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November 3, 2016
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July 31, 2013
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November 17, 1943
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 --y-,- .-7777-1777.17'�-�'.!'",' , - ' ' w.,:,' i ,',.-� -5'. '- .: .. � . �, � a -. .�� .. A qpior.0 1.1,- J7 'L3 ,f104,..0.4ic.1151 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 5 tr � � � ; . I. AV Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 tt. � wrItir'il -t"' 9 0 � 1,1 ' 4". ,4F.T - *re. tt�owlebtu...rot��� l'Y lieveober /943 Ularry T4 Klein, Esq. 135 !last 42nd Street Vow York, Vow York Dear Mr. Xleint In General Donovan** absence I mm writing in reply to your letter to him of Noveoor e$ 1045 inquiring about your nephew, First Lieut. Harry attain Arnold. We have made inquirie of the War Depart- ment and can tind no record of your nephew having boon wounded in action, We believe that you .411 be able to set the quickest information about your nephew if you write direotly to the Casualty Branch, Adutant Genoralte Offioe, statins all the facts that iou know and requesans that tho' advise you and Mrs. Arnold dirootly, Should we receive any news about your nephew as a. result of our inquiries we will, of course, lot you know immediately, Yours very truly, Coed: Wi...ardto 0, C Doering, Zr. Major, OS ("hie, Secretariat � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 4. ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 ICANNY Wag rf ir iAMT 414111, NPR Si WV N fliV 1111? , November 6, 1943 Brig. Gen. William IT. Donovan Officio or arateglo farvioes 25th and )ant 5treets Waehington, JJ. O. Dear .0111: have been luformed that my nephew, Harry Klein Arnold, who is a First Lieutenant or Oavalry, as- signed to a Tank Destroyer outfit, has been wounded in aotion. Apparently a jeep In his detachment, in which he was riding, was blown up by a land mine. My assumption is that ho was serving with our Fifth Army just North of Naples, Italy8 when wounded. Hie number is 04030324. He is in the 69th station Hospital. My information is he was not picked up for three days. He is the only child of my youngest sister, ana naturally she is very much concerned about him. Would it be asking too much for you to have an inquiry made throu0 an appropriate channel and advise me how badly ho is hurt, what his condition Is now, and any other information about him that may be proper to pass on? am leaving rur Chicago tomorrow, and will be at the Blaokstone Hotel there until Wednesday, November 10th, and expect to reach Cincinnati, Ohio, on Friday, November 12th, to spend a few days. My telephone number there is Cincinnati Xast nnd my address #3 Observatory 11111, Hyde Part, Oincianati, Ohio. I trust that you are well and enjoying lire, and that I shaIl have the pleasure of seeing you soon. Assuring you that I will appreeiate your courtesies in the matter, with kind regards and best wishes, I remain � e � 0 L. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP.13X00001R000100300007-4 aim ", 04.4.-.7-411.N4-147,14,464P4.44e*-miee....*.alive � CONFIDENTIAL (RO) 15 Dumber 194, ' 411 1 I'" It _\ Gov* N. Komaneviohp Usq* Yuleolav Minister Central Pal% 0outh Now York4 N. Y* Deer Mr* Xesanovioht % am deeply grateful to you tor your Yory ?rant letter of November 290 194,11- to aonerml Donovan, woh came to me tor attention in his absence. Secretary of 'hate Hullfs :went deolaration or United Otates polloy with referionoo to material aid to the Partisono hao undoubtedly been reassuring to you. There is no questton or our foaling to follow thikt THAW in letter and in opirit In foot, wt have already done PO, Thrua roher4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � ' r . � � 71. e- 411 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 k4e. AltAt � 3 A0..46.1 �4k "�1 e 5"�:' �L e OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES INTEROFFICE MEMO TO: R. Thrun FROM i 'Whitney H. Sheperdson MAXIM Draft of letten' to Ur. Kosanovich A ANi� % C049*'3 6.4AASV434.1� ")) " ..,,brorts�-���.kiat.��������H�r-WAS.b�am,Liko, 04.4,;D:40�;:rn. Lkx. DATE: 14 December 1943 Returned herewith is copy of draft of letter you sent to me during my absence at the end of last week. I repeat what I said briefly 6o Colonel Doering at the time the letter was received and said again to General Magruder this morning, namely that I did not think this agency should argue with a foreign gentleman in questions concerning the suitability of our own personnel. For Colonel Buxton's information, the Captain Kobel referred to in the communication is regarded in the highest terms by MIS as well as ourselves and in fact we have had to make an arrangement with MIS to deliver him to Colonel Jadwin at the end of February because Colonel jadwi.n says he can not do without him. The burden of the Yugoslav gentleman's complaint is that not enough is being dome for the Partisans. This complaint was registered with us a, good many days ago and prior to the recent statement of Secretary Hall to the effect that we were rendering !all possible aid to the Partisans in the way of supplies, and I I( should think that the autho,. of the letter should have his attention called to this statement of Mr. Hull's and should be told that since this is the policy of the United States Government as declared by the Secretary of State, there could be no question whatsoever about OSS follardng it and that in fact we are already doing so. Al; 44. irkl""ivrr � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � t.0 ; � 4 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/07:',I;c7A-773701:0,0c01R000100300007-4 4. 