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January 1, 1953
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Sanitized - Approved DP54-00177A000100150012-4 ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION BRANCH FOR FISCAL YEAR 1953 RECORDS MANAGEMENT 1. RECORDS RECEIVED BY THE PRESENT RECCB.DS CENTER REPRESENT THE EQUIVA- LENT OF 400 FILE CABINETS AT A COST OF $94,000. a. The volume of records received from the inception of the Center to date is . ft. and is equivalent to 400 cabinets valued at?, . b. The Records Center received ft approximately 1.600_fe _a ,,,. of records during the past year. This is equivalent to the volume of 200 legal size safe cabinets representing $47,000 wortiof'equipment made available to the Agency c' u-r"'iiig ie past fiscal year. 25X1A7b c. Arrangements were made during this period to receive and store the tape recordings created Heretofore, these recordings had been transferred to the National Archives, but it appears more desirable to retain such material in our own Records Center. d. A total of 200ca.Q,. of records were destroyed under authority o' apt roved 1 ides. e. There were 1 500 reference service requests on records in custody an , recor .i ems were furnished in res- ponse to these ' u ies: 2. EXISTING AGENCY RECORDS CENTER FACILITIES ARE FILLED TO CAPACITY. a. For the past several months it has been necessary to move 25X1A6a less active records to the from operating units. b. The storage of records in the is a highly unsatisfactory expedient. More than half the records are stacked in boxes six high on the floor. Any reference to material stored. in this fashion is an expensive and in- efficient operation. At St. N. W. it has been neMX1A6d essary to utilize space on top of double decked file cabi- nets for records storage. Sanitized - Ap Document No. (V NO CHANGE in Class. 1-I DECLASSIFIED order to make space for files being currently transferred F1 ass. DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 CIA 0dD0150012-4 Date: a 'a 4AI911 By: Q v Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 3. THE NEED FOR ADEQUATE AGENCY RECORDS CENTER FACILITIES WAS ESTABLISHED AND PLANS FOR SETTING UP SUCH FACILITIES ARE IN PROCESS. a. A Staff study dated 29 December 1952 proposing the establish- of a Records Center was approved. ment b. There is presently in process, a Staff study recommending the 25X1A6a authorization of either new construction or renovation of the CIA Warehouse in for use as a Records Center. 4. ADMINISTRATION OF THE RECORD MANAGEMENT PROGRAM WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED BY r, RECORDS OFFICERS 'ON THE STAFFS OF THE RESPECTIVE OFFICES WITH TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND GUIDANCE FROM THE RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION BRANCH. All offices have been requested to establish Area Records Officer jobs within their present ceiling. Ten full-time Area Records Officers and seven part-time Area Records Officers have been appointed by offices and divisions. All offices appear to recognize a need for the Program and have indicated willingness to cooperate. Additional appointments are anticipated but are being delayed by various organiz- ational considerations and changes. 5, A RECORDS MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM WAS CONDUCTED FOR AREA. RECORDS OFFICERS. In cooperation with the Office of Training, a training pro- gram was developed and conducted. It consisted of sixtee Broom hours of lecture and discussions by experts the f`.e' c"'' rom outside theeAgency and members of our own staff. The program was conducted over a period of four weeks with two two-hour sessions each week. The total attendance amounted to 632 with an average of 799 for era ~i 6. A CONTINUING RECORDS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM IS IN OPERATION. To augment the Training Program described in Item 4 above, a series of bulletins is being issued containing guide in- structions for undertaking each phase of the program; special classes to teach the more technical phases of the program are being held; and on-the-job training is being given the Area Records Officers. 7. A CIA RECORDS OFFICER WAS DESIGNATED TO SERVE IN A LIAISON CAPACITY WITH THE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION ON ALL MATTERS INVOLVING RECORDS PROBLEMS, REFERENCE SERVICE AND FILING EQUIPMENT. Sanitized - Approved For Release-?CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 This designation was made in conformance with regulations issued by the General Services Administration. 8. AGENCY CLEARANCES HAVE BEEN REQUESTED FOR TWO INDIVIDUALS PROMINENT IN THE RECORDS MANAGEMENT FIELD WHOSE SERVICES WILL BE NEEDED AS CONSULTANTS. 