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December 15, 2016
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December 8, 2003
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April 29, 1957
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Approved For Rase 2003/(RA-RDP33-02415A9400380194-1 SAPC-15303 Copy! of 6o MEMORANDUM FOR : Project Director Director of Operations Contracting Officer SUBJECT s Weight Reduction of the U-?2 REFERENCE s Ops Memo 26 April 1957 (SAPC-15135) 29 April 1957 1. The reference memo is, I think, a good approach as an entree for future discussions on the weight reduction and increased mission capability program. 2. I believe one additional alternative could be shown under para. 7 a, covering an estimated reduction of 300 gallons of fuel and 236 pounds of equipment, giving a penetration altitude of a roximateLy 67,186 feet with altitude over target (mid-mission) of feet 25X1 and final altitude over base on return of approximately feet. 25X1 This alternative is consistent with the presentation in the ref memo, 3. I agree with memo that the maximum altitude benefits to be realized can es; e attained by reduction of fuel load with resultant decrease in mission duration and penetration radius. Other possible reduction is in equipment, both mission and personal equipment weights, and pilot weight, although the latter will be hard to realize except bj fortuitous future recruitment. 1s. I believe the main ""fly in the ointment" is the added weight of Rainbow which is still unknown but may offset the suggested saving of 236 pounds through elimination of unnecessary equipment on the basis of each mission having a tailor-made aircraft for a specific mission- i.e.,, either all photo coverage without Elint, or vice versa. 5. I suggest that weight reduction and specialized mission concept- be further reviewed and discussed with during 25X1 their forthcoming visit, with[ J and Mr. C. L. Johnson, and 25X1 possibly with Col. Beerli during Mr. Bissell's forthcoming visit to Detachment C. 6. I favor directing our attention toward the concept of specialized mission equipment, reduced fuel load, carefully planned mission flight plans, increased EGT, as a means for increasing opera- tional altitudes over target areas in future operations as enemy capability to attain higher altitudes becomes real. 7. During future discussions I believe it essential that Operations and Contracting Officer be represented in order that conf let of these items can be best researched. Approved For Release 2003/12/23 : CIA-RDP33-0241 SECRET 25X1