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November 17, 2016
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July 31, 2000
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February 1, 1950
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Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Aft *PACS ASIVISITIOX to The Setttees Divi AdninilltrAti,*$ff, is the 1110renAtsliteAinithorised to request thefeestComsat a 0,00MmoO*00,0104 00 teased epee through the ?Olio Suildiage Servieos Sews& aervisos Administration sumMkismemete to CIA sttvitio Lu the washiNgton area eontieemtal limits of the United States 1411 he its derriees MUM Divisions efill be entitled by moomokuhhet naybe released bye CIALeritifilty. - of space beteeen tie or mere by ntoraoroadolo to the Chief 2. astivitiee Servioes tivieisMo Unlit AND SAISMAIICS 1 All =JUGS AUX or maintenance soviets required in by C/A will be made to the Chiefs Services Divisions on FeraMo. 5414 in dues as appropriate* limPlosige ter CIA buildup mill net be made melees oral services Branch* Berries* AtrilaAft. 1, Moloolto tor aovth of offiees or ether activities will be made by memoreadum be the Chiefs Geueral Services Brush. Divisions indicating the building and roams tree end *WA the moves sr* to be made* Normally, a minimum period et three days 11111 be releired in order to 'orange for amok movies serviees. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved Fo lease 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDPS.177A000200040032-3 btt! elon pro o m fro aree so of telephone service is S. 2equesto to malutir located, end the iai teletype 1. Airport* et injuriee te employee leased by CIA sill be made in writing to Division. Similar reports must be made b y the C\t to the General Services Adadnictration. Details ram. prang the sauce of the accident. tile duration of the injuries. end *ugh ether pertinent information will be inoluded in the reverie Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RESTRICTED flo 11P4OiV OF DMMISSAL 0 PINSOMM DUI TO IXOWISITE HUT le Assistant Director* and Staff Chia*, or their authorised designees, will male daily reports during the hot summer maths to the Ghia, Services Division, of the personnel dismissed due to exeessive heat. The Chief, Serviees Division. In turn, is reeponsible for appropriate reporting to the deneral Services Administration. The reports *Jbmitted wUl contain the following informationv s. The number of individuals released. b. Building locations of small individuate, a. Tempereture and humidity readings in 'soh locations d. Er or hours "ben eueh releases were tutherised. RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RESTRICTED CEO OD MON AMEORIZATION TO AVM? REP VC 1. Assistant Direetors or Staff Chiefs mill doeignate those, individuals under thirty jurisdiction mho ars authorised to request reproduction servioes, Such authorisation should bo formarded in smiting to the Chiles Services Division, CAF- REqUISITIONS POR REPRODUCTION SERVICES Uoquests for roproduction sorvioes all be submitted am Form No. 364 in an original and one eopyo ndicating the process to No employod in the reproduetion and the &waived date of delivery, *MSS COPIEd Th* demand upon DIA on fsoUitts Is to and individuals au to mortices Should toronghly type cir proem** Said the tiros cost of *echo The number of eopios room b. kept to a minima in order to avoid the ostablishmemt ef a backlog in the roproduotian activity/ thembylasittas tho reproduction of Important intelligeoce dente morale with great*, midi*. .4* RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RESTRICTED LT AND PROPERrf CONTRACTING AU 11 A 1. The Diroetor ift-Ountimmar-liateki-tgessewtU autheriso those ouployeloo who ilay otter Sato 1001 obliestious f.