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November 3, 2016
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September 26, 2013
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December 19, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 -4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 I. - alb - ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 4a-uff OFFICE OP' STliATLGIC SERVICES is if,,e _Ls ditty Wash "Cington, D. C. 116.0 MAN, To COLON E L 1.)0?010ViiN am attaching a copy of a letter from "Richard" in Teheran, which I think you might be interested in reading. ? ??? ? ? ????????? "" ? ?????? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? ?- ? ? e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 " 400 141trifttalftittlatilkdibiliaftabiWig....,,,m,...... goPy A 1030 Teheran, Nov. 16, 1942 Dee. 17, 1942 Dear Gordon, Your letter of Oct. 15 was very welcome with it assurance that my efforts have been of some value. I am still continuing the Russian lessons which I stt4rted last winter and could now take care of essential wants in the aancuage. With a few months in an exclu- sively hussian speaking coliminnity, I believe I could get along well. In audition to that work, I have been compiling everything re- ported since Sept. 15, 1941 in the local French language paper. I have done that in the belief that you might find it useful to have a brief summary of the development of events here during the first year of the country's freedom from the domination of the ex-Shah and since the British-Hussian entr3,, I m also trying to discover from the acts and statements or Iranians during the last year, what elements there are in the situation here upon which one could rely. The collectLen ana nrrangement of this material has taken a long time since it had Lo 110 done while looking after my company's pro- perty and interests. I believe, however, that the background it will give will be useful. in several weas I can begin a summary. was vlad to ace ;:1', and learn of the promising developments in your organty.ation and plana. I am sorry that our comutUnicatioli system is not complete, but cxpect In time that it will become so. Both 215 fI I I ,AtoanG .lave gtven much thought Lo the matters referred to in your ae00.11d_Piragraph and w 1.11 continue to do so. The difficulties and mdt IM-:ngers of entering H rield which has for many years been of prime importance to thy. kussinn:,, nritish, Germans) French and Turks are LIPP:trent. One must also not forget the Oriental's passim for pleasing at the expensc or tvnth and the strong religious and racial prejudices which blas his bnservations, .there are now, or soon will be, American advisors in the fields of heerlth, army, police, pendarmeriel agriculture, irrigation) provisiol- ing (Supply) and finance. Amorioans will also operatton the rdlronds. With these men actively at work, there will be very little factual information which Washington can not get through the Legation, The Legation and Consul.itos cover the governmental and economic activities of the country. The ?lay other fllerienn source of news are the colonies of American :alL;ellonartes and mission doctors, The rir:.t group a;; a ource of informtion is defective since, with one exceptto!, none of the men speaks Persian and very few speak French, the foreign languart- most used here. They are thoreforc larcely in the hands of interprt,ters. Their t%ontactK are also almost entirely with officialdom gild the people in power AL the moment. The principle defect of the misstonaries as a source of 'nformation is that their followers a no either fro.a !atnoritiest such as the Armen- ians or Chalde!ins, or are converts Who htve lost their sUknding with their own people. Another doreol. Is the prejuditw which scems to go ame. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 t). L. P Y with themission,lry spirit. Tbe best informed and least pre3udiced ...ources RTO the Itiosiontlry doctors. With the anove ooureoo eV information and the native cotitacte whICh 215 and I have, I believe that, for the moment, we can supply any definite information requested. Tho most difficult problem about whiCh to get accur,Ato inform4Alon is that of 111,15510.11 activities, but we will contlnue to workon that. Increasing milithry aottvIty here and the intensification 4)r AmoricLin war Worts mako the matter of cover more and more difficult. My covor In thirt, though mtill tenable. Altbough I have only once been asked why T %as not in ale service, that question is likely to beeomo more porststent. iroG