4 .. ' , I 4 � � ; ^4.4 - e ' 4 �.:14 � ' OFR= OP 1TRATEGIC SERVICIES WAIMINGTON, DI tIL (5) 9 Noom1 1943 OtAVA N4 Komanoviallp Bogs YugAltiv Minimtor 1341 Contra PAPit South Now YorW, N. Y1 Dortr Mrs KeigAnovighl ' IttY0 tieWSki tk 01 6 Aote4 I AM dooply gmhoful to you for vour vory Prgn% lottor of Novombor P9, 1943, to hmuora Donovftn, which 0A1114t tO MO 110V attontlon ta him aboonoo� For moourity rommono; wo do not MI mAttor of polioyl dimolomo thm oonnootton of indivichxa]m wlth tfti1 I rogrot hho n000mmt4 thlg iMpOP00 of mining lndlvidual dimoupolon o th� oamom you montion mlnos I know hbmt T mbonld bo tgothor ablo Lo pa your mi nil mt by a loom gonorml mnmwors Inammuoh am Milit417 Attanhoo do im owim undor mtr jurtmdtotion, X limy may that Major Mhopanovto to nnt our rapriapon4ablvel 'him may bo atiro that wo do not; Intond to hAve in L1 flold uir whomo plIVOA0 10 t.f.) hlooh Aid 40 4 m.PQUp onamgod In rIghtinv tho onomy, Whoro thoro lo P0000n to boitovo an indtvtdual to ImPILLod by btao for the paptionlav Loo4 elaolgnod to him; hip nhob wIll h ovlowdo and appyopeiato totton tahon, A000rdingly wo havut Latton rnli oonntemnoo of yonr oomwtto and phalt Lahti ati otopm wh1041 mmy bp nottoammey to amttary onvaolvom that any pelption involvod will varry ma mu, ontiontivop and dovotIc bto fn11 @V! 't to righttno onomyt Yowl+ vt,vy pinoprolyp Declassified and A � 0, KOwavo omtun Aottnv Olvootr a proved For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninmmt-m7 A t45 gi i40,4t44�'1"' � 04 441 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � r---, .e, A%-'��14 4 ' -..:.� � ,,c,-;,,;,,,..!, miotrmAz� : .. 44 4t7 r �t� � SEOR X OFFICE OF STRAT 01 SERVICE' S WASHINOTONI DI (::( 3 Deeember 3,943 MEMORANDUM TO: Robert Thrun FROM: ;$ M. Scribner 4UBJE0TS Attashod Lotter to 109 from Yugoslav Minister, dated 29 November 3.943 � AP' It is the policy of the Middle Mist Area Operations Office of SO to recruit personnel for Yugoslavia who have no political blam. Although this is a desirable objeotive,from a practical standpoint, it is not always poseib1o, so that as the next best expedient and as a matter of operating prIneiple, an attempt has been made, where politleal bias exists, to at least maintain an equal balance of personnel having 1)**1434mM...a or Greater Yugoslavia inclinations. The subject referred to in the attftehed memorandum is one that has been brought to our attention several times before and it is known to this �Mot that certain officer are very close to the Yugoslav Minister in Washington, who, I am given to understand, shares a different politioal viewpoint from that enjoyed by the Minister in New York, whose letter in attached. It is the writer's opinion it is not completely possible to control this situations I have investigated the record or Captain Kobel, who is diroctly referred to by the Minister, and I can find no evidence that he in aoting as the attached letter indicates. I have, however, discussed the matter with Major Lincoln, Aeting Chle, 80, 4nd steps are being taken to the end that Captain Kobel will 14 advised that he should not at any time indulge in the type of conversation referred to by the letter. With respect to Major 8tepanovic, to whom the Minister refers, I am informed that he is not in any way identified with 088 but is an officer working for G-2, I hope these comments will be helpful in addressing a proper reply to the Yugoslav Minist r t New wk. ;MS/6mp co. Major Lincoln SECRET J. Scribner Dow Director, 880 � "speprori it � L 0 � � rtrIrM/Pci For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified ReleasV 14/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300uut-4 SAVA N. KOSANOVICH /UVIONLAV mem SECR ET Ce2.-441.,X AtAA So Al.tpC . Brigadier General Wm. 3. Donovan Office of Strategic Services Washington, D. O. 41-10.wtS4 sat November 29, 1943 Dear GenDral Donovan: Although I have never had the opportunity of meeting you personally, I hope that my name is familiar to you in connection with a plan advanced by your office and with which I have heartily agreed to cooperate. Attaching due sig- nificance to that plan and wanting to see it realized to the benefit of the democratic policies of the government of the United Stntes and of the peaceful future of my own country, Jugoslavia, I am writing this letter expressing some of my re- cent worries. These I want to keep in confidence and wish to convey them to you personally. Ban Subasic and I have without any doubt or reservation accepted the plans and suggestions made by your office. I, on my part, was and am willing to invest all that I possess in both political credit and personal experience in promoting this scheme. The aim of which was to be liberation of the Jugoslav people from foreign oppression, the unification of the various national and political elements and the democratization of the political life in the future Jugoslavia. In order that this plan may succeed it is of utmost significance that to the people of Jugoslavia, this action be presented as coming from a country interested in their better future. To the people of Jugoslavia thepolicy of the United States