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November 3, 2016
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September 26, 2013
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April 10, 1944
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 f ? -PI zn-L.4,1 ??? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ?Fria OF STRATEGIC SERVICES The Di rector, Co] onel N. F. Connely Nrnonnel Procurement Branch. Acti.vities of the Labor Section of I. 1. In visiting the various theaters., I ran into a.i.uestion which eemeri to be.: corld:on to all of the theaters - namely, just how much 0:-..;!; may be sticking its neck out through the activitien oV the Labor !loction. There is a f(e,..,ling which is prevalent in all the,tatera that 033 may be belly?, used at3 cover for an inter- national labor movement. I believe there was an unfortunate situation which developed in England that caused quite a ripple in British circles. ' 2. The common criticism of this particular activity is that no one charged w-ith the responsibility of running a mission iN permitted to know very much about the activities of the Labor Jection. It mit:ht be rell to consider the advisability of making thorow:h investigation of how the Labor section originated, who brought the ideas to OS, and how IL is manned. I have been informed that practically all of its personnel consists of men who were active in labor Uni0115 or in the Department of Labor. 3. This may be entirely legitimate, bu,p, on the other hand, If thope Any reason to doubt the un, It:Tlytfrig, objectives, a thoron!;h mi!:ht well b .orthwhjie. cc: VV. ChoA011 mind Annrnved For Release Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 CONFIDENTIAL MI DirOeter? OM, 00,000, ki, Ps %Aft ? Otaistir Pero** Preouroaisot.arosos. Activities of the XAber $ootion of ins l? in visiting the veei0440 th.$1 X r4,0 Lotto ? Os"'IWO *Ash *wood to be *whom* ti ell of the SholUkre ci? 4010,170 Not his* slush OM isor be stiekb?g 14 nook out 4hro*40 tho 141tIvit1/111 of the Zeher Rieetion. There ia * teeliAg whteh la previa** SA All thol*r. thilik 0$41 sew be *Pins used ale s!over tor on lotes? betienal laborsews. ArA. X believe there 1000 On Wert*01444 iii*M0104 whish developed In Xn4ond the* wooed quite o ripple In flatlet, niroloo. R. The eemson eritielem 0this psrtietilor ootivity is that nO one Otero* with tho rooPoncibilltY of Au10411 4 44.444",4 A4 perositted to know voro owseh obout.the ketivitioe of the 4.000, sootio*, Xt 444 be well to oeneider the edvisobilitl of a thorftith itwoottisti?4 Mot hew the Asher Seotion originote4, whi brouaht Owl Ad000 to 044i, *AO how At is moaned, X hove boo* Wormed thott pv4041044' ell of it. poreehoel eoneisis *tam who were active in leber'unions or 44 the Deport*** of 14060". ,0 Thie sey be entArely legftimsto. but, en the other WO, At there is any ftwoon to doubt the usderlpih4 01001,441,100 o thorough inveetlptIon might well be worth while. oe i kr. Ohoeten 1 CONFIDENTIAL .4 11?1111?2111116. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 X UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Attikohod MomortIndum nnd prot or Oftblo 11,ttriohed you will Pind ineinoronduth and myntat to Cionorni Donovan toOthor with submitt;od ror tho Oonorfalo aignAturo to ONO r000mmondation oontAinod in tho momornndum. :KVI,;r2ZWV4:T;'l"P:TA' '.'"1114v it Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 4. ? ? 6 .7? 17-9000Z?001-00n11-0000X?1,c1C11-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eseeiei JOd panaiddv Pue Pe!PsseloeCI ' 441 :01114kAir-.m.# fro c:4 1 5441 Ift?V F y02110410,10J 041 01 100JJ0 vutAlv camotalo Ailo4 OtTAI1 J V st3oIltio4 Ut OV@Ati gq4 ui uol4g4gTuTopg uoy4Ogo aucpel priV vItg goVugito gog44 Igul vgAollgq 01 41 #pguagoloo It* JO R3 'kJ owt oft pug "Togdoo 44Pa 111011Oug J0(14q jo JoN0 AllT4uV Jo t401414) Pola0,1 -.494 Pou@littv 041 VuTaup opo# uolVotuttom U t *Ii014000 J0q41 044 JOJ 'WOW() P4AlqUOOKW 00 111?1404 woou olu ot-lAo0 0aN $uolgotwoloo 14111 Jo AN oql uoltivo Aot,litimo 419aow mou oao om poo pop0000ad uooti 0/141( gd0d0d Jodoad 4q) 401110 1410p U44 all ?loom !OW) oil!) ottmtm oo IlIm of q4 qgq4 p04,041Tutlug gt lj IlloTwoomaoo #t ootootwwoo olooin #lo1rt#0 Nati #v 000 lopjjo olvtgi oq #tud, 'loam ol Ieloon aoq#1 oul jo puom 04 gallop 041 o4t000# oti OoltAin pill? j0 oatvp tio0oftwim woao tioqlodolp $u ?4, ?111111M. a 1 4q4141 Jo UollUpglaor aopuu 0J4 4014A 4t44I du glatid *0044 ut Puke @,10.01tV 41A u104 uut4ogo 040 J0 gocitAllog toaquoo pug ogIAJgdug 0#1 440141god ul gtt poom ou g401:11v ul uoflogo Jogol owl J0 oggu gv #W4Togdgo 4A19VIPIOA1TIWV ocooguowgp Jo UIU iqi povf o11t40 UT pug 4,113A Atom 1st uomoo doggi JOJ (Or 0014 p1114 41M4U0dY0d guop agpuitTox #Tg eAgga dowil owl Jo gagq4 10414110 Uti gq MgagTYlv 04 toaygo UT To JUun0011 Jowl outiPkl ikquoo@ad 04A fa4uglIoR otgimpop jo agidgug.14 outt #c igaugqo TouuogJgd IluTmoTIoj 144% 04 4,1gjjg gATV 04 pgigouuga vgauti -gdgq4 ful uoT4INTaultqw* Juox opogooalp Mainioad q uolloov aotol 4tvi JO 0,1'01;4114 otri Igq4 %Iwo Uf a@q40 WodJ poaaojtoiliaq -pq 14OUONJOU ucglagu 4,titift AMOVOWRI 411 oAmolo olud, otiotwiu011)## tvugagjm g 410J P0.4 uotTmluitoou tJ14@f11411 gq4ot p@itdOltiti 04 !WV UWJ qq "a101?0obOa iipo ouom pug UTWO T6U0100 41,4 lugv uggq ggq ovigo g U0 i1) t4ogliq 41 qugugaN #gag1(4 io luomoog aoqgq jo ojg4t4 ui gi4ogtio loutogatid iupin Ng wrivN uf g@PIIAt4611 11014000 j.0(10FI JO uuTlgatvgluTwpg ott4 WuTuottOuga4g JO uollggub gq4 ouW 441k poguoulp &iguTou aoVmol goa001 gT iVou I ! -, 1' , , ??t.t:1-i.1 ,?,.,,,,i,pf?,,, 1 0,-,E.t.tddiV.V47'035_'; lp 'uotlocip aogtiq @titi jo t000komod !agog ium000 Juqmq JtU VU4 tO 100140 NOX4 000 'dolo@JTO OI ,...,...,0-., .1 - ili-NUYINIEIA00 SUIVIS aELLINO ?tellipt4tuotaow op#110. ? ? ,, :: ,,,,.::,,?,ty,,,,,,,, 1: Origivi? ;4? -.4,,,,- i 1?31. ye f 3.! ' g1.414""'.4,i'iiSH,Pg???f.R?tr4ii:Sj.4461,'.4.1,.7.01.11..14?;:a91?11SAI,htr --6.:?..- ! 11 t) il-) I ,i "1 VI f'."/ IVIA 10) 1c) t) I 1 4,41WAtimi --" .-- ..:2'14,.kteMr4Z01024J;?-'4?411111trpt-04414,,Mhi-mri??.." ?-?--, ? I - r....104 A .6,0,4...6' , '. s .-., '"'" .6.4. ?etik. .? -??????:???? k' .P.,*,4,:- ?[1..,, If ! , , '''1,_ -.f '`: '.' i" ? 4 '1. 0 :'..- 10 1141 F111f6.1thiiff0111.10 1 17-9000Z?001-00n11-0000X?1,c1C11-V10 9Z/60/? I-0Z eseeiej JOd panaiddv Pue Pe!PsseloeCI ? 4 1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 To: Mr. WhiLnoy B. D9porduon T. 12. Dovfmtln ATTAILION MAdujt J\ U' W M) '00 ..ra. ? sc?=casa:Cauxikamaaaa2s;.aan Door ArLhur, Vurthor dovotopmonLoI VQ000urpNi flincn 1 ioNt wrote you aboot ti,ho CitPino-Oldonbvonk mtAtL0P. Tho mr,oLlav, hotwoon tho (\R ol Lhow, (looli-,aod to oLrolghten oflt mlolindormthilaiwo, failoa of Atf.11 Tho V0P01.0 ?Mc() Lh(lronpon a conforonco at whloh, in oddiLloh Lo Uho hipoip,n Orfioo opprinmontaLivol Mr. Dow, Lho Vollowinkl WON) prononL: Culonol Nlivinnl ;Hip WmtLor CIL:Vino, MP. OldOribAVAI Mr* MarohiAnkt mr, R"ii (kroviriwoY), WolLor Citrihefm oocrotory, and 1. Tho poolLion thn Yo1,0110,a ?Priori woo LhoL IL hod pronLrd tc) lid IX to KiNtrooll nnti li'n,n0 Lho LntiOn thtd, WII oin to Italy t? 4I1O n reibtAm:,,Q? citJuinri 1.0d ( Um Lo tAl TUG lAnd bn oo. wit itto Lho ()ppm:, Ifrun or n ,Lnitio union to i,tho'l 1,1 on Lo 1 th ; ;1) boforo no viovo i Iith1.1 nod Lo I tally, ht. (( n roil-) ttIrU :1(4,1411,111,y Viit,n m Lt i ii )?U(AI LHm tt?hirti tlita Mit: ?WV Mitt. 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Oklonoro6: donloQ ho Mha0 nny :.11ch rr;olt; L. vvrry,110. w.at mos0 to tho For Oryi filo L v,nl? Itimitt 'hd t datt3d jantiary (nbout tv,q) mo(wir t11,0 mk,;,1011 h!", kuff, tLnly), wao wril,tert 'by 301m,071t' 0.1 Lilo rnt.:irort. pun ir 41i7.!3[04kii7 - ' 1 ? I ? L t "evoniehmerirperwirr-t ar?-??44 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100320005-4 411 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 s? SECRET 01,1011fitt1p1ui41 1.111-cul1:1 viitiotlyqi Itt thU tolclotio. fjinhLIy w t t id,tol tttI l,t3t, (Jib rho t.ti It vi it. Lilt, ?Atirit t, (e.11 Li )l tit 14t:1' LIR] IRO 13111 h tic.tH 11;id cli"0 - Cr.1,1(C'111011 It? 0 ) Lp.:1111or :Hid I vvtti.t. ;ci t I 1,? 1 hi 1Y tivi tirprtlilt.f!H I I Of I II(' I Ti. lit) II t III LI it' (r.) I ht?t t? w h ii li 1'01 I.iti, 1,11 LI i lir on:. 1.1--:.11,1?11.Loli,$0 ,H I imti. wit(' 1.ho 1_11.4 im,1 Hidfti ',hi. t: i I) 1.1?11, IIU flitotitoti (,,, Ittti IIVI ,(11 In I lin !toil I." 11) V't111 i liii141 CA) 14 Hit I I Li! k , :1:1 101 ce.rI in tic 1,;1 I I; ) ;H I I ( 1 ) 1,11111 11, tl 111111,r-1k ; V.'Ai 1 1'111'1,1'11 V I I i ,t? I iny, (,.") I h:11 Iii 1.1,5,ii,1'. Pii t. id I I, h I 1 r.t.rt V Mt tL 11,111, Vti I "HMI i I It III I I i141'0(iti I /111 ; (Lii). 1 1111, 1 ti; if 1 :;t1 1?11' ( I 11:11 :110,111"1 la, (11" IA V 1 1,1 el: lilt' IL H hi,? tilt 1;',10"11 '01,1 ii114,11ItH'1,111;' !ICI- i 1 r1111 (` 111 1111. (1111'111it 11' 1 LI ; ) 11 11, 1,1it` L..1.11111111 Hi11 1 ti It III Ii ',tit 1,, 1, Ut i,-; ?111 chl 111-)Vd 1'111., V.' I, jit, I i'. itsIiii I ? I ' II 1 I.. .itcti tilt'I. I 1,?,1 !;, ;; hi; I I'ic? ; ! ic)111 01)111'1 1101.. 14011; 111.11;1111 'II:, I !Ifni", U I! flit.' IM !Jill H I ILI lit" ' 11 LI. 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Ulom, dO0iAliOd LO mtraiWiton oLt misunoorntandingo, iai.,od of Ito "p0t;0, Tho Foroign ?Mc? theroupon ettliod co:iforenov itt v,hich, in addition Lo Forvip.n riffle? ropowontative, 1,. Dow, thr, woro probout: Colonol Forn, :iv V.a.tor Citrino, Mr, Jidenbr00A, Mamibunk, ',Ir. 1i ll (hvoi,dway), ; ir Waitur Citrino'l:...i,,crutury, and I. Tho ,),wItion of tho )oroii:n Offirv Vuu. th,it it hi.id gr,intud ox,! 40-nitt,b to Kritmor and }Lino on t.:10 ropresontation 1!1:A. thoy .Aort, )ini; to iLfIly to ongnAo in vabot64,e. Citrino 1.tated: (1) t-ot to (Into the TUC had boon drolud tho opportunity of t't it 111 It ix:1(w union uoivotion Lo ItLly;.() that before Ermor 1. no Vero ditip4tchod Lo ho (Citrine) inquired n ocrot,iry F?ion lib to Llw urp000 ol th, naboion und w;kbI.tV I t Ll oy hv r.tiontt; ul the for the ,q1r, 1 or t,iviwim in t,aboLae,e; tlint whon Kramorlo and ..etivItie in :oi.L',ern Itidy r000ivod pubiit*Ly horot ho ('I, Li ntniu inquired uf tho Foreign Olfleo anG wau neuurod Ut Lxy !mu not Wen writ ab a trade union doloelatlon or to onoo in tmio union 4:.:!iviLioo4 Irnt ao ago:it::, 01 tho U.;:: to vnp,ago in rubotagy; (4) ihut h 1,,hon inquireci o! 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 p- a g 1, ? 17-9000Z?001-00011-0000X?1,c1C11-V10 ? 9Z/60/C1-0Z eseela ..101 p8AalaaV PUe piSIJU ,16,404lefectr,.. 131133S u I ? 01T idmoTo OuT4113 prioto 41'20=100 J0 coition otil UT 0.4j.jc 111l1J04 ol luoTtimuvr41 luimoa0 uro ou 1100; AtmaquopTO .41111 jo J11011 01 till.% utio.m wITITTA Pnot4.1 jig tq111;,Q0.1 NooTon 0q1.1:nirn 4031;j0 OT0404 uT Tow " uo d?110w 0,11 umuld Tmlom of, pOlvorluI on *uoTqltim atr, Jo oriodaM ol at/ )i\ .)Op tmorl prq oq t4T1/1.1 01 ucilunOT01 uoTun opmaa, mat.1010/-0V/uV ao; papqw.uT om).),1111 wri patt.../01: 4100;j0 UT4UOTailitl AoTA up! 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In addition to whatever 41roach you muy make to WatL, 1 havo nnkvd Oldonbroek to write a Lotter to him on the idnuon hem involvedp ?thich will bo forwarden to you immediately upon receipt. I keep you advimod of any furth r dovelop- mentn. I. f.;. Dorfman Colonel Bruce, Colonol Forgo, Major Maddox ond I dincunood thiu natter Loday, and. tweed that the full fact, u 0ould ot bo di8ol000d Lo Watt unleas and until Citrino commualgaton with Croon, mince it in oot certain Lh,A., ho 'will do so. Lllould CiLrine nook the ac!vi;.e or pormilicion of the TUC Gontltal Council, bororo 'writing to Green, I vhull be in a pouition to notify you of mich uction? ftv.ovor, rhould titrine writc a peroonal Jotter to Cron, wo Jt1l hay? to du pend uilon notice from Watt or nroon in advance of action tuiton bi Uw on Citrino'm Ipttor. it /NNE& Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 t. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 S ? 4 1 4,k $ striestucarlamvs"? ? $ 0 SS LONDON To: Mr. Mitney fl. rhepardoon From: I. Dorfman ATTMT 01..144LLiAC VIVA GOLDIZAK Irmutag Dear Arthur, Furt4r developmental have occurred *ince I laat wrote you about tho Citrine-Oldenbrock matter. The meeting between the two of them, designed to straighten out misunderstandings, failed of it purpose. The Foreign Office thereupon called conference at which, in adUition to the Foreign Office representative, Mr. Dow, tho following wempropent: Colonel Torgun, Sir Walter Citrine, Mr. Oldenbrook; Mr. Marchboki Mr. Bell (Broadway), Sir Walter Citrin's socretary,,and: k1e The ixrition of the Foreign Office wit) that it N ; granted exit pormit6 to Kramer unarm) on the represo6ta 1-Itit they wore going to Italy to engage in sabotage. Citrilia stated: (1) that to date the TUC had boon denied the oppoi of sending a trade union delegation to Italy; (2) that before Kramer and nno were dispatched to Italy, he (Citrin0 liiqii of Foreign Secretary Vdon an to the purpose of the m1uion wau advised tiat they were going a* agents of the. tr- purpose or engaging in sabota(e; (3) that when Kr* Fanoon uativitiea in Southern Italy recaived pnWaIC ho (Citrine) again inquired of the Foreign Offic0, d ?. aauzd. that they had not been sent as a trade Union deiogatioir( or to engage in trikte union activities, but asag0 ongago in oatiotage; (4) that he then thcjuir?dq waa told that the ITF had sent Kramer a4d: organize tho tranuport unions; and (5) that , mont to him was correct, the ITF had boon pan of organizing Italian worker* previou64 doniod ?c. dois........$0.011?101.???????11????????????????????????????? 40 A subsiditirly poAnt made by Citrine wau that he A. randua among tho r000rdo Of the:Foreign Office statiir request of Oldenbroek to permit Marchbaak to accompany and Fano to Italy had been did. Oldenbrook denied had mado any vloh request. When Woronce was mode to , Office fito, it was found that tho4emorandum, dated :70, (about two months after the iitil1o,nc,%4 left for 10 written by vomoono in the Pdaaport' iv1aWn, tad pur,? ????????mg, ????^111 ? ? ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 V ? S. 17-9000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/ ?1-0Z eSeeiej Jod panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 411111111111Mo tt. ? : otiv4040010440.4.,,1". Yrp, Way "17,D - ? siT ldwolqo Ouplto molio sawn/woo JOmoll ugl uT oouso WloaoA oql 01 ? uR14 uklAtud mo 1,c)(q xooaquolyro 4viTql Juoll 01 liolm Alt1u[04)JVIIITTIA P401441,!M M1 10a0111 oql Po0T04 0vIn Pun 4,0W0 01! 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I koop Advioat ui hny furth,r tiovolop. v.tonLti. ? 4 Sif p3mtin Coloh,i rphoo, Culunol 1'01'1:alto Nor Maddox and c!i: 'mooed thit, nattor t4ctf1 MI6 118rOCKI thi. I th;, rtat ;!tutJLti :tot. bo otooluclud Lo Vatt untollo and utLii riLrino cummuniatoo with (liven, oincts iL ir not, corfiain It t !to wIll do oo, :hould 000k Lho avi3O or ji'inlut. ol the TUC Gonorl Counoi1 borom wriLing 10 Orovuo I:hull 60 a pot iLlou to notify you of ouch actton* nov,ovIry :dtolad Citriuo writm tlivmouni lottor Lo Croon, ?,4, 11611 havo to ci4opond lic00 ii0LIVO from TaLL or :roon in advituce of dction tah.on by them Jn lottor. go I I 4kOtto411.- ?W' -.it &ogre. "I!'? ? a* ,44 .4.06 wii; ? V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R00010017nnn -o-wwgiloWeA' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 '''''1 1i9Oin, t, ' 4 111:111144444461244===111:41.444441444431447411.4411MINNIMMIIMW1 ''Orflani@r'lli ' ? 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And who will bo or a,:ritultumbio Anto,o;41100 ovaluAtity4 rigout portumnol And 000urtng lobor 000pombion tho oo.liontion o.ti thie 11011diatliOik OWL 1)0 000uroti, tuld goieutuing that X ohtill myt bo ivrovil,ttod to toloInmom thAn ono oiv.1.13.011# tigrood on t'.14o hAvivt; toomoono who noulti? osriv joint intIlIdAlitt ball 1410 OR old tho ITP, Should thit poreon otwport Iwo boon tteourod. Ir nIJ f.11.-Vt03.1 14tAgo wo wopo to tAko01 Nrthor roma- trktativo into tho Viola) tho lAtturhtwo opro?ood tia opinion t)14.0 141.101k. L 111411 g1101:41, 116b t)0 PrO11.01MtkIli, Thieviw ia no ,41oubt 000twionod by- a, (ItttlItrti 40 otttaido caw 'rarely Iiintnoh voroloiti tho.t toy Arltio. ;Entitmotlow4 Woro omit by the IN to, the Vroltoh rti,111,N5od workoro' vopP000ntAtivo inaido .P3101120 tia, 1iA0V one two, i$000 iiita In otioh prAnoi.pa, pOrt ?boat; eloto ? /a ????????? ? ??? , ?1101??????? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ' 1. .....??=$.??$$$P411010.1:-;'? ?????? v ??? ? ??' $- ? ? Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 - i7tv At tho twit-014)4 PAD, ITACIJnht, ? otlb OUP iffill@rilt 4.11d114 in that 14e4 hAti tkg0C4101?hed %MO wo htm InPOlitltdi,011 yt on IAA@ pxtionti or tit@ Wilk Or ovabitl nwiwgi and 3:00EitiOl$ A motiokw wk? ?ont by COT An London 4u thio AWN Man, 110.4d, r@p1V601114414VO ti.ctvi:Ong Mill to fi@ouro hidowout poincemhig* 40114 (114t1 o.oAmt p@r411.444) div. Thi? ium41 tkporotttly$ prttty ro?ottropral euid it thunab thgt1u1t ho at PAno, hingear jtt 1,ho V tI4Uy tirt 4.1,1A1id, dohwrItation poInti govild mak@ his wAty tiloN4 tho oatkcit by molt buoit. vipw Lvt' ti tp invovattliivt nAtursi or 14nob opoottion 4h0 avo144 vAltto or 1411A MAIA POP OUP OpOrAtiOAPI I muggo@tood tho vo?gibilitiy Ctpying to tot him WI or tho uounilry boroeo NAIL t.hp 01,1! pild bhpflI woro wsrootAbl@ to 'Width mid wtt tkb 1.1,0pon4 pxplorini4 4h0 powdbilJtion of lotbing him olit oithor by 41 opollAti.1-011$ 3ifillOtta4 1-H4 giitAtod tht4t DIP oinkl, rot nilt4In/VIA, Nwppoionti Ott 'Witt 41)(4%41 MIMI AM workinkt in olo*@ $100portAt ion with 1401t OtaRn's A Nold oxovoimo 1401,1 bo@ri, pl4nnod kb tho Vmhold tho wook.o0 Mkpoh 1U6k, whioh I Nil propftrAw to Abtond. citit A. W. *W. ? ID *0-* '? ? It Arr.* Or ??????110 ^ ?? I Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RbP13X00001R000100320005-4 - " ? ? ,fett? --t.. - ? ? Declassified and A 3/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 proved For Release 201 ?URI: OF St RA11(IIC fifitYlcf$ iNILROfflU, NAM? 4:01. 0. Eawmv0 Avthur J. 00Whorp, 8optcvi. MILIVILloo or Lubov no0lt,4%, two* I rt. or ymtv 1 Ittortutt. tt ihro work ?Jr win ni,or :loot ott ,I ut t ttg lit IA tl or Lho Voporl. pV0pAroil ror t c I DoUOVAII 01% Ott r CIO titlt optIrtk18 1outt A.I Cr-Nr Please 2013/09/26 C)A-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? - ? January 5, 1944 WA6H1NuTON LABOR BUTION Tho WAAhington staff Inoluding mon un temporary ag(1:;l mont with titio or briar deooription of duttem is as followsi Mojor Arthur J. Ooldbero Hood or Labor Seotion ()girl UOV002 Wtooutive ?Moor Thooma 3. WIlmon, Area Officer* for Labor Desk TO,8w64en and yar Boat Mortimor U. Wolk (on temporary diAty): Area ?Moor* for Labor Desk NATO Donlol Margolies (on temporary duty); Area Offioero tor Labor oomk MXTO and Lisbon LL, Al Suarez (on temporary duty); Reoruiting Otfloer One or the prinoipal jobs undertaken by the Washington staff elm* Major Ooldbergys overmeas survey and ratan has been A comprehensive recruiting program to provide agent personnel and mil? operators for the various projects in the eel/oral thoAtors. dpeoifloally tho goals sets have been as followa: 80 German reoruits for NATO to service Faust "A" Projeot 60 uermen reorults tor nTo to servioe Faust "LI" Vrojoot lb (week roorulto tor mmo to morvice Periolos Projeot lb Yugoslava for MO to morvioe TUNIO Project apoolflo purpoana of tilos() propoots are more partioularly demortood 5n tho rompootive theater reports. In atidltIon to tho reoruiting dons looally and in New York, rout, rocrn1.tin6 miesiono were arranged through Oolonel i7onne1y on oaoh or whioh an aftoer attaohed to the Labor Seotion was Ooment And poroonally interviewed all of the recruits finally a000pted. The :'ollowing is the statiltioal summary of the rooults or the reoruiting program; Number ot mon Interviewed (approx0i 750 Total mon now attached to Labor 8eotion and in training 20 Total on who sl traneter has been requeeted 4nt who hove not yet reported for duty 26 Total mon trained and *welting transporta- tion (fly() Ave ootually alerted) 7 Tota3 mon on route Total men awaitinA TOA 1 55 *Labor Desk Area ()Moors are responsiblo for reports and elm* munioations by aablo and pouoh bu And from the field. They sis, coordinate the ootivities betwcien the field offices and ? .000 ? ?? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? ? ? * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 1::!I I - 2 - Pov Wto povtod trom Moroh 1, 190 to Oootombor 51, 1045 tho Labov WooLloil Iota v000lvoa * tobal of 1,477 reports, Our- tttt. tho past thvoo montho tt has roosivod 664 polah roporta and 114 oablo voporWoo INIV NW MI MO LA00 oralK IN NIO UM( qtrAttono Thim pooh how boon J* '1y engaged In tho past months in l000ting und roorutting mon with Horopoan lohor or undorground oxporionoo rov tit VarlIni Vaust A and Poriolom ond 'Punt? projoota. dovorml promising rooroibs tor thos* projpotm hovel boon moonrod, Th000 mon oro now otthor In trknott ovor000s or tn trolnInti, proparotory to doporturom A 104110 nnmbor of Vbpovta V000lvil4 rVom guropooh LAbor 4(016Aroh, Dr, A. Se Lipaott And othor souroom hove boon pro- op000d And trAnamIttod to Womhington tor dissemination. Other reporto novo boon proparod by Raropoan Labor Hosoaroh ott tho oxpromo roquomto of tho ()Moo or Porolgo Uoitof and Bohobilite tion Oporationa, Staff Mr. Dovid O. Ohow, otnoo htti rmturn _From London for tom- porory aoty, ht4& tJtootl 1ook,Aw urt014 Lho t1 in of tho Now York nftioo. m30100148 PitioJNOT gtorALtono Tho Mhip Obsorvor jout whlah woo foot up to obtoin militory, soonomio And payohologioal tnrormation oonouning both enemy ond noutrol torritiory by intorvlowing spooiaily molootod moamon hkm 'ootion portioularly userul with rospoot to purt defemsom, troup movomonts, ship movoments, port taellitl s und moonrity *nu oonminovaigio informktion of X-0 volt*** In addition o groot dool of informoGion regarding undorground movomionts And publioutions, rationing, avai lability o food, _ A ninim/Pri For Release 2013/09/26: CIA- .-0.1e,fthq"14! X00001R000100320005-4 ? It r I ? I ? I I. ? , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 \'? bla41c markots, morale, oto. has been supplied. The information almout always oovers port cities, although in some oases the informants have been familiar with inland conditions an well, Many of the foreign informants have formerly worked in indus- trial planta in ocoupied countries and were familiar with the details of nueh plants. Over the 7/ear and one-half of operation of this project, ?lose contacts have been made with hundreds of seamen in the Merohant Mgrines of all countries touching American ports. These unlAid contAJte are constantly on the slert tor material useful in tha war effort. During the past months, many specific projects have been developed. Among the more important of these has been the work of thie project in recruiting seamen of foreign nationalities ao agenta for work in their 000upied homelands. it has also been possible to secure through returning so*men innumerable documents, newspapers, underground publica- tions, and various types of negative intolligenee. Disoussions regarding the possible assistance of the project have been held with Commander Morgan and Commander Pratt as a result of which information of this type has been turned over to the negative lntelligenoe unit. While most of the work of the project has dealt with the European field, work hes already been begun to extend this work Lu tho Far Eautorn field by opening offices on the west Ooast. There is every roas)n 40 believe that the use of seamen as A souroe of inrormstion and am a mer.ns ol oontaeting other useful pooplo from amng oriental labor groups will be as suocossful on the Went Oast s has been on the Sast (oast. It is diffioult to summarise in figures the number of men interviewed since reoorded report* are only made of a small percentag, of those who aro contacted, Since almost 400 re- ports have been actually recorded, it is likely that well ?vet 1,000 mc n have been interviewed In the course of the year* Of these a large number were considered sufficiently observant and reliable to be considered for further use. Am the number of ports made available to Allied shipping increases, there is little doubt that the scope of the woatk of this project will rimilarly expand. Charges in the .ita.tediato types of ezd places from iihioh information acmes may take place but the soures-- aeamen--will oontinue to be of vital tmportanoe, .....v--.-???????????????1011...t? or .4 N Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA -R 00 of. q'dt ? ? 4 ?,* Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 1.1 tto?v.c Liaison ban boon outablIshod with the morehant marine induotry LL) onabio tho projeoL to pleat) seamen on ships definitely boand for looationo where the men may be useful to field projootn. Staff All work in oonuoution with the Ship Observer Project is managed by Mr, Udward A. MoOk and his asoistant, Mrs. Lillian Traugott. LAnOR pIe.81( IN LONDON 9121112a" (1) Oonoral During tho past throe montho the Labor Desk has maintained and developed it provionnly establimhod contaots and through its enlarged staff has oaooesded In oreating new sources of Information. Tho Labor Desk is working in olose oonjunction with British SOK and lqienoh UAL as well am other governmental information servlee*, Bosides tho above mentioned contaets the Labor Desk has utrengthenod Its tios with XTF, OUT, British Labor Unions and the refugee reprosontatives of labor group* from various con- tinontal countries, (2) TTF beside's Its rogniar fiow of intelligenos from the majority of oontInentml oountrios, the iTF ham plaoed at the service of the Labor Deek valuable ordaulsers and loaders who are attempt- ine to inorease the InAmbor or underground contacts nn the ?on- tinent. Through the offorts of the Mr the servioes of Hans Jahn, organiser of tho German Railway Union, end rano or the Italian nallway Wceimolti JnIon have bac' put at the disposal of the Labor Desk w.i ol. arranged their transportation to North Africa and to Italy, w!,ere they aro now engesed in contacting the railroad workers oi itoly and Gorman railroad workers who ore now tn Italy. Tilts projeot Is farther described in this report ander the 1eet1uh; reltAting to NATO. Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 440:11, . 6 4,4601. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 At uho nuo),ention or tho Labor Uootionp jam04 Ai rhillipmp Vrank A. 3witzer, and viotor Sjaholml repremenetivos or the Hallway Labor ux0outivoni Aumoolationi were sent to Ungland tor tho purpose or implementing tho work ot the Labor Desk in London and 6wodon and in develoylne oontsots with railway workerA in enomy and entmy-000mpied oountries, Phillips and 8Witser remained In unujund end worked in cooperation with the ropremontativen of tho Labor Oesk in London, MP, Ojaholm went tu Owoden Uo work with tho Labor Doak reprostntativo In Stook- holm. Onth Mr. Vhillips and Mr. Switser have ninoe returned end Mr. Naholm in 0411 In Sweden. (M) Tho Three-Way Vund Throup.hont thin port o0 tho pay-limbs under the Throo-Way 'Auld havo boon oontinuody Doth Omiguip otrioial OGT ropre- sentativo ln honOon, and Laurent, OOT ()Moor in Paris who had ObAres0 of Lho distribmi/on or the fund, have r000ntly AOknowlodgotl by loLteV the ooat bonorit Vronoh remlobanco ham V0vOlvod rrom pmplonL Or this oubvention. The, Pronoh lobor aroupn have heen responstblu tor part of tho moLoVia) whioh O rocelvss trom Fronoh int-461110mo. youvoon An0 in Lido roopoOL the Thtee-Way Puna haul provad 0)0441010y hnlpria. Pihma for Lho twtivo 000poration ut OOT with tht invading roroen oo Ana After U pay have it workod out In aotatl with OOT vopronootativon in London, Pre)ImInAry inaLruotions have boon tronAmlLtoa to Lho rovVogontAtivon or OOT in the 17 or- ganisattoual wntrtobn into whioh Icrance hAs boon divided. These VotiV000nLALIvo* mvo oarryin8 out these instruetionS from tho London Labor Donk And AVO provortna bo comply with rurthor domAnds or uhu Desk. (4) Minniun varlin Thin in plOtt ounOtivod Ali a joint Amerosn and Sritich oporALion woOttng throu4h Ube maohlasry an4 with the cativo cooporntion or 001. I1'41 uult,thd aLaLos ts represented by the Labor Desk of OW1, tho vritimh by a0Hp end the Vrenoh by ARAL and the 0.1T, Tht: objpot of tho Mission Am briorly followst trilVOIlts,t1 1141 oXILA LA lig tIlittorarotAnd maohinory the OT under the dirooLi on or its l'Av. ts Commi t tee will nook to oxporld and ? ? -'40p. 41,011174 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R00o1oo32nnn el ? ? f ? Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 1.? 4 4. improvo it. ohannol. oommunicetion with Vrionoh work ig (ii*rmutly who At promont Art0 organisod in OtAlogs, They will sooli to Aohlovo A maximum penotretton pt tho Stalogs so al to brink; ell trustworthy Pronohmon in (lemony wtthin thoir n' wk, Throoah thio work it to hoped to cromte * notwork of informotion whioh will oxtond throughout Oormany. Tho attempt im bin g mode from oroot dribmin ond from tho &ism border, Two Pranoh bodios rooruited by 008 Labor Wok in North Arriak hey* boon trolImPorbila to Xnglend by th0 lAbOV 0e0tio1I And hays rooeivod trAinin6 through RA *nd UOT for the pant month enda half. Whon tha trAining or tho bodios had been 00440400p mrrIon$,A1 h000ption Oommittoa which was to mallt thi bodlom In prow)* during the month or Dummbol, Un- fortunatoly tho woothor WOM MG bitaa that the attempt to mend the mon into leranoe was ebondonod until the January moon period, It is oxpootod thrill the project will be in aotual oporetion some time doring Jenuory 144, ()) Poust 00 PIons have been arranged tor the r000ption And 'moaning or 1114, raorulbs from the Unitod Otetom for the Faust 0 projeot, The objoet or this' project im to oontoot volloble Osman untie:44v elround $41Jor oLlapm and thus oroate a notwork of Informants Wirent0010, clormiwys Tha raornitm will rooeivo the 44M0 train"' ing as Is oontomplotod for the rooruite for the $044*4 plan, Duo to the _Cooling ar oxpeotenoy (wood by the imminormo of tho ()porting of tho m000nd rronto the London Labor Doak 14 urging the prompt troneportation or roovulta now in the United dtetos over to oraat iirtboin mo that thoy may be on hand for use at tho Unto or till@ In ooniunotion with this projoot the Labor Omsk in LoodoA has boon oo,looting information rogerding materials and (locum ments noodod Cor the use or our agents in onomY Gountricsi This Inrormatton la eleobeing forwarded to Washington, Tha Labor 5ootton in W*ohington now has 17 Poovuilhs tor Lho vomit vrolooto In advAnced stagom ot training* The Faust rouvoitill will oomPlobs their dI-tiO treining on January 01, and In rooponoo Lo urgent rootlets romently received, ton of them will be mhippod to the London Labor Desk .14,1k "..` ???4?2?Wre S. ,4% mekt t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? . Declassified and A' ,roved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RD alt OW X00001R00010032000b-4 (0) Labor Ni, 0. This project is now in operation and is affording 11144040 oV oontaoting people in the Xuropean labor movement and he labor reprosentativee of the governmsnts-in-exilei As originallr planned, this off toe was to be a joint venture of the Labor Desk and Baker Street. After innumerable delays on the part of Baker Street, the London Labor Desk proceeded with the projeot on it, own. As bk result of this; projeot the Luxembourg Government througb its intelligonoe ?Moor is now making available to um intellionoe *porta. We are now beginning to reoeive a itteady now of information as s result of the operation of this prom jeot. (7) Labor Desk Field Mission. In preparation tor the invasion and the establishment of the OBS field mission headquarters, Mr. Waldberg prooured twe weeks of valuable training at beaulieu and Sergeant Jells is to roc:lave a week's training at Sussex. It is now expeetiod that Sergeant Jolla, Mr. Weldborg, Oulgui representing Off; a nom.i.nee of the IT?, and probably Mr, Pratt will a000mperip an SI detaohmont at the OSS base act up near Army Headquarters, Staff In anttoipatton of the openin8 of the seoond front and in order to develop the oontoots desoribed above, our London staff has been inoressed and now oonsists of the tollowing peoples Mr. George 0, Pratt, Mr, Isaiah 8. Dorfman, Sergeant Albert B. ;olio, and Mr. Patriok 0, Waldberg, Mr. Devid C. Shaw who previously had been attached to the staff returned cm a tem- porary mission to the United States in November 1943. The first three named indiviauals well known to the 0811. Mr. Wal4berg was employed by Mr. rrAtt because of his intimate knowledo of and contaots with the Freneh labor movement and politioal parties. his eduoation we largely soeured in ?ram and Spain. Ho has travelled eictonsively on the Continent et Murope. Uncle February 194 adberg hac be employed in various capacities by OWI in North Afrioa from which he trans fermi to 058 direotly. In general, Dorfman maintains contact with Hungarian, Luxembourg and German trade union groupel Jolla with Duteb, Belgian and some Frencho and maldberg with French labor groups. Pratt supervises the staff work generally and maintains his own personal contacts. ? c?-st- RplAase 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001003 )t 44, ' 64 riet. 4 ? NIP ? I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 LABOR 0141X IN PRAWN APRIOA 911Witionm During the last two months several of the plans dimmed with Uaneral Donovan IA North Atria* have been pat inbo ettest by the Labor peak in NATO. The operations have been handicapped by a number of factors, inoluding shortages of instruator and *toff oalsonnelo insufficienoy at training faoilitiea, diatom aulties of transportation, and unavailability of necessary equipment. These obstaoles are being remedied but the prooess is slow and the oonditions or wort remain adverse. Novertholeis, oonsiderable progrema ha/ been made in carrying past plans into operational stagea as well as in bluoprinting and making paMasw taking preparation(' for future operations. The activities in NATO are briefl? summarised below unter the various project titles that have been ansignedi (1) wileine" Projeoti This projeot was suggested by general Donovan while in Algiers during the part summers In essemeo, it consists of sending offioials of the strongly organised International Tranaport Workers Federation into northern Italy for promoting reeistance among the railroad workers there Ana spreading dissatisfaation among the German railroad workers themselves. Two officials of the nir spent a number of weekt in Algiers training agent peraonnel for this penetration. At present they are both at our advent), base in Bari, one having arrived at the end of November end the other at the end of Deoember. They immediately establi'Aed aontaot with emissaries oominA through the Oerman lines, One of them who speaks Italia* Lankly has studied the Italian situation itself at first hand and also eoquired information from government representatives interested tn labor problem.. It appears that although the Northern Italian railway worker' have a tunationing organise,- tion of considerable strength whioh we shall be able to use, there is conaiderable diffioulty at the moment in establishing contaot with Italian railway workers ,n northern Italy StA40 great many of their leaden i were shot or west undergremed after the fell of Mnasolini. Nonce, at the moment there is no evidenoe or aocurate information about personalities is the north of Italy. Our *gents are making every peseible attempt to reeetablish oonteots with this groups (2) "Stork" Projots This project oontemplates moat penetration of Austria end Oermany by infiltratieit tree Partiean-he/d territory. Mr. Van Arkel Is eurrently in Mari whore ho hAS concluded the neoeasery arrangements with the Partisan representative* for a personal trip into tartioem territory for the ?conclusion of final arramgemeste with high elements of the ?artisan aommand. The Bari ?Mee somemaioatee a cC11 A ? Rel .....4011,40, 4'1'40.11 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? 4.1 tia 3 ? 4 ? ? ? V 2013/09/261CIA-R Declassified and Approved For Release 9 X00001R0001003200u5-4 directly from Algierea with an alternative tie-in to Corsi's. It is probable that a sourier through the Partisans esm be arranged; if not? other *WS 11011). be round. Arrangements hove boon made tor paraohuting in additional supplies. There if A mep tie-in with Algiero and their grid system Ilan give any epcft with precision, All arrangements have been completed for reproducing almoet any German doomenta. It is 141101140i that on the trip mentioned above Mr. Van Arkel wi4 be asomew pented by at least four qualified agent*, Oho will remain in Yugoelevia when he returns to Italy, and by his Weative Oftloor Captain Oevers who will likewise remea at the Yugoelav base; the goal of the trip is some looation as close as possible to the Readquartere at one of the Partisan Corps and as elope as possible to the territory saluted for opera- tions. The projeot has *uttered AO doubt by a temporary set- beak as a result or military cation taken by the Germans, who have ocoupled one of the islands on which it was proposed ti landa era were sighted by resew, planes oft *nether. Other points will now have to be eeleoted. (3) "Redbird" Projeet, The Redbird Projeet is intended to make erfective contest with a comprehensive Austria* politioal group called "Pre. Austria" by means et sending in a operator. The original oontost was established threugk Istanbul when a representative of this group, himself in the radio businecea oonteeted one of the OSS representatives and plans 'lops made to send in a radio transmitter. Sowevero this bogged down im the middle and so tar there is only an unverified otiose that the radio transmitter was stalled LA tranatt tn dotie, A000rdinglya Algiers Labor Deck was 00Aft tooted by liern and atter a projeet to parashute a traasmitter in to the group was aheIvadf it was decided to pursue the same objective through the Mari advance ottiee of the Algiers Leber Desk. The Labor Desk reprementative now in Seri has *sleeted a man suitable for the job. The projeet is *Arkin 1,100 doubts as to his availability are cleared ups (4) sa to eect sioal contaet withextremely high-placed , arise ff rrow" Projeott The Sparrow krojeet is iat officials with whom the Dern Offioe has leag been is tool ively intimato aasootation. It is intended to convey as OM 1101040 Seetion representative of suffielentl$ high rank thremg0 tartisen territory to a rendosuivous agreed upon with * Rangarian Osneral with whom conversations are to be held. Arrangements are now in process for selecting the appropriate officer, ? ? ? IP r RpIA2Se 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100 mgitAWV:::44ir 54 ? II 1 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 - 10 - I Win' 1 (5) "Faust" Projects The training and recruiting of German or Frenoh-speaking personnel, both for penetration teams and for use in various oapacities with the invasion army, has been oarried forward in NATO. The reuniting efforts in this oountry have been pushed vigorously. Four agent re- oruits are on their way to join the 17 already in NATO. Staff Captain Gevers and Lieutenant Wittinghill are maintaining In Bari a joint base for the "Heine", "Stork", and "Redbird" projeots. Lieutenant Spreoher has remained at Algiers te supervise the training, instmotion, feeding, housing and other eare of recruits, as well as to service the requests of the advance base. Xt is contemplated that Lieutenant Spresher will shortly move up to Naples, and Lieutenant Srewstet is en route from Washington to roles, him in Alciers. MAO. MU= has taken over Mr. Van Arkells work on the maintenance and development of French labor contests in North Africa both as a morent source of intelligenoe and as a basis for future Operations in metropolitan France. Lieutenant Suares and Malign Carmichael are scheduled to depart SOOn for addition to the NATO staff. LABOR DS31. IN CAIRO Operations, The Oeiro Labor Desk woks established to seiPk,100 Old direct projeots to be oarriod out in the labor fieXd 1a the Balkans and the Middle Mast. The progress of ths Wort in the short time elapsed has jusWied the expectation that the labor approach would be important in that 6r0a. atilt iniAttaX discussions in July 1943 and the reeruitment of a basic steno Major Ooldberg visited Cairo in October, and explored the situation thoroughly with the 0$8 office in Cairo and with other groups. The preliminary investigation brought out that Os spread of organised resistance groups in Greece and in Digeelavia be* been ioaompanied by rapid shifts In the pelitisal seen.. Ar approaching labor organisations, as distinct trim WI tied organisations, an independent souse Gan be opened tSP 0011116" ins strategic information and for furthering sabistage,06C operations harmful to the enemy. The work of theliebtirfalselt has been oriented accordingly. i7,re Wiltorla 4104 lot rawr ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? ?1 su. r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100 320005-4 ?4 trAttivv.x The Labor Desk at Cairo began to funotion on Nevetber 1$ with the arrival of Mr. Nortimer Nollooder, formerly vtLith the Mew York Labor Desk, Mr. Iollender had assigned to him Op). Costa 041 Couvaras, whose Money in Greek WA whose /Anent baekground made him an exeollent aide. Two projeets have AIR been formulated and are under way. The first prejeet is Ake Perla,* projeet involving Greece. The second in the Tunis projeet involving YUgoelavka. (1) The Pericles Project (Greece), The amok underground labor movement is affiliate* with a politioal resistanoe movement known as the SAM (Nations UAW** tion MO). A left-wing dominated group, the ahM has been rapidly asserting itself as the dominant mistime orgAhisa- tion in Greece. No direst oommunieation has been estab3ilbs4 by the United States with the NAN and British relations have been strained tor politioal reasons. Clearance has bee* ' established within the We offloo in Cairo to have the Labor Desk offset communioation with the BAN through labor channels. Sy means of arrangements wrested in London, Mr. ItellonAer and Opl. Couvaras net in Alexandria with the rcresentative at the Greek Seamen's Union On December 1. Arrangements are being made for 00. Couvaras and a man to be selected by the ropriol sontative of Greek Seemen's Union to enter Greece and establish contact with the MAN. ror the purpose sr the mission, a Po? quest has been made to have Cpl. Couvaras eommiss!oned as a Second Liemtenant. The prograt eontemplates the use of 1$ agents to enter Greece and establish organised somminieations with the SAM. Reormitmentot the 15 *gents as requested by Mrs Kollender is now prooseding in Washington. Mrs Omer Seem, who represents the ITV abroad, joined Mr. Kollender WA Doessibor OS, ata has boon working with him and Xarayiannis On the prorn gram. (R) The TUAIO Project (Ymgoslavia) Icollender is also working on a labor mission for YUgeslavia similar to the Peri,cles project in 014040. This operation, known as the ?unto projeot, will be directed from an advance base at Seri) 1444 Kollonder is now proceeding with Seem to Sari, Italy, to OXA*1001 the situation and to formilato a definite program with the eid at the YUgoslav Desk. Ivo' Antunovto, a Captain in the Yugoslav merchant marine val inducted into the Army as a private, and was sent by plane to Cairo to assist Mr. Kollooder in the planning and exisention ? PrIt- Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X 0001 ? ? ? VV. 4 320005-4 ? J. 