far, those who may suspect me, donit care and, Do far an I know, havo -no evidence. I belteve that 215 agrees that his coVer could be improved. It is unfortunatc th,tt another person under the same auspices is out heve working for the W.itiah intelligence. The main difficulty is, however, that foreigners must have a permit from tIlo Russian consul- ate to travel in the hut:sian 40110. A permit lias luvt been refused to it plattfinbly nnopoct,cd Britioh citiv.en. If 215 in refused permission, IL may be alvtaahle for him to work for oome American who Wollld re- quire him to 1,rvei. lie h,to no0worke1 out oeneral promising ard val. unble ideaD or which you will in time see the resulto. We are alno in hho proconr. of organizinit a eomhinod tiet,ivity which I believe will 0-Vo Ood cosull,s, Wich of up no* has an Rptomobilo which is eq;oentinl for our work. On my iLot trip, 1 whs obliged to hIlytiwo t..Aeoncl,tiand tire-t1 to get bacX here. Thoy coot me 0540.00. Althou& my cRr hos boon ostensibly used Vor company husinoss, tho company buytilr tile cJr, I think it is only just th,tt you should pay for tho tiros. 1 am therefore taking the 3h0 Vo !inm from the money you Dent for cablc, un4tess 1 hoar from you that :lomt- other arrangement 15 proVer:Lole,.!.1",) and 1 each need a now sot of tires in order to be abie to do our woric.. If we buy them hero they now vont from P200. to 01560. n pa-iv for 6.50 x 16. Cat '10)/you send 115 tit lila. now tirea ortti tubes con51gned care of tl-AD legatiora . tyi 1Y It' you am, 1 oon :loll ono of my n000n(1--totnd Limit; and giViD YOU bae1t \ A your ?4540. pi 4 \II am plA te ho:kr of your plant.) for a vng contact and 'hive noted you, vow?r1e.-1 lbont ot.hor help. () will keep tAtOM ill< mind. 1 ean guem ale trona of your o!itiAoti from what yoll nAve written. The method wc un ii milti ho til .'11,19 work-tlheetn. In Dny ottoo, Wo tiOOM LO ho malang progreon 4.na yol. CA11 count on us for cooperation to tne bent a our ability. Yours sincertaly, tUchard V., itcoording tt iwitruottons from the $tato Viopt. we have ? ? ? 11, ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 L-Z000Z?001-00n11-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI ??? ??? ??? ? ? ? 6, mi . )autIOV sp091)11110 RUTOct NI: aMtwatl 01W 'oottluni arq, ?oaoq JOJ Adoo gym tyv oplo 31Tort nat., vawylvamAu ImIlailo uoIlJoilo.I6 jtoil kti: 01'1041 (ltrop ?Au Om qTa 100 0111;1 oql Jo i:om 011110p/juo0 otA4 uT poolgid oq oq P pu lot', o:W n pun novri ltrillwmptoo oittotlilliorl 0111 In poonvi ott ol or) Ecolo Iv-) .10 ot-114.110i..rtla t; put; ttrtnoti WV ITT :311101-.1 00110puod000a00 Ilv JC, &(100 II 0113 ol .).toll .1011:11AVN ottl Aq po). ? L-Z000Z?001-00n11-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI S. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON, D. C. December 7) 1942 MEMOvANDUM: TO: Colonel Donovan FhOM: Major Bruce tA e tA I r/v43-- With reference to your inTary concerning Fri:ncisco Lucientes) I attach a copy of a memorandum from the N(-w York ?Mee regLrding tnis subject. Yuu dill nut e that he has a doubtful repu- tation L.nd Itril not of the opinion that we could make any usP of him or efrectively collaborate in changing his apphrent pro-Axis attitude. I have doubts whether) in fact) we can with propriety engage in an undertaking which seems to be much lore the task of the State DtparLat.Alt, or OVITI. et Attacha&nt D. B. .;1444,42Mt.. ? me Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 TLIZAV4,,, ar-virpt. ? ? . 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ii Melia% sor......imagesamkaama4 MEMORANDUM: TO: Mr. John C. Hughcs FROM: H. Grilgory Thomas MBjECT: F1tANCI6C0 LUCIENTE8 I huvt, tt tho copy or tho memorandum from Mr. to Major Bruce, dated Novombor 27th, which I am roturning to you, do not fool that. It would bo ndvisablo to do anything Lo nssist id,L;IILNTEU in his prosont prodienmont. I consider that his diVrieultios in the Wit Lod 6tatos have boon duo to his taking strong and constant Axis propaganda lino in his newn reloases about. American matters to the E.F.E. Agon0Y. Or Basque frionds know of LUCIENTE81 rictivitieqs in Paria In LI u ft 11 immodintely procoding tho war. In Poris, LUCIENTES was oorro3pondont ror thv, weii known Spanisn rovornmont. newspaper A.B.C. and is said to have ac led 1,s confidential roprcsont.itivo for MAk4UPZ klICA DE Mby ownt.r of this papk.r. Tho reit, and say th:lt ti,eir opinion wt.a :ihared by tho Fri-410n Military Intelligence Authorities, that LUCMNTES nut.only wet:i a sympathi4er or Lae Axis political line, but that. he avtually was