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November 3, 2016
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August 7, 2013
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February 19, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 ��������� .41�1111111. ���� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 i. - 1 1�1.r � � 6,1'1 a � Declassified and Ap,gro7c,I,F,:::,:r 7,...:Iase, ,71,78/0:3: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 ' 'r'. ''.1.''''' '54; # e 't: ' .. , ;�,. . .. :., 4 Z.. ; : ,.? $r ,, .,..., ,;! ' '.. Ti 2i ja.to� , � ,.:14�.,.% 0- p r s� ,. 4 .4 1,...., ..... � $,hrt,� :$ i $i: , - , �:$. 4 blAto. vir ., $1 � : 1,,t1r1I -$, 4 �.q?�4 L$ . .4. z.,...:,,, � .4 14 i'l .- , _..: � $.,:1,!;$1 � - ,$ i 5 A-2..,�,..,, ). j'.':.�;,. �:d., - q .: 4 I. ..A � . � , "4" 4 Y. , r: F.'''. .r, . �.:1,... ' ii� 1, 1 t 7 3 � , 2 i' t c. $ $7-� �,' 4I 0, � -,- �,1 '; � ,4�inf,,, ., ...... , t� -4' ' i..-1k24..., , , - , '0:44 �C, � ' '-. .i.` '1 ..$, � , ' :,-,,it, 4 i .`� 4. I . l..,.. .._ �����, (4 '' .� � ,,, .,;" , , "ii!.. - y..:ri:��4F-' f'" ' P . ' � 'r. 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I 7A ip4toteliA012 C6404 444aiift j40-446. 11,04 JILICPIXO Its Wall IN TM COUNTWI MT VAL .11100.10iimumminftissummeminliMPOOlnumansamisubillIONIMINIMPINISOMPOile Declassified and and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 r, � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 aseasassommirmormagassaremamistaisommist aluoa Jo Dom atm tOrts is Jo Avuourn typos No raw (q1.20N OM, Jo OCITtliA) 901171�11 eq% ueowla kw) iniz egaiXtillit 0000 111.11 otarzna ....�,A0vN. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � ��� � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION k� MONONIMMINNIIMIPMEMINIS V444 14/ 14,S woosimpowimmiwiftimpill..00.a .34 0/ elk INTUOITICI PROW David Druce DATE February 19, 190 TO: Colonel uonovAn Sugaim SECR ET shuulti like Lu dinuntis with you sowalac whotnor wq snould ink� any ot�Ips towttri notifying litwttrtini John!' 011 01. DOV tor UOPpti rt ppe)In Lqimi 10 "WPOwl. 1..vo hays, nottftila Av. Valitnity in Lowlon that Aoppor will bf) 0113 ChlOr rt1prn:IfintlitiVt1 in t'W(M(011. tilhe', .7 1;44 .14�14 1jd fr"4"-r (f.'il:w y Ouvid Druce Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 .� ��%. ,,fr , � r'' 4.4V e. � ' � ; rk1.3. f "1";'L _ ,� 4 r , e �� s �� 33, ' � 3 4' � ; e I - 9: r � P a ' , � � ,. 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Donovan ii1iiiiiiMMI1111111111111 6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 , 11 '3 �:�� �-� � - 4 -');11* ri� 44 3, z�� � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Itt "AIRIZZ " TELEGRAM OFFICIAL SUIIIINU1111 00VILFINPAKNT RATE* ...-7--,T=M11111111.141-S.= ammo I, boom AprototoolAtION cOPY NIOHT LETTRR MOWER 12, 1941 PH0FUStioR BRUCK CAMPBELL HOPPER 55 BRATTLt STRIITT CAMMIDOM, VA:. 12-1241, z.tU CL rrJc.1.111.12=1.1..=2.!...11111IG 111�11111111111M114.11111111ft .7-.7. - - ,....1121121�011 0 b 00,111411H00 00011400 00.0.0 PREBENT cIRCIMITANCPti SUcll THAT WIC SUO0F8T YOU NOT DIOCUHS MATTKH wITH CoNANT HUT CoNTINU PfiNSP.NT woHK MINDING FURTH:IR CoMMUNIcATIoN Mom Uh RKOAKDS worm BRWW, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 iF Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � 4.0424.0 rAS i" � ""' )rolls 0,4"44�10 A44 kt� /114. dit, tot. 04444. 044.4vii4 id la, 0 AIM 04.44. iii....���...4 it 2 I 1 III I LA 4,A4..u..--(P-44. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Nity � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � ' " c � . )44,1 ..,, rit4 44A4 . 4 4 6 4 � oloots4 1%4.46 bit :14,444.444, A1) fraiiti-tA461, 1 t A.4�Ac�4 C..eid44 rho. _951,06.44 c 1 . 4 4 . Pt 174K ee,4�44r. C r41,4444 r i)44404 (frog.. g �4&444 044:4 C4 ,i....4....4.4. 7,144( ,4,4,44.4....44..t . ze... 7.71,64.4 f 44444. it..., A.41.4.....) -7.444:4� d4.,44i54,.. 1., ,..714.,:t. c., (tot. 01,44.4 iet-t... t: c*.4.. 4.1.4.r.,44.4 � 49441�1044404441 , 7:44. i ;44.444,b444011� digr /a44044. tPOSO i �44roC4i4444 klcirwL�p /1,1/0.4.' 64404�14 1 �40444 4,4�06 ..:i.dt 4.�64,or , � 0-444,- A 4 � 4 7 ..t.,02� ..4 .4 f.4-+%644. 'C444) )4-44 A � 1 p...,1 P � .44.4 .,...4.-4 . a� , . 444.4- 6 ,441.44.. . toL;I it 7 V6444, 44 . 1 6141 444406ette 6"../. 11;4, 7 tt � at4. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 -- � :45;17- - idtd4-0 Ali to 4144:0404 44411;MW ' 44044A6114 Ce.4414011114 AtiSi46"4"1 d ; - lirseolt0490i ; 4 ,2- � 4,!'7 �s. � ��� � - ". t5irt- Pv:ti � � �,1 I have wood to speak 6144416$ 0100 40 4, tas Mare. lord's tho freesia to this sistielb�Oti is Mott eistrooa. Mt, aims it is dirrleait 110 Old smell or tho lamp,I sho41 lite to somata tale a 411444 mom, %het I mu speak ozoimively to stodos00 hostolake 0414�00641 of Lister, so guide to tho tstseeit empothair, tkela future' that Is irjr putp000it A setalmorthy taiskys�talk Ls *et or the 41U411011114* I test I SW% disoppoint same gibs sty impost military loat diplomatio isremastiolki Mot ws 41044001M La. 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Angels and demons fought their endless ' ror supremacy. ,pald ever us all th.1 spell of the magic! ,of the tph.;c1nonJ wonder, lima hind Sptme became ;114mantill, h! ,omo years later(aotually four hours) the teser 911# hurled aover-ign mejloty onir the rila of tho cloud floor. A gorgeoul fty mov.3it towu-d, us .Through a rift epplftred the coast of Swedorn, lioLu went upland the pilgrims awukene4 from their 93trol coa '-ucL pent-up babvie.? was spillmd over the OW'S and sendwic 1!ile.4 in 1.!1 anow 1st lx, sixtencl werip wnrmly greetld by the Britim .1c1 wnspa constnnt marl tor detail in, organization keeps the Wigs ��vor for pilgri= and mail. 40.L. or bur,' In um. thiat, u4me throu0 the tuba, It IguivIr.os oxyerm nozzle undAr it5 hosml it was ov,,tn rod from � 20 COO rwit 1), ,s1V4L .t.!1 in r.te oonquent ()I/or neturo. if he could only w,j11 txi ir,u1(1 bl marty moro tato hmaymns and many All �1r 1r, thI clt" Until h oom, oonclumr hiMSmir in ,1;i tot 0110 I1A110e,ie vlultotions or thy, Pour raISWiaroJIIIrr-Auei � ., n..,incQifipri and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 r " {!