25X1A5a1 9. A DEPUTY ARCHIVIST ON THE STAFF OF THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION WAS GIVEN AGENCY CLEARANCE TO WORK WITH THIS OFFICE IN ESTABLISHING DISPOSITION SCHEDULES FOR AGENCY RECORDS. a. This action will permit the National Archives representative to come into the Agency to review proposed disposition schedules, samples of the related records and to prepare his appraisal. This procedure was cleared with the Office of Inspection and Security and will eliminate the need for send- ing samples of records out of the Agency in order to obtain the necessary approval of the disposition schedules. b. The preparation of schedules is a requirement of the General Services Administration Regulation, Title 3, covering Federal records which provides that each Federal agency shall compile a,records control schedule for all major groups of records in its custody having importance in terms of con- tent, bulk of space equipment occupied; such records control schedules to be completed by 30 June 1954. 10. RESPONSIBILITY FOR CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT WAS TRANSFERRED FROM THE ve ORGANIZATION AND METHODS SERVICES TO THE RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND DISTRI- BUTION BRANCH. This action was taken to bring together functions which are generally recognized as being related to records management. 11. RESPONSIBILITY FOR FORD MANAGEMENT WAS TRANSFERRED FROM THE ORGANIZ- ATION AND METHODS SERVICES TO THE RECORDS MANAGEMEIT AND DISTRIBUTION BRANCH. This change was also made for the purpose of bringing to- gether functions generally considered related to the records management program. Sanitized - Approved For Releasb-: CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 " nitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 12. A STANDARD FILING SYSTEM FOR THE AGENCY HAS BEEN DEVELOPED. A draft of the handbook for the filing system has been dis- tributed for comment throughout the Agency. Working level clearances have been obtained from most offices and it is anticipated that the Manual will be issued shortly after the beginning of the fiscal year. 13. A STANDARD CORRESPONDENCE CONTROL SYSTEM HAS BEEN DEVELOPED AND DISTRIBUTED FOR CLEARANCE. This system will be helpful in offices where a control on correspondence is needed. Procedure for the system will be issued in handbook form. 14. A NOTICE PROPOSING THE STANDARDIZATION OF LETTER AND LEGAL SIZE CABINETS WAS PREPARED AND IS NOW BEING CIRCULATED FOR THE CONCURRENCE OF ALL OFFICES. This will provide an opportunity for the Agency to save a considerable sum of money in the future procurement of filing equipment because it eliminates non-standard items and permits the: procurement of large quantities of equip- ment at substantial discounts. 15. A NOTICE PROVIDING FOR THE STANDARDIZATION OF LETTER AND LEGAL SIZE FILING SUPPLIES HAS BEEN PREPARED AND IS BEING CIRCULATED FOR THE CONCURRENCE OF ALL OFFICES. 25X1A6a 16. The standardization of supplies is recommended because it permits economies in procurement and procurement procedures; simplifies stocking and warehouse problems; assures uniform- ity of supplies used in the same file, resulting in a much neater and appearance; and eliminates the use of either unnecessarily expensive items or items too cheap and flimsy to afford the service desired. The recom- mended standard. supplies were selected as the best for corres- pondence files by experts of a number of Goverment agencies who have had many years of experience in this field. This team has returned to duty at headquarters and a letter of commendation on the work they accomplished has been received. Sanitized - Approved For Release 4 CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 17. DISPOSITION SCHEDULES FOR ALL OF THE RECORDS OF TTO MAJOR OFFICES HAVE BEEN PREPARED AND OTHERS ARE IN PROCESS. a. Disposition schedules have been prepared and approved for the General Serves Office and the Logistics Offe,, b. A tentative disposition schedule has been prepared on all records of the Office of the ,Ga ptro] a xcept the Finance Division and has been forwarded for the consideration and approval of that office. c. A dis osition edule has been prepared and approved for the a strative records of the field stations. 25X1A7b d. The Cable Secretariat was requested and agreed to revise their regulations to provide for the disposition of copies of cables in accordance with standard disposition pro- cedures. 18. RECORDS MANAGEMENT SURVEYS WERE COMPLETED IN SEVERAL OFFICES, a. A Records Management survey, limited to systems and dis- position, was completed in the Logistics Office and all recommendations were approved and have been installed. b. A Records Management survey was made in the Office of the Director. Howeve ,yaaprovalof the recommendations is still pending although part of the recommendations nave adopted t,~}~ .. ...,.. a..