Jn the employ of certain German propaghndti conduetod payehologioal Narrare under lin:, guise or Innocent propaganda to France. Our Basque friends tt.11 me tilat LUCIENTE:3 NUS particularly well Lnown to UHTI::. WhAolJE, who is at the prosoat time %,!orrvapondont In Washington for the leadinr, Argentine newspAper LA NAC1uN of Buonoti Airve. before ma;,ing a dt..finito decision In this matter, I bo.t.leve it woulu be advisable to havo someone discuss discroetly reith t.CHALWEI LUCIENTEW Iniekground in his Paria days. ' Dolbouro Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 11?10 rt ? a 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 I also suggest that it is not necessary at the present time to endeavour to win over LUCIENTES, sympathies by such friendly treatment as might have been shown him previously, but which would now appear to be too late to do ,:e2*VAFtki4N , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? .16 ueclassified and A roved Fo r e ease 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ,J1,4,111,4=',M4-4242. liv Iltr l'trahlettt !lave! .11fra hr, rdaal tr III lit11114ty 3r1%.11.c III i.e..t.e^1 Ito alsel IIV tInil C I tsi jiI,tet,e,itirtitd by otlYatclY dittuillottild woltutlictoi 1.11%e Duty 1)S fur officer.* travel le authorized, par Poe oglaph 21) 1)1 11)11,m in ttlItt rt (tittered tit AI) l% 1' It 0,otte t IS MIAuutiatr iii Iictted. TI )N. 1:13 31 431-01, 02, 03, 07, 08, A 0425-23. All 'Imre stIO 19-12 ttit0 prreimitrl ul At 'S het .? tic loth, or I loa,te, NI tote, tw. oust atal Adtti ebb Ell I) tie ? t Brant atoi )I fl to whit it Assignett _ . .11.1tur he Adiao.ini ioes' 4.444 ec asslfied and A roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA_RnDioN,^^? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? ?," , V _,?...tmmer.m.siondegtgmeuvegonirscimrecaainlItIMMIMMInnammtmoRN,-,:,19MxisVgASVIVMMattarirtal01 ? WAR DEPARTMENT THE ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE WA*1410407014 AG :-'01 Lucao, Edcpr Merryman (11-13-42) P:'.-33 Novembez. 13, 1942 REJ/GH 1442 ? ? Edor Merry0r14 LUCpo, 0919955, 110V civilian emnloyee , )ur of Pine, np ()lilted t3e.cond Lientnnant AljS, November 7, r!,:rr 01 '0, Special Oraern 309, WA, direct him report nvombor 14h to yola for duty, By order of the Secroixry of Wilr: ? 4 ?? 441 ? ? 1 ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? as ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ?,,?Kr:q --11_2 /IA' ),x-er *'" r Mr, Orover Lornin' Roosevelt Yield clarden City, New York Dear Mr, Loaning' *OCACk)toki`t \11, 01;?,.(r SP:Art4 July 24, 1942 ny thanks for your kind letter ot 24r 1942, it* which you developed thc angle ot potential aesistenes a cargo eubmerines to aviation activities in foreign morale. The informtion which you have contributed will be posited on to the officers intsrooted at ono,* ac; lerard 119 rt Very sincorely yours LWIARD Y. tiN1TH Maj % I A ? U9f1%, Contact Section, 0-2 ????. 4k di; " -? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 D ? I. ? Declassified and Ap roved 3/09/26 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100izuwi For Release 201 . OROVIR LEONINO, D. Sc., A.U., C.E. Aeronautic Consultunt July 24. 1942 Vajor Aidward F. Smith 2641 runitiona utuwig Oaehinzton, D. C. Dear Vajor Smithl ?Moos Roosevelt Yield Oardon Cith, Mit,York Tel. Garden City 8460 In oonnoction uith the work that I am doing an T)ohnioal Consultant in the ilar rroduotion Board, Ur. Gerard LeMbert hen called py attention to your interest in pubmarine cargo carriers. It in olearly evident that the (marrying of cargo by air by a vent inoreata in the number of cnrzo p1nnu W.0 bo fused with very eerious gavoline delivery problem. Man:, of ue believe that the oinkings of submarine o.t tankers arid frelzhters are a prelude al uhat will happen next year when these ships are attacked by torpedo bombing aircraft of long range cepaoity. From bases in continental Ltrope, Norway, and Africa a sreat extension of torpedo bombing will be even rare nerioun in Its dinoouraaing oonsequenoes than the oub. marine campailn nr-4 being waded. The ourfbito rroight ohi p is teeing a terrible ordeal. -ak ir tankerb oarryinz w:iation oline for the operation of an air cargo fleet are to he deoimated in nu, menner, the whole operation of an air car,;.) cnrrylw ;roam:, viil. be jaapardised, ha oureolvec In the airfield aro, of course, not qualified to pies on the naval ongineertn4 correctneee of mxgo carrying aubrarines, but we are reminded that the jarrilana had auoh oreft - up to three thouaand tone - toe* twanty-for tma and