�:, !Z? F TA. cs I. 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V A.441.4.4 (ip.m.fic Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � .71�. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 ImericiAn * .004daYiet0 Asir Colonel: - " . observe My first Sunday in 31100t-bt14 lone delayed letter. The early hour is expIa140d brtbella the :ingliah churoh.neor by, is closed during the Winter; eelltte Ire held elsitienere. Having some over the'distanoa 'from my-14041, the Continental, I decided to kold service on my on diu ,in fact, write a screed on oonvoy life,but aaviaed not to send it;one jun aun not keep militar!, informatiow,,,, out or 3uch a report. Three weeks on a *haler make a lively ahaptii" in 47:y rather lively life. I os n say that we were all alone trOm. , rAit York to Halifax,and had three nights of brillienl moOn and level seatwith four inch-lc of ice on the fore (leak. The Captain later told that a sub was traveling northothirty miles ahead of us,knockiO4 off ships. 1.1ut the nine passengers were no ocoulled iz being ahatty ar.,! b1'14t to each other that we didn't even sense the anxiety' on the bridge. The british Verchant Larine get top marks from me. It was my good luck to catch Gil Anent tor one profitable evenin i; with him alone in his apartmentodurinc which I learned muOtt about the more obscure events of the 3cfs. He took me along to a rption at tho ovit mbassy given by 9.isky in honor of the nod Army,- a jamt.oreP, ol void braid Iota. Thr I threw in with the American correspondents Irma went with them to a Froe Poland reception � London hms a reception of 3ome kind nearly every day, for �Moen of the United Nations, for thistfor that,but till to promote friendly relations thni llims. � rauvrk .1 � � C.� Through Bruce Lockhart,whow I have known for many years, 7..(7,,t in touch with =1r Orme Sargent, Under-seoretary,Foreign �Moe, arol had a nuiaer of tans with him in him offioe and at dinner. Also with :r. 7arner, who is on the rorthern desk. anthony lkien I saw several timelobut th- expected conference d16 not come off owing to my departure, T I nw underatend whet the Prit nh policy im in regard to 7,ussin. ( Incidentally, tho Dritinh I hays talked to refer again and ap,!in tl the, nd f)r presentation or ,,,unrion to the Pritimh public; not flgvr-s of exp-r.t-d production no much as opinionstestimations of iict s a�oods,etc. .;hat in meriCal I qhoUld think siDnin high powered au; diltinguir lecturers mi-ht be in Drderinot jUnt journalints,not jus* scholerq. fleo:Try :rowther, oaitor of the 'conomist, is Very Irvin on prc,movion cf th1 e(.,rt). Oth-r includqo uiils on 4elliap,ton Yoo, on tne 'wedinh Lopution roqt or my time, howHver, wims taken up (1.111:, titt.neltJnees (AL cfmuitle, Lmetinfio o: the Pritigh !Aev,omic Nurture ani *clnocac levIrn the. trIchniqusi It was a fascinating purcuit iecuus t!:,1 unqqr dbrit livived vople, food, metalsoto, in ccmcrAt- t-1,-ma an to who wmto what t.iroll/h lin, f)f War. snv-onci j. 'i1 Wat v,,r7 r3c,m'ArP1tiv9stilifl allowd 11,(! to on of %Ii long. .9urv.ly�. Ch) of 1!;y ooi.panloLn( a :'41.1.071 hurpo,in,Jr) wan i� �� '41r,.v.or ol Libbyt'cl:0111 ah,1 Libbytln :nglano, 1 ortiln -;;1 tit- ;114,an0 m t i ntariibqr if 11r: reepi. 1: .1 ?, , 1 "ubheir, tqa, ,. lv.111.$1 to.9Apoq ir jp ramtatu o e d ron of no. 44611ALR *44 544 dolia4.6e t.""'" AWA, oft, 44.1. threv. weet.-914,,p1 t.q.1 wc,r- u -1'1j t, pieurwro.The firot :t .hry ,uc,1 efir rf:T t;.e tr riccinU fit -ylr!%itty. g t% r,ot- tf Tre,,); au1 tiArd with :11Froo,, wa;; rInjoyaole finn iNtere, tin -.-1.-. it wr;:l. T-:*,:m,exn-r rul.kinp ATielrn of the &fIrm! out or tlig, a� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Z-1-0006Z001-00011-0000X�1-dCl-V10 LO/8O/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 6.1114144/11/J; ''* y iow"rp. *los* torl rorsolore trq pry- r tww piewter.-4 0,,,,0411 yin i"--41014 /Iwo-% "I'mj '11"Vs"") nit 'I" "We's igror; Pi."114;t1g. 60,1, )""4"1v1 rimfr 40�1 .7wIft *VP torts IV 3 **4 '74 prdirti trer.r4 kr.e.effrev Lore ).14k�1 goy* woo P. !Jelly 4.,04. oiors, 4.,�� pith? wryly 4714 4�99,*�46.- 64v.t.t1 ilvi,/y14,044,114 sgivoviry �old Aopwtiviiir 111-Crt "Wirers r" /1.4* itr� ,Yifwvt, I 46�4*,4�0144 i'ons� vd re �,40:10-7 iervov vw"(rwh41 "Pt 947�1�44,01 lego0 pipr414 I, )41,or ppwroNS 441,sovt e., . 11 41� 0rII4 Poet, krrof "4"4 "IAN r�11 fr", 4r7Pv? 1g" "va rwrie,for", #71 ri-str *v. l'Ar '09 it�' _ � wool," 1,1%4 --r-to, )11 10400, go" iv. 44,7�7_, woo4 4107209,0,00 "ssiviloir 40444 � 3 r vivre rrofi49vro %nowt dL; 0"-ers,01T, so-Ivirr ivervuor "P""0,0 vr It" to IV p.m PKr� IN 00 4,1941) 46 tor", ip � 1000,/"Z riP11**4 rig ,44 *AO /17044 111001pro IA riv,iTP1 .104tt Vilervelre% 41110 ri IAN I 9 jrewrivil rwitory� uswas211, roolo rokip*Vq i4rtret kratroLii t�sovilq ~to 3204 4011 41,1" ..'"1"r""*. to 47.4, 10,14,19,10 4**:mprov row 4rio�Airmil ry:Por Proiksor# poolity'Vf ritz r"," 17,04V1 Zif:j erg Clow,. iv Iry 4" p.opiet rtrovrierv &me % pro woortmli 4.6 40,00�404 I 9174 oo 41000. !'"fig.�� 'b7p1( 4".PA 6:01 v4" "1'14 .V.Wfr *1 O7i."6104 reW al"ntlriitIleglivi "Wirt, lirre c"11 *irre"wrif"/ PL arwrg 6,Preemorro Oiwrowwwwol ��, tr,flgspe immr�,siov� not � 4,--i-top )0,114100, foryNito. ivor,90 rgiroi 144�0141,4000 qvg, ovvit ?mime 611. a e ,Pt.;x07",1 ger ap,:v .,t Voiditvive�Pf 'Ps-41,400 twAserao6i. 