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December 12, 2016
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May 7, 2002
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October 13, 1972
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TOP SECRET Approved For Rse 2002 - P33-02415AOW00030001-8 9258-72 Copy 6 of 12 13 OCT 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs SUBJECT: Program Progre-ss Report 30 September 1972. Forwarded herewith are three copies of the IDEALIST Program Progress Report for the period 1 July 1972 - ND. LL . B V N JR. Brigadier General, UAF Director of Special Activities 25X1 As stated X444-72) 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 CLASS[RF i'i ----"' EXLti;I' SCIII-T)UI F. CT E U. GI t?: 5;'0, (D(:;) cc (a) (.... . ?. cr mote) AU1O,:,PaiC.t.I iiE:Lr, ic1 ON Impossible to determine (unless ira~,ossiUlz, ir.scst date or event) Approved For Release 2004YPW 3-02415A0008000 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Rel se 2002/ - P33-02415AODft00030001-8 0 25X1 9258-72 25X1 Page 2 SAS/O/OSA Distribution. 1 - D/CRP 2 - D/CRP 3 - D/CRP 4 - DDS&T Reg 5 - D/ SA 6- SAS/O/OSA 7 - D/O/OSA 8 - IDEA/O/OSA 9 - INTEL/O/OSA 10 - D/M/OSA 11 - AMS/.OSA 12 - RB/OSA Approved For Release 200 (11 October 1972) ;,33-02415A0008000 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Ref se 2002/ 8/12: CIA-RD 33-02415AOW500030001-8 25X1 b444-72 25X1 Section 1 (1 July 1972 - 30 September 1972) 25X1 I. 25X1 Fourteen IDEALIST TACKLE operational missions were alerted during this period. 25X1 All missions were planned to be own no closer an nautical miles to the China mainland coast. Following is a summary of missions completed: 25X1 25X1 2. Mission C212C was flown in the Taiwan Straits on 8 July 1972, utilizing the "H" configuration. Twenty-five COMIREX targets were covered, of which one was not programmed. I Approved For Release 200 . -02415A0008000 P'SECIZE 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Rse 2001, 6444-72 Section 1 Page 2 5. Mission C262C was flown off the central China coast on 11 August 1972, utilizing the "TH" configuration. Seventy of 72 programmed targets were covered. An additional nine bonus COMIREX and four bonus non-COMIREX targets were photographed. 7. Mission C302C was flown along the central China coast on 3 September 1972 with the "H" configuration. Deteriorating weather prevented coverage of all but 10 targets. 9. Mission C322C was flown in the Taiwan Straits on 12 September 1972, utilizing the "H" configuration. Deteriorating weather prevented coverage of 80 percent of programmed targets, however, one new SAM site was located and several port facilities were covered. 10. Mission C332C was flown along the northern China coast in the Port Arthur area on 19 September 1972, utilizing the "H" configuration. Due to deteriorating weather, only 30 percent of the programmed coverage was obtained. 77 pproved For Release 20021Q$ -3-02415A0008000 r I UIJ SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Ruse 2001 25X1 6444-?2 25X1 Section 1 Page 3 A. II RED DOT - Nine sorties were flown in support of continuing film tests using various film types and camera configurations in the U-2R. 25X1 C. u Lens - Eleven sorties were flown to test the new color corrected "H" lens. E. - T-2 training accomplished for one U-2 pilot at Pensacola, Florida NAS. 25X1 A. Detachment r'G" (Edwards AFB - North Base) Aircraft 2 U-2R PILOT AND AIRCRAFT STATUS (AS OF 30 SEPTEMBER 1972) Approved For Release 2002 - R33-02415A0008000 25X1 25X1 ,Kx 'Y?1 SCi Y'aAS'lYCx~ Nx x 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800030001-8 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800030001-8 Approved For Rase 200'A'' bk4 33-02415A0g6800030001-8 25X1 6444-72 25X1 Section 2 IDEALIST DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (1 July 1972 - 30 September 1972) A. J-75P13B Engine - Installation of improved third stage turbine blades has been accomplished on 22 engines. This modification improves engine life and permits the extension of Hot Section Inspec- tions (HSI) from 600 to 700 hours and of Time Between Overhaul (TBO) from 1200 to 1400 hours. B. U-2R Flight Test and Operational Training Summary 1. IDEALIST Program accomplishments in U-ZR aircraft since introduction include 9521. 1 hours on 2906 sorties as of 30 September 1972. 2. Flight test and operational data are depicted below: r 1 JUL-30 SEP 1 JUL-30 SEP 1 - 051 47 131. 1 2 - 053 35 101.6 3 - 054 _ 45 148.8 4 - 055 56 163. 