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November 3, 2016
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July 31, 2013
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September 28, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � . I It Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 0 6.1.- JINX Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - � - ii Uonrp,Lo ;1(01)14(1d:it. - L)),1J L Coll-AVL torloVAN 4)yd?�1,fithod who tm roprouonLK,(W;.:f., wiLh ONNOAL htli; vot-10014t44 21IJOU ponn ror noo 1i)r Lho Chywrto to npoolot opood.Lnp. Pt;ootiwnbly tho )rojoot htn. olTruvui of (0-A1TLI, ilno MAjfitij:IVLNR WNIJ (ittuit Ly (VMAId M.10,141. lor Lhio work and w4r no0, Lo CHM by Oon.r,. wILh toi or Lwoivo othor woo Lo MA iw ItinLrnoLorn of tho Chitn4,o to opot:sini AnoLnor ?000 olun wilt ho nondod oiwil4rVto VIVAA tlott CHTNA, tt wttI bo domirabto to hold 00 hailtnco of Lim .1),.k.) rmtoh pinotti In id,00k ror varlouk cam' projtAtm tifiW tindov coo6iaor4A Lion. Thoro wnr, dimonmoton 0V Lho t4(1d fop aiAl9nmoho und nENEwo, mummom Inalo4Lo1 Lila!, IL W40 U4d0hiriAVW t40 13,04, anY arroomohL wiLh Li o nriLirh LO P0,1000. prOdUntIon of Lhuou guilo cop Lho 'tIsr W4U. rclit.-tro otiv Lu nholuK0 ut 000:01,1 110 oommA Litiont;_, 6houid bo woo which ilivolvo divorolou or Lhti onpply of ImmuniLlon. THW COMM1TM:, N. hinto1,011 Llott 4 MifrT,N)t,11 hi� ,:01114 Lo (NflliAL rTfl.7:N1J, Lo hrcootolo .iy hh mpppoohl Iliti rroo'L 1.,01nK (ji)whicLoo hy mAJoti ill,i'Lni. 1). Agroid Li II U.:',,:', nhonld lif, 40LhYriv,00 Lo hcipilli Lho r"OW Movlin ,11111c. 0.11.,., manniii(4L0P,'�i rm. flit' 44tit0h f Lir ;41101 10111W is 1111.11110 I' ith ti t'01111)101,011. (Yri UP- i:t1)10 ,i,i,itHt (iW.!. 1,:iii.rt� IAld ,1010..11.111 Oiti.l. Hw 1,1'0, Id L1W 1119;i0(,) ftimil10 1, in proc000 or monii1,11.:(410, vdli !!' ilinpliiTti: ;Ind tjlai- 1i oLopti 1)0 kok.oh h) NOI!Ill'ItO Ow !imrtilLioh Iwt.ocli Cov --r Lho Npitooxhiok-1,/ L,11)00 ow: Lo icJ hir,i,,,ht,. 4 �', e ' ) 1 f ;i�- �t. A 1.0�11�04 � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � 4 � -1 � .0, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � goo 14 a it 11 I Ireerr�rMI ire7�111P-se .....11�12p�10 PrlYCVOkholciAri WAJWAHE WTI.1111E 1�11,e�ritty�x3-.10.-1�����atironsl� �&���� �����������-��� ��������� ��� e � �re� , 't1UHMACCIVI: 01= poi-t twppix ov Vetir����vett�nerart�-��������&�-irr�If ��:�� m�-������������� �L... � ���������fc����-�,�!-*. NoLo by L146 nh(WOL���WPV IN�i�e�rrv- ���� ��-�-�n�-m����� ���r-1.4-1, �� &OPT The (-01olowlvol 4 pvopomil ur Lip) 0Jr1.00 (ir 4f.lovv1061i, bao baon nonnlOciP6d by Lho du t10, Ppyribk)lototil fi:.111,C1 COW t; IN) 0,011 tql 010111011.41t1 111 WM/ I of nwvtotttnn by Lho nt 14,20() Mtt 1 i0-ndo minft hnd 1i-1.w) ii fifi i iroiltiri ;;Iin)(100 php month of 13 min 40011.011 LI.1, (41w eitio)1 tit. ,,r NoTwiliPiv hnd Dooilmhor, pptivlaHd 'Liii i iwt1 Li1 ii I i i1luituttid toom tho muNdlom 1)01.111P, milmiChnLuvcid I i LI in Ii :-ILLano t46 BOLWI� , ����;���.... i � t .....-�111��������- � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � � 4. �or 4, 1.3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 11 ' pU C 1. no Orfico or Eltratogia orvies rui pandinc ro aubmtonion and roquantod approval, an oxtonalvo lint of milLtary and othor nupplion for un o of i1:3 5. Of oporations, l'op(loially for nupply to guorilla and patriot foroon. In- o a rqut for 0-mm Ston aubmachino guna or a ni1ni1ar gun uoins Axin ammunition and for 0-mm ammunition aupply' Tho UnIt-,od Kingdom hna prodnood oovorra million Sten guns for homo dufanno and "patriot" nupply. Anquitation of! then� gun n of Britinh manufacturm involvoo oom.J cor,v0(ontton, Voantime, Arwy Ordnanco la dovoloping f h(o,p Rnd triu01 Amorienn 0-mm U13,1.nR tho ottino onunitni L ton ttntl rionrnt)d Vol. similar ution, Thlo gun in to bo trlod In OoLobfw 1, Lf nuecacull pro- duatton vhould Doembor, ).talam r,11nr, nvailablo tn .1. 1y n(xt yoor liLhou untll thon. tfor-i}vt,l,rno 0 a a 11Rn IVA I.) (I llove for rd.). at runt]. 2,500 p',1.i110 nvo roquontod iu tho Chinono nr�),-A m.r(, oVRIAJAblop in poocmin or mnhuirtatuvo, R Dutch Lortil-lc ordwv, omn wah wowloo :3took:11 of .,...1 --)0000 hoc eowiatiLod .1nd LItt, 1../1,111061. In p14o(lur:1.401. du 11t 11(..xt, f ow month:1. (114`' I : '1.:10 f.)-onla o11nint.1 1.1.1, 1 Proallat'd On ii ordc,m1 1.ty hrt.Lion )31,1 poundo 1 loth tut 1:ovotto- or 14" , Leh Lilo 1.1.11101,Viti,Qr Unit-Alta tA (In I ivt 1' pvnnpoo.t c;ouiri bo t%ttd., ovr (), 4 (It.:1.11.(' 41 !� I 11t.1:t�ft t � 14 11100\70-4111, I )tIt idi t 4.t Ii nto(-11: Hp() jct.! ;-) .1ild t V I .1 � i t 1." 1111(111 I1 rtont h of 1,1141 (,;-11, 1: 1 1, tt.t t t V) ("l`t.1)1/1110 t r()1' t f t(*1 � ,t I t. 1 t I It fticoml,ttv, p,md1)11 1,tt ploLo 10,t111, poilvoPy oV tht:, 1,toos VVI Li btl tlozott ftecpt t I Ci Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r4r JPWC Subcommittee Se Excepts DR. ROGERS stated that the 0.5.S. will shortly sub- mit a new catalogue of materiel for all the supplies and equip- ment which will be required by 0.5.5. in the next quarter, and that the requirement for Sten guns and ammunition will be included. In the meantime arrangenients have been concluded for obtaining 14,2000 Marlin submachine guns, 9-mm caliber, with wooden stocks. The 5,200 guns r2ported by LT. COL. BLAKENEY as available for 0.S.S. constitute the completed part of this lot of 14,200 Marlin guns. The purchase of these guns by the O.S.S. DR. ROGERS stated, will permit the Marlin Company to complete the production of the total number. He reported also that a re- quest for 2,5000 of these gunc hal; recently come from the Chinese and arrangements are being made to smuggle them into CHINA. DR. ROGERS confirmed the yequect of O.S.. for 100,000 of the new U.S. submachine guns, to be calibrated for 9-mm ammunition. It was taken for -,ranted in this re- cuest that these guns would be as good as or superior to the Sten gun. a. Agreed to recommend a�proval of the purchase by 0.5.5. of 14,200 Marlin submachine 9-mm caliber, and in addition to a, rove the 0.S.S. requirement of 250,000 rounds of 9-mm ammunition per month for the months of October, the November and December, on the condition that this ammunition 7,111 be furnished from 4' current British allotment of 9-mm uounition being prouuced in the U.S. b. Directed the Secretary to transmit this recommendation to the Joint Psychological Warfare Committee, c. Agreed to lay on the tale the requet of 0.S.S. for allocation of 100,030 of thE;Alew U.S. 6ubmachine curl:: until the t:=Lt,-: of the first models of this un have becia comuletcd. .411111. �......4201111111mairw � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,1;:';'VLS , - , � I Subcommittoe Minutos of Mooting Bxtraot 21a34214,41.1,M4 � _ Soptombor 23, 194 CAPTAIN G1O5SKOPF coostionvd COLONEL STUDLER on whothor the U.S. is committed to furnish 9-mm ammunition for tho 3 billion Stun gunu to bu produood by the British, =NU NUMB, in his roviuw of Ulu pont situation, mudo thu followina points: a. Became of lauk of copper, a horlontal ?or- contago out wan mado in tho production of ammunition of all oaliburs. Thu British oomplainud concurnIng tho cut In tno delivory schedule of 9-mm ammunition and accord- ingly that schudule wao loft untouollod, talt a out of oquivalont amount of rtai matorial W43 mfJdo in tn.