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We have snow ror Kontor; tho hmrbor bOrcrn my window Le looked in len. Todny my rallinr enrdm 011410 'ome, On inionilmy thoy will hr onnt oromul (3(0 or thoM)) elelnk with 1/%4 11 In t t.ivon. When thni oboiAmnee tho otirr :1w641rd, prot000l Im ineor I Oar! bo 16i5i441104. 1,1i the' tinit th0A0 At h011109 Oh0Prio� 0 001IP � /0/ Eirtioo Ce flopoor � 'Mb Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2, 1.4�.; ,J* er, Co Door C6lonolt // LROATION OF THR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PIL Stockholm, Saturdcy morn, Aprli 4, 1942 / havo just listened t tho Vacs or Amorica which comes ovary morning At 9115, rsbroad- cast from London. It opens with Yanks. Doodlot then the ennouncer seri he will givn nails good and bads Todny hm told or air battles tn tho Far gust, of the loan of tho Currior Langimy and how thn Dostroy. or Perry wont lown with hor rnmmining gun o wiIn opnn. 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Todsy 4v LOI4 01 Pit' Wittlos in the Ftr trot, of the loott, of t40 oarti�r !Ansley and how the destrom Perry wow. down with 4ar vematiniPe 6una *We opens Men exsuitin details of Ioue conversion or hutomobile pleats LI) war production; and finally a contrast between ntivroo and hoosevaltta Lostut WOWS ti) thWiP trig**, -RP 111.1tr, #This,e is wily one rgithi aormanyo Roos", iT "iv to mod th, Dib100 Tho dot" so 440041sa owing loto Yank** ;WW1 Whi0 if/ this otit I. � 'If k' 1111NIMIlw Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010029-6001-2 1111111111 � �'. � a are � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 ..,.,.�, :,4 ,.,,.,�.. . ::, :- '.1,F.-, , * : ,., ,i; .,.. .2.3, ist-,- -7_ '7, Alr.:10`." ' -., . t�� 1 .,��i� **-1 � , � ;F: '4' J,' : ,..,:s.. . Ill- ' Y� ' l. 1�11�;,'....i.r. 4.....,..,.,,....,..cL,.4.�...,.. -,..:4��.,....0..14..4.! -, !t,.;',:t killipi4,41 - -,:.'t 1,..., , ., --.: . i ,, :',.... . - -. 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',:0,,f, 1' �� .. f (mtlo?1, frhygt may be expleinid ify kiting misgivings, regartipig �� . , � � , fou rill remember I bad a limit ''-ittoment pi' 4uorlii and'ileet , t � = � _?��� etgor ,kuctomartioriso bustle into and out Of noiseless' ituriSinsi,,,,paioi,li'brkhe,,,,,,p' , .� rlot.tterinp,,' behlits of Sir Orme Sargent 'Bruce-Lockhart smilvotheiq-frigetidis thg' or. 5, 11 affle. ritns the ni6 for ad handl in Nu/Ilia; pirtiy rTi old soldier's ren for the colors when the- shit"roll tt� ths pr IAA bl though unadmitted to mvolft the factor of siy mite. ,:ihs4:X 4 . 1, ot leave' her too lotvos Theo* all disappear tnto the conception of the larger_ task h, JAW -tiLY� ; 1 voiten rt ftr Lhotit -ondsringe, be wrongb It may he that I have Outtlinia ilea4V; lob tt all. If 90,MOR oulps. � 4 irt This takes -ay warmest Arsosting to you, mid to all the College at 25th and X. I will write aliVilf when this speaking spre* is over. Sincerely, r ,134*A 644 e" *et Na. ruce COlopperip Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 " � .1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � � - 0,41000 " A..1,4, .1.4�; 74, t.41 oti iS V11.04 41 vttn � e 4.04, pAr istt'oliede*NttO0i , potiAten hotvoisa two/my - 4 izgilt.-5t Mlle, 04-- 14,0, Nee 41010144**bil; 44i44, T -r q*lor,litti 1,51^t1 4U0OritP�,4,401 *4t 0 :im101411011r,ok.,, , slimzotoly Airast .3* thi 01,4400 0.Ver otigiiii,t.'i-r - � Ctit mii$0 � of, J0,444 *vitt thifil4410014 finoterl -;1,if. 44o441a# 1,114 .tvie eilocIA1 001ftdeti00 et 4- 000 *OM iyit.4"kelowtAlitilihe b gotMd IP 14414 to *.ipplrlp,r 0,41.,00n0A0t4t-SuroniS' PH1404 r 'Th War � 44 04 t"4 'iutWo'rilitostid on &OK poo*r4i3.�.S � 1-4$' VIO olcod niloyeee thd -v4ts1 4toillstia.1oknEn 00.114filisig0;4 aanarai, mstorthisp s W011 INIAMINIVItOt kra ,V127 � 11 ;" a c; " .?( � 0.14*,00 th4 tnim toloi 4r 444 1-4s militKry shotorli*iso which 4101, ome thfou0 the tal4_00144;' eroi ' .wil.(1001iil 4 nevrmiitiOre Will 000 milt4itatvit In ,t1t,or vot44# tt in my sonvietan :that your !kspriosn4ative hog IT 4,00T. vhitm tog(' # I roftits, thews 11404 alibyd he 4 nAura1 imp4tan00 At z a 0 1, go on with the *sr pOrp0414,1101d to 0v104i1,0 of -10,00100 in ve.odon chessmen. 004 is so ofimn *truck by'4hn. th, 00.0411�, wotinsh pawns sr* ivtift tri baths$ flit w10 t:re, e L 41,0 ;;pt..41,..po drnott4 es ilo Thar. mu lt 4 a eill4iPlin4 eaLlsd hosisl stratm, AL in tPa eqmperetion (.1' *4? must dempsroits 1444411* bd emplmatt! tt diordroto otrna deonforhIs Ciru4m4tenchns Out Mb historian snds ,11411t ri fd tho IWChS, ArthtW an the moon. oonditiall, ciorinul$301,1),00 Moto,h,k hre not wiswy W% � Totl. miWn titY)10 nhdo ths 14onum hs nolAs�1 iQUvv� th#4. 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Oomppepiew for their toPn OMOtionll t rolhto 4nMe ,r thorn to toars. t arrived hack here omotionaIly *Omitted t4,1roonr. ,tok rnr houothut ,Ith o new underoLoitoln6 of the poaeible historie ,r Jol.elotoi n t6 qW,104t1 frr MOres offairs,i a!loito loot 000k before the American huhlt-Pierens Itiolott "Thn Amuwiclin pqople." Iin to r",1,1 fhp,f opcapent gnil 01-Ivry .n *1th whot T otolitsd, tonight In tho hltio pkir LifiWyr N1. ii nooneen4 on may 11 I. anorak to a lorge public taingtin lj I..f$,06! Vittidtmti nf th4I flef,1tUt,h tor inteticittottol Arroirro aoulthOm ,or-Ityiroj*Qts "Amnniol, in v,irelm Arralm." If :to4y ko that lsolureo hay.; f. fp �,',` F est, 4 ;roitf,0:tivit, .1teteturo: tr ti n word oratorio from the hoot moorle .4r4 +holt. igovi# rod, "ermehol rivvrovee. or thnno polyp:len, end x. ,,); .14; te thp loot 4,erilhoUt�stionemoottnno ern n1wPyg roollotio and ,C `14` $ t r, e . liI f Pioil F 0 cin r d Plist 1t4 r r4tiP. I vs MU! port p" 06 pqric *r-1. 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Yve knot whal we wont rifrIanri Annmved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Declassified and Aproved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 # p d after 'yeertr, et tsashiog,,iciernatir#Sa ',Wiest!, 'Oa sieere Sort pe!k %to *Wired.