of America must be presented as a policy of democracy, progress and unification. Unless we are accepted in that confidence, our plans, regardless of the perfection of details, are worthless. The credit that America has among the people of Jugoslavia is grent. It is great among large masses, and also great among those leading the strugkle against the enemy, which today means the Jugoslav Partisans, it would be harmful to do anything to endanger or diminish that credit. Therefore, those representing America and Auericen sponsored actions must do their best to maintain and deepen that confidence an to show to the Jugoslays that Americans are coming as liberntors and friends. This concerns any Anerican representative, but in the first place the officers of Strategic Services nnd those spot sored by them. The Jugosinvs must see in them individuals friendly to them, indlvtdunls with sense of 1m- SEC ET ..orgew�alt ase 2014/09/16 CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100300007-4 '=.� !rs - fL �=: Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 ,.., ;',-,,,. 4"; . '1,t.";`''' � ' '� 1.!�',/s-''t ',.' ',.*.A- g.:1".1 ' ' � �'� '...,` � ',:* ''''=:''',`,":' �;;:i''''' _ , . 7.Tir":7-X[e,7'.. A ,.� .*F Jr, .4'-., ' ."-',...M. `..' I, � ', �. ' !:, s'. + -, -..' ',4.'-i"':, . � ...',--;.. - . ' � � "" -4--r:-..4-.--�--3.h..1.1-,7-; ' � 14-.97 �:, ', ..,,,..',tv-p.'�11.5)Wq," '4' ' ''''..2.'','7.- r4,'"1!1' . T-' -,'!';'.re 4�1� '��,: \l'ail� �0,ci . , '1".' " 'I,' ' : " "Ie. ' ''. ,1/44".."44W.0**4.401K.IV`ist.n.l. ti-^t7 it -1,,, ; �� ���. ; ti. jmpOtiality and fairimiot 1 p@roonally havo boot experilnos Ot ..:, ,. 'tho'high quelity of the offl'ore of Otratogio Mingob with whom , .111,44 the opportunity to @pelf,. Howovor, 1 %mut to oxprpoo A-� oertain Tem' thAt haa oeoupiod my minds Vrom the oirc;ee of,thit ,t,.- ,;,;,, Jugonlav Embamny in Wamhingtoni from loone talk and oyertohnoopos, �,,,,,, how@ ha@ roaohod me that loom of tho higher offiolale of th10141 , boAay have repeatedly bonotad that their "friende Will�40e to it, thgt AO Amorioan aid will be forthcoming to the ?anima. -4,, oonnection with that, it continoent that oomeone whom ,tiley teOsied flour friendn ham gene to the Not Haat to head the JUgoelav- sobtion of, the 000s 1 aloo have direot information@ from a Jugoslaivssaman that A cortin Oaptain Kobal from tho 008 in oponly acting mod (poking in tho Immo ways Nin outnpokon antioVartisan standlrom ' Oat I hoar, in directly opponoo to the prino4plem ; imp:Inspect above. In addition to thin, moo the fact that a oerttin Major Nick Otopanovio in boing promotad to tho rttnk of Lieutenant Colonel and &V0 tho tho pont of UsOsAs Military Attaoho to the Jugonlav Xing ,. , in Oairos It ig, known that 0toponovic 1111,13 oloeely amoiated with :4 , the Amerioan Elrbobran And oiroloo pereueing the anti.Jugoolev And ohouviniatio Serbian pollOY, whioh lomat harmful to all that we etand fori Am A norb and domoorati1 oonmiclor attoh it policy dirootly opposed to tho partioular prineiplem whioh gu10e our work in roforroneo to tho pinn whioh the Un hi o (iieouenoe with me. Fnelhormore, I conm cider much polioleo And euoh uttevanoofl ao dirootAy dAngoroun, not only to tit politioal devolopmontel but it to the military intor- onto or tho tattoo in tno Dalkana, 1 oonaloor it my moral duty to @nit ywur attontion to tho above, Two auoh peril notional the ono raproponted ohAt4V141114tAl and tho other oontered around our plan, aro inoomphtibLo. They aro no MUCh Ogiwn@a to 0110 anothor; thht tho rooult mut4 Do nogatiVO, Undor muon condition@ the, thlogo 1 ropromeht polittoally and mo- rally would bo oompromieeds That poti:).sio1Dillty oannot noeept before my nonaolenoo And my people. At ourront development@ in Jugeftinvia go porrootly in lino with the viowe anoaotiono of tho ee or v;o, who have pitool for the prin. olptoo of unity oftlerbe; Oroata and8lovonom An torn oo And datum)* racy; exprepood mainly by the Partionne, Andkno*ug your viowo I hop o that thio omn bo rootifion and our pla6 opoGdedo ainooroly YOU /41/4141 k> lInva N. Konaoovieh SECR El _ � a,s7,-.140 and Anoroved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 .*" cto � 1,40(7,8olIbnor e: J4mc from Lt. Dolan to Qi on9/10 43 IIAVA KOSANOVI OH copy of lettor 9,0/43 to Urvid H Winton fl )&� I hnve Of c() JC:-; npy they n rP not emtHO in i doologi on hnt nortoln LI/no ri, I ht. t4n1b/Irrivirytn,u, to NI,: e Dont . N-p(111!.1 1 y n�ur oft' elni 9t on on?4:.-1, U, EDWAi lie 1111)(111/1 Abli I Di posit op Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Ct40 - 4". - I Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 r I rV.)� � /r4(.61 f Seo SA-40 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVIPPO INTEROFFICE mprio TO: Colonel E. G, Buxton FROM: Lt, Patrick Dolan SUBJECT: Sava Kosanovich f7,rn: DATE: 10 Sept 1943 14 Attached are a note from one of our re- cruiters on Sava Kosanovich and a re )(art on this man from SI. We have checked also with the Balkan Section of Riga and they join with SI in giving Kosanovich a glowing send-off. 2. MO would like to use Kosanovich not as J member of the Staff but as a consultant on Yugoslav affairs in Cairo and as a recruiting agent for us in Cairo. 3, Because of the policy questions invok.ea with a man of this stature, we are submitting it first to you before prcceeding any further. 