--or internal or tonal 'oottemets or any typo or proourement at oupplioo, eseipnonts or sorrices? Such doloptioao ;lotbeovatoinod In this sualuol,. but r411 Aolottitio tam the subjeot at separate instruseets e2ad by tho Direttoro --amploysegimet-so- ohlipate-thiragonertor-psysont-tor-aer-supplioeireguipnemiri -or terrieseir iraninalsou FINANCIAL Gammon lo net Chiees.sea in. otidfigaikt ini -, result in fine * with the to auth additional ialivittnake as reky be'nEcumssory tor adninistrativo sostrato tut sontwon AND NNW/IC=1 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 dIA-RDP54-00177AOilfsQ2Dnifer0E0392-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 PPSTRICTED a, *rurebase" Items are those item teb nest be paraboloid to order, Bush itens ineludis thee* for ehieh there is infrequent demand, those lured say kr particalar using eetivitiee of CIA, and item ran 'pluvial control by-the Berstein; hivision, Adednistratiee staffi. Ilet;u1sitioli4ing Proceduret 7 / s, general; Requisitions mill be prepared is aesertawee with lids instruction on Form No. 56o.7, *Request for Supplies, Squipaant and Services% and forwarded to the chief, Services Division. Administrative Staffs' b *Pboolettims (1) *AO orii e. 'Pura** Copies of fora Forward ths sign et requisition, VA4PeErditIiss rIpLq.K, Forward the Sigaet ism;`, ociplis requisition, * forward tho signed OrSirialit Ind .00 No, 64 to tho Chief Bonitos. Divmi' Ise o l riqus \,,s'intylfsariters,do y rtelree .quest for major repairs will bo lead. on Y. to be sulattted In en original end ton *opts* 10 ux?fficer Or ?moors *III 44104444141 54141. " aooeStiag to the OrgeeiSelJLnolulA oketivity, giCtisers 'talc ProPor u. PfakAtee1 elati new *doh nay ems intoeustedy 2. Listed below is 1411 be eitab1 AC Zan Regeisit are hereby se A ea0 yin be Division RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 \s?.) 25X1A8a be The fait at tore So* 36014. *Stook Ceatrel Cs will indicate by it*i** total secowitsbility tor, under his oostrel* _the reverse e1do-lot-Piriee-Vos-140-14-) known os the *Moots** Centrer yin bli eae4-ttreemeatt- iceues-to-Roopensible Officer* eithin litiraitiatioSii ) es Accountable Officers win oskintain a--;perasameir tile of credit and debit veuehers to support tralesaatieme ta Ueda^ 7,Toperty secounilik its -,:ech Accountable Offiser will Tiliiirbain in the voucher _file a rester of Responsible ()Moore under Me eontrato listing the subsaeosuat floater and the Wien sr emotivity for width oath Is responsible* 81, es when an Aeoeuntable Officer authorises the tains. of small portable items1 such as brilf?easse* pea sets1 etas, he will prepare Fara Ner 38.#1, "nrikajaViry leave, Reeseet--- , and have th pIye1I the fora se 'biding received the prep?rrty* *kw the *sporty is returned, the Aeseuatable ?triter soy into a mall% It requested, in sousrendus te the esp1eyee* Aeremetilibte Offline'," ore reepolunble for granting property etearansof en oil enoleyeee under their jurisdietion. *he are tram* form, within the orgavdsation and/er oefferete4 frelt the Ageney se preeeribed in (torrent regulations* )- f? ?Report, et lareatery Adjutant** Flea Is. ae?aig will be prepared la triplisale and fer:orted tie the Chiefs direloos Sivisions The use ef math reports Will be "Mb filmed te rertifplag errors resultiag fres ineerreet tusecaidatiro, eterieel or typographical errors. aid asetudag aaesuatohiltty ter property preirtinesti one aeowieted for* TRIC TED *Survey Report* Fora Its 3601110 will be proprod 1" triplicate and formikrded to the Chiefs Serviees T." .11,11.1-4 d_!'")r, 41' ?,.411-"11"Nr. tj , 42-7- - , 'I4- 2 , k. triantor or Property ieeeeatabill win lie?fortiotedi oX after audit at the mauls sail a elosiplete phrolial tavarallawy " has booa ardi?? A seseartustaa eertittette trill 'be easeuted by tho outgoing and the.at.a ikeeanatable ?M? traaraii terries seeenstahtlity? i. The Audit Sootto4 eendaet salts Old taviatortes ar property siaseuata as availed * tb* Chief. 101144(11. Dieltatoa# Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 ? Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 ?ieszimum sooaomica use a .by established a property ed as set forth luorsiss? no of all 710TER Chi* sioasrwith tb1ee of Or gotten anthoriaed bi the Itrischtive? husericai limitations for canootwuse its ow be iharoascd or deoreased by ssatoal weever* batmen the Aditutatratiurithtivem-of-the aetivity eoo. corned sod the Chiet0 Scremtoso-DAistetosts Admiaistrative Staffs 'WIWI in excess of numerioal limitation* la* agreed upon will hot be seeds by the %WI, *snob* Sersices plida10**. , A b? -Admintstrative-and Aacoontable--Otticiors such **lion as is hvoirseary to accomplish maximum proper use of all Equipment and to requisition, *Id lo oquipsont to till specific needs. _5- es The icadit aoctioni Services Di aloha Ads* trativo Starr, mill reVieViir the use of equip:wont as a pert of periodic milts algal' will Us perftrved on s000uhtakility records as um estsblieheds. :cluipment *tease to the heeds St CU *stilt/340i 'sill be reported as osmosis to the Supply Branoho 1iY$icrz, by the UM or Propel-1w Tura?in or ?Mater Blip, ?arra Kos ,c6.24? rer rowisouo to other Of A aotivitieoe de Pwoushis to t above, ttri follucting policy is es Waked as a general guide for the ellocation ot offiue equipment and furnishlnge to the various offiees of CIA. OURS 1** SIVIPM.PT OMNI, of the Direotor sod D.ptyirector orates of Assistant Directors ore their Dal:tut:1e* Offloss of CU staff chiefs end their Deputies t148, '1' !Itlyit;NT Orrice* of Division chiefs Offices of Chiefs of organisational snits e uivaleast to a Division 441 other Ott leTED Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177Ag000200040032-3 TRICTEg *a A Property survoy as tstea befouls hereby constituted tatning to loss, damage, destruotion, position of public property for which Hoard ocupssod of to act on *11.mattors pordp theft, or for the 41* CIA is rospousitlec Deputy chter of I is s Chloft Inspection Division, I & SS aubar Ass lietsrai Connsol ?Chief, Sarno's %viol, Adsdnistrativa $taff Cht*t1, Audit Section, 5,erv1ces tiitoiz Admitistrative Staff Three burs *ill be considered a quoram4,-, Divielot supply such eduinistrotive, to asoistanse may be roquirod by tho hoard* The Property Survey Board villa a, Detormine the peouniary liability or relief from ***Quotability or responsibility of aavriodividmit tor loss, damage, distraction or theft or other dispoeitioll of public property ter which CU Is responsiblm. ohms the total monitory value involved is il,C00,00 or less* b. Dssignato any qualified individual to est ter it in sppropriato mice in determining nate from is000mats, ability sr responsibility for damage to, or obortago pt ryA property where there is no ovidoope or fault or tog on the part of the Individuals conocrted sal Aare tho Umatilla damago is not iv exoons or 4100,00 Direot disposition or destruotion of unsorvioeabloo ebsOleto or surplus property in tbo sustody of Ca. Tho Board may dosignato any qualified individual to out tor it in oPropristo CROOS under this authorisation, Re Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 "rRTRICTEll d. Reeommend gotten to the tmoeutive ix conneotion with paragraph 14a. above, *here the monastary-volOo involved is in moss of #1,000.00, Ohs will tabs final gotten or r000nnend action to the Birettas In his discretion* o. Require' such initial Survey Poperts and prosontetion it evidence either in person er in oritiag, as may imp eensidered necessary to arrive at eppropriste oenolnsions and determinations. f. Maintain adequato record* of its setions? . The board and tho hrecutive-Ms. obarged with the rosponsibility of informing the Director of say unusual eirovastanoss or matters ohlikshould be brought to hit personal knowledge in oonnootion vith'thome instruotionc. Beard *worts under this paragraph will bo rontod through tha E:000tive* Individuals against vhon peovniary rosponsibility is cstoblished *odor the provisions of these tsssia.tts. *ow appeal, in vritingo to the Director, within thirty (SO days after reatipt of actin. attics or "soh liability. 