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July 31, 2000
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111\ Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 1W4L ZST&TE AND COIETEWCT A. Space Acquisition and Asei 1. Space assigrmente to CIA activities will be made by the Chief, Atiminiirtrative Services, except as otherwise specified in appropriate CIA regulations. 2. Requeste for the acquisition of real property by lease, purchase, or construction will be mode in writing to the Chief, Adlindstrative Services. Such reveste'should states a. Purpose for which property is to be acquired. b. Quantity and type of space required. c. Desired location. d. Period for which space is required. 0. Wegptiatione0 if am., which have taken place prior to caking the request. Negotiations normally should not be made by operating activities without, prior notification to and approval by the Chief, Administrative Services. When the acquisition requires the approval of the Project Review Committee and the Direstor of Central Intelligenoe, CIA Regulation Number 5-111 will be complied with. Space Release and &change 1. The Chief, Admtnistrative Services, will be notified in writing of assigned 'pace which may be released by a CIA activity. 2. Requests for the exchange of mpace between two or more activities of CIA yin be made to the Chief, Administrative Services,. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 CENTRAL INTFLLIcrNCE Anrwcy MUTATION NUMBER 40-II II, BUILDING MAINITSANCF AND UTILITIES - DEPARTMENTAL AREA A. Maintenance of and Alterations to Buildings Assigned to or Leased by CIA. 1. All requests for renovations and installations re- quired in buildings assigned to or leased by CIA will be made to the Chief, Administrative Service*, on Form No. 36-7, *Requisition for Supplies, Equipment or ServiceTM, or as otherwise appropriate. 24 Requests far maintenance services may be stibmitted in writing or by telephone to the Building Maintenance and Utilities Division, Administrative Services Office. Moves Request* for moving of offices or other activities will be made in writing to the Chief, Administrative Services, indicating the building and rooms from and to which the moves are desired. Normally, a minimum period of three dart will be required to arrange for moving services. C. Parking Spaces Allotments of parking spaces mill be *ads in blocks by the Chief, Administrative Services, to CIA activities for reassignment to individual enployees. Office heeds will report to the Administrative Services Office the assign- ment of parking spaces to individuals, including the space number, name and telephone nusiber of individual to which it is assigned, and the year, make, model and license number of his vehicle. The Administrative Services Office is responsible for the inspection and policing of parking areas. D. Telephone and Teletype Service 1. Requests for telephone service will be made to the Chief, Administrative Services, in eritiegi,describing the type of service required, the building and rooms in which service is to be located, and the individual who will provide detailed information. The Chief, Telephone Branch, Building Maintenance and Utilities Division, Administrative Services 'Mice, will prescribe the type of installation best suited for adequate service. A minimum period of three days for change or initial installation of telephone service is required. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA- - 77A000200040042-2 =TOT on Iso-rx for tael**** and Ws** area will be Ws * the Vtieris Ito kihdaistratiwo iterviees Wise Is veepeasible for liaises with Oreersseat Services, lee.* is avoneeties with ookrotastse opentia ter that orgeoleatiee in CU beildisst? Sueseetiees or osistiabste is itOMMI412 with these eateterise will be as& to this Ortlee? T. lestallatisa ot Set Platen 10 liet plates ovp, set be used is Cii Width. *Meat the War tttes approval of the CM idalidstsivitive dervioes. 2. * fade are awatlable to provide adequate pretestiwe inotallatiose geweramont comae tor asesheavolltes hot plete S. lbeso is an ob3evit4sa bowever to preoldlag riftiliMitailk MOW at lid*isst.11stioee at the orpesee at the userso, Ohs Mat of adequate protection is sada woes will he)spprosiastely Mei per inetaIlatieb. Wary \ Athdaistrative Siodoes, any be coStiasted for further detaile.) 3.The ado, Aditedsdrative Vortices, La ohsreod with the propose eatOrosaeat at this Regulation. ? Soparting of beeldemhs involviag Personal Injuries and Property Damage to the PWblie Buildings Service. ? 1, Quoted Weals a. nemiranden remised teem the Miss of Buildings lisaagament, Peiblie Buildings Service, Oemeral Services Administration HsOBJWCTs Reports of Aocitissts 'avulsing Personal Injuries sad Property Damage 4s04mper the anetnant of the Federal Tort Older Act, a nobsr of elates have been filed with the Win Building. Service ceseriag-persesel injuries allegedly doe to aceigeogg esegreige is buildings which we operate and maintain. Iasseitgations have disclosed that soy of the allagedassideate sere reported to the Chief Clerk or other Adaimistratine ?Meer of the Aganay hefted in the betiding, bet were met reported to the Curd office wilts the Ballast piiperiateedontle-offiello -WW1' Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 CENTRAL IGENCI A a R.