() ,303 ammunition schedule. b. An ordor for 175 million rounds of 9-mm ammiation for British account It40 boon plauod in Canada, for do1i1Nry at Lho rnto of 25 willion roundli or month, but thio ordur haa recuntily boon doloted frcim the Army supply proram. o. Thim luaven u total pmmunt prottucLion of )-mm ammunition of 35 mlhIlIon roundo por month, to ho fully att,alfted In Novombor, AL, It la probab4 that thu PrILL 11 14t con- tinuing to manufacLum ()-mm ammuntLion. o. Tho r(Aluirvmont, of U.:3.;;. for ,400)00 roundu of 9-mm ammunition por month for tho montho of Uutobor, Novombur and Ducombur 1,942 can bt: mut hum by rilluotion or hriLinh doTIvorioa or bty 4dciltionui production in trw two pltulto iorktiortkoturimt tha Lomit:nation. Tho Britioh muivowtnto ave. mnny timc:1 whnt, tho prolunt, mroomunt allouatos to Lhom, nic1 tyht:rt 4'ort tho Britiah may objoot, to furl-aching an adotinat.c ou,Tij of 9-mm ammunition for thv 100,000 Stvn 1-',11h0 Whieh riquti in tho nixt tmontha. ...��������� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7,91 r � N`f Punt production of .45 calibe in Ity nA)out ono-third of total requiremonta (1) Of tho totul 1942 requirumentvi* 221 million round aro for U.S. Arley anid-Pa*y: and 3 billion round� for Wenn() Aid. AIL The production capacity .or .4510er ammaition is far greater than pronont production but is held back by shortage of copper. ja. Present production of .4-ca1iber nubmachthe guns�is at the rat of 3,100,000, of which 37,000 are for U.S. Army and Navy roquirwmonts for 1942 and 971,000 are for Defonno Aid. 14; .11. The U.S. Army han dovolopment project for an all-motal submachine gun which will culminate on Ootobor 19, 1942. This gun will cost about tun to fifteon doilarm and in primarily for um) Lu opooloi opurationo. It oun bo producod for both 045-oalibor or 9-mm calibor ammunition by nubstitution of throo purto. The firnt Tivo modoin will bo rvady in about throo wouks and productim ctn bo startud within two montho thuruaftyr, provided prioritios can be obtuined on Hooded matvrialo. COLON P1 :11111W oudwtod that IL mIght bo donirublu to buy aim ono ..from thk hpitloh for oub- voraivo purponoo for Wmudiatu noodn und lutur to uoo thw new U.3. all-motal submochiny bun in pia() of the Ston gun. After diocunoion, TIM SUBCOMMITTa:- Requontod DP, BOOM to obtain u ropOrt cn the 0.8.8. on tho fo1lowin8 queotionn: a. Clot will bu tho 0.8.G. roluirkomunts for 9-min tottoun it ion for Lilo 100, 000 sub- machine,' gl11113 wit teh h.tVci bwipn rvquon b Mutt, vL11 bu tho req uirt rnciL lox, monthly dui Lvorluo of 9-mm atom t..tun for them) guns? Will thy 0.X.S. huvv it requlmmvnt, for thu nov U.S. all-motal submachine un n, in 9-mm caliber, in placo of tho MAityd ruquirvmont,n for Lkill on:i ; and if so, in whmt amountp, and un Wht tiMu BehcdUlO? SIONIWOM ( de) �������� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �,. .� -.4 � , � .;�,t 314 ict kk � � c� 0 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , t ,, .III is w 7777777777 i ttP1 tAlP tx-%" ' , ., - - .,,., - , .t, --� , � 4, r spt,,ber Utraot , : . . . 0 ; , 1 � i ,' ; I ' 1 zigag c 6 1 ci Nualt 0 * ROGERS preaente4 4 ropOrt based bn,InformatLlion obtained from-Lhe Munitions Aasignm4nt, Board indpating that, the US. Army Ordnance Demtment Aane to produ9e-over !)�00,000,000 rounds of 9-mm ammunitin. it e00 Otated that ' thu 0.S.S.'ha4 arranod to take ove, 14;000 8tek,guno *oh _ had been manufaotured for the Dutoh4 1.0 84,!ruquent for the allooation of 100,000 Sten gime of Tiri Joh- lianufactUre wan renewed. , , , d , . , IT COL. ONTHANK roported that, at 6e *gent ) requemt of the Munitiona Anoignment Board, th0 requent 61'1; 0.S.8. for 100,000 Sten guna had boon tranomited,to thtm,', but not asJi oommittue diciOion. 11 d P#W;d� Suboommiitow Minutes of Meotin . - . 'A' . � . .:4;'-;;Z ' , 1 , 4 ' --, - 1942 }" 44" itv't MAJOR WOOLNOUGH pointed out that the conc1usiv6 factor in the decision to recommend thfit, 100,000 Stun Ola be manufactured for 04S.S. was the shortako of raw maturi* for tuumunition. If thin will moult in a lack of .45 calibol ammunition for our own forcoo it will bk, undesirable to di- vort any raw materialn to thu manufacturo of 9-mm ammunition. LT. COL. BLAUNLY cononrrod in this view. CAPTAIN UROMKOPF stated thut thilro acorns to bo innuffioient information pronently available to tho Committoc on which it can make a deoloIon, oopecially am to tAlo rQportQd order of ,thu Ordnance Dopartmont to produce 420,000,000 rounds of 9-mm mmunition and, whether that amount la alruady 0110outod to thu Dritinh or for any other innlms(gh THN aLLICOMMITUL:- Requootod MAJOR WOOLNOUUR to obtain 411 thv f4Qttt neoeaoury for a uonoldorvd docioLon, brL1104 before thu Committoe any pernono who could eJvc the final information nvo000. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 tkri kJ �5. � 0 deak 4.6,101. � I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ..,�4,0,144300641414444441011,4,511.� 8 Aombor 19, 1942 !Mani FOTI: Colonol Onthunk Willinm J. Donovun =JUT: Oton Guile The Sorviou Commnd nilU,;i1o1.4ot OpamtolonA would Like L10,000 OLoo Ouhn mndo 11J ii .LUbLQ f01' itb op011itl0h11. Ot Lhiv numb, 10,0J0 aro noodcG tmlodintoLy, tho othilro in taX monthu. 1.1 j. Diroctor .11t �....40111MMftimmeadeit. � .1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � 4 1 � � �!,\ ��� _ 1.1,git:14�74 5: 4.