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November 3, 2016
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September 25, 2013
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September 14, 1944
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? taiMge+6121+.1114-0t-'tItgie,:fiAlgiOial,14-10-. li+53...?0?11iIlcii:45004,f4,i(4 ? (11114tt4L vaLkfat J, :;0110VAN arootor, Ofeioe of Mrhtegio 3ervinom w (;olonol 8iolloy T3 ItualviLetti Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? - ttC. EI:11 * UNIT.110 ST ATItS GOVIMNMEN17 nATto 1,6 :3ottoto.i. 41014A1111 entim Office :Memorandum T110 Divout-ov; (31t;VOr; 1,t?i (4.4i ()no I, Miriritiy tail+ twin i 1.-tologit, (kit Vi la t.10fiti 1,k 44101 :111IiihY Itt,ttmutitminv I ? Itortwoilt1P ti ciat,rut it, AiliOltiL 194/10 :3?10031,00it.?14, ICL Orriorira 1tol-mr01,11a, fr(),11 101.014", 2, I'M' lint:111(4 Lo St tr Littt Lino bola foi,1,1, 3 it 6/4113 110104-4.41,Lititik; uheird 1,4 1 ttiv. val totiatitgott titwow i 4:W1,11110,o" titiort-st, Retior-41,1'.itd4Oorplitigntit 41tkt,ott3 thilitt4tiltior firopardtt L1,, :licinoy 19, Thid titipovt, comyfie uporald I ono anti VI..a.lt"I (O1 Lt ono i Itto Thent,or ? f ? ff. VIA j tPrOr?7 "6-',2-11er? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 6 October 1044 AfFX0ItANDItIM FOR Li hILITZSANT a OLONIZ SIDXXX UBEIS SUBJECT: Commendation 1* i have regarded with a arsat deal or satisfaction the superior manner in which you assisted Detachment 404, OSS, CBI, in solving Its seaurity and organizetional problems, Your keen interest in the success or that Detachment is characteristic of the consciontioust determined efforts you have always exw erted in the performance of your duties *x a member cr .this organisation* 2* I have instructed the Secretariat to forward a copy of this memorandum to The Adjutant uoneral for inclusion in your 201 filet a. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 tom 4 Dart H. H. Hamilton L. C. S. McClelland . McDonnell . R. Sotteeeter r. Secretariat Files Direetorin Files 0. G. C. Vilest ? I tt .?????? 4 lab ? .01.111111111.111111111111411 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 et. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and A ? ri ? proved For Release 2013/09/251 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ?o. O1FIC1 OF 5TRATIgOIC 8KRVICKti WAHNTQN 0. et 20 September 3,944 TO; The Director THROWN; U. Oa. Oarl O. Hoffmann FROM; Jack O. Pamplin OUOJKOTI Report on Return from the Field 4 10 In accordaitc. with Oeneral (Wier Me. 63, following report is 'Omitted; a, October 1942 to AU/U04 194), in charge lf eryptegraphy fir Detachment 101, and part time instructor in varied eubjoete, Prom August 194, to March 1944, to the siTsettif tot *400100144 to Captain Curl on the HKN0TH1400 mission in the Whin Mills of upper Dumas Was later in full charge of this mission, b* The cryptographic section grew rapidly in volume and twice, end was handling from 40,000 to 50000 group' monthly,17 a pilaff of three men, whom I departed, The HKNOTHXAD" mission was oompleted in August 1944, This miesion furnished information too the location of nnmorous ooneentraak tions of enemy supplies and personnel, and movemente thereetl was of assistance to the forceo under Genera], Morrill in their drive south.. mrd in bum, putting tho majority of our native Are, at his die.* posal, and aiding materielly to the drive 00 Witkriftsli e.'ince Detachment 101 first began too function the eryptographie section has been overworked and understaffed; this te still true, though to a looser extent, Promotiono in this; section (for enlisted men) are exeeeclingly difficult to obtain* ahortago uf away aud of personnel, whieb viwre onsounaerod during most of our mission iu Mum, does net ist at preemoto to lush A marked degree, ts (JAM O. PAKPLIS 1A1* A511.14, ?. ma pr,r Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 74, ? I ? ,a" 9/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/0 $AVA 20 September 1944 Nos) ;taw' Director's QU4O Order Me. 6)* following report is sotmAttedi 194,, in 'barge of cryptography tor inetructor in varied subjeste, , 'rah 1944, in the eopoeity of oesistamt *AD" mission in the Whin Mills of mm ,11 Merge of this missions b. The cryptographic section grow rapidly in volume and impor- Wm*, and Was handling from 40,000 to 50,000 groups monthly, with * staff or three man* when I departed* The 40,10THKAD" mission was oompleked in August 1944. This m1esion furnished information on the location of momerous con,..sotraft tions or enemy supplies and pereonnel* and movements theroofi was 0 4.401014,4040 to the form under General Merrill in their drive south- ward in bum* putting the majority of our native army at his die poeal? and aiding materially in the drive on Myittlyloa* 0. Since Detachment 101 first began to rwetion the eryptogrepide section has been overworked end understaffed' this is 0111 true thvough to a leaser extent* Promotions in this seetion (tor .ali?4ed t. men) are exeeedingly difficult ter obtain. Shortage of supply and of personnel, whioh were eseoun6ered during moot f our allusion in Norma, dee* no st at pummel. to eufh a marked degree* rnr Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 vizikagtio.,--Agit=olmsev Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? ?4. I ? , ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 elf tz't Equ.,110 WM.!' tialet c,..tmxr,m0*0. erM ths 00000d ouuntritia i?o mov* in. 1 t111 hav* at; o!Atunoiv* ooqua4pw tah00 nmong Normo4lonsol Wntism# PUomiolit 004.01144 cit$011 ,eu,10 $rd 0444 1931 I hay* pot, i014 know to oight; 4r rim pornonolly noquaAntod t, mo4y a tho politioW 1o4derb if tke dermal) 1:pitst wovowont, um (don in tokleh with 94114 Vim NIA Imaltas topleornindril; :hi Lawton 0101 m41,0,41111 of the bonier, tint,. &OAP* lewittolio, outit th4t the400 onntmete low thoue, i Nov* smci* in Owedon over A ,,oriod u youre ohould not bo Wootuil, VinA14; un the otivieo a Dia 1 b(0.1Je00 Ob41 bah for oM114#01014 to vimit the United OU4teo, 01 U. moonmd to thirkb thnt LIA? 4aohinutan aria* wouPA like to huv* moo thmoro for umibodod cousult4tion. 3t Ono 1 kMir.sil to whnim orf my cold which ott to 5, cheat phut every third dow mod thretitent, to bcconito pleurley. A littla 'mu mother would put me 00 My ttt hut 11Vore1i tfly ne,i for pow servicee lierros 3 could kutswo it 1nou1d kayo two %looks in mike houpitul, 4t in us iitd bormiiii I ago* in Niar tit your dinpocuas # ??-t.. 2..11. 10 Ut4 P1211 '10110wwpWopsomp?mr-wAr?t I ? leweingunimusimpoon?- . n rl sf da d Aooroved For Release 2013/09/25 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 4 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 uottoo luoes Wilrvil6re 44;144 tqd;i4 FT' r L. 40.441 OhOUld now lihe to add ewe porsons1 net** whieh gimiroa Applioatioo end serve to tutdo tho oontripa oftioom in tiho totoro 00Ow dmot of ow work,. 