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November 17, 2016
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September 24, 1998
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August 16, 1950
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Approved For Release 20Qp/08/21 : CMVPF57-00042AOOW01 Document No. NO CHANGE in Class. 0 DECLASSIFIED Class. CfJA.NrETD 7. r,? _ ? a ~+1 lUIENtORANI7r~g DDA Memo, I Uth: DDA ?':G. 77/1`' 3 Date: 2-2-039*'1y C3 .? 16 August 1950 The following is a listing of projects or activities connected with IID responsibilities which urgently await the availability of sufficient personnel. The list is not intended to be all inclusive as an over all estimate of future requirements is simply not feasible on the basis of available data. A clearer picture of future requirements will not be available until certain preliminary steps have been completed. 1. Consolidation of all index cards now held by IID (including Archives index) into one central index. This will involve the handling of more than 500,000 cards and will include checking the indeces, creation of new tie-in cards where necessary, and straight alphabetizing and filing. 2. Review, analysis,, and consolidation of all docu- ments of current value from previous systems into the present IID system. This" refers to the accumulation of documents and files inherited from predecessor organizations presently maintained in IID which have never been screened for inclusion in the current dossier system. 3. In conjunction with the above, certain of these materials of historical value, but not of current interest will be transferred to 030 Archives. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO0020018004 -7 Approved For Release 20Q,Q/08/21 q1A-RDP57-00042AO002Q0180048-7 4. Processing and assimilation of all materials awaiting attention in Archives. This totals approximately 53 four-drawer safes of material. In addition, much of the information already in Archives, because of its current value and usefulness, requires more extensive indexing. 5. Survey, screening, processing and indexing of all material now held by the Foreign Divisions and not essential to their daily operations. This will involve approximately 25 four-drawer safes full of files, documents and cards, a large proportion of which is not presently tied in to the central records system. 6. Review and analysis of numerous source files with the purpose of opening special dossier folders on all individuals currently of interest to OSO. This project will include a requirement for the consolidation of various scattered-references on these individuals into an one main dossier, which is/extremely time consuming clerical operation. 7. Automatic opening by IID of special case files on all subjects of FBI and similar correspondence and all other instances where possible. This also will necessi- a large scale consolidation program as described above. 8. The assimilation and exploitation of reference cards of files from other agencies or from the OSO Fisld. This item might well include responsibility for Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO0020018004 -7 Approved For Release 2000/08MI-RDP57-00042A000200180048-7 integrating voluminous record systems maintained by the war time agencies. Could also include the processing of intelligence records obtained from foreign intelligence services. 9. A fairly long range consideration is t1B review of the current IID document flow. To afford a complete index search before the documents are processed and delivered to the Foreign Divisions. A prerequisit to the efficient operation of this activity is the establishmend and avail- ability of large numbers of individual dossiers. The procedure will include the addition of all previous pertinent references to the incoming pieces of mail for the information of the case officer. 10. The pending problem is the development of suitable procedures to facilitate the maintenance of Agent Files by the Foreign Division in full accord with the regular case file procedures. 11. The rechanneling of all cable traffic so that copies of all cables are afforded the full IID processing and are included in the established dossier files. This will place an increase of approximately, 3,000 items per month on the IID processing machine. 12. In connection with the servicing of name check requests from other agencies, it is intended that full responsibility for a final review and preparation of memoranda will be lodged in IID. A large proportion of 3 p.nuggrp I!u 6A a~M! y }r-~~.. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO00200180048-7 Approved For Release 2009/08/21 I`A`-RDP57-00042A000O00180048-7 of this work is now being performed by IID but the Foreign Divisions are still not entirely free of this burden. In addition, many Foreign Division Chiefs have pointed out that they expect IID to begin preparation of replies to name check requests received from the OSO Field. Stations. It is believed that this program is still in the beginning stages although over 10,000 requests are being received each month. Indications are that the volume of requests from other agencies are continuing to increase at a rapid rate. 13. In connection with the above, it is pointed out that IID is presently unable to index this large volume of requests from other agencies. The Chief, STC has pointed out that he considers such indexing desirable and requests that it be initiated as soon as personnel permits. 14. A time consuming improvement of IID will be the consolidation of numerous references to the same individual presently encountered in the central index. As indicated heretofore, the establishment and consolidation of more than 100,000 case files will be required in connection with this project. 15. The Chief, Staff C has requested a estimate as to the time involved in a complete review of all existing case files. The purpose of this review would be to close any inactive or unnecessary cases, to open new subjective case folders where indicated, and to correct Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO0020018004 -7 Approved For Release 2000/08/2 DP57-00042AO00200180048-7 the classification and refile properly all documents now in improper files. A result of the extended decentralized classifying function is the problem of re-working many case files to improve accessibility to the material. 16. The elaboration and speeding up of the present messenger service throughout OSO. It has been brought to the attention of IID by several Foreign Division Chiefs that the work in their offices would be facilitated by prompter delivery of documents and files from IID. 17. A number of straight typing projects presently need attention. For the most part these jobs require mass production of index cards on names of significance to current OSO operations. A complete survey of these projects has not been made to date, because the work can not be handled at this time. However, it is known that one project involves the preparation of approximately 40,000 index cards, another will total approximately 32,000 index cards. 18. In addition to the above, it is pointed out that the present world situation will result in an expansion and intensification of OSO field collection activities. It can, therefore, be expected that the volume of current documents will increase, that 4(Z greater demands will be made upon IID by the rest of OSO, and that it will become even more completely important for IID to operate on current basis. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042A000200180048- Approved For Release 2B 0/08/21 : CIA .L0042A00e00180048-7 It is impossible to estimate with any degree of accuracy, the number of personnel which will be required to cope with the situation outlined above. Such an estimate will be possible only after additional progress is made in this program and after additional surveys are carried out. However, it has been known for several years that approximately 300 people in IID will be needed both to accomplish the above tasks and keep IID operating on a completely current and eff&ctive basis. This figure of 300 best available estimate at this time, howeer, the ultimate requirement within the next several years may be closer to 400. It is pointed out that even after the pending projects discussed above have been completed there will be no disappearance of the need for such a large number of people in IID. If such personnel are made available to carry out the program outlined A, 030 will have available at the completion of the program, a well trained highly effective intelligence integration activity. It will then be possible to rely to a much greater extent on IID for file exploitation and analysis antivities of the type found so successful for other foreign intelligence organizations. No details of this future function are being set forth here in view of the uncertainty as to how $)SiO soon this program can be implemented. Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO0020018004 -7