113110TAL GOTSREMINT FROPRRTT 11011 CIA 3O1 lo A properly autkonticateewoperty pa.a Fora 1101 $114(1, is required before government property *an he roamed fres DIA buildings! Proporty Acoonntable ?Moors *ad other omplOyess dectiOstal by tho Dervioes Division aro authorised to Isom property posse,' The Chior, gorvi000 will rile with the abstain of tho Chard Fors*, through tho ys1es1 datoority Braush, I ?8, s list et all imennel settortiod tio ism Xle)64,1110,167 zre "c!TRICIED Approved For Release 2000/08/21 1-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 25X1A6a 25X1A7b 25X1A8a 25X1A7b """IcTEn 25X1A6a Partial Deliveries, cages 2, 'Fito'Cavel N. 4, Noesiving Pilo cape, No. 7, *Procurement Cove; and Mo. 10, *Vendor Pilo Cape, my be wed for solcuevamilmacat of Partial deltvallat. Saaarar. um used for soki*.w1*Im$ of variant &flavorless they ahaluld be marked aooerdiagly with *epy desioatien marked threw* and narkiog one copy ?Pistol Resettle, Copy", one eepy *Property hooest Cope and cos espy ?Aeeountable ?Moir Cele. Is the what these *epics are inadestaate. senerarehnes nay be used siting applicable Pam Iteit Owls ihrsorsaihass met inclioate ester asehesso item and quentitien es doltvery WM assionpUtbsdi depr Nee 110 *deouleitioninp ?Mee Copy', wiU be retained in the field, Wiwi ter mewl parpeacee - ter the purpose et adninistrative contrel, there is esisibliebed *IT Usettationfar each field efflee, for 'smile* and to be procured in the snow disouseet Owe% in the mew* Approved For Release 2000/08124:1CIA-RDP54-00177A000 032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 25X1A8b 25X1A8b 25X1A8b REsTRICTED of $200.00e ,in item ilidtatioa of 40504.100 is imposed, mhiah makes it m000ssi;riket appreciate immured tram the Chief, or Chief i the case y be, in .miinoe of rocurement action, for items priced in emeestref , s ma #5000. At encumbrance for eaCh field effice will be **tab.,. linked by the rieeal DiVi41044, 6, 'tome of equipannt required by field offices whit* ere in excess or the limitation ostsblished herein wtil be requiei* tioned through the or INishington by 25X1A7b y letter" 'Open recwit of 'snob request*, they 'Ill be submittod b the Chief, or Chief, to the Chief, 25X1A7b Sonless DIVISIO,. mho will dotormins the most feasible method of proouromont snd mill MAW prosy?* for shipment to the f1e24 Wise or authorise prosurosmat to be made in the field. Copies of each authorisation* mill be forwarded to the Chief, /Isola Division' 25X1A7b 25X1A6a 4 , Approved For Release 2000/08/2 181A-RDP54-00177U 1412132-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RESTRICTED 4110119111 IT. TRAIISPORTATIOS AR RESPONSIBILITIU OP TRAM am Tb. Transportation husk eartrtoos Division* Adainistratiro statt will be rosponsiblo tor perforating tit* following tonstioas with respost to oravol of personnel on otilatal twins**, arrow at of household pods OM dependents whoa travel in in asnoretion with a *hangs of ettisial station; the shipment et supplies and stailmeato sad the operetta* ot * aster pool **notating of passoseir aarrying "whittle* and trooksy. 1. Treasitioff *A. 14,1syses (a) liptiartoolpt ot approved eon oriloopiost Order: tem 140016 (moo ddighlititrativo tastrustioli tho transportation liras* will wiatiot the travolor 1 phone to asoorbsia dato ot departurei weds at travel tohe utilised end lois* Of tins required at stopopor potato in ordor that *******07 S'IligrfatiOUS Say be *adoand Trati. partition Itagisatip pripstell. whir* travel overseas is in. yoliya imerampatsitaamr.MAI fee preomring poklipartii physioal onoseinatites, lavaunisations w)o* required oast the prowls* et Thister itaanunieris approval. the isonsISO at ideittitidatiOit *OM sad trays is to an soma* eloarontoo &porter* tor ovorstion., tai pnd lir dopossiositoo