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December 22, 2016
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July 3, 2002
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January 10, 1952
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Approved For Rgease 2002/08/2 MEMORANDUM FOR: DIRECTOR OF TRAINtiNING, CIA SUBJECT: Reception and Interim Training -- 00001 AO00100120004-9 1. The following is intended to serve as a brief summary of the current and projected Reception and Interim Training program conducted by TRC for 050 and OPC personnel who fall into two categories: a. Individuals in an uncleared status who are presently on duty in the Washington area or who are security-cleared and awaiting enrollment in formal courses. b. Individuals who have been cleared and who have com- pleted the 300, OC, and in some cases the SIC, and who are in an interim statu b s etween courses. 2. a. OSo/OPC estimates submitted 10 ing new January 1952 regard employees who wi]l require training during an are as indefinite follows: period chile remaining in an uncleared status OSO - 40 per month. OPC - 60-80 per month. b. Employees who will require training during a one-week interim period between courses: OSO - 10 per month. OPC - 10 per month. c. Paramilitary students who will constitute a holding problem, following the end of the first week of February, 1952, until the activation qa+o f o Estimated at 60 students if on or before 1 April 1952. 10 January 1952 is activated 25X1A6A 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/OMZUWtqTDR33--NjU1A000100120004-9 Approved Foease 2002/08/22 sill 3. During the first Creek of January, 1952, TRC was providing training for : 16 uncleared OSO/OPC students. 20 OSO/OPC students who are cleared. Of this number 11 are in an interim status. This figure would be higher if TRC had space available. 4. The present curriculum for the Reception and Interim Train- ing program has consisted of providing the student with a directed study assignment which is consistent with the requirements of his desk or his future assignment with the Agency. In conjunction with this program TRC has undertaken the preparation of working biblio- graphies, in some cases utilizing student personnel on this project. 5. Contingent upon the provision of adequate space facilities and competent instructor personnel, it is planned that the curricula for both reception and interim training will include a continuation of directed individual study, augmented by a series of lectures, movies, and group discussions on such topics as are not included in the formal courses. This list of topics will include "Understanding of Foreign Peoples," "History of American Intelligence," "The Formulation of American Foreign Policy," "The Intelligence Process," and a one-week instructor training program. 25X1A9A Deputy for Staff Training Rlht INFORMATION Approved For Release 2002/08fl2UfIB-RDR :_00001 A000100120004-9