it vould be reaeonable to ouppoee that naval architeet. ure would havo wiliNnowl bine? then to a point where a five thounand ton Dub. merino could ho rcaalbln. Aviatlan 4,:abo1ine in 4 very concentrated load and a five thouaund ton nuhrArine carrying, let um aay, to thoopeand tons of gas aupply ea n difliverablo load, would by thin one load unable over one hundred Martin t4:ro aapar-flyin; ohlpe to be fueled up tor a return flight of thrzbe thousend miles diatnricc. A fleet of Len such cargo carrying suboarines, there- fore, that could be counted on to rendeavoua with marine aircraft in I've and leo atern that can be indefinitely n1t6red for aeereely in verioue parts of the torld, t.ould ha tot invaluabl*. In addition, of ?aurae, there hoe boon the constant rrobler in cop-, motion with aircraft - and ono v.hicL hew .:reatly stimulated the need for eargo ourryiv, aircraft - and that in that aircraft in service at the various fronts ? 4???fres..."' ocApase 2013/09/26 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? a. 9". Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 41P ? ? or.oro.d1r, OM Major lidword F. amith JUly 24, 1942 aro oonotantly needing spans par4a. einoe most or tho fronts oxoopting china 4,1-0 Aocepsible troll the vattiOr. A amp carrying auboarino that would not oomnwhat ao a wthor ahi,, tor morvloc aircraft by being at hand with a load or atoms ond :pot m typo of vo#6.1 that ORD hide trot any attolk oither from tto #ir or from tho neap would snow to have Importunt It appearo incroamingly ovidont that only by bo14noom in dovolopmonto oaoh ao theme min Ivo Melly to ant a hood olt#rt on the *nom that to need to boat him - rathor thou bo oonotantly involvod in tho catching up proceaa that wo aro now in. (KIM! acs iioral\: I, Laltbort. Ginoorray pun, Irovar Looning Toohnioal Cottenatiolt rinr rroduotion Doard , orwilrirroit- ? .4 .4=1111,44. ve, ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES 630 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. Colorol Willivm J. Donovan Office of 2Lr Lcgic Services Washington, D. C. You may have heard already about Mrs. Luce's campaign of political warfare in respect of the British Empire, but It's uo interesting and so rilevant to our opelations that I am taking a chance on boring you Ath a repetition: Volon Mrs. Luce vont to the Midle East some tie ago she had an interview with Auchinleck, among others, and obtained from him some extremely important and previously confidential information. According to one account, she even learned the date on which the British offensive in North Africa was due to begin. She wrote this information down in her notebooke -- and also unicribed her opinion of Auchinleck and of the British Administration Ir. that part of the world and elsewhere, all of this in extremely uncomplimentary terms. PreviGas to her return to America, she persuaded Men4on to put her notes under some kind of an official British seal with the idea that this roulo clear th.,m without Inspecticnothrough asy British pwAL she might be dassil?; on her way home. In addit;on to these 50 under ,eal, Mrs. Luce also had further notes in her pesseailon which she vroto .fter the earlier material was sealed. ?(hon she arrived at the British censorship I% Trinidad, a British offLcild looked through . her unsi.aled papers and found amenc them the notes In which she had expressed hefself with considernble feeling on tLe Britiah. The official was moved by this discovery to break the seal which Moncon Lad plseed on the earlier material, and rend that Coo. Mrs. Lace felt very z,trongly about this action, and pro- tested vith grut feeling, but the official at Trinidad was not detrral. So grave .1 vier m.s taken in Trinidad of Mrs. Luce's notes, and mout particularly of the information she had obtained from Anchtalcck, that all the papers were sent to London. According to one version, they even wont Co Mr. Churchill himself. Tbey were then sent to Washington?apparently to the White House. It was only after those several examinations that they were returned to Ur. Luce. This ni6tory s supposed to explain the disciplinary uction taken noinst both Won on and Auchinleck some time Lgo, and it's firmly believed in at least some quarters that Um.Luee's vtper- ience was not altogether unconnected with the "Open'Letter" to the British people recently published in Lii:e Magazine. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R00010017nnn9_7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 41 I ? ? haw. Mro. Wool? roLuvn to thio couu4rY, oho :ip,1,0 nt n4 0VV,Lho-r000rd mot,Liug oV tho Ovormonm Promo Club iu ohlugtou nhout hor trnvolm 4n0 tock a vory mtrongly poomon. Tho mbhtln4: wtto mOkor tomm informnl, und Lho oL- o.ophoro ,?"n Vriondly Lo hor, no Wore, MOOMO to bo no :?tiflmon Lo mup- p000 Mit oho 1;d1 OVOVOkUd 141t0 mmyt4 anyLhing mho did noL roully mono. Alitouv, othor Lhluo, mho enid fit thin mooting 4hmt tho Mum Omura ohouLd ho Lu mod ovor io L1t3 Eaptianno noked, "Mon do you Lhtu% thLo oboula 1)0 douoin mho wan "Rt&L how," mho Popilod. noon thgt, qo fop Lho Pnnuldh Onnal Loo?do you thLuk thht oti,ht to ho givoh tato% Phuhmh?" nnothop uovpopporidont probont amkod, wiom," Mrm. Luoo roplLed. "I t. oloo roe PAIWO t004" F (:1111110t WitIVAAOH thim n000unt of Lho tntomt Ot400 tn Mr o. Luoolo poL1L.LoaL onptor, but LL oomoo til,P011101,y InfOrWza uhd nobor minded potTonti Whir tAVO wLthoht orojadtoo. ALL Lho hoot. ?01 ? ? ? I-0.n,, ? 41.44,4??yklim.?? , ? ?? ikrZalINC Mt. L. '1 ft0 4.1.? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? Declassed and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 011- , rt. e' 4t. **.t.....wwo...:4.0.40tratteart???11101000100.10014?41101Q~IttitcWoo UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION 270 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK CITY memo to (ol.PAnovon from ECR Over Ainner Mr. 1 .11ner t ,ld . 1)ulles and myself two item of intermati 1) That * high Uerman offioer Aho to in oharge of prison oamps is preparing liblaok lists" of Nktio,he tntends to give these liota in time E the prinonera or war in order to let them knew Whom they should kill. Loohner by the way thought this a womierfnl idea. My ru040 is tho t this offioer in his fa ther-i n- 3 ow. ) Mr. Loohnetr 1;1 poeirieddloh of 41 ode W111011 tr.3?V On to :111t1 y "melvody" in Otel (1e, rffiti n Lamy rste pet.yle who expoot umeadiar:o Crom Loohner or rroM the perrion to Ilion% he th twitior, over thli, oodo, or? dtem1Ing parte of a reoelver eel and eAreoted to huve ? tor (her ln a relatively short tAmo. thlt4IhtL t miht he w rood lAcno I, hove Loohnor on Criondly terms with ua, I hei et sille'ht be 10 MO went n e darht. IWO this (lode pit]a I hi y for other plArp03490 t het) Llvhner hod In mind. LcAohnesu rres tent dna Ire io to mpeak to the President. "ts er,o is very hurt ilind thttl wotal 1)0 holeam to lila vanity. Loohners hook must onme out shortly. 1 think that if wa were lhe urfiney who Aid him his favor, Ae mic,ht f.et more out; or him. Also 1 think he ,voni0 talk his heitid o'T to tho l'rea ident IK,Outlet, it wWid MOA0 ho limoh to him. And I nmteltiton,I t.;e, Yreolde.,t to a r.00a listener. 1)ml I etve t Nit e' ilt% t%11 to kt ho ho0 oontoote with the oprditlin. Ali others stayed oarefully owoy. Ole Coot that he ,Z*3 there ;Itte,e 19:1 ond w$14 morPled to * Oorman womou put him In a difforont ootecorie. Pnr Release 2013/09/26 . CIA-RDP tab - 000100320002-7 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? June 6* 1942 Memorandum tot Mr. John P. O'Keefe From; Ummy C. Redo Subjeots Mr. Louis P. Loohner Or Friday, thite 8th I had my firet interview with Mr. Louis P. Loohner? the head or the Berlin Amecoieted Press offioe. H4 has beep in Germany sinus 1921. He in married (it is his seoond marriage) to a German woman who has bad her Amerloan oitimt ship sinoe 1921. I had heard that Mr. Loohner WAA very muoh upset about the Nob that the ountoms *gents retained all his papers and manusoripte. They have not yet been returned to him. I also hoard that he W4S furious bowls+, other newspapermen spoke of him e a Nazi or Nasienympethiser And told stories of the opeolel favors the Clemens had granted him. When Mr. Lochner own. to this offloe, he was amooth but icy. He immediately mentioned that colleagues of his reproaohed him fqr having ebayed in Germany to the very end and went around tell .ng stories about him. He also said that he could not enswer any questions whioh involved aoourate figures beoanse his papera and his notes were retained by the government. But he added that he wag more of a speoialist on political questions anyhow and he did not need riguren to answer this kind of questions. I started the interview by mentioning en artiolo of his I had read in the Now York Post on June 5th. It in (Ailed "Generale must park gun* when they gu to SOO Hitler". I told Mr. Loohner that I thought he would prohuhly be the bent person to talk about the German army, that I knew ha had been familiar with it Cor a long time. We disoussed the artiole and then he told me that he had put the last three paragraphs in it only in order to protect the