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~~ ~4E~ R ET Approved For Release 20 0 ~~ A-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Attachment: Format and Sample Report PART I ACTIVITIES A . Summary 1. The Detachment is once again in a healthy readi- ness status with two proven aircraft and six highly proficient mission pilots.- Because of a shortage of flying hours during this period, two pilots have dropped below the desired level of proficiency and have been designated Category II. Our third aircraft, recently assigned, should be operationally ready by mid June and will tend to alleviate the pilot training problem. 2. During this period we have completely recovered from continuing problems aggravated by increased periodic maintenance workload and receipt of two substandard engines from the repair facility. 3. A reorganization of functions, coupled with current shortages in maintenance supervisory and shop space, dictates that additional facilities or space be made immediately available. A study currently underway will identify, justify and become the basis for submission of a construction project request within the next two weeks. B. Operations: 1. Most significant activity during this month was our participation in the Project. In addition to training SAC pilots in t e - equipped aircraft, we supported the ferry of Articles 383 and 385 to Operating Location 20 and deployed twenty-five personnel to the site to assist in the mission there. 2. The navigation section is presently conducting tests of new size maps and knee board navigation cards in an attempt to simplify and minimize cockpit duties. A final report will be submitted when these tests are completed approximately July 1966. IDEA 2997-66 Page 1 Approved For Release 20011~0~/U9 :~!'~FA~RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/067091D~~~2D~33-02415A000700010010-1 C. Support? 1. During the month the KUBARK audit staff conducted its annual check of the Detachment. The auditors expressed pleasure with financial records, but indicated there would be some exceptions in supply procedures, mainly as they are related to Part 2 of SLOE. All exceptions were reviewed by the Commander and Support Officer and appro- priate remedies discussed. Steps to correct deficiencies have been initiated and these will be outlined in detail when the audit report is forwarded to us for comment. 2? replaced 25X1A - ra - i ney representative. D. Materiel? 1. Following receipt of Article 348 on 13 May, and after two sorties of four plus five hours duration, there were repeated write-ups on the throttle and EPR/EGT 'fluctuations with a fuel control change made on 18 May. 2. Instruments were a great source of trouble this month. We changed three Rate of Climb Indicators, two Airspeed Indicators, three Altimeters, two Attitude Gyros and one Pitch Trim Indicator. Several of these indicators were sticking. An instrument panel vibrator may help some of these, especially in the high altitude, smooth air areas. 3. The stall strip handle on all aircraft was found to be collapsing at the end of the "T" handle tube and excessive wear and fraying on the cable was noted. 4. Installation of two GE remote control ground stations and four remote control radios, in vehicles, was accomplished. E. Security; 1. There were no security violations charged to members of the Detachment during this month. 2. A security indoctrination far wives of recently assigned Detachment personnel was conducted on 13 May 1966. IDEA 299?-66 Attachment Page 2 Approved For Release 2~'Ff0~6/OJ~~IA~RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 200'1'/06/0 i4=RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALI E. U-2 Sorties - Scheduled versus Flown: Scheduled Flown 359 348 384 359 348 384 Operational 0 1 0 0 1 0 Training 12 2 3 10 2 2 Maintenance 2 0 2 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 Ferry Total 14 3 6 12 3 4 F. U-2 Flying Hours - Scheduled versus Flown: Scheduled Flown 359 348 384 359 348 384 Operational 0 6.3 0 0 6.2 0 Training 40.5 7.7 12.5 35.7 8.4 10.8 Maintenance 5.0 0 5.0 4.8 0 1.8 Ferry 0 0 3.5 0 0 3.4 Total 45.5 14.0 21.0 40.5 14.6 16.0 G. U-2 Aircraft Utilization Rates: Average Number Aircraft Possessed 2.3 Total Sorties Flown 19.0 Average Number Sorties Per Aircraft 8.3 Total Hours Flown 71.1 Average Number Hours Flown Per Aircraft 31.0 H. Support Aircraft Utilization: IDEA 2997-66 Attachment Page 5 Approved For Release 2001~0~ :~l7hF~FtDP83-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/U5/OI~S~~ RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Type Serial Number Hours Possessed IN CIUT HcLC~~s 1~'iown U-3A 908 744 100n X7.1 U-3B 080 744 100% 19.7 T-33A 850 744 52U/~ 43%, 4 ~ . 7 T-33A 809 744 #7%, 13;,; '^l . 0 IDEA 2997-66 Attachment Page 6 Approved For Release 200~1~~9~ ~A~D~33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2001/O~~p~~j1~~2DP33-02415A000700010010-1 PROJECT HEADQUARTERS OFERATIONS DIRECTIVE 50-10-C 1 February 1967 Supersedes PHD 50-10-6 dated 7 February 1966 TAPE RECORDING OF PILOT BRIEFINGS AND DEBRIEFINGS 1. PURPOSE: To establish the requirement for recording on tape the pilot general briefing of all U-2 sorties, and the pilot debriefing of all Headquarters directed operational missions. 2. SCOPE: The provisions of this directive are applicable to detachments under the control of this Headquarters. 3. RESPONSIBILITY: Detachment Commanders are responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of this directive. 