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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100040008-7 TAB Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100040008-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/1, LRLT DP56-00403A000100040008-7 !ecurity InformagaR CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Training Support Staff Description of Activities This Staff provides administrative and training aids support for all OTR headquarters and field activities through the two branches described below. Administrative Services Branch. The activities of this Branch are (a) Provide centrally or supervise on a decentralized basis the administrative services of the Office of Training, including personnel, security, budget, fiance, regis- tration, transportation, records management, and general office services. (b) Coordinate the Office of Training administrative activities with CIA administrative facilities. (e) Provide techniaa.l supervision for all Office of Training administrative personnel. (d) Advise and assist the Commanding Officers of field installations in the development of administrative pro- cedures. (e) (f ) Conduct on a continuing basis administrative and security studies of Office of Training activities, procedures, and facilities; prepare reports with recommendations; and conduct necessary liaison and negotiations with Office of Training, Agency, government and non-government offices to carry out approved recommendations. Process training requests for action by appropriate OTR official and provide administrative services to accomplish the approved training. (g) Maintain all. student training records. (h) Maintain liaison with CIA Training Officers and officials of specified government and non-government training facilities to enroll personnel in various Agency and external programs. % 'Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100040008-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIAEfiMMM-00403A000100040008-7 Security Information (i) Provide security guidance and assistance to OTR personnel; conduct security inspections of OTR activities and facilities; and coordinate OTR security matters with appropriate divisions of the Security Office. (j) Administer the OTR Career Service program. (k) Provide "Project Officer" support for covert OTR projects and long-term external training programs. (1) Conduct an OTR Records Management and Vital Documents program. Training Aids Branch. The activities of this Branch are to: (a) Consult and advise staff personnel of OTR, and other offices within the Agency which may request the service, in implementing the training programs with effective instructional techniques and the use of instructional aids and materials. (b) Develop and conduct on a regular basis courses in instructional methods and techniques for personnel of OTR and the covert offices. (c) Provide appropriate library services of intelligence interest for staff and student personnel. (d) Procure, assemble, design or construct audio-visual aids and equipment and provide related services required by the OTR training programs. (e) Acquire through CIA facilities and external sources, intelligence and informational materials and instructional -ids required by the OTR training programs. (f) Provide a uniform processing and control in the editing, reproduction and distribution of all OTR materials. (g) Provide the script materials and produce motion pictures required by the OTR instructional programs, and, on request, to provide this service to other offices of the Agency. (h) Participate in various courses presenting units of instruc- tion based upon the specialities peculiar to the activities of TAB SECRET icsecurity, lnformatiatl Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : CIA-RDP56-00403A000100040008-7