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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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April 2, 1969
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6 gApb etrlag gIJW60 r&&6W?UW*jj8*PA000600040004-6 SEC R1;T 2 April 1969 STANDARD OPERATING PROJEDURE H-50-22 This SOP supercedes H-50-22 dated 18 July.i9b8 LIFE SUPPORT PROCEDURES I. PURPOSE: To establish the procedure to be followed by the Life Support Section in the preparation, launch, and recovery of assigned aircrews. II. SCOPE: The provisions of this SOP are applicable to all Life Support personnel assigned or attached to this detachment. III. RESPONSIBILITY: The Director of Operations is responsible for insuring that the provisions of this SOP are adhered to. IV. PROCEDURES: A. To the maximum extent possible, all Life Support activity pertaining to the preparation, launch, and recovery of assigned aircrews will be accomplished by two (2) Life Support technicians, each cross-checking the actions of the other. B. All actions performed will be in accordance with current directives. Appropriate checklists (Attachment 1 & 2) will be strictly adhered to and, when completed, will be filed as directed by Det H SOP H-50-8. C. The Life Support vehicle and personnel will remain at the runway until the aircraft has departed except in cases where another acft launch or recovery requires their presence elsewhere as directed by the Operations Officer, and will resume position not less than twenty (20) minutes prior to the announced landing time. The vehicle with UHF radio capability, will monitor tower frequency during the entire recovery period. The 25X1A2g Life Support vehicle will use a call sign of and will re- place mobile if the mobile becomes inoperative. D. At least one at all times 25X1A9a Copies 2 Atchs 1. Personal Equipment Checklist - Low 2. Personal Equipment checklist - High 1 Detachment Commander 2 Executive Officer 3-5 D/Operations 6-8 D/Materiel 9-11. D/Support Apprp,q Fg(qlRelease 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP33-02415A000600040004-6 16-17 C/Security 'k1) Life Support technician will remain during periods of flying activity. Detachmen Commander