4. GENERAL: a. In order that a permanent record may be available, pilot general briefings for all U-2 sorties will be tape recorded. b. Pilot debriefings of Project Headquarters directed operational missions will be tape recorded. c. If at all possible, the tape recorder should be operated on sixty (60) cycle power. d. To permit compliance with this directive when the detachment is operating away from the detachment permanent base, a portable tape recorder will be carried to the staging location. e. A resume of the pilot's cover story, quoted from memory, will be part of the operational mission briefing for American pilots. f. All tapes will be classified TOP SECRET and the mission number and date will be marked on the container. IDEA b044-67 Copy~of~ Page 1 of 2 Approved For Release 2001/QQ~QjI,RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 TOP SECRET Approved For Release ~$/O~~R~IA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST g. Tapes of briefings and debriefings for operational missions will be couriered to Project Headquarters along with other mission take and will be filed in Project Head- quarters with other mission records. h, Tapes of briefings/debriefings for non-operational missions may be destroyed after the aircraft has landed without incident. In the event of an incident or accident the tapes will be retained by the detachment pending receipt, from Project Headquarters, of instructions for their disposition. ??~.Q~`~~~k ~~Q~~7-g IDEA 0044-67 Copy ~/ of~~ Page- of Approved For Release ,?~,~~~E~IA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/009 Ss~R[~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST PROJECT HEADQUARTERS OPERATIONS DIRECTIVE 50-10-5 7 February 1966 Supersedes PHD #50-1055-5 dated 18 April 1962 AIRBORNE/STANDBY SPARE AIRCRAFT 1. PURPOSE: To establish a general policy for the use of air- borne and/or standby spare aircraft for operational missions. 2. RESPONSIBILITY: Project Headquarters is responsible for establishing the requirement for spare mission aircraft and for defining the priority of this requirement. 3. GENERAL: The directed use of an airborne and/or standby spare aircraft will normally be restricted to overflights in order to increase the probability of a successful mission. a. Unless directed otherwise either the primary or the spare aircraft will penetrate; not both. b. It is not implied that detachments will be augmented with additional aircraft, equipment or personnel solely for the purpose of providing airborne spares. c. It is the prerogative of the detachment or staging team Commander to schedule standby spares at his discretion. d. Spare aircraft will be conf igured the same as the primary mission aircraft insofar as possible. Project Headquarters will determine the need for airborne and/or standby spare for an overflight and direct its IDEA 2879-66 Copy ~.~ of ~f p Page-3"of~- Approved For Release 2001(~~/C(~~~~DP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/06F06 :~Ar~I~D~33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST use as early as possible in the planning stages of a mission. The mission plan will state that the airborne spare is or is not required. If an airborne spare is required, the for the primary mission will include launch or cancel instruc- tions for the airborne spare. a. The airborne spare will follow the primary mission to a specified point. b. If the primary is unable to proceed he will notify the spare to take the mission through a pre- arranged signal. c. Separation between aircraft will normally be not more than f if teen minutes . 5. GENERAL: a. Whenever the use of an airborne or ground spare is required for an operational mission specific instruc- tions will be forwarded to the detachment concerned. They will include a "fail safe" communications procedure to prevent both aircraft from penetrating on the same mission. Launch limit times will be specified. b. No airborne spare may be launched without authority from Project Headquarters. c. Ground standby spare aircraft may be launched in place of the primary mission aircraft when the control point/control time can be met. IDEA 2879-66 Copy/2 of c,/d Page-of`~E- Approved For Release 2001~Q$~~~J~{~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 200~O~~EII~RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST PRO3ECT FIEADQUAIt`I'Ep,S OPERATIONS ? February 1966 DIRECTIVE 50-10-4 Supersedes PHD #50-1055-1 dated 13 February 1964 SORTIE NUMBERING SYSTEM 1. PURPOSE: To establish a uniform procedure for the numbering of all sorties. 2. PROCEDURE: All sorties will be defined and numbered in accordance with the following: a. Definitions: (1) Operational Mission - A mission directed by Headquarters for the primary purpose of obtaining photo and/or ELINT coverage of specific targets or target areas, and may or may not involve a penetration of denied territory. Normally this type mission will require activation of the - reporting system. (2) Non-Operational Mission, Headquarters Directed. A mission directed by Headquarters for the purpose of ferrying the U-2 from one station to another, and for any other special flying requirements and/or tests for the detachments as directed by Headquarters. (3) Non-Operational Mission, Unit Directed. A mission directed and planned by the Unit Commander for the purpo;?e of conducting training and test flights. b. Numbering: (1) Headquarters directed missions will be assigned a number by Project Headquarters at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled take off time. Mission numbers will consist of a total of five characters. IDEA X878-66 Copy/,~,,, of ya Page ~ of 4 - Approved For Release 2001/0~~~ :g[Fi~~j~33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001~~9St~4~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST (a) Operational Mission: 1. The first character of the mission number will be a code letter designating the geographical area over which the mission is to be flown. Code Letter Geographical Area C China and North Korea T Sino Indian Border and Tibet Southeast Asia Middle East Latin America South Pacific Ocean Additional code letters will be designated for other geographical areas as required. 2. The second and third characters will indicate the operational sortie number for the year. Numbering will be sequentially from O1 through 99 for each code letter. 