~ _ iri"tPrB _t7fPice of DD/ , . c. As a separate project in the Office of the Director, a sur- vey was made in the Office of the Historical Staff. As a result, a specially adapted development of the proposed Agency filing system was installed with recommended controls on news items received for circulating and filing. d. A survey covering systems and disposition is currently being conducted in the Office of Operations. 19. A NUMBER OF OFFICES ARE MAKING PROGRESS IN THE INSTALLATION OF THE RECORDS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, a. General Services Office - Disposition schedule prepared and approved. Transfer of inactive material is being delayed pending establishment of a new Records Center. Installation of standard filing system and mail control is being delayed pending the relocation and consolidation of the various branches and divisions of the Office. Sanitized - Approved For Releas?_ CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 b. Logistics Office An Area Records Officer has been appointed. The standard mail control and filing system has been adopted and installed for all administrative files and material. A disposition schedule for all records of the Office has been prepared. c. Office of the Director - The Agency filing system has been in- stalled in the Office of the Deputy Director, d. Office of Research and Reports - An Area Records Officer has been appointed. The Agency filing system has been installed in the administrative offices. A survey of one division has been conducted but the recommendations are still pending. e. Office of Conimunications - An Area Records Officer has been appointed but no'act 'Progress has yet been made. f. Office of Scientf c Intelligence - An Area Records Officer has been appointed and is currently surveying the records situ- ation but has not yet made any specific recommendations. g. Office of the Comptroller - An Area Records Officer has been appointed and is working with the Records Management and Distri- bution Branch in obtaining the clearance and approval of the disposition schedule prepared by this office. Our staff is also assisting this Area Records Officer to determine the recom- mendations to be made with respect to installing the new filing and mail control system, 20. ALL OFFICES ARE NOW PARTICIPATING IN AN ACTIVE VITAL MATERIALS PROGRAM. All offices have been requested to review their previous list- ings of vital records to determine whether additions or dele- tions should be made. Several offices have completed their review and a number of changes have been made. 21. EFFORTS ARE CONTINUING TO MAKE THE VITAL MATERIALS PROGRAM MORE SECURE AND EFFICIENT. a. Tighter security measures have been established in effecting the transfer of Vital Materials tothe Repository. An armed courier now escorts each trip to the Repository and each item, as recorded on the transfer slip, is checked and receipted for immediately upon arrival at the Repository. b. Offices depositing vital materials on microfilm were requested to determine the feasibility of reducing the volume of micro- film already deposited, and in the future to deposit originals Sanitized - Approved For Release : QIIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177AO00100150012-4 or paper copies as extensively as practicable. This request was made because of the slowness and difficulty anticipated in working with microfilm in the event of an emergency. To date, the need for recurrent microfilming of three records has been eliminated and additional changes are anticipated, c. Some improvement has been effected in the proper identifi- cation of vital materials by continually working with the office representatives to assure that adequate descriptions and references are given for material being deposited. d. This office is working with the Area Records Officers in es- tablishing control schedules enumerating the file series, media of deposit and frequency of deposit, of all vital materials within the respective offices. These schedules will be used by the Area Records Officers and the Vital Materials Officers to assure that deposits are made currently. As of this time, such schedules have been completed for three offices and the remainder are still in process. 