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December 12, 2016
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September 7, 2001
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March 26, 1964
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Approved For Release 2001 33-02415A000100390090-8 copy - o, NRO 25X1A 26 March 1964 RO DECLASSIFICATION/RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS ON FILE MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, IDEALIST Division, OSA SUBJECT: Requirements in Southeast Asia 1. I have personally reviewed all the papers associated with this subject through the Special Group minutes of 17 March 1964. Listed below are the requirements for CIA U-2 aircraft in Southeast Asia (Lazy Daisy missions): a. The road networks in Laos, North Vietnam, and Cambodia which are located outside of that area assigned to SAC will be covered on a basis of "a near as possible daily coverage of roads and logical routes from North Vietnam to South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia, the results to be the subject of continuing analysis by MACV and the wsshiagton intelligence community to deter- mine whether the data acquired are of sufficient value to warrant continuation or modification of the program." b. All other targets in North Vietnam and Laos previously designated as COMQR requirements are now considered by COMDR to be CINCUBMACV requirements. c. Specific targets selected in support of Ops Plan 34-A will be covered regardless of weather when specifi- cally designated by CINCU$MACV. d. Any other target in the CIA area of responsibility when designated by CINCUSMACV will be covered regardless of weather. 2. The confusion surrounding our responsibility and authority to conduct operations beyond the SAC area of respons- ibility in Cambodia has been caused by the deletion of the word Cambodia in certain papers dealing with the conflict of areas in ` - R'outheasst Asia. For the purpose of our operational consideration, I consider the memo prepared by DCI, Subject: NRO 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/11111gpl 1 402415A0001003 Sys Approved For Release 2001/11/15 : Cl 33-02415A000100390090-8 i~P s of Special Group, 11:30 A.M., 24 February 1964, proval In fact for CIA participation on the same basis as paragraph is above. 3. Unless otherwise specifically directed by AD/08A, the contents of this memorandum will be used by mission planners in b/FA in fulfilling Agency responsibilities for photographic Lazy Daisy reconnaissance in Southeast Asia. 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 0/FA/OSA, ' f h (26 Distribution: #1 - IDIA/OSA 02 - DAD/OSA #3 - ID/OIA #4 - /0SA 5 - D/FA/OSA AD/FA/OSA 1B/OSA #8 - Hold Back Lt. Colonel USAF for Field Activities, OSA Mar 64) Approved For Release 2001/11/15 .tlA-RDP33-02415A000100390090-8 NRO 25X1A