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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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December 29, 1952
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Approved For Release 240/08/17 : CIA-RDP55-00011A00400070003-5 Security nforma ion PROPOSED CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REGULATION NUMBER 25X1 A 29 December 9 2 2. TRAINING AT NON-CIA FACILITIES UNDER PUBLIC LA1 110 (31st Congress, lst Session) A. General Statement (1) Public Law 110 (81st Congress, lst Session), Section It, provides that; "(a) Any officer or employee of the Agency may be assigned or detailed for special instruction, research, or training, at or with domestic or foreign public or private institutions; trade, labor, agricultural, or scientific associations; courses or train- ing programs under the National N_ilitary Establishment; or commer- cial firms." "(b) The Agency shall under such regulations as the Director may prescribe, pay the tuition and other expenses of officers and em- ployees of the Agency assigned or detailed in accordance with pro- visions of subsection (a) of this section, in addition to the pay and allowances to which such officers and employees may be other- wise entitled," (2) The authority of the Central Intelligence Agency under Section 1t (3) 25X1A 25X1A (L) of the subject law has been delegated by the Director of Central Intelligence to the Director of Training. The policies, responsibilities and procedures contained in this regulation, together with-those specifically applicable to De- partment of De.f.nse schools and colleges (CIA Regulations- 25X1A shall govern. the exercise of the authority granted under Section )s of the subject law. This regulation shall not apply to ecial schooling authorized in Confidential Funds Regulation to (1) Any non-CIA facili.ties which meet Agency training standards pre- scribed by the Director of Training, may be designated by him for the training of A`oncy personnel. (2) All requests for training at non--CIS. facilities which are submitted (3) by Office Heads for personnel of their Office (a) whose present intention is to make a career of service with the Agency, and (U) whose training will benefit the Agency by increasing their capa- bilities to perform their present jobs more effectively or to un- dertake_, jobs requiring greater skill or responsibility, .--hall be considered for approval by the Director of Training. Training of 1,re.ncy personnel at ron-CIA facilities shall be ap- proved by the Director of Training prior to the beginnin{-: of such training. Retroactive approval of such txai rin is not author_i.zed under this regulation. Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP55-00011 A000100070003-5 Approved For Release 000/08/17 : CIA-RDP55-0001 1AO 100070003-5 The use of non-CIA facilities, the personnel approved for train- ing at such faacili_ties, eiid the rr.ann .r of their participation in such faciliti.E..s, shall b &;overned by security policies and pro- cedures established by the As:?i.stont Deputy Director (Inspection and Security) and., when appropriate, by the Deputy Director (Plans) . C. Responsibilities (1) The Director of Training shall: (a) (b) Review and act upon all requests su~_~mi.tted. by O.ffic0 Heads for the training of :personnel of their Office at non-CIK facilities, and notify the appropriate Office dead of his action in each case. (c) Establish the stand rc'is of perforr:i .nce to be met by ng=ency personnel in train-',_n. g at non-CL facilities arid, after con- sultation with the appropriat Office Head, terminate the training of ,~ersonn. l for failure to met proscribed stan- dards of performance (d) Determine the amount of an.,j p:rov=i.c:i' for funds n.ecess:.ry to meet the costs of registration, tuition, laboratory foes, travel and per diem, and other appropriate expenses, except salary, directly related to each approved training ~ction under the provisions of this regulation. Designate non-CL facilities suitable for :",genc_y use in specified fields' of training, subject to the concurrence o.f the si scant De uty Director (Inspectior_ and Security); p and d.