3 A. "H" Configuration - "H" Serial Number 003 incorporating the new lens was first used operationally at Detachment "H" on 8 July 1972. The second lens, installed in Serial Number 002, is currently under- going flight testing and qualification. Approved For Release 2002/ 25X1 Approved For RWase 2002; 6444-72 won 2 Page 2 B. "B" Configuration - Delivery of the first modified B-3 camera with a new lens will be delayed until late in the second quarter. This schedule slippage is necessary to permit rework of the lens aspherical surface to correct misalignment of the asphere axis. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/b8/12 m - P33-02415A0008000 TOP SECRET 33-02415A800030001-8 NXDXX-XfX&X(Xi X 25X1 Approved For Rase 2002 L3-02415AO800030001-8 6444-72 Section 2 Page 3 V. I I AERO MEDICAL AND LIFE SUPPORT ACTIVITIES Medical Activities 1. Pilot Selection Program - Five pilot candidates were interviewed and received IDEALIST Program briefings prior to receiving astronaut type physicals at the School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas. All five elected to continue with the selection process, and only one was found to be not physically qualified for the project. The four candidates were brought to Washington, D. C. area where they were interviewed by flight surgeons and spent two days with psychologists from PSS/OMS. Two were unanimously chosen for training by the selection group with the recommendation that the other candidates not be held in reserve. They will begin training in March 1973. 2. Medic I I - A second medical technician was assigned uin August 1972, enabling them to have 24 hour coverage. Both have excellent backgrounds as laboratory technicians and have proposed doing the required lab work in routine physicals currently being performed by a civilian physician I I This would save the Government approximately $50. 00 per examination. Approved For Release 2002/ 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Approved For Rase 2002 - P33-02415A800030001-8 6444-72 Section 2 Pave 4 25X1 25X1 25X1 5. L-1 Briefing for New USAF Surgeon General - briefed the new Air Force Surgeon enera en. Patterson) on the flight medicine aspects of the IDEALIST Program or, 6 September 1972. This briefing was at the specific request of Lt. Gen. Patterson. Life Support Activities 1. Face Heat Modification - A new portable battery pack with recharger unit has been fabricated to be used to provide full- pressure suit visor face heat when transporting pilots from the personal equipment section to the aircraft. 2. Laminated Visors - An autoclave has been purchased for use in producing a laminated visor for the full-pressure suit assembly. This device was necessary to accomplish the dry bonding technique at a rather high temperature and pressure. Approved For Release 200 25X1 25X1 ? _ Approved For Rase 20021, 6444-72 Section 2 Page 5 3. Vent Garment - A new vent garment has been fabricated and sent to Detachment "G" for use with the low-flight harness. This unit will assist in cooling the pilot during low-flight and will mate successfully with the aircraft pressure suit vent connections. 4. Glove Bladder - The David Clark Pressure Suit Company has been experimenting the past few months with reinforcing the glove bladders with a sheer nylon mesh. To date some of the seams of these gloves have been failing after repeated inflations. A new dipping procedure is now under evaluation and recently finished products look promising. Further investigation and experimentation will be accomplished on the Sustaining Engineering Contract during the next quarter. 5. Prototype Helmet - The new 51010 helmet modification was presented to the U-ZR pilots during the last week of September. All agree it is a decided improvement over the present helmet and two flyable configurations are now being fabricated. 6. Survival Weapon - The Director for OSA has given final approval for the purchase of 25 new single shot 22-caliber survival weapons to be packed into the survival seat kit. This is a much improved survival weapon which, additionally, can be packed into a very small space. Training 1. u Life Support Conference - The semiannual Life Support Conference was held in Washington, D. C. on 2 August 1972. Lt. Col. Don Johnson of the AF Surgeon General's Office chaired the meeting attended by Col. B. L. Bailey of the NRO and of OSA. This conference is held primarily for the cross fertilization of information from special projects utilizing pressure suits. Approved For Release 2002408/12 : CIA-RD 33-02415A0008000 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800030001-8 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2002/08/12 : CIA-RDP33-02415A000800030001-8