22. IMPROVEMENTS 'SERE MADE IN THE STOCIING AND SERVICING OF REQUESTS FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION. a. The volume of materials carried in stock for supplemental dis- tribution now ampunts to approximately 4,000 cu. ft. Certain activities in this operation have increased significantly in the last two quarters over that of the first half of the fiscal year. The number of information report master copies received for storage as stock has increased 76% while requests for supplemental distribution on the reports are up 51%. About 90% of these requests are serviced by furnishing repro- ductions made by means of an Ozalid machine or the Copy Fix process. The method used is dependent on the type of master copy in our files. b. All requests for stock supplemental distribution items are now being processed within eight working hours. Previously, there was a time lag of several days, part of which was made necessary by having to forward used multilith mats to the Printing and Reproduction Division in order to supply copies for supplemental distribution. c. Since 1 October 1952, servicing of reports has been improved by securing an Ozalid master for each issuance. In this manner, a complete set of information reports is being devel- oped from which copies can be made by the most efficient method of reproduction for this type of operation. This method also permits satisfactory control over the continued Sanitized - Approved For Release IA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 expansion of information report distribution stock. This is achieved by the substitution of the Ozalid master for the multilith mat and five copies that were formerly received. Since last December, space equivalent to nine legal size cabi- nets has already been saved. d. In order to expedite reference service on 300 cu. ft. of multilith copies of older reports, the physical rearrange- ment of the files was set up as a project and the task com- pleted during the third quarter. This work involved putting the paper in proper numerical order and the insertion of file dividers. The reports are now filed upright in stand- ard equipment and are searched with ease. As time permits, the same work is being done on 176 cu. ft. of oversized multilith mats that have been deteriorating due to frequent handling in undersize equipment. e. Supplemental distribution of the finished Intelligence reports increased by /+S% during the last quarter of the year. In the same period, additional distribution of regulations increased by 20% while initial distribution rose 233%. MAIL CONTROL 23. A NUMBER OF IMPI.OVEMr_'NTS WERE MADE IN THE WAYS OF HANDLING AGENCY MAIL. a. A courier post has been established in Room 1005 "1" Building to service Buildings "I"", ?foil, "K1r and "L". b. Loading platforms have been constructed at both "I" and TI " Buildings. c. A driveway has been built at "I" Building, adjacent to the loading platform. d. The messenger post at "Quarters I" Building has been converted V into a vault area. e. Two specially built trucks have been provided to facilitate the handling of Agency mail. f. A connecting ramp has been constructed between and "Recreation and kervices" Buildings. This enables the 25X1A6a messengers who are stationed at to service both 25X1A6a of these buildings. Sanitized - Approved For Release :.CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 g. The rooms occupied by the Mail Control Section in "Q" Building have been greatly improved by the addition of new linoleum, fluorescent lighting and window air conditioners. 24. COURIER SERVICE HAS BEEN DROVED. a, A new system for the delivery of mail within "Ill " J" , n grr , and "L" Buildings has been established. Mail picked up from 7 and destined for delivery within these httri 1 rdinga i 25X1A6a speeded up the service considerably for these buildings. sorted and dispatched in the new "I" Building Mail Room in- stead of in the Central Mail Room in "Q" Building. This has b, The responsibility for the servicing of fourteen covert post office boxes has been transferred from the Records Integration Staff of FI to the Records Management and Distribution Branch. c. The service for reproduction material to and from the plant at r was reorganized to provide six dail tri s w ch are coordinated with the six daily trips of the reg ar mail trucks going to all buildings in this general area. This increased the number of trips from four to six and permits the same service for reproduction material that is being given to other intra-Agency mail. The change also resulted in reducing the number of vehicles used from four to three and permitted reassignment of one man. 25X1A8a d. e. Armed courier service for after-hours delivery of classified material to the residences of key personnel is now being pro- vided. Two couriers are available for this service during the time needed. One of the couriers is designated as the "ON DUTY" courier' with working hours