* or home atrtkettcrisiwiard dlikell114, the 'APO" et )1* Aut. trl Ow own ii*arne40,_ dale not .do so badiY). t4o1s5,10 itti atimaani$74044,em mn 0,40i criontom4usi A protneuot -11altmekted�' to a- Liesaibiottii SAM*, * ory.4eI boll,s owimming throqgh the publts etw 4oPlai4 mitaight � T4mrsdayl � stoetholo had iht Wails in* Opeii% fir breakfast tridaypaiiiir with or poroolel sannor� X tilt myerrACIstoV in Peking where the lost key ;mad till wtre .!1,tort where I *Ili in that letryrinth of Werke, and ths riokehati USU. r/t 19,0 mt. eoulti rind me et any appointed momertt no ;bettor bow Ofte0 hiad vh#1144i my riwito, It may emus. 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It is very pleasait to thisk it yes juotmeroWthe Werth mos, as I am prompted te dash stt a quiet report ir the tors it i leiteri it lies the advsatess of privaey *high I hove memo to valve aro them Jospeoys Coe ot wy anemia ( *he taro le dine vith me aloe 1,04 migh4) holieves( it recently rloquired mem ) that the Owosso gill 001 ailaith slot; the whole line if ihe Salters ?rat, but 11111 00neentrste er vuitivr 4110 iolmarsk reilvey, end on emotehirg through to the Caucasus ter tile Grouted that the sit road set gook aphis at Saki ter us sesthelthey still suet ge threughs Very twr trespe are lett is tramolliellasd, lemoashoetes They de set take the sewed trent talk serieoslyoset sves is lierwar� Therefore, they leave eoly ostitswoomed has troops is the lasS, sod givs tell sttestiss 114) Rienies Pelee, is I tabled yes, the danger et Rommel maims Oses, this breektmg the bleelede, is mock sere reel this 'mess to be realised is apiiaist 'edging by the sews from Milts. inch a break Weigh Is IhMls might gils Gem*/ 0 full year as further grace, as Italy mild then final Wive, partieipetien in the war. 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Otkorwleo oilers ere a few esitry item Civil war Le mooted in Jorsewydrraseso end Italy, when the Visited Wiese are vleterievie nail it is hoped that Amerioon troops will Wise the kIti., it being seemed that merely a 40 ooteolow�ftte 14614 be yettiotoat to oorfo 61 issai against 6 KM661611 $1441 thwerhois is maid Sc have kegge4 Hitler for food, is ?inland sold Net *err, ou ceorttious without fedi Nitior promised toed, but Menerheie weald 1110$ ormaloo 0441, for allivfleosizeosayiag he would ha,* Or see atter the toed hand its way to otw'*,Is govoralp the rinse o4thia meet menthe Wile to 110.14 rtoittPtVkiir termer pesitineo em4 sew se IOW, rely ea German vietery� itsagstt 1s. iiilor's hooduperioee have moved south 3411 the Seders beide The Hitler losovit1e.i Iamesr hae hem ?ladles rise* the toiler* at Meilen hot Wevemster, as meteor whelkitis ate-up Ott oopeft's seessat oe Pearl Marber� Miilor mew hal Pas potoom01 14/010.11,010isatioa, partilei to dimalurse. 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Dart$* thoo. moths haw maimp a rasa wadi voalc*sys to saw time to overoome inetimotivi -asopfisions. myttimr, airo:NaSa to thAekesoather than diasoipate( is I am told *Amodio% triside),�lb4re As the sovemption that a liarvard professor ees1104 net be sa-004410100! 'tithes* loving a *pedal mission, pomp' apart tram SSA ottko 111004411* 1 It may be Mei merely a label et ammo sort tor no laid dear Ole oir both Inside and outside of the Loistiolle A* it is -I test tthe who has lomg prepared for Wile only ie tied )iimselt in ibs gOurdhease don ihe bugles blows 3. :ust what the proper oolutica would be I duet souteily %mew, oseept that elaritiostion is neeessary. The alternatives eemipte me, le be. A. rraak aosepteetos of the neeseoity sad usetolieWet a ism range task, 10 gate sentideno� it *Meal *mien in me as e peroonuee that I shall be on hand in emoden uhen the break 0001041 morose tke Deltic) That womii rdasulei, a label. a. Authorisation as a political observer, with a detiaoldien ef the teletiON, so that 1 say tied materials eters I may Mid es, with the ebastlyn if not the blessing of the Legation. bultentally, I have sled my private side tut Wise,' to keep in sractifee Cables tad lettere aro submitted and sppreved. In any ogee my ims will remalm inviolate spinet NUT* emorgensies shoe the LO$414011 itself might nod it woeful' As I have fisted fin both cables in sad letierepI believe there to Is job to be dose in Swedes Shore is wledom hare, ao4 experionee, in the seats ot the migloty, Width Iffi.Were, a loopy kowtow household for entertaining so4 Omagh, hungry iwoJes sight serve our slams in a way beyond neaMorement. P* tho point of ?low if personal qualitieatiemo to serve In the ultimate oetilesonto preserved a balsam) st ilindo and a eempeesies Oor all su1fer/0g *wore sod Medea, I sight eemeeivably be ir the onset nigh'. Ter that iveeld neve infinite Wiese., prettied it was thoroughly understood by you *ad our govorsommis On the Ober haadtbeimg what 4 an, and eager tor partiiipatien, I Ivo* for lb* role it holding spy hied as as Wiser en motive duty, er 1., IIMERSOMON11.18111 "^^11'"d'11111"1:111117, n n roved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 ' � 11. %Shia sash' a traisise fIiPMt4 14 be 00 timstiost repreamodittirs Alis Citsroiliner aleritiarSisito fitsessuis JO ie spooling, hot titupi imptiesta Prose dissetioas 2 believe the Waists* would *seep, the tuartisa it 4he,400,01iiallerfs. reproltentstivesit ho wet, Wormed ortitialiy shot ilts elts diplematio twitsa ito is attribute reserved Si ibe Miami Mioicterl Military intermatisa is the prompativit it iho Otis* at Military Atts4141 Ofleuslikedulltlite WI Wes km hor ners)ollssmeah istoralmiismk sad Itiadrod satterst adhere Si tits Otis, st tits Ocsaerroial Aithsh#4 Prepadat por oc, dome from the Press Ultimo Those rustiest's, is as ter