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January 2, 2002
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October 2, 1967
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Applied Release 2002/06((/24.: CIA-RDR&-024r&A000800250016-8 OXCAR /ID ~,ALI`ST 2691-67 spy of 9 U i u0 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director, CIA Reconnaissance Programs SUBJECT: Program Progress Report (5 Forwarded herewith are Program Progress Reports copies each) for OXCART and IDEALIST for the period 1 July 1967 - 30 September 1967. (S gee l) Pasul N. Bacalfs PAUL N. BACALIS Brigadier General, USAF Director of Special Activities ated 25X1A I 10150-67) OXCART/IMR,A1_.I S T HANDLE VIA CONTROL Sir TOP SECRET pp oved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 25X1A 25X1A Apprb'l'ed Fj Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDF 024W000800250016-8 0?.CAI,,2 .,'AL,1S T 2691-67 25X1A ae 2 4 SAS/O/OSAI I(17 Oct 67) Distribut Copies 1,2,3,4,5 - D/CRP (w/ acts) 6 - DD/S&T Registry (w/o at-s) 7 - D/SA (w/ alts) 5 - SAS/O/OSA (w/ atts) 9 - RD/OSA (w/o acts) OXCAR`1'/> D?;:!LIST HANDLE VIA TOP SECRET CONTROL SY 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 Approved ijW Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02$15A000800250016-8 TOP SECRET OXCART/IDEALIST 0150-67 a A Section 1 OXCART DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY AND PROGRESS (1 July 1967"- 30 September 1967) I. AIRFRAME In response-to several requests, D/R&IY/OSA assisted OSA in the preparation of several papers for Dr. Flax relating to the SR-71/A-12 debate. 25X1A A. A visit was made to Pratt & Whitney Aircraft East Hartford, Connecticut, by OEL and 25X1A PSD for a quarterly review or progress on the 25X1D 25X1D program which OEL has under contra %,t,, B. A review of improved propulsion systems for possible high altitude reconnaissance applications was also conducted while at East Hartford. C. This included possible performance growth of the J-75-P-13B through application of advanced cooled turbine techniques. III. PAYLOAD During this quarterly period a total of (40) camera configuration sorties were flown. OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VIA 25X1A TOP SECRET CONTROL SY Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 Approved FgkwRelease 2002/06/24: CIA-RDIi T-024 000800250016-8 0150-67 r l: Section 1 Page 2 Twenty-eight (28) of these were with Type I, seven (7) of which were operational r fissions . There were two (:?) 011c, a part in] Ca.i:l ure (c:tmc-er:I. kwoI?.Ii.cttl II :Ipl>>?o::anl:Il.e.1 :1.0 Ill:i.IIIIi'cJ;;), w;in clue I:O an t/o illvoI?L('I Iii?nI)'1c'u1, l'lIo ac'cuncf I'a._1.iIII'c (I~n Typo was clue I;nn an v~~:~?t;cn;;:i.cln coildl L.Lnn in 1'I:l.m transport and in Lcrmittoncy in the e :lec i rical circuitry. The configuration (1-G) is back in Zi and undergoing thorough check and analysis. Twelve of the 10 sorties were flown with Type IV configurations. There were two failures. One was due to failure of. take-up mechanism which caused film to jam the film transport system. The second failure was caused by a tab on the shutter blade assembly breaking and a fragment jamming a component of the film transport system. IV. AIRCRAFT FLIGHT TEST AND OPERATIONAL TRAINING SUvBVARY July, August, September 1967 Flights Time Total Total Ac f t J-A-S J -A-S Flights Time 121 11 27 :4A4 297 362:24L 122 2 2:11 162 177:12 123 - - 78 136:10 124 17 30:40 574 1013:55 125 - - 203 334:50 126 - - 104 160:16 127 11 28:30 219 406:00 128 6 11:45 203 391:05 -,29 18 35.05 233 3J1.3 130 13 31:05 185 3 44 : 18 137. 12 26:30 '36 241,55 1i2 10 19:03 162 28 6 : 00 133 - - 9 5:17 Totals 100 212:33 2570 4222:56 * Inc 1 u de Ap .ve 1 F16i 1gU-Age 20Y1t/067244,.