1, 1 firm'y holiovo thut the State Deportment sn4 repreeentstives should be strongly nersuuded to adopt A mom neoporstive sod helpgal ott44u40 towerd Om mon in tho partieulerly %hoes oho 4* not oni0V diPlOsstiO immunity or partial diplomatic prntectiont The WOW mon in the Amorisoo /*reign Salvino* with $umo notsblo oweeptiensi repr4 themeolvoe $e hovins * monopoly over al kinds at roprosentstion by Ameriesos in falai, oloostrioow It is iv.vit*bio I suppose* that Any away h1.i eentrels *nolo movemontli (by passport* axtanNiana and smiondoonts) ooamunicstiens (by um pooh) snoi praAtiga (14, Aountlaiia forma of recognition, dicepprovel* sod minim blaoklist ) will seek to extend these prerogotives to Pow most simutO ouporvisien control* I do not ttliok that Lho i4/OW*1 authoritios to 3tockholm ever fully aoklertod the value or Q80 work md certainly were unmindful at the versonsl and vrofneoional risks involved* The pormonel risks are of *num noll100140* but, tho prof000lonAl retake Aro grostor tor un4o1eover *gents spereting ms thoir own mow; And roputationo. I think tho Molotor ohould treat WA andor- ?over men of thie natogarv with grout nourtoey, und *mild publioly r000gnise themi 'goat or tho tit*, Lwo Johnson ostiordod me dmo recognitions Allim wa mat at Maio gotharinga he grostod me werteor cod introdueod me to othor por- tions ot#10416 113 tha vity. Wrind 4,110 last oix Mantha at mr *AY hs los* not purtitoulerly oordtal but not openly unfriendly, Oft the *Woo Z hovel paroomaly lova to onNolain about then Ohara or my eelloosuoe. X was partift oulerly recoived by Harry Carlow, Thormond Xlothm Prone voo Sohillini4 eirld w, w, Oorooran* pot to mention younger mon ogoh al Pooroon* tilhtMOS''t Currey* *t sly Mr. WaoLlogton with at first oordislj lotor 000l owl sorrow% Datil two *Ind tho grtuistor q,robobly put atlit4te1ei. in the way at A trip te ? IOW "S. it? . ? ? II ? eft , ' 9 41111. - ??? ? npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? ? ? ;. I ' 1. Declassified and Pp roved /091251 CIA-RDP13X00 01R00010041uuu For Release 2013 ..,-- UniNd SW**. 01101:1 : S'CIM? Ibillaids ** sum this 'Os net pommel biomes very try Amorieeme Iwo helpod in their efforts to got over there. Bet / feel strongly theft)). Slate Depsrtmwnt hms stood in the WY a strobitive weft to YislamAL I oe more that I sould have handlod tho Finn* and harp disaboomod their sleds it the opinion mnd hope that I imams bearing goodwill mud oeneeesiems? It the Mote Dopartmont and Mr* UaoOlintoek had not teams* is agitetod *tem Plows oupreemed joy at tho Advent of old Morison friends I 'Wink that *rnretiidtnsmeal quickly have disotpatsds Tho undoroover agent is Acre or less at the i.sre of those w.stNUinj oommunieations vls the pooch. Intormmtion as to *At is in oehlee should be loft with the oessvunieations and 000rdinating offieeve in Stookhaka and Lersisma lot I dvnot thin); allot otote Dopertrysnt efficialt should *moor sulk esommni? omtions. An rigeint should haw d:trooh communication with hls superiorsw?or he ehould nover be ment to the Tield in the first plume There should be no control by the Lactation over eonduat or esseoiatiemo? In my ease none has boon ettevitYtte--to my knowledge* 1 sespiet that it has it the eagle of others. As far so trar own 'Amyl's mre oonoorned* I ',monis' that tbe eulidity and relisbility of information nest be shookod* Bet often the poison reportino information is in a better polities to ledge of reliant*, than thooe in th14 office* If reIiabalty of an interment or of We informatima is questionedo tho reanorte for (ha 10, rmting even his or it should be aid* known. T hew indioated above, in the general rerertit or diseatisfsatiem with the dirAotivam4 Ushinoont 1 ses given a large nembor of asoigsmeate toehfsie information reprding Owedieh military strength, novel tome sod mmemmolit industrial mod ,defense prodootion? Jost me 1 WASP Gotting Ay teeth isto P1111 told to stop, the explanation bein4 given Ott the central 033 *Mee tit net With to DU in under 'Mu, wage:ion of *vying on floodsms I los aloss ???????? a. AIMP as..411.1, ? alpase 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 *Mr. 4 4 ? 4. 4 Declassified and A se roved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001004100Ub-4 ? r t ; CtwoN di Pi' - 0 , told that our militimv, naval awl sespereial attash4s iiherisi all Uto i0,000* itiation risqu rod 43 Anti this 14h04 tviy dirooktono *A th0 obooratioe ot 00 trgwiet traria 4n4 obippilm NOM1000k0 10 00 OP44404$ 140444 begs*4. setgbateh oontmets for tho obtaining of Nerwegiou intersetiesi 1 was WO then thet this WAN tot dosired$ A sugooet;ea that 1 syetematieally *Mood obeervatione to Osnmarls woe met with the statesent that the *Web owsped it adequately. Moot of the lierman rebooks I was given Utters to hod em4y theories Omit reeonitrits$1on mid 'ewe hint* sis to oesmditiope in Oermaror to report. Msny of those reports sere palmed Os soyarey until Oerel H. orriTed at Wish time he WAN OW 00000 eontests and Oath the rest* The asliipntiesto on Oermeny (both). flungory end Finland were earrisd eut as v011 0 *clad be done?but, Ono* Jane 1, 1 telt that many oppertumitiet te pother isofereotivOi on the following sobjaats wore ignored, Poseihly others predoeed loterpottem desired, It 0111 would hove profited WO to get whot I 444 14 4 militia* te Atitain. These ore the suhleate I hove is sisd* t*i11.00rf$44,1,9!! " from rituel.wat Apprnotlop - through Pis P$. or independently Om rotwoO$ violators, An4 indirectly throug% ett sill. And ecimmeroial uravolere$ sw,0,01i bomb (taiwee$ industrisl Predultiell? ffrioultwel prodm4ton4 ooveromentel ehosoi$ posits (*Wes epd son*, movooants At ihdividusle? indostriel produsties. odimi Stweda to Nowsmir. relation* betweoli 8We4ish _l r asses ion ssid military organi5o41404 (Omitted here is information submitted *r 4* b. omVoitiodg) With regard to rinsnsos, 1 Wee *Omitted e tiihr MAO, moot 440. Najor Awns AS *WO UorAlli, was originally gives 4900 * month, se mkt* opa-41Alt woo to im aulary gild the Poet teak funds, 94t it ime soon 40444 by Ov. Its Uti Iahould %too tho Oleo 'SOO tor 0414r, ullA lewd expenses 00 draw on Ty tor task funds, Until Joe* 1 this, works4 out Artite es)1$ swot -,t,..ongret? .410. pplAase 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 P , ? ? 0- ? " Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 *Fr, thittod " r 1.111:11 11,j:Ljv 1, fteT thei!, sometimes wfien t traveled muoh or mad* iv trips to eonteelmi 1* tho Stockholm suburbs. my reserve wav used up and the loud thins was for ms prtetioany to bp without fund* ut tho timo for re4e1vinu the monthly sable transfer. My financed were raemewtisit improved by ths reeeipt of "lespense feeH money from tho Swadinh-American Foundation. 