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 4 111 EORET I of the projeote Antunovie is exeeptionally well qualified to establish eontaots with labor groups in YUgoolavia and it is planned that he will direst wok of the Leber Desk mots within Yugoslavia. Pour &sena have been selected for the projeat and are being prooessed, and a pool of other possible reerults is being formed pending a speeitio request tram Kollender based on plans resulting from the work he is new engaged, In. Staff The present progra* of the Cairo Labor Desk sontemplates the following organisations (a) Vain Offioe ? Cairo. The Cairo alio* will b* responsible fors Prooessing of staff and Agent personnel Direction, of Pericles 'poppet (Oreeee) Reporting (b) Advance Ottioe ? Bari. The SP?ri advance office will be responsible tars (1) Direction of Tunic Project (lUgoslavia). The Oaxro Labor Desk will be revairei to handle adaino iotrative routine, reports, and supervision and presuming of agent pevsonnel at Cairo and Sari. In order to permit Mr. 1o33andor to establish his Sari advance office wittiest delay, Kr. Edward kiosk, at present in charge of the Ship Observer Project in New York, is being sent to Cairo to be Mr. Kollanderls assistant as soon as arrangements ean he made., Mr. Iollender has asked fors 10 additional eivilians to handle intelligenee and reeruiting. 3 First Limtenants to haAdle processing and training of agents. 1 Desk administrative 5ssistant with rank it *mend Lieutenant. The agent personnel being recruited tor the Petioles Prosiest consists of 14 qualified agents.. No definite figure Mabel established for the number of agents for the fankolrojeet is addition to Antunovio, who is already OR route, ? ;CA, '?4 41r. '31? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? ? 6 ? U111,?11.4 - :131 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 .?? - 13 LABOR DISK IN WSW giaLi.gat The reprosentotive of the Labor Desk arrived in Stookkolm during the early part of Juno 1946. On JUAO el we rooeived our first report and periodically thereafter on the average of at least every two weeks we rem waved further reports covering his activities. Rio mows plishments in brief during his operations were as follewss (1) hemade ?contact with the leading figures of the international trade unions and the Swedish trade unions and in this oonneetion established a working rolatienshlp with the head of the ITP in Stoskholm. The transport reports IblOk have heretofore been made available to us through the IT, ate still being provided through these same channels. (S) Re made oontaot with and was engaged in perfecting projeote for penetrating Germany in collaboration with the leading German trade unionists in *mile in Sweden. IMNPlui01, these same sources he was romtiving reports from 'meat emigre' from enemy territory with whom these refugee elements were in contest. (3) Se was likewise in touch with the responsible loadsrs of the Hungarian, kolish, Norwegian end Austrian refugee Wadi unionist groups. (4) In his contact with the Swedish Seamecom Union he operated the Swedish end of our Ship Observer Project, inter- viewing selected seamen on Swedish boats which stepped at enemy ports. (6) Through the trado union **Oasts and the WNW, elements, channels of eammuniestion were being pealeeted through whioh information *enemas' eemititions in lemony and Oerman-essupied countries was reltetVed is Ws Or* IS (a) chain letters in innocuous code, and (b) spot rep0015, trim travellers, seamen, and people creasing the iter4?`414. legally. (6) Mr. Victor Sjaholm, the Railway Leber licentiVee, Association representative who went to widen merited vary, oleeely with our representative for the purpose it div contacts with the railway workers of *nor/ sot an countries by moans of Sweden and with the help et t 11, ? ? A ot. erk ????? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 fJ yi+te'r ? ? railway wolikere group. Although his original misision has a.* completed, he his been &eked by the Amerioan Legation ts main there to assist them in matters in which they aro Plans wore being formulated for physioal penetration Av. 'Sweden when all aotivity and all motive operations well kV,' vended in the latter part of Ootober 1948 When, on a trip to London, our representative' met with a fatal assidant. Our immediate plane no oaatemplate the reeumption of the many sontoots, rolstionships and projects previously estahnshed and the maintenance of their ?continuity. During the brief period of past operations it is slow that this pelt is vital for 038 purposes' Prom on tho spot observations at other ?011 personnel, such as Dr. Calvin D. Hoover, it appears ?11140,04 relationships establiehed are not only valuab1* *01;00* , tremely friendly and oocperative. in addition, the vslattsa ship which existed between the Amerioan Minister and mil man had been extremely favorable. At present we are making arrangements to fill this vseamey by sending Mr. David C. &haw, one of our staff men she ilhip his aotivities on our London Desk has some familiarity with the operations and *onto**a of our former representative, tend?,,t ing the arrival of Hr. Shaw, Dr. Hoover's man has taken Ow the affairs of our Jesk to the extent of keeping papers and reoords Wait and 'Enure. As 4 result a our weoent experience in itosishalo 11,040,6 that in so tar as it is towable no man should go i.HA'W: tory as a staff mon tor 083 even though wilier eepol ss110 unless he hos an assistant with his so that IA 41 venek as osourred in our setup, the eohtimity a * 11 het he Interrupted, With This in mist we are proper send an assistant with our Asturopressetatimm, , 4 , Complete arrangements have been made to prevtiojts, ' widow of or former representative and her family WM* ext)nt of our faellities and these provided 1411 **ploys** lomponsatien 0401104i0A benefits. low bis pressed her epprosiation of the interest we have , helping her to overtime a tragie experience. 44' ^ ? C. I 4?? C- ? 0 OD n rig s'fied and Aooroved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R, 000100320005-4 -15- LABOR DESK IN LISBON 201ations E-SECRET On July 23, 1943, the Labor Seotion dispatched an agent to Lisbon. Since his arrival, he has sent us twenty-five reports which dealt principally with the Portuguese polities]. scone. These reports were circulated within OSS and have re- ceived very favorable comment together with a request that they be continued. This agent is presently travelling through- out Spain and is working very closely with Gregory Thomas who has been advised to make use of the widespread an,. important contacts available to this agent. Staff The work of the Labor Desk is limited to the operations of the single agent referred to above who ill stationed prin- cipally in Lisbon, but who by reason of an exoellent cover is able to travel throughout the country at will and contacts broad range of business, political a.4 professional groups. The administrative features of the work are taken care of for the Labor Desk by other OSS personnel in Lisbon. BERN From time to time the Labor Desk has oommunioated to our Bern roprosentative the names of various figures formerly active in trade union circles many of whom were thought would be of aid to him because of previous underground experieno? and contacts leading into enemy territory. Bern has indicated in many cables that these persons have been and are extremely helpful to him and are collaborating with him indefinite projects for penetrating Austria, Hungary and pirmanyl, One of these projects is about to be activated having progressed to the point of arranging a rendezvous: The Labor Section tht-ough its Bari, London and Algiers representatives is keeping in close touch with developments in Bern with * view to coordinating the activities of the Labor Section and its field offioes with Bern. ? - Anni-rwpci For Release -.41114104- 3M9/ . ?".1?404' DP13X00001R000100320005-4 4,6 a"--Nrgerrirl? C Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? ?? 4 1,Mte11240WVAMIoNgem4toonimamitWAVIIIMM i445./witods, /o//11 4e464.1 #470011. oECRET (4- ,,/ OFFICE OF STRATEGIp_ URVI,FES 141ei WASHINGTON, ert. 74 a AV) I"; 0'1 Le/149 re, February 15, 1945. TO: Colonel William J. Donovan In our last discussion together, you displayed interest in the number of seamen employed by the different Allind Nations at the beginning of the war and the number already lost through enemy action. We are in receipt of some statistics on this subject from the International Transportworkers Federation. In supplying us with this information, Mr. Becu, the international representative of the IT!' states: *The figures, however, are only approxi? mate and are not official seeing that they have been supplied by the different unions affiliated with our International." Great Britain is not included in the list since Mr. beou was unable to obtain even approximate figures with regard to that country. The British seamen's representative in America was of the opinion that at the beginning of the war about 50 to GO thousand seamen were employed, excluding Chinene ar0 Lascar seamen sailing under British flag. Attachment. ,i11;;;;?,` ???1:' ?taw Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 . 4., ..3.41rftV.4.11e3KANPN' tet,r,444:4 W941110.0. Lir it I 1- 11L1,-AKALLRAILL litlialixt (111(1114411a C14141000 s 1.030(41PP ki 110 V440+ ita J&*t1 t. 1. s100 4410/00 :?'11,),01)(1 Io P..L WO Z ZOO pk) to(X-4 1.0 ? 000 4,000 ? v(X) 700 r)U ? o(t.* 0 WO ? hOt) 87 (ind. 12 in afilEttta901 tf i)ttOfl In Ourfo ;,10 MR) 110 1.111'1'00 10 NIA vy Artily OM! ir Porooti, ?Prul3r 4 4 thitis Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 O (144:4?40 444 ie 6,40 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVIp 440 #. WASHINGTON, D, C, / W /4arth I want to oall your attention to the attaohod note from Mr. Belin. The report whioh Ives favorably oommented on by the British Admiralty Vittlf reoeiyed by us from the International Transport ? a 4.0 ?I'e,P1 4 trj: ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 , .1 fa. TO; 0101i ICt: ? Th.?`.1?1..L, j Lt V1 Li i tjufl J. 14)1111)(11T b. t.,1,4 8m11h 14193 Tho Brttioh htataun ofrioor roporiou to ub yootordhy that tho Admirh tiv in London Imo writ Lon t.h I o,L Low ink oommont oonoornine roport No. 14193 or Jhnuhry , 10430 (muhmit Lod by lir. hipbdtt) ; Hat 1/14113.-,. T)vInk you vory much Thth confirilw NiAiLar report,:i rrom vNrIouo 4ourcoo." ?tV. ? .909 .44?949994 .44.94444.4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Ni-;?,.!, Oct( Pr r(ioN, A11,-,frk 7-= OFFICE OF' STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON, D:rc, n kreit (Wiat;: t "fat d StIALT "Op // #v" February 17, 1943 To: Colonel William J. Donovan From: Arthur J. Goldberg GANA. I should like to direct your attention to a memorandum dated February 15, 194) from Mr. F. L. Bolin of the Reporting Board to me in reference to one of our labor sources of infor- mation. A copy of thi:. memorandum 16 attached together with a copy of report No. 11667 which Mr. Bolin 8tate8 we favorab4 commented upon by the Pritieh War Office, Admiralty and Air Ministry. The 6011VCO of the attached report is a representative of the International Transport Workors Fodevation which has suppliod us with other valuable reports. The attached is some indication of the value of the labor source of information whioh wo have developod. Iliclovuroc - S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 .1... O. P $-; -LtriET k,OPY l'ebruary 15, 1943 To: Mr. Arthur J. Goldberg From: F. L. Pelin Subject: DI 11667 Referring to this Agency's report No. 11667 of October 17, 1942 which we believe emanated from Dr. LiOett, we have received, through our British liaiaon, u comment uo the effect that "report No. 11667 has received extremely favorable comments from the British War Office, Admiralty and Air Ministry respectively and independently. They make it plain that they consider the source exceetionally good." thowht this might be of encouragement to the source of this report. - ;4 ,t( l'ehT +qtr..? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 MI% , , ? I ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 OH EL OP tl-tVICES liauThinfiton, D. C. The ervort to convert otl anu gasoline-driven traneportntion means in Germsny to the use of wood-burning gas generators has been extended to the Netherlands, I am informed. Practically the entire fisht-g ileets of the Netherlanuers are now belne, fitted with these dev.ceo. Vork on the 1:?ge numbers of fishing boats in the towns of Wieringen, Enkhuizen, Ul , and others has already been completed, while the con- version of ti-0 tleeto 0: Ijmirden and other fishing centers is scheduled for the letter part of October. Thourh this conversion serves thu purpose of conserving the rapidly diminishing cil reserves in German hams, the Germans are forcing the Dutch fishermen to shoulder part of the finencial burden of the con- version, with the result that the fiShermen are doing their utmost to outwit the invaders. The boat owners pre made to pay 65b% of the inetalla- tion costs, to ho paid partly In eavh anu partly in installments to be deducted from their fiJh eaten which they are bound to deliver to the German authorities in its entirety. Ar e result, the Dutch fishermen are now diverting largo part of their witch to the "black food market" where they let high prices. Another in of the trhn:,00rt.,tion Oitficulties in seemingly unimportant tioldu iv to be founo in the recent confisctAion of all bicycle:: throlq hcut the rietherionni. Tht- Dutch workers who f or the most part nrp riordent u,,on thi moKrs of tranorerteition? proterted so vi.vorothly thrt tho German hutNcritie:, oruereu the return of the confis- entmi mnohinez. in ormAice, howovor, mbny hi cycle. have iomhined in the hanUb ct the uomane, which iurnishoe the workers with an excuse tor absence trori 7 (Irk or delay in reporting to work. The stenuily growing shortnge of manpower in Germany, partic- tanrly in the 4:1elds of transportation, is also attested by the fact that neurly til Dutch street car motormen and conauctors have been sent to the Botch tor work. In Karlsruhe, Western Germany, - recent target of a heavy sir attack, - trolley cars and other public conveyances are run almost entirely by Dutch personnel. The number of Dutch transport workers employed in Germany in the spring of 1942 eas 21023, accord- ing to these same sources. The figures for other Skilled labor groups, shipped from the Netherlanas to Gereany, were: 60,371 building trades workers, 2,497 garment workers, 1,97b lumber workers, 2,195 rubber workers, 6,'O coal miners, 25,682 metal workers, 15,640 textile workers, o,773 food processing workers anu 17,228 agricultu--1. workers. Declassified and A ???%. pp o d F e ease 3/09/26: CIA-RDP13xnnnni a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 WeltnOrea - .. L., 444-- 4?0> goopoweiftriMMArtlaqh....empearoa,"4-..-Nomoix.r~lhithri1114Milsgitt A / , f OKA c.A.1 January 30, 1943 i ? MORAI\JUM TO: Colonel Willinm J.Donovan NI/ FROM: iv;4t1 Wqu Vat *Ai 0,4441441 . '('C, 1444.44,,a64,x_ 4(44 ? G.Edwprd Buxton ? The rittp,ched material from the Interm,tionr1 Trrnsoort Workers' should be ex- plored very cr-refully and, in my opinion, dis- cussed with the office of the Joint Chiefs .)efore my decision i taken. 1. To reply with a flnt NO miht,' Offend P stronc group now loyal to the war effort. P. Acceptrinee without in- miht involve the followin:: a. Result in friction between E'1 ni Jtmerictn lro)or leaders followin the ArTy rr tiP lp')or lepders in the colIntries liherpted. b. As indicated in the memorandum erepteC nfusion in identifyilg friend pnd foe 2mon' those representing temselves as having puthority to reorgani7e the trpnsport sitIztion. c. Involve us in local politics of so-JN countries were it YollIH 'Jo contended that Jere trrnin:; thc-n over to rpdic.1 left-wing Aefa ? 11. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 7:1? ..*St'46-; t3'141' ? ., A 6t1 g2:. ? i olomontn in thoir pnlp.tion ond thht Lhe ultimnto ronult would bo Sovietiv,ing the country, think you nhould Int Yr. Goldberi: tell you 'ht ho knows 4nd I will be ? , ? Ar-i-kgat+Adt0;i0M4giWteja-,44.,0144-044,12449/4'5"C'''' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? c ow, thoport oolvod from ntornwt on TrAnoportworkore Federution iW444 110;feisf".. ?Old460011,.0k t traAti orvia; OF 8TPATEUIC ROVICL8 WiWii.INUTON, D. C. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 * i&s-- -a ? ? falkailtAillegrAttle 46.1141.16?1111, 0 M. ? 1544 A a , ?41 1"17, afflict tiy L943 latoiLw,yatuli ciT ,ajt: liaonoo Cy int; furthop Mproviouo womoruncid of U000mbor 14 4ru'l ILI 1942, and. January 194) the clunoLl'ucLion oi; Axla ooronao fortiVioations along tho ti,uropenn ModiLovranoan cot la In tho hands of tho 4opa Avholtodlonatkorpo, Labor 6ervitA Coro, undor Lho oommnnd uf Gonoral oyor. Thio workers' army hiAo bowl Wolito0 to L!.0)41. numorioal kiLron6th by the Itioluo ion or lari,to Yuooitv,liwarian and oven Dutch l'orotla la boll otaohmonto , and ;La work in; con- tinuoutily tia,y awl nic,ht. Tho main 1 ineil u ivati do Comm chain in the Ba Lk:ttio am mad to 141111 Crum Kava1 lu, noar tho Turkich bord or, to ;AA .Lon iki, iiti 14110i UP k alontio UAO AdvkA Lit: outioI titsi.?tiot41.0tilly importAnt Morava mid Tirtitir litivti boon eQriverimi iito pcgiitiOnS in dopt.h. Thio wouid plum). Greoce outoide the main roptifloation oho in, thoutt.,1h Axio derentie pooitiona t,h in Li r0000 t11(1 taohl tho Ltk (Althorn owlet ant by no monno no6lvotod. Tho WI) poilaion t4 !=.1uuLhorri 1Wropo is further atromthened by the trtmoror of larilo military form from Con 40,0to tan Nurupe to the Balkan:3 and i ctao J*1?) Lo tbt.tiec torH or (410)001 Yuotattviti and outhom T aro expo oted booc,me objeota of A 1,11 td ui Ltl. 'rho main hu Ik Uwe forcom Art Gorman nnd Huni.,npinn whieh hrivc tjvci taken ovtl IL( ivoloction tif i1.1. pail and whtor transporta- tion oommunteaUono. Vivor,y offurt 18 mad() to ouppreas olorrti,ta :tud :.;ahutao, warrapv titon4 theoo vital linos, uii It lo wit.h Utio purpotio in mino th4 all pflootmor ? ? - -4 -, tmt 11, 4. `! 4 .P1410.11. AZ' .75 e 3,1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 411, and private freight truffle over the Balkan and southern ruilroads, with the exception of some Italian lines, has been suspended since December 31, 1942. Estimates of the tutu' stren,;ti, of Axis troops in the southern lulkun sectors vary from 24 to 30 fully equipped aivisions. Many of these 8o1diers, however, 4re oLde- mil 4111 not to N, fir8t-C1sSS troops. This is not the case of the Germun detachments goih8 to southern Italy, Sicily and Crete. The Germuna, accord- th to reliale sources, are throwinE daily 10,000 and move of their best reservos over these routes into Tuj 1t. ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 o, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ?? OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON, D. C. ? Attached aro two memoranda containing vory interestIng proposal received from the International Transport Workers' Federation. memoranda wit you at yonr convenience. Ef? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ort !IorlceDS' The organized transport workore can render valuable nervice in the establiiement and Wanton/MOO of a Second /rout. This service can be rendered. under throe heade% lee,diSktadire9-11-111-12-1131g-L9-494E AA luportant prerequisite ie the ootablishment of direct contact between the headquarters of the I.T.V. and the Continent. This can be most expediently aohieved by sending a rrereeentative of the to the Continent. /or the purpose of his teak he would 'have to bo provided with all the neceseery docele ments. On the Continent aro agents of the I.T.I. reedy to cooperate, Tto LT./. has agents ta /ranee, Holland, Selgieve, Luxemburg, Geemany, Italy, NOW4V, Dap. mark, Sweden. P,witzerland and. Portugal. Theee agente, according to their occupation - railwaymen, inland. water- way worker, docker, eoaman or motor driver e can be given word at any moment to brIng about sabotage in the trensport sorvicec and dielocation of communiatee tions. Speeially selected agents Should be provided with ahort-weve tranmeite ting and reoeiving uota. A suitable code shaald be worke4 out for these 10W00400. 0 These Agonte have Parther the task of looating enemy 614ects of partial* larly great military and strategical tmeortance and to report their nature and situation. Such objecte will inclede railway installations, viaducte, bridges und power ctattone; food, munition, eqaipment and clothing depots. minefields, tank traps, gun amplacemente Ana flyinr fielde; staff quarters, r'adio stations, dispooltion of troops and reserve!) and of munition works. flue.....WeVaeeTatelallear-.14-Allge-eteVetqlregaket?l.ti. The s000nd kind of activttien is to encourage foreign workers in Germany to make their contribution towarde defeating Hitler. Spokesmen of the dif- ferent countriou muot nadreec their countrymen over the radio. Lesrlets with suitable contente must be proparod and dropped by planes. Yoreign workers in the Third lloi0h Mot be urged to fraternise with German workers and anti. /acetate. Cooperatton between workore and enttetescists in Germany must be encouraged ani faeilitated by clearly defined plans for the post...war world. rel leer 1 t lieettetiNte ? i ISUM910.:..9.1. ../alde.., The third k1nd. of aety is of au entirely different character. In the event of a S000nd /vont Uttler woula :yereue 4 ruthless 'morale/A earth policy. Ha will endonvor to'evacuate the population and essential factory plants. In thla ho will not sueiceed completely, but be will suomeed in carry. ing of all who at Any timo hola office 'en A tretle union. Tor that route* when the invanion taken place the troops =et bie followed. by 0 army of trete union officiels. The latter have the task of rallying the population remAered leaderleele and of condeeting them ua far az poteible to their former 'homes ana , oe0444e14. , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 7 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 '411,y7;!.1%..r41111 ?Arrreqrr.,`"Yr"1"2",1.c.it,,cr,.. ? 3 ,orrvccro???PnvbeVrittroft?WrXid?ramOrMlivivt????tw?IrletOVENC?v.. plume or work. They muot :Kap the people to recover their social equilibrium. At the name time theno peopien or eectionn must be organized eo as to support .the figLting forceo. Trannpert sorvicos must be kept going by every poeuible means. In the ports and depots tho work of loading and unloading Ship munt be carried aat as swiftly as poupible. Roads must be repaired and reconditioned. Workshops Thr urgent repairs munt be ntaffed with skilled pereonnol and all damaged. traJoport Instailations =tit be renewed. Organization of transport labour at the rear of the liberation am, will shorten the lines of communication, bring the supply banen nearer the troops, nave valuable shippin space by rapid tarn-round, and thus heighten the striking power of the troope. Official? of the American and Britinh transport workers* unions could au ilaiuon ofricero with the Military autheritieL greatly facilitate the work of the Continental orricials and render other valuable assistance. The activities described au far as trenopor workers are concerned woukl be calculated to hr!nt, aloat a nabotaging population behind the lines of the enemy army and a sympathetic population behind the allied armies and to nu,ko a eubstantil coltriLltion towardm defeating Hitler. The enthasiatm or tha people? working aetively for their own liberation would be oammunicated to the fighting troodo. The liberating army would become a freedom-bringing army. His:story ohows t:Lat imeh an army to invincible. The Atlantic Charter may thus become a living Ionlity. a International Tranoport Workors1 Federation Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 OP ??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 M=edwaln.Enftirtoctemotlarekirmmlinirail-r,.. airreement ? ' ' SECRET The High Command of tho united Armies and the International Trantiport Workerui Federation agree as follows: In view of tho great importance that immediately after a landing of the army of liberation tho workers, and particularly the traneport workers, should place their servicee t the disposal of that army, it is necessary that timely ?tops be taken and arrangc.thients Nreed to for bringing about ouch cooperation with the greatest possible speed. With this end in view the International Transport Workers' rederation (I.T.F.) undertakes to give active nupport to the military authoritiee in re- organizing and mair.Leining the port and transportation servic en ? The High Command of the United. Armies undertakes to give all appropriate assistance to tLe I.T.F. and those acting in Its pervice. This agreement will 11111 for an indefinite period and will be terminated in mutual consultation. (1) The will appoint a. representative Committee, the delegates to which will be attached to the appropriate department of the High Command. The Higli Command will appoint the lie.lson officers noceeeary for the assietance of i.ht De d.elegatee. The High Command will arrange for the delegate? to be provided with the neceepary identlt: doculionte. The I.T.F. delegates will carry out their function in agreement with the High Conimasd and on beinlf of the I.T.F. They will be eaIaried by the I.T.T. 2) The tusks of the I.T.F. Committee will be: To give support to the military authorities in ini; the port and transportation nervicen. Tk. give counsel to the High Cemmund LI all matters atal propag,tudu. To reconstruct the trade The primary taek will be reorganizing and maintain? concernirg transport unions. to muoter and provide sufficient and trustworthy manpower. Trustworthy repre,iontatives must man the pointe where in agreement with the High Command the transhipment of men and material to to be effected. With the progress of the military operations the requisite coort.clation of the varloue brenehes cf tranoport must be effected. The member? of the Committes, in the light of close knowledge of the localit-, dietri?ct and country will efer the High Command the necessary informal on and auggestiona. They w?.1) be accorded opportunitios of cooperating in the prof...condo carried on in friendly and enemy oircles. They will. see to it that only trustworthy persons are engaged and that any sabotaging elements ($eventh Column) are eliminated. ? ? .1e.?.4eP ? rvt Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 fQ?1???????????4FlAtfairfootuVey????? .-3I.alk. . ? 