between 5 P. M. and such time as he is released from duty by the CIA Watch Officer; the other as "STAND BY" courier at home between the hours of 5 P. M. and 7 P. M. f. A pickup and delivery run previously operated exclusively for and by the Logistics Office was reassigned to the Mail Control Section. As a result, it has been possible to make better use of the vehicle and driver by incorporating other stops in this run. Sanitized - Approved For Release -CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 h. Posters depicting the correct way in which to address mail have been distributed to Branch Registries throughout the Agency. Three couriers have been assigned to the Office of Current Intelligence to perform such courier duties as may be required. PERSONNEL 25. AN INCREASE OF FOURTEEN POSITIONS WITHIN THE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL CEIL- ING WAS REQUESTED AND APPROVED. 25X9A2 a. 25X9A2 At the beginning of the year, the T/0 strength was with an on-duty total of The present T/O strength is with .persons on duty. 25X9A2 25X9A2 b. The mail operations and the Records Management Program were seriously handicapped not only by an inadequate T/O but also because of inadequacies in the recruitment program. This situation has now been improved considerably by a revised T/O and an improvement in recruitment. c. Much of our difficulty in recruitment has been the extended time needed for clearances. In many instances, individuals who have indicated a desire for employment with the Agency have subsequently taken advantage of other opportunities be- fore they could be requested to enter on duty with CIA. Sanitized - Approved For Relea G-: CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 PROGRAM OF THE RECORDS I.7ANAGEMEI T AND DISTRIBUTION BRANCH FOR THE FISCAL YEAR, 1954 1. THE RECORDS MANAGEMENT TRAINING PRCGR MM WILL BE CONTINUED AND EXPANDED. a. Several inquiries regarding the Records Management Training Course given in April and May, indicate a need to repeat it. b. Special classes in the more technical phases of records management; such as forms design, reports management, and the writing of disposition schedules, are planned for Area Records Officers. c. Training at American University is being requested for two records analysts assigned to the Records Center, who will form the nucleus of a staff to train other Records Center personnel and Area Records Officers in the preparation of records disposition schedules. Additional analysts will be recommended for special training at local educational insti- tutions or elsewhere as appropriate. d. Training in records management work for Area Records Officers is also contemplated at local universities and the allocation of the necessary funds from the Office of Training budget for the coming year has been requested. e. The training bulletins covering guides for accomplishing various projects will be continued. f. On-the-job training of Area Records Officers by Records Management and Distribution Branch personnel will be con- tinued as each new project is undertaken. 2. THE PRESENT FORD MANAGEMENT PROGRAM WILL BE EXPANDED TO INCLUDE THE tom--" ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS WHICH ARE GENERALLY CONSIDERED TO CONSTITUTE A COMPLETE PROGRAM. Objectives of the program: a. Establishment of over-all forms management requirements in- cluding the establishment of objectives for varying organiz- ational levels and the standards to be met. b. Establish the duties of the Area Records Officers in connect- ion with the forms program. c. Training the Area Records Officers in the techniques of forms management. Prepare and issue to Area Records Officers, a handbook covering' standards and guides for the development and control of forms. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 d. Through surveys of all forms used by particular offices and by analysis of new and old forms being ordered, assure: (1) that the forms are needed and that they are designed to fulfill the need in the most efficient and economical manner; (2) a reduction in the number of forms by the consolidation or standardization of needed forms and by the elimination of obsolete or ineffective forms; and (3) that the forms are reproduced and distri- buted as economically as possible. Establish and maintain an indexing and control system by the use of punch card methods. 