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November 17, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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June 7, 1954
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RE8I~S'lC~AL C ' ADD *- r ow d For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00259A0002000800b~ Tt'E SECRETARY % STATE!, : DEPARTMENT OF STATE June 7, 1954 The other day Mr. Allen Dulles was so kind as to give three of us from State a ride home from the National liar College following his lecture there. In a conversation during the ride, the subject of participation by State Department members in your training course was discussed. I mentioned that several of our younger officers had attended your basic intelligence course, and had commented on it very favorably. In fact, each of them has written up his impressions for the infor- mation of his superiors. Mr. Dulles mentioned that he would personally like very much to see some of these, and I am forwarding several of them herewith. Ir thought is that you would want to know of Mr. Dulles' interest and that you can transmit any or all of these in the form you think best to him. For your information, the officers involved have been middle grade, ranking from GS 7 through 13. They have been selected from various parts of the Intelligence area, in the following order: (1) Executive Staff (R/ES); (2) Division of Acquisition and Distribution (IAD); (3) External Research Staff (OIR/FIRS); (4) Division of Research for Near East and Africa (DRN). Thus, we have covered management, collection, private research, and intelligence research. I would appreciate receiving the statements back when they have served your purpose. Sincerely yours, George A. Pope Chief Division of Acquisition and Distribution NO CRAIG Colonel Matthew Baird, USAF, ^ DECLAS Director of Training, Class. CTAF Central Intelligence Agency, B:~A Met' Washington 25, D. C. Auth: U,:, FYslxe Data: A proved For Release 2000/0~ IA-RDP57-00259A000200080006-4 State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file