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November 17, 2016
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January 6, 1999
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January 5, 1961
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5, 2 X1C4a ERET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A0900300300012-1 OIL 2784 Copy .2of , R Acting Chief, ND I Weather Support for Project OXCART Paragraph 11 of this memorandum contains a recommendation requiring the approval of the Acting Chiefs DPD. 2. i Decether 6 1961 weather officers representing Headquarters, aDj Headquar.AterA.A1L2t2ther !service the Global Weather Central MEN met with =====1 25X1A5a of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to discusa weather support requirements for the flight test Owe of the OXCART program. 3. During the discuss is the problem of pro 25X1A5a2 the flight at director. will be sensitive to on one major problem came to light. This data on atmospheric turbulence to ated that the OXCART vehicle test flights may be conducted only when turbulence is at a mininum. This applies particularly to the early months of testing, but is a factor which must be carefully considered even in the operational phase of this project. 4. The flight teat area is subject to varying degrees of turbuenoe much of the time. The atmospheric conditions which most often result in significant turbulence for conventional aircraft can be forecast with a reasonable degree of reliability. However, even when the necessary conditions exist, turbulence may occur in only isolated locations, or not at all. nue, with present forecasting methods based on upper air rswinsonde data, many test flights may be postponed unnecessarily when conditions are favorable for turbulence to occur but significant turbulence is not actually present. 5. Another factor in this problem is that the size and intensity of the atmospheric eddies which produce significant turbulence vary eith the design and flight characteristics of the aircraft. The vertical velocities snd eddy sizes that may affect the OXCART vehicle: are not known, nor can these parameters be forecast an the basis of normal ravinsonde data. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000300300012-1 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 25X1A2g Approved For Release 2000/0710011t3 3-02415A000300300012-1 6. The only means of Obtaining the type of data needed to evaluate the parameters which produce turbulence on the OXCART vehicle, and to develop techniqees for forecasting this terbulence, is to fly over the route with a properly instrumented aircraft just prior to each test flight. The DSAF Air Weather Service has R3-57 weather recennaissance aircraft stationed at McClellan ArB, which can be made available to the project. These aircraft are already suitably instrumented except for vertical gust velocity recorders. The gust recorders are on hand at McClellan AFB and can be installed before the flight test program begins. 7. In order to derive full benefit from the reconnaissance flights, the aircraft must be cleared to fly over and a radio communication channel must be established between the Ree.57 and After procedures have boon established, individual reconnaissance missions can be requested as required, by the Staff Weather Officer at These =meats may be relived through VIM to protect the identity of the requeetor. The flight crews may have to be given a limited project briefing but need not be told the mission or the identity of the sponsor. All necessary internal arrangements within the Air Weather Service will be made by Lt Colonel Gaertner 25X1A6a 8. The possibility of using assigned aircraft, such as the Fe101? for the reconnaissance flights has been considered. W. believe it would be virtually iepossible to properly instrument any of the assigned aircraft before the test flights begin. 25X1A2g 9. The boot alternate solution would be to use 4111111111trom Mequipped with a weather pack. Hower, this would require ove modification of at least one 25X1A2g 10. It is the firm conviction of all of the weather officerg referred to in paragraph two that full use of weather reconnaissance aircraft in support of the flight test program is essential to the safety and progress of Project OXCART. The data obtained from these flights vill provide &means of everting mem unnecessary delve in the flight test program; it will provide a possible means of turbulence forecasting techneqeee which stay be vital to the phase of the project; and it will be valuable for assessing of other atmospheric parameters such as temperature, pressure the performance of the OXCART vehicle. the Acting Chief, DPD concurs in the Air Weather Service use the BBe57 in support of OXCART.. it is recommended that eve the actions outlined in paragraph seven. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000300300012-1 SECRET !ig*Approved For liglease 2000/08/2f . - P33-02415/%100300300012-1 25X1A9a Chie bar $ DPD CONCUR: Non-Concur - c.onveivably such an elaborate procedure could be used for initial flight test but is much too involved for continuous operation. I c 25X1A9a s Branch, ra cur in the Air Weather Service proposal to use RB-57 er reconnaissance aircraft in support of Project OXCART and approve the actions uhich are recommended in paragraph eleven and outlined in paragraph seven. Ark 214 4E4-99 Pi 114-14. "fr /ea- 517 e-N.1 ? ?-to) /4/ Se.d/ef Acting Chief, DTD.DIVP DPDAX I ? mopthe . wpic/en . BPD 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000300300012-1