- 'TON NUMBER 40-11 wfbe PUblie Buildings Serviee is responsible, in most oases, for consideration of these slams. We you'd appresiate your sooperation? therefore, in direeting your represemtatives, both in the Metropolitan Area of Washingtes sad In the Field, to report all sec/dents Invelviag prOPerty damage and personal injury occurring within buildinge operated and meintained by the Public Buildings Service to the Buildimg Superintendent's *Moe or to the Guard defies. Sash reports should be made as promptly as possible so that a full investi- gation say be mode *Ile the facts ars still fresh in the minds of the witnesses and the evident* is still at baud,* 2. All asoidonts involving property dame or personal injuries occurring within buildings used by CEA in Washington and in the Field will be immediately reported to the Chief, Adsdaistrative Sonia's, for forwarding to the Pliblie Buildings Servioe, Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/Q8/21 : CIA- TRANSPRTATIO A. Trim& 1.: of of Travel Orders alo Travel orders will be issued 'hy' the Trsimspertatios Division, Administrative Services OMNI, esnsept et ether. wise stated. 4 ` 1 b. thief. of Rim:ions yaieide the continental Ratted Statist! Nay authorises pprave and isansrtraviul ardor* for temporary duty travel ebmeast,eftetbdittan agoraes lithos* official stations are located within ,their particular 2. Requests for Travel Orders t. Requests for travel orders, or smesdommsteigUmmts, other than those issemlbyMieft of iiissienale Ain, be prepared in duplicate. Both copies vill be -rented to the Transportation Divisions AdministratiftServicess throughs (1) Office Reads or their delegates (not)hdime -Division Chief level) in the oats of buttriiswaa -under, their -jurisdiction. (2) Personnel Director in cases involving permanent change of station or travel to first post of duty abroad. (3) Chief, Administrative Services, *tens request Includes overseas transportation of an automobiles (h) Personnel Director for travel abroad on temporary duty. 9 (5) it it Niputy Director-fAden1Mra4ion)-in moos of Office Reads. b. Personal action of each forwarding official must be indicated on the request. Requests for domestic travel will be submitted in sufficient time to be processed and reach the Transportation Division at least ite hour, prior to the planned departure time. Requests for foreign travel should be submitted 60 days in advance of planned date of departure* - ..SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For,Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-Rp5 7A000200040042-2 INTRIUMOMAORROT REOUMTXON OMR o.rrx 0. Per dims and mileage rates praftWindwr4404ting lUmPlabil244Plations represent thcaSX1111.1ellewahle. BANS$10416 and approving offiel&tw indicate en the rognests far travel orders the ristommanded per diem and -*Image rates and mill relate the 'pi allowance when- ever it exceeds the necessary offieial takeveling expenses. Us approval of a request by the initiating office will to deemed a certificate that the =Awl iltipalatiod therein are not in excess of the amounts norimaly,required to met the necessary official traveling espouses under the eireamotancese C 0-t, hztt- ec2--(50-- 0 - d. The Transportation Division upon thirressamendation of the chitty Administrative Se:iviceSitany issue monthly orders for track driveriviitlipgsd in trips and arrange for periodic sob.* vouchers covering **eh repeated travel. Responsibilities of the Transportation Div/Amy Aditinietrative Services Office a. Provide travel arrangement service. Personnel ordered oversees should contact the Tremspart404AaDivision six ifooks prior to planned date of departure the issuancooriampaliammdiviess? and secure overseas clearance when neceesery. a. Dome necessary travel orders and verify that security clearance, physical examination, immmamatiox passports, vitae and theater clearance have been obtained before releasing the ticket or Transportation Request to the traveler. Travel. by Armed Services Personnel Armed Services Personnel performing temporary duty travel or travel in connection with a permanent change of station for the benefit of the Agency will be reimbursed for per diem and travel costs in accordance with the travel regu- lations of the Armed Service!. Upon recoipt of travel requests approved by the Transportation Division, Administrative Services Office, the Military Persona Division Personnel Office will issue appropriate travel orders. Two certified copies of the orders will be revealed to the Fiscal Division, Finance Office. SECRET . 6 . Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CJA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SECRET 5. Tranoortation of Dependents a, The Transportation Division must be advieni isrenptlt if arrangements Are to be made for the trannpertatien or dependents* Complete information shouldhefurnilftsi ?lowing names, relationship, and in the ease of admir children, their mend age. b. The Transportation Division will pertain the same services as are rendered to the employee and assist the dependents in every way possible vdt~ they travel with the employee orLdepart at arlatst date, co Inane/0 of undue hardship on parents imeerred in the heldintof,Children under two years am, on long Journey*, 14Wtt.s000mmodations-will he ferniehed the children if desired by the traveler :end set forth in the Request for Travel Order. The approval of a request by the initiating office will be deemed a certificate of necessity. transportation of Household Goods Personal fifeets and 1,01vetely,, Owned Automobiles 4i5 Ck L1.7 _ , Rusting legislation authorizes the payment of transportation expenses and other expenses ineident thereto for the movement of household goods and perrecoal effects in connection with change of' official duty stations and to first duty station over., seas of new appointees, within certain weight limitations, when authorised by the Personnel Director, ;44 For transfers between ji 25X1A6a 25X1A6a 79th Congress: provides that transportationexpenees ;Or Shipment of. household goods and personal effects will be one ocamastated basis at rates per one hundro4 Oft* as fixed by sense. All arrangements for such shiPROOD including packing, crating, temporary storage, drei*Hei and unpacking must be made by the employee -and. reinbursement claimed through regular channels. SEMI Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 ' Approved .For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 . SECRET 1111301110t AMMIOT effects eat trely owned stattomohilesg"dai Plireftel C, Meontle'te far shipment of household ti me Uclude the followlagitsfe"nesulessettimas lane Title and Office Present official station ilow official station ;Oration of effects (street address Person to be contacted at that address Estimated weight of shipeaut Approximate date goods to be picked up The Division will mak: all arreagements to hold goods and pommel ettists picked up from the employee's hese, packed, crated and otheridee for export shipments and upon complotien of the and orating will arrange for shipment to the 25X1A6a overseas destination. 1.11 q- T. of Stioplies and Eqtdpment of Fork No, 36-114, gamiest for 25X1A6a sign Shipment', the Trensportation bIdelxRistrative Services Office 10111----;assign- a taro ;whey' to the shipment. Said =saber will be obtained from the Supply Divisions Procurement Office. Upon receipt If advice from the Supply Division that the cargo is packed and ready for shipment, the Transportation Division will request shipping space through available means of transportation and will arrange for delivery of the MEM) to the port of embarkation. 8, Motor Transportation a., (1) The Adainistrative Services Office maintains a central motor pool comprised of passenger4?carrying vehicles, busses, and various types of trtutks and trailers,. Passenger cars are operated to newt transportation needs which cannot be secured by use of scheduled shuttle services Transportation other than by shuttle service to 'points served by the shuttle may be requested from the Dispatcher, when necessary. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SECRET Kjeft Building passenger *Vier peel operates en a Spittouro daily taste* en regnierworkdays and en Modify*, and holidays, requests for transportation must be routed through the CIA latch Miserly b. Assignment of passenger-carrying vehicles to individuals and activities Will be made only upon the written request of an Office Mead and approved by the Deputy Director (Administration). AAA the policy or the Agency to keep such assignments to an absolute admimeme as otherwise specifically asthorised an Wthe Deputy Director Odministretimm no employee of CIA stationed in Washington will be permitted to operate CIA motor vehicles without properly certified CIA driverss_lieenee. Anthoritiy forrpbcar. CIA licenses is vested in the Chief, trutive Services, after appropriate certification by the Testing and Training Branch, Persoenel Office, and the Medical Office. Requests for driver's licensee should be made lel melting by Aliir?;fgrise concerned, to M20_91414 .441111434#4" Services, indicating necessity, ? - (2) Eeployees authorised to operate CIA vehicle* in localities sufficiently distant from Washington so that C/A testing is impractical mast meet the legal driving requirements of their locality: Chiefs at field stations are responsible for insuring compliance with this directive. d. All assigned and pool chauffeurs are supervised by the Chief, Administrative Services, for administrative purposes, Including working hours, overtime and replacerent of assigned chauffeurs due to absences or terminations. e. (I) Except an specified inh'Itelow, pool chauffeurs will not malt for passengers longer than 15 minutes, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Dispatcher, and then not in excess of 30 minutes. SEW - Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDPA-t0777A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 25X1A6a On OM. is ant NNW poet WO. ere ter taw at deetisation Mae imbed* or to rotors fer time These officials should istere ihether the car should oat er otos is ardor e$t ~boors my, receive prom lastraetiess. S.Cheansere She wafers asertime wait win repot the ham worked, together with the eigoatorme of the pewees fer etas the driwisse was performed se heels SW amortise