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November 3, 2016
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August 1, 2013
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August 16, 1943
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 , tioco.v.kw � 4,7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 , r Pesskolthsigalcis taa the lettokatoz:i4it".0411,000--: batias44, :1114 411oratips. This 4140001 Of ,the t 464iissikeefaikir:i� 112;000,-! Onealt.C.. Th4V14.�1-*A00 . p. SlOthoo, or otbOrwiei.� , Of the eatipatod $14000 Ocrikaa. *Wad* -200,100, if$0,111 * Iitto_or� 1.14-000-.0014.flak tt,sps, 11, diair MOO, S�h Ihn� t*S.' .11liogor ' - ;. AVIIIIMMS., , ,, lOot'140,---bipaiiieSCAlie ".Ilialtafte .10. ,L. taltai::11100. ...'llhe eleimmais lealt- 190 ,statiik. ''"'ili�': -T.O.hiolea SM tb. .fl.old gum mad the .Ztalilitiis- ZOO. lik)9 ;llama, ,�4�et ' TO �Satigi.alieraft :gips "id. tli" Itakialuo 87.4 . � . . - :nit! -.1*-Iii. of the iierseas is ''''' : ,40:16,-high. air, Le WA, OW% �-li-Itiolotliiskattor the -heavy ft- � Iiiit', ihteh.,....esi that Os ,ara aisigrfai:17 in;"siadition to resew eaeli'.,t'iiittioa:briediatily, iiiit,11=1. laie..:Itiliane -arctheught unlikely to oolletitata-firot�Ltae troop* a* "at' tile ,th us 'Atinuv. _ i:AP.ars 4404404114.0rWO 1!,OggieHiblie the fighters are ia Naples. ;Int .difonoe' of lt,1i'e toe: I ajleR - � ati.:4411t, long ,r4,14, have shown, greatly increased activity. On the----15,Wandi'lflik they begin to sove'r siaiialtion by thrusts cr -ta. Aperiagf.n raids over Foggia and Naples have provoked t4,414it'fighter resietanee., Ofk� � 7.3 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 0 'is ma' _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R006100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 tr- 11.015.rer 116,-1 P' af'cl"0;64rW" X On the Leninfora4 and Labs Ilimen treats* �tbiti /evert Russian sitteAks, but there is no Imentiesk Russia* ssomuniques� In the Smolensk area the hassians have Jodie, of thii railway frost Sykkil il idso in the eenth.ay ba_ wiles. The Ge'rffinis are 'belUired te Jaye itranatersed- miens fres the *la:4k area to 11* Swellosk fiat. At Mans, k, the Russians: have 'made some pregimis -to milli* 110 niles of the sity on the northwest aad 4444. At .111arkev the main f river Verska. bat the.' tailed: lite 'IlieSiame reSomird Moir 4011#10110' and pushed SO siiles to Lobed's. On the sewtheist. the Seastans to slain advanoes and titipy hav, saptearod Ilitiv� 1110111144e, Gamins =noun.** lib.4010ustion of Elarkoir. Pffireistalit eoratter4Dateittiltrot Vita" '4 lie thealiriiijil Thir.�;_ have--�,b.f,en '4094010.,:_fit is the , Slim and - eh' :the wi In --.'esmemeitt , -1--'m.!IrOffio.,� - . resent :�. `110. .110 dipole ir so On ,ItneititikiAlOima,:*biliiiiiid at th.Aiad litike .ted out tMt t'amber' et lathe .speettleg mewl& of 42 paws.* tivialeas.:,: She -Otimir' the ether Iito *beer/vas �repeopt-- r:- are teem to be as. ' , is now a** bleat flor0.*** at tense, This alums t ,now Of - eensidiliable *vital eesetrnotions, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 - 3�1 "tows � -1.4/5', 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RD-P13X00001R000100470001-2 cr Z411 There are further inticatioas that Concentrations at points on the Wu Pe be a forWard movement east or this MOTs all seek. , . '4ifk �,t +.1taar.L,-.1,1)..re ' '1� _40 units have moved frem.the masters Se' have ,been driven out of their �t 1v GQiM5. This move ves feLloaid by the -10448tpotbL5 raid and other &engine toot* offietii'ittinfth r�twas so far resolved ihOwia Ia' for final figures can be reaehed more information Mist ; -;z:�1 2.1 ne.12120iiis Baireka-is held Woes 6000100 ,INIps; Loadings were aids on Vella Lavelle on the eliminating the positions held by_Obout ;Ws attempted to lend 1500 orl$000-trOoPf,1040'10.1iarge, by 4 destrOiverivAierioen dogtrots?, dailaged tao.of thee:- a third, then iitt0041c'thwhirsos4nd ars:the' i to; have treeps_trolaCthis IOC*. On the night of , telOted`ret0fOioeient by sidairine, but this frustrats llear*ROiiilpiAhree ;op ships,of aboiat V000 Sins; with, -desk lo.40 of - WOO a, r..'Hmk. Supplies are being, bre to Tam :4101 and perhaps oleo I)* the seas umiak outpapit emghstas�a� ai 4:;:::pe7wfsa:iooa:kpoaskis_::;ojiria ja, xasi.:70;bp..07.0,61;04:5",ibcslabandlbasiodYeTkihulubseihr'baankelh;b4ib.:;;46111711911:ftb.14:16"bstf6:3:41'd.t.ena:r - , 44 t , ' iiipili can easily be,fiithed in the next dry seamen. , 11* If.., - ' Olilyone submarine is in the Indian Ocean- ,and there have been no attacks. One Liberty ship vas torpedoed ottleppiritu Sento, and ono ofrSogs, but neither vas inink. One Jap pUb-40 sunk off Mew Cele., s -Ivont in the Aleutians are- Oahe: on the 16th/16th and foUnd -10;000 Japanese.' , obscure. Allied forces landed at none of the estimated garrison of dB I. OD di ND Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 szatIrr� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 WO...AV lb* Staailk isms is ogooloitig vp *a oast *oat, It toolglapotio mills 12*. aar iris;tari istie-014,iii� Word real V Miro tireileop It ta yew tli IOW area at Saila lior'esii� Uri/ la eke *week lir tervassi al *Plat MOW attirEstataialiesi, Voila Sir Asuitaks,40A0�� list oirm- tike , .':'k' )004: *it *We WO Wesi ma ailWit -attk tika mar a* lio goisisa -sio Aliblarillilit VirtA1re4. 