hs iesithlec sr. 444 allowed Si impiago is sash other; the soottimater is the Ministers rot at there won't Hi* Ilsobsem4 *ciao as *mum, as Oka horee rogistersi in the stable. I. I osnesived of is addiiiisma_teratismo obotervir to supplies** 'Its Minister's work by meld,* istluastida eenreftisial people *Aside the Normal diplomat's intersourses Veaneltilis I have ivied to he *beery and Wright, hats tried to Weed an'ilitittiONS good mill md its Monde ter haerieni have is. a fair mead st palls opeettiog, mad private croup spookiagoie, all She tails dismissing with OA who onsla to broad prob!sas of reatnetrueties is pease tiatistss Atter tin swaths of aeolimatios I submitted to the MinieSse a promo at eenealietieas vth plotted key aeateithom with inflames it with Modeles asking peer, which I hal drafted in the fern of a Was to you Mop Mintotor very rightly 'doted out ihat the $tate Department wsuld strenuously object to oseh premed/aro, as there would always be the daagir that lush teaks coo:14 to Salm by the Swede,/ to seam poliermakiagotile aaturally we don't time, wito4 Anywise' polio), Leper stoat be. Is ny own inind the method would have bees auroty an approosh to gain eentlionee, Whieh is so hard S. win is this t.ncirticil *atria oottalryi The eahle was therefore killed. Per weeks I have born mitativety imetive for that ream, a I an mot repreeent the goverment ta * it'd/pestle $ay, sr riot representing Harvard ei a stvdent without 014i0 etotlig nforepreeentetion it the SOVOMOUNie Moe the tes steels betimes which I sight tall' 1 hips neither the svihority of the dipleastio etetaspeith s teseiton suderoisod by She Notoitsh 44vornuest, nor the freedom et the pritoswer in war emergessy aosignassts The nag temoio to 'taw down to that it a 'mist wattashi " at the end at Iparridor4 drawling up Utopias, add 'Porting is d voiAle way ter the lest it *It war LO ukieh will sees isle mitoses witheut She slighteet retorenee is She anri Annroved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100290001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Siesklistallass4649440! Catena William J�Dosovaa, Voeriess Solhaerbi�eadea, My dear Colevels 1:- It is still early serail& kir esoleehe lobitiiHeillitor 'mho it easier too be typdag or medial then Jut Wag abed thiskiftellemee-thii mete� The roister sad 2 we leavtng Stootheps tomorrow eight to amid the weekend with 10041 NW (farmer diplomat with a lieseisto lite) akibilleji moo Jeskfppiaa, theme* safari Suaday night to Moberg Where we shall he guests et William Comm, ear Consulaileaeral, and Weed a dimmer armed by the,, sappowtere et *Win and impious en the West egad, ',UAWa has bees fairly empty city for tee Oyer, the Midsummer tostival� I vas to go to balsearlia, bet shamed ey mind at the lee, SOSOSS, hopial ober* mum be sem we'd tree pee roquiriag an immediate answers This morning 2 should like, with the maximum frankness permitted by this term of semmamioatioso to ow a. tOV werie sore mime* vernal' iestitiose Wog so yes will understood the alternatives', 1. First, it le mooessary to usderstand the impliestiens of Seedeole neetraitty, sad its bearing es the work if individuals im She diplematie Hon's. Yoe wi11 remember that I mum here to see what 'odd be dose, vith the peeeihility that the excursion might prove to be a sere joy ride, Tem war, seed *sough to give me the lattitude to werk the problem est ter efeetito which 1 appreeiated very mush. I have net ruched any body, and have tried to be intent with the issesuome rule of "Ctiehel"owhish in this title-eenseteve coustry provokes fe knowing smirks There loot **um, an aotoniobilla sontralt 4041.011 the cemmenang patters if war imergeney oesduot is Washington and the relatively even timer of sornaliy within the ring of the Neutral camps :$ mad met be tmornb to *ay that mensal rules end normal prerepAivel prevail over thefiergesay petters here5 in a soy that wield be difficult for rev to imagist,. Seemed, the MiStelOP, Ite a eerier diplomat it intetliVe tretaies te the item* type tie reprement a belligerent Oats is a neutral vamp. He is 111 Oriel diesiplimarian, and keeps all the reins firmly im the atsvo *f misiimor thee ti avoid the loose and usoostrolled aetivitios *molt eivieit 'twee, ibarasterised ether missies', He seeks to .veld elerythies, *Mob sight ie say limy be embarrassing to the 'widish government* Cowsieertag the howtolike soretisy ion;tantly is femurs tree the opposite eamp there isoseisally, so ether hearse for the head it a missies 'Sc pursue. npriacsified and ADDroved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � " . , The eammon feelingtio; sold, sus thstlessinered fite:11�VaCtai sad did sal cowers limimmd, amtlaborallis if, mita 4400 to kr is an eeempstioa rof Lemimgrad moult 'say spell 4t.iii0r4114i that net all persons is tie gewormemmt Mk* ?O1 t. ,! way a the MOWS 'Sig. sad the, army is peer+ � Is detail oho said, She peeple ht Finland weili' he ii*Si it the eveatsal bouadary with Russia were $6 eat woes the iethmes, thus removing the throat to iesigrody but leaving 'Viborg is- lismpoim event of defeat of Germany emelt net boss, problik Weave* *nisi& this mood not fear for her eentrel at the Masters laltleo ileorrer, there are several mmall islands alemg the least of the is which Finland Gould mode to Ruda, as they are is the rest/ $t the mee.h et the NOM. Is return, and meetly for the sake of prestige' ?inland-WoOld lite to ready* from Russia a slim) of the beirlay injobiled per, et weitaelikish would net endanger the Murmansk railway. Via* Assaiannt is fast,. efforett this *trip to ?Weed in the outgo of 193,41 That sums up the story as gives to as. I was very mush improseed with this man. 11. spots is Frsmahp hut everything was 'tsar. If I seuld tell you more about kin you would 4041 why I take it serilmely. I acted his how many there ware like his at lame he simply aprea4 his arias widsoindisatimg almost overybody� He took risks in Gaming to me, bit would ono no one else for obvious reasons. Meanwhiletmy other thistle are swelling. Cheers. Any hops for :Hie if I oott%o doors for tto duratiss 64.4 401.