill eertaisly have an alsembsto owe, the Japanese as long as the operations sill IP limited to Ostisr Mongolia. 0 $ 0 * * * ? ? * .0:1:14,61" -111111111111111111111i- 11111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ,r4)1 i;?1 Polk So** NW* et Ova Wico Off** , loot4414mi *** 40imoso Its ilioloft *MOO eciimpOloot Ao Wools 0 *I) ititootom ON *Wog Om woolligf on44040$ for Voispoollorit fpoolloso 0 Ills ttio to tito Po Note Pov *toot too too fromt.o. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 ? tim , r -; ? .-? lee lam avow age tit sae et the t41lellore01400: i. ,lt the taiasiorial peocr at Sateala 4.6114414111 lasairtisteaS lei the imeeeeallate at. goer lateatitis evitects ' a.lalike ease at politteal tremblase. like those Um* oticlueSil 11011 MS; $014. a. it lasela malt esie horeeit tare* le lest ca vilableat losmier a war *AA la he eriestasee yea& 111110,111011 th. el. la OD Par llast? 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Having Hbunkodff with him for s few clookt / mmt$ *ay tnat 1 find hisses, ' pleasantimost dooparatitOotilliftg to moOk and likoatioshlo astioso have isms **thin in WI ifty interferrsd with my work and / strongly &diem ho has is me way hurt or botharad ati3f0110 but himself. On the olhet side of the ledger his "study" is hard to eaplaini/ question hi, strength to resist tolliftg reel if imagined stories about this Ones poblielpind 4westion his judgement. 'rem tho point of view of being tibia to do this *0t I 5th mokos no bolpria Oblitto*Oatio ballwab that hOillita the ftat of itabnatala iiihd *MAO a job 11414 46 hap* that MO $422411AN axplanatiot osIn to found to hie Hstude? , L41Jossol Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13Xnnnni 4.4110- 4 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 lePoi.cvlp tiom r ' ? I t ? - , J Memorandum to: Colonel Buxton John P. OlKeeffe From: June 5, 1942 Thomas Krock, in my opinion, is un- suitable for further enployment in this Unit. Of two memoranda which he handed in, the first in many parts was practically a verbatim counterpert of a story which appeared in the 'Jew York newspaper PM, a May 9th edition. The second memorandum was a purported study of the German Army. This proved to be almost in its en;irety a complete "lift" from "The German Army" by Rosinski. Mr. Krock explained his sources for this necond memorandum as being a lone, list of German military mui political leaders, certain fornirn correspondents for American newspapers, and a personal diary. , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 .(? -111e0-"-14116';471rAcr? , 14.0-I I 112,1174ft --wre? L.,ft tik.4 ,j? 444' -14 A ii 0.!: :i.i.' ., 04 iiiiikeitlim,i4i 0101Alr' iitt 1 my-or".*, or4 oll. o:erfl vii4kc 040vort., )ToCogoo$, 40 vii optnt,iniptia,,ms.nueof-ttheotwerldii 43 laid WINO, 411, *me, ?aro fail itoA winder, atiithel'elpiltioaliii.L.Wr " *mthior %Militia*. it . 'I- J614") kmorlon htx Oho ** 40,0m,lifirstliimprieeien4obOi a Yearly*, t&tti. "- , 011141A, ost . ring on& his, ringer* ? or theltoorTOW 10 I bbottst lit hii'le " / ' MIPS (liatehing his necktie)... Tom-ti1,114`14r001y) and'iiiabillit Ua itirritikilr- exploins a strangeris pusiled gleam and gaeottowiltaririt a rut t.no.r gracefully, lightly democratic, mention eV his analetori bilnebr,, the ruling house, cf4ustria.