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December 12, 2016
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April 4, 2002
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July 18, 1974
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TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2002/ 2A:LgI4RDP33-02415A000800020008-2 245- 7-.74 25X1 NRO review completed opy of 12 18 JUL 1974 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs SUBJECT: Program Progress Report Forwarded herewith are four copies of the IDEALIST DjIL l lfly - 3r)Ser~ v~S~`1 Program Progress Report for the period I-April 1974 - 30 June 1974. 25X1 25X1 Attachments -- 25X1 As stated Brigadier General, US Director of Special Acti 25X1 25X1 IDEALIST r CLUDFD FROM Approved For Release 200 88p t ,C1Q;~,D~33-02415A000800 9r l OWNG RADING (~ (.,~~ AND DECI V5YIICAHON Approved For Release 20021D8/1 Z A-KDP33-02415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST 9245-7-74 25X1 Page 2 SAS/O/OSAI 11 July 1974) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 -9 10 11 12 D/CRP D/CRP D/CRP D/CRP DDS&T Reg D/SA SAS/O/OSA IDEA/O/OSA INTEL/O/OSA D/ M/ OSA AMS/OSA RB/OSA Approved For Release 2002/6P 1 -2DP33-02415A000800 ;lUDFU FROM T O N GN DCCLASSIFI FICAiIOIO 1P R ET Approved For Release 2012~D8/lAT-.L 1S ARD '33-02415A000800020008-2 6413-74 Section 1 IDEALIST OPERATIONAL SUMMARY AND STATUS (1 April 1974 - 30 June 1974) 25X1 25X1 1. (TS) OPERATIONAL MISSION SUMMARY A. Ten IDEALIST TACKLE missions were alerted during this period. d to be flown no closer than 25 nautical miles to the China mainland coast. The following is a summary of the missions flown: All missions were planne 1. along the north central China coast from the Shantung Peninsula south to Shanghai. The mission employed the "H" camera system. All aircraft systems operated normally and there were no observed threats to the aircraft. Seventy-two of the 99 pro- grammed targets and 27 bonus targets were covered on this mission. 25X1 25X1 25X1 2. lused the "H" camera system and was flown in the Swatow and Pratas Island areas. Because of target area weather, only four of 13 programmed targets were photographed. All systems operated normally during the mission. 3. along the north central China coast from Shantung south to Shanghai. The "H" camera system was used and 51 of the 63 programmed targets were covered. Forty-eight bonus targets were covered, There were no unusual occurrences and all systems operated normally. 25X1 Approved For Release 2002? 25EtfPIP3-02415A000800q OO 1O 6 DOW NGFN AD 10NG AND DFCLASSIFICAIIDN 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 202108/1 T:"CiA'-RD '33-02415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST 16413-74 Section 1 Page 2 4. I Iused the "H" camera sstem and was flown in the Taiwan Strait area A weather abort was made midway through the mission. Seven of the 78 programmed targets were covered plus two bonus targets. 5. I I in the Taiwan Strait area using the "H camera system. The mission went as briefed and 44 of the 50 programmed targets were covered. Nine bonus targets were also covered. There were no unusual occurrences. 6. I uin the Port Arthur area of the north China coast. The mission employed the UH" camera system. Forty-six of the 52 programmed targets plus 18 bonus targets were covered. All systems operated normally. Approved For Release 2002/0 TOP SECRET33-02415A000800~ 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 200'21Yr'g/1 'C1A'-F7Dp33-O2415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST 6413-74 25X1 Section 1 Page 3 II. (S) GENERAL A. BRAVE CREW - Four sorties were flown over Fort Hood, Texas, to provide the Department of the Army with photographic coverage of the JCS coordinated "Exercise BRAVE CREW 74. " B. Geological Survey - Four sorties were flown to provide photo- graphic coverage of selected CONUS sites for land use analysis by the Army Corps of Engineers. The following sorties were flown: 1. Oklahoma City - Three sorties. 2. Cuyahoga River, Ohio-Illinois River, Illinois - One sortie. C. COMPASS TRIP - One sortie was flown over the poppy field test site at Yuma, Arizona. D. ""B-3" Camera Test - Ten sorties were flown in support of the modified "'B" configuration. )4pproved For Release 2002/OhF ~DP33-02415A000800d TOP SECRET CLUDEDFROM OW NG RADIING 490I9D AND DECLASSIIICA11ON 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002W/125~h~!