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December 15, 2016
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January 23, 2003
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Approved For Release 2003/04/23: CIA-RDP33-02415A000200230026-5 Nathan F. Twit Chief of Z,ta.ff United itates Air Force .Aeashington 43, D. C. Deer General I have discussed at some Length with General Gabeti the Air Force U-4 program as presented in your letter of i ebruery 1957. Your approval of the deployment of Detachment C to Atsugi, Japan. is greatly appreciated. As soon as Admiral Burke grants us access to that base we shall arrange to have necessary hangar stiodificatioas cerrieG out expeditiously and subsequently to have the Detachment deployed. will make additional space availeble to the Mr Force just s 25X1 rapidly as possible so that the Air Force U-4 training can proceed there free from the Limitations currentLy imposed by the presence of Detachmeat C. When Detachment C complete. its move only a 25X1 small group of CIA representatives will remain there and the onLy continuing activities of this Agency will be the completion of the research and city clop- men.t erogram related to this project. I may remind you that the deveLop- ment work which remains to be completed is highly classified which pre- eludes its move to another location and is Of very direct interest to the Air Force. I am confident that our remaining requirements wilt not seriously interfere with the Air Force program. The senior CIA representative remaining after the 25X1 deployment of 1)4staclarrient C will be a seposrt commander who responsible for the administration of base support and who will relations with the company that furnishes base eriaintenance and messing TS- I 583l Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP33-02415A0002002(4 of B I of Approved For Releas9 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000200230026-5 25X1 encorisimg the support of activities 1Iwo senior sscurity officers will act as advisers to be USA 25X1 11* urity. will handle the rem finalpieces at equipment. CIA comtnunicatio wilt be needed in sending end receivine Agency message men and administretive clerks will assist in the baas 25X1 ILLEGIB au. goncy personnel this pr oc attar e has been discussed and agreed to ng groups. roccept for this small Agency group the eta operational and security coats-el during its (won I completely accept your view that the USAF musts expeditiously as possible, against the contingency of w reconnaissance capability based on the U-Z. While I w fully in your plait for Wringing this capability into being your attention at this time to a problem which may arise the steps outlined in your letter are taken as and when prec se not for the purpose of proposing that you now in Air Force program but because I believe we Should be pr to review this problem at a tater date if it should arise. The problem is that a maintaining the plausibility explanations that have been given out or have been allowed explain the nature and activities of our Detachments and their presence at various locatiess overseas. I am sure profound hop* that we will be granted permission to have resume overflights both in Europe and in the Tar East begi or in the early summer. Though such overflights might be and closely controlled in timing by higher authority most c deal of vital intelligence could be obtained, even with a low such operations were about to begin or were underway when Openly established themsetvee at Laughlin Air Force Base a Wing, previously known as a z,trategic Recoanaissance ogle recently redesignated a weather ftetonnaissance Wing, I fear uences could be serious. The danger is that the association with a known photo reconnaissance wing, and with the recent r of that wing, would give rise to much speculation both in the goner and in the aviation press concerning the true mission of our units, of what would then be revealed as a cover story. and their possible connec tion with I am sure you records* that such a development could prejudice the chances for a continuation of overflight activity with the TS-138838 Copy of 3 Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP33-02415A00020021102g-5A 3 Approved For Release 2003/04/23 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000200230026-5 realize. of course,nts may * irrelevant or may lead us to conclude that th. risk is not sufficiently serious Co justify any modification of your program. I de believe. however, that it will be desirable for as to review the situation together about I May 1957 or, in any case, several weeks before the reciewignation of the 40rath and 4049th ,Attadrons or their move to Laughlin Air Force Base with U4 air- craft. U we should find at that time that the redesignation or move would jeopardize the security of our joint Project. I hope you would than consider making necessary modifications in your programa so as not to jeopardize a Cri g action so vital to the interests of both our Agetticieo. I also request that in the meanwhile every effort be made to maintain a degree of compar mentation between the Air Force units and the 40 liOth Wing sio that the former will not come to be aseociated with the latter either publicly- or widely within the Air Force until the actual move takes place. zubject only to the above com onto, 1 concur in the USA*" proposed t,rogram presented in your letter. I wish to assure you again we wilt do everything in our power to facilitate and expedite the program. incerely, Allen *. Dai Dir ec tor CONCURRENCE: DDCI Project Director JAG:hh (5 Feb 57) Rewritten: itiviB:gjg (6 Feb 57) Distribution: Copy 1 & Z -Gen. Twining 3-DDCI Proj Dir 5-Proj Dir Subj 6-Proj Dir Chrono (w/incoming) 51434 7-I./Col. Leo P. Geary Copy -7' a S Approvegfpfemigga/R4/23; giA-RDP,11-0.21115A00020021(10-5 of 3 ? 25X1