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December 9, 2016
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December 30, 2000
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January 30, 1958
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Approved For Release 2001/03/01: CIA-IDR3i.Q2,415A000500390144-41 January 30, 1958 25X1A9a Dear Dick: In keeping with our recent conversation, I would like to propose the follow- ing work statement and cost estimate for initial studies on project GUSTO. On the t8th, were here to give the initial security briefings. During our recent meeting in the northeast. I made a certain proposal to you and others regarding a new bird, in which you showed considerable interest. Prior to this time we had, on our own, made studies of various materials and combinations of structures bearing on the general effects desired for project GUSTO. I would like to propose the following work statement for the next phase of our activities: 1. Carry on preliminary design of the bird shown to you during our recent visit, including studies of equipment arrangement, structure, weight, balance, etc. 2. Undertake early wind tunnel tests in both a low speed and high speed wind tunnel. 3. Carry on such tests as we are able to make on the effect of various materials and shapes of the bird with regard to their reflective character- istics. 4. Investigate various plastic structures for use in certain areas of the bird. This includes structural testing, availability, and desirability of sub- contracting certain construction. 'v'arious reports will be prepared on the outcome of the above investigations, and certain material has already been furnished you. I would not expect that we could complete high speed tests in the wind tunnel by June 1958, although we should be well into a model construction at that time. Lcw speed wind tunnel tests should be completed by that time. 25X1 A A sum of is proposed for your acceptance to cover the total cost of the activity indicated above. It is extremely difficult to estimate accurately at this time the specific breakdown of this cost proposal, because of important unknowns in the basic field of Rainbow. The above sum would ccvc r our early studies, two reports on which have already been given you on alternative configurations which might be applicable to project GUSTO. We are continuing our studies on the assumption that the foregoing outline is Approved For Release 2001/03/01 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000500390144-4 Approved For Release 2001/03/01 : CIA-RDP33-Q2415A000500390144-4 to you but, as in all our past dealings. various changes in the program can certainly be ride by mutual agreement, as further knowledge is gained. The above cost does not include the major mockups discussed in our northeast meeting recently, as yon are aware. Sincerely, Approved For Release 2001/03/01 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000500390144-4