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December 9, 2016
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March 26, 2001
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Approved For Releaa e 2001/04 agraph # 5 for Ops Record Subjects "Personal Equipmen o E and Del Rio ,.rALK R EJECTION SEAT) An efforts in seat pack design for project use mist be directed ds a singular configuration for all units This aspect of course outlined in discussions and specifications dating to project . jnception. new seat pack will be of smaller dimensions thorn the presently used seat pack due to Viler dimensions of the seat pack well ' in the ejection seat. This will. require the local manufacture of a light wood or metal positioning device for the now seat pack whenever in the old (cold) seat. Seats, cold or hot are tow bee inter- carried in the new seat pack will be less than previously the old seat pack. presently reco nded in the F.O.G. now seat pack design. Is will necessitate repositioning of the oxygen regulator otruding from new seat pack will so from the left 0 cylinder against rear well of seat pack. The press to test will be positioned at the left front corner of the pack midl.ine between top and bottom of ham pan and as close to the corner as engineering practices will premit. The present type aero to i nue to be used. will cont disconnect is to remain uncharnged t and hoes connections female asro tech quick 4 type. Acceptance of the now seat pack will not require modification of my component system of the aircraft. LAC engineers have subjected the components of the old seat pack to ground test ejections. Al, reports have indicated adequacy and success. onaole method to activate the 02 supply at time of devised to work in conjunction with the cockp awaiting this capab: activate the emergency time the agency su; desirable feature. ch quick disconnect. In the interim period the pilot will be required to manually Iy prior to ejection The emergency supply ejection is accomplished regardless of what is alerted prior to ejection., This is a -RDP33-024 000400350030-5 Approved For Release 2001/04/T4: zCIA-RDP33-02415A000400350030-5 Approved For Release 2001/0 RDP33-024.,1A000400350030-5 .. 2 .. Approved For Release 2001/OA-10 i q,. A-RDP33-02415A000400350030-5 me"'11 ~