9wedish-Amerisan Non Slot ?holm, the A,141e. (Workers, Edueatiofial Socioty), and Na.tur and Ultur pub., listAng house?in all about 000 kronor. I 'mooed jotting teak fUnds in &net oxoopt in cam's whore T paid out certain amounts on bohalf of Carl /4 or of tho fellowu in Vie Stockholm ?Moo. I got certain sumo for expenses, coeounted for in vw raport to Mior Alsorn?or direetly accountod for to TY I also received a tow items of grooerisa and liquor *doh either von Schillimi or tsi. or tho "honnehold of the 49 Olob" paid for. Vet mr r000liPte Imo mmoik leas than exoeuditures. uhm11 now discuss them* more froely, The !Assort 10 months were ea thl, whole pretty slim. I had only simple rations (newspaper eerreependents mod legation peroonnal got double rations) and often I had barely ensogh tor or own mode, oertOnly not enough to do anv extonsivri en4orteining at how. wee foreed tal do eonalaorable entertaining outside the hese. Pert of this might be oonsideral "private", even though many of my triemds?asedish jourime. licto, nwedieh tin 1t nnih ublie SOU, bUSin048M004 and professional PeOplgoop. were to ant. .s. To wpm outovit 1 was helped br Ty and item, ea indisetell? Dut 1 ?mad not begin to empeta with the r004110010,41,0111 of 4101P OWS 110,01100, mont wile had enturtuinmint funife end full epees$ to the emowieeet IWO' Ate greater range and lowar ;Timm of food end ligeer. Uses the osamOr of )4401, there have boom more generous retione but mortals typos of too& bovo Woo unarsileble, (1 htd about 10 eggs from August 1 to DOOMOSW Ordiart* tbio is not A auWoot for oomplaint. Dut inasmuch as oteneareuhers mod at the 0.47(4, and certain loption employ*** were ailaY Ik11444441 Idtk 0111006.01 .Crwor.sfr.ot Vir ? ???-, ?r . .4 S" I ? Ic,ifi'l and Annroved For Release 041111 09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? I. 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ,rarfr (It0tkA t? Oil ? oI 0, "I %1 fo* 119,, MflrtlititiOril with whioh they 411004 oontirmously notorish eoptecti t datibitha Ptai I in yelue vehtlatt I had barely womb tor Kg 0101 14004 Or tilkt1 to 0070,14(0* 110141$ 200kOrt at 1411 Aleotio 3 qtwet,lon tho ierriltionny or this P414$1144 Oit utillonig the 'rev Alreidil of cm* govonworit4 Notio that I da not taste theft ear OW11 SAO *IOW thlitle tre? I v?w far 103100-00 $h*$ rtAti J,pm" *ow PrAutinitily Wiporytniou 0t los 0 rood. 11quar, 4040140-wsind rerrolvred Pre* eolow,ting eartAln 41.1,1ementury eosmteneetion trio Ithe OUte Dc,artwomt his vositton mitit100. tom, DAL A empiteetwa that the rewire** available to me mom riot otriequakto to tile ),-etitato expostatio 13.11.ovi; 044 tloo goo ttv* of oortasin otlito.? tmtioroovsti siouits wortAinu 'fallout tli;losostift protSfiltiontAt ths moon% VIM, when av 01114 for mitintonenoti herei o trowel wiehtth t" !AVM 4.104430hAril tett 1.4)1iddiis 44LO?Wii 61(10 1 *WI hors rillve. staini only lAinfor,t, whioli iMittuNt41.4y $.1k avoltit03,14. hoy. not Istirned yst whom lto? On tits itX takocrlortoos 1 WJL1ditinientb,10tut (1) tlo0 sklary boo paiLl ol3 oadqut4.0 r ) rona, lAurary, m4dl4o3 ohrondlooldontsJOI (1?-') that 033 pritte twilvos 0611 *'flH tti 11,0 0nrielt1Nikrv grottte- fuotti 1.1001. 01144rott* Wi plowontst (3) that on snitortstsssmt, fowl tvirte porketiou ollomtolos (trooludint, ttai4sros ort 1.41b1,4,4 Wilmot) oltiftfn Co* mihn find p000untod for montays whorsby 41.6 101* cloci weriolonsY 4 ttoi 4rotivil1ittlik0 00,114o1:1,0(11 04*$ totik tuld4 aiii1i$04 40,400A0 tot dent it 14) 40 PitittiO0ieltiOhlay tOrt Old $hAti f*Kpitlidi$41141 t Or WAVOI 4100 10041 it ktOio-iitoo it U01. *1141111and ill t. 1.1000 *Jlastenossi (40001" Cfflternillt *IA rt04 4?01104 *Ways but t Loy 411.) otwt "entertatroonto 's Sag efoftporkslAtigo tor 144414wittovis iviotirred t thow or by othoie on Viola, bilhalre i hots omtttoil thr.. (11100t14. Qt ?4000 void 41 t40.440 tO MN. noutrtsi 00001VAr I 1114%4 yot vsoilivsd amv ror 41.,P.15pt ti, 4utrov4ly liiik*Xy 04 tthon lotiors .4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? to ? ??? ? it ? a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 ? 4%. CIA-R0P13X00001R00010041uuus.)--, ,ewseolv 4...14*'61t5srt+e4VOM-45:4_1111z,Izz-go.:L..1.,,i, unflod ?tu., t4of4io With mord to tho Mum, 1 should like ftrat of all to 000vlato ow row ports desirod on ansie eubJeut whove 1 hove inforooktion, I would Ilk* oast* Um* to witting imy noto* ovor her*. A how slromdiv in4t04tod tkis desire tv Dolor 04, Loot and Maks The dweloh I/option has promAsed 40 01.40111 top mo ft pit4t,doomflonts that 1 mod, 1 du not know now *loon 44 &oda. will 410 thio motorial over borei p1obab3$ it will t4k. torte I while 1M the maantimo wilI wood moo* *Aeries which, if MU ostuot got them sent woo*, Ohn, 1 bellow, bo obtained through tho good Wines of the 001,J, Libter, sod Ur, Butodsl, hay* b0041 asked to writs kV kt%1410 00 thedOn for DI rly, sumer issues To protest my oovert T should sit this *Pi will 4pprostAto Apy help 1 eon got in' obt*toing motariAls, hay* alrea0 wiromaed uw, wizlitte*N44 to perform arty *sok ofhassrdwil ohsrarvkar that motto to ho tistai? I de not Uzi .2/ 41** wy lo'bowledo of 0011Mil. ON:fiellfwa$ tor mo t be dropow ari;Ny by 041441/14M wahin thi onow Dot mien the iiregeipti $N beg" A would be wil4;14 to WI,o ohms* and this* that X uould monao, wital Lho hap or others, ta carry oot it ehort tort n$4100 Milts 1.11 tho OvOitt that 1oluntr1( NOMIV is throont $nto eantue1o0 br V 01411600 atteAptf 1 icoow ar alostioal or nmtionAla of they* motriss *to would be willtas ottituuje ui toto chasm ownitrioNin1 aloostiaAy oss vt * short otirtiair tIMOSIA pos* Au it Jwude it nuo.votol. cliowing itty friends to do the tall un4orm 141*040 344411000 ,urrootly4. 1-44 do )114 vilgter tho diolsotsi ** no ono dorm wt WWWW nOvondttlaviav Unguage efoll. I Squid MVO Vit by en Swediabti rinleotd) whom Plomy nvine do o4.1i 'look Yinn.A4114 but tr 3datt be st ony value there, it would im tetter thAt 3 go undor my (1Wn 1000 *Ad be iviviuties4 I Win Kot AP 1,21111tot:Ors to vloit Vinland 444 ovot tip Tim ooly ditrfigunu H1410. is 00 protlow of iluaottint, ow, own Otote WortAants XL alao oeouro to me that I might be of some Yalu* to C* I. v*, th . ..01. ? ootpase 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? ?-- -?? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 r? g N10:7" g ? Notele vhish Are 600000,14 totepieleas tree *or vein Of irt0V Drool, Strand, him, Oimitlej Oentimeatal, 'Met, ailma Aeten (else their reottarante)# Restaurants wtero onsOloo, he very serefti ore eigr; Olean asekihilsten 3rAnde Viols* 'Weber Wale Worse o (hr.) Operhallmen IX (all Up,. her.) if% 44( $014401, N 414' 6 ( # ? Alf and 41104 ? 11441.000%, haw* Die vivid Met no reotaurent is Wet het sone are relatively Moan La froquente4 by Sorvegians, br Otte &Ai 011 ether,' r040~0001 are :AMY Wee Aineaveges ant Itutgesatea, 44 owned. Ur the 00,04 tirM whi4 40100 MOM 10 an anti440 retape WOO*. lierne is new ownWhy same people - hot every's* goes there. If vioitia. enal esto tileert hotter talk thantish? In Melva %Petah out for Votol Omer and oven Aterey? ZR 40,10100016 Cirstiti 11001 flS3ssL,PaIae=, and Xggere nest often hove Axis greet% IRO is eaoh sage the menagosent is iiot Oh 000t4dt Clig#0, has her father's aeoe) 0111 P s are iaughters of sea *he haliO hoLheeii004 owe* one n Japen# 'hey are pro4apaneee, hut probes**, tele prommierioaa (they oould )14 they insist *lora, it 41. leipttiowin weft Allied)1 I would suggest that nil try to reef* these girls IOW* introduation# 'Mune lives near fegnergasan and 36/00106 Itets Li phone books Oadelius in Saltslithatea. Dill evel4 'Woos as tiker901 in J41) mature, loth theme girls um* Ai the Jape. WAWA eipestatr high.type peroon# Wined, intelligent. LuNsiz else how* theimpe and com *my who it who. On ligAgali met them direotly, *hook lor meth AmosmotWe se Sasp4110 it,0101116 Minieter). Diok coul4 get to a lot of themes ()over should he g00% for vont:voting ?Wiese. Hive isppy amigo almarhy sook give her the uoney to my for it. You eta get Italia**, negarialts. Rot00001061 1100014r40 *tog all in the net Att one., Yor t ohook the Mem tint. 