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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 1999
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October 29, 1956
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Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000500320008-2 SAPC-1 4 8 copyarat ,,;; 2X1 A9a ! ! xcc3ftaNt.t'I3L11 FOR.: Rainbow Invee 1. During one of your **vocal absence* Co 5X1 A2g aaee a call. One sub1sct U* mentioned *** an 25X1 A2g which. t i+erartaatai, cava~t~ra - a seseearck contract 25X 1 A5a 1 ~Mof thst company apparently is 25X1A5a1 of the Project and perhaps in charger of it for tko Company. *bar 15 2. This Project *Oaks the *&&,* sbjisetive as Rainbow. it invoi s giestly r ucets or olimiseeitees electronic r.fisctivity at the vehacL '.; surfaces. Io the case of ts.ilss the ion ed layer is essentially heat ssibility of l ratiag it from a power source is Ueisp. a be established as d maintained around any over. all t r +aocy Bra ss. The getssntttstiv wstsctisn with respect to s - variables as raml power 0* 1"t O the r* a , sews, bi t c itto*a of at S Is ?er. and t* ?sxatnree. Are among the matters still under irsv tigattioee say a Means of inducht ionized layer. $ Us dsvs1o eest. tb*t an 1etsd layer around the sbell of a of the pieseeaa saon first observed, I understand, it conntc s- esd layer is nose-Ir. a.acy limited in its effsct. Accard- 'he great advantage tbiee Umhat"a i# believed to p 1 3. YOU may have ar.J.ct.d this 4*v*to ent the early s tlasbow is which case Par SO a$te*Uoa to this note. U 04 have s 25x1 A9a wane r if it MO VIA not be desirable for you or to to talk to Bas of ore of The tseihaical maple who are work . I have a note to tlas effect that a rl ai isras ii at the Weapons i CsL noel Pettti; ini I beriievs thee latter would lbe the proper point Of **try thresh which to the PrOJOCt with them. Unless you; feeeeI such "Ploratiore Would b 1 25X1 A9a of fie, I wiU ask that regard the Cngracti Officer's copy of this a gratnc$t2ew a& i rf tiest t* 'ant-; s v `if r'a *1....... "ft ch r y g o e u sr is cusa II~.JR. . Oftr 4- _ CILrow e 3-Pro,. C q Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000500320008-2