7,;;ItsiAl ? Of tno fivet urgenoy le the reorganisation and functioning of the port eervioee. The I,TJ, will provide the neoeaeary delegated for the parte ooncerned of )'ranO Eiii? Holland Garminy Denmark ? Norway ? ?rugoeslavia, Greece. delegate aenigned by tha 1,T.1. will a000mpany the ocoupation foroe. proceed following the landing to his aeeigned deetination and get into touch with hie friendl? Doekere, seamen and technical peroonnel will be called upon to offer their servicee for work and will be regleterad Recording to oocupation, Qual? ifications and truetworthineee? With is r1ew to tha most effioacioue easploziment possible they will be divided Into groups, Joh group will eleot foreman, who will be ro..epzteieable for its work a W nd au and for the preparation of the was ge 1 Pending further rogulatlon, Ow wages customary in the locality will to paid pita, a 2p;t. Liberty Bonne, Dookere will gob A guaranteed weekly we based upon ft 40?hour working week. The worlclug &Ay will average 8 houre. In the 01400 of etat411011 the provisions of the Agreements cionoluded by the I.T.P. and Ito affiilated unioue will operate. All other enctal quentione will be regulated anew in ooneultation with the trade atone. The requieite illoane for mooting an financial obligations will be pro. vided by tho 1110 Oommend. Pending the reorganization of the food distribution aervioee, the pro. vielon of the suppliee of all reeietered workere and their dependants will be guaranteed by tile in authorit:oe. (4) The reeumption and mointenance of the railwny eervicee will be effecited to moot the mililaro tho civil requiremente. Membere of the I.P.F. Ommittee will partiotpute in the management and operation of the railwaye. TeeY will provide for the recrottmeet and eciployment of ttuetworthy pereonnel. The recruitment or continued employment of pereonnel will be effected by the publication or apponle and by regietration after oareful examination of the profeeeional qualifioations and truetworthinese of those concerned. Working houre and epreadover will average 8 hire e day. Pending further ration, exietire: wage rates will remain in force, With additioe of A Liberty Bonus. Al) other social questions will be regnJeted in consultation with the trade unions. In the interests or t mooti% vorLing or the services and the promotion a a now order in induetriel 11 ft, oewh It of personnel will elect a foreman or committee. ???? 411r ??, npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ; 04,44-0,10- ? . 3 . Tito means for t' o posymont of wage* And Wito otorarmoe of fotx1 will bb roollAtod nu under 3, (6) The room', Went or 1144111)0V/0r for the inland waterway and hiNhway trAi1lis. port morvforlo will. be effootod under oondltlons analogous to thooe under 3 towl 4, Yor the UtornAtiouhl Trmloport WorIcero, rederation London, Mth Cotober 1942 42.1424 Tho eonotuaion or tho Above Agreement is deemed neoenoary to prevent element!, in the oevvice of the Natio from eabotagtotthe functioning of thi port and tranoportation servionn. The quiolloo.11 are not all known. Thole of thorn annignod by the eneqy to otay behind in the event of An inVAIlliOn ere tho moot Oungoroun opine and nnhoteoro. Thu woot trootworhhy eloments aro the woricaro who have fought PAseem from the outeet. Former offlotale and honorary trade union 104doro *re the ono moot otkpable of rolitorini:: tho fanotiowne Qf lohour prooenoee with the Fliatttoritit pOtiUlli tiptiOdi Ati The dologntoo or thn 1,T.11% Will be named 44 000n AB the oonoiuolon of thio or oomo ufitillAr 4gruohuut 10 guaranteed. Apart from t14 delegates referred to opoolfioal/y above, men tri tivNtinbio ix noodod for oarrying on aotivition in the roar of Ulu outim, ?or 0,1.1 thetott portiono Wto rooto tb td Ont I 41 dOCUIII011 tit 111111d, he propel:hod 4nd provided. Thene doomente mumt anouro thew of freedom of movement. Aeoese to mit() and tho prole. Power to seioo the proportion and .wemises of the trade Mionn riot Alp or taken over by the, Ilato and to oonvene meotinre, Thu delerntoe are rooponniblo to cho T,T fold lioblo to bo okilled to 400oulit for noleot of thoir dutjoe. fdl/ j ja Thi I.T,P, delngatee will he the linkA ),ween the I.T.r. headquertirs, the Ilieh Command and the trade union and workorof oiroles on the Continent. Mos will be reeponolble f6r recruiting suffloiont 4114 truotwort4 workers old for hhair appropriate utilization for romming and maintAining the port and transportation oervicoo. 'noir teak will include the r000notruotlon of the trade uniono, without who eooporation that took cannot be fulfilled. Thoy will fUrther propare appeals, Announcements And 14001.40te, Th0404, will call upon thc worker to collaborate and gitm the firot iodloatioos for the resumption of work. They will prepare for ohiLar Activity. *d*pt4141 0 otroumatalion#1 mane: tranuport workers in territory still under Nitlorie t ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? 400111(1441011, tno tt1t todiohti000 for alowin4 4own Yin)* And o4rvytng on ba Tho T,T0V, 4014g4t4o will, in tho 110%t of thti strntoe,U*41 sitomitiOn oZiotinil 'Any timd, evo Indi.04tiono 4nd donoriptiono of obilooto ohnd work* to bv AttA004 with 4 view t? dioloo4tinn onomy linop of oollotamio4tion. Attontion obould 1)0 etvoo to blio (motto+, or provtdtngroitho @af@ty or tho moot oxp000d 4114 dnfitiDeproA orrioltati in tho ovont of WI 01/40)AtION DoLAilnd titknOtinnnntrnti ohonldin worliod colt 4,4vanOto for 100 in rroroitine tho roquitilto mnnpowort Thooto 0141.1 oorvo 40 ft gnido for th* ,nrolmont of ih4tvidvika workovp, tor 1.110 vi Lt or workin aOndttlon*, tar tawwomr4,,itoo or thri food otkoply, And tIict Mei union r000nitmotion worlto .fito wW)10 or 1110 rallwv notvo0 of tho Oont1noot 1.to boon orKontofid to oorvo tho 400do or tho 0o0myn ?tdioontr41itio1 op0P4tion of r4i1w4y tirftno.. port 0101111d 1)0 reWlidd in tho Autoedoto or 0 omooth ronotionAng or tho linoop of o.imiittntiohtioo. To onottret 1.111.ti I I 10o0o0ttry thr4b tho shArt bilts opoptttilt or tho fint'v I 000 tand that vi0WiC0111 tUt(l0I' OV oommitt000 oloototi l0otx11y. tiVnnOd 011 pinY it Lin?1, or 00,0inl 11,Tor1ungo in tito ovont of to ityp. or Llto Co$11,110111, v 1,0 Lhn ofluotrYle tottelralM041 otttlAtiu told 01a0o404 0040t 11110 appoi41 Ii porlhaan att4ohno to Ito ilotwork of trArrio rnotc,0 411.3 tv(Irrio iolualettiono. HM104 L110 vootion 4o how 010 trAnoport 040,,104t4 (.IA V1'01100 I L 1uise t Io, In In ynnb or tAll tnv0o to to *hut nXtiOrtt t11%0 wurhoro oo1loo1o0J, ti0 tr0ooport worl,.0ro more p4rLiclaarly, plimo ticovuoIn tihn gt$11/ Oki Or the 1, 1p eoti Litri Itititthii Or QuOttliA1.ni.01,40 OArt tni44 to f?,,C)Ott ailVtioLtAgel, th or the rirot.11,TO-004110o, ?or tite,po ro4rieme no0006nVy to to I. A lonAitir orrtoial or th0 YV0)10 trontiport worlforo (limo to An4tAnd ror t.1.0 pnftnno problw. Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26 ? 0001 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICZS WASHINGTON, 0, C, y 24764 004 I /41j44 1444 hew red, ,c Afi dsij, *Own, Utty 101 1041 ' I ? Otinerai William 4. OOTIOVAn ?loot-Jou of tho Offioo Atteohed yon tho memortandum you tokod mo La proparo Lhn ahar day. A tmlat that it vall ogit OP ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 THV LAWR SWTION OF THE 01010I0 OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Acting upon tho annumption that this is a peoplo's war and that a peoplo's vow roquires a people's intolligenoe servioo, the Orrioe . jar arategio Sorvioes very early in its oork entablishod a meotion to Wiermninhain clone oontaot with the underground labor movements or the Axis ( int, ?coupled countries. Those undowound l tn abor movomon are important a. Lion in the oommon struggle against no Axis powors. in every Axis and 000npied country they oonstituto the bulwark of the movomonts of ropintance. AlthouL01 thotr organIt4abions have been formally dissolved they, novortholoss, war,o 911 unremitting struggle underground. They con- stitute a continuous and valuablo nource or strntegio, military, naval and politioni intolligonco. They also carry on continuoun warraro behind Lho enemy linen In the form or sabotage and by 0..norrilla methods. tIn reco!y.nition or this the Orrice or Strategic Services estab- lished n Labor .;eotion for the purposo or 000nerating with the underground labcx movomenta or onomy end occupied 000ntrios in obtaining intelligenne and in onoournping sahota.,:e and rosistance. ln its work Lho Labor Seotion ?Trirtaos in eloso cooporation with the Joint A. W. of L - C.T.O. Roller ki.... Uommittoo, hoadon by Mathew Noll and Sidnoy Hillman, anti with tho reiief oonmitteo manollohmi by tno Railway L000r xecuti.ves' Assooiation, repro- sentin!; the twonty-one standard roilway orfmnizations or tilo 'ml ted States and howled hy ''. A. 1411111pu. Thron,h those: labor ohannois we have ohtftinod and oontipuously aro r000ivino. it rlolv or vital and important inrormation it 'at Iho notivitins or tho 000111y. Tho undorlyini, prinoiple hohind tho oporntion t9 that. Lhron hunt t.ho ooc.npind onunt.rio:: and in the ontioy 1'ount.ritn1 01 Wrlit# thoro aro countloss thousands o0 devoted anti- '?asolots who nrn willinur. to and do riak thoir livos to 000porate in cori- wintotaln: In'ormnLion m.il in onlsotal,o aotIvitios to ne. to henten the oyort'irow or tit() AxID noworm. Vito %\orli 0: the Labor oeotion encompasses many projoat by which i'll0IILY0000 VVON lahor ohannals is obtainad oollootod, analyzod and reporio., to Ilic; Joint. C.hinfo or Starr nnd to the other military and naval 60r1/ o,,,. Illustrative+ o!' therm ;wojoots lo one which emphasizes a Aide- spreno plan ror UR, utilization oe tho underground network or the Inter- national fie-In:Tort iorkors' Vodaration, tho International Fodorstion of Trade Hniona and othor democratio trade union olvanizations which have underground ote21nitat1ons oporatinr, in occupied and enemy oountries. rhe IntornatJonsl fransport, C4orkors' fieration, hi oh for brev- ity is Orton onllod the Irr, is the largest international union in the world and has emonf.., ilo nfTiliatnd mombors trnnsnort workers in rive of the world's oortinents. The unions arriliated with the 1-17 are democratic trado unions or rallwaymon, sonmon, lowshoromen, tramway and truck driv- ers and other trnnsport workers throorhout the uorld. .::very worker -who les nnythinr to do vith the movement or passolv,ors or ;.00cts ia eli,-ible j Vor memhorship in tho 1?:!,'. Tho IV has eif;lity tkfriliatbd unions and i3 F roproventod practi,ally in every country on the globe. Prior to the npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 1?e ??? - wasalftionia. advent of the Hitler rime in Oermany and the occupation by tho Nazia Of counlres ie europe, transport workers of the following 0ountrien were affiliated with tho Is Algeria Argentina Australia Auntria Belgium Dolivia Brazil fiulgaria Canada Chile China Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark 141teh kant Iluteh Guiana Eouador vatonia nnland France Uel.many Groat Pritain Graeae Holland Hungary ioeland India Indo-Ohina Ireland Italy Japan Konya Latvia. Luxemburg Uadasear Mexioo Moroo00 New Zealand Nioarafua Norway Paleatine Poland Portugal Rhodeala Rumania Spain Lkouth Ai7rlea Sweden Switzerland Trinidad Tunisia Prated Staten Venezuela Yugoolevia The raeateat strery:th ar the ITV was in Europe. In holgium the ITV had oranized the general tramport workera, railNyay, maritime, air, telephone, telegraph and other sorvioan, tramwaya and motor bus peraonnel. Itt Uenmark the If was represented by the general transport workera, l000motive and railwaymen, neamen end maritime personnel. In k:atonte the general tranaport workers, railway workers and related trans- port trades were all members ot' the ITF. In Plnland the ITF repreventod and still repreaents the geaerel transport workers, rallwaYmen and aeftfflen. In France the ITF had affiliated with it. railwaymen, transport, workera, dockera, lonrshoremen, river mon, finhermen, seamen, and other maritime pereonnel. In 'Irani. irilain there wore and now are affiliated witJt the .1 TI.' the railwaymen, lei,omotive engineera, firemen, clerks, general tramport workera, tookers, distributive and allied workers, bargemen, fteamea and ail maritime pet-Flannel. The ITF represented all general transport workors.and mnnloipal tranaport workers in Hungary. In Ioeland they represented the sailora and flahermen; in Ireland the railwaymen and aoneral tranaport workera; in Luxemburg the railwaymen; in Netherlands the reneral tramport worker of all trades, the railwaymen and the seamen; in Norway the general transport workers, railwaymen, aoamon and other transport trades; in voland the ratiwaynnn, t;oneral transport trr,dr:r and the seamen; An Rumania the dockers and the ravneral tramaport werkorql La :weden the general transport trades, the loeomotive and railway peraonnel, aeamen and all maritime personnel; in ,vritzevianct the railwaymen and all general transport trades; in Yugoslavia the tranaport trades, dookore, maritime worLers, river men, finhermen, seamen and all mareantile marine oeraottael; in Greece all aeamen am maritime peraonnel; in Auetria the railwaymen and general transport aorkers; in czeohoalovakia the railwaymen and general transport workers; in'dermany (.he railwaymen, inlaad waterway men, dockers, seamen end all related trades; in zpain the railwaymen and general transport workers, (minding truok nrivers. 44114 44- 41i ,14MC W-30.44-44 .1 31 , ,4! A ,,,rmipri For Release 2013/09/26 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 The iTP alao represente traneport workers end railwaymen and neftmen in the Argentine, Oftnede, China, Loundor, Innia, the Netherlando i.ast Indies, Now Menland, AuetrAlia, Paleetine, Rhodeoia end Trinidad. When Hitler onmo to power, the L-anaport workera' unions in Germany and the varioun ocuntriee oconpiee by Germany were among the rirat to be offloially diseolved. In opite of thin offioiel deetruotiono however, the organizattona, though driven underground, kept in regular oommunieation with ITV headquarters, and the UP underground communioation oyetom between ita affiliaten and Ito membera hae been rother effectively maintained. Until. 1930 Lha headquartere or the ITP wore in Amsterdam. In that year they were mcved to Loon where they are at present. The attitude of 1,he 1TF towerd the preaent war ie one or militant support. This attitude remeined unohanged drming the period or the German. 