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December 9, 2016
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March 26, 2001
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May 2, 1958
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Approved For Release 2001/ IA-RDP33-0244 5A000400350034-1 19-58 25X1A Ge U'-. 25X1 A authc .sed3-b'y as mod kits become avai able. 11_0 t,, This modification h" already been ently being jr4stalled in -1411c The staff visit to WB gin . lk tb c,. CIO. --laud that e P a conveyance vehicle had been o eq enerat+r i nr of a 28 i elects a~ng and Oxygen facil3 ties had been install sent,. , Air conditioning., u d have adequately been used for its a 3 .p nt Changes Suggested by A 253O6: 12 March 1958 exact status Vrocure"Ill .11 will endeavor to g e? The sit to LAO next ~k, he t corporatf.on 3.9 at pre~re Lockheed Aircraft n rent 4 v,. of the sam r43 se as the ? A. ferenced ~randu , the following action .atiofe contained therein% YJ A*. W has aproved the use Of a fuel f ~..~ y 9-+ tam steps to pro meter in Z .n p o -;W nq cc b duri ng s the da e a dicb these will be available for instal3 at determine cepted by the pilots. The dccUMent outlining requirement- and sit sW D t- _, pilots bruary 19A, eub fitted by Approved For Release 2001/04/04: CIA-RDP33-02415A000400350034-1 : .e c st at that time., the v+hic ---+ion with the WB e I tlephone r b M.n ae a V ener r hiadeen l 198r fnfrrticsn, x?eve Bed and installed and that the vehicle now completely f'cticna April 195 Approved For ReIe ( 1/04/04: CIA-RDP33.Q2415A000400350034-1 choice of flying boot. The type boot is being :d for the pilots who g. Cold Weather 11oves. 'Each Personal Eq;ui nt section has rroitded - an ample eMply of cold weather ground wear mittens and leather). A pair of these is included in the pilots' survival winter survival. A e p y is also available in the P... etoc -s d as they deem necessary. 25X1A Acting Director rat1on Approved For Release 2001/04/04I' QP33-02415A000400350034-1