'hes get help of Pt#W,* is follow certain e WI in Stookholm *44 elewhere, *welt havikeeno sPolova finamting on thee* jobs# Y.Y. All bring opito6to Oa regent development', (as *lee on ItAlisse, Pinns# 41-04tf4 Vexes worweeeno. After beim evoleli with these new fa6te* 1)04114.11 (but for full adventeces the oensoltation S)&oulA he in livettish), -hir the newer ose nen In Rwedqn might sheik through the eattee rester it Oeme001 eonteote, to cot froeh light on the altuetien. OA! should Ala* mak* *persone who have noolkes to Wald oirolesi I isnot knew kw far they eve %the trusted., but the WO gtwArrosisio little Morison', tieloot ?use Wt le used, In their efteeei erkee $1,4 tientiirie4 with the .1011041611 shoult eontokot them. ildri ? nnrCWPc1 For Release 3/09/2 . ? st. .61e*" : RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 4, 7 .g. ? ? ? ?0?6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 '11 roF44 United St*, erni41.1 L4 () r6I 14, 4 .4111,4...rer .4f .1111. As businessmen And en4ineers with business oonneotions, armr officers with profesolonol ties to OtirTanytoto. A fairly large number of business mon and 10114 smeller merchantst nowetoftlers, tobaccesiets, !lariat's, furniturs donlorm .to., aro not procisely pro-Oormaa. Thoy oonsidor thmmaolvon rro.8vmdinh ond believe that a restored Germany under neither missinn nor Woutsrm iominAtion is ossontift.1 to Nhe welfare of thoir country. Aron tho Oermilin refugees there are alomente whia n.re iontilr to osAtremow Allisd viave ocnosrning the rocoOstruotion of norlany. Inolnds6 Piro noma of nur own contacts. shall hAve to Rad ii4710 (10r1010108 OA tha ultuation if% Uweden with rospsot to Norwegians. Dullest Yinno, 14thoviiens, L?tts, Itnn,thriansi et, et. in a noparotn remort. At thin timo, Ibolisvo this offioe has adequate information in tha rel.lortm of other returaine agent., /, ?41-v." /? 41.0,10 new ? ? ites e 04114611MMOIMMOMMmw'rior . ? rur 'Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? et %' 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Unita(' Steel r,r) (JV&sl U 11..11 . . ' ? I & %EMT This story I have covered in a previout OOMINUA104010ft. Istria* it to any, Sweden was whole.heartedly sympathetio with Finland, but the majority of thoee native in rinnish relief were also anti-Nasii Sweden were 'swore of (Jemmy's' ireperatione to invade Mayo. They warned the Norwegians but their wArniAgs were ignored. A wave of sympathy swept the country. At the *Me time, Swedes were eubjented to extraordinary preseure by the (Airman, at exectly the time thet they beonme oonvinced of Zritain'e unwilling/1m or inability to render adequate assistance to Norway. As I reported onzlier, on the 1041104 of Oeheaan's memorandum, the Modes protest that they iscoepted (*rnany'crnInIe demoode for the transit of Ktroops on leave", one aotivilrasion from Vorway to riannd, and defense materials (ammunition, Pants, trucks, busee, building tutorials and maohines for torLificationo, cot this traffic I hnve fully reported, 1 have not reported on the resotions of the Swedish pros() and pol1tic*1 groups, einoe these were presumably covered by the OW! And the Legmtion. Kowever, these matters will be reported on later. As Sweden's Webs*s booms stronger, her oonfidenos grew nnd the vopulne'prtitette beomme more vigorous. Melly, in the Spring of 1943 the decision was made to stop Ote troop transit and to diminish the goods traffic At the eametime (master of 1.943) the Swedieh government ?hanged the tone of its communisations to 3erlin. Theee followed protests over Cho shooting down of the Drip n end the Glalta, the oinking of the Am the firing upon of rokon and In-iinking of fishing boats. Oertnin rikedsgsmen sued journals sharply orqacieed the lAteltad affair and the Nook Order., as well ne the loos imitnting eucceeeort to these sp Wes. Tri protest Against the deportation of the Oslo students wao, it is true, damped down; but the inoreased assistanoe given to Danish (after Auguet) and Norwegian rofogees und the courtesies shown escaped prisoner's from Oermany c.r thu OormAn-onoupitd uountriee, as well as interned Allied aviatore, nhoe d thnt ths government was reopohding to a more artioulate pro-Allied public opinion. Zarly in 1944, I would NAY thnt 90% of the Swedish people believe in and desire Allied victory. Ten per cent still think thwt 06111111017 Will not be defeated . not the noGotivenese of the expromoion. They believe that Ocomany wii.1 fight the Allies to a etandetill, that both sides will be so exhAttoted tiwbt their leaders will agree to A negotiated penoe. The wettish intelligenoe survioe naturolly reports from London that varioue otnles here consider the demand for " unuonditional uorronaer" ..,rnpramtioal az%e. even childish. To SOWS extent this reaution even reaches elements in Sweden which nre pro.411y. Ho-to general ie tho belief thi4 Or Allies could win if they oho,* to destroy Germany but will ;sot extend themeelves to the limit since to do so might mates Cermu,ny to yield to ;unveils in desperation - or that they will not extend theimeelveo for an entirely opyosite reaeon, nemelr that Romaii will threaten to pull out and conclude it ooparate peace with Oermany in order to ooniSetve her own strength. Those who hold to thio view know what the Teheran conference was supposed to have settlud . they AVO not dispoeed to regard the Teheriul decision, WI really binding. About halt the teh per ?felt of Oermanophiles, that is five per cent, are fanatioally devoted to Germany's onus's. ?hot aotually believe that darmany will win the war, thAt ehortly Woe* the end, or immoliately after A truoe, the western 41liet And Nisei& will be at eaoh othor'e throat, mul that the small million* will be so greviously disappointea at thrin tveatment by the United Nations Dig Three that they will be hAppy to torn to Oermany to ohastpien their tight for restoration. By small notional they mann Italy, ?ranee, Spain, Portugal and Switeerland, holland, Delgiom, the Balkan, Saltio sat nowndinavimn ?contrite. The most extreto expooents of this view are the confirmed Rallies young men of uncertain or lowly*yesid *Aplorment or who feel int60"0 se of *Intel oleos or family reasoae, as toll la a 7 ???t ? n rove or lur 13/09/25?CIA RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? ? . ? ? ? ? ? A ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ft/14bl 'to.