2oviet pact. The lTio hoe At all timen red:toted oommuniat penetration, and doea not follow the communint line. In Prenoe, Pollnnd, olpm, Luxembur!!:, Germany, Italy, Norway, Danmerk, L;weden, nmitzerland, Portugn1 end IT)Ain, funotionarien and Agents of the ITP are carrying on underground activities. Unlike the usual agenta employed for aaboter:e or subversion, the main; irs of the 'Tie do not have to be paid for their work. They are devoted to ihe teak of inter- fering in every way with the atiooesaful exploitetior re their countries by the NAzia. Wurthermore, becauee of the atrength of the IT? in the railway end maritime fieldn among the skilled employees of theta) Indus- triee, the memberm of the TPI have natural cover for their aotivities. We are in 000peretion with the 1TP end are utilizing their faoil- ides for penetrating the occupied end enemy countries of atrope. Vor example, .:edlah seamen AO pert of their job regularly travel to the 000upied countrieft of Europe ftrid even to flermeny itaelf. Swedinh railway- men have direct contact with the Norwerian underground and Swims railway- wen with the Oerman underground. Nany of these workers are 1110 people and are devoted to the principlea of the ITP. We, in oollaboration with the ITV, are obtaining intelligenoe from those aoeroea whioh should be moat helpful in ehortening thin war. Among the trent:wort workers perhaps the moat important aro rail- way workers. !iith natural ()over, ,,oinr RV ft part of their job from place to place, they can, if cooperative and orranilted, become the ksty to an inrormation ayatem. Mont of' them are akilled and cannot be replaced. Many of them are reaouroeful. They are, on the whole, ununuelly /Mel- ligent. :nloh evidenoe aa wH have has indicated their deaire to injure the enemy and to help United Lotions. irior to 1933 in lermany and prior to the dates or 000upation in the occupied countries, thee* worker had :,trong unions, all affiliated with Ind International Transport Workers' wederntion. Oootkpying key poaitions in the enemy's transportation cratio, them) railway workers ofto do more than rather and carry information. Noy can be or tremendoun help ma saboteura. -Vg-A?g-4,4.40.T.414:Q.A. L. ill ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 vor many yearn the Railway Labor gmoutivom, Aolooiation, repro- lionting tho twonty-one atandard railway organigationa of the United Utatea, hen been in oloae oontoot with varloun or the Nropaan railwoy organise.- tiono whioh are affiliated with the International Trannport Workers, Federation. Tho oonteoto have been maintained to the prenant time and the leadern of the Amorionn railway labor organizationa have exhibited groat Intorent in augmenting knd supplementing the nontavta during -014 war in auoh a way to to he or annintanoe to the proneoution of the wax by our dovernment. At our uuEreation the Railway Labor Nxeoutivea' Aaeool- ation iu oeopurating olnaely with the ITI0 in oolleoting Intelligence throurh undergronnd ohannelm ann in enuourftOng aftbotaKe and rnoixtanoo by underground labor groupe in the nooupiad and enemy oountries. The partiolpatlun of Amorioan railway labor orcanizationo will be op greet value in k000mplinhing the purnomea nr thin undertaking. Reprenontativem of tha railway labor organixatione in the United UAtee have already oatablinhed many pernonal rriendohipa with the loadera or Europoan railway lnbor oroin1r4ntlonn And, by worktng in clones 000peration with the ITP. theme friendghipn and contaoto may be expanded. In addition, Swodinh and LnKlInh railwaymon hnvo oYproonod A doniro to havo the partioi. potion or Amortonn railway labor roprrtnontativon in developidg their plane for tho doront or oqr enemief$ by worktne with railway workorn in onomy and 000nplol oonnirion. Tho proAtirm and popularlty or &morion in tromondoun among tho labor rroupm in La enemy and nocupted countrIen. Thererorn, thn partial- nation of Amerioan workorm wAll 4rti1ti onhnnoo tho of tho work now hoing dono nnd thnt 'donned by the Prie. Thin will malco the3 1TF venture ono of tranaport labor or the/ Unitoo Nfttiona raLhor thttn thkt or hinumport lnbor which in Airoponn end Inonlar. %Ovootive renintanoe And 000peraLlon with our military orrort can bn multIpliod mid KroAtly expanded tr IL in known that our Amerioun worker0 ore.anizationn are nhering with Lilo ITV in the program. Tho Nnliwny knhor otecutiven' AnnoolAtion. with ono or two exeeptienh, rmprotimntn tilt or tho rallwav brothorhoodft. both operating and uon.oporntifir. rhto erraniKation hen recently got up A oommitt00 ror hhei hnud It it or Lhmir in Lornmtionni problem . 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CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 eclassifie,d and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-R0P13X00001R000100320005-4 -1411.1.006)112042,64itattit Voy(ind tho. Ihtorittalunol Trohoport. dittikarm' vottorotJoh and tho Am0viottn 401tmoy I,hl,tir xo.mliclor0 AmoohlmLioli, Lhoro aro Lhottet oomooroLlo labor thiloho ani,ttiolttlod Lh tho IhLorohLionhl tooderftLiOn or trfttio ll1orti (l'eTts) whiolt otothLhinm hoodipthrtorg in London And with whiat the hritiett Tratto union COWnidd And Lho Atilt10(Jan Ved0rAtton or Jiahor aro 40AcciAL00. The WI', hilt; (Iowan', with unreonn0I in on010 occupied and Jontro110d Lorritiwioo orho word rormorly molithorh or poworrui union in the mourAuturinv, m1o11?, hh.1 dletrihutiv0 ittutietrlaa. rhis orrion heti clope worhinr velAtiono with tho 1.1toy hhvo pmvott Lo I't ii valnAhla tincIP0t17 or 1nt0111:0nun rorIlfi tin !c tm I. 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Illpor .40 Declassified n Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-R DP1 wrinrtrt . _ _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 :Last Available:Number of Name of : Membership : Unions National Labor Fedoration Figures :Belonging % (pro-war) to IFTU :Confodoraoion Gonoral :Australasian Council :uniao Coral dos Trabalhadores :Tradna and Labor Congress :Canadian loodoration of Labor %All-Canadian Congresa or Labor :Cnylon Trade Union Congross :Chinos() Aasoointion or Labor teonfodoreolon do Trabajadorns :National Trades Union Fedorstion: :All-India Trade Union Congress : :Labor Trade) Union of L.A. :Coandoracion do Traajadoros s1"odort'tton 01' Labor :Trados and Labor Council :eapo Fodoration of Labor Unions : DesUrnyna or 'motive Rnorganizod in L.ngland under 11.TV Auspioes IA-R 3xoonniPnnni n c A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? . ? Thero vire alao ArViliAted with the International Federation or Trade Uniona oortain intornAtionAl federmtiona of oraftA And indua- triea orranizad in IntornationAl TrAdo SenrotariAta. A liat oI theao foilow3: t ILaat AvAilablos t t Memberahip 114nmber of Namo .lorit : 1 Figurea sCountrion : t (pre-wAr) : $ $ t InternAt'l LAndworkoral FoderAtion tOoponhagon : 264000 : 15 I : Miner' Intornat'l FoderAtion :London : 1,500,000 t 14 : I 1 intornat'l Metal florkora' Poderation :Borne t 1,918,000 1 18 : 1 1 Internat'l Vederation of none Worketu:ZurJoh 1 49,000 t t : t Internat'l Vedorfttlon of Pottory t : : 05,000 aorkorti 1 1 t 4 I : 3 JntornftWi Wodaretion or 801ding : : 4 and ?eood ;t11.1(era*X tAmeterdamt 25 1 t 1,500,000 : intornat'l Pa Vod lniore' arattun+ :Am:item:a 38,000 m : t : t :Borne Internat11 Typo!..rapharn s 165,000 t 23 t 2 I Inter:m.0A Vs:Ids-we(-Jon a Ltthcwaphorat t t and ItInurod Lradea* :Amsterdam t 35,000 t 15 : t t laorrat'l Vnooration or liooklilvdern :Coponh b5, 000 aKon 8 t 12 t lnLornat'l seoderation of ToxMlo 1 : London 1 670 000 . : Worloirr. 2 14 : 2 2 Intarnat'l slothln, or4orol 2 : 640,000 Vadoration4A Ik motordnm I 17 1 15,00U 2P!tria : IntornW1 Vadorattor or gatto ra. 1 : 2 Inborn:WI hoot nnd .lioss Oporativea 1 8 i and 1,nat1$csr ,orhorn' ,'d,eirot.lon :London . . 226,000 2 14 2 2 2 Intornat'l rnion or Vood nnd :Tink 2 : lAnrkora 2:urioll2 15 21)0,000 : 8 1 Intornat'l ...odorntion or lobaoco : t !op : ?onha.:7,0n : ..orkora t 2 t 47,,v00 t . Int.,srnat.'I l'rnnnport. orlimrol . t Federation % :10ntordnm 1 2,06),UOV t 29 * ?1.4_.t.. ? ? ? ? ? ??111h, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 f time uon-Inuaa ) 1 t 1 t t .,:-. Poatal, Toinryaph, owlTalaphona t 2 200,000 s international tfiarne t 16 I ItPor10 t t , f internat'l vladaration of :4fiploytlea t 8'60,000 t 14 t in euhllo and cavil '.:;arv10e0+ t t r , internat'L Onion or ifotal, Roatnorantt t and P,ar :$orkara Oitookholm t t . . 32,000 i 1 f.ntornatil Union of linIrdraaoara tCoponhavvm t '600000 1 ii- 1, Intarna 1 t 1 ,? Toaahara' tionol* Oweinp aluot 100.00000 t 19 tOrnaaale : t t 1 t ;. univarnal Allinnoa of Armond; 4 pv: gultwarp li1,00? t ) ViorIcara* I t t ? . 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Many thank. for lotting mo sem it. ? ...1111k ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 = l'..40.7.411 , t , , . ..t"???? '? ? ???? ,4== == ,)===.7.? 111?1T. ?.? vre, '?! . t ? " 1.? ? , ? - - OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES% 614/41, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Lowoofile RPABLAND TO: Lt. Col, David X.R. Bruoe FROM: George 0. PrAt t; t 1, $ 4:14? r , February 9, 1943 Inacoordanoe with the requeat made yesterday, 1 km reporting of the Labor Desk in London. briofly on tho work that is being done by myaelf a s a representative . 1. ContAots with foreign lAbor groups, unions and representatives In London there are formal organizations of foreign labor ulaons from Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Oseohoslovakia, Norway and Spain. With rpt to some of those oountries there are aeveral organized groups. In addition there are formal or *of ganizatJons of old :iooial Domoorats, purtioular4 for Austria and Czeohoolovakis. I au in mgular oontaot with rep. rusentatives or all of the3e groups, and through them,inter- mittent oontaots with onouky and 000upied countries is maintaiiledo largely through :3weden. Italy im a special case and the coma- nigation with whioh I Am in to; calla itself koviniente Libor* It. it is sooialint, left-wing, labor in its outlook, but is not forally organized ma suoh. 8pain also IA a spool cuss, Anarchists. there beins the Negrin group, tbd Caballero-labor group and the 2. International lAbor organizations In this oategory fall the International Transport Workers Pederation arm the International Federation or Traae Unions. Both organizations have been helpful, particularly the Transport Workers. Presently a project ia developing for a major expanalion. of contscts with labor in Germany tilrough Transpoz1 Workers *how- nolo that I should like to discuss with you in detail. it Me reached A stage where tho further implomontation or it reqmirms A man in 3tookholA. Goldberg is working on the job or getting- suob A peraon. ? , in addition the Transport Norkers organization is *4 ' f.== c'll' , int: on Its own initiative to raise considerable sums of for rehabilitation or Lrk4d unions in rrenoe, and v, oporatod in tranamiltins mu:imago* LI. or thia,purp!4.0 weal aoatdin,c; in plannius diatribution in rranoo. r000ivo odport3 in rotnrn ror on tid. This. 44 0441 , ia A separate projeot trod* the joint Baker Streit-04.?3" ,,,. for the subvention of French labor which is vaidalk , ?-; ? ? ^ ?,. - wf,A1,1T4, , , t ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? Lt. Ool. thwl?t K.N. nruoe Pebruary , .1. 811?101) uotutkuts T 9 194) The most importartt or thodo 1* with Pi,icto at Transport trouae. ,t)r.loo work* wi th Dakar Stroot; and 1. KN. 011 labor mattors. ifo is ao(uarly tho nonoaroh i)i.lavotor Pox, tho Transport and Gor....*1 ifoticors Union (at' whioh Dovin WWI Ssiorotiltry betoro ht. 144duissid oft'loo). Prio. And I moot rcogulArly twioe A wook to oxohange inrormAtion. Pima Prioe 1 r000lve the Al*yralt. roport* - whioh atti tvports Prom Libor souroes in li`ranoe that aro transmitted through Ookicor titivot raollities. More- overill 110116 LAIlt t444011 With the labor peoplo in and cloaking out or P1441104 titt'Otiei 010( at, 8 tope t Noll 1 t lea. One ot' tho lot** t li r? riV414 in Gtoinlor, rorom V 000nomio snalyat tor Jouhaux of tho 0.0.T. in acialtion to Lho Joint projoot for subventionlAbor, thd.xv la Anothor joint projoot that /PAM biNtl prOpOSed. tor implementing lokbor rt;) dOtit'000 04.1111 rikai 11 i,104i rote 0131101tinitaitlOnS WI th Gelliiitrily And OW LOW Ontintrios. At prosionl, this le boin),1 oonsittorriti by Bikker Street - it having boon submittod by rolou to l'aa people ilortft week. X ehouli mitio point out Whi t; tt 140W 00tita.Otid httVr4 bOrdt) made with Aritish labor loaclorso notkbly 14arohbank (pmmontly in tho 11.8.) 0 r Treoeyi l'atinOr AN Roberta - All or whom 000upy tvaponsible positions in the la- bor movement in lInKland - but aoit not partioularly uaorta All rOir tta in- tolligonoo wok la oonoorned . 4. mi,004-1134noiouti ootamotti di 1. Volontkitt: - m lorolmil 40tirog tmil whioh i NewiP1 0,14n- n td. sit) pApora whioh moo miororilmod . Anti sont to Washington Kimoho - oll I. tor or' loft wing papor, wh ca o ham oontaota i is liwi I, liorl anti 1, woo h r . IL II, 5 Os Gotiimu lotbor nerve . 0,Akook .1, reogul all f'mojoot On ssolgtonont or t'Alm Amos* to bo in totioh with Theorailidt# on looda anpoot* projoot. Throttg_h tho abovo oontaota An apptvoiablo, thot4gh liar sett.- raotory volnitio or intolligono* it* ittg r000lvo41 anti rorvalloti to 4401p. .tiigtall, it, oan bo *nil la hying Inaroased 44 plan* mature. I shall, or oonreo, bo elatt to go into dotall with P.4p0Ot to th0 4b010. motf, tura I ts yOti. W,1.#11, Nit ,r rettutr gathered thAt at this step you simPlY wailitod 4 birkis-oyo viow (V' thq gonoral natinsl or tha 'work **oh ot ui wz4.41 doting. igth ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Oftptain Dunoan Loo MOM! Arthur O. Cloldbor SUILICCTI Rovlood Momoraudum AtIoaohod you wt11 find tho memorandum on tho Labor OhOtiOA of Lho ()Moo or Ubrat,egto Oervloom whtoh I Woo rwrimod in owoordftnage w',14 ("-: ,-11 404 W,.r, kzklpgaitlia94grapgitiV';' ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ? ^t ? t , t - ;11 , t7?1 , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 ' t ? ,4?i, ? ,tttgl*yr,04' 1;":i144.1a I NWWWWWWitioo*oot.u,-_, ?LOOP tlootio;. orefon fltrotogio tiorviooft - "toting upon thd amonmption thCi thin ill A pdonio/m war, tho OffioA or titratogio aorifloaA ham oatAbliohdd 4 Labor tlootlon 'to 4t4 And maintain a pooplolm lutollironod morvloo to oporabo in 010o0 Pontoot with thd undorgvonnd labor movdmontm PP tho Mao and ompidd 00untr3om. Thomo onddrground lahor movdmontm Aro important Allidm in thd oommon Atrnrplo Againmt tho Axift poworm. Although tholp organimk. tionft hAvd hoon formally dimmolvod they, novorthol,omm, wago on unrd. mittin4 Atruggjo undorgronnd and oonmtltutid thd hglwork thd movomonta or roolatanod In thd Axim And 000npiod nonntritia. Ph d !Ahoy hdotlon or thd ()Moo or Aratogia 2drvidoo ratio In oloao noopopation with A Joint A Committoo# headdd hy Modara. Mathow Noll And :;Idnoy Hillman. and with tho roliof oommtlitah oatahllahod by the, Railway Labor Exdontivool Aatwolation, roPyrulouttur cweintY-ono milandArd railway orp,Animationo or tho Unti,ad aAtoo titid ht4niad hy A. PhIllipms I t?z531. ? ?