4. Kosanovich could probably Uo mare than any one man to help us in our work Yugoslavia, but we would have to handle him c,,refully becauw the British there are more or less committed totWovern- ment in Exile. However, we thing it coulu be so arranged, so that there woulu be a Milani= nr trouble in that ulrection so lon our relatioi,s 0,1th Kosano- vich are kept on an ittfor,a1 �id unofficial basis. 152--t-tver4to /4144,- 0.44) I Za-ve (-La-4 ( stoc tioy dttlf,t,c, fe 124, 4ft sti 4"Lti 44441 eterti 1110(4.) e4,1 11� ) P. D. t k 6 r ii .3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 ����4 T 17-L0000�00 L 00a1 L 0000X�L dC1I-V10 9 1-/60/17L O eSeeiei JOd panaiddv Pue Pe!PsseloeCI .14� I k Age ciOr woai att411 illItt1 tie. tn lot Irtm 0,02 ,01 tiolAtint,voNt .4r pm10004o0v ..t,1.01tu 61;1 11..s ott: 101 atlootd On(4 ln"(111 JO lUnrIMO ille$Wit.trsAWI ottl Wit.) 1101vitt,u1 OaA1000a twown000l 441 ivh 411 ptiqqlnan1 ml 0Aon 0:hot, Wiftiti ol d141 .-111 mit; geigttoAvei JO 11011011(otiI1Mmolloomictmoo 1"Vmm11,/ ifile "I "lricmoltlf loll V' 014 seldom wi1td4t, aflo imm olwitildoeso 01 town Wit00 on fluqindlild AuTtioNIA 0111 onnoIdj gimw 11,41aw otttt all HO tronmotiliT Atfo 07 iloluttoo Aolttd 01 A1 4tJ AtIt4M 001,10MJUI DiffP0 411 0a01,14 011t1 ni ol 411 1.4t11111111Ant4 Atm 01 4011M Mli) own V11100 Om Will 0A11T6(1 owl "rtwIrtoVnX 01-14 oJtvIn n/ itioonoq ift tnttla,) ic Jatimnu (141e149 ft.4.101mwiq 01 it.m0ttIIM -W;10111t( AtIlW,4f1A c30�111 $11)(1W4X1 "1 tit7111 vit11 to 1Inliti1hAad rvlloWiltirs Wit; 111011110d ,it1,1. �InJion Aciom oq 10114.0 Jt 000qm luomnociA00 oqi iviaJ ljj( 411t4 omt,m6m I' Ill' e)11 '4411,1-3.1�11,1 so)Joijo AoM atiO In Eno 01 rIwtitim Lot %11.1 *rtwoo oq lumit/0 1Illow.1114,1 Plq ttI 'Ut141 :1111i(1A' "01110111n01 0111 -14\10v 1400 ""P7M010Tr aaolt90 Sfit1011 j0 11)/ 41onitml 111a4a40 4U1 �14. PJWIWPW 0111 10111 dAcITTNI 101' 000P oil cw1Pooq 41llato1J0'AOV AO 1114(13 1�014o.pinom 40 VIITN lqurafi oT 14 4Pit-404M 14411 "Oatipitin AvtlttoVIIX 41.0 inomoimIdatl lflopoJd attl Olt4M01 dwiqTd Rdott 01 elit eNN omi 'pow? 1.4doodand vpimPlItim4d 041 ,10,1 1110M0A0V AtlitiOnX 4111 AO 041tOoloo Othi oti gdowim '100A moN tI mot' ol on so4wTT nolwnod 041 iv 00o(Ifil or.rto 414M loTmomoosi tqudimuda)A0P alo IOW tinorrolllTeid TT o fialiooTri cti ofivi/o4o WIIIN aoljp fPrittocrog tyllt4o1lo*0 ALITooMnX U1 So 4.011440ou 'P9(1IJt.4W1V 1P1101111N Ati1tiOn4 a119 M, 40(1WOM aln forpraI1 imiuufaAon Aorionx 0111 Jo 4aflmAm da0410,7 *IVITA0Nviln vAvn 40 'T omwtAmt4 01(4 Wilm)ftti 440,10q 4/o1It1n n4 Iltrtm Ion on I minm m081171040 6M1 Pile1J0t/ 1tY141. (*eta iwooldtlo40 um-JOIpto pitti nolAtIloWinx M4J �Ih1111100 01 MiT4110Atmin4 inIuM Cifia �0J aoliwoldoo txdox MOT 11105JTM � tV 4t100 sq 411001n/401m 'clici010(4 Tt/4111An t' tootrrAaop 041-9a1JUI emmo inoquIm vTAfin �rti. -IS, � 7 .. I ! �.A: t 1,1 ' ''',�t ' . 1, 17-Z0000000 i.000li.c)Oodii.da-vio .iiI 11 : 9 I./66/17 l�OZ as6aja J0d-panaiddV Pue Pe!Psse1080 .'' - ' " .- , ' e: � 1.; L. f 4;1 7. It 4.1 5.3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 - �� � 3Li I, ,w.towsmiltlitNigetgitfttlettnVklit . . 1 Report from SI Recta Sept* 9, 1943 3 Ainclzjcalimulal, jugoolav statesman and political lodert Barb from , Plank() (Serbian populated part ,of Croatia)* Studied in Rileka (Fiume) and Budapest* Graduated from Law School* Journalist) lecturer) political loader* Bdited political magazine mifoljau (Belgrade)* Ono or the most popular and distinguliohed polltical ! figures in Yu oslavia* Person of high morill (both personal and political integrity* Known for his stand or unconditimal honosty in po itical affairs* Ardent democrat* Became !LP* and Senator through popular vote* He is Secretary General of the Independent Democratic Party (Party of Serbians from Croatia) and ono *V the foremost leaders of tho democra- tic opposition during the period of dictatorship (1929-1939)* Strong advocate or Serbo-Croatian understanuing and collaboration, had rull confidonce of Matchok) leader or the Croat Peasant Party* Known friend or tho United :3taten. Visited this country already in 19a* Wrote preface for Jugonlav oditiun or Lmil Ludwig's book on Presluent Roosevelt. bodame ministqr after the coup Ul ()tat In tne 61movich pro-Allied cabinet (Mar4127, 1941) unU wont Int9 exile after the Nazi invasion, Caine to 41te Unitwd 8taten in :ieptomber 1941 and lived in Now York thercafter, in the periou 1941-194J Is Known ror hi, a orfielni taw prIvate tActimitios in behulf of the litileu mu' cuuou� Has aollistod vtitlioUti kiguncitm of thy ti. :;. tiovornitiont many LIAM:13 Iii Lholv (ffurL ta) roJter InArlontl doUtioni mai other cauNos, especitaly Amour. Juboaluv Immihrant, 1,1'aups. roull; 4UvoCate Or aolidnrity Among AMertclinl or olfttrent ii.t.1.,nul stock. Enioy 8 riti i sympatly or mrtjorl Ly ot' i%ott ri.c.fins 1/4,1 J 1,1 3 11 0'1:4 or gin. In 1941 mill ()lila Jugoslav Uovornmont utlegult,v to thc International Labor Conforcnco (New York). in January 194., booamo chairman of tho Central and baLlt IL' pearl Planning ik)ard. in February 1942 bode= chairmin of the Committoe of Ministers on Po:Away Reconstruction or the JuzolslAv Govuramnt. withdrew from thm Jugoalav cabinet thinuory 190. dift21,416r 4Ft,, t, Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Z.> me. t) Wrka-.14:4 , In view of his record, paet and present, he in most valuable for the democratic future of jiAgoalavia and the Balkans, Reports comming from Jugoslavia indicate that he enjoys wide support among population. His broadcasts from New Xork heard in the country and approved by actively resisting anti-Axis forces and guerrillas. 