- fisyloineCsurti interilinit asilogriiir engineer treskLiberia 4 ilit0160 preeeseetvor lerviOniker"tille Consul-General in New York. lir. Walker's rolootion i4) the ring (and the Hapsburg.tale) ;was IWISOrouvowi"..for 4"*"1 "brae' killIO klo ? 0., Obvieuslyi.tbeiw arelli* :000 oki 'iOnilkole Otte tkis:AvingleAtemlivould sot be jolt.' t 1 '. P., 14 MOMS a.Ashbyarelepplisbeleurviroeilt; as he Valli r net dangerous 'in the sense of utterly lacks ,standards of vela,* felt -emaiYaiesie ? and 'Wit of " le Igor he is .thniorteat dletb Despitefrkbeint einvereetionislitiVie the 'Wert ilia IA' a *allege (student. He ,enjoys to taliti?isr-TWOWaloite, and* soloisehat eolectio in hie interests* will freely 'iv. 414 random ideas .40 a oonfused 'variety of subjects,. Dominating IiiiieVelf see*, is anyintantile Siattlia for paranoia leristoOritiy.?1111. letiffecbtlik himself) proves him m noble hepsburgi hie 1,4noestors lulu& lineages running back to the orusedes, the Norman Conquest* German prinoeb, Civil War generals end old. Nem Nagland stelek. he ii-igneltral holdings and lands in Normandy* Germany* Austria and ;rollout. He sports a variety of' aorvioo ribbons* achievement to hfee is measured only in rank and deeorations. A Naomi.* 'temporarily * isidoSpla,ral in. the Louisiana; State Militias his identificatioM cards load sitiature,,. twilude "General." He we a general officer in Frames ikriw-* 19U-rt.' Hi i au inaotive reserve Lt.-Conder, U.$.N.* not called up into Navy Intelligent). because of a double hernia. All this in old stuff and known to you, Jack, but let we go on. pooideptally, hos would !oaths!' oull you "Assistant Chief Ohlsotre them oaok., I Il kosri m.t.Z 4,? t kf 11444, 44 Pi Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 3 -44 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 -177- .4,4411. to ? p.. Ier rior ? hoar Jork, Juno 4, 1142 Thin IP ChM rirMC rrank niOntOn or Anybody 1 hAvo ',volr hod to writp. and it in m dIrrloult tout dintsoterul Job! doubly oo minoe orttiolto ono oppoinCod AP OW IMOOMPLO 0011000A In thn wet* offorl tind 01143 Krontly puporior Co mo in Aro And exporionno. howovor, mp tho slomhors or thim unit, hAvo Alwoyp onjoyod olono oonlool. with nuporiorn And with IMO Pflothnr, bort, 11'01411000 Is nO0a0POry. Thin unit in ono or In row roprononiptivon to Cho KonovAl pubIlo or tho CoordinoCor or Information. Wordn aro our "WOOpOMP," pod wholo C.U.I. Koinp or lotion by 'MAL we moy sod Cho impretiolonit Wo mpko. 'or thIn runs on Tom Krook's forthor prootonno with UP ih dAtlfroVm1h? on rIrst Imprnsaion, to a nomploto stronKor, Tom oppoors As n nootinontAl mAn-of-1.110-world. Immodiottply thmrotator, howmvar, no Won n rail to wonnor al thm piKnifioonuo or Cho two-Inoh ollvor groat riot, on hip finKor, or tho Aorvioo ribbon.' In his lopol (moloohlnp hip nooklin). Tom Lo1kn fromly, mnd rowdily -- InovItAbiy oxpl4, I tii P AtrAnKor'n pottiod Klpoom on1 ploottfis owpy witb ii Krpoofully, 11 p,h I. I y dnmoorAtio moniion of hi ii nnuomtorP boinK or Lilo riding houno or Aoptrio. Tom joinod Ma Lu intorviow s NoKro onrinpor from iihorio In tho prosonoa or Mr. Wnittor, Cho libmrion Conoul-honorpt