6011011 it Italiag.'-kr"s"U WW1 WO. 03144 Vie Ual, i kailiossi Alamo NA a pAst et a soot sioast harm" bololoosi legato got Usiiiiii. Tho Joortooll taros la Ile *or* 6441011. souillea assoios. 10, trees" otototaio oat rogrosolog W legfa"- It tollotios if. IMMO. Imam poittioo. tbor aro my IX silo toes glissOlik waNi fit*:1041.0111 - 1113.01.0k 11.- 01061001110 SC 061111011011 VS 401, Sill OW Olt VileilKi� lifiliii O. via*W.. et* 4004i414.11. 001114411 011 I/ 10114011 011,4% illig,W11000101 11, .. ..11111,01 lifi. ail A.C. vois Salitil.oktotti Is Agri '.14441.1 Itibfaivvolt 100 SaimH- Woo to, osiligar Uri to tairsrogO� ilt,10- 41011;0100 felaa 401 44111. WOO SIOCGO itsliall. ulli INS) 00010101100 *WOW twagilivii *IA Ili. flierigi $YS iiribli to tortift ";11110:114100. 'fitl-:, 10 tit 10 eigiotod iilbot time 00110014 1�11 bo ' 141.20111011 sit Om* so 11/40') 4111. tirsit:00.- volsoilk; it owaiwie it low 41;00/141. Welk tibildr1114 *at grtooliaro �IWO moil dareees40 10,0, W01111 to **lots. ot boa losigra". ,� :0101000, rellrOol, WilitostoollOto *Us 400- at ttko Ittidatia rieft 0010110 *fir WO Sirsito It writ ThIP; 004 100 404114 IMO*. *NU *40010 Si 1104* 040 ligi ' SO,* otrootio *Whoa to ameigilicsisi &May ofpilot 41140 *Wit , .� ?. - ',�;.;:t� , ' � ;:;',1., '" �--..',., -1�,,,.'-:c..,'-: -",'"Ii : 4,-; .--. g. -1-� - ' ''-.04i,..z� ' r i;� �,.-11, ,L., :.� i t'r ,.,.. ..... .._ -.,-� -... �;.,�".. ,:.:(4,.... c9:,.. '.1..... �v ,.,.y i , ' 7;-.1.5V40,6.:, ei".30,IttA:00,111*KrAt iAr�cs, - 14- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Pk"rtt, '11g1411:- 4, _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 The- crier st battle I* Italy la um reams& as fellesss Sea* Lalmassio e tour G�insa livisioss, equal to about too witk al000llassous torsos to � total of "MO. tois�tbor�104 llek.,ssis Aker toms ta � iis11- total. swath of Myles, of 10.0003 also four Italia* alik.laaidessliil troops to a total it MOON SerSladt� � tsar Italia* divisions with auxiliaries 'to a iota et 1$7.0201. sue Owswa ditioles with siiosellas0000 no& troops to a tatal at 30,00E6 Ouralaa 11011, MUNI ditialess sod MO Swum lbriga4o., Caustral slaws Italia divisiesso 14s. WO diiisiono we sow: Mho amber Gomm* Ia11111111110111i1 ssuato two division wiabli147 too . Alike *kit Stu rialia0110 ;hitt. liorearike souplioso Is divieims, - ***It � dislatea stigur add taw Is Stralais, Itaitirs fres rresese Where th� Italia& Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 � 1 st swathes, in two rasposts.7Ifl.lay aro drooloping tba west, ot Grosse sail the area e Albania. pOsosibly to mates aircraft fro" italy. possibly to fael3ital4 intorferonee witk raids anAusania, mak: Germany trim Lybia, *mad, they are said to bo devolspiat as a pressistima against tin possibility that Sardinia will Ildrerlitt, units have yet been iranstarrid tbitra� Tim oily taresansts by, this Italissilavy biro bean sorties 'by two lkb� Omit of Taranto. and tbs transfer of ills Littories sat Italia. fro& Soma to Spossia., , Tba distribnOwat ItaliWarir lialinsisa, oast and wait coasts* liar* wasit,ttraositik tin olosing ot the 4tieiiitV. to married as final.: 47, CL�fr,R _ � t,-.3 3' .3)14rAl. nne-Imccifipri and Aooroved For Release 2013/08/01 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 IN 4 IND In Trate* the total is now 39s a.fter allowing Ste. the traelafger a; 1 divisigas Italsys of ogo to Russia., anti of or fret Gorasay.: The- grand total, of Gorman division* is now reoloonod at 33110 lba Adder tigresses of Western Oenology coatings to loo etragatimiido. posaffle4 at Ike *spew* at tie Ce�ialt. in. Russia, Oyer holf the Samos strewth la Slir is not ea the Western Fres*. The raid ea nose loustatt pesos a gm problem in the dispeation St flestorra� The oppeeitiea actually eaeountered,, vas nogligiblo. Same defoncoe meat be found against possible repetitious of is raid and it games that this omui to spared only frank the Western Fluent. As yet, toe resortita. hao be. itaarvads bat it must aose� Activity * the G.A.IP� bas inorsaisod over the Day of .flicoay. The olgiiesiag, St Allied patrols In battling vp. the subs has tweed tho G1AJ. te- inireessi its artiortt sad it has gained saw aseeoes� togbrel. of the ,ajr te*iis Mr* *set it $pokie is the pima& preblon of the Allis's- 'bat it lo 'arptiotild that 4.dat4re, wilt be moss to visi*Lut its prmeast4r4,,, The soda Otte at Ube Chiniall navy have not acvodseentert- that the *obese Uttffipplediagea air Ake batik. on the 10th. oiario mot Ars iligerstiater Via All1satie5,Ass44ilis7lisese kid as siltier:ps tit* arse of aririties sad lisdesesser b� r Ago* s 1i ositlesi to iikeis sea rat bs sisirj i iiirtse i* is betas bolstered lip Ist pop � pegettil. imespaties bes Wes bestsweit via sas of 110 saptsdas. WO. *a emus be,, Smog lowes, ts savor :the ' 314141t- .0111416* a* .0.11004sasiiel las reeds* - :It is LiMii M$loos, riiii4,1,:iitirt� idiot tor *et yesostalt Swift -Olio*, via � ; . " '' ' ' �'` - ".