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December 9, 2016
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September 2, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 TAB Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 - MONO Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CDW0403A000100020042-1 CARD ' C FILE The attached card is filled out and filed for immediate reference after the candidate has been interviewed by Chief/JOTD and deter- mined to be desirable. The card contains a brief personal history and statement of qualifications. A record of his training and current status is entered on the back. JO OCS P do 4 SP M F Born. or PROB Degree ? . . 9 . . ? e . ? ? . . Ref . ? . . Institution Year Major Quality Ext-Curr , . . . ? ? . . . . ? For, Lang.: Speak ? . Dep. . Read ? ? . GS- ? Called In. e Inter ? e . a Tested, . ? To EOD ? ? ?' Cleared ? . ? SI Prob ? . ? BIC. . ? ? O ? O ? ? ? 0 a . ? ? O 0 . a . . ? 0 . . ? ? Miller. ? ?' Prac . . ? F.L. . ? . Vd.B. Actual BOD ? a Approved For Release 2001/07/25: CIA-R 03A000100020042-1 mm~ Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 The JOT/OCS program was General Smith's idea and one of his major interests. He felt that in the development of a Junior Officer Corps, academic achievements such as graduation from one of the better colleges was not sufficient. lie believed that the discipline and character neces- sary to make effective intelligence officers could not be derived from the normal academic background and that such attributes, in modern times, could be developed only in military service. General Smith envisaged a program by which outstanding personnel would be entered into the military who, although perhaps in some cases, not measuring up to standards desired by the services, would distinguish themselves during their military training and would thereby uphold the Agency's oormitment to provide ;ugh calibre men for the program. As originally set up by OTH in 1951, the program provided for the enlistment of draft eligible JOTs into the service of their choice, accept- tance into OCS and, upon successful completion of OCS, their assignment directly to CIA or to a service school followed by immediate assignment to the Agency. As the program developed, however, it became apparent that the OCS program alone was not sufficient training for the purposes of the Agency. In order to consolidate and augment the experience, knowledge and leadership traits developed during OcS, it was felt by the Director of gaining that a tour of duty with troops was essential. This idea has been encorporated into the program and a minimum of six months of troop duty before return to CIA is now included in the training of all JOT/OCS candidates. The general attitude of those currently on duty with troops is one of enthusiastic approval. A. Mission The Junior Officer Training Division has been established to carry out the Director of Central Intelligence's requirement for implementing a program of career service training within the Agency. One of the principal responsibilities of this Division is the screening and selection of young personnel with high ability, motivation and potentiality for be- coming capable career intelligence officers and who are otherwise draft eligible, for the OCS program. Such personnel receive intensive active- duty training and field experience before returning to the Agency. B. Importance of the JOT /00:s, Program Desirable attributes for Junior Officer Trainees, as envisaged in a DCI directive, include: 1. Loyalty to the United States and desire for public service. 2. Strong moral character. 3. High academic achievement in college. (itiinimum of Dean's list standing or equivalent) 4. Well rounded personality and versatility of interest, as in- dicated especially by participation in extra-curricular or community activities. Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 (1) Approved For Release 2001/07/25 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100020042-1 5. Such additional qualities as: emotional stability, and maturity: leadership and administrative ability; capacity for sustained, intensive effort; flexibility, facility, and objectivity of mind; skill in Juan relations; and perseverance in the face of diffi- culty. In view of its attempt to secure personnel who meet these standards, the Agency derives great benefit from the participation of many Junior Officer Trainees in the Officer Candidate School programs of the military services. The numerous trainees who join the Agency fresh from college find in the military a valuable opportunity to broaden their competence beyond the limits of academic and intellectual pursuits. Service exper- ience enables them to cultivate the more practical attributes mentioned above as desirable for the Agency's career intelligence trainees. In other words, both the Agency and the individual are berefited by the JOT/OCS relationship. Advantages to the Agency of military train- ing for JOT s are : 1. It provides trainees broad experience which, combined with. their academic training, increases their value to the Agency. 2. It familiarizes the trainee with military procedures,