**-'r 11111111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 44p. t� limos kiteniattem amit 10,14e 10.4Wetit. stagettbo felleeimg sommemt is Oferied'es pregesemdso feasible medium just seref Tbilriema are mot Oilseed $W44401,11, radio, and wee14m4 believe mmeh of it say War, !boy 4o liste'm hroadsaartailest seem to osasider tbo materiel peer ( that iscove frismOL rialead say as from the Join* of view I of our eases)* Geo *fibs opeOhliis is *bet the Leedom breadeast harps em the internal somditiems of lialmad**sueb' Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RD3X P100001R000100290001-2 as the shortage of hroadoets, ubleh every Flamm believes ho himeelf.bettet 416611314d to judge tban a leroadeastor is landon� Seeemdly, the ubitevasking of the Bolsheviks goes See tar; however black tho axis might lectit,ts act ooneidored sound propagamda to grew angelic wings on the lolsheviks just helms* the Red Am prove, to be magmitioamtly Russian in defense of Russia. The following suggestions me mato net. offestivi prepagamdas 1) Keep the Germans and the Finns separate in idea; the Finns fighting a separate ~tete. 2) Keep up the hue and cry, with detailed inforeatita, en the subject of German cruel treatment of small nations, especially Nerwayobut iloo CeoehoelovakiapPeland, oto. 3) Explain the Masi Lebensraum plan of reducing small natio*s to status of suppliers of raw materials to German while Germany will monopolise industry is Zurupe. c) Show shy chapter and viorse, that the Gorman army is not invincible, e.g. is Russia. 5) Soviets, with Chapter and verse, the internal diffieulties itt German regarding transport, manpower for industrypete, to destroy the lingering belief in Gorman victory. 6) Explain ouv economie potentials is the postwar period, and ouch matters as freer trade, curresoy standards, 'outlet for Finnish tiaberote. 1'1 Lot A/serials' speak to Finland institad of British broadcasters; they loos for the sound of tbe American voice whishoto them, is the voice of Cod. It ie suggested that a reseed of the Amerioan prove night be broadcast free Loeden moo a week. Our friends in Finland would $414 to it that the hour would be tiaras 3. to reply to my questions about Russia my Anfoomant said that only is few officers ever did at to go beyond the pre-.1939 Use, that limo troops in immoral were opposod, and Shut whole regiments hod to be removed from the line bowooso of the reduotemee to advseoe,(Kephimecifthad nine soothe Were Leningrad) P-nr Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Declassed and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 LEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Otookholeauly 14,42. 4.040$ Colonel Mlles J.Denovan, % American Ilmhasey, Leaden. Dear Celesell I realise that all thought is for the moment sensentrated ma the siselfieanee of event, in loypt� One eon only wonder it that development Just seemed more dangerous from this geographical areal two months age, or whether there, is estually here a star* dentate sensitivity to pending events because of the antenna into Germany. There are some item which 1 can neither cable or writs. But I vont to toes another balloon into the other,hoping that a favorable wind will take it to you in London. Other it. have not been rounded out for report,if you know what I an trying to me( I simply do noknow who roads these letters). Today I was sought out by a shop from Yinlonds highly iodinated, and holding a good position. His *tory follower 1. HO matter what the appearances because of the Nasi controlled prose, the Yinnieh poople are still, and will continue to be, thoroughly denosratie in outlook and sympathy. They arophowuver, from en behind the ice.bound controls of information. They know nothing of the outside world *leapt the information pfnvoreble to Germany, which is allowed to cos* through by controlled radio or prose. The German grip on the governmont in tightened with iwery deliviory of food and medicine, as these naterials oro granted only in returt for further politleel commissions. The Finnish srnythowever, is eager for some kind of aceurenoee from us which will support them in their eventual will to resist the German-controlled severnmente It is believed that preparation for that support must come through re0edueeting the Finnish people as a whole on the rightnes* of our souse, especially the American cause, from whLoh they fear they might be divorced by the cruel exigencies or the were They ore intensely grateful that President Aeoeevelt did not ask for a declaration of war *pinta "'inland, sad leek to Amories as little people mid-way Woven purgetory and the permanent fires of hell. Their hepoltherofore, is to find * way beek,with our arose. This may be considered, I ouppose, as a memo from the Army, at leesi from that largo eeetion of the �Moors corps who roproosni the feelings of the mammon soldiers. A 1R000100290001-2 rnr Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X0000 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 pst Wee, ae-e 6401404 Mee shish hale .d t. the Maprieenmeallig Aires' la the ::::t rola* oleo% ose404, Ammo1#041V:14 Along with ~AM.' so are WIDOW 14114, goivon tine to prpperef elan :106 sad 146 V. prove that we polio free Amp igto la $tiy.. eon treneoead the lawsdLator 411114411 of war and . Med 'OA moo, theS we eon ne34 ilese the berWasi ors460i by peopLes net is emorged foes stilton* triballevin ekter to 4omenotrato that they, be, have the isesta e0.6401, be enjoy the Pour proodeme. Per