* 4.6-0 t , t.1. '141.3 .2111114111LiatitlimIttInti Many of tho wow' I r000gniso ao having *eat in loyeolf, my information Wing 10400 bA010 Oh personal ohoorvetion pito tips from Swedioh telt,* Mond., Kowloon' hnd otortos in the prove. Other Romeo 40 sot know, or they ere persons I knew about ANI still **solder he relatively unimportant. tt seems to mo that it would Vie wise to distrome ghe mimeo of ouspooto oolong All the ON *ad thoroby got otos *swot' reports on them. Rotates, Sr dump/ahitu oerthinly bolea sympothotie with the Axis - bat hao oho hotually porformod intelligohee work? I haven't mon M7 direct evidsnos of It. W. Thub ohnuld not he ?on to Itet, thine. he was, and io,it welloIrnown jakkakiax As WM 0Qteni AM./Viso non wit, i?o dwoftish Nowt MA telaW4 movement* which tire mmoh less oimplo than thoy aro ohewn on the Atari. In the propaganda station, I would qmorillaik (who )ao enpolot NAli proP441m4A), 2.21111111. (41v; 14 An out*--iia 4;iiut Mai eerreopoodont am& who does very bo intorproted as propagomda in *Naos $one of his artioles hnve been 0?114k0tN Wt that ie often Y.A*II LIAO). , (very dose to Oritooman bUt A complicated, peroonality). (if you 0414 oAtch Stoinovik you 040 4$0 oatoh W.I. Sesitrit4 ng ea uros 4ynaleate), As to commeroial ospiomace, ?hook with Store,. The Oeetapq set up looks io part like oit - nM prepared. Sit it needs rovioing Afici I ousgeot that Mil 0. eon de it in the maamer indieated, i.o. ?hooking with men in Otookholm, perusing the Moo %hors ead then ohcoking with Mormon and SOtierstrOm, using P.M. and his elmatnoto, whe should. not be soon with any of our poopla k Soublo Cheek. there are oortain othors moo* hero whiohnrs of value in their conneotiem. the use pr000duro OSA be followed with record to Atowehr, Sermon spate, emepegt German amts mn4 oovor addres000. I know that our people in titookholm koop in ?loos, toomh with the britioh AAA llorwegifta aad resently nuosian, also oven IthliAti A$0h0/041, nut it might thr well for 14111 0. to koep mwny from these, At lonst from the humoian nad,Italian orasnionm tie*. and individuals, If rtlx04 Swedish Is fluent mourn, No might non toot tru Welt Ortip*4srorktra? fmmolisktim la, member of the Internationellk Klubbm or? b, hir111404 now organisation * who hod part of her edmation in DerOnny and who hoc mow OormAn oonteots, Oho is frion14 to the old Oermany, not at all pro-Nasil somowhat Wiesrimisating au ar ty nwedieh women, and mon, too for that NOW,. Mrs. 04 held offored 4A several 00(1461004 to rnnige A OW Ot obeer-aboati for me to meet her friends klho may extond * similar invitntion to Sill O. She is *best 361 short, plump, alitrmotiwe, and Aivoroed, *no eon of 14 Mal to0/0014,4, vorke with nor fathor, who is A (00a photogrephor. AIMtoo hurried now to report on 'inland. Ono fairly sempletc report 6 was soda Artor tty Ueptembor vitt. If and when I mat?. my Mask metes* 41,w mows k fgller report. 2 presume that our Stotekholm Wiwi is wevering rtalioA through loonl twedimh oontaate, Oho VMS.* intelligettee, J. '101,0 dor 14 other Nelotaki imento fond throu4h recul4r diplematie ohannels.) I A* ohrthIn however, that not onouh uss is Ando of Miltwiem Aalto, ASPS, Xallialo, Soto, ROM (relative or Ty) nSmSainos. nimonen, Marvial ;rvi, howeil, Lindogren, Mn,Ound, 'loan Y41006,4 ARA othor 000thoto lohloh I hove meds, eomo ot them or ooveral yearos stAsding. Homo of thnwo portons avs well known to Vy but diodained by him As having "no standing,. V, Hillnmen, who divorood ht o nuNsion.born vItq aa4 .married portly.Jewish Gerahn refuge* homes ho had mm* is Prides. It is posokb/a Wit the Witter is not highly roordoit in 40A* Artless he still hout the *Wort of Marthat X4nnerhoix anA io very oleo* ti Virtue*. Iiilliasus oat ether prominent pl.o-ally fiord'''. The wiper% OK 0001104 Int43.igoomm4hryloa4 and Itelated OretuallAtiOni t Yinlame to %sit* 0040,0440 AO tar MO 100014 I hove AAA* A5 independont otudy of tholes NOW, 104 Vekt wiAh th, 1441, elai (would moot from pro4mortes* ?inns it should not be We r ? -???????00 Ir ?11116111. ? ".amisOMMOmmomr..JA111"1446410111MOIMMrsim:10+ 0100410005-4 A .,???-nxiori Fr Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP1 X0000 ? ? ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 (.17s. tf , Aktfioult * tasks Just A few 'wombats u? Vowel* Sag *ad heal IOUs* are known by thok rieieehervi Va's sea in Iteekholsi 460 (would prel'Oly lears mereatout their aotivities if gives' * oh/moos I hove elm them but stayed ewer from them as that I would, met eelberreoe my other oontaoti during the limited time I hed t IWave Swedish contents who aro very otoee ta Gadoliss If he to eo dose to Mr444 as to th properly Puree'', these tweiteh $44A0010A0 0444 100 MOTO 01,0$011 AANTfAtis Yo* rTMAit011 I have kola for yaarel he may have been pre-Osman but ho to not new. Iknov %NA orircatepsle very oloee to the appeasement group (pro-a)ly and 60,1 UOT1,01444 Ruesia), Hannerheim * Iinow generally kA0114, 14 not deteestacdly anti...Russian, tr000pe, /WO', Swedish Molotov. te $AO Is probOly regarded AN pre-German 16004UPO hits positioa as alaieto, sore or toss shut off fro nioee nontaot with hio people, has forced his to represent AH Offiniol 110110Y eahily interprited se eetigsally whoa it 14 40tuAllY ?TAY Pro-rientoh, Rameasylo, I believe, still pro-Ally At heart, no to ohargsable with maladrottneos in conducting relettes- ships with Cernsny on thn 000hAtOMA of Amorieaa pesesure on MIAMI to get out of the wkr with %maa. euviranta, rippiag, shills, mod sea or that stamp ern still very friendly with America, 1 do net believe we have fully exploite4 their friendshtys beedish rode), Domoorate do not emoept the view that Tanner to int:orris/017 sati-luostait est vigorouely regent the suggestion that he to anti-Aritieh, It mar *till ba neoeeesry for the Yinno to throw Tanner overboard if they are em000esfully to nagotiate uith the nuesiones *at 1 its met %limo ttAt owe should uneritioally nooept the Dritteh Nor Itsoloy) view thai Tanner is hopelesely oomprknieeds 1 know the Auestane, aa4 their ihimodteh Communint have assailed Yuori, Labor %tea 11,04, A4 a renegade Communiet and A sort of wm, Orlon mosent of the emplerore, point of views Hy own opinion, und that of the 3rItifth Labor sea (?tiese) who talked with him in Otookholm, to more favorable, lifting frost wbst I have learned here in London, Maud to not being adetuetely mowed, I believe that now - whether the present negotia!dose mooed or *et, Is very setiefnotory Om. to gond several an to r1nim4. OC.40 ithimit News diplomatic status and proteotiont others ehould have the greater freedvm nod unci.ertake the risk - of going in without this protection. Sem Swede, might be used. Harry Woman has good oonneotione there, 'se do oeTtain ftedish oncinoaro and oommeroisl repreenntetivees ?Wand *Wilt be rich in possibilities for disooyering movement, of troops, shipplag, oopuumorla coeds, personnel; form' an4 Wilton* tit 110041014 rinnioN, Oerman batty attitudes towards the war end poet-war plaaatagi and tospinnAgio aotivitiso (alio counte4heopionage) in Woto entire Nevtits Am Goon AO I get my notes I shall be able to aelooriba the ergeatsati-4 and !lormonnel of the pro-axis groupain Ovedsn. N4w tt is Wfloloa4 %e oay that thorn never wcto N mu;ority whioh favorlid thn Ant*. nvehto Won, and aftilr the 9th Ap4.11 1lu may ha drahatiollis dosoribed, I doubt thht nnyons on afty dafinitely what the nitttlidm of %ado% was in toms of 110roortnite rliotriWotion of thm polmlatian or or ptrttowlor clap, or hours. ror yearn. the' imut mnj rtt,y ar U r Ntatl' !AA %,Ith ftylprahonsion and Allithoto tho riots of seat poger. When 414 wax in 9optsmber 193n, Om one dominant thought was aisfonce m'AiplooMio *04 ),.11ttar7 deem,. Swede* realised that they were not rroparod Alt A niiitary wv, AAA they remlised that it wae tee late to try to uaite the n0tton4 or the ihorth ()Inland, Woden, Norway ma Donsark) ade4ast the two poet likely aggreesoro Oermnny Ana Ausota? 