-ir 134. Tv:Yr:F. .1 ? ; 114 4,p tmt 4 pv, Thvonch thdad labor ohannolA wo havo obtaino4 told oontirmounly -A are) vondiving h Now or vital and important inrormfttion Onut tho 4di.4 i; tiltiti Or ttiri pr.t4TITOM4.4C1,5-14 ? . 1 . ?'qk tr, ? ?.ell? ??? 1 ? :4 4 , tlint4 , ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 1 ? ? 4. 17-9000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei Jod panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI '.1484An PunotrAttoP00 AII Pim 10.101,1144pnull4j, 1tillm viottloullmmmou JUIWA0A tit Ido)i e1)ub0.141.1.0pUu utlAtap trAtt041 Irluotill?luW0do 041 tAqiMuq 'volt) a0rialrloP P31013,10 P1-41 40 c9 TF '11PAtogg110 KIV4101.140 0t1 04 10a1J Wi(i/uct1t-k3 0114m Rullma00 Wq Pepitimm got&tunoo qtAutJvA pin 6.1.1mao0 UT gu0041 igitoblom la0dowilatt ggi 1,10m0d 01 "m110 aP11111 094M 4411i 9q4 trt dTtplaottwom a0J ;40-11Arto wl gvutIA Jo P1IItupo4d do 1110;144A0111 00 wilm op 01 Atiqq4u 2uTiogq awiaom Waqki eptAom Q41 lnutrdnuotil ionai I 4 Nfolludl tuptivAdwo laUO' etiourvipo qu?tatim I.L.t J Fmo LUllolinJ1 otik,ittiOmtip 0,140 otitt gin In M polvTITJJ-11 ouoluo ou opqn101 qui Ito 4J1uttu0 WitgAq 41140Tquuad UT gaoAdom voduuval gaglimpm pplritiljp; pll gip( pun poum 91() VI foln 1441114o utv4J0 i.41[APJ11 aoj 40111m tUoTquappOd igjo3iaov laodouvw, quit, 04q1Jiuuou Nmqun pUn poldnouo UT WuTTOatiod0 YuuTWATuOao puuodidaoton pAmi qopim ormIlv%TurOito IxP.411m4 oppwww9p 4e41.0 put4?Uo 011 oppdj, do uotichrqpqA plUotiOu 01tit 044 "00141m0PO4 01.10-1a0M 4,10dg"04 Plunt1quaolur (441 JO Vowou pUtiudOmjpuu tp ju uoIlligmqn otri Jod uuld tigoJdflqinm UgoToltidm9 ogPu[AJPW 03/07,1 putt Wagl -TITm a0440 ott4 04 Put; JOU du $111014:1 10 Top 041 ul Peld0d0a pun P02-4I weary eptquotlob epouTuuto uTeutaillo auguT mita.) 90u0;)[Lisittur quIght gvbroAd Atruiboigpvdmo9u0 uotluor auggq PUll do 4aum Ptu 17-9000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z 3Se3i3i JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 oommonlootton aymtiom 1,ohodoon 16m Willftton APO ILA momborm hmm boon rnthor Woottvoly mAtoLminod? Wolin 14PU 4ho hoodgoortorm of tho TTP woro in AffintordAm, Jo WiAt yonr tdioy woro movod to London whoro thoy Aro nt fromooto The, t ((.j Ltjc1 ut1tho PIT Wwmrd tho peomoot. WWI IA OW) Or W114)004 W 144) Oottod Nobtoom, Thlm 041,It4o0o POWAIOOd on. ohhrigoatltip I uj heh portod or Lho It 1' [loot, Tho 1TP hAn kb All 41010k roktk(iod oommooikt oollotiroblOO, Ao0 doom no I4 follow tato oommontmt Hilo* in 1rAn004 Unlinod, Polgiomp LomomhorK, dormnoy, ILAly. Nor. Uoomarko oviodon, .iwitgorloodo Porl-,ogAl mod tipAio0 r000tI000rlom mod Agoolim or 1hi 1TW 'Aro oArrylog oo ondovey000d hotdv11,1om, Holtko d111100ymil rOV km11014kKo or molororoloo, (Jib mtlItibiir? of I.ho 1T1" do oid, hAvo L?ho paid ('up Litii r work, Thby hVO OOVOtrid tO Lho latAlt or 1aorroplop, In ovory wAy vv 14h m0000mprol oxploitfttion or Lho1r C; ? 0000lrtkk hy t,iti, NAgIA. 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Amorloan railway labor organizationa have exhibiLoct rruet ih,oroat in nurmonting nod nupplomontint: thone non. bo or annintnune to the VrO00,.. At our nurAontion tho Railway vgooutivtuit Annonlation IN uooporating 01(noly with Lb 1rI in intollirohoo thron,h onnerrouod ohaunels and in onoourftg.. ing nabotnro nil rcit,tHL41100 ondorL;ronnd labor groopn in the 000npitgl and oummy oouutrion. hid .mpultirlty or Amorion in tromendonn among Lilo wort, now bolo, don,i nud that olanood Um I 14,1 v tint urn ott il Lrni orL imbor of 1116 United Net i on rather Pin!: thnt or trannport labor whinh In .,:urorionn and Innulnr. ronintannu and nooporfiLlou with our military oreort otin ho multiplied nnd rri,ntly oxiumilod ir it in hnown Lhut our Amoriounworherni ani- 4aLiono nro nh.-trInv: with Lho tev in Lho orogram. Itoyon.t (.1,0 tuteruntionql Traw;port 'Awl4oral Federation end Lho Amorhnu .xonutivan' l'osoolutiofl. thoro bre thove domooratlo unloun annoolmtod w:th tho 1utornition41 (10r) whicvl mniutniur .10auluartorn in London and with whioh t,lut tritinh TVhari 'ulon nrtu tuiI thc') Amerinan FedernLion or Labor aro annoolato,i. roved r Release 3/09/26 : CIA-RDP13xnnonipnnain,,,??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 .3;141....???1.410?110.10N9'. 00POrd WI WW1 With/10 talor rocti4r441onti of thirty.thr@q oonoWmw worh aOrtlimboti with tho lOWnWonAA Vador414ton of Toido 1111114ml. Moo tihmum arm 014nor dmmonlitA4q trAdo nnlono whion arq, nOt hrvitintod wiLh Lhn InLarnaLtnhAl WOOPfttlOD OP Tri411 0111,01114 and Atoll httvo hoon haInVni Lo vo In Lha Tho CoenKninilI 1 ii t4 t.t4t4 Of) IFARt wpm or iJilo worlt? whioh 141 Inain dono Lho halor 0004011 of libm OfrAgo of UrAtimeo Horvioa# in 000pmrotiton wiAdi eNnvopman and Amorlomm lftbor mnvomont41 ti ob. Lmining intloiliKonoo mhnnU Lho onamy nnd in ntivrying on intmrnal warrarm Witletvcsi? ; 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 4?114 S WICK Or STRATUM INPIVICE6 WA?MINOTON. 0. c: I @pok@ to DA, thi@ oft@rnoont and h@ h@ta spokin to florry Hopkin@i N. r@porto that thi@ d@oision im not d Pinta 0.0, ftn4 thftt th@ 0@at1on io @till open. , ? ? fajc4 VI; ,1?0117. m ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Colonel William 4/10 Donovan Arthur J. Ooldberg Labor Division of 01110, Attaohed is a brief snomorandum whioh I have prepared in a000rdanoe with our disoussion yesterday. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 #11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 10?011411??? m*Ii.4i?t?,?1151,10??Ateilk ? '????,-,46 .,......,A4.m74,0Np#150114Tolt11171WV-mWmeil Labor Divivion of the Ottioe at Strategio Servioes Very early in the work of the Offloo of Strotegio Services it was reoognised that the labor movements in Axis and 000upied oountriee were important allies in the oommon struggle against the Axis powers. These labor movement' had deolared war on Hitler and Mussolini long before Pearl Harbor. In every Axis And 000upied country they aonstituted the bulwark of the movements of reeistanoe, Although their orinnisations were dissolved, they nevertheless 'tonged an unremitting struggle underground. Not only did these labor movements wage internal warfore in the form of sabotage and resietenoo but also they oonstituted a valuable link with the outside world and a potential sour?e or valuable and strategio information. Carrying on as they did and do under the moot dittioult of oiroumstenoes, they required help in many forms in order to oontinue and intensify their aotivities. In reoognition of this, the ?Moe of Strategic Servioes established a Labor Division, staffed with 1144 who had an under' standing of the labor forces whioh had carried on the underground war ageinst the Axis. This Labor Division has. 1. Istablished oontaot with underground labor orgenisations in virtually all of the *eoupied oountrie" and in the Axis oountries too, 2. extended tubstantial help to these under. ground movements in the form of finanoial subsidies, tsoilitios for oommunioation, equipment and materials indisputable for oarrying on undArgrows4 aottvities, tiO ? To win the ooneidenoe and support of there labor elements hall bran a difficult and arduous task. ?toy all share a traditional antipathy toward cooperating with rwernmental *moles. This is oontrary to the established policy os' the oontinental labor move. sent, In order to establish intimate oolleboration, it was aeoce- eery to break down this traditional attitude. No existing Intelligenoe service of the Oovernment wee or is in a position to do this. They laok the perecomaland sympathetic, point or view whish are essential in order to obtain the cooperation of labor elements. The relationship* whioh have been established between the uadergroomd labor movements and the Labor Division of the Offioe of Stratelpie Service' proves the neoessity for en away which eon earry en political and psychological warfare free from the limitations Inherent in the functioning of the orthodox military department*. The fact is that neither the Military Intelligente Division nor the ?Moe or Naval Intelligenoe has developed any relationships of asly ? ? Ow .mnri nr-Irnve?cl For Release 4 ? 4.? ?? ? : CIA RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 oonsequenoe with important underground labor groups nor wore smelt relationships established by the Psyohlogioal Warfare Branch of MID during the period of its atistonee. This was due te two reasonso (1) the laok of appreeiation by MID and MI of the value of these contacts, and (I) the ]sok of eanfidenee of the underground labor groups in the military and naval intelligence services. We are entering upon a period of the war in which it be- oomos more important than ever to oapitalise ?Ton the forces of internal resistanoe behind enemy lines. 14 have underway, in cool- laboration with the underground labor groups, elsborate plans and projects to 000rdinate military invasion of enemy-held lands with widespread internal rssistanoe. The suaoess of these plans will mean muoh in the shortening of the war and in the lessening of our casualties. They will also mean mush in the restoration in seamy and occupied oountriec of democratic institutions whioh the under- ground labor movements aro uniformly pledged to reestablish. S ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 rtd I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDF)13X00001R000100320005-4 Labor Division of the Office of Strategic Serviees Very early in the work of tne Office et Strategio Services it was rsoognised that the Labor movements in Axis and 000upied countries were important allies la the oommon straggle against the Axis powers. These labor movemeate had iieelarei *sr Oa, Hitler and Mussolini long before Pearl Mather. In every Anis mad occupied country they constituted the bulwark opt the movements et resistanos. Although their organisations were dissolved, they nevertheless wagod an unremitting struggle underground. Set only did those labor movements wage internal martian) in the for* if sabotage and resistance but also they constituted a valuablsolink with the outside W04 14 and a potential source of valuable and strategic information. Carrying on as they did and do under the most difficult of circumstances, they required help in many ferns in order to continue and intensify thuir activities. In rocognition of this, the Cffice of 3trategio iliervioes established a Labor Division, staffed with men who hal an under- standing or the labor forces which had carried on the underground war against the Axis. This Labor Division has, 1. tstablished contact with viallerground labor organisations in virtually all of the occupied countries cd in the Axis countries too, 2. Extended substantial help to these under- ,round movements in the form of finanoial subsidies, facilities for oommunioation, equipment and materials indispensable for carrying on underground activities, etc. To win the confidenoe and support or thee. Labor elements hes boon * difficult and arduous task. They all char. a traditiomal antipathy toward cooperating with governmental agenoloss. This is contrary to the established policy of the sontinental labor move- ment. In order to establish intimate oollebesstiono it owes- sary to break down this traditional attitude, So enietimg Wool- sorvioi of the Government yea or is is n 'mattes to de this. They leak the preemie and simpetleotte past et to tterlels.Ope oneential in order obtain the ea et spersties labor relationships *doh have been established between the emdmitrommt labor movements and She Labor Division ctthe Wise if OtOmtmpe lervioes proves the neoessity for an wary Wish MS ears* on politic's' and poyohologioal warfare tree from the theitelteme Wurrent in the funotioning of the orthodox military departmemtes The feat is that neither the Military latelliammee Divielas-see the Office of *oval Intelligenoe has developed any relatiemehips if Declassified ....11111 ??????? ???????? and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDPiynnnryi - - ? O woo.' 3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 " * X oonsequence with important undergroond Wor stoops aer were Gook relationship. established by the Feyohlogleal Warfare draws% et MID during the period of its existences Thie was doe te Iwo ',won*, (1) the look of approtaiation Isy MID sot MI et iiihs value of those oontects, and (2) the leek et eentidenea et the ondergraoad labor vroups 14 Woo military and naval latOiligeN40 001TiOVIls Wo *Vtil ouWelo4 upon 01. vioriod et the war in ASA it bi- o** morw import*ot pvor to 4apitallse open the torees Ot iotern41 rosistenne behind enemy )ineve We have uoderway, is Otilisi laborktion with Lho kw.loretro4od 1.1)or Kroups, elaberato plans Osi projeobs to otiorettoOlo milttftry invviloo a enemyThe'd lands witM wideoproad tnterns) rosimtenoe, The woes* of these plans Will MO WWII tit tho ohortitiulti Or Quo wokr tt th104000.11 Ot ommalt104. Thny will oklmo 'mot moh 1)i the restoration io sow imo onotowl tiolotwA#0 or dowoovfttlo Inmt1W4lovo) *Molt thop oodero gronnd lannr movements gro ooitormly pledged to teestehlish. - 111 +mew Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVOCXXXXXXX will you look at tit* attached iutd thst ceikte.' Lottor I huv wt to Dowdan tind lotos sake 41 dat46 talk ti o Ulu% through? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4 AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OFFIU Or LITHATEUIC saviess Oporgy 4'. J. Atoll rov tho 'n't'ioti ;Arategiu Sorviaoalteand "Umimany vviokui". In Weil of it ppm atom aro nutgosttow thAt I think 1ut.d lw ()drawl into offoote Jose of this ethould widor L nnd oosiv undo% S. Q. You 4170 porhqo 4W4110 thht wc AOW hAvo A working ' with 1. in !?.ondon and it UhOU10 U4 pwolble to 04ko offoo(4vo oort44n of thod0 0,444 Witt 4140 ptopelOod. I think wo tihould firot (441 wiloh filv.L140. turovX u ivjci }AVM tO 1.1047401 te. ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320005-4