and (14 sllaties eorder tO tho propsr ap. soon.i roguiressato if the Agonoy1 it ts ottootall possiltits hmsonisatioas et both evolatme sad tholt oistpooduks *a the litteal alvistonot Mialatiatrative atatt? (*) 4tor 01 thoir RESTINgt Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000 32-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RESTRICTED trawl. it *ill ba lareabeat won the Astastant DIrestar or State Chief sonearatal to insure that all modles1 re* quirerents sa prattedload by the Old tarpon au est ater to tistal slowest** for departars ~sus? (4) la *outlaw whore privato physielass vast be stinted1 the soplayas soy tts roiabursed tar this tout at his leanalsaties sad that of his doradubs? (1..Adaististuiliva ;estimation So. TO.1. (a) fie fraaspartatiaa *sash rU1 6011132$0 *11 reser. utile* sad Sum the aseassary franspertatlen Upsets ta 0010111, tit* triassU le order to pv.ttd aasphtsttas via the nut asesealeal resta(e) std bats Mnatsp at elalsess-sesting assasesdatious ter both rail and emu turd* ragouts for 111111041 SUS* be platted as ter as possiltl* in aims' of tha travel flat* ft (a) isistits lastslett* atttleristts ths papsion of traaspartattait, szpileSei and ether sepesu far the navastent of hattultsld gelds and paristal sorbets la sunestiat with Wasp of *Malta statism ',MU SlitMa **light LIMAMUGU 25X1A6a (14 141? Wriest *f household moods *War par be *as unottated bad* at rates per am as tined by ow. therefore all arrangusub. shiploads, issaludias siukthp,0 Ofatlag? *VW* east be *ad* lir the amoleret aad reistawassstat thrush resider thannoliit, C.) 1* ism with the shipment it bmiahald you and parietal net** * ~us* dastiaatiesett rega..ts tor ugh shims* sant be rented three* Atbsissistrative ?Muss le the lannipartmitim aseh inaladits thou* Mao tailluing infastatteat Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDF'54-00177 fh2-3 25X1A6a Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RESTRICTED Tho transportation *alma will auto all sorongoosadn to haw the household pods and Porscroal *Mort* piolcod up taus *Ito asployont boas. puked* *rats& and otherwise props/ad for import shipment and upon anylotian oftho pasting and orating will arrange tor the shipment* tho overseas &atlantic's. 3. Depeadeatisa (a) Thr Transportation *sash it be &Moe* promptly if arroageometa aro to be mile tor the transportation re dop000leate? Couplet* ineormatioa should be termiehod shades samoso rolatiosehip and la the ease et slaw ohilitreat that oam sad ago. /(b) lamooloatioaa ter doponillasts meet be eempleted in maaardames with paragraphI (a). ( 004 tho Tovitsportatioa *wash will porter* the oomo oorriore ao4lf reoured. to %ha omplepoo mad assist the doefledettli iii ay possiblo ovhsthor *hay travel with the employ& or depart at a later 4sto 4. Illtionott of Itunlios snd Alsuipmfa#t Vposir000lyt tat Torn 116-4." &most tor evorsous at Carps the Tronsporlaktion Wonolt will &slip ot ow, anew to tho slalom* for Mut* rwtiromosit sad *dries the Supply &nook as to the carp mumbor mosipodo Ilpon 114141044 of *dries fres tha ihopply /iron* thot tin cow apsolod mud ready tor ohlgoonst tho trowsportstion *sac& will mews* shipping span, through tin U. al roopotsh Agent wad noon oontirsetios cot nob spoo will arrow Oar dolielort ot the oargo to the port at amberkotioa? 6* Motet fromeportatiou (*f Tin Transportation brow* nalateins Ocontral motor pool oomprisod at postongor sanying rohiollono inalimling bassos* sad vorious typos or imolai nod trallorno rossespr oars aro oporaind to onwrIO- trowortatiow amid* *deb esumet be immure* * the isee TAASPOS0011 Othlie blf *0110 "1"4" tw6 potato ism. Siono the D10100/04 why sloottlo seal** &Snot to ) w?tior (a) Assivaista t powwow** vidosoltemt 'west .ot.an Assist by tiro TonsetteS* RAESTR/C1D Approved For Release 2000/0872r : tIA-RDP54-00177/40020004 3 2-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 RI:: T R C TED breoy esell sseigaments to an absolute minima, and to the *bottle aid motor peel sortie, to the neziano passible degree. (e) 1. imeept as otherwise spesitleally oultherised In writing by the htecative, no employee of OXA stationed in Washington will be permitted to operate CIA looter vekteles without o properly mortdfied CIA driver's liesnee. Awthority far leonieg CIA Iioenso* is vested in the Mot, Services Division, Adainistraitive Staff after apprepttate sortifiestion by the Tootling and dionstarde *ma, Persennel Divisius, mid the liedisal 6 lbleinietratThr-fitaff.