- - ^ ,. ...; Jr...A4" � ,I I ' �TiglinSIVORtrili r 4 44;6, k D, i � ' t . a � . s � ,Z��) oes. � it Wm Itioost bulk ast, S.iittrus. c AIWA liallgog *ties* bile toga soil bore* ** 1(1.00.1ases sassesiso AsPrilliiit aid* goat procrosis 41asi ths railsaribeismess Amihmaidro� 2 _ roved For Release 2013/08/01 : � ' � 1 AA Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 At Briounk the German sem to be falling back* The Russians ass haw lassohev aai Diattrovek, sad thstr ars 25 silos fro* Briaask. It le poseabla that Um Gowns aro withdrinrin deliberately to the lise if the Awe Dessa. itt liarkows the Russian /*Ito male pod progress to within 30 silos et hits. Thor balm oat the railway betwees Poltava sad Vearkeva and tiour esatrel all last the mad of the liao betwoos Saki sad Markey. fla the Wile, tie lemmas wooed oeostor�attask7 la tie area at Poltava, but these atm imperted te have bens repaleed� ilegerts tallest, that eon Serum division lave only 10 *sin., It l'arttor appears that prow division are balm switohed reiii'dly*Papea 'WSW. is sin of She fro*. 'There aro asssag the iadleitiams, Sem* oce, bad*, slindood. it it eensigissed passible iliat the 'hoiden etramtwe If it areolopei - "ow Stliniesir haid at iisAlorsai�eatik. of tin Denis 411ftspS1t. lin ilmi.apoi:!0: illos,60/67�, tat !OW* fir)abeabe to the /10.0tera toll" ai4 INSIsitimosit is, falling look to Girlie* reaeikr .4osi affo.-001140 Pavii, irws tie fieldi ea the asset. , 1101*.t a -:11�.16111011illet *IN INS savaiworrt ea Vie s�a et Asev id* -000.1-4.010����:Thor 1Larribir Um sok * larva aseelost Impel att 2s1 karA Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 attempted te seise the ',Molt Civil �Meer, who *seeped. liapreosatatissa 1Saves sada te � Chimes satherities� Mr nativity hes bola sem Agana** esuatir-attasiaS ailee eattlif Salsassa Was glapaaese defames. hestovoss of the leg sad earth.tne, aro owes 24 'barges pore destroyed between 27 July sad 4 Alsvirsto tetel earryintosiasity or e000 teas. the- 5o3morwr the fire hasigfrod Japases� la. the Baireba,ereo U. beta" 616141111111111tOde Cal"-illiat oJapasisea aircraft say have saved seatiOirea igia :dolma te the Ilaismata � Lam to* oil 8,17 activity ie appoporiage The raid me Pert Daryl* 7s7 Ai � ::r.vaetitp..4*7 w..10 7.t.;;; 4 � r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 C....,11,111. Mort 100 1044- At tio to .401101. at Ow vast tortagaik. this *or OPPOIP-, to smart prossure *sr the **Ear st VW is pos000- is ovOliir te-,:p :ropers filr VIP 11101 lade. i reamsdissa vaitgid * Wad*3St*Pa�11101ssi1 Division asived WI" ground ago, Aillagone Dy Sig sossonirs the Gionms woo* yoltet U. 4101111111 Omit tell Is* the loads et the: Oa ceps- Theiredig: tiolirMig Albeig masa& Agramo, got gift** esOrst st taw SIM weal 101100* UN. aso VIM vsglisg 114,0asso sad aggravating op O. sass% Mit Asiletialis two. Allasete. .160.01140 :Soorsomilisht **AIM fee�.0roiso; r "OW 11. 111111 1111.1104 .104 41416111114 *11" .�1,116t " D' � iaett,110 " 1$1601111in tbsstaio .4341; 1 thst the at roma that the orste til � -;�����iiitoi*tv'wboiriariii* tilkitlformis 1001101 to mew 00000 *it% a vorr at 01 11611dis- *ober SOON. /woos 4000 U$b.slier4110111 ass 4 i11dII:l00 fhe414 r .1111.** 34100.40, -1101011. *Oh leks - 2 AN u1- q ; r 0* I $0064, dig*, tlersilasdo tietes, ars � 40100,0161 taalst divio&ans. Sul:, no* 11.**00H *OW' 4: "Ait rahlitital IA* $111000. asoilk -; . - - .. -.: gilliglie� /*LI* Wile 14,144-01: Woe , --.-��-1,,,,...., , _ , it AEA. 1.11,0 ,�. .,.. - . �,,,,,.i,.,..,,, -,.4,,, O.. .111111.10" sit/ , =A Ntr '''g'4.",', � t , . ,...7:- .. � , - . , i'� 0. ,.,.,-,. r. ,n `,..: "..(1:F� �O.Itr'l. 111)1f,'-,140-4i '- 10114.1 - aidildel, 40010601100, Ills -._. � -, ,,:, ,, ���-,,,,.4, ��.,:tz. i,::,,,, ( : : : : :t1'1'..' ,-:,..,, . - . , 7:,,,:i),,, 1..,:, _ , .1,, ..:--; ,P,'. ....r.,AF Declassifiedand Approved For R elease2013/iii0i:1A-IEP'13( 00.00110001' 402047 0' 0:0:c-2 '- .5,1,407;.'s-214t,. ? ;,, ,.1:::neR:-. ��`�51.'S_'....P. '."'� ::: !::ri- ..'i ,,,giti " 1`'' .1 _, r L - Z- 1.000L1700 1.0001 0000X� d CI 0 I, 0/80/c I, oz eseeIej .101 panaiddv pue pewssepea b4c, _ , _ 1 ao ;� ix 1**003infl o vomooitios A. NO*" ov0 itti , ittok soo OW .400� mosphao 000to wept *,poo viatorp 04L ' 7�1011101.(10101-- fopoosOlo 04. fige~ii Pal glIk 101 PIP( 011.1, '000011IT .1,14-04,',. 1.410010 s4 woo woo inlik, isrib 00* ovvolas& OP Mo os. 14 1000.01,0*-1 $01, VI o Si 04w000lt ilika 011,40,114$ On* 400010 001, -0000. slk sot oik WS 04; 111 111�66***** wok 1410100 41 TO" ils 041110, ,..:W000% .:104100% OLIt., � 10 stow itro ��� OW IP. oust a.;' ,agog- H am" efis 044.0 " ilk so ea sim Pg. 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A, report Is given BOND weight ublek says that the Gorman Blgh Comma& at first eapeeted to held the eastern front easily. but mow Inflames it mill be a hard jeb to witletiend tbe auesians� The G.A.,. la Russia is exporionelng serious lack of reserves sad. like the 'pealed foreee, has to shuffle its resourees to mmt the Insolent threats. 