-i_scontin,.lca ~ti`;er,c3r use of such facilities nor failure to me ;t specified training re mess or proscribed train- ing stand_~r. ds . (2) Each Office Head shall: (a) Request specified training ::,,t non-CL facilities for per- sonnel of his Office, in accordance aitl the policy state- ment of D(2) and the procedures in D of this regulation, whenever, in his opinion, such training is requ].red. (b) Provide for the pad cent of salary; and arrange, subject to the concurrence of the Director of Training, f or the proviof required adriinistrative services, during the training period, for personnel of his Office approved for tra:i n! ng at non-Cm facilities. (c) Submit -: enu .:Clue before lK to the Director of Train- _nng, a r7:,t,ai.l eel 3tetein, nt of estimated requirements for the ne ct two .seal years respectively, for the training of personnel of his Office at non-CIA facilities. S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP55-00011 A000100070003-5 Approved For Release 2000/081 7_ric &_F DP55-00011 A000100070003-5 (3) Agency personnel in training at a n.on-CIA facility shall: (a) Comply with the adm:i.ni_strativr: and security measur:Ts pre- scribed for training provided under this regulation:,. (b) Submit to the Director of Training into rim and final prog- ress reports, a copy of each Paper, thesis or dissertation, and other materials, as required. (c) If, for any reass on., such training is not completed., notify the Director of Training in writing, stating all details pertinent to the termination of such training, and take proe:ept action to recover all allowable refunds for return to the aig':ncy. (l) 1,e gi.;.ests for training of CIr, personnel ,at non-CL. facilities shall by submitted in writing. A separate requ:st for i ash individual for whom training is requested shall be transmitted in three Copies as a memorandum from the appropriate Office Dead to the Director of Training through the Assistant Deputy Director (Inspe.ction and Security) . (2) Each request shall contain the following information: (a) Name, titl,, grade, and length of service in the Agency of the individual for whom training is requested. (b) dame and location of the non-CL facility at which train- ing is x? qu.esttd. Ctipulat college and other segment or depar-tmeet. (c) Title of course(s) to be taken, detailed descrintior. of the specific individual course(s), including the number of credit hours, and statement as to uih~ther or not cred- its carried will apply toward a degree. (d) Inclusive date(s) of course(s). (1) Cost of rgistr.ti.ora, tuition, and laboratory fees, and sti znr ted cost of travel and. per di(.m, if re- quir,:.d. Itemize and. total all costs. (Do not in- clude allowances for pen, refundable deposits, diploma fees, and other fees not essential to train- ing.) (2) Advance of funds will be granted only if tot .l costs oKc d fifty dollars (;50.00) and if state- m.nt of desire for and amount of advance of funds is included in th request. All requests for ad- vance of funds are subject to the review and ap- proval of the Director of Training. -3- S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP55-00011 A000100070003-5 Approved For Release +1 b0/08/17_~CJI- l Ep55-0001 IA0 100070003-5 (f) Purpose and justification of the proposed training, in- cluding supporting evidence; (l) (2) (3) () ) That the proposed training is related to the indi- vidual's current or prospective duty assignment and will contribute directly to increasing his o_f- fE ctivenese in the service of the igency, Th?a.t the individual is qualified for the proposed training by virtue of academic training and profes- sional :xperience. Include summary of such tr. ain- irg and. experienc:. (g) St .tern nt of whether or not it is the present of the individual to make a career of service intention in the Agency. (h) Office Career Service Board action on this training request. If. the ?oard has not .revicwod and acted upon this request, so state. Disposition of Copies (a) The original and two signed copies shall be transmitted as a m:-morandurt from the appropriate Office Head to the Direc- tor tor of Training through the Assistant Deputy Director (In- and Security) . (b) The ssistant Deputy Director (Inspection and Security) shall indicate approval or disapproval on all ap re- tain two carbons, and forward the original to theroctor of Training. (c) The Director of Training shall, if he approves indicate approval and forward the request to appropriate officers. (d) The Director of Training- shall, if a request for training is disapproved by him or by the assistant Deputy D:i_r,ctor. (Inspection and Security), notify the appronriatc: Office Head. Vouchers (St.and:a.rd Form Igo. 1034 or other appropriate .torn) for approved expenditures for training at nor.-CII training faci.liti~ s shall be presented to the Finance iivis-i-on for payment. Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP55-00011 A000100070003-5