� , � _ -oft,: � - - - EXCERPT FROM jPWC MINUTES COLONEL DONOVAN read the recommendation of the Subcommittee and referred also to the production of an American 9-mm. oubmachine gun. GENERAL WEDEMEYER reported thtt iritish members of the Combined Staff Planners have requested from London further information as to the useu to be made of Sten guns, especialV in subvetoive operations, and that it would be desirable for this information to be before this Committee when action is taken on this subject. THE COMMITTEE: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 --- -.04**A0.00**01144 The SdbOimPlitVie,cone port to be mad. to yUaitio4e AastgDat Board in ana to 1te request of Auguste 4, 1942 for information as to mm requirents,for the Sten s*)a$chiDs gin. DONOVAN *ad that in Iview of p�jOSed it woulilbe possible to reduce thsr Cs, uflt :or additional S guns to a figure Of fiTS 1flstid of one hundred , housand, with one thousand � 0 0-2m. ammunition apiece, within a tjme limit of ninety dips. Accepted the draft of the proposed reply to the Munitions Assignment Board. Note: To be issued as J.P.W.C. 28 Directed the Secretary to circulate the basic paper and the proposed reply to the Joint Psychological Warfare Cowmittee for consideration at its next meeting. Directed the Secretary to draft a second paper stating in effect the background con- cerning the production of the M-2 gun and ammunition therefor which had been given by COLONEL STUDLER; and recommending that since the United States must operate in both the Far Eastern and the European theaters it should produce an all-metal submachine gun calibrated for both .45-cal. and 9-mm. cal. for use in these two theaters respectively. Note: To be iosued as J.P.W.C. 29 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 :s, �� ;i�Lf,-271Fy;�:, �;L � '� t EXCERPT FROM JP% SUBCOMMITTEE MINUT2ki August 191 1942 COIMIELi STUDLER exhibited two models of the M-2 Submachine Gun, 45 cal., which has bison developed *I 44 al- ternate for the Thompson Submachine Gun (M4). Discussion of the possibility of uming thisgun in place of the Stem Gun brought out the following information: 1, The U. S. program for prodlotion cr machine guns is for one hundred thousand M-1,8 (Thompson) and ten thousand M.208 per month. 2. The M-2 is superior to the Stem Gun in construction and use. 3. Although the 11-2 will not break down in- to as small a package an the Sten Gun, it can be broken into two parts capable of being packed in- to containers to be dropped from planes. 4. The original contract price for the 11-2 gun is thirty-acven dollars and twelve cents and the British cost for the Stan Gun, on the basis of a production of two miltion, is about twenty- four dollars and would be greater in the United Statos. 5. The O. S. S. eetimates that it will need one hundred thousand submaehine guns in the next ninety days. 6. The Marlin-Rockwell plant which will pro- duce the M-2 is tooled for 9 ram. guns and has pro- duced about fifteen thousand for the DUTCH. 7. A pilot model of the M-2 submachine gun (11-2 converted to fire 9 mm. ammunition) could be obtained in about two weeks after approval of the project und the factory could be retoiled to pro- duce U-3'8 inntead of M-2's in about six weeks. 8. Preaent production, both U. S. and Can- adian, of 9 mm. ammunition is twenty million rounds per month which will increase in the near future to thirty-fivo million rounds per month. 9. Additional capacity for production of 9 mm. ammunition can only bo obtained by releasing the � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 � CIA-RDP13X00001R0001oo3nonn1 n � � 4. 4 I . r. iii4kvqt, aniSke!�!..1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 gwriumweprwriwtm.m.rwimminigii. . � 1-417 1 1 y t: II mment capacit4 for 46 calibre ammunition in, ich there is presently extrg oipacty. There will be little difficult' in roUnd for production of qr 9 am. ammunition. 10. There would be little difference in oost in 9 MO6 ammunition and 0 oali6re ammunition. COLONEL DONOVAN pointod out that ono inportant too- tor to be considered is the estimatied length of tbe War. If it is to be a long war the quglity of the submachine pus should be reasonably high, and this condition is better met by the M-2 than by the Oten Gun. He stressed another basic factor is the desirabil- ity of not being wholly dependent on the British on production of a 9 mm. submachine gun for use in German ocovpied terri- tories, which applies to production of ammunition as well. LT. OM. BLAKENEY raised the question of whether the output of ten thousand M-213 per month has been allo- cated to a definite use. If not, the present production could be switched to M-3 '8 and be regarded as a 3ubstitute requirement rather than as a supplemental requirement. CAPTAIN GROSSIOPF recommended that present pro- cedure should be. 1. To determine whether the present produc- tion of M-2's is already allocated and for what purpose and area. 2. If the allocation is for Europe the 11-2's should be converted to 9 mm. calibre. 3. If the allocation is for areas where the enemy is not using 9 ma. ammunition and whore the U. S. is proposing to enter, the M-2' hould not be converted from 45 COLONEL STUDLER Stated that conditions seemed to be such that it would be desirable to develop a cheap all metal submachine gun of 45 calibre and aIao of 9 mL. cal- ibre and store them for use in either theater. COLONEL DONOVAN proposed to moot the immediate need of the 0.5.3. by borrowing ono hundred thousand Sten Guns from the British, on a replaceable basin, and go into the immediato produotion of M-2's converted to 9 as. calibre. TUE SUBCOMMITTEE:- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CiA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 8 E 0 11 T :.P.W.O. 20 IME01124.249AR ' f ITOINTMEM2pIcAUIMPARE COMMITTEE PRODUCTION OF STEN SUBMACHIVE GUNS So or otifia Therm are attached; 1. Copy of Memorandum dated Auguat Ifp 1942 from Munit ono Malgamont Board to $eerotary, Joint Pnychological Warfare Committee. 2. Copy of Memorandum dated July 15, 1942 from Lieut. Ooneral O. N, Maeready to the Executive Ofrieer, Combined Muii- tiorn Amaignments Board, 3. Copy of Memorandum dated July 200 1942 from Commanding General, S.0.8. to Rxeoutive Off1,cor0 Combined Munitionn Aosign- ment$ Board. 4. Dineueolon and recommendationa of Joint Psychological Warfare Subcommittee, adoptod at Its mootixs Augunt 20, 1942. A. ONTHANK, Secretary. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 so, a "WI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,�- 1�- ElOiittE&T COPY Lt.E.L 6 $ U E THE COMBJCNED CHIBPS OP STAPP WASHINGTON Munitions Assignment Board August It,. 1942 MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY, JOINT PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE COMMITTEL Subject: Production or Ston Submachine Guns. 1. There is enclosed herewith a copy of M.B.W. 20 which covers a memorandum from Lt. General Macready to the Executive Off icor of the Munitions Assignment Board on the above subject together with the views of Lt. General Somervell on this matter. 