3. A CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMEENT PROGRAM WILL BE UNDERTAKEN. a. There is at present an Agency Style Manual limited to style and format standards. b. Under the expanded program, a handbook will be developed which will incorporate - (1) Guides and techniques for typists. (2) Style and format standards (but more complete and better organized than the present Manual) (3) Guides and standards for correspondents, includ- ing the use of pattern paragraphs and form letters. c. In addition to the issuance of guides and standards, there will be a continuing survey of correspondence problems and post audits (reviews) of completed correspondence to deter- mine problem areas with respect to failures in applying the standards and determining needed improvements in the stand- ards. A REPORTS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS) WILL BE UNDER- TAKEN. a. Standards and guides will be developed in conformance with management requirements, including the establishment of ob- jectives for varying organizational levels. b. The results to be obtained from the program are: (1) (2) (3) Elimination of unnecessary or duplicate reporting. Insurance that instructions, forms, and procedures for necessary reporting are clear and complete, and that they provide the. most simple and direct methods of reporting. Insurance that required reports provide adequate data,for intended purposes, and that proper re- porting intervals are established. Sanitized - Approved For Release- CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 (4) Provision of central reference points for infor- mation regarding reports. 5. THE RECQWS SYSTEMS PROGRAM WILL BE EXPANDED AND ACCELERATED. Standards and guides will be developed for issuance in handbook form to cover the following subjects: a. Receiving, recording, controlling, routing and dispatching communications. b. File organization and location of official records. c. Agency filing system (now issued in handbook form for con- currence of all offices) d. Standardization of supplies and equipment e. Selection, reproduction and transfer of vital materials to the Repository. f. Microfilm standards and guides. 6. RECORDS SURVEYS WILL BE CONTINUED. / A limited staff of re cords analysts will be assigned to make spot surveys throughout the Agency to determine the effective- ness of the Area Records Officers in conducting their programs and to assist them in the advancement of their programs. Specific surveys are planned in Personnel, CSI, 00 and ORR. 7. RECORDS DISPOSITION PROGRAM WILL BE EXPANDED AND ACCELERATED. a. In accordance with General Service Administration regulations, each Federal agency must complete preparation of disposition schedules on all records by 30 June 1954. The Records Manage- ment and Distribution Branch staff will work closely with the Area Records Officers to accomplish this objective. b. Guide instructions for the preparation of disposition schedules will be issued in handbook form. c. Controls are being developed to facilitate and coordinate records disposition and to insure conformance with the poli- cies and procedures of the Records Disposition Program. 8. ESTABLISH ADEQUATE AGENCY RECORDS CENTER FACILITIES. a. Upon approval of the staff study currently under consideration, an adequate Agency Records Center will be placed in operation. Sanitized - Approved For Releas2 ClA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 Sanitized - ApprovetatoTI~-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4 b. Approximately 6'additional slots will be recommended for the Records Center T/0 to operate in the first year of the expanded program. c. Training in preparation of disposition schedules will be given to Records Center personnel to permit development of controls for the large volume of inactive record material to be received,; d. The supplemental distribution function is placed organiz- ationally under the Records Center. The volume of new material received in the last six months was 76% greater than the first six months of the year, while the number of requests for material increased by 51%. In spite of im- provements in procedure, it will be necessary to increase the personnel assigned to this function by two, in order to continue prompt service. 9. IMPROVED COURIER SERVICE AND FACILITIES. a. Continuing surveys of courier and mail facilities and oper- ations will be made to assure the best service possible. b. With the Agency's acquisition of the buildings on Avenue, it will be necessary to add 3 messenger positions to the current T/O in order to service them. However, no in- crease in the courier staff or the number of vehicles re- quired is anticipated in the coming year. 10. INCREASE IN PERSONNEL CEILING TO BE REQUESTED. In order to conduct the expanded Records Management Program, the following increase in personnel is being recommended: Records analysts staff 2 Records Center staff 6 Supplemental Distribution 2 Mail Control 2 CONFIDENTIAL Sanitized - Approved For Releas..~ CIA-RDP54-00177A000100150012-4