3. The fourth character will be the last number of the calendar year in which the mission is scheduled to be flown. IDEA 2878-66 Copy~of yQ Page 2 of 4 Approved For Release 2001/?~J ~~~~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/~Q89 $E~~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST (b) Non-Operational Mission, Headquarters Directed: 1. The first three characters of the mission number will indicate the nonopera- tional sortie number for the year. Numbering will be sequentially from 001 through 999. 2. The fourth character will be the last number of the calendar year in which the mission is scheduled to be flown. (c) Unit directed missions will be assigned a number by the detachment scheduling and planning the mission. The number will indicate the detach- ment involved, purpose of mission, calendar year and the sortie number. Example "GT-66-5" Detachment Type Calendar Sortie Indicator Sortie Year Number T 66 1. Detachment Indicator: Detachment "G" is assigned the letter G. Detachment "H" is assigned the letter H. 2. Type Sortie? Maintenance Test - M IDEA 2878-66 Copy/~? of ~D Page of-~ Approved For Release 2001/~?'~9~~~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/a~ S~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST - T Weather - W Ferry - F 3. Calendar Year: Will be indicated by the last two digits of the calendar year. 4. Sortie Number: Sorties will be numbered sequentially beginning with one (1) on the first day of the new year. (d) A mission number, once assigned, will not be used again. If the mission is cancelled the number will be retired. IDEA 2878-66 Copy~of~ Page 4 of 4 Approved For Release 2001/O~Q~ : ~j~33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 200'1Y0~/(~9-:~1~~RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST PROJECT HEADQUARTERS OPERATIONS DIRECTIVE 50-10-3 TRAINING 7 JULY 1969 Supersedes PHD #50-10-3 dated 7 February 1966 UNIT TRAINING STANDARD 1. PURPOSE? To establish standards of proficiency which will be attained and maintained by reconnaissance detachments for the successful accomplishment of their mission. 2. MISSION: The ultimate mission of U-2 Detachments is to perform reconnaissance overflights of the USSR, Communist China, the Communist Satellite countries, and elsewhere as required in the national interest. 3. UNIT TRAINING: To achieve the objectives stated above, IDEALIST Detachments will meet the following requirements: a. Proficiency in: (1) Conducting effective mission planning, briefing, and debriefing. (2) Employing single or multiple aircraft to collect intelligence data. (3) Rapid servicing and reloading of assigned aircraft with the objective of maintaining a maximum turn around time as follows: (a) Four hours to launch a fully loaded reconnaissance mission from home base. (b) Four hours to launch a preloaded fully equipped reconnaissance package from a IDEA 0494-69 Copy ~/ of ~o Page 1 of 5 Approved For Release 200'I~'~~~1~~bP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/06/09 S~h~t~~DP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST forward staging base under austere field conditions. (c) Two hours to launch an enroute ferry mission. (4) Maintaining assigned aircraft, all installed systems and equipment and supporting equipment under field conditions at a forward staging base. (5) Maintaining at least 75% of assigned and possessed aircraft in an operationally ready status. (6) Developing and testing modes of operation and techniques peculiar to this project. (7) Moving to and operating from a base, with support for similar aircraft, for sustained periods without significant interruption in operational capability. (8) Moving to and operating from a base without support for limited operations for specified short periods. b. Secure assigned assets and personnel against infiltration by enemy agents or persons sympathetic to the enemy. c. Preserve the security of this project. 4. AIRCREW TRAINING: The aircrew (pilot) will be trained to standards of proficiency which will enable him to perform his mission with skill and confidence. He should have a thorough knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of assigned aircraft and installed equipment. The pilot will attain and maintain the following requirements: a, Proficiency in: (1) Preflight and postflight inspection of aircraft insofar as necessary to confirm for himself the mechanical status of his aircraft. IDEA 0494-69 Copy ~/ of do Paged-of 5 Approved For Release. 2001~~09s~TP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/06109 :-X11433-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST (2) Normal and emergency operation of all air- craft systems and installed equipment. (3) Navigation, day or night, under all weather conditions with or without ground navigational aids and airborne radar to the full tactical range of assigned aircraft. (4) Instrument flying. (5) Flying a photographic reconnaissance flight line with a maximum deviation of not more than two miles, (6) Flying functional check flights in assigned aircraft. (7) Survival, evasion, resistance and escape techniques and equipment, in accordance with Project Field Directive 18-5-1, (8) Responding to and executing verbal instruc- tions from a ground station, transmitted in brief, coded form. (9) Becoming airborne (under alert conditions) within two hours after prebreathing starts. (10) Use of life support and personal protective equipment in normal flight and emergency conditions. b. Knowledge of: (1) Regulations, manuals, technical orders, data publications and procedures which pertain to the accomplishment of the assigned mission. (2) Methods and procedures for abandoning air- craft during flight or after crash landing, including emergency destruction of aircraft and. classified equipment if forced down over denied territory. (3) Use of life support equipment and methods of survival, land or sea, in all theaters of operation. IDEA 0494=69 Copy ~/ o f ~ o Page 3 of 5 Approved For Release 