2. At the 26th meeting of the Board this case was re- ferred to a committee, consisting of Lt. General G. M. Macready, Major General R. C. Moore, and Colonel W. F. Tompkins, for con- sideration and recommendations. 3. The British requirements include a number of Sten sub- machine suns for subversive activities. London has been asked to advise the quantity being procured for this purpose and reply is expected within a few days. 4. Information is desired as to whether or not your cora- mittoo is planning any activities which would involve requirements for this weapon which are not now included in the present combined operations plans. 5. A similar memorandum has been sent to the Secretariat, Combined Staff Planners. 1 Incl. A 5/ Winiam F. Tompkins WILLIAM F. TOMPKIVS Colonel, Corps of Engineern , ik Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R0001oomonn1 n Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 RCM M 00 Jui,t,00,, 1042 MUNITIOM 5W ,ANWANTWID B.'Illi W/ J' PRODUCTION OF firiTEN" sqp.mamm op Tho attaohod lottovo 4advompAt. Qth xooutIvo Offloor, or Lhu Boavell. O. KILKUP10 n. (;(1,A1 rik ..joor 't'itt Inoloolimo� Llout� (4,114 htkoptArkdyln JuIy Lionb. non. 30MoliVu111o 40.0i jIlly Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 "1 a0INT 3TA1 misaion k , QFPIO4 OF VIE COMBINED OHTEPO OF OTAPF ;_ful7 15th, 104a. MEMORANDUM TOI WOO General H. Burnns Ibteoutive Ofrleer 004�AsIty prioDypTuN OF lifITEN" SUL MAOHINR GUN. Sir Walter Layton, on bfdhalf of the aritioh M- inter or War Produetion, han tel ir the following quention nould be deolded in WanhInston by the Combined Chlefo of nail' ' and their oubordinate bodten whieh eltlial with matter thin land, In 1041, the manuraoLure in the U.K. or a light, ()heap, and oanily made nnb machine vun nailed Lhe unt,n" wan undertaken with a view to providinu weapono or thin kind itt' rapid- ly an ponniblo for all brliAnh and Allied, Witnh t;ould not quiolay obl;aln auppilen of the TholiQoon maohine nnoe 9 0. For tbo momont tho Inoue of the f ub macilino vn IP mainly limitod to aLaLlo t,rocipo ouoh in olound poroonnal on aorodromon, eoant dofonoo unl4n oertaln local foroon und Patriot 1%)1100P, Tho MiniaLry of *kr pro4uoLlon otqlmato that the total Dritlah roqui,r6monLm ror all pvrpovon no fuP an oan forenoon will bo mei; by tile eina of t;lavoh 10430 whon two million or thone Ii7unn will h4ve boon proanoods The rr4t.otmii11R oapacity on the lot April 1Q44 will Le 400,000 woapono pr nonth, ao that by the end of 1043 nowe thl'eu million ,411110 4daltIonni to Bribinh roquiromalto oould bo produoed. 4. Tho quoption ror conm.Wornt4tion in, tneroforo, whir 1hO &OtQiy Qi Li tho qfiton" phoulo 1)0 Qlotwd down, or tho output at any'rto roduooci to R very wmintno flu:11re in kix111 1043, or whother more �Len" cuno nlionld be pro- dtmod 4o moot tho nooan or the Iinitod 4otiono, or po:i:Ably to form 4 otock for tho Imo or Vol:plot toreen tn eountrJoo now 000.4.10 plod. Tt ;in vjmorolly agrood t! At tho UnItod NutiOns aro very nhort of aval ai-41 will be inore;o14Aly nhort. Not only aro L,boro ovprcJnL dommdo by allion op potenttal allion thrwhotit thn world, but l,horo will to Inoraninz mled ror a stoelwilc; of wall arno wah whioh to rearm nubjm!!:ated. populatt,Ino. Tn thtm oonLootion it in worth notin tLAt 9 mm ammunlLion manufaoturod by Ow Axio rnwora can b4:.; 11-30(1 in tbk "Zton" gun. 6. A point vh olomoty arrooL5 thia quuzAton that or L111;1 low output of 0 VA anmunttiol ao oomparod with LIIG output of tho woaponn. MOPO capacJty for inakin,c, 9 mm ft%muni- tion ban bo founcl by tho Unitect Kiwtlom v1cod 1n to 1.�:or.cut forooamtn tho total ammunition produced by !1 t. March 190 will only ho (.1,1-troxivit\ 370 rouncto pt-1, a oapon w:lun tv:5 v. L4 tc-141 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 At, gunsir ebnr,in4e:aft of the United Nttions, it ,./11111 b&ne�arytoarre.rg�r tional production of - 9 ma 'annitr4tioxii r ; I should-be grateftirIf'loti would arrange Thr this matter to be put t afore "the Corribined-*unitions AssigniOnt Board with the 7iew to itS.considertaion:frori both the operiktion"' al and "requirements" points of view. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � -t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 I S 0011T4T' T SEOBET M401. #20 ;flay 22, 1042 WAR DUAIITMIT Hoadquartorsp Servicon of Supply Wanhinatonp Do C. J -.L July 20, 1042. MMQkMTDU FOR MAJOR G:Nra?A14 J. 11 � DUR N8 Jo EXIC VE OFFICER � CIOMLlanD MUNI TI 043 AS3IGNMEIT11 DOARD Subject: Production or "3Lann 2a-mach1nc Gun. With r ef orono a to Clonoral Macricady s memorandum of July 15, 1042, roctu6s tint.; 14 ha L the. C old) in on Muni. Lions Ass iratmont Board 0407113;telor thi loxa .t.t y of fur thee pro1utLon of tho 113 ton' gun, it would appoar that. thlA quos tion IMAM; rosoived by our ab1111,ty to provide [mum i on 2� Our a tan dar d n ub-m ac 1 lino un j, Lho ThoElps on gun, and 1,1,14.1.0 P flow .undorway loolcinL; Lo the further sLiplifica. tion of Mari gun. Our around' Popo ti cons L1r1r IL to he supe. rlor woapon to the II:Aen" gun, an0 aro unwillinr: to accopt the ttor a fia s obs titu to woapon� I umno undo rn Land that tho Itus. 1.ans are, not w 1 11 iry, to ea pt. 1, Len" c,un !Is a subs 1.1 Lu t.t woaponp thun reducing thotr regrirollonta f c. r thu Thompon run. Morioovortp w hi 1 e.; tho j. ti tih arc wi *Al 11 ar: to ac cop t Um "S ten" i7,nn in lieu 0 C tho Thompson if,un o oxt.un LtnL o r.e.olmouni ea Lion troopn� thoy have alpoudy indicatod Lb Ix' deolvo lo obtain T1101111) F1011 1:',U112 r OP ar till y troops 00 that� fccop43sci-.1 ;..,111).9 tution win not poduco flthor Thompoon gun OP ammunition voquive. menta, Hunoo, a furthi; produotion of tho "��L4in" o,nn wouLd not roduce OUP own produ(Aion roquAromutn In tLin oountry� no i' lofisen the roquIA. emu fi Car ampalnd a on to meet OUP ilt..t.fifJ � 3. lo an acuto ahortac,ci in n L1 typc14-! of Jr.lall arrno 0-01-1$ a film rlLa,y wlyi.011 lb will bo Iiffic ult to allevi4 to, ati it ro f rola Rfl insuf lb ient supply o C eoppor � lien� It in Impost-able for un to 1111(10r-ea I:o OJ Wier the r n ports hi ti ty tor providinp; ammunition for addi Li outli "ritc,n1' guns or to furni h tho roman i to copper to tho Uni Lod lanwlom� 1 � I approcia to the vocy umoful pl-WP0-3( which thig would a orvo � liovor tholotni ,I rcol that ts e)au:3L on pat hoe). bo CIO to:mint:id by the c apac.ity 4.,t1 ted Ku .don 1 o ari. munition without A fuvLitLr drain on OUP copp,�r /n/ 1.410;.:i1ON florFmkiLLL, L.11 tnant .1, (o1Utt1 Li - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7.1 1, The pint PeyehologleAl Warftre euboolim 401101doratilowl6the requeet 0 the Munition* Aimnn - hao eotima't-pd immediAte needs for arming PAtriot ngro4o in t 000111A04 06,14triiet The Office of Btrategio Servioe* han requentw , . 