--- Requests for driver** flames should be mode in writing lor the Ottlee er Staff Seetion eaneerned, to the Chief. Serviees Division, intioating nesessity. t. CIA emoiloyees athurts.d to in Inealitiee suffielently 111~ $o that CIA testing is isaraetleal Iowa driving recsiaseents at the*1s.s1t Oht.S. et field stations sue responsible ter ?aswlag cc plisses with this dimities'. sesigast *ad po.1 elatuitttan aro ampervIsaii toif We* Treaspertatlea *souk Sordoes Adalaintrative Stan, for mininistrstive, perpowee, eloting wiwking hours, overtime end replamesoestt it es- signet elemotreers due to absonses or tornineklees? (0) nneept es sposillei in Its rill net wait for gammongers *elm prior arrangements imvon been Dispateher. tott Assistant Direetere and deputies, when using looter peel to bave sash *ere mit Sc, thenat ailertiaaties* re- seedless of the tine 1zv1,sd,or to roitits* be them, at Oita ti, Those *rattan elavold labia the Diepateher 'whether the oar sheald *tit tor return la order that eineetteare *sr rfoseive .ptopor Instroietioas tram their Svervisarip (t) abeatteure eke portent 'inertia* work id13, report the boors worked, towther with the eipaturo of the penes for whom the driving wan torso* IMO II lad* or. Woo payments* Prior reertime *Aviles Aeon k ofttaised. eliat Tromosportation Ahminfietreti Staff* Approved For Release 2000/0W XIA-RDF'54-0047448 0032-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040032-3 (I) Chauffeurs are persemally reopensibie lathe event of truffle ,vielations. Chauffeurs will it he ordered to Violato %raffle regulations. 25X1A6a (10 at tor-the -sterager-repair-tuni-caintenersco-OralrAteney- vehicles- -leeated-indUcOrechiftlenrierincr-lbcoptem et/ovals* authorised in writing by the Beseotivot all CIA vehicles lesated in Washington will he returned at the and of 25X1A6a oat& dor to tho garage. These vehieles chic& are not swaged at must be brought in at regular stated intervals to reoetwe servielngo stainteasaeoh (1) 1. Government meter vehisles are to he used by personnel of this Avow for *Metal purposes only,. 2. Public Jaw SOO r.qi4r.s the suspension or die- stiosal of any opployste who usos or is found responsible for the use eta Governmemt-iewned vehiele for ether than effielal perste**, S. The Chief, Adainistrative CUM umks periedie cheeks of dispateh record** and will disease with Assistant Directors and Staff Chiefe any apparent violations of this paragre066 Alen eossidered neeseeery be will report apparent violation* to the Usseutive for further emotions in- cluding statement of previous 41seassiens with offiaals ommocrood. (4) lawder that the Transportation TronskielTunt*tain proper reeords end insure that dl Agog vebieles ors servise4 at regular intervals a Illiatibly Illatateseaos 1epart4loter Vehicles* Fora 601104, will he submitted on oil enhislos in the fi:14 mithim the Sentimental limita. of tbe United States ',bleb aro net serviced at the Garage, Torn 3840 should be enteattle* te the Transpartattea Irma through tbe Administrative Wiser of the Wiest to Ala% the vehicle is assisped* (k) ?rooks and trailers are eversted Or the delivery of *Mlle* and oguipmanttlidwtiorleoe Apse, anises is the lisabbtstea ano *ad tar seek ether leeal and loos dist* bacflni sig needomnie ou-ci ? *6 IT Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-001 032-3 25A A6a