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Orffi@g Off @THRTIA310 INTgROFFICC MIN� DATP August P9 neural Donovan Ti. Murphy Transfer of Major King to Xm2 - Cable from London #25109 Major Xing W4P highly mommended to X-P in London. It ip proposed that he bo used 4gi 4 general administrative anger with partioutar emphasis on the handling of military personnel who Oa bo going through tne London X-P offlop for training. In view of his wide Army @Xp01110110e 40 many military oontsots In Rnigland It IA felt that hp oould be most useful. He haA boon interviewed by Poarpon In our London ofeine who has atm:, dovered tno mattor or hi a omploymont with OolooeL (141iNg111, King Imown to Colonel Wren. X-fl who mayA King would be 4 10141r41 offIPer for X-P, Nowise of hts mIlitary traIntom and oontoots with0-'0? and the BrIttah to London, It tooha nOW 4P thongh Major King's transfer v1, 1. havo to be arranged Vi4 W44mViob am the To for the London OM nil inn has not; yet been approved, Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 �17447.Tww- � t i�� 4 giffigEcw giftATEgIQ ggliVigg* 1c44in$4. 4,; 11411tROFFNA MEMO CceiPeral PPNYAA PATE Augu@t 1943 FFNAt Al 404 44,44.4gCnr: z he Etre advised by Ole Pepartment Otate 144 mr, hertot h, KunAholmi Conaul at Tabrizx has returned to the United otates, IC you have an interest in seeing him, please Instruot me, 001 tLitollot 1,11). /on !IuntInit.)u C,IM!tt ;Ire ,ap,,001t Dr, Luneer viohEly itumity ,;ot,tre ta,5yolicti 0,- toldulvtru t.ktft' Lt. Bobli - ir-,1@rinarkilt tr,-* Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 P 1 V, "i1,31, .'" � � - - ' '"'179 �113:1 .; - , pr , t, : ,,,,t,,_. . J ' 1 . ,. ' ter A '- _ - ... 12 August iia Honorable 474Mvt) 44 Davis The Uhited States Senate Washington, D. C Dear Senator Davis: I am v ry Blad to have the information about Pvt* ti* A* Kanner in your lettor of August St 1D43* It appear* that he would be a valuable addition to our noproduetion Branch* Unfortunately WQ are unable to add per- sonnel at this time because of limitations in our allotment ot enlisted mon* if we receive an addi- tional allotment, wo will attempt to have Pvt* Ahneor astdened to thin asoncy* Eincerolys, l'Aftn:Jpet; �� Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 ktrivotnv-424E, dreadI� r&d NAM tpropeme a Ara; Imlay fbo WisAviAtOrfa Is tor tor the Direetor4 eignatUro and torwmrd it with the fitlgobod lettor trom Me0Ator Davit] to WI@ anal at your oarly oon* voAionee4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 .--- WALTER III 8E9litiEt RAIt tIIAfttMAli ROBES Lit LA It81-1.Ell At 014 ARTHUR lit VA/1,4011E a WWI /AMER); BAVINi 11 IiitRiV EA148T 188 Et Rt. MAIM, .18481 At 13M1AliMi5 L81111 lietiktliiAs1./111.1 131118 1811;1 ill8MAAt BABB 110011 Ai 01-111.1,111 HERR, Mielklik Pt MILL11�1111 L81.81 BAV1B I mum, maw irmotoo, 101 TOM ReffilALLV)iis 18A1All W AILEVI lit el kJ4EIIAM P ELMilit MB: 11.1389 EON% As Pra Eli di 81.14.14,1 It I, J8li1111 S811111�1/Vi 11A, EBWItle, i lrlji1 BBL& 14M1148B Lt RABELIPliks MH, IfEeftW LIJEA8t 1126 14141/11a3V1 LIM* leniteb "%tate* Zonal*? beki NI lit I kit OH 0 INAPit't Alit .1.A 11 1" 11 4 i)irPtr-af,.)14 too, to ri 1 :1(W 6,4 017diclitri I Writ:111UL ttin 1) ti Uriti 14 ciritirrt- I i1/MI11 T t Imo 0, 01 1; lir 11r.')11, tilor'141 111.P111) 1;111 t.i'h '11 1'1 to t,1 1 or # 1,.1 rito T 1. 1,0 1 15 1 1 , lt1 I. CI Ftlibl' Lint-, iu I 1 A/ riI r ,� i � III I, 00m...4-n1,11H 1,1 fire- r, I 1. I'vivR1 p 1.(itifj; l' t1111110 rripris.1,11,1 1 tt ti rnxi,o 1.1 r- nor-, hi 11 r, 1 01.,� s I lit, i 1.1 , 1,.1: 1 1 c 1 1 I t. I 111�1 V :II ,t1 ri 1. I I 1 f 1 � 1 I ' I i�i r, ni 1,i.r,,Irli 1 I. 1 1 :11 14)-11 11 rrilpt 4 1 i it ,!,1 II 1. I I 5�1 1 it �:t 1�1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 GENERAL DONOVAN WILLIAM A, K/MBEL Thn Department of Stitat hnri recnived n copy itt which you hftvo roceived rt.= Mr4 FrIknoin Kottanoh. Aotim Dopartment hnd information In amplifichtion or thin Information, thy handed mn the attached moNvrandum which may- he of tnterent to you� Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 L.: 1 think the underlying dhit pretty well SUMO up our knowledge and thoughts with regard to Eottanahls comments on Daftary and KUL. It might be WO tbat if eitbor one had so dUblotts a background as Xottaneh makes out, we should bave board something tram our Legation at Tebran on the slib3oct. For 70u1' information, both mon are hold up for the time being by inability to obtain air priorities for their families. Daftary is in Tehran and VA is believed to be in Cairo. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � "." � 4�1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 r ? ; ' - � 46����$.�*.r,4141,741.illiant.������pu......42,,. 