5,000 Sten,guns, with 1,000 roundn of 9 mm, ammunition avoieoe, within a time limit of ninety chyme Further requiremento are ao yet undetermined, R, On the Imola of the poonibility of a long w4r, the principle of production of weapono within oontrol of the United Btatem mhould be accoptods Oompleto deDendence upon tho Brit:Loh ror pvoduction of a on oV thin typo and ammunition for it in an untenable pomition, Tho Join l Poychologioal Warf4vo 5nboomattoo rocom- mondo, thoroPoro, that tho Munttionn Anolgnmont Board bo an6weroa to F.ho rollowthg purportt (a) An additional rogutromont of machino guntia with 1,000 round4 or ammunition pdP in, ror OfPloo of 5tratoAto $orvicon with4n thm next 90 dnyft, mbota0 lnoludod ln plaanlqg tho prodnott,In or thi* Ann, � (b) Aecoptlng tho nrInolp16 that. tbo productIon or wonoonn Vor moo by U. � rovoon hhoviIa bo undor and withLn U. 3, control, the abovo PociltIromonf in placo,1 on tho baato C)-E' approval of tho immmdiatn omvoiwomeqlt and prodnotldn in tho Unitod 5taton of an 01-motni. mabmnchino Awl anti the' inoroamo or 0-mu. ammunition to Pollnioito oapaotty. II � , � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 CR .?.V.C. 29 AUGUST 201 1942 ' I ' INT PSYCEOLO6ICAit WARFARE CqaTATTEM fEEERIgLinimg. SUBMACHINE GUN ]B t. S. Note 122 the Secretarx The folloving proposal is recommended b the joint Psychological Warfare Subcommittee for su Chiefs of Staff. V 44 ttal to the Joint A. H. ONTHANK: Secretary. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 S. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 vtio L Oa 1. During conaidoration of 'oply to tho Munitiono Aomignmont Board concornIng further roquiromonto for production O. tho Bton 9-mm, oubmadhino gun, a ropromontativo of thci Ordnanco Dopartmont informod tho Joint Puyohological War faro Buboommittoo of itn plane to produco a .45-cal. all-motal oubmachIno gun (M-2), It will bo producod at tho at of 10,000 por month in on factory at an tniaal contract prico of $37,12 apioco, It io undorotood that: thoro lo now no opocial allowItion for tho M-2 gun and that it will mtorod and lanuod an lane voqutren. , P 5 It in rurthor undorntood that thoro lo now an oxcoon oapaelty Cop production of ammunition, Tho Joint Poychological Warvapo Suboommittoo, in itn conoldoration or the ueolo of oubmachlno guno Cor armlng PatrInt groupo in Axim-occuplod countriono an woll ao for othor UMW (o.g. Home )uardn), regardn tho adoption or tho following prth- ciplo an onnential:- (a) That tho production or woaptino 'or ilt,0 by U. 3. rorcen obou3d be unO.or and within U. 4, Tbo 5ubcomm4ttoe aino boliovon that ninco U. 3. opora- tionn in conjunction with Patriot groupn will bo carriod out in Europe and the Far Ennt it will bo n000naary Lo havo aubmachLno gunn or both 9-1mil. and .45 cal. for Lino ln thone 1W0/1,0 roopootiv Thu 3uhcommitteo, thorofol,u, (a) 1y That tho U. 3. nhould u into produc- tion oC the M-2 all-motal submaohino tr,na ca1thrato0 for both 9-mm. and .45 ammunitiol&; (b) That tho oxconn oapncity rot opoluction or .1!L- anis ammunition 1)0 dovotod to producttlon of el-nun� ammuni, tioa. of a requioltv onpol. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1.4�kr.;.>�4.3.-'"; , r.'�.� . 4 irl;.,g...91eSil;:t.%.*:gr-efi, fa' tiglh"tr.1,7� 24.41. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .1111111.11.114111111 August 19, 1942 MINBOVE To: ' Colonel Donovan , rim Colonel Goodfellow Yesterday I went to the Ordnance Departmert and talked with Colonel Studler. They think very well of the Sten Gun. He said if we needed 100,000 in 90 days he could ,show us how we could get 100,000 in that period of time. They showed me all the new guns they had, includ- ing a new gun whidt simulated the technique on the Sten gun made of all metal. There are two hitches to it so far as S. O. ana guerilla activities are concerned - you can't break the gun down and package it into the containers which fit the bomb racks in the plane. They should 45 ammunition and we can't get that there. The Sten guns will shoot ammunition which they can steal from the enemy if they run out. I saw a new carbine which weighs less than 6 pounds. Sten guns weigh about 7 pounds. The carbine is the kind of thing every boy would love - it's light; shoots 30 calibre. It is too long to package - one piece with a wood stock. * �-� -0e � ) 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 lpi`,;;,,rafrzy .� klArtiTAL grar,,Jvlist iNVIIVIrkeir,a,r.-414.44,4414 ,4 - 44. . 445 IbNe'.1411.4..d4:4 rN.4.-A44411;151Z.:;:i(tiginittlI4'iiKP�kfr4ITI:111Or'l Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/077347L-ClcRDJP--13X-00-06141801-0131)1.;11''!:' VARNIMMINIUMPIMIIIMINNIMINIMminumempoommuumwriwagemmit--__. .9 -2- ' 14 Colonel Studlersaid they wei4,getting in produc- tion on the carbine, and I as gaing to I*, in for 2,500 right away, since there will be a fight' on priority. The carbine should be the fixed weapon of guer- illa units, the Sten should be !wed behind the lines. I talked with two of the fellows who had given us bids on the gun, - we have three bids so far, and they are a4 substantially the same. I would recommend that we make, just for insurance purposes and for our own supplies, 100,000 of these Sten guns. Colonel Studler can get me 100,00G in 90 d's. They farm out the small parts to smaller companies, and then they as- ;Amble them. The War Production Board sent a fellow over and asked if any of the gadgets we manufacture could be farmed out to smaller firms - if so, they would appreciate it. As to the British, who will have this complement of 2,000,000 guns with 370 rounds of ammunition as of April 1, and will have a capacity for 300,000 for the next year. This should be contiAued to be built up, but for our purposes we 4.�A, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , would needi100,000 right away. Therefore, gine* we can't get, them from the British, 40 insurance fop ourselves we should, MIN 100,000 then take another look at the situation. Wo nhould aloo t4ot priority for 4 certain mount of amm tion. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 IP" '414gRargIAT Irma: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07)31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 FVOM: Captaln Door14g To: Colonel Donovmn aubject: AMMW2114410. !a !