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December 9, 2016
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April 18, 2001
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April 11, 1950
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Approved For Release 2001/07/17 : q~lq y ? 000200060015-9 `i'i'i.? ;E'T'A F F l hTING 11 .;aril 1950 25X1A9a 1. For the first time in about three months we have had two security violations within a few days of each other. They appear to have been caused 25X1A9a by gross negligence. stated that all personnel should be again cautioned about the importance of security. In addition, it is doubt- ful whether approval would be given for promotions of persons who have had security violations shortly before such promotion requests are submitted. 2. Over T u 's objections OPC is planning on using Building _ at 25X1A6a least temporarily. The building will be renovated according to our speci- fications and a floor plan has been submitted to Tr, However, the5X1A9a may put up additional temporary partitions for their use. This means that for the present the BOO will remain in Building 13 along with BIBC, and ITS 25X1 A will continue at the 3. ia report was given on the status of promotion requests submitted }y. 1"1.J. Five have been approved and two additional ones have been desk audited; one more is being desk audited today. One has cleared ABSO's office although we have not been informed as to the decision taken. Two more were submitted during the past week. The date for review of promotion requests by ADSO has been changed from the 15th to the first of the month. Therefore, promotion requests should be submitted to Chief, TBD b:- the 15th of the month so that they may Co through the necessary channels and be considered by ADSO on the first. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 1~. The Joint 'T'raining Committee will hold a meetin on `Thursday : t 2:00 pre, at which time the T':'J budget will be considered.. ?:r. _Was requested to be present at this portion of the meeting. 25X1A9a 5. Mrs. reported 13 students have enrolled for the :HOC which fill start :ionday, 17 April; 19 have been enrolled for the OC beginning the sane day. The 1WC is completely filled. U. stated that evaluations for students of the AOC :i:v should be in by Friday of this week. hereafter, evaluations for all courses should be submitted to the branch concerned not rater than ten days after the completion of the course. j. hr. -reported that the backlog of clerical work has been X1A9a taken care of except for some vrire recording material. scat r_Z Approved For Release 2001/07/17 : CIA-R[RP.; Q.Oj2A00020a0600:15-9\ 77/i Approved For Release 2001/07/17 W( ? 12A000200060015-9 that the area Training branch and. the 3taff raining )ranch should. ho contacted in order to ascertain if they hove any material 2bich might be prepared by the haturday clerical pool. If it is found that `f-'D has completed all work on hand, the aaturday pool should be discontinued. 25X1A9a C. air. _ vas redues ted to report the status of the preparation of outlines in the HOC, OC and .HOC, by the end of this ~:ee~co 4 target date should also be set for the material to be prepared in complete r.tanu- s cri pt form, 25X1A9a ; o The credit reference for T :D personnel is now: : rso 1'isois ltant Personnel Of "icer, CIA, 2430 :s gtr eet iiashin ;ton 25, D. C. 10, announced that in accordance with Cli2 hotice_ all. ThO personnel -_ at can be spared may be released to view the parade for President Gonzales-TJidela of Chile. Approved For Release 2001/07/17 : Cl 25X1A9a 25X1A