peressts a Prior verbal morevoi itor awertiso *Ulm ahead to obtained* It pratddsolgia* fan the Chief* kdalaistanotive Serwieee. are issrsocally reepossible is the met at traffic italatim, chountrare still set he ordered to "Mate traffic resulaticee? h? Itscoopt ea otherwise authorised is the thoputir Disseter (14wicietratiaz), located is Ifeshilletas will be retoesood to theimage at the sod of each day. Mos* vehicle. *bleb art sot gyrated at oast he brought is at twgielor tatJstarsals tor seordoolug, '(1) **moment sator vehicles are to be seed tcs iperemii of this tgefle7 for official passem only. (2) Public Lae 600 roquiros the stespoesise or a:Weisel of eas employee who nese or is, found respeneible for the use a a Cloverimestemssmed edemas far ether than *Motel porpes.... 0) The Met* Adiataistratlie SerVISesertU maks periodic cheeks cf dinatch monks sia will discuss with Office Roads asy amulet vicletleme of this paragraph. 11.11 emeeViered mamma17 he mill report nivorect vielatiene to the Depatq Director (Administration) for fertloor action, including statement of previous dtammeeicee mith officials conc.:Irma. SECRET 4. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SECRET INTRIASONNOM j. (J.) in order that the Transportation Kristen mai isainten proper records and insure that all Agency vehieless are serviced at regular laterals, a illientlay rotor Vehicle Operating, Maintenamea and Repair Record** Form No. 36.403* will be ',Imitedtted on all vehicles in the field within the continental limits States which are net serviced 25X1A6a at the The completed form *mad of each month to Chief, Transportation Diviaion* Administrative Services Office through the Office to which the vehicle is assigned. (2) Form No. 36,4034, *Annual Rotor Vehicle Operating, Maintenance and Repair Mipeases*? provides for the accumulation of costs for a specific vehicle for one year. (The totals entered on sack Fa= No, 364403 should be posted at the end of each south to Form No. 36403-A. Field offices stikr retain Form No. 364034 for reeord purposes as %Transportation Division will maintain one of these faxes for each vehicle in the tielat using the information furnished each month OA Form No. 36-203. k. Trucks and trailers are operated for the delivery of supplies and equipment to the various Agency offices in the Washington area and for such other local and long- distance hauling as necessary. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SECRET CENTRAL IIITELLI(WNCB AMU REauLATIow nom 40.171 . 9. US, of Taxicabs a. When it has been definitely determined that government transportation will not be available within a reasonable time, the use of taxicabs for official business by Agency employees may be authorized by Office Meads, their Deputies, or Chiebof Field Stations, under the following circumstances: (1) To meet urger fixed appointments. (2) To transport nwnsually bulky docueents or delicate or cumbersome equipment, provided there is an urgent immediate need. b. Adequate statements of Justification must accompany reimbursement vouchers. c. The use of taxicabs utile in a travel status min be governed by the provisions of -Standardised Government Travel Regulations. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SEW CENTRAL unimance AGENCY RECUIATION IV. REPRODUCTION A. Authorisation to Request Reproduction Services In order to implement effectively the reproduction program for the Aglow, each Office Head will appoint an individual or individuals, G8?7 or above, to be responsible to him for the authorisation of reproduction services. The names of these authorised persons must be submitted in writing to the Chief, AdlinistrativeServices who will also be informed in writing *raw subsequent changes in the persons so designated. Process . Copies The beemyPdieunds upon CIA Reproduction facilities make it essential that the persons authorised to sign requests familiarise themselves with each type of reproduction service available" the time required for esah, and the relative costs so that the most efficient and economical prowess will be selected and the number of copies to be reproducedi kept Veen/aims. Submission of Requests for Reproduction Work All requests for reproduction work when proper4 signed, will be submitted to the Chief, Reproduction Division,. Administrative Services Office, for processing., D. Requests fes. Reproduction Equipment 6 Requests ,for all types of reproduction equipment sus* be subsitted1W0 tbsNgtElemitu?stiAilrratAye Cervices Office; en, aPPrelmill-befers-Procarenentt-action-ean-be-init&sted-- SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIPADP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 Safi =UAL INTSLLIGIME MOOT RECOLATION? WSW ho'? V. Manz MOMS A. The Administrative Services Office is responsible for the maintenance of e Machine Records Branch (IBM) for the purpose of providing Machine record and reporting services tomtit requirements of administrative activities. Information maintained will be furnished only on the request cre, approval by the Chief of the administrative activity primarily concerned with the information desired. R. Requests for application of machine record techniques for administrative records will be forwarded in writing to the Chiefs Administrative Services.; andisuch projects !Vibe undertaken -eiil7-dittee7eenourra1ier-hatrbeen obtainsitthe Advisor for Ranageeent. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CiAliP54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 4.REI CENTRAL =mums= AGE= REGULATION NURSER 1$0..VI V/. RECCODS MANAGEMENT A. 1. Records of CIA are defined to include all books, papers, maps, photographs, films, recordings or other documentary material regardless of physical form or characteristics, made or received by any portion of CIA in pursuance of Federal law or in connection with the transaction of public business and preserved or appropriated for preservation by CIA or its legitimate successor as evidence of the organisation, functions, policies, personnel, decisions, procedures, financial or legal transactions, operations or other activi- ties or because of the informational value of data contained therein. 2* Library and muse* material made or acquired and preserved solely for reference of exhibition purposes, extra copieer35f documents preserved only for convenient* of reference, and steekeepablieations and of proeese*Cdoceee-ifts are not Included witld tbiAefinition of the word "records" as used in this %secede' and *record material" maybe used interchangeably. B. There is established a Records Management Program for CIA. the Chief, Adainistrative Services is *barged with operational supervision of the program through a CIA Records Officer designation by him and Records Officers designated by each Office and-Nbeffeveetieel- C, The program will cover, but not necessarily be restricted tot 1. inventories of all files and filing equipment to determine the volume, types, filing arrangement, record character and retention periods for dements and the quantity, value and effectiveness of use of filing equipment and space occupied by files. 2* Designation of offices of record at points of use to contain the record copies as dements. 3. Standardisation of filing iystes,f4ftng equipment and procedures for the maistename of Mee. 4. Development of disposal lists and disposal tables for all file series to provide for the systematic retirement of all files no longer required by law toring SKRE1 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : Cii,A*0254-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REGULATION 1041 5. Records Management surveys to obtain data for recommending changes to promote efficient operations relating to records. 6. Training courses for Records Officers viert:milkerxecute-- the RecordiTIWitiiiiiiiit- Program. 7, Recommendations for labor-saving devices to assist in reducing the costs of preparation and storage of records. S. Establishment of (a) a Records Center to provide secure storage of semi-active Agency records of value for a limited periods (b) the CIA Archives for the storage of Agency records at enduring value. 9. Development of microfilming projects for records which lend themselves to the process for the redaction of space required for storage, for emitting administrative processes in use of these rederdes or for preserving copies of documents ae a security measure. 10, Advice on other matters relating to records, including procedures for the downgrading of security classifications of documents. Responsibilitieei for the Records Management Program are de- fined below* 1, The Advisor for Management will provide policy advice and general guidance to the entire program. Zs The CIA Ron:lids Officer will formulates' defines and reeds, progress at the various phases of the program, will sernh as the C4 Archivist and as the CIA Liaison to the Natinsal Archive, Bureau of the Budgets and Other agencies en records prcir, through prescribed liaison control channels. 3. Each Office mill implement the prep= internally, and designate a Records Officer for this purpose. b. lach Office mill destroy, in accordance vith lam and Agency relations, "non-records documents which are no longer required, The definition of *records* and criteria far determining which documents are neither records nor record material are included in paragraph A" above. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CrA-Ar54-00177A000200040042-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2 SECREI CENTRAL INTRILTOENCR AGRNCT REMILAT142 NUMBER 4o-vi 5. Each Office will transfer to the CIA Records Center or Archives semi-active or non-current records no longer essential or necessary for retention in the physical custody. 64 The Administrative Services Office will operate the Records Cater for, non-current documents which mast be retained in the Agency for a limited period, and will maintain records. of enduring value in the CIA Archives. Documents received in either the Records Center or the CIA Archives will be stored In a secure manner and under *my. necessary restrictions as to access approved jointly, by' the Office having custody, the Inspection and Seeuritylkfileii and CIA Records Officer. T. The Chiefs Administrative Services *ill authorise the ultimate disposition of CIA records to the National Archivez. 2EVAICE2 DIA1210H al. 14 21 t.1AEU Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP54-00177A000200040042-2