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November 17, 2016
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July 15, 2000
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June 14, 1954
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25X1A L-a Approved For Release 200 7-00259A000100090007 3` 14 June 1954 1 O:R.A UM FO& sector of 'Training ;T: 25X1A "Collection to D / T& from AD/IC dated for Intelligence Purposes I 4 May 1954,- subject as above ad has recently been consulted by author of subject proposed manual. in connection the minion expressed in r eferenced memorandum that it would apply subject maaaal, when and if published. to the agencies of the Intelligence ,Advisory Committee. 25X1 A Z. We suggeesteed to tr3 an initial distribution to IAC agencies, comparable to the distribution made of ZAG documents 4,, Army 4, Navy,, 2, Air Force 7, LEG 1, JIG 5, FBI 1). r view, there should be no difficulty about the possible vs reaction of other agencies it the manual clearly states in its rd the purpose for which it is creates, the non-formal nature resentatien, and the desire to improve it,, based upon solicited review and experience may show can be improved. m to =ake possible easy substitutions of pages or am users, We would suggest that the manual, be printed 4. To make such a me. ava9ilablee to the other members ligence Advisory Committee would it seems to t der- , ,gued, be another manitfestatIQa of the current and growin r t g p sc ce of permitting our cohorts mare access to those materials with which we work, For example, the Director has recently apps Document No. b _~ NO CRUG in Class. DrCL,ASSIFIED Class. C dGED TO: TS DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 Auth: DA Frs. 7711763 Date: _S f-'A.. 'W By; 07,t- Approved For Release 2000/0 P57-00259A000100090007-3 ft 4"0 ` iAL Approved For Release 2000/08/11 CIA-RDP57-00259A000100090007-3 - 6 . kC chiefs of extracts from CIA's scion and `unctions. "' ilarly a distribution of utellige ne. directty s has been authorized and include a dissemination of this compilation to each member agencies of flat, LAC. 5. Th* above is not to overlook the fact that some segments Agency whose business is reefleec1ed in s4 eie objections to its extra-CIA r eas0. In that event, it would ##e m. appropriate to have such- objection so stated as stblee to deal with it an the basis of its iiwn merits, disseminate merely because of some viigse, negative r Ac rdin p, we would recommend that: O solicit the 'jar components of *,h a Agency and proceed to p,sb ca? asnvyarise. O cee 25X1A OIC:RDD: KM (10 June 1954) Distribution: O&I-D/TR/ _M - OIC (file) Approved For Release 2000/08/11 : L0259A000100090007-3 25X1A