this onemmus hleterioal oppertuaity, ski* we him to seamen ospodelly with our MothoploinA Witain4 us koerioeno 'should too profoundly thoahtle4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 40;4 lr t4.1. &�4400�p- � t i*/ � I fr � � The otaboa at Valk IA etrotogiO tomoratrifis woos' en tetinalw the ^Wm Pt' of verld ttt.j et all peoples sill load tbe 1144r in tko HA opportunity ore 00040011121.111in laoldontolly. tto tomb eft.. 00 took OMosterial end Oast heel tarts* oppertawila preellatedk te l *al lieebereltsed obatteeped ~NI it 14 ?Ms opportunity is Wait oreitiim try liko 4 omen same, the paesplea 4 Woo Mated Ilattikit *apelaid, 4phe chines� sad the Mamas** the die by Ohs ustnipois titt ootonse of thoir soil. k Ills Conelustom* vinallys we GM Individual* Shore In Ulla pest larlewent at OppOrtunity threw& esteneso It 18 as indiVittAalso to 11,0441 to t no he o that Om �1g4 appwill be open to sll mOlkin4, so taa0 %a the peso. eo that aot Soso testi; mew the miede at world War. As Amerloans Weltelisve In Troodom of tho in *quality of rit, sad an eal4wp4 *pp.T4UinMk7 tVitt that Is tkui imerieika Arouse vie believe Wet sup tank is that dream will bring tic to a r000meiliation 40$540*, individual taitiativ, and tho Iwo it **dal p3 distated by cielentitle odvanoes vitt** the dos* We periods Wish ottond upon soolol Pevoletionik We do not believe In anl dootrine at oupermano whether by dist*, or by eeme motto qualivy of raeg or blo06. contra, we do bellow* that the oondition of tweed**. *MOWN nail with oortain super qualltlees at toleronsii or forbear' ewes, or eompaseion, sad of soneroeity. whioksretl� quatities in,e0totilen4 to e bettor wort& ro 1i adeanint; to our eult a froodom we snastl an individualAs constantly ilivc proof that we are mertNy to "%mad the sontmasion of the knorionn dream* Ao phrase* in a toll of soottish vomit I bust bo true, tor they, are theme Oh tria4t se; met be puree tor them are Choose Who earsq I would b* strong, tor there ia omen to ceffori : wadi be baser*, for thirty to much 110 44tmi I would be Wend of all, tho too, the frt.:tacos; leivoi414 sbo giving* and forget the Oft: *bald We aumble, for I know my weakoossow I wuulN look up,.and loughto.and lovosipeand ttft It is tlup lot of 40,00, In preparing for that entlropOd bpoortonaty, to follow ttto flog In battle; It is the tot it others to Lear the tar eh In mere aovis$re4 way*. Sul vhstevor our individual aoelannontm this Amorloon way MIMMUMMINWIMmiammili.drow.-- rid A I-Int-MR=1d For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001 � tbssitel for Us StiveiN11h if 01111=10411110 Loabtast ter troodom Se Setestkr 01 Thies le eametebtiog to bilimbpssiatla Ln /.411, mad that is Witalao 2n list pelt% Ms bele p000ller IS tiortgeo Vida yew the soma, or sowee. *We ere Almalkela" sellers. 114, day ,ts belat_ibsorved Is IOWA* thritieh people jetatag rd. as o Is &sods. else. theive'swe three servisee sett gaiss Cm in Weelataletat Abtiepir-ta Wootstalstor eat Wield, end In the diessege. is .11140Nsters ging George is hest be Aressolsen afloat., blie trst ithosikew giving Day observes., is **411bleghme Masi, Laeasysel sarvieo is tutting pls., is tlymoutha the bast pun it the Pilgrims, 14114. We are thankful for Veneto, WrItaln of Denklrk, Britain at the OMB, smAlwitaln now' theaktel ter nude * Vother�ocuntry ter'Whom we may gladly spied wow etwongth. It mesas a flewiag together of two streams, fod by Os 'Immo wines it polities' thought, *doh, however dilerlOW6 la the past, Always remained of the same watello. we, with **Asia, have a groat and stisorteg end ham levee in histerv. I say happy, beeause it Is a hem .lesion to bring rrooden is our Winners, and, met a threet to enslave; happy be...ruse ether peoples eepecielly sLi notions, know we bring freedom en our %Inners, and sword. timely trust us. It imy be that other puioplee *meet more than we sea deliver. It may be that we have act the Wilde* t* untaniale the .ken of Wuropeam hatreds. but to know that we ire trusted given sentidense that we may, is Sines acquire wisdom. In tlim words of rrotessor Whitehead, our beloved teacher of philosophy at Harvard, who woe te us from wijand� it will require that traditional etateemoneL4 be intused with dramatis novelty. As live en ths eve of portentous events: the third greet enlargement of opportunity in modern history. The first was the diseovery of Mori**, attendant moon the discovery of a new toehnique in navigation. That *monad * new world to *bee* the anevgise of Lumps. The !mend great enlargement of opportunity was the industrial revolutiont bainntn n the middle or the 17th eont$47. Whisk% magnified man's power over thingn and mode t40 viedern world. The third grist enlargement it opportuatr is bowing on tn* nerison now, and will burst Von us wheal hostilities *ease. It is am enlargement of opportunity attendant upon Wm tremendous *Avenge of scions. all elonG the lin*, rrem medicine to tlyin40 to television, etc. This time, as noted Iv 'Professor *hltehead� the advent)* is net depeelent upon a stnals inventton, sueh as gempooder or printing; It embrasee *very astivity en the seals of main's enormous astivity, makInt for the largest *pooh in Alstory. TM � 01R000100290001-2 A ..s.nrr,�ari For Release 2013/08/07 CIA-RDP13X000 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 - Sr Iftkitikao tho 00064 iot the MU*Il * rut net Nee 111146111dis loaacial hat Stat. SOWN* "la; It ?.3.L.