`.1 A DP 33 4 00800250016; 8 OXCART/REALIST HANDLE VIA S10,CR: T CONTROL Sy N1 25X1A 25X1A Approved FwRelease 2002/06/24: CIA-RD13416-024A000800250016-8 0XCAIIT/i Ji'A .i1 ST 0150-67 25X1A A Section 1 Page 3 A . During this period, the following life support items received final testing and evaluation and were approved for use in the OXCART life support system: 1. Improved URT-21 Deacon _Installation with tia nual 0n70ff Sclcc ;or . iealprovcd Ibraece for installation allows quick removal of the beacon from the parachute by the pilot after reaching the ground . The manual selector allows the pilot to select an "automatic on" position: ovov friendly territories, which will allow the beacon to be automatically activated upon ejection. When penetrating denied/unfriendly territory, the pilot selects the "beacon o"ff" position, which does riot allow the beacon to be activated upon eject-ion. This system is now installed in all parachutes used for BLACK SHIELD operational flights. 2. Sleeping Bag-Packed Seat Cushion with Personnel ~owering Device . This modification includes a mummy-type sleeping bag suitable for survival in NVN and a personnel lowering device to allow the pilot to reach the ground if the parachute is entangled in trees. The lowering, device has a 150 ft. lowering capability and was specifically developed for use by aircrews in SEA. Four operational cushions and two training units have been provided to the OXCART program. 3. New Life Raft. The open-end life raft- for easier boarding was approved for use and 16 rafts (8 yellow and 8 green) have been ordered. The first units will be delivered i.n ear iy November. 4. Emergency VisorHeat Battery Pack. This unit, which will provide visor de o gi, /-do osting during bailout, has now been completely evaluatEd and tested. It was approved for installation in the OXCART parachute back.pan and has been installed in BLACK SHEL.D opera- tional parachutes. :"Ill parachutes will be equipped in the near future, as battery packs are completed. Approved For Release 2002/06/ 4 : CIA-RDP33-02415A, 5001 0), (, A .`I` ; 2~._ ;Al, I ST 1A 1 ..._, TO? SI,CH ,`lam CON`i' LOL SYS 25X1A Approved F Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP98-0243A000800250016-8 i. n i IJ.I-I Lr i1.iJ~ OXCART/IDIE'A.LI ST 0150-67 25X1A ~b A Sec 1; on 1 5. So:1 id P:i.occ Oxy,';c;.1 Contro:l.:Le I':i L'l:_i.n1 s . controllers now have solid piece oxygen hoc :fittings to prevent breakage during or ejection. 6. Stabilization Parachute Pack Modifications. Modification kits have been delivered to the field for incorporation. The modifications were made to improve pack opening and to smooth out the pack/headrest interface. J3 . All other development efforts, including the pressure suit flotation improvements, have been dropped or placed in a hold status because of the planned OXCART phaseout. OXCART/IDEALIST HANr I,E VIA 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 Approved Release Op 3/0,6124__;.,QIA-RDA-02 A000800250016-8 OXC~iil,ri,/a.D t= LI ST G7.5G-67 A Section 2 (1 July 1967 - 30 September 1967) i . OVERFLIGHT SUM:rI RY (P1ti~~"/ EEL) Seven (7) overflight missions were flown during this period. All missions were launched from and recovered at Kadena Air Ease, Okinawa. Following is a brief resume of each mission: 25X1 D A. against North Vietnam targets in the North Central area. Total :alight time enroute was 3:40. ~. , 25X1D o a o1 -11 sites were identified, including one now site . Five of the sites were occupied. 25X1 D 25X1 D I3, against Central an ou to en "ra areas in North ie t;nam. Total time enroute was 5:05. A total of 166 SAM sites were identified, including four new sites. Twelve of the sites were occupied. Five of the nine priority SSM targets in North Vietnam were covered. Five SAM sites were occupied, two were new. Seven of the nine priority SSM targets in North Vietnam were covered. This was the first "back-to-back" OXCART mission. identified, twenty of which were not covered on C. I against North East areas in North Vietnam. Eighty SAY sites were 25X1D D. North Vietnam targets the first mission to utilize route 25X1D -ime enroute was 3:55. 