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December 12, 2016
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August 27, 2001
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July 11, 1956
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Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000200350135-1 'tiord& VioIations On Three Military Flights Last Week Over Russian Territory Charged 1 By EARL H. VOSS State Department officials expect it will take several days for the United States to react to yesterday's Soviet protest that American military aircraft flew deep into White Rtissia and Lithuania on three occasions last week. Soviet Ambassador Georgi Zaroubin handed Secretary of State Dulles a formal/Iiote of protest yesterday afternoon. He told reporters after he came out of Mr. Dulles' office that he had have made overflights are near complained about United States Poland's eastern border. The "overflights" as far as 20.0 miles Q?pxp unisis may see a connec- inside the Soviet union in the tion between these events. areas around Minsk, Pinsk, Kal- 3Nations Accuse U. S. Red - iningrad and Vilna. r- . 'h ve ree "1'ne note was i,railsiaucu ""'-Invents--in Poland, East Germany night. Today it will be referred! and the Soviet Union-have to the Air Force. (charged that United States Came as Surprise agents were fomenting Polish Press officer Lincoln White unrest which erupted in Poznan said Yesterday afternoon that late last r1lonth. pro- the State Department,. then Observers speculated the pro- - %new "absolutely nothing about test also ig United be intended to, discredit. t oUnited States' prr i?i ,his." isistent dehiands for aerial in The Air Force was expected tolsppction at ;. means of disbima-i refer the protest to its sub-' r : )rdinate command in West Ger-I Continued on rage A 11, Col. 1 nany, whence the planes came. according to a Soviet radio oroadcast. Defense Department officials were doubtful that the military Text of Russian Note as Made Public in Moscow. Page A-15 would make any comment on the incident. They recalled the sharp reaction of the State De- partment earlier this year when Air Force Secretary Donald Quarles volunteered information on American weather balloons which the Soviet Union com- plained were flying over its ter- ritory with high-powered camera equipment in the gondolas. His reports' conflicted with early comments of Secretary Dulles and resulted in a clamp- down in the Pentagon on weather balloon information. Propaganda Purposes Washington observers were hesitant to comment on the merits of the Soviet charges, but they saw at least two Communist propaganda purposes that' the protest serves. First, they believe, it will holster the Communist cain- paign, now gathering momentum to pin on the United States the blame for "instigating" the Polish bread and freedom re- belliou, The cities above which Liu Amrrinnn planes are alleged tc Approved For Release 2001/09/07 CIA-RDP33-02415A000200350135-1 Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000 00350135-1 U. S. Studies Red Note On 'Border Violations' Continued From First Page ment control. A major Soviet contention has been that Presi- dent Eisenhower's purpose in proposing reciprocal aerial in- spection at the Geneva confer- ence last summer was to spy on the Soviet Union. The new Communist charge helps to confirm that accusation State Department officials wondered aloud about the re- action of the Soviets' air de- fense to the American over- flights. If neither Soviet anti-aircraft nor fighters rose to challenge the alleged intruders, it would mark the first recorded Soviet lapse in air defense since 1945. In all known previous cases of American violation or threats What would be the reaction, they asked, if a Communist bread and freedom revolt in Mexico were followed up a few days later with Soviet overflights in Texas? In this nuclear age, they said, Gen. Curtis Le May would have his Strategic Air Command~,in the air at the first report of invasion. Such an overflight, even if it were merely a feint, could be the cause for starting World War III. Ambassador Zaroubin claimed the American overflights oc- curred July 4, 5 and 9. He characterized the. alleged inci- dent as a "gross violation of Soviet air space." He said some of the planes remained over Soviet territory 21/2 hours. to violate Soviet air space, Red! Previous Protest Disclosed defenders have been quick and Later the Soviet Embassy dis- ruthless in their reactions. closed it had protested to the 1955 Incident Recalled State Department in mid-May These violent reactions have about American flights over northern and eastern Soviet ter- been uninhibited by peace ofritory on April 5, 12, 15 and 18, fensives in the past. The most Th _ _, . .. e also 22, 1955. Two Soviet jet fighters fined on an American naval pa- trol plane over international water in the Bering straits. In a crash landing on St. Lawrence Island four crewmen were in- jured; three others were hit by the Soviet planes' fire. The incident occured while list of cities said to have been passed over by American planes in July. They were Kaunas, Baranovichi and Brest, all in the Lithuania - Byelorussia (White Russia) area. A Moscow radio broadcast heard in London said the planes came from Western Germany by way of Co----,'-, E t GEORGI N. ZAROUBIN Arriving at State Department -Star Staff Yhun, Gei - United Nations delegates were as gathering in San Francisco to many and Poland. Moscow said ! poses," the broadcast quoted the two of the planes were twin- protest note. as saying. It de celebrate the 10th anniversary engine medium bombers. scribed the flights as "deliberate of the U.N.'s foundin Moscow 1 he aforesaid violations of action by certainnitcd States was just cranking up its current I Sov iet air space can only be l elements to aggravate relations ipeace offensive. I assessed as deliberate and car- between the Soviet Union and l Secretary Dulles protested to ,,11,1 mt. fnr reconnaissance pur- the United States of America." Soviet Foreign Minister Molotow and Moscow agreed to pay 50 1 Curious About Restraint It is hard for observers here to believe that the Communists k L'k. !-) r& I L~L AppY VW RfLobsae 1/09/07: CIA-RDP33-02415A0b0 00350135--1 the invasions o ovie air space tl., i5(-