'irat lies strength has boom eouseatrated is defense of Markey, sad sem mats have already moved there free Orel. In ether words, the 6.A.r. esm reinter's eme part of the front onlylwrealidmg &mother and sene mestere are loft without sever. tbS adosa they aro relying awe end mom was 11011.11�111 Mengarime It is ikoaght that the 0.47. 1111 have suffered eensiderably is the evemmling or its airfiel4s. The strometh en the 'bele liasslan front is estimated to have degreased by $OO to a morrow* toial of 1.0004. NaltAirts an& Sous Japsnese rainteresments have arrived is the liosnedem area. and ii-thoAriglis vista the nye Ridge. 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This Mew set uses thlt mere tole asp mot 'be *vested. The Pearioon forams easeesetelly losiled 41 their teaks to the asolaar et @haat 450. -,-,..--- - Dr Ito lath et Jay the TIII Anti hod takea 12000 vrissmorso. NA :.,., , .. t. Vie vu law 1I,000.. The Nall, of the Italia* Wilms, le *everted to 16* law, and Vier displayed little estiossialls -*001,, ',11161, 4osses allies or their am roigloo� The papa i lag*:7;:l ' � vic,0�',.iesoill� Is. amour t� a �S** it vas agreed Ott 11�;,- aliiii*:bioos Moo mot, -ot Or oar** 4iPilitilp. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470 imisoas, lose biliag sirP1.11.1116" IN/ Lilts% sot also W '1��� - i2p�1-2 last . ass 101601.11/1111 ilk Vill aditerres"11 sava, Adak te ssollea W wow Oat_ tbs'1�1�0 soot Ws so tat"er effeerais tbst sord.11111441/ty ssot Wes tsliss se les ss Kim So soya,. lost Isme sysitsroi sossialsralas dittlialliss brilli**, 'MOM -et emir !IOW esi!istiossossoLoottolis It is., is t00% SW , 410101101 *at 4111 WO. sr D.S. ere 1001* Vilma is Sioilio iliwodi . * ilhor mg still soo !tolls owe as . favors* Uses. lbws lost %Ik sfiritiall ft** Was Wass is tlis tip: o ast 1.061 Ss ItaVa The soiller 0 siii�Its *It viosiat ix 411� sees is. 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Ike tom eiserissa toe lottlesidap imui � arosiss".*:, tile �saw limelii6,;:ssilWiorstiort ft. taw 10 Mato aibioniaos ore Is aporittos. iirosirsirtor� et *IN Anna Ike eft* sod oat erl tos hem tem oak mad ems ea VW poet awe asiloilmed vie asieble sweeile� Osuuwee kris Weellsor is lt $ IVO" iot iddeitee. aid lair s .0,1 00 ma.. '411 MUM )14011. oat 11.0�11. Iwo losso 1111111111i a* 400 NOM WW1% , tAstertas The Mlles keve ask 111�000 toe et ditprigai jILWIP Ike Osovas grew et Witte is Prato So mielimo104: * *lel et 40 ditvistare ibmpe basis 11 is 110 ettemive .110,101,0 or 14, *ft *a likit aswillamoot saiiiiel ono* IVslak arms stampo4 *I* a divistisow =gin WO natio ~Ogg est beie oikOsni Ono Wait* umr*Olin 0000)11, to *NII litis4:*14 0100 :2040.-414 11W:formils IMO* Woe ever Abe 31011,41,iI **di WO* sePosaite **We, 4011,1,001101110., 111): it- %rag trod* * to Ilsoinsit'llii**04110i lip of tio,�4,1401ki divialL4100 41411.11* .114 1101-06001, API sio" lie *eft 4.1* ..tiliiiiiitisFeepoV InitI00411,111 � :000/0*111104,0041016iiiiiiiistill lit gaiiiir�106�00. *ow **841'01001411� wifitivit$ OA sift emesr1bs4 ,141", 110..40 11216. 10414, 044 * 00111000_ 000(10pelerilleketst 00 *AO � liketeri 2140er 0.10** 'if ilm:740iii lied* mei Vie Vers Ot 410411,,:$01410",.*Tellida1k IIwave far a � i� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 A y north already total 1346, Vlach is regarded as highly satisfaotory la Airs of the laok of attacks CU OCRIVarl � It VOA IVIIIIIted that German hopes based upon the new arnmssat Was lastalled an their submarines asy fail* for it has been observed that maser osrviag the AsAs guns are liable to be washed off tli desk by the effeot of depth bombe at .a distance of 50 yarda� nth the Slaws of effeotiveneos is heavily against thus it Is thaaght that these gvanere will quidcly lose estitusiesas There are signs that a raider is acer vesting between nostrum* and lamaltlus� far toe ship are overdue* A Madorately eau* report innovates that two bleehade "urea are propartas to sails and. Wesd. a reouipties of bladlede runnias is le be =rooted as the eights grefelergor la Aleisilts, issitsits reported, es a alga of laereasing *meet* ever the foreisa pepelatiat la OOMMOVit *at la the disa of the "tipper Damao all asa lartatew 1641 have boss mobilised late a speslal Web** *one for the aseteetied rosoas *et INIC ler tile p**.tisa, there aro either 10044tWertiii, sr jirlasaira of viers ila Ogre. prebably taitalaa 'the *Oast F primates* at seek foridsafijipulatioa la Ursaiff, 111116t ieet taw itlesiditg the Zurek tallest tram We _smayokagis air.*- Ai* low. somistic class, the railway te Kursk - Aral, liesi 1. *with a tares, alleged to ,e.prise IP peskier divialass, "tiOrniary tt%iis,ant 044it1am1 trelpe, had eatablisied a brfAseheed Mt tea wiparolay la ;pesos* at anterglas its , attasha have .veveletisaised the ,sitestiens To the north � s4 Wr 4. Sha leselicae opfeireaSly *treated pod bulges la the . . te tharalliey hive reatetred all ground loot be + 1+; --011),Areptals.aneee-. AS Nalserstor derasas appear Se have lea* _ Saakiamags:04,0011 lash eaU We,attlik 04111114 040137 bee et 10_140 1011116414110110/4 potated- est thet Noma ;13 sillipt_ferir- telPeliee -hIP 11.r li10111a.Oleo tip awe. et them, row, ear:- netifivis: nousig, s pOireee viatok has este to be 10- ''...