generals. This admission made it oloar that he believes in a revolt by the generals. I asked him IC these generals were personally dissatisfied or if there was an organized group. He says there is an organised group and It is oonneoted with other organized opposition groupu in Germany. He says the loader among the generals is General Beok. Another he MeatiOnlbd was Haider. he mays that present day Gorman gensrelm are very different from the world war generals. They are not the Ludendorff iwpal. They aro not political generals. in one way he said it is good that General von Reicheneu is dead booause he had political ambitions, and although he would have belie part of the opposition, he oould have hurt it. These German generals of the opposition do not dream Of a future Gorman *tate as 4 military dictatorship. They think that name German people must, at the first opportunity, turn againet the Nazis. He says this moment can oome only after a serious military blow. Mr. Lochner thought that perhaps 100 raids like the one over Cologne would be enough to prepare the gromd for suoh action. ? ? " ? ???????ag . ? 0. ?????????, ? Td 2ndA oed For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 . e ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 r Warartattaaniatqa?taaaaaalialealaalaaVaa?????????or+a ..,A.6,??-+ ????????.???1". =???*aatt.. Wet" TWI .14t1,-"r-',04.1,?3,ranan A - ?. He sews that 44 far 44 it is possible the opposition is organisting itself g Ho personally sat in on oonversations betnien two loaders of two opposition groups. Up to now only leaders of two groups meet and they usually do not know the leaden s of other groups. The opposition is oalledt DIE FRONT DER AM/LUMEN LEUTE front of deoent people). They have a three point propitiator 1) Restitution of every single item that hes been stolen by the Germans aim). the Nazis have oome to power. 2) Inviting the German Jews to come beok end restore every thing to them. (a 3) The Nazi's must go to the invaded countries and with their own hands rebuild everything they have destroyed. (I heard of this same program last tall when Mr. Darius Davis of the Y.M.C.A. returned from Germany. He had talked with church leaders, and he told us that an opposition WAM being organized.) 1) The Catholics play a big part in this opposition. Mr. Lochner haa had many conversations with Catholic leadore about it. They gave him a mosaage for Dr. Druening. The Catholios in Germany are very hopeful about Bruening, moving that he is in good standing with President Roosevelt and with the people of the United Staten. They mak* an exception for Dr. Druening beceune, *aide from him they do not want people who have left Germany to come back and immedietely biome leaders. They ao not think or him as the future head of the Gerken State, but as an interim leader. For the time being there is no disounsion of the fork the tuhtro state will take; they only want to develop 014 broad 4 front as possible againat the Nazis. 2) Mr. Lochner thought it was pwrtioularly wise of the generale to have sought oontaot with the former trade union leaders. They have united first of all the different former trade union leaders among themselves. Of these men, he mentioned only one by names Anton Irkeleins, who la leading a retired life in Germany. Mr. Lochner expects a lot of them when the time oomea. 3) The third group consists of small land-owners. They are mostly from north and northeast Germany. Theo. agrarians heve never been organized before, but the Nazis have met up organizations for them. It is through these Nazi organizations that they now work. 4) The fourth group is made up of Protestant ohurohomm. Theme miniatere have finally realized that Christianity is threatened and that Naziam is their enemy. Mr. Wollner says they have a lot of influence. ? ? F. 1111.11.0M11111111111111111111111111'11111111.111.11".11 ? a a ? npclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 . 