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December 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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November 23, 1954
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Approved For__Re1e_ase` 00T10W01-1: ',11E "TOI ANDUt1 1L SUBJECT: Intelligence. s it oil op n ion there are serious gaps in our Inte? li- covering the Soviet Bloc urcasQ pa t.1culaxly in .. ~.'-. .^. ... () to our ability to doter no the Soviet Union to lau: .c:. U. S. and to dotect eJA-f DP33-o24t5A0001000430018-3' ind_catio is o theJ intentions to do so? Uc believe that we could havo a. substantially imprroVed capability of filling these .25X1A JJLEN I'To l5dL ES Di::-ector of Central Intelligonec e additional 2L._- or. Ct~ae::a-a USA Ass", Chief of Staff G-2 Department of he At ny r C~ ,n dear Admiral USN nZ:cle ai at.tachhs. against the gaps through the use of ac?_.Lal Spec, .t ; tit. for" `.t.nte;.: Bence ?/\+'-1 ~. :. ..::cnt of State .23 November Vii/ ~~~: '.~~~/,i'~ Generel Q USAF. Director of Intelligence Department of the Air ogee Director of Naval Intelligence L..1,~ll,li.N :Ya G`iti Atom:iae Energy Commission Repre scntatjve to the IAC that today these methods means to this end,. d phctol;,-ap::y9. and Depo LJ IN T. Dear Admira.lQ (jSN Director for Intelligence The Joint StaffQ 'CS, RALPH F0. EOACUT Actiing Assto to, the. Directo . Federal ? Bureau', of IuveStigat on-,