*(-LpiiionigHi, for Ilse, eassanpiton - :j++1" Tr:x-4ft , - OA' Declassified and ApprovedFor Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100470001-2 I � ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 � . 'learie- cbt 110: Othorr hand. ..-. , . es 4ntprossieot fooptieleivilorii. Or detail-4 rat: teind lussiala elalms 1me dontrustionat ''' 'tanks* as also did the Air' ifinistry for the hors" of ., Sir sasuiltios. Cenoorniac the Russian orfenetras on the le,r Donets and in tb"0 -Kuban, thurs is little knoserledgo. The soalo of operations is =know. It la thouzbt that: the Germans ne.7 lave been seasiriat lappreheneive about this area and rot have beesi enable to prepare sufficiently fer the aotua.1 attaok� iittenmaten 'beat the CLA,?. le **anti. At first* the 4entone, any have peI nit ea nan3r as 1000 sorties poor day in support of thfilr,}ofilf4 , vo., Clearly this nor her fall off* partly an &amount of the weather.Thie:,.1� � when otTonsiv!, mem Mid 'pa air **ties wont over to the defensive and ren'madmated toii*elese ropert4 ay sae* 'Roraima &heats skoi; up liariapel. ail Teginroc� Print %rm. theirs is no, alai* Chainon*t Valio area Ins beenleholly *leered of "Jap.. Aimeriasn. nhasned morthmeetwarklirisit they to join th The Austrtillansb� -sishhiat ett i Japismose aseillisi'i:itt of limbo. At Out awe tisk*. !not*. 111Wati, to the wroth lee "1/41roaria pr�vitittgid roistorimmilbt fres reashlag limos* ihea 'llPth, all erganised registries Au eIreistaine� Japassaa� et *ere toder tiO,N sa'Al2j oonaltiao Iwo all". r!,1. Cletirgisto imirtest tor��� aro advasaiatsl.1y tjes Malta tram the , � - I* t�j 4'' *ivy are as le be within tore 111240000'eroa *leo sinew *a start of operations et lii,41,,WOUNI1 earuarna vt* um, or zoo. Za this, last MIS N. Vions 01 Ma matalitlised its strength at inalreaismi� Imo aireratt have doulbtlasa 141401.100,0101%. et tete** 40 sad 70 Us heel AP410.1161 alailho�4" 4104mn-Ia frOn the likretealls... Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 bk, general. the strength of the Arai Airfares nas =greased. far eperatisnalrtt.s have been performed alneet entirely by naval ii2irwfti. 80 percent of the sorties were sweated against Rending' and lends, and of these involved navy &Iterate except in the raid am the Wit 'oboe enne army planes partisipated to an extent as yet acknain� ;VI At � - ; �`' $ . � ..- )1... �,, .,.. .1 0 . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R00010047nnni_7 .� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 4!.! . , . 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 As beekgromod for liar operations, the Alr litiaistry repartedthat Mt the nig,* of the 5tInAlth the biggest raid es Atrioa byas* bellows- wan: nada, Aloofly at Diserla. 15 10161.4 ware used, tha largest niabor by SO or 30 la asailuse a tie mutual operation against Molly betimes C00400 apitfira eertiso aro lade as ewer, plus almost as. now by *Oar tippes aenlilniat� The Isaac of reply be the G.A�F� and 14�Aer� ins cacalmg1y onall. Slog, 10kk July, offensive eartios wore inas chiefly by fighter-beediers to the eallent 416100, sera 'or ises� Defecalve inertias 17 S.E.F. moor have beam 150, mere er is, over Ilse area* It is thews* taut emmv fiddioNambsre Sr. ace ballad either la Sardiala,, or la southern Italy Gad that they malls moral temperarr see et aduraca- bases la Sielly� Tarr fighemcwbodior strew* appears of pitting la Ow, alr mar near $3 fi4hber�bee1en4 plus mother SO*Iiiresatinsina plus 3040 %mak, mat la otAnsive loadnImi� fl se mbar it NOW W644 is appernigkly modomagst, ibis* greets* details aro larpetle. Imebera We empsoist *rats fres einothera Freaellia aimair.to.a gavottes Oa Air Illaistry'said that "reliably e Steals.' airflo beid lisapsid Wing aboini stritrialser a.tiv /Aft' otrailigli �`liesbourui partisalariy would OM* tap** greater ilma Vas simnel ea 100 11* Ally. , I.*. N4 inonsos la tins seals of oil ehipmsalia.17 difirsolle fres Cootosils to the 4osson� trio a weekly-, swag, at SAO thmao lslave, la tha lett ibrea week'. laeroused to 2i.000 � ions Itisproll4 Iowa oil boo La those tires masks boon shipped to Aegean its* Ay Wino Se tor el: viesb.� - soportod us iliossiont down I* mow order of *Si Or 41.044 411* dame 11001 hum sad la to* leabb imaklmg a, Osereesoit ess leans divislia In and the 103W Countries Ii tilleirefare. 