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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 1999
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January 31, 1957
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Approved For Release 200=111;14001111e06-02415A000500320006-4 Nee SAP C-12837-R Copy f 31 JAN 1957 PROCEDURES FOR HANDLING CORRESPONDENCE ON PROJECT RA OW I. All papers concerning Project RAINBOW will be logged with eitl er SAPC or TS number, These numbers will have an "R" r?cided after them, je? SAPC-l000-R or TS-1000-7R and should be obtained from the Rainbow Security 25X1A9a Officer ext. 2548) or his secretary. A 3"x5" card shlr distribution, the yellow chrono copy as well as any appr-priate receipts will be given to the Rainbow Security Officer (Room 532 Matomic) for file. No information or copies will be filed in Project RI. 25X1A9a 2. Before distributing any correspondence concerning this Project it is mandatory that the originator make certain that clearances for Project RAINBOW have been granted to those individuals receiving copies. This -an be done by contacting the Rainbow Security Officer. .847,95k VED: ii RAINBOW Secu ity Officer 25X1A9a 3 4 25X1A2g 5 6-Rainbow Chrono 25X1A9a 25X1A9a ? Approved For Release 2Viggieli9terP33-02415A000500320006-4 Approved ForReleas.e2000/0833:02415A000500320006-4 MEM((A4JM F z Projee autthicT Clearance of on Rainbow A SAPC-321101 C0p7f0f 5' 16 January 1957 ? of Defense sent4.t1ves Study riroup 1. It is reel-pasted that the percns listed below be deared to receive Aquateme information. Those individuals hoe b*Ani seleotedby the Department of Defense to act as an ad hoc 4roup tt study the affects of project I-ainhow on the national defense. AilL action was taken an a result of a recent meeting held between Mr. Bissell and other members of the group responsible for the initiation of Project Rainbow. 2. A meeting was held on 15 question at which time aainbow was th not hal, briefed on Aquatone althongh they standing that the Agency is angeged in a spool/a eot overflight conducted with a special airplane having long- high altitude capability. Due to the ahortness of time been reasiving the names of this group and the time of the scheduled meeting, their Anuatone ?leonines could not be arranged, homever theme individuals were oartified as TS *leered by their inalviduoA ormaisations. It is hoped that the information presented below will enable their early clearance. Copt. Thomas Jackson Walker III, U8 aoBI 6 Aug 1916 FOB: Figartoen, Maas. Last Duty: tureau of Ordnance, Special Projects ;.V.fice Wavy Department, Washington, D. C. Mr. ale Eugene 03104r DOB: 31 July 1920 Pas Ashland, Ohio Position: Deputy to Asst. Sooty of Air arca 25X1A5a2 (Consultant fore.) 25X1A9a IfA2- securiV 3- 14- 1.1A0 5- Miran, Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000500320006-4 ctor