3r the time of the WinUr War in Vinland, they 'waived that they hAii gained A brief mod 1/110*Arignio respite and their were .oring as quickly 44 they neat to repair 11?014.r (tertNoiso, attook on 'Inland *wakened a favorable yellows 14,n41.013. known, thoueando volunteered, millieas or *money were voloodi for oki '"""i4K041, sflm humani ww' tarian, AAA some o Olf$A *rod astive aUIass with wi 1,14141C- r 11140?11. . NOW0100 or their eepoueal of the Immo of Pinlaet, Sailedlor psalm (1;ii":::t forma out of the government and a striatly sitoutrale --mt0000siotently owportid kid to Vin14044) was 644114*C -JD .4.4111.11. 4 .,...111110110111111.111111;011:114111Mosimobi I .,, - Pnr Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R00 410005-4 Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 - ?r- (1 p IqUalt eal:g1 171 Moto reing Omit 23. Piromesides. Vith inerieen Lego t4apiiMe0 31101.11 laaar Artildealke bat Weeks UtileIleg/leti? AU, meet* people of ether aatimialitios? Priendir not partirelarly prio-A117. SW mosso I. he about the activities of Amorianas iamt we be is santatt with ihreilish ?snail imit if is it is a "err lees arrangement. she koOtts s waitress at the Streit& let 4 who was oils. *hairs& Vs.a It.A.Y. I emaisst tIts "prosbe otentsetok throe* ileSt 11. I as cantittent that A* (the wait4es4 alosIA b. Or value. Gera I. bas near Ir4Uttaii asgettlatameso. she barna: is probelily on the Gestapo WA* list. 111101111aas. Loves important people co& siewepapenism. ? 27. Moog 30,1095? WPM Oelreltal V Is as aanditors for Telegratetirelee4s eet Pribeli0 dos, a little listeniag to resteereat nenvereetien al the side. Wevertheless, abs is *rely hishar to, the Vt. She will ***veal anthill& lint it would per to lids over her present &la formst friends mrpeetally3ritallteestall, sadist trionte, with the view of learning what pence* have leen di rested br the Swedes (not the polies. Veni aortal* privatormsm. Ilikeitigumen etc kr rivet* fitivideale, to vete% the Anerleans. 7 jalatt 1 I hews n notes on this work in StoCkholue but meet of it vote teemed In to iloy to be transmitted to the loaW and Washiheee efflesee The list of agents arrested for sepiolite, is lasomplete. It Nal* brought up to date and card* prepared on eaeh men tram Stowthhools data* wuppleeented bytreports fro* TY IL T.S114e. eto. I think await pay MU O. to cultivate I. UM, and get the inside tepe as these IOW Igliften in the clink, or still are. 1 think that all the regular Ncocktail-olieate of the lege** wool and the OW/ *rod should be put on tu., was:pest list. text, the employees of the various ?aloes; Mebelgatan 2. 7. had 3111loteksg. 2 are with few mcomptioas. purshisahle. lam.IMO are the caul of honestyywudh as Nebelialaits. telephone operate, Win, are careless and as give things own unintentisaallIN I %mat Aortal:ay check all of Mebelos friends to see who is table 1141 lam from her. Through iteppy. (q.v.) one can learn the names of Ski get otortantel with the models and mannequins who Are fondly regarded hr sone at the Gestapo. and "Witte secret servioes as proper sweats. Itspeelelly X And on, who attyaete atseation whereor she gees. test at thee, ars pro 7 s upld sad et Interest oily la that Ulm attreat &grew at admirers* real avid Wm", Ake would moor elector ertally. The cohaflk.se on.** nebltilig IW It gess, Nero nista sdieCtiliep' .; . believe that too mash tins great an Vas maks sene personally laterestiateestaeWthle 7,!.., traitress**, taxi.eiontteire mat , house, oleo milk telivert igt-riso aevelaper, , ? repairmen *UN art Mak- WU* trUIVUI 010 Ott at attaii, , Prir Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 VilW4141r1.7"tftW4titipcift,?, ittre,:e! 4411i,(1s3:,4?t4 comic OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON, 0, C. 11Q z Autinaei J(JQUQIIExuoutivo OViloor, ioth`N Hlohard Liout,, IlLWaT; hoporL by Boy V, P@ol Attaunoo g ropor4 (AA (mid:LW:no Iv hoy V, VOW upon ulo roturu to uountvy rrom nJo 1045oion atwoou, T1 iwh464vol olopohlLiQn you on0000 to mako ur It. Altounmogt144 T-Ou4-J4A hoport (trAtod t V. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 I. r ? w ' ? r ? ? 1 ? 'it ? ? rt 4i: - ?? r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 .00 4.Tt ??. Dirootor, Wet, AI Report en Yield Oonatts1-18 8411mItted bys Roy Peel Attni.01044 ins report OR rield eohdittooh. irepared by Itoy V. Peel. Appropriftto ***time of Vh? attoohod report have hem referred to 1601 Sraneh and they have taken settee% thecae*, Attaclueent "'Psi ?106 114 ? 'Wm 1, 000%ra Aeting Chief ? '41. W 1.. , -4??,. 4.0 ? i???:%;c:!'?i'''''3? r Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X06001R000100410005-4 , - *440 40.,ttail - ? 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ofit4 41111.- TO PI OM Director. ,Oh'ef. PI Report in rtsta Ocnditions Outwitted by, RAy Vs Pel Attached la a report en field oenditiene prepared by Roy V. Peel, Appropriate eeetiGnn of th atiaebst report have bees referred to X41 branch And they ye taken action thereon, iron L ota?rik 3 r) Adam; Ohief Atimohmont ..,...,.0.,..11NaNu& trxtrxmvibr. ...?......,? . - 17 -,--- - - -- . trti.. , , . I I?"' :tt i it .3zti-6 ti _j.0-41;a: ;;T-L i'..PT:2111i .r' ? ' ' neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ?WV ?-? , ' ? . ? '.4.4 4G 4 1'4r, '41141.11111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ,.T -? 41111:1C45P?Wft ' `6-1,- ? ? 14:11 ? 11 '114, f ? - Pi ?-? 7:0 -41 +4,4- _ - ;;;? ? ' and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Report on Return from the Field I pioked up a large agenda on my summer's trip through the Mediterranean. It wan made up of a few vary interesting big things and many rather exasperating small ones. Since I have taken these all up directly with the various people who could do something about them, I see little to be gained by revtewing them in a report. The other day we were discussing how the Theater Officer fits and fails to rit Into the OSS scheme. You suggested that I not down my observations in my report. With your concur- rence I will devote it exclusively to that subject because it was the field which gave me an entirely new conception of it. It is very pleasant for a Theater Officer to go to the field because there he is considered quite some punlkins. Tho Pield looks on him as its representative plenipotentiary in Washington, With trembling trustfulness it is ready to put most of its precious fertile eggs in his basket. It expectr. him to -et results, on high levels and low, tn Washington. rt doesn't expect an unreasonable amount because the Pleld no longer builds illusions about the effectiveness