*. L* that. is eiasea11304040114111$Isvoutil 11e 41: DelmmeO the,000ft, Ttimiska1lli1,ia4 Dart So mash * s est at IOU ty t berry wirehantes t$41014141 Tow Preal *Rh Nmit 004, rase at *tab Ito L spas 4 vent task to the old ealeMilar. All it #10k 0444LML este that Calvin 04,4414.0 woe 1,1406 when MI seldi (111-410 of his few known utteranaes), lave WO to Wanedehael$40 - e1" r 4 �," I e.. IL Ws That. oar Tbanitistviag Day thie Tear is the most WI have known singe 141,4 er even sins. MO, %hi poor before tho Japanese seised toneamrie and tbue 0144. first breseh in the inikornealestieostoPitysysimmik IPS aro t4I24 that we have prebobly rued the iliorning IOW Lit the war. Ws sem, therefore, be thankful, as were he rtlgrime, *nd is the semi sense. We ere thankfuli 1) ter having ethrifived the perils of dismal* UAW. twirl Maribor, and thankful tar the strength to meet $01134 etill in store. X) Thankful ter our tvrettftg barns whi,011 insreasingly help to feet people in want ell ever the earth. 3) Thankful ter the sinew* of emr rish moll and mines, and tor Via product* of our taotariss, whith *noble as to oontribute mesas of defense to the United Nations, 4) Thankful tor our fresh, yon nar, whloh v4414 Lip e sea An need, neves, end implaea lo in its devotion to eresAWiN ror that mempower, Aourished in ANSPitorm Setts Ise rust thank the nations or Swops Whieh OVA 0640, bloo4 overseas to help ralt111 the Asserts= dream. tie be tingi thankful is to be humb1104 W4 mast he thankful in true humility. We must net feeliihly Oderits to ourselves virtuso ihish, in Meet, devive frmn historleal cire4matesse, from situate end malls from rich resial nialtwatil trap pegraphieal remoteness from &replan hit redo, and trim ether reversible fasters to shich every notiv* is torus sod uhieh naturalised Amostialos **gulps). We ail,* fr.,1 yea, bud es rumt never tercet that twAlsom always boom lases*l with the natural 0e11ia4 far tweed'', 014604, resoureeit staid blonds Thais tgaim stip at Istria* trite, mod dietate ta/orsese in samwasncio. lithemi theme attrilmtes it is m(404 more diffiellt tete free es peoples elsewhere knew. 5) Then, MI WWI Wet* in this enamigryt We IWO ilkikOkAti Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000101-2 SL " * I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001 � 4 4 � 4.1�. .- rt� -''a1 a-. 4c. .r ' a � ,4; 4 -Disoasis 410ais tigr 1000ir. *ow but" ammost. StA,400414 ,^1 - , ��� - 4 " .41:.4-� :441/: bay* Imes tvikot 1111000 IN t044.10�1040or� irreittpirt siWitootlistwto osesiOlos6 X 0100, or oevatoo, to, v4aki.4M0Sirroo0 Obis* 41010411a. 4 ,r Dim. acwovor. ~MA 0.00011wo of tplito via* " illoalogiAllas Vol la moo litinorly, awl et 110 1000101;$114. wIttianee to "kie this year. 6 I.Tho Ver. 1. 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The ?Int Thankesiving it to also weal to reiessiber the seaounbe of the (trot artlextitegivin4 ray, 11110 atter the unspeakable hardo ait.74,00 andurod tbia tho firstgesan:iak folk riligritso issie to Ood tor haviirts Onievtired %he perils cot taw Milian *await-mit in the forests areend nraclitaitiv Anti tboy amp, tikankri4 for the bleasing at a gok,41 harvost, insaring their survival during ithor ensuing winter* 5. Subsequent observer**. ubvioetti.bootir a Aar of Thanksgivine was proelallsid at 444 tires It- the various ealontfls, mu later by the severners of states. - It renalaid ter tresiident Lince/n In 1864 be ikpopoint oti last TIONVONley of Nelatober as the 4167 to be siba terwod to/ all. It UMW* a dal of prayor mai family reuniass. In trait Isaii %Lao when we wore a poor eountry mankaA:ivint: was also a de4 of tisdly wooded toasting, at the end or tuts narking nesse** on the tams. Mere violently the feast luas !Noon a *eon. to wake the rattly glad to got towithoir� ire was am ettonit (Iv40) to 'bangs Ma WHO elt Thankstiviti4 tram* the last Thursday in Voirenbor to the nest to the loot, orti somill forward* 'Mt was demo at the behest MMINNINIMININE neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 St 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/07 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100290001-2 , - 117 WOW 1010111.01 41" . thiatst AAA* Chaselt, aio.1104110010e ,� I have Son *shed te say a rts ivoralt or bratty. spreopriete to the osoasiens I weld* ~I, of eeures, to WA dowirleans almivel;AmOilato night. hewn,' naiad seteetves of the sosoniniet Theshogiviag Dezr In oar history/ sada it* ppettiX nificance to us this year. ,r- I. Tho ver� 1. Mayflower Caosst� It le interesting, from an institutional pdlai-ot view, to note th4st as the Mayflower opproiShwd the rels-� tively unknown American shore the Pilgrim* ila14004 realised they had made me provision for goveTe01406. A000rdingly, they drew up the oelstrstod Woe pact by which all agreed to ',submit to sulthi and governors as (they) aneuld by semen acIM64,0* to make and ehoose." The.. towns words, stew** town the politioal ferment In the mInde of iingliebase lathe early 17th sentury, be' in time, the warp and root of the Amerioan dr: a land of freedom; a land of equality of right; a land of enlarged opportvnity, movermst by the consent of the governed,. I. The First Thanksgiving Day. It is also useful to remoter the &coolants of the tint Thanksgiving Days 16210 after tbe unspesknble hard0 ships endured the firat year. As Ood-leiiivirtg, English tolk the Pilgrirs goy* thanks to Ood for having survived tho perils of Cm, Indian savages in the forests around Plymouth. And they were thankral for the blessing of a zood barveet, insuring their survival 4%,ring the ensuing winter. 3. Subsequent Observance. aubeequently a day of Thanksgivine was proolalmed at odd times by the various so/miles, and later 1)1 the governor* of states. It remained to President Linseln in 1944 to appoint the last Tgaireday of ievaaber as the day to be ob- served bl ell. It became a day of prayer aad family reunion. In the long time when we were a poor oountry Tbankszivine was also a dci of badly needed roosting, at the end of this working season on the fame. Hem reeently the feast has been a means to mks the family glad to get together. 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