200'I~~~~I~-~'DP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/U9IV9~~,A~R~P33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST (4) Physiological effects associated with high altitude flying, bailout and ejection; to include hypoxia, hyperventilation, vertigo, bends, explosive decompression, night vision and G-forces. (5) Capabilities, limitations, and mechanics of the operation of the air defense systems over denied territory. (6) Capabilities and limitations of friendly air defense systems to assist in the accomplishment of the mission. (?) Operational capabilities and limitations of the aircraft. (8) Operational capabilities and limitations of installed reconnaissance and defense equipment, insofar as necessary for effective employment thereof. This does not include technological or designed aspects which have no bearing on the selection or use of installed equipment on a mission. (9) Characteristics of all potentially hostile aircraft and missiles and the tactics to use to counter their employment against a reconnaissance mission. (10) Basic principles of meteorology required for interpretation of weather information and accurate reporting or inflight weather observations. (11) General maintenance, ground handling and servicing procedures for assigned aircraft. (12) Fitting, use, and care of all personal flying equipment with particular emphasis on oxygen. (13) Recognition of friendly and hostile air- craft by silhouette and/or mode of employment where applicable. (14) Flight planning techniques as they pertain to aerial reconnaissance and ferry missions. IDEA 0494-69 Co py~-o f ,~ d Page 4 of 5 Approved For Release 200~~~/O~ERDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 20(~~/~~~~TRDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST 5. In reference to Section 4 (Aircrew Training) pilots are to be knowledgeable of reconnaissance equipment capabilities and limitations only insofar as is necessary for them to use the equipment properly and to be aware of its effect (if any) on the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft. Pilots are specifically prohibited from having design and technical knowledge of reconnaissance equipment. Pilots shall be denied operational or other intelligence details not necessary in the performance of their assignment as primary mission pilots. All precautions must be taken to avoid disclosure to pilots of such other sensitive information that might subse- quently be compromised in case of capture. IDEA 0494-69 Copy ~/ of ~` d Page~of~ Approved For Release 2001/ ~~'P33-02415A000700010010-1 ., .. IDEALIST Approved For Release 20~'9'I,06f0"9~'~Fi4-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST PROJECT HEADQUARTERS OPERATIONS DIRECTIVE 50-10-2 16 FEBRUARY 1970 Supersedes PHD #50-10-2 dated ? February 1966 U-2 FLYING HOUR REpUIREMENTS 1. PURPOSE: To prescribe minimum flying requirements for a qualified U-2 pilot to maintain Operationally Ready (O/R) status. 2. DEFINITIONS: a. Quarter. A quarter, as referred to herein, is a calendar quarter, i.e., January - March, April - June, etc. b. High Flight. A flight which exceeds 50,000 feet with a total flight time in excess of three hours duration. c. Low Flight. A flight below 50,000 feet. Normally not less than one hour duration to include pilot pro- ficiency type items, i.e., 1) simulated flame-out patterns, 2) touch and go landings and, 3) instrument approaches. d. Operationally Ready Pilot. A pilot who has success- fully completed the U-2 flying requirements prescribed in PHD 50-10-25 and has been certified by the Detachment Commander as being operationally ready. e. Qualified U-2 Pilot. A pilot who has fulfilled the U-2 flying training requirements outlined in PHD 50-10-25 but has not been certified by the Detachment Commander as being operationally ready. f. Transition Pilot. A pilot who is undergoing U-2 flying training but has not completed the flying training specified in PHD 50-10-25. 3. PROCEDURES? a. Once a pilot is initially determined to be O/R, he will continue to be O/R provided he meets the minimum flying requirements outlined in paragrapJpt_A~~rY~low. If the Detachment-Commander determines that an iiidididual pilot cannot satisfactorily perform an operational over- flight mission, the pilot may be removed from O/R status even though he meets all other requirements for O/R status. GROUP 1 IDEA 0347-70 FiaE~~MFemih~Fi?~Ie se ~~'OR~-RDP33-024'~5~g0~71008~~_,10-1 owngruding and Page 1 of~- - dCclassifi^~?tior~ IDEALIST Approved For Release~1/v~/v~~~lA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST b. Changes in O/R status for individual pilots will be transmitted to Project Headquarters as they become known. 4. GENERAL: a. The requirements for currency in carrier landings will be determined in accordance with PHD 50-10-17. However, the loss of currency in this special qualification will not otherwise affect O/R status. b. Detachment Commanders will schedule all pilots to meet the O/R minimum flying requirements. If insuffi- cient flying hours are available for all assigned U-2 pilots to maintain O/R status, flying hours available will be allocated to maintain O/R status for the maximum number of mission pilots. 5. MINIMUM FLYING REQUIREMENTS: a. To maintain O/R status, a pilot must have accomp- lished all of the following within a quarter: (1) Nine sorties. (2) Minimum of one high flight each 45 days, of which one each quarter will utilize a camera configuration. (3) A minimum of 30 hours per quarter. b. A pilot will be removed from O/R status if he fails to meet the minimum requirements outlined in paragraph 5a above. 6. INITIAL PILOT QUALIFICATION: a. Upon completion of training outlined in PHD 50-10-25 and demonstration of aircrew proficiency in accordance with paragraphs 4 and 5, PHD 50-10-3, pilot will be declared O/R at the discretion of the Detachment Commander. Once upgrading to O/R status is effected, the following criteria will apply: (1) Pilots will complete the minimum quarterly requirements specified in paragraph 5a above to main- tain O/R status at the end of the quarter in which upgrading occurred. Minimum requirements will be accomplished by: IDEA 0347-?0 Copy of Approved For Release 2~~06~~~~-RDP33-02~1~~-?D~..