25X1 D 25X1 D [ against area. This was options. Total flight were occupied and one new site was identified. Nine of the nine first priority surface-to-surface missile targets were covered. of 108 surface-to-air missile sites were covere ; sites Approved For Releaso,0,02M 24 CiI R P33-02415AO O D025fDI TOP SECRET CONTROL SY 25X1A 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1A Appro ed (`Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDF-02A000800250016-8 'OP . ;ChhT OXCART/IDEALIST LL I G-50-67 1 7 J A Section 2 Page 2 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D North Vietnam targets in the North Central and South Eastern areas with one ,ass over the Di1Z Total f 1, h i - ' , ?o to was 5:12. No evidence of offensive surf ace-t;o-sur - ;,i s _ ment or facilities observed. Mission was partially successful; photography of land mass was 6/S cloud covered. ainst North 'To :nam ,ar`;}'o i,s in 777 1 0 i~il entry . ilz`ea . . c> t= 1,-1 m l);ivolt L.e N Due poor target area weather, only 22 sur face-to-air missile sites were covered; 4 sites wore occupied. Three of the nine first priority surface-to-surface missile targets were covered. G .Y~ I against North V7' LnaYn targets in e o- th Central area. Total flight time enroute was 4:00. L A total of 124 surface-to- air missile sites were covered; 19 sites were occupied and four new sites identified. Nine of the nine first priority surface-to-surface missile targets were covered. II. PILOT AND A-12 AIRCRAFT LOCATIONS 25X1A .U.S. Okinawa Kadena Air Base Pilots A-12 Aircraft 5 Includes trainer and one ,test aircraft (#121) Aircraft, #122 placed in flyable storage at Palmdale on 16 September 1967. 25X1A 25X1 D OXCART/IDEALIST HANDLE VIAlI 25X1A TOP SECR.r T CONTROL SY Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415AO00800250016-8 Approved PIWRelease 2002/06/24: CIA-RDl -024wAoO0800250016-8 :C.' J 2 I I0] 50-67 Sec ton 1 DEVELOPMENT Uaa~~1n'.- ItiY AND PROGRESS ~ i~(1 July 1967 - 30 September 1967) The first flight of the U-2R took place at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on 28 August 1967. Since that time, five flights have been flown. A visit was made to Pratt S:, Whitney Aircraft East Hartford, 25X1A Connecticut, by OEL, and PSD. A review of improved propulsion systems for possible high altitude reconnaissance applications was conducted. This included possible performance growth of the J-75-10-13B engine.through application of advanced cooled turbine techniques. 25X1 D 25X1A A. A continuous test and training program on the "H" camera has been accomplished at Detachment "H" during this period. 25X1A 25X1A C. Sim sorties Jwere flown during 25X1D 25X1 D this quar ~;,er , The last test ;:? own on zo ptember 1967 and a final report will be forthcoming. OXCART/-.:DE.;LIST HANDLE VIAlI 25X1A SOP SECRET CONTROL SY i i 1 Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 %W i ii Approved Release'IA02/Qbr'2*~-;'CIA-RDP95-02 A0008002500.16-8 OXC1:h /y1)hALIST 25X1 D L W; !. ,c'c Lien :1 Page 2 25X1A IV. LIFE StiPPOIIT A. U-2C Program 1 Q-i 5 Sea (, Kit O~lcm I t A proposal v,wa received dl r:L:ig this uc.i. iod loi- 11ioc iy311~, and upe t,i 1g the .. Q-4, 5 scat 1'i'co;,,,er`;ency oxygen system.. Providing funds can be ma.c c va l fJ ( , this effort will be initiated: The modifications include replacing both the ship-to-kit and the personal leads quick disconnects to improve safety and reliability, replace the oxygen system for more capacity but with less bulk, reduce the lid thickness to accommodate a sleeping-bag packed seat cushion, and to provide an adjustable press-to-test button to allow the pilot to inflate his pressure suit to any extent in flight for comfort reasons. 