%, rip 6.1 s tyk.r4..i2t Auguot 17, 1942 SECRET The fiaaren givon in thin memorandum halm been ob- talned from the 'attached telegram addressed to you, and from convormatIon8 with Menorst D. F. Carpenter of Remington Arms Company and II, T. Olive of the Britioh Purchaoing Commiaslon 1. P1:411A9A.Pret1.90(0. The Britioh now have quantity production of the ri gun in a The tory located in the UntLiA Kingdom and in a Canadtan plant; about to go into pruduct,in, By the end of March, 190, 2000,000 ganti will. havm beoli produced. Tido will be 3officiont to natisfy British reqatrrloctit 1,9 Tfif1 I( It; WI V1 9 1 o V Li AI (Aso WhiCh the BrIL13h Intend maktug of Lhe:Rt gunn, hut 1' unlerstand they evre well adupLed to Comw.ud,) :HO r1.0. oporiAlon;:. TIchtlne ? or their low co I; or production., p,r gun, tlioy tl.2y alflo be distributed Lo BriLnlut aomo Gaurd. On Apr1.1 1, 190, tht; muuktfacturtn chp;.1ct.ty ,'4* gun wtll bfe )000000 per fflonth01 :10 thut by Li o oud of 194i, approxi, )1y 2,700,000 tiddftioltal guna (-1,1ut li 1,r2122 IThc ��� .....-�����wirdelion���� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � �� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 h Auoatiol1promontea in the attaehed telligram � Lrany, to whioh ti e produotion of thong -guns ohonid be ooni.. tinuod artor Aprtl 1, 1943 'Ito moot tho noodo of tho Thiitod Nation.� or bo form n otook pilo for the uno or patIglot toroto in oountrito now occuplod.n Howovor M. Clive inorms me that tho Britteh ootimato) their noods at 1,000 rotuals por gun, ond rrom tho figuron given, whioh appeal4 to bu eorvoot, thoy will havo only 370 rountls 'per 'gun in M11rohM43, wIpon R0000000 gum will have boon complotod. It 000ma therefor� Olot tho quoia;lou of aupplyLng tho Dritlfth with tho balance :pf 630 rounds por gun im also InVOlVoa. Ounm nro urgontly neoded, 4n1 wo am adv' t th t It would be impracticablo to ch.otwo ()I/or produotion tcd n difroroat eallbor or typo or gun, Apmot from Hio problom or tiortogoll Qf matovialo, it io thoroforQ obvtounly dualritbio to c.tmLnuo maxi mum produotLon to tho exLont thnt 9mm. ommunttton (.111 be) pro- duood tor thim porpono In tirItmLn, tho Stnton .t.nd Canada without IntorCoving with Wit:, produeLlon of ummunitia for gunn which tho U. 84 Army bollovcnt to bv of equ41 or gr r importanco. Thoro 1a not .11.1frt.ciont oxooso ammuottAon ciRpucity In thia country,. Ccnudo oul tho Unitod Kingdom to proviitt tho ro- quir d ammun.tion (1 00) vouoda pr gun) for 5,000,0(4 S gune, -t. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r. - 4 - J1 th Z4-t4 tho speed with which the am themselvee It would be posaiblo within a few moothn capacity for production of .4 automiltic TAO' vor, carbino ammunition to 9mm. parabellum ammunWom excoms oopacity in thou) ouliboro is not suOiciont to Imply- the entire estimated output of thoso guns. To accomplioh this; it would be necessary to increaeo capacity until th required total production had boon reached. 2* Th2.9.d119.t19.11...LI.ALIM. In the United Si at s, production of the ThompsoCVl V9 n submachine gun is estimated 11 1 0,007p:7tIZ und prepara- Lionn vro being made for tho production of the .30 csrbino In tlio plants of 1`?, to 15 differant comp4nioa at the rate of 11,500 per day, 3. girqgaagoa 9LaITMXIIIWA The only calibers in which produQtton (acilittan cun be convorLod for tho production of 9mm0 aro the .45 caliber for tho ThompJon 4ubmachinc gun ond the .30 calibor for the JO carbine, Present capacity for prJduction In the Unitod Ctates of 9mm, amounts to 15,000)00o per month at Wiachonter, By October inchenter will have converted an additional cLpacitv 67,t, I -0 �,111. - � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,;�14K;i1 frsto L'"I.Mflitastv, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : bIA-RDP13X00001R00010030000110 1' ;.! Colone3 DoneViln Aug4 ,f 7,000,0001)0 now devoted to poduotion into 9mm, ioduct on, 4 total of 22,000,000 per menthe Weaiwrn Cartridge_bomp4ny will alma by Octobor chatigq ovtr a capacity for 1000,000 045n int,o,production of 13,000,000 9mm. per month, By October:thereon Western and Vilnahentolv bo producing 55,000,000 9mm, cartridgoo per month, To thia must bo added the output of a now factory in Canada which will go into prodUction of 9mm, beginning next m.onth. Thin factory lo achoduled to produce 500,000 roundn in September, or 19420 and thereafter at an Increanin rut() until the maximum capacity of 100,000,000 round par month la reached in October, 1943. All of tho abovo productLon, including that of Winchootor and Wootorn, Jo to bo for DrItioh account, and is apparently 'Included In the riguroo givon in Lho attached tele- gram of 3'70 ronnan por ion Car 2,0000000 ono by March 31, 1943. Therefovo on tho banlo of 1,000 rounda por wtapon� which in Mr. eltvela Nt4tument of I:WA:Lib tetIll requirements an addIttonal 630 roundn per weapon will be requtred, or o total of 1,260,0000000 rounan by March )1, 1943 In addition if production of the gun ta Lo be onnttnued aftor Mfirch 31 1.94, , capacity, tt tn catimItted that na oddittoma 2)7000000 1 4 11,01.r., � cr Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 woo' 4 - hIce �-� a-- � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ^ 3 a I Colonel Donovan a: 4 Il r , 1 Aug14 �-1 4 e. a - � 1 , gun� will Iv produood and of the yoarp whAo 4, [ H rat) of 10,00 Poundo por 'On will ctul.4o 40 aMitipnAl r. 2 70000000000,roundo, or a grand tptal of 3,49400,0000'round44 , Ad you know, ,amall arm( ammunition tactorioo to nOt'4 H k being, operated at'oapooit4t today bocauno of a ohortaWot:00R,414 Dioregarding the quootion of ahortago QV mtorialo� there m4.1.4 bo an (animated exam of 44$ caliber capaolty by Well, 1904! ,. aooOrding to Mri Clivo, or approximately 45,000;000 roundopyr; month' Moroovor, wo aro Informod that capaoity for tho 40, carbine! ammunition In botng buIlt op Lo ,,3,000)000 round� porAWy, which lo mad by Mr. CorponLor to bo lonnt twloo tho United OtAtonl roqutrom00,o 'for 19430 08 proaon4ly atotod. If of oxoonm oopootty wore onvortod Into 1. ton of 911tm., Wit% coold bo don wiLbtn Lo 5 montho, IL woAld romult tn Inovomnod 1,0 (t poodunhtou by Mi roh 31, 043, or npproximktoly 360000,000 roondo, or oL t,ho Nat) of 4pproximotoly 120)000,000 roundo pet' me 1h0 Howovorl nim.0 2,0000000 gunti will 1i4vo boon prodncod by nfixt Mnrob lletr� oit tiddod prodooLtou tO thAt dato would only 4dd 180 roundm gun. Thin oddod Lo (ho 370 round41 proAolaly tit-41t,od by Lho IlviLtmh would ouly vaoant (o 550 111Leald or L11174 domlood 1000 P01100� por woapon. 4" eqVILIOWno rp . (A). Thorr! la not ournotont clx;70f11 copootty in tbtn t.' ��� 4�04�11.116. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � t , 4 0 0-1-0000�001-00011-0000X�1-dCl-V10 1-�/LO/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI uomumwo Jo ilvt0111140 out:alto 'itufluixo Xlquouoad 'Atodltom jo otiplA tiodu erto'dm3I owatoo jo opoodop pouvo.tmll t,100,04 X411inclo von UT 110T10n1)0Jd ' ttifl U UolfitivAiXo poluLdw,31ouo ogl lott aogloqm uoilwonb ou '(0) poildolo oq ol wog pluOm nor] -Immuit; oql PU 1!:1114 try pw000t oq PtpwiquOpUll 111I10m otI(I %001;4 Allt4 'Opittiou ul ,/(;. 3NINITIm0.1 W-11) WOOIAT1 POVITa 4111 131 p 4olot:Jmilm tAav AiWif nolj uiJo oDUTU "(*) .wdooal 4movo 'AOaj poatiqdllo voaolo ao mo uopplq J( ti WAnoatil polquqqo O IflIAqopm 0i1)1alaw0 'mul6 n gout pull (gland ooaqn STuo oluT umov ucoloaq 04 Am woo '10TI 1ld0A 01 ormTv, uoTa011Taaoft poId0000-Aw000 uT aopaoj plavla oi mita vodoom otqw4Top ;loom oq 1Tom ouloII0000 Xtwouivoaddu 41loo gTrtuovionp -oar/ ow) vuo ffp4PTI AaoA gT 14 oouTg opavou WOiidTobo 01 m i)ilX.4:0A oq owtu Aom qi elluovloaodo qwv opuftwoo wv liong 4 uvoromodo jo vodiN upr000 acq Topoon AvilmoailYo oT SJ1U116D OT43 UT vudaplonoootxo ou vog ut ;totlg 14(a) 0Savmm000u oq mom otruo4ouT moTquilguing #uovforipoad 14wmaa puv upiun o popp wqm UOAO (uorlortpciad vamp owt umqv ol t1m6 oquI uoTwitommo ao.y. armIToo puv 541" jo Aa4uttoo IAi fliftW 1:01,1.01:00 , VI '- , 11�"4.1; o 0- I, 0000�00 0001 0000X� 1-dC1I-V10 1,c/zoioz eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue pewssepea ratafigia !;'7trti7f1KNIT 0'1 4.41 41;r10;4:111t.�:01:Watrl- "Ifitwtmtrgig13:fimgft4L. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 i Colonel Donovan : � ' 4 � - Tic. � e production in this country CoUld t4r4ish esim4 a very considerable percentage of the estimated ; of these guus Of course that capacity coulebe 'Oh ty'r. ' increasedl but this would involve the utilization of 00n5ideral4e material in construction, etc. and would take considerably. longer than the period estimated to convert the existing excess capacity. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � F. 4 , oxvilmfkaAifirle_VatereinaMMINVENVIVIMMINMakissmaitE, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1. � - r..11 QII 1 t. 0 Jr jp 42 'wA3 Url 0�" OfV1 , 'IA4)11001,00 M6in ONORITi _ 1$ Is - ii 41) , R � HIi TCId 21 111') COL DONOVAN 0 , rr! OT mom noTt4 pforim ri(To IWDILIVERSD IMUDIATILY) , , � ' NY THI EJ) ObMOM 1943 TWO MILLION); �Um WILL HAVS OEtN PRODUOXN TNN MANUFAOTURINO OAPAOITY 00 APRIL 1 WILL DE THREE HUMP ?MONAD rtit MONTH 30 THAT IT THE END OF 1941 SOME THRSX MILLION ADD/TIONAL TO BUTION RIVIIPUNEWM CAM OE moDuogb. ITint QUEBT/ON Ta WNXTHYR THE FACTORY PAODUOIM4 THE 0 DUN AHOULD MALCOM (*.THY OUTPUT MOM TO A NAL[ MAINTENANCE ?IMRE IN APRIL, 1943 OR NOMTHEN NORX 8 OM MAD' ISE PRODUCED TO MINIM NEE08.0Y,TNE Mtn NATIONS OR TO ?ORM 'A OTOOX PILE ?OR TO VON OF.PATETOT ?mom /0 00UNTAIX8 NON DOOMED. IT ra NOTED THAT 9 NM AMMUNITION MANUFACTURED NY THR AXI8 MUM OAN OE VON IN THE 0 OUN. ,A POINT WRIOH AFFECTS THIO (OVATION 18 THE LOW OUTPUT OP 9 WAOMUNITION AO OOMPARND WU TM OUTPUT OF THE MAX NO ADDTTIONai oAPAOTT% EXIBTO FOR NAKINO OUOH AMMUNITION IN TM UNTTNO KImOo001 AND PRECUT PAMMAIII Id THAT TR It TOTAL PRODUOTIoN ny MAWi1 NTI1 OE ONLY )70 WNW PYR WEAPON. TOMMIE, Tr PRoDVOTT0M OF OU0N ouN8 OONTINUN3 AFTER APRIL IT WILL DE NNOEOUARY To ARRANON YOU ADOVIQNAL PROMOTION OF 9 4m AMMUNITION, TT In NOT INTENDED TO =MUM% R OUR FOR T OUN, TwootroRX A ronmn PRODUCTION OF Tilt 6 OUN WOULD NOT MUM.; OVR OWN rRoDuoTXON RINUIREUNTO NOR LEO= RCQUIAUCHTN FOR (MURAL ANNURTTION RKM1, 242 '1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 . , . . "W',.'t , .. 0014010CL DOP011ili'oaDied 'attention to .,dun from CAPTAIN -611001310PT imeefiinii iddit ton He 'added th*t he ,W 'requeat4::intOriittiOlileg ition "Uppity from the -leitkitort Ares Coppola asked the 8434 if any irovements are to be gun. CAPTAIN GROOSKOM pointed out the speed in prow auction and the exact savings in oopper duo to the gemios 9 sm. calibre should be investigated; OOLONEL DONOVAN will have included in the Remington re rt necossery informs- tion On the s in production of guns and the Asoup of sayings in copper in the ammunition. LT. 00L. RLAXINEY will cooperate with the Subcommittee of the Joint Staff Plan- ner, to get information from London and the Munitions Assignment Board 43 to numw bars noeded for subveroive activities. a 4 " - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 fagiR1101M5.10,_ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ml Star grittonAUL Os lionorabil) Chai2zfl fSub-Goriti..ttee, joint 1204,1(0;14o e. a 71a.rfare Co=ittee;"1' 1, Purauant to our aucuaulon at thr, meetinEr, of th 00-Committee of the aolvir,c,0 hold 7 Amuzt in regsrd to, the mduction-ef Sten aub-machine gunas It iu my-boll,of that the manufacture of th$ 3ten (Nn uhould bo continuod, beyond March 1943 (peztaps at a reduced rate) until amehtims au there iu a eurplut of at leaot 2,500,000 guns, available beyond the 2,0001000 euti- mated to be the Britioh requirevientu. 2. The manufacture of ammunition ahould be continued at at leaut the preaent rate until ouch time au spDroximately 1,000 roundel per gun ia available. The Jo= of the runo could be dependeirupon the availability of the ammunition. 30 It,Lirs difficult to foresee the 11.3. requirements for thio gun the prevent time. Thes requiremems woulf1 appear to dopend upon thr ollowing: (1) The advisabilit,1 of substitutirr: this rtn for the Thom;son sub-machine r"un for une of local defense forces home ruards, etc., (guards for vatc,r Jams, hi ;h power lines, bridrwo, vital wanufacturing plants, etc.). This would release for use hy the rimtive armud forces man Thompson sub-machine ;Tuns. In this connection the difference in cost and the -!reat savin entailed in the use of the Sten gun, is an item to be consgred. (2) The amount of arms that the 0.3.3. considers wil) be required. by Itverrilla oronization3) to supply native populations (I'hilippihos and N.E.T.), and sinilar activities of which wo spoke this mornim. IL woulu sem th;It the Sten min, duo be i[A, simplicity and cheapness, will be an ideal weapon for tholr Ime in this typo of work. 4 It would appsar ths4* thur serviceability and ease of manufacture of this gun should our careful considr%ration -1- SECRET * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 0-1-0000�001-00011-0000X�1-dCl-V10 1-�/LO/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI ina,1104 �uovitmormuoni tTox ituv.14 aolvi,aDJ gultki omq lgoolflfjottel,TPJTM 0010).,0 All(411/114X0.1'dCht At polltonciadoti Duvag trceraVpItntoo