~1~ 0-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release~?1/96I99~E~IA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST (a) Flying a proportionate share of the minimum quarterly requirements for that quarter. (b) Accrediting flying accomplishments (transition or additional qualification flights) completed during that quarter. (Note: The total of paragraphs 6a (1) (a) and. (b) above must equal the minimum quarterly requirements in order for a pilot to remain O/R for the sub- sequent quarter.) 7. U-2 PILOT RECURRENCY: a. A pilot who has been removed from O/R status solely for failure to meet the minimum flying requirements can be upgraded to O/R status by accomplishing the following: (1) Fifteen days or less: One low flight followed by one high flight utilizing a camera configuration. A minimum of five flying hours. (2) Over 15 days but less than 45 days. One low flight followed by two high flights, one of which will utilize a camera configuration. A minimum of 10 flying hours. (3) Forty-five days but less than 90 days. Twa low flights followed by three high flights, one of which will utilize a camera configuration. A minimum of 15 flying hours. (4) Ninety days or more. Demonstrate aircrew proficiency outlined in paragraph 4, PHD 50-10-3, and as directed by the Detachment Commander and approved by Project Headquarters. b. A pilot who is removed from O/R status by the Detachment Commander, for any reason other than failure to accomplish minimum requirements, can be redesignated O/R at the discretion of the Detachment Commander, pro- vided all flying requirements have been satisfied. IDEA 0347-70 Capy of Approved For Release 20~~P6~~~RDP33-02415AQQA~&b~06f0~ IDEALIST Approved For Release 20~? ~g~dl9'~tTA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 8. WAIVERS: Waivers for provisions of this directive will be considered by this headquarters on an individual basis. (Note; Non-Agency U-2 pilots (i.e., USAF pilots qualified in the U-2) are not required to maintain O/R status. Their minimum U-2 requirements will be as specified in AFM 60-1.) IDEA 0347-70 Approved For ReleaseT20B1~~~0~~~1A-RDP33-O~p'Ol c~10-1 IDEALIST O~E~s~~DP33-02415A000700010010-1 PROJECT HEADQUARTERS OPERATIONS DIRECTIVE 50-10-1 21 February 1966 IDEALIST FLIGHT TEST CONTROL SYSTEM 1. PURPOSE: To establish the procedures required for the conduct of equipment flight tests on IDEALIST Detachment- aircraft. 2. SCOPE: These procedures apply to flight tests of all equipment to be tested on Detachment aircraft. _ -~ Approved For Release 200'W~ 3. PROCEDURES: a. All equipment to be tested on Detachment vehicles will first be approved by the IDEALIST Configuration Evaluation Board. b. To obtain approval for the flight test, a General Flight Test Plan will be sp.bmitted to the IDEALIST Con- figuration Evaluation Board. This plan will include, but not be limited to: (1) Description of the equipment to be tested. (2) Flight test objectives. (3) Approximate duration of the testing period to include number of flights required. c. When the Flight Test Program has been approved, an OSA Project Officer will be appointed by the Chairman of the Configuration Evaluation Board. d. The Project Officer will coordinate the schedul- ing of the flights with the IDEALIST Division Chief. e. A status report on each Detachment aircraft flight test project will be made each week by the appointed Project Officer indicating the status of the project as of IDEA 2909 Page 1 of 2 Copy L of ,~, y~ 3~~ RB/ IDEALIST A roved For Release 2001/~~'9 S~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SD Intel/OSA. D/FA. SS Idea MD C&FE SA L EO/OSA. D/Tech Contracts Programs ftB/OSA, Series 1 - 6 - 1 p0~(iig~ Approved For Release 2001/06/~9~ C~IPP~3~~1~A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001T/~ PROJECT HEADQUARTERS DIRECTIVE 50-10-1 ~~~~~DP33-02415A000700010010-1 OPERATIONS the last working day of each week. Included in the report will be any change to the original General Flight Test Plan, change of completion date, etc. This repart will be submitted each Tuesday to the Chairman of the Configuration Evaluation Board, with appropriate distri- bution to OSA Divisions concerned with the test. Negative/ no progress reports will be required. f. A Flight Test Progress folder on all such flight tests will be maintained in the Control Center. This progress folder will include-the General Flight Test Plan (as amended) and the weekly Progress Reports. An appro- priate chart will also be displayed in the Control Center depicting the essential elements of each Detachment Aircraft Flight Test Project. Upon completion of the Flight Test Project, the progress folder will be forwarded to the appropriate division. (NOTE: Progress folders for Detachment aircraft flight test projects currently under way need only include in the General Plan a description of flight test objectives and an approximate completion date. If any changes are made to these plans, they will be noted in the weekly progress reports.) IDEA 2909 Page 2 of 2 Copy ~ of IDEALIST TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 q PROJECT HEADQUARTERS Operations DIRECTIVE 50-5-2 20 January 1967 PREPARATION OF OPERATIONS PLANS/ORDERS (This Directive Supersedes Project Headquarters Directive 50-155-1 dated 15 May 1965) 1. PURPOSE To e stablish a uniform procedure and format for the preparation of Operations Plans/Orders. 2. SCOPE This Directive is applicable to all Operations Plans/Orders published by this Headquarters. 