2. NOMEX Coveralls. A program to replace all pressure suit outer coveralls with NOa,.EX coveralls was initiated during this period. Fire/flame protection during ejection, crash landings, or cockpit fires in flight or on the ground is the reason for this effort. Funds have been requested and a request for purchase has been ...wde . 25X1A 3 . Pressure t Training . Subject training was conducted by the A SD tADl.i 'c support officer during this period at the Castle AFE, California Physiological Training facility. OXCART/.-).)E2-.7--1ST 117c% DLE VIA TOP SECRET CONTROL SY .i , Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 25X1A ~' 6-8 Approved Release ,gQ02/QG124,:, CAA-RDP%3-02 A00080025001 O :CAj? /a.ii. U,i.ST 71) i, Section 1. Page 3 B. U-2R Program 1. Interim Pressure Suits. Modified OXCART pressure 25X1A suits wore provided for LAC test pilots At present, it is p anncd that LA test pilots will not receive any other pressure suits in order to reduce costs and insure an adequate number of suits for Project Pilots. 25X1A 2. interim Suppor-c. Additional personnel (1 Firewel technical representative and 1 David Clark technical representative) were provided to Detachment G to Assist in supporting the full pressure suit program for the. U-2R . A maintenance van was provided from as the nucleus of an interim support facility. A housing-type trailer conp.hx was also provided and converted into a work, storage, and pre-breathing facility for the Detac`i me nt G life support section. AG and test equipment was pur- chased, borrowed or transferred to provide adequate support for the interim pressure suits. TOP SECRET CONTROL SY 1'1 the benefit of all interested individuals. Approved For ReleaseOQ?IQ (4_i CJA,- pP33-0241~QQ0 Q.QQ2~ 1 V.l:l 5. ~L u Y L+`L 3. AGE and Test Equipment. Production of a full complement of equipment for full press are suit/liquid oxygen support at Detachment G is nearly complete. All items will be delivered prior to the end of November, 1967. Production of items for Detachment Ii and/or fly-away kits is being hold pending allocation of funds for this purpose 4. S-1010 Pilots Protective Assembly. Thu prototype Y-1616_012= w .s completed on 29 Soptomb ,r 1967 and will receive full .factory testing and evaluation during the period from 2-13 October 1967. initial functional and subjective evaluation will be conducted by the ASD/Pd D life support officer during the period 16-20 October utilizing the :'r irewel Co. Altitude Chamber, The f lo- `tati.on system of the S-1010 was evaluated by the !lSll/R U 1 iVc support ofa':i.ce:r in . .tako at ~Vo ?c ,< i:a 1?, Massachusetts on 22 Soptembor 1967. The flotation system is excellent and a marked improvement over previous systems. During late October or early November, the prototype S-1010 will be displayed and discussed at both Headquarters and Detachment G for 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RD-02A000800250016-8 ()::50-6'7 a~ Section 1 Page 5. Training. The initi:l group of life support personnel from Do tachnont G completed factory-conduc sect training on the 5-1010 PPA , In addition, the i it ewel Co. technical representative received full pressure suit AGE and test equipment training during this period. Additional training programs will be conducted in late October 1967 and in early January 1968. A life support equipment training program for IDEALIST pilots is being formulated jointly by ASD/R&D and Detachment G Life Support personnel at the present time. A. All articles are being provided with the .'cility to accept a new type recorder which will provide multi-channoi recording capacity. A multi-channel recorder has been installed and tested satisfactorily. B. A capacitor which will improve the operation of the Time Code Generator is being installed in all articles. C. The drop tank mechanism has been reworked and some minor changes made to facilitate interface between the aircraft and 25X1D drop tanks. This will eliminate tie possibility of drop tank "hang-up" in the event drop tank jettison. E. To improve the heading reference system, a new improved flux gate wire harness was installed. 