of Washington's exertions. Nevertheless, Washington is the one place to which it can turn. So it keeps hopefully asking for help and it expects the Theat.r Officer, the one man in Washington whose interests purport to be identioal to Ito own, to draw forth this help whether it is to come from the lofty realms of the Joint Chiefs or the menial machinery of the Registry. And no the Thenter Officer cruises about the theater gnthertng big problems from little fellows and little problems from big fellows and once in a great while vice versa. - A .wrs?ari Pm- Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP X000 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ,1. Y4ORFO. OrtOrFigt IrOt Pk in l'f""Pirat* " ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? ?4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Ifirrep ? ' ' OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES F oac: WArnINc*TON,D.C. Ire ? y 0 October 1044. Chief, MAritime Unit The Director Subjeott Report or inapeotion tour of MtArittme Units in the, MeditorraneAn Area. 1. On 0 Augunt 1044 departed the NAtionel Airport, WAahlngton, D. 0, and vinited the following places' Algiers, 0A1ro, AlexAndria, Oyprun, DAri, NApien, BlenA, FAlconarA And Rome. In Rome of the Above plaoen I round little MAritim* pernonnel or Activity und therefor' will dal/iota my report to the locAtions whore Maritime Aotivity WAN being cerried on by poraonnol of the Maritime Unit. My objectivo in vxmiting then(' plecon WAS to Iexplore the posaibility or conducting further Maritime Unit Activition And ancortaining whether or not Additional pforsonn411 WAM needed or whether poroonnel AlreAdy there could be made al/41101e for WO. With that objective in mind I notified the reapective Ohleta of the Mr tin Units to maks Available ter aaelgnment to BEA? All poroonnel And equipment not necessary for their Aottvity. :. Oelro le Lilo administr*tive heAdquArters for VMAritime Unit in the Middle it, Tihe personnel in the Middle EAnt coneinto of the following ?Moors *nd enlisted winl !;4.4 Vejkl:ft I spl ft, " ? t.;'1.1.0`x Ops ? 41"11111111111"1"111111111111111111111111.1111..'.*.41,4 3 00001R000100410005-4 - onrirl nrwrwgq-i For Release 2013/09/2 . CIA-R SECRET- 4:P ? ? ? vit .? diamiL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 -wow 11111111111P'14111"inrilhaliK4N .rth t 14. kir ? ot2,1C..A DoerIng.?.; ? - 11.P.C1,-,:=.4414!it 9, (nor Reppnepc1,10 use ot Rep !oil's' _ Co,ukhlIn so as tee apireo e I" Aire o tor to - Oft,t , k ' '? "?:,! ? ' = ? 1,...,11 ? 4 Put ? .1W Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 1,1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ?., - -1 t,t,) r"- ? ' ; `'? ???? , _ ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ,R101 '? , tv rwricwirrt 4110 SECRET. or VICE OP eTRATIOIC t4ERVICKt4 , f I 1 I 15 September 1944* 1.7 Kg AIM! Y Irt.rtiC1.011 IN 'ruse P811111.11611C sudsy SUBBCTI Report in Acoordanoe 'with liners] order Mo. 63. TO I The Director, Office of Strategic Services, Washington, DC. (Thra: The Chief of OSS, Cairo.) PART / - Service with OSS Turkey in Istanbul. L. my first acquaintance with oSS was in March, 1943, when I met Lanais/ Maolearland. He had just arrived in the Middle East from America onroute to Turkey to establish an OW Mission in that country. At that time I was Regional Communications Security Officer for the Directorate of Communications, Amy Air Force Headquarters, Washington, DC., and was assigned for duty with the 19th Airways Communications Squadron covering the area from the Persian Gulf to Tunisia. I had oome to that position via oompetitive examination and appoint- ment in Washington, and several months of active duty overseas. When Lanning McFarland learned of my background and training in security he asked me to joist him in Turkey to serve as his security officer and assistant, for at that ti- bia only assistant was Mr. Arch Coleman, who had come from America with him to do SI work. I had always wanted to go to Turkey, so after some weeks consideratisa I &groecl. to join OSS to handle security and to assist the Chief of Mission, and application for transfer was made in April, 1943. As transfer oould not be of.. feoted for some weeks, Lanning MacFarland and mr. Colman proceeded to Turkey and it was understood that I should follow E.s soon as possible after the transfer. 2. Transfer to OSS was a000mplished and orders issued on 14 JUDO 1943, and I reported for duty with this organisation on 23 Juno 1943. To my surprise I learned that I had been named a special Funds officer, and as such would be responsible for the disbursement of and accounting for unvouohored funds. ko I had had absolutely no training or experience in special Funds this seemed like too big an order when added to the other duties which I was expected to perform, but I was assured that it was only a temporary arrangement and that a qualified Finance Officer was to be sent from Washington. it subsequently developed that none arrived in Istanbul until August, 1944, some fifteen months after the mission was established, and that Colonel Rehm, Chief of special Funds, Washinaltea? bed never been informed that I was to do anything but Special Funds, These drew- stances he learned of in septembor, 1944. 3. I arrived in Istanbul on 13 July 1943,and was immediately put to mark to see what could be done with the office facilities and personnel that we hod on hand. Lanning MacFaeland had first arrived there in May with Mr. Coleman, but had in the meantime made a round trip to Cairo for conference, and had but resent- ly again returned to Istanbul. He had therefore only just moved into an offiee SECRET -=g 1. '1111. :kr- -41"11111.16'--41._ ?ptlx, ? ? `1,.: , 4 I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: s% ? -41" ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 7%-alr -.4pipprnprorj. ? -a, pot 't t!' - SECRET. ()VVICIC OP 141414,V/C.:1414 IL 14, 44.141411' VOItC11.14 IN musk klir/r)1014 /CANT 13 September 1944. SUBBOT: Report in A000rdanos With Genoral Ordsr Pc, 630 TO 1 The Director, ?Mos of Strategic Sorvicos, Washington, DC. (Thrai The Chief of OSS, Cairo.) PART / - Service with OW Turkey in Istanbul. 1. My first acquaintance with OSS was in March, 1943, when I net LISMniat Macfarland. Re had Just arrived in the middle East from America snronts to Turkey to establish an OW Mission in that countay. At that time I woe Regional Communications Security Officer for tho Directorate of Comunications, Army Air Force Readquartore, Washington, DO., and was assigned for duty with the 19th Airways Communications squadron covering the area from the Persian Gulf to Tunisia. / had cow to that position via competitive examination and appoint- mut in Washington, and several months of active duty overseas. When Luning Macrarland learned of my background and training in seourity is aoked me to join him in Turkey to servo as his security officer and assistant, for at that time his only asaistant was Mr. Arch Coleman, who had coma from America with him to do SI work. I had always wanted to go to Turkey, so after some weeks oonsideratina I *greed to Join 08.9 to handle security and to assist the Chief of Mission, and application for transfer WAS made in April, 1943. As transfer could not be se.