-TfD'P33-02415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST 6413-74 Section 1 Page 4 III. (TS) PILOT AND AIRCRAFT STATUS (AS OF 30 JUNE 1974) A. Detachment rrG" (Edwards AFB - North Base) Aircraft Z U-2R* Pilots B. Detachment r"H" Aircraft 2 U-ZR 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 pproved For Release 2002/0 -`$DP33-02415A000800 20W8-2cLUDUD FROM TOP SECRET AUTOMATIC DOWNGRADING AND ^[C LA551 FICATION Approved For Release 20 1'9/1 TA%P33-O2415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST 6413- 74 25X1 Section 2 IDEALIST DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (I April 1974 - 30 June 1974) 1. (S) AIRFRAME U-ZR Flight Test and Operational Training Summary 1. IDEALIST Program accomplishments in U-ZR aircraft since introduction include 13, 524, 8 hours on 4, 168 sorties as of 30 June 1974. 2. Flight test and operational data are depicted below: 1 APR-30 JUN 1 APR-30 JUN FLIGHTS TIME 1 - 051 41 111.7 2 - 053 46 133.6 3 - 054 65 194.8 4 - 055 13 39.2 II. (S) PAYLOAD A. ?"H" Mirror S/N 002: The new beryllium mirror ordered under Contract HY 3222 late in FY 1973 completed production during this quarter, and was formally accepted for the U. S. Government on 23 May 1974. Installation of this mirror into "IH" configuration S/N 002 was completed on 18 June. Because of limited aircraft availability, flight qualification of sensor/mirror was delayed. Approximately five sorties are tentatively scheduled over a 2 week period in early July to qualify the "H" S/N 002 sensor system. Approved For Release 2002/ObFff A& IWDP33-02415A000800~ TOP SECRET CLUDEDFROM ,W..9IC DOWNG RAD NG AND DECLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2000'6'8'/12S~glRBT33-02415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST J6413-74 25X1 Section 2 Page 2 B. "B-3" S/N 229 and S/N 230 - Ten flight tests were conducted with S/N 229 during this quarter in an effort to demonstrate sensor performance ability to attain contractual specifications. During May, a modification to dampen internal sensor motion was made to S/N 229 in expectation that this would contribute to meeting specifications. Some improvement was evidenced from this modification; however, at quarter's end, ail contractual specifications. III. (S) MAINTENANCE A. Autopilot - An engineering change proposal to modernize the article's rate gyros in order to provide a more stable platform was received from the contractor by the Depot in early June. After review, this engineering change proposal was accepted and acquisition of rate gyros to equip the entire fleet was initiated. A 12 to 14 month span is planned to complete retrofit actions. B. T- 35 Tracker Camera - Light emitting diode (L. E. D.) prototype components to modify the T-35 tracker camera were obtained, and two successful flight tests at standard cycle rate (1 cy/30 seconds) were accomplished during this quarter. Final testing of the rapid cycle rate (1 cy/3 seconds) will occur in early July. The results of all testing will be provided to the Depot for -continued action. IV. (S) AVIONICS Approved For Release 2002/0 '2"-t- --DP33-02415A000800~ TOP SECRET 25X1 200D$-QCLUDFD FROM AUTOMATIC DOWNGRADING AND DECLASSIFICATION 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800020008-2 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800020008-2 Approved For Release 2002108112S~I - DT33-02415A000800020008-2 IDEALIST 16J6413- 74 Section 2 Page 4 4. The contract with Lovelace Clinic at Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be terminated as of 1 August 1974. The Lovelace Clinic has performed annual physicals on Project pilots for many years. B. Life Support Activities AMS/OSA, visited David Clark Company, Worcester, Massachusetts, 30 April - 1 May 1974. The purpose of the visit was for orientation and update on the latest life support equipment. Also discussed was a shark screen presently under consideration as a survival item. 2. also visited the School of Aviation Medicine (SAM), Brooks AFB, Texas, from 3 - 6 June 1974 to participate in discussions with SAM personnel and I I regarding a follow-on proto- type of thel polycarbonate helmet. The new helmet will incorporate many new modifications and will be funded by SAM research Additional meetings pertaining to the new helmet will be held with NASA/SAM and research work will be continued at Brooks AFB, Texas. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20g2//~~-J p,~33-02415A000800 Aar &OLUDEFROM WNGDf7AD NG 1 V F(t AND DECI.ASSIfICA1ION TOP scC:RET Approved For Release 2002/61917-DP33-02415A000800020008-2 6413-74 25X1 Section 2 Page 5 25X1 C. Scientific Conference - The annual Aerospace Medical Associ- ation Scientific Meeting was held in Washington, D.C., 6 - 9 May 1974 25X1 with ttending. 25X1 IDEALIST Approved For Release 200f&25,CJA-P,D 33-02415A000800 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800020008-2 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800020008-2