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December 12, 2016
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December 5, 2000
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February 28, 1952
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Approved Far ReleaseS Ri130 : CIA-RDP57-00384R0005000400181g5 - %'s a4 *OGC Has Reviewed* SECURITY INFORMATION 25X1A 25X1A nerd Counsel Strategic Services Uni' 25X1A 28 February 19x52 of this office recently net with to discuss present S"it activities. Areas of responsi- bility for matters purely legal, purely administrative, the ray area between legal and administrative and DEC claims arisinE from OS F activities were disc?.ssed and mutual agreement found in accord with the established practices of the past year and a half. The dis- cussions highlighted the fact that SSA' activities have oftentimes been considered of secondary importance which$ due to the press of work of prime importance and a shortage of assigned personnel, have resulted in a consequent heavy backlog of S,`U correspondence and re- ttere. 2. Were these the only facts to he considered, the probable solution to the present situation would be evident. However., it appeared to those present that little consideration has been given to the office or the persons, if ark, who will handle SSU matters at the administrative level, after integration with OPC. It s felt that the merger would foreclose that activity by the EXO/OSO. our sense that the continuity of interest and of per- ,,, __sonnel within OSO has been a vital factor in handling SSU matters. a and a ,one racy . of matters which,, to persons without that knowled e# would be nearly incomprehensible due to the oftentime paucity of docurmentation. They are the persons that are beat able to di out the facts of any given situation, in order that a reasonably clear picture may be presented to the appropriate agency unit for final determination or coordination. We also feel that the continuing vol=e of SSU claims and requests for information and the guidance that is found in WE,, files, for such programs as the present personnel recruitment of former 455 employees, illustrates the fact tixat the functions of SSU have not decreased to the point of final liquidation or closing out of records. They have rather continued on even volume and importance, 4. Based on the foregoing considerations, it is our opinion that a present review of S."'U" activities is desirable, looking to rdh a, due recognition of the importance of OaS archives files and SS'U activi:tisel and b. fooxtulation of positive plans for the continued handling of SSU matters, to be guided by persons with first-hand knowled (RET Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP57-00384R000500040018-6 SECURITY INFORMATION ILLEGIB Approved For ITelease 2001/19/30 : CI 03848000500040018-6 SECURITY INFORMATION and assisted by a ncient persona load$ O Distributions SECRET Approved For RelegftMql&WrN, 1f -RDP57-00384R000500040018-6