00 May 31, 1043 - Kottaneh has got some or hie facts twisted And in other respects exaggerates, regarding Daftnri� Detari IMO in Berlin before he oame to Waahington, not the other 'my around @ We have hoard he was implloatod in a Vi44 soAndal in Berlin but do not know any details. His brother, Matine Daftari, is I believe VrenChteeducatod, and a very intelligent sort. Ha became Minister of ftetiou when X wag in Tehran and did good work@ He is young, energetio, and more publiowspirited than moat Iranians in public) life@ Hngert was in Charge in Tehran while Daftari WAS Primo Minister. Bilge:Ws tolegramm wore confueing� In some of them he would hAve Daftari down an promOorman, in others As the opposite@ The BMWs policy wan promOerman 40 far RO it was pro Anything foreign Ao ho thought the Germans were the best balance wheel to keep In out of the olut6hes of Britain and 1114441,44 More Able and powerful IrAniAn Minietere muoh 44 DavAr wore Also pro4or1an in that sense And oultivated closo oommeroial relations with Germany. Thin polioy may have bon misbaken, but T think they were ninoerely working for what they regardod A4 the best interests of Iran@ I do not think Ali AMAIN Daftari to it vory reliablo croons but; we hAd no trouble with him axoopt for unpaid option bills, And I believe he WWI mincorely impressed with the Amerioan noon(' And the Prooldent In partioular, who mad() A little Non over him and whom Dattart rogardod gt tho time, ao he told um, no the greatemt man tn the world. Kottaneh Broow hno importnnt buoineoft Interooto in Irmo in tacit one ot the brothorop Reno Kottanoh, hao boon running the Ohryolar-Doditoolllymouth ohop there for a Aood many yeare� They hAvo made A lot of money out or Iran and run the bent dervioo allop in that oountry (I KM speaking of normal peso* time; probably the army outfits have eplendid ones now)* But making money in Iran takes the beet wit or A superwolovor 3yrtan, (And tho Kettanoh Dross Are msstore at their trade) And it is not impossible that they have run Afoul or the Daftaris one way or Another@ know nothing About Riad KiAo Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � a � �It�tcpt � � loston Howland has the file which Mr. Cox would like to see. Mr. Howland thought the matter mi3ht be handled in 2 ways: 1. He could carry the file over to Mr. Cox and lettm look at it. 2. He Goa& make if sumo and you oould send that Mr. Cox (the visume would tno ude photontat of application lank and other pertinent mater al.) , Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 THE ASSISTANT SOLICITOR GENERAL WASHINGTON Dear General Donovan: We are looking over Frederick C. Kampner for a possible opening with the Department of Justice. understand that he is doing some work for O.S.S. To avoid getting him to fill out some more application blanks, and to do an independent check on him, I wonder if it would be at all possible for me to see your file on him? Sincerely :yourB, (vicv Brig. Gen, William J. Donovan Director, Cffice of Strategic 25th and E Streets, N. W. Washington, D. C. !..� � - � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 , :1 fir 44 e Jr I Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: v.. 144 relet.i.111111040.41.14 tiwt MIA 3) el) OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES INTEROFFICE MEMO mos ekci riAthaf Brig. General William 3. Donovan bAlre: 5-18-43 William L. Langer Transfer of Private Eugene Wingman to the Map Division. Below is the information on the case of Eugene Kingman which seems to indicate that some action on your part would be desirable: On or about the 27th of April we filed a request with Headquertels Company for the transfer of Private Kingman immediately upon arrival at Camp Lee, Virginia. Our request was in in plenty of time to have the transfer request get to Camp Lee before Private Kingman did. However, it seems that Private Kingman was immediately transferred from Camp Lee to a station at Miami Beach. Upon notification from Kingman by wire we forwarded the new address to Head- quarters immediately and placed a special request that he be brought back as quickly as possible. We have been checking continuously with the Headquarters Company and have found that something went wrong in the Adjutant General's office in the handling of our transfer request. We were finally notified at the end of last week that a completely new request was being sent out for Kingman to the Miami Beach station. It has been well over the usual time necessary to effect a transfer and tnbwing of your interest in the case we thought you might like to send word to Headquarters on this in order that we may have Private Kingman at the earliest possible moment for work on which we are behind. 44% v ,441 /,,et.A.,..4 p/William L. Langer e' Director, Branch of i Research and Analysis neclassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Atteas tts 0014 We 4vtalitiootions of Sergeant Ohor100 Vs 11.111L*40 Poo 041S1000% Is It melolti he' moth oppreeliosted it Iler ant Poles 1104 000 VON0s, noweervievat 4oantiot, Yirginia, siti44 he amoi to tho Off's* of Strategis Nervieos 0 SO Orasseh 0 rot 00oret *woo tioss atreod otter poris4 et training is thie oeuntrys 14 Savant Italia. hos 111,40.61 abilities' end trng whieh quality him for thio searet 'work* 90 hoe the perttedar Wanks* itt Money in the Greek Widows 40 to Tie, ot $ergeant Unlike opeeiol quokitiaation, sod the motors' of the *sty he ie te perform, it is *AIM, it witesiblep that he 0044 hove the rouic *t Wend 4tioutommit, sad Uht* wemld be a motomotry 0411311,404' Woe* ho 0044 We aaeoptet tor trouts, 00 040, 44 A *pedal aloes Ls startind en von4ay, 17f far this partieuler type et work awl there will net he anothor ane to a 00moiderablo parlods It is rogretted that this op, licatton 0oul4 Mt hove boon proessats0 earlier t0r siatelderatime Lo %no weal *WON Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Boar �Admiral Alm 3. Kirk Us S� Atinntio newt Amphibiouto o/o rloqt Pomt Offimg NOW York, Now York Thaika vory much Anti courtoomi roupon4o to bY�i mnko nvni40510 to uo tho gorvicoo of ClIptoin enmuol C. King Nnd Firot Lioutonant � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Dear General Donovan: Due to the number of official conferences, Admiral Kirk regrets that he cannot personally reply to your recent letter, and has requested that I do so, The Admiral is very pleased to make Captain Samuel C. King and 1st Lieutenant Carl F. Merlet available at any time you desire. Brig. Gen. William J. Donovan, Office of Strategic Services, Washineton, D.C. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 May 15, 1943 Rear Admiral /Ilan G. Kirk Commander, Amphibious Forces Norfolk, Virginia Dear Alan: You have two officers recently transferred to your Beach Jumper Unit, Captain Samuel C. King and 13t It, Carl F. Merlet, who would be very valuable to our oper4tional groups because of their knowledge of Languages wnicu v.ould L.aalify them for special missions in connectioli vdth certhin of our operations Lloroad. Would it be possible for you to make tuum uvailatit, to us? William J. Donovun neclassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 11.1.'4141141 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 , � * 14..,34,4444.u04 441., , . 4iy (.714n4 ,)(//, ptifer , .4.47r1 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WAGHINGTON, Di C. - CONFIDENTIAL .1 101014101 S. From: Subject: May 13, 1943 Genrzal Donovan Ellery C. Huntington, Jr. OBS Operational Groups Personnel - Captain Samuel C. ring and lst Lt. Carl F. Merlet. 1. The above named officers were formerly at Camp Ritchie and while there their nervioes were requested by Colonel Livermore. 2. Recently said dffieers were traneferred to the Death Jumper Unit, Amphibious Training Base, Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Virginia. Their Commanding Officer is a Nary Officer who has objected to their transfer, although it is not believed that either officer han any special qualifications *which would make him particularly uaeful to thia Command. 3. I wonder if you would be good enough to write a note to Admiral Kirk asking him if he would intercede. 4. The requent has already gone forward through channel and it might, therefore, be advisable to telephone Admiral Kirk asking for his ansistance an these officore will be particularly valuable to ue becaupe of their experience in working with language groups at Camp Ritchie and because in one case, Lt. Monet, the officer speaks excellent French and could easily be used on a :special miselon in connection with which hie language qualifications would be important. -.sea "b. * npriaRsified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 � CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � � I'Vef"'"-' 4 Althoupb tho intormoblon Mr �i Tioovoo' btor to not vory ootilplo to � b would In Ma o to tom ho mtpht bo uaofill on our ototri T bovo ookod 1,160 Oomdro. Oinho to Poll Mr, Kookr(oi ond tolk with him wbon it iP tn Now York tn Lho noor Pnturos 4-- r� � A. .01 I 14t3 l( hlI ou It A I Wo r4 LI 4_. � . 4 nprtaRsified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16 � CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF WAR WASHINGTON Hero in a lotto rood to tho orotary of War from a Dootor Tibor Koovon, atating h1 iquatiftou- tionn and dontro to ontor tho military morvloo. T do not know this man pormonally; howovor. Ith ae sooms to npaak and writio novoral lamitoron, ymt inny he abto tato him. Oolonol William J. Ponovan �Moo of Stratode !orviooa OLh Stroota, N. W. Wanhington, P. O. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 to; Declassified and Approved For Reles,!,r.29f1.4,/p9/26 : gIA-R.DP,1.3,X00001R000100300007-4 . � t. Art Oti � Hie EXoellenoy Henry !ninon Secretary of War Waohlngton, D.C. Sir* May 4, 1943. 114 Haat 64th Str* Now York City. May I reopeotfully requent the hnor of being permitted to join the 11.0*ArmyY In Auguot 1942 Iwan olannified IA. An an alien wac inveetigated by tile Army and wne found aeceptable for hervioe. Unfortunately my induotion WAD pralkiented by tile roeulation barring mon over 36 from nervioe.' However, it le my otrongeet denire to nerve under the fine of then� Unitee Staten, and I believe T poenoee qualifloationo which might juntify my ambition. Born in Budapnet, Hungary, in 1V03, I've been livin in the United State eince 1V38. A Ph.D. of the 2orbonne, rerio, by profeenion I'm an author and n foreign oorrenpondent. An nuch IeNd lived ettioenolvoly and for yearn in Hungary, Oormany, Italy, Franoc nnd England, otudyina, and reporting nbout the political life, the cocial orttanizationo, and, in general, tile contemporary civilization of thomo countriee, I opeah and write in 4nglimb, Italian, German, Prench, and qungnrinn. In thin country I've publimhed numeroue artictee, pamphlete and boon. Among the latter "Time Tabie for Trampu" dn an Informal eLudy or the comparative national peychologien of the varloue lOuropean countriee, while "Oatan in Top Hat" in a biography of Vranz von Papen, ae well fie fl etudy of Oeman proraranda rini diplomacy. Throueh poreonal renearch I'm thoroughly acquainted with Nazi and Yaeciet, literature, nnd method of politica' warfare, Binee 1V41 I've been a member mid ii oneultant on forolLn affaire of the Committee for Nationale gorale, Declassified and A * fit proved For Release 2014/09/16: 4 is 1,,trcr-t. E Fig f4r144 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 2, Aveaidenti Najor George Fielding Illioto Ohairman UreArthur Upham Pope./ prepared several memoranda for and on behalf of the Oommittee, among which *Fasoiam and rtalian Weal.