3. PROCEDURES a. Office of Special Activities staff officers will use this Directive as a basic reference when preparing Operations Plans/Orders. When appropriate, OXCART and IDEALIST division chiefs will initiate actions for updating existing plans or development/publication of new plans through :the Deputy for Operations to supporting OSA staff officers. The notifi- cation will contain suspense dates, requirements and specific instructions for plan development and/or revision. b. Normally a designated knowledgeable operations officer will monitor/manage the development and publication of Project Headquarters oplans, and Operations Plan Panel action will not be required. When special oplan guidance is required for OSA, an Operations Plan Panel may be called into session by the Deputy for Operations. Subject panel will be composed of members listed in Attachment I. Sequence of actions for all oplan development is outlined in Attachment II. Attachment III contains the format to be used in the preparation of Project Headquarters oplans. however, the content of annexes, to the mission;re,quire,ent. Basic format outlined should be adhered to; appendices, tabs, etc. , must be tailored 5.3 ~.a t/v...?~~. ._..' _. _~~~ VV Page 1 of 22 kppr'`oor Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 d. Numbering System: (1) Operations Plans/Orders for the IDEALIST Division will be prefixed with the number one through forty-nine and a calendar year designated; i. e. , 1-67 indicates the first IDEALIST Operations Flan/Order for 1967. (2) Operations Plans/Orders for the OXCART Division will be prefixed with the number fifty through ninety-nine with a calendar year designator; i. e. , 50-67 indicates the first OXCART Operations Plan/Order for 1967. (3) Operations Plans/Orders prefixes will not use identical numbers. If a number has been utilized for either an Operations Plan or Order, the next plan/order will utilize the next succeeding number . e. Administrative Procedures: (1) Normally Project Headquarters oplans will be prepared for message transmission. NOTE: Whenever possible, OXCART oplans will be automated for 1004 transmission. (2) Changes will be forwarded by message to all recipients of the original plan. Minor changes in wording will be amended by "pen and ink" changes. Revisions will be published as a new annex or complete plan to supersede the previous edition. (3) Fragmentary orders will be used for separate instructions to one or more units for special operations not outlined in the original plan. Normally a frag order is concerned only with operations and logistics. (4) As appropriate, each division chief will sign his own annex and will initial the coordination cover sheet. The Deputy for 25X1A Operations' signature will be required to release the plan. A single umber will be assigned to automated plans. 4-67 .;Copy' of 15 Page 2 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 f. Schedule: Time permitting, Project Headquarters plans will normally be published 30 days prior to execution. Unit supporting plans will be required at Project Headquarters NLT 15 days after receipt of Project Headquarters Oplan. 4. EFFECTIVE DATE: This Directive will be effective 20 January 1967. Any operations plans/orders in effect at that time need not be changed to conform to the format outlined in Attachment III; however, the next complete revision will be in the prescribed format. Paul N. Bacalis Distribution: #1 - D/SA #2 - D/O/OSA #3 - OXC/O/OSA #4 -IDEA/O/OSA #5 - SS/OSA #6 - D/R&D/OSA #7 -ASST COMPT/OSA #8 - D/M/OSA #9 - Commo/O/OSA #10 -Intel/O/OSA #11 -ADP/O/OSA #12 - CC/OSA #13 - WEA/O/OSA #14 -SAS/O/OSA #15 - RB / OSA 25X1A 014-67 Copy~_ of 15 Page 3 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 ATTACHMENT I CHAIRMAN Designated By: OPERATIONS INTELLIGENCE SECURITY COMMUNICATIONS LOGISTICS ADMINISTRATION COVER WEATHER Deputy for Operations Project Division Chief Division Chief Division Chief Division Chief Division Chief Division Chief Division Chief Division Chief --2014-67 Copy~of 15 Page_ 4 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 ATTACHMENT II Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SEQUENCE OF ACTIONS METHOD ACTION AGENCY ACTION 1. Submit Requirement Division Memorandum Deputy for Operations 2 Staff Notification of Require- Memo or Panel as Directed Division Requesting Plan . by Deputy for Operations ment 3, Draft Copy of Plan One Typed Copy to Requesting OSA Divisions Division 4. Computer Copy Cards and Tape Automation (Draft Copy) 5, Final Coordination Review b Office of Primary y Responsibility OSA Staff s /Divisions sign annex as appropriate and initial coordination cover sheet APPLIES TO OXCART DIVISION ONLY _2014-67 Copy~_of 15 Page 5 of 22 ~.. Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 AGENDA (WHEN DIRECTED TO MEET BY DEPUTY FOR OPERATIONS) ACTION METHOD ACTION AGENCY 1, General Review of Requirement Briefing by Chairman Designated by Deputy far Operations 2. Intelligence Requirement Discussion Appropriate Representative 3. Operations Requirement 6' 4. Security Requirement "` " 5. Cover Requirement " " 6. Communications Requirement " 7, Materiel Requirement " 8. Development Requirement " 9. Weather Requirement " 10. Administration Requirement " " 11. Automation Requirement " " 12. Establish Suspense for Completion " _2014-67 of 15 Copy~ _ Page 6 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 - Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-0~4~1,~OCO~Q~QNQlQ1(~I~ SAMPLE FORMAT (CLASSIFICATION) DATE CITE OPS PLAN ADDRESSEES , DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD PART I ADMINISTRATIVE AND SECURITY INSTRUCTIONS 1. TITLE: PROJECT HEADQUARTERS OPLAN 2. EFFECTIVE DATE: List date plan/order becomes effective and plan/order superseded (if applicable). 3. NICKNAME: (Unclassified Name) (Classified Codeword) 4. SUPPORTING ORDER(S)/PLAN(S): 5. REFERENCES (CHARTS & RELEVANT DOCUMENTS): List charts/documents necessary to clarify assignments contained in the plan. Do not catalog common references such as flying regulations and operating manuals which the users are on normal distribution. 