41 Snag ateliolooto la trassii4 sad :!11�:�1, ' ) - � � - � � . = 'Lt.! _ lass/./. .14.0 SA. divisions are farnial in Mud, is in Maid. Ss AsoLa YInsoin.. Goma flai fres NI to 21/4 doviss divisions ;W. :Auntie Vow yes o Noise LAO* *Mask la 'Anise maw inn& else sir 1,41. iortionit vottert "Ow ty Poo Wow. )r's " .411 4 , � � , 4#1.1'.4,011:14:4,04 411144* , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved ilD a 0r u iimmoree roved FleortReleaumase 21013/08/110401 : ClA-laRDprP13X00001R000100470001-2 �Mos is olearly sot st Os tenor that *is was -Omni as a gnat elmost Gomm offansive. T apssifis elloalitat Mow Up 1* as Wien* Too OM**, or earth mad OM sas* et' the W. woo ilids� asedsorn ditto* vas wads nertlosomst trot Orel as a ;$41.30 Meta Id* 2? division laniodisAg f poiser � division ,saisilisitervimi ts, lo Still reeorm seribors front. Dy .114is WOW* bad admosesd alaisek 12 41106. southirs stink 110. a ails tank esOr rellgellid_, ttsa Bislcarsd, 29 4t.issiuding 20 posser divlitaaki It la believed the, Germans bavsliss issorvas � this astiona boa. This seliksra (Moak bat .1eos sirs sioninfil Ng goissii *best alai vkisik las toned sat vw*aild* ististar Via bulge, as ist isaettivot three ore 10, larilWi division* pbas, alis foamy divistas. awe Ise apparast2y Una so. _Goli;* !Ossibm. Orig. tas lhassiss ilosola Staff ore dial esurialliih flits" mastior las Win i* .s1 Ionia In tin isit tairdolos self eap/ola lie dm la Raffia astid* Tin Air Ministry ballisess *at sera )0014,011, C604. is Ws/ wooly llingsriss oat Illisiodos aims nyilialiinas strews* *lair t *NV* the * Odistwitoslito Via illatitiy oeslisse.,,S, ItossOs *AO 040101.411t � prespOsts lasvOloss0 LINI*11,14411010 SLUIrliOtinait. in *lie ItI.I tvballa 004010.tot !,1,..010014.40 kis* iornst praspOts. vary 'by miss" Int *1001 461, vflir 00. hOmpostie far the 11111,11.1A $iteria. 1111105:1601 0000:: Oka' 11006.16:404110,.. sitsollierledas mak la *illtriaolmild :ioui a els - wised raid by .%. , es 7 k . -limmi oi tiii, lei 4161pii la- ileitlida , . ,,,..,111111$01Ciksilos" wad '-iliiirlatiplarg' itti Villt4 regliellit. ,. ..,..,..,,�, !,-1-_-, ' 11001111. Sir la Illit atiableg. IWO ths� tromps , ,;-�, _�� ��,.... ... � ' ' ,0% Waits bolo %SO 14111101reiii trim � � ay Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 � � northesst sir VOft: Thor: is nothing niv as to the air sitolatioa is Cbiris aist lkaria;, ilia ,soutboosst Pasifis- thare it no shone in semi strength. letal.'4,40:, ,. �K.. .s. !aireigth 1a.t4t theftre. irhifii:'*Iiiise 11.7.4.. is attliaat.1 at 470 , ,,-,,,,,. � ! ,-- ...:= 2 ... .. . .i.,. - , 4c.013. two ,st "ma LimAiii-. *kw 9elmes� 111� ial art iritija� 1114): -Sit, thot ftlillos. Ths. 44!***0,�satiloitly in low Guinea as lilt ,abent, 1, del11o.,;(670.titr sorties. In ths SaleSeis **Use and 00400 figliker swtIss. 'bits I in. tbs $eleamet borii#Tivii40% far the bestows. 10 ha* VO, *plass reinforimPIOS an *vested to arrive isi:the lielessos Area Jag.* sad the Ilarshall Isleade. Two Ir. sloe lilt sees noolie units of the Japanes� fleet lia4* re- t� Tr* frofines 'waters. tle:th� sentlogemst kiiro, "eat Anvd, operationsIA Solemn, with 11111C; booviorviaeor vas repertedi ilk 00 elk My Nor toe usierserassrs Iowa ***tea ea Ors 10t4k finly � Alre.111, *410114011 flea thit Gin 5;14i.1' 4,r t I ' � te-'4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 ZWIER=ZIANZAID In Italy proper there are now thomght to be , *lamants of two Giorlan division's probably notarised divisions. In Sonthorn Italy it is thought that one Italian divisiotz.has left for Sardinia and been replaced ar a division fra the Banana. In Sicily taller* is no change. GAMMAS nUAbOr 27,000 and .tho Italian fOroes oomprisa 4 divisions, vi extras, to a total of 230000. , ;A Sardinia, German foreaa,�have bo40.011.ghtly rais4oreed and now total 9,006-04ld forces and 5,000 flak* Italie* divisions have now probably isoroalled fres two to thi4s with the arrival of ths diviiion I* Se* � esitrettal there are two. *Us fI$11 414,Ssoveith sat flak ,tfilo. pat to a total, of .7:i0000, 1744/4e;, oc,44ilian *OAS o rthodoit AO, rad** 4 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Oms AMMICZNIna vow. _ _ _ _ work at Splints. Two laid down. Two not located (making up the 12 on the .a. Italian subs are at Bordeaux, and six of these are being oenverted into blockade runners which will carry a load of about 200 tons. The 0.10.4. is still counted at 950 in the Mediterranean' ares 6 Of these the 200..odd L.R.B. have continued to move aura from S1e14 and are now none of than permanently based there; they are stationed along the mainland, and use the island for A.L.G. The fighter foree, including 2504,300 8.4E.P. end 100-450 T.E.F., has teen in this ares :�. for a considerable time with little 04mge of unites these 6ve been withdrawn only for a'fOrtnialt or so at a Um to allow for repair. The airforce has slsn comperatively The 1.44. have carried out raids against the Arric0 , toast on a., nail14:liale.- The ,olLtif .14tivity has: fteii. , 44a, by riti, ateinitlieltet:2 iiiiisk 1101 relish the relandi this eforil'is , , .. {, ,� , I , . 1 *oag :04' foreiijnalita' ined-- ii :In answer ,`- , 1 � , :4' tO*1..-- reo *4e.