* and *Morale In Hungary* have been eubmItted to the Prealdent of the United State. My I ndd that I'm married to an American citizen and that it la my wife' intention to join the IWO'S aa soon aa I'm permittmd to join the Army? It is my ainoere hope that my experlenoe will be of Immo mervioe to our great mice and that your Hxoellenoy will grant me the permission to become n member of the armed forces and thue to do my ere. Reepeotfully, 47( DriTibor Koevee P.S. My looal draft, board ia #17 in Now York. I , � .1 � �mitproci to I Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 IP 19 wir 12, 194$ Doer Johns Thank you for swains 3�� tbo liattor -*this& Tibor Noirvos addrossed to tho aooretery of Ver Doctor . d if I will hey* D. tooives intorviowed, an hi $oma suitable to our work will try to find a spot for bin. WILLTAIA 11. DONOVAN Dirootor The honorable John J. lioCloy, The Assistant Secretary of Wart 4E886 Pentagon Building, Ar1tTI&0f1 Virginia Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 � - � r � .*,,o)i9s,-4 [Z4 A/ A` filto: OFFICT OF giTFIATMG Pgriicgki4 /060111,001000,- Tcl Genova Wm. J. Donoven Whitney UN Uheperdmou PLIfIACT; � � Mr. Otknhon Griffin Ahould pregiumably be informed of the followingi On April 22 wo cabled Liobon am rollowel wWo are given to believe from R good mource that Albert von KarathoAreputed to be head of Gorman Intolltgonce in Liabontio concentrating on U.O. activity in Portugal and that he in neeking Apoctrically complete dope on American agental particularly with regard toaddreagon, phone =liberal And who they work for. Moreover, he to intereated and ham requemted immediate Andru1i. detallo on Paramount Atlanta in that oountry, who, ho awl are working ttotively for time" A reply to the Above �able arr1ve0 on April 27, Aciyin that it loomed Quito ihl II t,ar ti r a,ao, WAA intereated In Paramount permonnel. ohould arlae, our man will inform mi. 4/1 W.H.d. if dIffloultiom 11. '42 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 a, � The Director of Strategic Serviceo The Cif of lava Personnel 66bject: Frederick la. Kilgour 1. W4, Fe rick G. ti our: is appl$ing for a commission in the Vt, S. Nava eberve. 00 is em ployed in the Office of atrategic Service 24 Re is hereby released for sqrvica with the armed forces, 34 If qualified for appointment and is ap pointed, it is requested that he 17A certified aad ordered to the Office of Strategic Services for as signment. 4. Mr. Wgour is recommended as being guns- lifted under *Special Prograt No. 28-42. 50 The nature of Mt. Kilgouris duties will such as to warrant a waiver of any non-organic phy- sical defect and it is requested thlit such waiver, if recuired, be granted. 6. Mr. Kilgourts addrese is: Office of Strate'Pic Services vaalington, D. C. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nrmnnn7_A � - r. 1 a � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 . rr�rl r, � � r� A April. 2 1943 From Thy Dirootor of Otratogio Oorviobo Thi Tho Chiof of NAVAi POVNORBOI ISubjocti ilibburd Van Duren aim) 1. Mr. HLiArd Von Duron Kline Jo opp.Ving for 44 oomwiprion in tho U. 13, Rovorvo. Hu ib tavioyed in tto ()Mee of Mrtttomio florview04 no A6 horoW rolotood tor porvioo with Ulu armoa forooll. ), If ,wilitiod tor appointmont nd io opaointod, it it roolwtted t4&ho 1,0 oortifioa 41(1 ordoroa to the �rut.) of ap,to,; :urvie00 for ovoignmonts 1.110,e1.' I . Mr. KI. 1n.' tr rootamwondoti ou boiu Vroo'4411 N �\ Thr notur0 0: Mt. Klinot autioo wilk Lo oucti 4Agt to ,,orvutit ,41v121. 0V itynooi.oritmic Awypic4:. defoct roto4ortsoli 1.11104 13),v4 r, requirek11 bo t'iroltodio Mr. KlInv1.- or!icc,t of tritodie vi;phifoltua, D. C. :OVVicy 111.i44 ;Aroctop Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 - * I: 4 4 ar � t � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 ���-� ?rem Tot Viet OtibSeett Ilttolosuret 1. It is requested that Lieutenaet Ketehiallib* is sew em duty with the Dureau of Yards sad Deeks be ordered to the Ottioe of Strategie Uervioes for duty. S. Thor* is forwarded herewith wavy Porta 100 SOO in oompliense with 3eetlaw letter 20 10161010 WV et D. 11# 1042. Apri1 21$ 1043 The 1)iroo4or or Straitegie Bervieosie The Ohlet et Wel Personnel. The Ohiof of tbs %wow ot 'WO and Nooks. LW.** Uowad Xoteham# litsv Form VW 210 willies* J. Donovan. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 0 To : Mr, Delaney:014d reference to Mr, Terrance Keenan, of Philadol- ' phia, Penn, Cenibrship has asked Ur, Delaney abut him, Keenan is going to Ireland a neclassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007'-4 � OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON. D, C. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 , � Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/09/16: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300007-4 e OfFICEOFSMWEVACSERNICES wAvNIK-G 1V9z11 15, =Mall& Tot r. (3-:nt.l.ral .,0..a.,tatl Frozt C.� A 1 , .c.LA.ery %-.., lxIttratx.1., Jr, ,:..uble..ct TrwP...sfer or Jffic�er$ atl, '11,1tted Xera f.*r .,-peratt=a1 Nt.et ezArap .ittc.te Fersonlwl , .L. 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