in Now York. Vv. Ihnikor'n r000tion to (ho Hop. yntd lho hopnborK LAJn) wit rl humuroun OWE, rur what hp Lamed m ihrpop knookto." uhviouply thorn Aro row 1,0-,00 to whom Ilivout ILom would nol 1,10 p Jolt, Thomnn A. Anhhy-toloy-hohnborK-Krook, pm hp 00 lis himmplf, not ii pt ln iho ponpm of bolor polivoly muhvorpivo. its msrsly ulAorly !Anita olondprdP or YOlna, polf-oworononn ono toot. To mo ho 1p I" P"rrnot "61h Column." honplto loninK ZH, in oonvorsottlon Is. Kivos tho impropsion or p moolIalf.a at.ndant.. Ha onjoys to tolk, IP borsti olona, Ands momonshot oolootIo In his Intorosto, *III rrooly Kivo his rondom Iloon no ounrutod vorinty of oubjeots. 1)00,90,1,1K hi*, PP rOkr PP I mon pop, Its An infpnlito WhtliP for pornonml prIntoorAoy. Illn riot. (not himoolf) provnn him s noble Hapsburri his ovosstorm inoluds Unsays,* runninr hook to Ihm orunndom, tho Normon Compost, Oormsn irl000pe Chill Wm' KohnrPIP tms1 old No* KnOand stook. Ho spooks or onooptrol holdlnro 'And Imndp In Novmondy, hormony, Atnotrio ond rolond. Ho n pport vorimty of norvloo rihhonsi sohiovomont to hiss is mossursd only in ronk ono d000rotlono. A oolonol, tompororily a major-vonsrol In tho lonIslono !:ioto Milltioo his identirtoption cords and sipaturs Inoluao "oonorol." Ho woo a Konorol orflosor In Fronoo's army. IV3447. Ito is on Inoottvo vonovvm Lt.-00mmottidor, U.S.N.. not ()Woo up Into Npvy Int.-stilt:ono? bmonopm of 0 doutils horst"). All IhIP I& 010 ptuff And known to you, ',look, but 1st me 10 on. ho would 'lithos. 001 you "Amotpallmt chior wtolorre than 111" t Alt itA4 I lei tf s?A4 Ita4 441 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100260001-5 9-1-0009Z001-00n11-0000X?1,c1CW-V10 L/60/ eseej JOA panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI .4.10.100U1,: ,X1tooJip mol o) (ow 301 0100 -- )00 04%00 4000J110JUi14,.*) ul 000 to., 100 010014t 1 )001 Vultiloo uull)poo A1400JJ "00t1111414100 411tAJ1004100J '440101)00 14Jootu1dw 000100)JuA0N stote6401 1010J00 1111J uo 0.1111 I Pm. 1401 PIM ilowr? pu001 )01 '000Jc:1000V ol on 011* li1ttmotej4 4o0...ittj talq vort uolimlottoo 011) 01,,Au 100040 100 otptC 0000JAlouq 10A1100Jo is 01 1004i014.4.14 ?41 P000 1(1041 01%) .10) oule .1)001%21 000 ttfl .11Autit 114t10.441 )0n oil* luw001,4104410 4111 iftql ow ?I V0111wOw ?\ 00.1) on ?1040141.1040000 00) it1o0dAl0A Ao m014%10)111 01 00 010110J J00 '0103000 011A 00)004) 041 .10A00 0Ttlt.ttu 00 100001 1401)110a oil( Jo 000 0000J1) 300nn 3111)01J Wlq ouolilmtut 0011100 010 '41q11000 010 Jo luodu mol JUIA004 "I*0',1 0104M soul U11.'14401 )o150.1 J0AU4Ji0 II101110 MOil *MAO 0111 Mt mdintooli )00111 00 J0.1001.1)4 ..tito J0 00101 oil) 01 001000 -;101)0100A00 ti ioloupot.1 Jo 0140,100 4110i m111 ACIIMOJ iti)11011000.1003 to wo00000101:*000 J100 Aq 1044%100000 00tt 4003 Jo.) ooluttadqo 010 X.41 00000) 4101 04104,0.1 010 401111 1 'AluitolAqo 001 1030000 Atari:, 41 puo hilllam J0 olicia ohm) olio J0010 01 0)1M Attoot 101 0) 0/0111 000i, Mol stioaritt pOw )014 jo 'ao.toj put* m01 jo 10).1%1M 00 0114V Ulm pi 140~0 014 Otit10J:d 00)41 olm m00.10 v oJII 000 010041 10 di AU* mill 01 Imitt o) al 10110040N 1411041.400 oil) 1011 0) 00011 oil 00M 04041 ittql plat. 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