3.? f a ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ti OAi of tho groups.I don't know which one,, has emtablished contact with the Oommuniets. Mr. Loohnor mays he poroonally hAd no ,f1ASaos with them and never sat in on a Joint oonvorsation. Hut hp mosintoiLa that the COMMUAltitn aro united on themmolvos on 011* point; no more OOMMUMOM An Oermany of the Oomintorn typo. It muot be Oerman oommuniem. They wont to be indopendont of Momoow. Mr. Loohnor grow friondlior all the time during the inter.. View. I took hArdlY ohY notoo and he mint/PU.4 the convereatiot AO he oallod it; juut thinking a3ou4. I hollevo he MAO tooting me out when ems asked mos what would you think of futuro aormany under Prinm Louie rordtn- ondt Ho went on, thht the Hobewliern Prinz woo vary demooratio. that he wao Mad by Prosident P000evelt. Ho continupd that the Prinm had a very good r000rd evorywhore. I anowored him with A queetiont Is he not married to A very White Rustsion prinnows7 He said yes. but if Prooident Roomevolt oupportod him ho might bo able to overcome the restmtersnee of tho Rueoiane. I think that Mr. Lochnor porsonally favorts a mooarohietio golution. Ho montioned that hie promont wifo came from A monarohimtio- minded remity in Cormany and thot Lb bad many nontacto in that dirootion. I onoloao nswepapor clipping of the New 'fork Timoo of Juto d in whioh Mr. Lonhner jut oasually montionm Prins touiss Yerdinand. Mr. Loobnor ham known Hitlor for many Tesoro. NA MAO introduood to him by Roshm. J nokad him It hot had untitled any &tong. in Hitler. Ho soym that r000ntly Hitlor het) boon loping him grlp, thht ho mikes misav miotakom, but that tho 000plo who boltdovo in him Aro .low to roaltmo hot:mono it in AlWnyn pals"). to glvo flp and Idol. A man on Mr. Loohnor'a otaff, an AMAPIOAO Catholic, two made A otudy or Catholic roolotanno to ?email. UAfortunAtoly, T had to out ohort ti. tntorviow. Mr. Loohnor promtoed to give me mom* moro timo noxt weak.. he is lotlying $4 tbo middle or tho wk for h YAOhti00 and aftAr A few weeks will take up a job An liaohtneion intorpratint: tbo news for Am000letad Ptopp. Ilegardlood of whothor or not one agrees with Mr. Loohne idotto, / think we obonld Ory to got Nu muoh from him AA pomdtblo. Only * man who had ?outwits' with Carman's ovor A 10114 period or tisne Mid who knows Goormany tutithatoly would hp IA a potation to rind out Anything from the gonorolm. I fet it mIght bo ft good tdoa if poralmone high up would got in touoh with Mr. Loohnor poroonally. Iam convinopd that he knows more then be hao told mo in an 14.hour tntorviow. AO 116 id very much on the de.. fanuive oft aociouut or being known am pro-Odrmon. and is callod pro-Nali by many poops. Ib might bp very pio*ood If he vet.. honorud in some way. Ho told mo that hie mon. hob Loohnor. hao heel% brsoodp. casLto to 01011044y for tni0 tor motiniy *oohs, Me said the (hormone op- parontly did not hnow it who hie son. Ho use his motheros P. ". I Pot OAMO rr0401 the ()Mitt* %luso whore I want through Mr. ,-Iccifir1arr1 Anrrovedor 1,-N?"wretil"rt4"Ir410170 - 4. al' lease 2013/09/26? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 1 ?- 4.? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? liggitzkr otrive _ ..0-.4.Wvni.ttiffikettifraMINISIike?pow?ww' Lochner's papers to see what would be valuable material for ua. found throe points of interest: 1) Mr. Lochner is Godfather to Prinz Leatis Fordinand's child. 2) Mr. Lochner brought a lot of photegraphst 1 big album of pictures of the Kaiser's funeral; many pictures of Prinz Louis Ferdinand, his wife, his mister, his child. 3) Mrs. Leo/Inert* father is. ar-wws Reichsmilitaergeriohtsrat Steinberger. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 I. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 - ARMY MO81TION Referring to the first interview, I Asked Mr. Loohner how he thought the opposition in the aermen ermy would ever go to work. He map told that the army hots to wit for k bie enough opposition in the olvillin population. They mre afraid thmt small groups might get out or bend And stArt 0.0tiOna on r. small morale. A oolonel told Mr. Loohner LW, he should iliOt 1004 0On- rtdonoo in his frien4a in the Army it he reads some dAy thot the army helped to pot down unrest or something like Lb. This mould only indioste that somebody hAd sheeted prematurely. Mr. Loohner is very muoh afraid or the Ostholios in this respeot. They mre very lampetient and have beoome hold. Mr. Lochner milks told Witt offioera And regiments in the whole Norman **row Are being sorutinised by tho opposition in the Army. They ate rinding out on vilom to molt. Whole regiments ere elreedy identified in Wane on their side. Mr. Loohner ;win Wet a sure sign or "the rats leaving the ship" ill Dr. dohosoht. He luta sent mord to PrInoe Louts Verilinond, that the PHA?. should remember that aohmoht hes almAys been tor e tiermen monarohy. Pr. Diokhnrr tried to use hia inrinonois with the NW* no thet Mr. Lochner nhould not, be In or at ieest ahonid he Oven wpoolei trestment. Ur. Loohner goys he thank* Oild that Dinkhorr slut. FM0000Orta? He would never helm moosopted any thine dirrerent Cram the other sorrespondents. Diokhore nont him worth' or friendship to Had Nauhelm. Mr. Loohner thinks thet Diokher prohsbly omn be 'monied ageinst the Nazis. Declassified and A pp o d F e ease 11.