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December 9, 2016
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September 7, 1998
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October 5, 1948
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'T""Om?FORA pproved For Release.2001/08 A000200070192-3 ce Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Executive for Administration. FROM : Chief, Administration and Services. SUBJECT: Integration of TSD/OSO into CIA. 25X1A8 25X1A8 l.. In accordance with verbal instructions received at a meeting on 21 September 1948, the undersigned has prepared a Tentative Procedural Guide for the functioning of the Two copies of this were forwarded "Top Secret" through the Acting Assistant Director for Special Operations on 1 October 1948. After some deliberation the Top Secret classification was given, inasmuch as the entire "modus operandi" for- as presently conducted is revealed "in toto". ';chile individual items of information are seemingly harmless scraps of procedure, the whole is a key .o the pattern of present and future operations from the Services standpoint. c. the integra-tea r'/U, together with the list of names-against-slots which have been proposed for transfer, was turned over to Mr. In 25X1A9a 25*1A8 general, agreement is complete except for the physical location of the divisions 25X1 6a Deputy for and the Special Procurement Section be separated 25X1,8 past personal experience it is maintained by the undersigned that it is i e o e t ii-Lull th p ra ons it serves, la possible argument against this is that the will serve OPC which may not be in aJ. v11V li111 certainly elapse before OPC can s:ng into full operation and demand a ything b n ut a small percent of the cbilitif th apaes oe 3. The following reasons backed by my personal experience, on the .,,,,ne hand being adjacent to the activities served and on the other hand separated, are offered as evidence that to divide between several physical locations, some of which are not adjacent to Operations,- is to hobble effective and timely support. a. Constant personal contact on supply, procurement, and travel problems at the working level with Operations is essential to rapid and efficient functioning. (An actual count of the number of daily personal contacts is being made. It is estimated that this should run to several hundred per week.) b. The psychologically beneficial effect of having one's administrative support contiguous to Operations, whether under its control or not, is a factor not 'to be-overlooked. It has recently been learned by other services of the government, namely the I. S. Army, that a basic principle of efficient cooperation is actual physical contact by personnel rather than by telephone or paper work. The classification of the matters discussed between Operations and Administration prohibits the use of the telephone. Approved For Release 200 `Iii 6177A000200070192-3 DATE: October 1948. 25X1 8 Approved For Release i 0177A000200070192-3 c. The undesirable security in coordinating operation administrative cables and pouches out from under the control of operations is a further consideration. d. The immediate access to current and past operational files located within the foreign branches and within the OSO Registry is essential to smooth supporting operations. e. The necessity for concerted services action during off-duty hours on a priority problem embracing procurement, supply and transportation collectively or separately, or in any combination, is an ever present actuality which would be placed in jeopardy by the physical separation of these activities. -2- Approved For Release 2001/0 P77A000200070192-3 IM=