25X1 D Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A00080025001 33-8 OXC.i7i,TI) 1;ALI ST VIA TOP ON~ ;.') Sr~L tiET C. :L ii..ia SI'2=7 i 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 D Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 Apprro~ved Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDPS3-02 A000800250016-8 Ox 1% 1 /:1 A) ().. ii---(;'l I17T?A. ST AND S'.l'A'_T wt ' (1 July 1967 - 30 September 1967) Six .-:--ency "J-2 overlli hts were lovin during he firs -L. C carter of Fir 68 . An adds t1 On l two were scheduled but suose- quently cancelled 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1A 25X 1c This miss: or. co~er0 17 he eY_ 1 rig. iin coal C trO 11 b i w ig' llil co a ,, oy . This was the 0 pilot's sir st operational overflight and was i:iy s ccoss ul . This was a ry- ~~nera . mission which" ave ged about - 5 h .', . o Lsnor. c; :i,r om Jong Kong to ~1 . un a -i d . T is was '6110 l irs o o ' l - tioaa.i mission utll1_%' '1t '' ;hi Ali.hou-;h 'rho photo quality was good, the Yit.. 7io was loss than su C CSS U . C.uo to weather in the ta.rgo areas . OXC A' /..DE IiISl HIJAND'1_111 VI Approved For Release2/9W,2 ~IA-RDP33-0241b88A2 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1A Approved Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RD-024'15A000800250016-8 0XC' ih xtU) 1L Scc Lio,i 2 page 2 25X1A 1. (carrier requalificationj was scheduled for Sep ember 22 and 23 1967. Multiple MLP's wore flown at Edwards preparing for the requali:ications. It was subse- quently cancelled due to the temporary grounding of U-2 aircraft during the only time period that the carrier could be made available. 25X1A 25X1 D 25X1A OXC RT/ DEALI.ST EAN Approved For Releas06/ ?4,y CIA-RDP33-0261 25X1A Approved F RRelease 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-0241 000800250016-8 TOP SECRET OXCART/IDEALIST 0150-67 25X1A a C RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, OSA QUARTERLY PROGRAM PROGRESS REPORT (1 July 1967 - 30 September 1967) I. A visit was made b D/R&D/OSA 25X1A 25X1A representative PSD D/R&D/OSA, to review cryogeni aircraft propulsion systems with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft at the Florida Research & Development Center. The status of Pratt & Whitney's R&D efforts in methane fueled engines was reviewed. The t:vaiL; cjt, auu Ciivrt, zi requireu to convert tine J-o6 engine to hydrogen fuel for application tol was discussed. 25X1A ')5X1 A II. Unfunded general studies of high altitude. propulsion system concepts initiated on earlier visits to FRDC were reviewed 25X1D including application of the J-58 engine.'to high altitude, subsonic missions through a modified compressor design and elimination of the afterburner. 25X1A IV D R&D OSA rene ved a proposal from thel for reducing the induced rag o a high- altitude, sub-so--n-3r aircraft. At the request of the D/NRO, the proposal and supporting data were forwarded to his office. 25X1A V. D/R&D/OSA personnel. accompanied ORD 25X1A to provide technical support for ORD drone projects. VI. Dr. Flax was briefed on general R&D items proposed for the FY 68 budget. Approved For Rele 21ffRA Qa DP33-0248*J0J0 TOP SECRET CONTROL SY VII. Messrs. Fischer and Sorrell, Bureau of the Budget, were briefed'on the technical aspects of general R&D projects., 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8 Approved For Release 2002/06/24: CIA-RDP33-02415A000800250016-8