6. CLASSIFICATION: Overall classification is (list applicable security classification) 7. AMENDMENTS: WILL BE PUBLISHED IN MESSAGE FORM TO ALL RECIPIENTS OF THE ORIGINAL PLAN. MINOR CHANGES IN WORDING WILL BE BY "PEN AND INK" CORRECTIONS. REVISIONS WILL BE PUBLISHED AS A NEW ANNEX OR COMPLETE PLAN TO SUPERSEDE THE PREVIOUS EDITION, (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 2014-67 '7 of 15 Page 7 of 2?~ Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SECRET - DATE Approved For Relea~j2~~'~4~/~~C~I~I~P33-02415A000700010010-1 OPS PLAN CITE 8. DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS: Unfamiliar terms will be defined here if used in the text. PART II OPS PLAN DIVISION/ CLASSIFIED CODEWORD CHART AND MAP REFERENCES TASK ORGANIZATIONS 1. GENERAL SITUATION: A. B. FRIENDLY FORCES PARTICIPATING FORCES 2. MISSION 3. EXECUTION: A. CONCEPT OF OPERATION B. TASKS OF PARTICIPATING FORCES C. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (1) COMMAND (2) CONTROL 4. ADMINISTRATIVE AND LOGISTICS: A. ADMINISTRATIVE (GENERAL) B. LOGISTICS (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO -14-67 Copy `] of 15 Page 8 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SECRET Approved For Rele~~2~Q~/~6f~9A~~~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 5. ANNEXES A. OPERATIONS B. INTELLIGENCE C. SECURITY D. COMMUNICATIONS E. LOGISTICS F. ADMINISTRATION G. COVER H. WEATHER I. AUTOMATION J. REPORTS DISTRIBUTION: (LIST EXCEPTIONS) (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 25X1A _ 2014-67. Copy 'f of 15 Page 9 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Rele~sLeL2~pS'~/~/~9A~I~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 DATE OPS PLAN CITE ADDRESSEES , DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX A PROD HQS OPLAN OPERATIONS 1. NORMAL PROCEDURES A. BRIEFING AND DEBRIEFING B. DEPARTURE, ARRIVAL AND CLEARANCE PROCEDURES C. ABORT CRITERIA D. SPARE AIRCRAFT E. SUPPORT AIRCRAFT UTILIZATION 2. AIR OPERATIONS A. MISSION PROFILE (1) ROUTE(S) (2) TIMING {3) INFLIGHT REFUELING {4) TACTICS (5) CREW PROCEDURES (6) AIRCRAFT LOADING (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO ~14-67 Copy r/ of 15 Page 10 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A0007~00010010-1 Approved For Rele~~?~SOS1~~9A:~I~~t~P33-02415A000700010010-1 DATE OPS PLAN (7) (8) LIMITING FACTORS (A) FLIGHT SAFETY (B) WEATHER MINIMA (C) FUEL RESERVES RECOVERY AND/OR RELAUNCH B. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: (1) SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT (2) INFLIGHT EMERGENCIES (3) SPECIAL PROCEDURES (4) PRIMARY, ALTERNATE AND EMERGENCY AIRFIELDS (5) SEARCH AND RESCUE 3. MISSION SUPPORT A. PLANNING B. AIRLIFT C. RADAR SUPPRESSION D. MODE X E. TAKE HANDLING 4, REPORTS A. GENERATION TIMING (if applicable) (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO ~14-67 Copy ~. ~f 15 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-024~5~'E~00~10004fl0'k~'-1 DATE Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 (CLASSIFICATION) OPS PLAN B. OPERATIONAL REPORTS C. REPORTING EXCEPTIONS (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO ~14-.67 Copy `~ of 15 Page 12 of ,.22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Rele~~2~~~9~~pf~QP33-02415A000700010010-1 DATE OPS PLAN CITE .~ ADDRESSEES DIVISION/ CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX B PROJ HQS OPLAN INTELLIGENCE 1. ORDER OF BATTLE A. AOB B. ROB C. SAM 2. INTELLIGENCE TASKS A. TARGET MATERIALS B. E & E DATA C. SURVIVAL DATA =,=3. TAKE MOVEMENT INSTRUCTIONS (In Appendix I, Annex B in some cases -see note) NOTE: A general intelligence summary of political and/or inter- national conditions/situations, etc. which might be useful in keeping Detachment Commander abreast of current events as related to his mission. Additionally, such information as required explaining pilot's cover story, etc. ~~When Take Movement Instructions are lengthy and/or there are distribution exceptions, an appendix will be used. (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO -14-67 Copy: `Z_of 15 Page 13 ~of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 (CLASSIFICATION) .~ DATE OPS PLAN CITE ADDRESSEES ' DIVISION/ CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX C PROJ HQS OPLAN SE CURITY 1. GENERAL A, CLEARANCES B. COURIERS C. SECURITY RESPONSIBILITIES (1) PROJ HQS (2) DETACHMENT(S) (3) SECURITY OFFICERS AT STAGING BASE(S) D. SECURITY BRIEFING REQUIREMENTS 2. SECURITY CONTACTS AND COORDINATION A. NAMES OF CONTACTS ENROUTE AND AT STAGING BASE (1) TELEPHONE NUMBERS (2) SECURITY OFFICERS AT ENROUTE AND STAGING AREAS (3) CLEARANCE AND BRIEFING STATUS VERIFIED (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 25X1A X014-67 Copy `. ', o~ 15 Page 14 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Relea$~~0~~~AC'~I~~P33-02415A000700010010-1 B. DOCUMENTATION C. OFF-BASE PRIVILEGES D. RADIO (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 2014-67 Copy `~ of I5 Page 15 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release( ~U~/~I~~~~3-02415A000700010010-1 DATE OPS PLAN DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX D PROD HQS OPLAN (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 014-67 Copy_~of 1'S Page 16 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 COMMUNICATIONS 1. GENERAL 2. GROUND-AIR COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS A. HFSSB B. UHF C D, NAVAIDS E. SUPPORTING STAFF SIGNAL CENTERS 3. NORMAL PROCEDURES A, EWS B. CALL SIGNS, CODE WORDS AND CODES 4. SPECIAL PROCEDURES A, RECALL, ABORT, DIVERT 5. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES SE CRE T Approved For Release zQ~1~SSIFICATRION)3-02415A000700010010-1 ~r DATE ADDRESSEES DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODE WORD ANNEX E PROJ HQS OPLAN LOGISTICS I. GENERAL 2, LOGISTICS A, SUPPLY B, AGE C, POL D. QUALITY CONTROL E, RECOVERY 3, SUPPORT A, TRANSPORTATION B, POWER C. HANGAR SPACE 4, HOUSEKEEPING FACILITIES (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 014-67 opy_~_of 15 Page 17 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A0607D'0'U10U'~0=1- ~~~K~;T Approved For Relea~~~0~~~:p1C~1~~33-02415A000700010010-1 DATE OPS PLAN CITE ADDRESSEES , DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX F PROJ HQS OPLAN 1. ORDERS 2. TRAVEL A. B. PASSPORT AND VISAS PHOTOGRAPH 3. MESSING AND SILLETTING 4. PERSONNEL 5. MEDICAL CARE (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 14-67 o~py - .' of 15 Page 18 of ' 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release(~1~~~1~~i3-02415A000700010010-1 DATE OPS PLAN DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX G PROJ HQS OPLAN COVER 1. STORY 2. MAPS AND EQUIPMENT 3. FALL-BACK POSITION(S) 4. ITEM OF SPECIAL EMPHASIS (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO ,014-67 Copy '~ of 15 Page 19 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 .DATE OPS PLAN CITE ADDRESSEES , DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODE WORD ANNEX H PROJ HQS OPLAN WEATHER 1. SUPPORT UNITS 2. TASKS 3. TIMING 4. REPORTS (CLASSIFICATIONS PAGE NO ~14-67 Copy ~ ~ of 15 Paged-of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SECRET SE CRE T Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 (CLASSIFICATION) ADDRESSEES , , DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX I PROD HQS OPLAN AUTOMATION 1, SYSTEMS 2. TIMING (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO ~4~67 opy of 15 Page 21 - of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SECRET Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 (CLASSIFICATION) DATE OPS PLAN ADDRESSEES , DIVISION/CLASSIFIED CODEWORD ANNEX J PROD HQS OPLAN REPORTS (CLASSIFICATION) PAGE NO 014-67 Copy '/`' of 15 Page ..22 of 22 Approved For Release 2001/06/09 :CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 SECRET ~lJ~1~ ~ /~rs~~ ~ i.. ~ Directives given to Oxc Div/OSA 14 August 1968 'so be sent to Archives. Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 DIRECTIVE # DATE TITLE CY & DOCUMENT # 50-20-1 Operations Tape Recording Pilot Cy 7, OXC 10064-66 15 March 66 25X1A 50-20-2 Operations ~ Publications Operations) 50-20-3 Operations 1 January 67 25X1A Control and Clearance Procedures for Move- ment of Air Support Aircraft Terminating or Originating at 50-20-5 Operations Mission Numbering Cy 5,_909-68 1 May 68 System 50-20-6 Operations 9 January 67 OXCART RCM Cy 9, OXC 0030-67 50-20-7 Operations 1 February 67 Operational Pro- cedures for A-12 Test & Training Flights within the ZI Cy 11, OXC 0038-67 50-20-9 Operations 6 January 66 OXCART Flight Test Administrative Mon- itor Cy 9, OXC 0026-67 50-20-8 " Operations 8 Sept. 66 OXCART Aircraft Con- figuration & Flight Test Control 50-20-10 Operations 6 January 67 Emergency Procedures For Non-Operational A-12 Flights Cy 13, OXC 0036-67 Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 DIRECTIVE # DATE TITLE CY & DOCUMENT # 50-20-12 Materiel OXCART Phase-Out 11 Jan 67 50-20-13 Operations Shipping Invoice for Cy 13, OXC 1180-67 18 Sept 67 Project OXCART Take 45-20-1 Logistics March 66 Maintenance Data Documentation Cy 5, 1-20-1 26 Jan 66 Establishment of the OXCART Detachment Air- craft Configuration Evaluation Board. ~~SL~~~~ X e~ ~ Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved For lease 2001/~~~'9~~~P33-02410700010010-1 IDEALIST PROJECT HEADQUARTERS DIRECTIVE 50-10-0 Supersedes PHD #50-10-0 dated 28 June 1966 OPERATIONS . 12 SEPTEMBER 1969 INDEX AND DISTRIBUTION OF IDEALIST PROJECT HEADQUARTERS DIRECTIVES OF THE 50 SERIES Directive Number Title Index and Distribution of IDEALIST Project Headquarters Directives IDEALIST Flight Test Control System Minimum Flying Requirements Unit Training Standard Sortie Numbering System Airborne/Standby Spare Aircraf t Tape Recording of Pilot Briefings and Debriefings of Headquarters Directed Missions Commander's Report Notification to COMINT Collection Agencies of IDEALIST Operational Missions Notification to of Overf 1 fights and Middle East Flights Control Number IDEA 2909-66 IDEA 2619-66 IDEA 0494-69 IDEA 0193-69 Copy ~i of ~o Page 1 of 3 Approved For Release 2001/Or~pt~,: ~~3-02415A000700010010-1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA-RDP33-02415A000700010010-1 TOP SECRET IDEALIST 50-10-13** 50-10-14 50-10-15 50-10-16 50-10-17 Notification to JRC and USAF of U-2 Operational Missions Emergency Notification Procedures for IDEALIST Controllers Implementation of TACKLE Operational Missions Pre-Mission Check of Filots and Aircraft Weather Support for Detachments Shipping Invoice for Project Take Carrier Qualifications Use o or U-2 O /or Training Missions Abort Criteria for U-2 Operational Missions Aircraft and Missile Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Risk of Capture Briefing of Filots Engaged in Overflight of the Communist Bloc Policy Governing Conduct of Resistance to Interro- gation Training and Guidance for Project Pilots Forced down in Hostile Territory IDEA 2921-66 IDEA 2922-66 IDEA 2923-66 IDEA 2924-66 IDEA 2925-66 IDEA 2926-66 IDEA 0498-69 IDEA 2937-66 IDEA 2939-66 IDEA 0193-69 Copy of Approved For Release 2001/~6QQ~pS=F~P33-02415A000700010010-1 Approved F,,~Release 20p~P6~@~~RDP33-02~TA000700010010-1 IDEALIST 50-10-2 3 Operational Ready Status of IDEALIST Assets IDEA 0493-69 50-10- 24 Operational Hazard IDEA 0045-67 25X1C Reports 50-10- 25 - 2483-66 50-10- 26** Detachment "H" Mission IDEA 2889-66 *50-10- 2? Detachment "G" Mission IDEA 2888-66 50-10- 28 Standard Operating Procedures - Camera IDEA 0492-69 50-10- 29 Precautionary Orbit IDEA 0344-67 25X1A Support 50-10- 30 Initial Qualification in U-2 Aircraft IDEA 0491-69 The above listed Project Headquarters Directives distributed to the following Offices and Detachments: Distribution: #1 - 2 IDEA/OSA 3 D/SA 4 DD/SA 5 D/O/OSA 6 D/M/OSA 7 INTEL/OSA 8 SS/OSA 9 CC/OSA 10 SAS/OSA 11 COMPT/OSA 25X1A 12 COMMO/OSA 13 RB/OSA 14- 19 20 - 24 25 * Not distributed to ** Not distributed to }'.:IDEA 019369 Copy- -of Approved For Release 2001T,/Q~O~~~JA,~DP33-02415A0007000~~~T(~-~-?f 3 U IDEALIST