-tiotid th*thtbe orqf410.0110 � 4 , ��� _ � , Of Ake- agsiaslts was the convenient 11/1414 *Julia To% range. Tble siliberOr, gvislata in Prance hes risen -17111 34- *10 by 1PI1IP of divisions fiPtin Oerienr� The 10110.st 0,Oria5t 4,0;asod to 37. In Resija , the *Win it sow slit .0:*:-30inoineliocii. by field tre int divigilissoltiali ha*ta not wiown oonnted in. litoy oipsittiont O.A.F. disposition Mloplisiajft of a $it. day fightor sterol in tho Ionia "toy t.fivs4 tiso in aVout tip) yvato. This is 40104011111111 111WV0111111.100 � : 4 . 44' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01: CIA-RDP13xnnnnl Pnnni nrIA 111"%n A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 The submarine campaign has experienced a satiate" . , week. 185 subs are operative in the Atlantis* ships have been torpedoed, but 44 attacks have been sad A Z on tubs, of which 26 by aircraft. , It is thought that the Oraf Zeppelin has started iti tzit trials in, the Baltic. # The Germans claim to have completed certain operatioN;;-: , against partisans. uhat action has been laDoceeding in tW , neighbourhood of Orel, Xursk and the Donets seams to rota, ,,t e , 0 . _ frau RIIIISi&R probing, and this imuld indicate that the Russians are retaining some initiative. On the Tanga peninsula, the Russians are encountering sstreng resistenc4� it The heavy bombing OR both side's nay be the prelude t4, an offensive by either, but there are no, definite inAleit _ ii,4 , liamy rimer$ and reports continue to circulate which moor: the Gerona liregaganda aeseepeemeni thatAno *ajar offensivi will be unikeirtakon. There is a repotA6at the propOsal t. ,I. for a jo#tliunigh'and German attack on Leningrad failed; _ - looasse the Tim* refused to cooperate* Yet another repair ' � P e 7 alates.lhat-Nitler has agreed to postpone the main attaek T, ....,, *AU ant spring, "ben ail Maas can be mobilised. 't,.. , In gamer to a question ceseerning the'Russianse c -0 in the sir, the Air Vinistry replied in gamma terns that there is raises to think the Russians may be gaining air , soprenncy.Y-Ons 'enema for so thinking is that the heavy i'4 j loitisig tor the 04111,110 started out to be � day and night bi';$1' , 440 affair* Atter,* 141 on the 3rd of June, however, the Germs* rewiit this bombing way by night* The Russians OlAim to be suffering few losses say also be true, beeawile'G it le twat that the German fighter forge on the front is ,4 , eatielegr ellider. There are only 0 night-fighters oa lk �IWW1geirimmOle0 that Russian raids by night should be fairl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP1 X90001R0 010047n free. Turthersore, Russian as3tivisy�1.5.- is losown to te vorking the German fighter forge almost to the breaking point and to be keeping fighters from 'places on the rest of the front weld be, veil *set*. There is reason, therefOiei, believe that the Clermens'find -daylight boalsing,uss and that the Wassians encosnter weak �ODOM** &AA eves Iff Some emphasis vas V*1,,, upon the heavy Wain attack, against the Gorki tea plant, which is the first instance for a long tine of stratogie bombing. This might as gegeraea as as indication that no na3or arena!, is in eostemplatica this year. The 'Russian navy in thil Slack ftee'-ba'sheil some sueeess, sad ho4 mak a couple of ihilips and a WOW of lighters. i,nideetiocia that the Zaps ii.).-the frOntoline are thinning, eplaeate taTrathiasung is oonfirned. VI the Oslo 111110 Ow Ape 0c:spied Tort Otte Difficulties of supply them forced Wen Too battalions were engaged in the en 1001 30tki tw4! vithibrer. oipril*al lat.?. hes teen quiet. Ou WY 29th, 35 Ow" . ties. 40,441011, aid 8 sr 10 were lost. Tho total .401400 ewers*. 7 or 8 per day. Th strength remains 1.11tist lift. iik - - !if:27r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 rillealatat In the area from Java to Dutch NOW OVUM, Vhsie has tees a tuildup of th. 3.11.j. effected inlet'. Pert Iklasmisfer from the eastern sestOr of tbe Austrajlansome� In this eastern area the Moe has ,4. digressed by 93 or 60, bat of the 3 units that have mewed out only 2 have arrteeijn the western,,seotore It is thanght that the third unit, cOsPosed pirgely of fighters, has moved to the Misdated Ilanis ',here apyrehomaion is reported to be increasing, Possibly this limit will go even further north and join the force. in the Voiles. A small convoy arrived la the east of Neu Ouinisv , and landed 2000 troops, so that IheLtotal forces on Ihe _ Island awe amaber ,. Di the .sl Woe coastal shipping has loosa 1 , ebeesived. att Delagatavillee Osi the 6th, a boat of some' sioo..leka:fileOtroyett by two heavy boolsers� Iessomalassase over Nieasaar has recorded the �.... .. jr1100.00oila 34 gals Ay all of *en under 930 tOUS� 1010100.) 'AZ Germs stbit sire operettas between Lauren,' Illerliess, sad Copeillat wad tbily have oak several ship. ed, otoOtiiidly repoSked to have Wm jilt elf Ciei%lit 041 asio�er off the Gulf of 'Adea� 04 Oil stteikeit off Australia, but it safely *4410410-' ,�, .....��t4. ,k,._..,...t ,v,:,..1,....... -",, "'-.7.: '.-_::f,�:' - r ' �� . � ..t .,i�' *ilk , . ' ,- ' , � - '- 1,5,-,141 Q1 5; --.:!�'',� ' 'N.-...�-',,--. ti...,) �.,- - .� ;,, , .E _.. I, (.. 1 F, - . . - ,,Y,Sk . . Ir' 'i:Z. ... . r� ',,,i; ell V- 1 ii.. .-.. 