tALT,tittotglitiotitt, littl Jo tiovrpultimip Atlettavio oti% tItik4f.1 (ltior)) tarcaol,uni acqoavi:Tao Angq: qrltimoulop wogri,ltiJ UrTITI Om, acq -1101,Tutwita 2L IOU4t1 ppottg uorn,cotition wpm ux, vticrvI,Tatt otifi, otrvrvuovj porgurrt otn fivottiOvw(i, IO'tUUIIUR JOoatlr,pv,Tttuout owl, (ill' nikAP11411: �ZIVO al) 1111,0d OLM Crr IAA* fritgit5(11I11.0 prpotig up.11,apo acq. ......... itilmouoa *pia auoil otifl Ito; umptwaoutoyi r LWo-w000cool-000l 1-0000X�1-dCll-V10 1-�/LO/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ;-� � % . - IS. - .0 -S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 0-1-0000�001-00011-0000X�1-dCl-V10 1-�/LO/O eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI q*pTaa uo INTlioeu 'mu oe4 uomtos 1,4� 40; suonsfRanu Pus *Tact 0.4 pus %unman; uirmoad sq l asplouoo ol psmaRy salSWIN00009SL oodoma9 loTalsd &moo psTdoo -002 ol uovingalsIp 40; OTO�1100';$ v dm mpg oo; sopa ul TT40IV 47ema mg uoTaTm oml sq l puotert mum mew ;0 asqinu ctsuompps us sompoad ol II*V0410eq ao; mmalsop INA prom 1T lsql ItOlhovl vain*, m polsoTp 044 uoTssnosTp ammanti sexpolo 104; un,�q, at); uoT1 .Tumusi ims 6 Irmo ol ovis mg tt 091 emlalonso poTdm000 Inn in IVPI JO; UOTVMPOad VIOMPPli JO; PIM rum maiml um umu; isql 40; pOUTIMO mq, lou uso commas TvuoTIM, ISO Ivo no pemod 101IVIL emosma sq lou moo uovelomp vow moo asqloqm soA441 uomuhuus .to ano jo uovIspouses Imombea 00 ip siolliamdo ano irtqsarem 01. *T Ufa UW4 r IITO*p * RuT -aTubma es mmold ortil .1t4 rj sok:7N.: � 0-1-0000�001-00011-0000X�1,c1C11-V10 1-�/LO/O eSeeiei -10.d panojcldv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 = The rollowing lIttor tram' ths,Assist*nt limeutive, MUnitions Assignment Board, is trouvoilttod for ommilloratioA an4 report to the LP,WiO. THX 00MITO2D OR/EYS Or STAFF WASHINGTON Munitions Assisnmenti BoardAueu8t 4, 1942 MHMORANDUM FOR TH2 SEORMTARY, AUNT PaOHOLOGICAL WARFARI COMITTZX Subjeet: Production of &Men Suboaohino Oune. 1. There is enclosed herewith 4 copy of MaL%, 20 whieh clover* a memorandum from Lt* General Maoready to the Vaeoutive Offieer of the Munitions Assignments Dour on the ubove ottbject together with the viowa of Lt. General Somervell on thio 4Atter 2. At the 26th mooting of the Board thie oece woo re rerred to A committee, conoiutines of Lt, General G. 14, Macready Major General R� 0. Moore, und Colonel W, F, Touipkinal for conel- aeration und recommohdutiono, 3. The Britivh requirements include a :lumbar or Sten *Ow maohine guna Th subversive activities, London has been mated to advise the quantity being procured for thia purpose and reply is ex... acted within a taw days* 4, Information is desired me to whether or 'not your Goo - mitts* is planning Any activities which would involve requirements for this weapon whieh are not now included in the present eombined operationli plans, 5. A eimilar momorundum Imo boon eont to the Socretdriat Oombiltod Staff nAnners, Si William log. Tompkihe WILLIAM F. Touvms Colonel, Corpu or Enenoorti ; p4it i A ,� a ......41.111101gri.maimer Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X000011000100300001-0 � 0-1-0000�001-00011-0000X�1-dCl-V10 /LO/O eSeeiei JOd paitaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI oq fl,tgo T1 t Lic IPc,0111 11011 iiirtitititt41k1 011 t11010tIttoj 1.1; 01 31: ,ot; 1.1,111 ',u� 111to Oltel pit110,i 114)-vi .tittn;:;',;tz WiV; ,1.1.1�01,': t*! tz Intokitto;.� two ,p) ).J1 t') wi I A p .!T' I 1t,uti 01 tAtklj t31 1 t tVt �0 A.1.1,11: St LS k,") 11.0 III 1 1 t Ot ti� � q litt."1t4 t -1k,t q ti; v.:81 t't MU t 0=10 01 k,1,1 04t11 I t U 11 t'Uttlqktt.t4 WW irt:-.1 11141-m 141 ill,r1001;ito0 o1111 111, *Wt$014VIild0a p001,.,..114r0,11V 11,114yd I mA 1-001;4, d" �IttiA0010 .1.4 40,1 pY00 VUtVue..14olit lilm flouttl loq tridomti11,0.01:;itt04144 #0-1- rti'.; tiff 11.0.11)(1tLip 4cil potto_ip 1.1,1ttao1 du R rut) 01,totiv ;,:rA q 1t tit it, 14 t ts:(;,tt-4 0 ctOtt A. 04 .11 guOliwv p01TakI1ltiTtil poutWil 4.1r0Jutto PI 11: e'pota .11,000 mml ool,t3utloo uT V0040 lol'altiJ ,t G 0011 041 Joj No010 '11 1A140ty Oi ,Stqfvg(q1 JO ig1.IOMt414 ok;lIkin owl jo 70,100U olt1 loon og pootiv .0Jd riq 1,1,tottv 1::uh ilT,v4 4'Iacm JoTloitiA ao ,e,..t cra(Av ul it .., oollotliJlttivn TViWt AJOA 14 01 poottpv 9qv4,flov lv lodv,zi Y111 JO dtlmoil popoto oq pcvotiv ouowo ot.11 :oronvotlii. fldwtotly ottl aoutloqm toaodoaA-ql. 4o1; 001170oplOU00 41,f UOTVdt_41.0) Ocub 11.0 opc)0110040. 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C, ' ...; .as.:. ' A 1 � A, '7" ,..1 -Al i..,,:- ....r. - Nottirrni, jadvaig 1.1.ri01-' ,, ' ,,,. c^ ,� -,--' 4, -- '-'.rt - -, il'�,' ,,,, ,1�6', - C.:11-, , ,;) ,, � ,, , ,,. 7.1 :'-'" - ' ' : Z.--.3: ,. -.� ': ..,.... � ,A..� r" 'I ' ' a. � � L2..,. jr..� ,...'" '''''.' �u�ACJ '') 1 1) i ` ' I, Tr, ' 15 10 C1'1; ! 0 0 A 0 ... ;i I 3A., , \ -. , , A.' 41 �,47I .,, ' , ..,1,. d' .. � � , C. l .,7, ' . .: 3 .. '1,1 �.; , ....,i .., .?0 , n, _ r�,:. - -- '' = '-, ,, P ' ' = ' 'ir --';':" ' i :-_, c , Et ' (C... _ z�A�75`. , ,, 1 , u-., `,:. ,' ,,, _ -,/ ...,. i. -, i, �� `tt-2'' ' .., . . - �.� � ,, 1 �-,� , � ..-,,,,, .': ...,4� TT.: , , . .- ' II ,, 1 r ,., A' , 1r - j, A7 .; _ ' .1 Cr- ' -4 r�L'', 'Ir'll'' ' �, r� ,'�:. ' c"' ,..1- , 15, ,_ .�-���:, _ , ,, . -,,, , ,..., ,,, , .�, 1.: ,- .. --- Cr ' , +3 _ �,-; ��s 3.z. -� 0 1?- . .1.,' ; ', (t ' A 1 , '''., -'.;? . - . -lc � r .� :At; ri.,1 ,,�-,..:'13 , ' ek ,� ., .. '-' .,-:' 13 . ,. L"-`' TA '' p. IT, , ..::' . : , �: '1 ,k / ... ' �� - '11.-' !�..7 I 7...3 ' `', j( 6,. r,��. �' t� ,.. -1' ,�'�' - ' 0,09, � 1 ' .40�.. 3% ,. ' ' , �A....,,, ,3 ,- .1 ' � - 4 .Hr�, ,, .� � ,, ,_ ,, ,.. ,_,., ,...,. ,,, d. , ...:11. � �; ' 'I/ 6 , .,,!..;,:� - ft , - - ' 'c,, ,..- , ,-q, '-' d,), -,-., ,.. , ,- _ .r, -- I ,., ' , ..A., ' (1:----ii C,,.', A li. ' ''''A. . , ,t..- ' ' n , 'A,'' ')1 .1 ''' .`, , c, ,..' ,, �. cP "1, 4? 4,- : ',�1. " , - '" ,:- ,-..... . -.3 ., .r.- 1, ,. 6, A,,,. ..1;:a ,:�,'Z' ' ;,` i' ,k,t, . - �-- ,..',, ,,,,,,,jgo,*., ,....;.., ,.- . r, 6 '. '',...1-* .Y1 . ,..:AA .-1,,� � � 5,,,, � 1....:-* .._. , ,ro -';''''I'r '-^ --.:. _ _,..;e,.. 7 .. ,,,,.....,� - , .�...-6 .�-, �...� 1-7. ,' -', - It _ , , ,,,,, , - cr , , ,,. 6 1.1 .� ' j �1 - 71' 44.40:-.4.1' ..,"�:..r. I ':1��-.'w ' lir ' ',..1 ' ' '' '1' 6..:.... ,,I,i '''.-i?. ,i.i 1. � . 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � S 0-1-0000�001-00011-0000X�1-dCl-V10 1-�/LO/O eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 0 !,3tr1 -011, It r 4 t ttulv)lut /0/ (;,1 co .111i ) 1 ;;.1 trt Ott p ,!Itrl,r11,),i 1)1.0141 tto mtirtut -411,1 ; r')! 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