-***r 3/09/26: - t t 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/261 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 r% t, ? rt? t. 15% ??/ ty(?AAk ? ?A.e' 0-4-4 rft AG 201 - Lau* Lieureries W. Dosesboo 1.942. Order*, Major Lagrone. W. Loma 09010325/ 11, M ? 114 Utrutegie Sorwiose, 25ta sad E. Street., /14 WaSh16400,4 D. 0. 1.0 Tire Sooputary or war diresta et awaosoar7 tri the military fordo" that you proose& is Or elbott, Domes, lie 11,42, free Washiaitaa? D. 0.? to Nem Xark, *Yew York, as touporary *sty far ths Dwyer. et miming sat the instrio- Uwe* of the Sooretary of War, sad epos somplotims tiof this t.psrsr t7 rotome to your proper etctial. 2. The travel lawelved is thargeobla to P.O 34 P 434.42 A 040-23. 3. TM Fines** Offieor ;saki** pertent is 001.111.10?1011 Ildth ths trowel performed iwir, *Ghat a sow of the voaehor, showias the melogat paid, smooth ta "'doh veld, voiohor modisr and citation of this order. la. sew at the Towbar $11 bs forwards& by letter of Wammaittal to Th. Adiltatamt Ckatersite Offteep &Walton Dostiost, stetting that the smoluoug seri of "Maohar if ftirmished twr the wpm,* of seearims rom? laborommwet fres the OM,* of Stratosia Ail AfOltssit fiebeeval.4 Offieure firenolt,M NOChwirs ph Mr) Atish...3741VIR ltAiL212F? 13.0. SECOND maw oammAmp. mil. SECTION, 140), ATTEN NIS. BOSWORTH, RC 3914, PENTAGON IWO, UNIT FERSONNEL 040UP, MS, at. 1607, MUNITIONS BLDG. 411005, MUNITIONS BLDG. ? "I' A d nr Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? 4.2.,,,,,,.....,......?.??????????41?No????10?46.1811641111?4414?111?110?10?14.4w48 .1 ko? I , t ,1 r r..-,'1,\ ? 4. ?QUI Septertber 21,19}J2 A Communicntions Branch of 04.3,S. in herewith constiw.ed in thin Arnncy. This Branc'l will comprise nil O,S1. fncilities ,nd menoage centers rnd personnel concernnd Ath communic"tionn by wirelosn, by telegraph or by cable, wherever locntsd, but dons not include responsibility for telAphone exohnnges, courier or messenger services. Yrjor L.w.Lowmnn in herewith oppointed Director of the Communiontionn Branch rnsponnibln to the Director and Assintant Dirnotor of BY ORDER (1 WILLIAM J,DONOVAN BY: 717,17EFTWEVW-- Assistant Director N c?A"'""?"%tmlogoweir ,ir ? ???????????? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ?? ? S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? 1 qOpoi 111.)9AR HOOVER DIRKTON SC WIN 3itrbtrit Nurrati of Joarsitgattoo Vottrh Motto 9/ger1atrist of Austin 11111oo1itogton, I. e. ' i" Colonel William J. Donovan Director Office or Strategic Services 25t1i and 4 Jtrooto, N. W. WaehingLon, D. C. Dear U111: TORMIM 11 ("Ar I (41 PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL BY SPECIAL MZOSENGER I have before me your letter under date of July 17, 1942, with which you forwarded a copy of u communication directed to you on July 14, 1942, by Ur. Alfred E. Lyon, 119 Vit:th Avenue, New York, New York. I want, you to know that I sincerely appreciate your uourLeay and intereat In making the Information con- tained in your communication available to ma. Please be advioed that I am taking the liberty of writing to Mr. Lyon and that 1 have made arrangements for him to be interviewed by an Arent of our New York Office for the purpoae of eacuring any additional data In hia posaemaion rewarding the euhlect matter of hie communication. PIOAMO be aaourod of my dealre to cooderate in all walorb ur inLdrddL. hue!. wi.ahea and kind re_Jardb, Sincerely, ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 ? 7 1,41 ^ a 4 ? r voisigtoomptwo,44,04,44f40.4tW,w4E.o,4",,,,-,,,o, 011.-CuL OF aRATEGIC =VICES ? ? Ur. J. Edor Hoover, Director Federal Bureau of investigation WaliAindton, D. C. Dear Edgar: Hero io a,lotter from.Alfrod Lyon who itt Tice Preoident nilip Morris Compwly. You ,Tobubly Llmudy bow aboa, thio, but, I am puosing uu for your idormution. William J. Donovan Director ; I ? ,1? ..17'!:?{11 ? ? "11111111111110111111110:1k1MMIPIMMIPmwemV Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320002-7 L-Z000Z?001-00n11-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei .10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI ? ? go? ioPaT unAouqf *r 1%1411 Tut A vd ;t)."1 p-T,1 0 lnq PIllorto 4"04Tv $11 trim 61,11 -00t PqM 11 '4116D114 1104J 41'1 lo voIlmlop oti vomPloo.t. 11 11110 olsol TrIm ;-ivano* 30 svnlor ano4 OAV11 tYLtriv ,r",1(1 31,10.,r, 'of! 71.t 0 X 'nNti fltiltoAlf 11`1,TT,ir *(ITT tioPi j pna TT y *apt XXXXXXXXXXXXXX1Alts11:XYAnr