- footod for some 'woks, Lanning maearland and Mr. Calm= pr0000ded to Turkey and it WAS understood that I should follow as soon aa possible after the transfer. 2. Transfer to OSS was a000mplis hod and orders issued on lA jUDO 1943, and X reported for duty with this organisation on 23 June 1943. To my surpriso learned that I had been named a special Funds officer, and as such would be rosponsiblo for the diabuesemont of and a000unting for unvoushered funds. As I had had aboolutoly no training or experience in Special Funds this seemed like too big an order whom addsd to ths other duties which I mom exPeetet te but / was assured that it was only a temporary arrangement and that a qualitiod Finance Officer was to be sent from Washington. It subsequently developed that none arrived in Istanbul until August, 1944, some fifteen months atter the mission was established, and that Colonsol Rehm, Chief of Special Funds, Washingtelas had nom been informod that I was to do anything but Special Fundo. Those etroim. stance's he learned of in soptomber, 1944. 3. I arrived in Istanbul on 13 July L943, and was immediately put to 'lora to sea what could be done with the office facilities and personnel that we bed On band. Leming McFarland had first arrivitd there in May with Mr. Coleman, but had in the MOAWAMO made a round trip to Cairo for oonforonoe, and had but resent. 17 again returned to Istanbul. Re had therefore only just moved into an striae SECRET ? 3.4 .11 A A to, ppiease 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 Crr 2 s. ? ? ? , ? .1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? 1 SEORET It . ; I In ispisolor $ow 'AMOY'', Flom" Sal A.40t4oliee 4041140.61 Md. 100? U. r I TO tarastora Ortiso et Itratosio 4orytors. eleolgaltoo. DS. Moil Os Mot a 0414 Odra.) rpmI isarviao with 044 Tvotor in totootel. Li Pi tint ooeilatatooto id* ON woo to simpOltip 1943, ghat I INA ametragi No hod Jed arrived La too 'AMU MO bee OWL* owes* Tie*, is **MAU* ea ON lloolos is thin *Wt. At IS tile I ISO Ilegliosal itosesoisott000 SostrAtir Other 1%. theMws4s ot CloomodeattoMpi, - ALP Pore* Kiediquertfetti UMW" MI sod go olollasodi to* wit% SO 1 Amp foomOLOOttoO0 ogwoiros averts,: tiro otos boo the Itomokai 0412 TuoloLos hod aom to that smattLosvu empotittes soolooktiloo old oppototo mat to lookatosteo, oat moral loathe et sotl" agir mpwesse. oak wail MooVoraosi Lawald of NI %doves* ead *Mob% to aeottrity ho NMI so to, 40114 MA to Vote, to wee ea Me osoority 000lotesiti tor at Wen WOO kis oar aosistant wi M. Leah Oalosoaitalotthooll eon tram Amiss Mai Otis to 140 aX wk. I hog doors wasted top so attop sew mkt esoollialitall 1' tAlo Jots 044 to Imallo oosotAto, amain tho &tot or Sato/ NI elation hot *smog* woo latio $o April. no. ? Wombs) Sod* omit rooted tilt 1POSIVI, WW1* Milierarland sad vit. edam sot it woe valovoto6,1 that I Sho44 MU* ao seas so WAS after iiiro Transfor to 4114 Ina asoomalohol so4 *raw Loved ao 34glise om mortal too Autry with Ws oreoaloatioa kJ Mu 1,43. To I touted that X WI %mon wood o 41*(114 pools ?Moore ad es wok goolA rsoporalblo Ay the dlobianomot or oat .wsat1a r vammaisesiA, f. I hot hot ohoolotakyo tralatog or osport000s Sa floo0So1 VW* Wile to Ildig oft iorOor *boa 44444 to to *their 4stio* widet Imo lot I woo sootwo4 Oat it woo poky awiteziovvompossat ad OA Mums *Moor no to ha soot trio Itatiesvankir moo soirtiod toteshol votti Moot. 1 amok Moos soft l. ootahlishok togi that Oslooat RON ilgot of 1sa2 Pellio. tarter boos istaraol that I was to 411, *myth** loot *twee he looraoll of is tioptooloore 19444. 3. 1 *Wood la totozOolk oftIi floly ItiOloot *IS to ow whit IOW lop loos olth Moo little* L'oolUilkos oat on Mai. Lomoing aloioleos1ao4 hog hoot aritio4 Woo kM La the ommonlas mg* a meet trip to loin Si 1,7 Non opoturooll to totaoloili ishog tivonfors fisly Net asitid Moto Oh an. SECRET ? 41.? % ? 111110eepai - e? rIfr4anri AnnrOVed For Release 2013/09/25 : C1A-RDP13X00001R000100410005-4 ? , .641.44 4 cr. Declassified and Approved For Release 201T/09125 :21541-sit(0002C7f41,R0001 10005-4 4 eith the Apariose AttodieinIstelebel? 1110 ottsoo seasiotal et *Oh had loop lost tow ammo aid it sem Wow Otte* that lath the arriimi si additimet persermal IW both Oil sail ties Militorr Afetembis? ti inioesoary to rind larger Wise tierliars? At theit ties On aessisted et Imustog eissrir31r4 tat.. 44141004 Pio SPOPU011o gage ing portiptias stsmsk i.ma, aestima maks rosidest et rofts?114 Ilrea with **A 4 0111411 OW it OM ispeosilite tr do WOW is the osigi 'MOO we hod NI ?U23 saimiaia proper seseieity? There was else saeldwar as?w. 111101600 bid * NI 4Witho3y *part in eperstims aad sem. lbw does eineataides with tor *Mee et that tim? ItUnbiel ese sootrosted la 1943 tk sovere4 peyeleleas WM* ..sikt 40 la looking fir erttimereethr epartmeot tar peroseat Sa wig*. Ale letssteet lakt IMO sr. tire?esaimadqp, la ths Met SM las to deal 1,10 pawls whe sedroied with 41 the saiseasteriatles dOw* twik ?sad tiaatieei ilia ars to IMO toad Is the Iiivei* assil hews" am is Aseirissa or is reproseeting ea wow et ths Swims treeeimiali is wield set Iowan' ollars math a Aneri is* weld he diem as Ado owns turgi dd* prised sedan* thst ma be NOM es Soh Slat t res 'es eat basedrod tbsoo hemirsi de34.ers * depseilia g ot tha individeal et:Wm ties artsest. reirdky? limo Niro Oil %mil tiso sti3.1 a large seesber er dem* and ethar ads Satimalie 014 ius 4110044404 th4swtlato in the mats* and their osareitar 'vow 'es testis* - Yearthly? looms the starde Est MU sad the staadmils biedeess. 81 me ideet em getthwi? That is to sq, it is impossible t? flat sit , ere * Wel it la mesesary that me parsexally isageot plass Order Mies kesatiag to a le?el soot or enhassy **gym with aserweess Ilist ese *Wm satistasteri relealtio kM leatke? *ea ose has at leali Assad ism he met arrow the Wawa et imostery et ?eistmtsc_ armies at at., Iriesatti ter elate/ 044440 is MOW de *et Woo oil Owe tessatose thet era seeetelly rinde in en Asada* real eetato Ones* tt-f- 3 Fit- .3 ? as The net neat or all the lOregeles wee that 1' *peat, oa the at least a third it not a holt or my time leektai either Asp epees ter Ones, Sot mroetrat or Ayr roman/ she were seriviNge At that time it had lima *Wed that it went4 he the rams or the *Mee is Amish 11,11?11, to persessid. Itisir salmotim was Marston op to the Weise' Wiser or liat4 pirwa116* the tametiais et tbeit ortioe? It iso setessary81 *tart spertoott looting ever la WA et the prostios et emers is 'uii*g ow* their theta fir thei sets? res. NOM *tie they swie La the oevestrr? althea. Salami MO OM it 10 Ms to sestets as eartoesim the loess. On Oelisher l? 194) the Wiese vas soma to he top floor et s. legated is the esairal liminess illatiriet sal mieveidesit lie Ilse isissides eat /016Msh Islisssies oaf othilm Vlo teak with es so * oseeesst Ube Klttv Atte.. ill* tea sseorol rams for lite ottioes **0 emealdirod theellose lele to hss t Atte with we thr the mama that amy St stir iroXiesie 1et 444.441 1 :'