61 ,��� ., 45.,..;,,,,'iV4v-tr,r,..r.ti,k,..:.4.1� 1,..f iL4 Declassified and Approved For Release ''.:111c2Hit.:41"013/08/01 :tDP13X4'00001R000100470001-2 4 nat., ��1;�� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 6. Thr fleet at Truk has boo grratly mist et the rhips ere IA boar vaters� theft or two bora orvilerra in Parsziashbet brat ih*ro:',: .i. 4atiiiiatioa to movr towards thr OA! Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 11. =am =LAIL* les final information is yet available on supplies and personnel captured. A summary was given of a report from General Eisenhower which commented upon Shortage in sone types of Azis *munition, upon � shortage of fuel, and an exhaustion of reserves, but added that the prisoners of war seemed to be in good condition, though distribution of food nay have failed in certain areas, and that morale-likewise was good. Axis equipment showed, in general, no deterioration. The'liiiillians and Aegean area are reoeiving German reinforcaniel$,,:and--the. number of divisions has increased, fret 11 to:Y.13r.?, pittalyllibor of Germans is negligible. Xn at chiefly Sicily, are 25,000 to 30,000 *ma* field 441.� in process of organisation. Piet ret *1 � Illiaber .104000. German tanks La $11041y may amemst to 50. ItaXtain troops is tie."' south of the 1: land .cosprise Uwe, dtvieles� In field firmations4 togethar with army eelpeitail sow* lime troope)till -totalt of II10�000. In Salitimjst are two field diviSionsj 'Pith other troops.) to a S'. tanks. In Sicily the field divisions, with extras,to a e'l�� `4-, � - with 100 tanks. Pantellaria is ootnipied 000 Itolimmst Lampedusa by 3,000, and iro divisiemo. es the 1,th sent 40 aircraft against ''SjopOrelitiroamo soasiess in attaching a Alp, 41i* . �-i ,. 0 c�,.; f,f,,,,41- ., , 7A1:1,48:T.-- 47,1V .,,,,iet-4/. ..f.A.. ,,,. . ,7,-1-...,, ..-4-1,......t, ,4 , ..!,..'f-'43�. - - � m..---- ---g_,,_..-...6,..4..nrids* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 ,Att ' a poor performanci for so many planes. nileals-Sir attacks are regarded as effeative, bat ..':_.,l'A j tke results*Gag imot 'la iiiiiiiiised:: 4 .riiiii'''otrairdreavd4,---e-i----4. ....;-., ir, I v -,,, Olt the i''Iiiiitliithdriariiirisif tri biiiiiiiir laft�st R -,i :i- ' -i-,,,.,?1,1,,, ,i-i 41. � el, �-4-7;.7, �;., ,, , ' ., ., A,.._ e :, i , . ..:- , ,i,....., :.:v.: :0: .i,,;- -,,,. � ., � ' ''; ' '7.-- - '1"au-i. . ,.. � from Stilly Wilke imainlanti as reparteelasirimeen� In iiiiiillii 'eltiv't.R.1- afti 'lie ''-iiilika entlr Mkt , Mitt �: bat the lama la 'itisit'41iiifty as th4libilit cif eatiiii*?.. ' ttona 4. Tig,htei 'AittsaikevAii ,00 ttetubsei,:.---4: 1 patii,. k�Pit, theft. : .- ,\-: t'-.1 -:- ,,�..-"' ,3 et :4't L".:c' i ., i: -t.N:'$.:,,'..:,, , . ' itlia'ar:or; iiiiViiieiniqiii'vatree--,0141 adetccialrawel.,,At . . aeishai)Ciiiiiiod_ oepaiitaiit thole 46-401,101iteatioa that fia14a have boom moved imp to that region tki1,441e'te ;�-sik,s &William bias lift Frames for do _ -20N1.1-.4 144 0.01 rftteii assitict Eniticlbst- foga 1110,4vIIuitiiMEi 4.4,11-4::rAt-1.4e s'e .114714 etlattale.:41.411110711101E1 .., . ,. vas. 100, ,, tiiii-74.0 litidiiii�iruasi i '''''"'"'''''' -boo ispostaoiativiCilkerdisurti loortiirot Albs to id. k -;44,,i.---,. ,.... , '%'-'-''' 1,,,,,igiotil,10,1-atiiitist-lisettait, qtymil, , 4-z-t- A .,, : � -:,:..,T.,,rItawiiiiiii Wit AellislimOsitietsiiii0V- '" ALA '.# t. 'iv V. .,�4' :9*',K),F4- 1111 .. ',010babit;liettair Iiiiiiietit . Hiiiiiit' ,.,,,iiitria regard to trews far L.R.114, poi-V,"," A - .x7 ' - '� .r�r. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100470001-2 . 3 reports that the shims. .acseallides have bsen removed from tirtirivest!tr4e.,,07,40,1 ,g�le...h import* brir�-liiiii4eadietin from tine to tijoe-,- with Togard ,t,of,,Wareh#1,:but th� =our Mai � of 20 ter the loath as sonpared with. production of ,2,1 or V. lumeng;A: theeNflAhowiver*�'. -; t 104, t rktr Lbegag IOU WS* ner: sign 'of llaiCkeniI( Spirits � .of- v.* and- one Of !bow � r alikipet hava passed through the Mediterranean from west to east uhally untroubled kf Axis interference. � ...f.y.i':,'-..;'A sit a - _ ed or tube land martateulari yr " if . . 4r7-4,4,0"""77"-4",474, A. .,-,-;'' ..,17:4,,, ilt.11;:s4..�;:;41.i.raz;p ;:...,4� ":., ;.' 4,, ivr 0-,, t daes , � � � - re' 1 '''. if i . ..c.' . . �' ' > 4111.7. Thlik, TAW Dan mato sags ,. .. lielltirt ' ' Olt P �VW- , , grit eh will �.�..,, , . Seagasjuitii.., --------';v: ,.-,-- r -`-.' ..11104. - - 4 '.,:ilti.: .�:- ..,. ,1 :.-� ...4;;:.: ' 4,4.` ,�-'',...4:1_,74;4:. i:A4:1,61'-' .... 141411 p se iiwas Olien)? aseitl for regulating the Weser mid Witellood Canal,watorpays, bat 4......r.otraq:asezpoe.ii,ratted.A3, :1.����' irirniw .affea iv, � NWT' ..*401 bit . vs1,3-.TAIMI1 - Lnio to* � 4�Net,IN, , i, k.3,41_,F g...:':. -glirtwa,00001R0.000470001 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : wiwisupPart Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RS2Pw.41 3X000401 R:0001.040470001-2 -Lawan ye_ 11Inattla 6 V. na�where the PPevalls. ea (tont/ ' c "1"rviittail Polley krt. 0004 - .4:':;r4 k�-��,4y � � 10.� ���